Saturday, 17 March 2018

What more do we want- after all President Maithripala Sirisena and first Lady of Sri Lanka have met even Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko ?

It is good that a leader of a country meets with the leaders  of foreign countries and exchange pleasantries, if he has done his duty by his own people,  and the country is in good health politically ,economically, and  socially and there is security and peace provided for the people. 

But President Maithripala Sirisena  has in reality gone with a begging ball to Japan having politically caused destruction to a country which was peaceful and secure and the people enjoyed a reasonable  living standard.

That was  thanks to a government that had been led by a leader with a vision-Mahinda Rajapakse  despite  being  unreasonably accused of corruption and that he had left the country in debt. Even if it was so the corruption of the previous regime did not stop  the people live in  peace and in security,  enjoying  the fruits of a fast developing country.

But unfortunately when Maithripala Sirisena made his family visit to meet Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko,  Sri Lanka is poor , indebted  on the verge of bankruptcy. The people are without any hope of development of the country, they in poverty  reduced to living on  one meal a day, and the country is virtually burning in fires of Communal  dissension  caused by  Maithripala Sirisena’s own government’s mismanagement. It reminds one of an old adage of Nero  playing the violin when Rome was burning.

It is alright  visiting Emperor Hirohito, if it could be of some use to Sri Lanka. But from his past experience of shaking the un-gloved hand of Queen Elizabeth he should know by now that it  had not make any beneficial changes between the governments of UK and Sri Lanka .

It is far better to win the hearts of the people of Sri Lanka than those of Emperor Hirhito, Prime Minister Modi  or Queen Elizabeth. In fact President Maithripala Sirisena along with his Prime Minister is the most unpopular President in Sri Lanka. The people of Sri Lanka  did not pay heed to all the  poison gas he spitted out against President Mahinda Rajapakse,  without even  pronouncing  the word  “ pohottuva”, from all  the political platforms of the SLFP Meetings during the Local Government election campaign.

The people listened to him but paid no attention to his speeches reeked with poison, because the peoples of Sri Lanka know that though  President Sirisena, UNP and its ally the  JVP do not stop making allegation of corruption against Mahinda Rajapakse, his family and all who were connected to him , it was only President Mahinda Rajapakse who was able to give the much needed peace and security to the people of Sri Lanka.

That was very much more than Sirisena Ranil duo, who gave  nothing other than dragging Sri Lanka deeper into the darkest period of its history.

Still the Media and and some journalists do not hesitate to condemn President Mahinda Rajapakse without giving him due credit for what he made of Sri Lanka,  until the taking over of its government by the disastrous Yahapalanaya. There may have of course been corruption under  that government too, but that government cannot be equalled to any previous governments or the  present Ranil-Sirisena government,  as despite allegations of Corruption  President Mahinda Rajapakse was able to provide to the people a development of the country as they had never seen under any of the previous Government. On the contrary the Ranil-Sirisena Yahapalanya is the worst  and most corrupt government Sri Lanka ever had since Independence.

News First- News line of the 15 March , 2018 turned out to be the worst fiasco of a TV talk-show, which may perhaps be appreciated only by the Colombian anti Rajapakse ilk. It was not a debate but more a monologue  where the invitee was  made the unfortunate audience on to whom the TV Programme presenter vomited out his  pent up anti Rajapakse feelings. The unfortunate “audience” of the journalist diatribe was the gentle Dinesh Gunawardhana.

The interviewer began by asking what his thoughts were coming over the Rajagiriya flyover, and whether there was a parking lot under it. He addressed him Mr. Dinesh. He could have called him simply Dinesh which would have been more polite,  or if he wanted to address him as an elder politician as Mr. Gunawardhana. But such niceties were left out, perhaps  because he  knew Mr. Dinesh was soon to get dirtied with the dish wash he had collected to shower on him.

After the first few warming up questions, the News Line journalist asked his Mr.Dinesh, why he keeps supporting the clay footed Mahinda Rajapakse, and asked whether he does not at moments, when he is alone, or when going to sleep think that Mahinda Rajapakse is a racist. Thereafter it was a case of his putting the question to Mr. Gunawardhan , and before he answers  barges in with his vituperations against  all the ill of Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government.

When Mr.Gunawardhana began by saying that   Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse was the President who eliminated terrorism and brought peace to the country, the exasperated journalist vehemently retorted that he is very much indebted to Rajapakse for ending the war of terror and bringing peace but he said that he and his family cannot keep on referring to that all the time to cover up his wrong doings. He said that now  Sri Lanka is independent and absolutely free and safe. One was not safe those days where the government had created a fear psychosis. One hesitated  even to have a cup of coffee with a friend in a restaurant.

The journalists are free, we are independent and can live our lives to the fullest he said. We can  writeand say  any thing against the Government and  Editorials could be written against the Government without fear of being taken away in white vans or killed. The half an hour of the program  passed with Mr. Dinesh having nothing much to say being reprimanded by the journalist.  That was the freedom he had gained under Yahapalanaya and  how he treated with scant respect an MP of the opposition- which the journalist referred to as “you and your band”.

Mahinda Rajapakse did not come into power in a period where there was peace and security as it is now. He had to work with all types of people with different characters and a wrong step  taken  with a raging terrorism in the north, would have resulted in misery to the country and the people. Though these journalists can now speak of “ hard times” then under Mahinda Rajapakse , they cannot imagine what it was to have taken  the reins of the government under the then prevailing time.

Bu the value of Mahinda Rajapakse as a great political leader, his great contribution to Sri Lanka and its people can only be gauged and understood by the Sinhala Buddhists. That is not being racist, but stating the stark fact.

The Tamil and Muslim Communities have nothing to loose under Yahapalanaya, it is the Sinhala Buddhists who stand to loose everything including their 2600 years old Buddhist Culture, the rightful place of their language, their religious philosophy to which generations  have for 2600 years dedicated themselves. And now they have to adopt them-selves to a new constitution, new laws, and a new political culture.

They are also proposing that a statue of Mandela be erected in the North.  That is when the Tamils in the North have started breaking Buddhist statues and demand that neither Buddhist statues be built in Nagadipa, nor Cremation Rights of dead Venerated Monks be carried out in Jaffna. 

We have nothing in common with South Afrika, which had an apartheid Regime. In Sri Lanka the Sinhala, Tamil and Sinhala have lived as equals sharing in everything, socially, and economically, until the Tamil politicians began interpreting communal relations differently.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sterilising women with pills.

Recently in Ampara there was a manifestation of the people against Muslim eateries for supposed to have introduced pills to sterilise Sinhala women. Some time ago  a Bakery near a Girls’ School in Katugastota was similarly accused of selling cakes from two counters one for Sinhala Girls and another for Muslim Girls. The cakes sold to Sinhala Girls were supposed to have contained the dreaded sterility pills. The Bakery was finally closed down.

The JVP which is trying to be the Diyasena of Sri Lanka today–a panacea to all political ills coming from Yahapalanaya  on one side, and the Rajapaksas and SLPP on the other,  deplore these current unrest between the Muslim and Sinhala Communities.

The JVP went for the Local Government election crying high and low its political slogan  that the Yahaplanaya government representing the UNP and the SLFP,  and SLPP representing the President Mahinda Rajapakse are all thieves, bribe takers, and with them there is no political future for the country, therefore the people should vote for the JVP the party which consists of honest Diyasernas who can revitalise and bring peace and prosperity to Sri Lanka.

But unfortunately for JVP, the people  preferred to avoid Diyasenas and voted for the SLPP which represented their dear President Mahinda Rajapakse who ended the 30 year war , developed the country to a great extent and thwarted the separatist Tamil political effort to a Communal division of the country.

The writer had stressed in several articles to Lankaweb , that the JVP if they are a Marxist political party as they like to call themselves, should have nothing to do with the Capitalist UNP and other reactionary forces, but unite with the Socialist movement of the Country represented today by SLPP to make the people experience their positive contribution to the development of Sri Lanka,  instead of running after  illusive thieves they say are with President Mahinda Rajapakse and the SLPP .

Now after having been completely and shamefully  rejected by the people at the Local Government elections, the JVP is making use of the present upsurge of Communal tension between the Muslims and the Sinhala, to show that JVP is again the political panacea for the settlement of Communal tension. 

They –the JVP,  say that,  the people should not follow  either the Yahapalanaya with its UNP and other reactionary forces , as they are creating the Communal tension to stay in power,  nor  the SLPP and Mahinda Rajapakse as they are creating  Communal  tension to come back to power. Therefore the people have only one choice  the JVP, which is between the present two villainous political groups in fray, which is capable of settling the present communal upheaval.

JVP assures the people that the  so called sterilising pills found  in the food served in a Muslim Restaurant were inoffensive lumps of flour.  And JVP member Handunetti stressed that there is no such thing as pills to sterilise women and it is only an excuse for certain political elements in Ampara to accuse the innocent Muslims, making it political issue.

However, Handunetti is not far from the truth that there is no pills in the world market to  sterilize women, and what was said to have been found in the food served in a Muslim Restaurant may have been “some thing different”.

Only way to sterilize a woman  it is said is by blocking the  fallopian tubes to stop male sperm from reaching the womb. 

But, there isnevertheless, a  pill called the Abortion pill which can force miscarriage in a woman if administered during the early period of conception. Only way to find out whether such pills are being  used in an “unauthorised manner “, is to collect statistics from hospitals in areas where any pills were found in the food, to see whether there had been reports of an  abnormal  number of cases of miscarriages amoung the women in the area. That may be a clue, or  a  mere coincidence.

But danger of such reports is that it can create a psychological fear of conception amoung women that may cause miscarriages. However, finding unknown substances in food served to people in Muslim eateries should be investigated. Our own Muslims may not indulge in such activities , but the infiltration of foreign Muslim fanatics in to Muslim villages cannot be ruled out.

We never believed that our Tamil youth could be trained as terrorists in the Jungles of South India, but it did happen and when we came to know about it,  it was too late. There are reports that there are special schools that teach terror in the name of God. Hence it is the role of the Government to see that no such thing is being prepared secretly  in the backwoods of Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately  our Secret Service has been completely dis-organised by Sirisena Ranil Yahapaalanaya Government,  and we do not seem to have a reliable Secret Service. With the American and British Agents interfering into our Armed Forces providing them with training  etc.,  our Armed Forces are disarmed against questionable activities by Foreign Forces  which may be  detrimental to Communal relations in our Country.

Therefore, JVP in assuming to be the Divine Saviour of  Sri Lanka presently in complete political disarray, may be forgetting that there may be activities  taking place behind scene -in the back stage, which may  rise up one day and go completely uncontrollable , as it was with  terrorism in 1970s.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein Wake up it is your Role as UNC HR, that no Member State presents a resolution based on false information against another Member State.

In Guantanamo Torture Camp of USA a prisnor being taken to be questioned !!!

He is a Prince by his hereditary right, but his thinking and understanding  it seems are far from that of a  Prince. A real Prince becomes so by his action and ability to see through things to sift facts from fiction to understand the truth to help the mankind, and not by been born a Prince.


He  is the man who replaced the South African Tamil woman Navi Pillai as the UN High Commissioner for human rights. Navi Pillai was the person who was intent in accusing the Sri Lanka armed forces for supposed to have violated human rights of the Tamils at the final phase of the military operations against the terrorists. Being a Tamil herself from the apartheid South Africa she was not only a sympathiser of the Tamil terrorists Prabhakaran in Sri Lanka, but also one who having suffered under apartheid in her home country romanticised the terrorist Prabhakaran as a  hero of the Tamils against a ruling class.


Yasmin Sooka who was one of the members of the UN SG’s Panel of experts  appointed appointed by Ban Ki Moon the UNSG, to prepare  the so called Darusman report  on the Sri Lanka Government’s accountability on the elimination of terrorism  in Sri Lanka, another victim of South African Apartheid, is a Human Rights lawyer.


Yasmin Sooka,  being with Navipillai on the opposite side of the fence against the Government of Sri Lanka,  still carries out  her compatriot Navi Pillai’s agenda against Sri Lanka Armed Forces. Education has given them no philosophical sensibility,hence they have no  sense of unbiased  justice and righteousness . They are carried away by their personal prejudices. Sooka blinded by her prejudiced mind carries out what Navi Pillai began by piling accusations against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.


Her recent effort to bring a lawsuit against General Jagath Jayasuriya while he was Ambassador in Brazil through a lawyer Carlos Castrana Fernadez is in pursuit of her Navi Pillai’s agenda. The lawyer Fernandez had said, in this respect “ This is one genocide that has been forgotten, but this will force democratic countries to do some thing”. One wonders what are the democratic countries he refers to, and  genocide is a vogue word used by pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora who had not set their feet on the soil of Sri Lanka during terrorism to have experienced what it was like, and racist Tamils in Sri Lanka.


 But this Prince - Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein  seems merely carrying out the duties of the UN High Commissioner from where Navi Pillai left it for him, without taking time to think over it himself to come to a different understanding of a developing country faced with terrorism by the youth from the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka itself, taken over by a neighbouring state to train them as terrorists.


That is what he should have first done if he had a Princely mind  without acting as a mere bureaucrat without  thoroughly  investigating to understand the rights and wrongs of the accusations,  before he  himself likea  puppet on a string points his own fingers of accusation at Sri Lanka.


Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein the UNHCHR should have  examined the USA led resolution against Sri Lanka to find out on what basis the resolution  against its  Armed Forces had been made. No country launches a military action against its own people if the matter could have been settled by other means. If Zeid Al-Hussain had tried to understand the circumstances that led to a military operation , he would have perceived  that Sri Lanka Government was led to take that alternative as a last resort against a group of ruthless terrorists who refused to sit down around a table and come to a political settlement of their grievances. 


Therefore, the  passing of the resolution against the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka  for  War crimes by USA and the West was an absolute harassment against Sri Lanka- a developing country-a Sovereign State , which an unbiased educated Prince should have understood.


On the other hand, unlike Sri Lanka Government and Armed Forces which knew where the terrorists were located, it is the USA and its Allies with the NATO forces that carry out unceasing bombardments against terrorists in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq without even identifying the areas where the terrorists are located, thus killing large numbers of innocent civilians which the USA and its Allies  put as “ collateral damage”. 


The Prince- Zeid Al-Hussein should look into this  contradiction in the Resolution presented by the USA against Sri Lanka. Is it correct in equity that one country -USA goes with blood of the innocent victims of their  haphazard bombardments on their hands to accuse Sri Lanka carrying out military operations in identified areas against its own terrorists  in its own country ?


Yasmin Sooka  like a “ sorceress flinging out her skirts in a macabre dance” accuses the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces without having a shred of real evidence, and  not even knowing what happened in Sri Lanka from 1980s to May,2009 or  even hearing an eye witness account of the events.


The Darusman report she hoists in support of her claim of war crimes by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka  was written by a three member Panel in which she was a member. The Prince  Zeid Al-Hussein should have investigated how it was prepared before  accepting  that report which in  reality  is no more than a fiction writing. In fact this Darusman Report has no official validity as  Ban Ki Moon the then UNSG himself said that it was a report prepared for his personal information.


Darusman Report was prepared by the Panelists sitting in separate rooms in the UN Head Quarters, without having  visited Sri Lanka to see for themselves  where the military operations against the terrorists took place. 


The Darusman report is a fictitious crime story prepared  sitting comfortably in an  office rooms in the UN Head Quarters with Secretaries and Computers using only e-mails, internet and perhaps telephone calls.  It was later supported by a  documentary prepared with falsified images by a private TV Channel in UK paid for by the Tamil Diaspora.


What does the Prince know of the background to the Darusman report ? Does he investigate to find out whether it is really reliable document ?


The Darusman Panel  collected information  using the Internet taking evidence through e-mails from various pro terrorist Organisations and their members of the Tamil Diaspora, who had also not visited Sri Lanka during the terrorism, some of them having fled the country when terrorism commenced in Sri Lanka, and others of the second generation Tamil diaspora, only  hearing  fancy stories  related by their parents from what they thought they remembered. 


No one accused in the report as having committed war crimes, can challenge and cross examine the witnesses to check on the evidence they had given, as their names are not given in the report  and the Panel has ruled that the names of the persons who gave evidence should not be divulged before twenty years.


The fact is that there were no witnesses who came before the Panel to give evidence ,  …..Can you cross examine  “e-mails” ?


The UNSG Ban Ki Moon was wrong to have released that document to the UN Commissioner of Human rights as it is not a legal document. The Darusman Report could be challenged in any court of law as a document which could be legally accepted, as the report has been written  on  evidence supposed to have been given by  unknown persons and the evidence cannot be verified  to be correct.


Even the wise Prince Zeid Al-Husseing had been duped ?


Sometime it is not education in best of schools and experience working in clover that makes one intelligent, one should also have common sense of an ordinary man,  who thinks like an ordinary human being to understand the cultures , way of thinking, of the people of other countries, who have different religious beliefs and think and act differently from a Prince who was born to princely pleasure and a life of luxury.


The Prince Zeid  a graduate of the  John Hopkins University  and received a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge should have known better not to perform his duties as a simple  bureaucrat but to be more vigilant and intellectual to read and understand material put before him to see whether the actions against terrorism taken by the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces have been fairly and justifiable examined before allowing  a damning resolution against a country that had suffered under terrorism for 30 long years,  be presented at the UN Council for Human Rights in Geneva ?


The Darusman report  asserts that 40 000 civilian  Tamils had been killed during the last phase of the military operations against the Terrorists.


This number is vastly exaggerated. The USA and Western Government Officials who prepared the  USA resolution PP3/HRC/30/1 were not bothered to verify  the credibility of that figure, as  te number of civilians killed by an Armed Forces which had rescued over 300 thousand civilians held as human shields by the terrorists


USA State Department  used this number of 40,000 Civilans killed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  in preparing the resolution to shock  the UN Human Rights Council by  portraying to  the Council the Sri Lanka Armed Force as  irresponsible, inhuman, indisciplined, committing mass rape, and practicing  genocide against the Tamils.   


The Sri Lanka Armed Force was on the contrary a a model of an Armed Force, of well  disciplined soldiers, human, kindly, not committing rape, or genocide against the Tamils. That the USA with its history of  torture Camps –the Camp X-Ray of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib cannot understand.

Perhaps it would  educate the Prince  what USA torture is , if he would  go to :


The Officers and Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces were aware of their responsibility and aware that the military operations were not against the innocent Tamils civilians,  but against the ruthless terrorists who terrorised not only the other communities but also the Tamils themselves . The Tamil Politicians refuse to give credit to the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for that undivided attention they gave to the Tamil Civilians as much as to the civilian Sinhala and Muslim people of the country.


The UN High Commission of Human Rights had a right to question those proposing the resolution as to how they can justify that number of deaths. There are many who questioned the 40,000 deaths claimed by the Panellists  who wrote the fictitious Darusman report. Lord Naseby of UK is one such person who is adamant that the deaths would not have been even 8000.


Why does not the excellent Prince Zeid Al-Hussein take a look at what Lord Neseby had to say on the numbers the false Darusman Fiction had reported ?


If the Prince Zeid Al-Hussein as representing UN had any good sense he should have taken it on himself to have advised the foolish  half witted Mangala Samaraweera , the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka not to sponsor the  US Resolution Against Sri Lanka ,which that foolish man did not understand was  a resolution  against his own Country.


Saturday, 17 February 2018

Massive people’s vote to candidates of SLPP on 10 February,2018 was a vote against the Government.

2017 May Day Rally of the Joint Opposition under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapakse  in Galleface,Colombo. A crowd never seen before in any manifestation in Sri Lanka 

Dambara Amila  thero , was seated with anti Buddhist Anti Sinhala  NGO clique- Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Nimalka Fernando , Chameera Perera, Saman Ratnapriya and host of others demanding that the war winning Army Commander Sarath Fonseka be appointed as the  Law and Order Minister to bring long delayed  high profile investigations  against the previous regime  to a successful conclusion.

The people have rejected long time ago the Buddhist monks in politics. Dambara Amila is no exception. He accuses the Monks of the Bodu Bala Sena for being disrespectful to the teachings of the Buddha. To quote a cliché,  it is the pot calling the kettle Black ?

As Bodu Bala Sena does not promote reconciliation which is a catch phrase of the foreign financed NGOs, Gnanasara thero is more acceptable than the Dambara Amila thero representing the  NGO clique.

Sri Lanka is not Colombo, Galle, Kandy or Hambantota towns. It was the ordinary people of Sri Lanka - the heart of the country’s culture, national patriotic sensibility, and the voice of the masses which on the 10 February, 2018 rejected the Yahapalanaya Government which mismanaged the country for the past three years.

Ravi Karunanayake surrounded by some of the Colombo North Supporters said that the UNP is prepared to go forward, with the promise it gave to the people on the 8th January,2015. His people in Colombo north applaud and encourage him, but Colombo North is not the  measure of the pulse of the real people of Sri Lanka.

Karunanayaka is another crab in the same pot along with Dambara Amila. The water is beginning to get warm and they may  feel quite comfortable, but wait a little longer to understand what is in store for them when the water begins to heat up.

We saw Ratana thero and  Champika Ranawaka trying to impale the President Mahinda Rajapakse  who gave the people peace and security , which the ordinary people who really suffered under  terrorism and sacrificed their children for the victory over the terrorists will never forget.

It is still the war heroes who sacrificed their friends in the struggle, gave their blood and limbs to save the country for us to live in peace and without fear,  who stand up to defend our country against traitors of the nation like the Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera who sold the good name of Sri Lanka Armed Forces at the Geneva UN Human Rights Council asking forgiveness from Sri Lanka’s foreign enemies  for “errors committed by the Sri Lanka Armed forces”   like a gutter rat before wild cats.

In contrast our war heroes do not cringe  even in foreign countries to defend our country and our Armed Forces. Against all odds our war heroes do not to allow the enemies of Sri Lanka to insult and shame the Nation,  as  it was demonstrated by the fearless war hero Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, the Defence Counsellor of the Sri Lanka High Commission in UK, when the diaspora Tamils trampled on the  lion flag of Sri Lanka,  hoisting shamelessly the flag of the  LTTE Terrorist,   or  by Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara a former Chief of Staff of Sri Lanka Navy  who against tremendous odds to secure time and space at the sessions of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva  presented  the case  of the Sri Lankans the victims of the LTTE terrorist Campaign  for over three decades.

Dambara Amila thero undoubtedly a beneficiary of the NGO largess , should know that as a Buddhist Priest  and a Scholar of the Jayawardhanapura University he should be with the ordinary people of the country and not with theNGO clique  who are doing their job of serving their NGO masters shamelessly betraying their own country. Dambara Amila thero  should know better that Sarath Fonseka, whom  he proposes to be the Minister of Law and order is not  a democratic politician. He is a soldier still in uniform and law and order is not his immediate concern, but to take revenge from the former President and  his Defence Secretary for no valid reason .

Army Commander Sarath Fonseka was imprisoned by a  Court-Marshall, accused for allowing a Company set up by his son-in-law to profit from the sale of Bullets to the Army. There was also a talk about him having received several bundles of Dollar notes from an unknown source.

Therefore, it appears  Sarath Fonseka  is not entirely innocent of the accusations for which he was imprisoned. Further more Sarath Fonseka despite being  in the Parliament is still in mind and heart a soldier- as I read some where- he walks like a soldier , talks like a soldier and acts like soldier. Where therefore is his “talent” to be a Minister of Law and Order that Dambara Amila sees in him ?

Is Dambara Amila thero with the NGO clique,  in like company supporting Sarath Fonseka  to be the Minister of Law and Order or does it mean that Dambara Amila thero has still not grown up to understand  the gravity of  his spurious statements.

All these NGO activists have become President Maithripala Sirisena’s  close advisors. Three of them in a previous Derana TV debate “Aluth Parliamenthuwak” were dribbling profusely trying to defend the stand they propose the President to take against the massive support received by his opponent the former President Mahinda Rajapakse.

One can of course say that  the people voted to elect their representative to the Provincial Councils and therefore,  it has no bearing on the unity government- the Yahapalanaya.

The crowds at elections meetings do not indicate the popularity of  one party or another and that the crowds of people at any meeting  would vote for the candidates presented by that party.

But when the Government in place has failed to contribute to the welfare of the people or reduced the cost of living to allow them to live a comfortable life, how can the people show their disapproval ?

The only way  the people had,  was to attend in large numbers the meetings opposing the Yahapalanaya  Government, as there had been no elections to show their opposition to the government by their vote.

Hence,  in the case of this unpopular Yahapalanaya Government, when the people after three years of waiting, got the only chance of showing their opposition to the continuation of the Yahapalanaya  by casting their vote,  was at the Local government elections of the 10 February, 2018.  They did that by giving a massive vote for the candidates put forward by the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna which opposed the Yahapalanaya Government.

Therefore,  the massive vote of the people should not be underestimated  by the  defeated political parties the UNP, the SLFP and the JVP , by playing with numbers and percentages to to show that the people’s vote was not against the Government , but only to elect their local representatives.

When  JVP won no local authority , SLFP has won  only 11 , TNA only 38 , the UNP only 42 and SLPP 249. They still without accepting the lower number of LGs they have won  go on arguing that the 249 LGs SLPP won are less than the actual number as 162 LGs will have problems electing a SLPP candidate as the Chairman, and those LGs may have to elect a Chairman from UNP, or SLFP. But that is an argument of fools,  as still the largest number of LGs have been won by the SLPP .

Therefore,  there is no doubt that the 10th February,2018 vote of the people for LG elections was a vote by the people against the Government and the Government has no moral right any further to continue to be in place.

Both the President and the Prime Minister should therefore resign in the name of Democracy, if they still, respect it, and allow the people to elect another President and another Prime Minister.

That is the only thing to do if there is no provision in the Constitution for the President to dismiss the Prime Minister.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

When are they going to stop this Dhushana mantharaya ?

People are celebrating the  defeat of  the Yahapalanaya Candidates at the 10th February,2018 LG Elections

The Governments of all countries are at one time or another accused of corruption. The recent victims are Israel and South Africa. But no country in the world has made corruption an issue  at their election campaigns, as elections are conducted on other issues vital for the development, social welfare, security and defence of countries.

But Sri Lanka has been an exception, as the Presidential election campaign of the Present Government of Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe  had no valid  issue for an election campaign  in a peaceful and rapidly developing Sri Lanka under the President Mahinda Rajapakse,  other than hollering a political slogan hastily  prepared by the secret services of the West, that  the  Rajapakse Regime is corrupt and are thieves and therefore the Rajapakse regime should be changed –Dhushana Mantharaya.

That worked as perhaps the people thought that though President Mahinda Rajapakse brought about peace , security and a higher standard of living to a people that had been suffering under terrorism for thirty years, it may be they are corrupt and stealing state funds.

The naïve people with their natural greed to always have more than what they already have , may have thought that if  there were to be a change, perhaps a new regime led by a simple farmer’s son  Maithripala Sirisena, and a Royal College educated  clean politician as they have been made to understand,   may recover what had been stolen by the Rajapakse Regime and give it back to the people assuring them a still higher standard of living, with more money in their hands.

Well, Ranil- Sirisena duo  promised a salary increase of Rs.10000,00 to all government servants and that would be the little drip which would signals the deluge of money  robbed by the Rajapakse Regime to  flow into every ones pockets . Hence except for the 58 lacks of honest Sinhala Buddhists the rest voted for the change of Regime  and more money to come to them.

But the Ranil Wickramasinghe, if he would come back to politics saddled with a naïve farmer’s son had other plans for himself and his UNP which had been denied the chance to dip their  hands  into the till containing  millions of dollars flowing into the country for various development projects of Mahibda Rajapakse Regime.

What happened after Sirisena Ranil duo came to power on the slogan down with corrupt thieves of the Rajapakse Regime- the Dushana Mantharaya, is now history ?

Poor Maithripala Sirisena who placed his entire trust in the hands of Ranil Wickrmasinghe - a clever political manipulator-a cunning fox, the Agent of the West,  abandoned the political party which nurtured him for 47 years  for the promise of the Presidency of Sri Lanka. On the 8th January,2015 when Sirisena found himself  elected President , he became forever indebted to Ranil Wickramasinghe , and hated  President Mahinda Rajapakse who  considered him unfit to be even the Prime Minister.

To day we see to what extent Sirisena is attached to Ranil. Sirisena is ready even to give up the Presidency of the SLFP that was thrust upon him on the 9 th January, 2015, to continue even in defeat to be the lapdog of Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Maithripala Sirisena in taking his uncertain steps as a newly appointed President had a number of NGO operators like Srilal Laktilleke,Nimal Devasiri and Civil Society organisations, Ratana Hamuduruvo, Asoka and numerous others to advice him as to what he should do to give the people the expected change for which he was elected on the 8th January, 2015.

They gave him the wrong advice, and while his Prime Minister was planning Bond Scams Sirisena as the President agreed to undo every thing Mahinda Rajapakse had undertaken . He suspended the Chinese Port City project along with other development projects started by the previous Rajapakse Regime.

He followed the wrong advice and as a result Sri Lanka is far more poor than it was on the 8th January,2015.  There was no end of hollering of the Dushana Mantharaya- corruption  and the theft by the Rajapakse Regime. Ranil with his Batalanda Experience started the FCID to arrest the  thieves of the Rajapakse clan, its supporters and the members of the officials of the Rajapakse government.

Dushana Mantharaya repeated again and again showed no results it was just empty hollering to fool the people. But now the people refuse to be fooled- Dushana Mantharaya has no effect any more.

People who expected to profit from the loot the Rajapakse Regime was said to have accumulated  are dissatisfied  as no loot has been found,  but Sirsena Ranil Government continues to make a big noise harping on the same old boring slogan of corruption and theft  by the Rajapakse Regime and taking into custody only children , women and a few who did  nothing else but did their work.

But profiting from the situation instead of catching thieves of the Rajapakse Regime, the Prime Minister has organised looting the Central Bank.

The people having  had enough, took every opportunity to fill the meetings of the defeated President Mahinda Rajapakse, to show their disappointment with Maithripala Sirsena-Ranil Wickramasingha Regime .

We heard nothing but the Dhushanaya Mantharaya for the last three years  and northing else, and the people are fedup of it.

Finally the people got the opportunity at last at the  Local Government Polls on the 10th February,2018 to show their disapproval of the Sirisena Ranil Government by a mammoth vote against the candidates put forward by  both Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe, and giving their votes to candidates presented by the political party Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna supported by the  President Mahinda Rajapakse, to show there regret for having changed the Rajapakse Regime to bring in a Sirisena Ranil Regime that stole from the people every thing they had gained from the former Rajapakse Regime.

Now  on the 10 February ,2018, at the Local Government election  the people have voted largely for the candidates of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna of Mahinda Rajapakse. The Sirsena Ranil Regime remains defeated before the eyes of the people. The democratic thing for any government which has seen a political party opposed to it has won a far greater  number of votes is to resign to respect the decision  of the people.

But when it was said from the beginning that the change of Rajapakse Regime was a collective effort of the Western Governments and India interposing the CIA,MI6 and RAW lot of people refused to believe it.

But, it became evident  when after the 10 February,2018 Sirisena- Ranil Government had been rejected by the people by their  vote for  the candidates put forward  by their opponent’s  political Party Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, the “beleaguered” Sirisena and  Ranil were considering  separately their next moves available to them, the media reported that they saw the Ambassador  for USA in Sri Lanka Atul Keshup, and Taranjit Singh the High Commissioner of India driving in to Araliyagaha Mandiraya the Official Residence of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

The outcome of the diplomatic advise would be for the President Sirisena and Prime Minister  Ranil to  come to terms and stay together, which they would continue to follow. Because for this Yahapalanaya the obedience to USA ,  West and India matters more than the people who vote for them.

In the meantime TV debates vie to find out why the people voted massively to  candidates of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna of the defeated Rajapakse Regime. Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna which has now become the most popular political party of the people say that the people have demonstrated  by their massive vote against the candidates of the political  parties in power, that they reject the Sirisena Ranil Government.

As  such Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna argues that the people has made use of the first occasion provided to them after three and a half year of the disastrous rule by the Yahapalanaya Government to show their distrust of the government and reject their continuation to rule the country. 

Therefore, the accepted democratic norms require both the President and the Prime Minister to accept defeat and resign allowing the people to elect another President and have another Government.  

However, supporters of Sirisena Ranil Regime, the NGO’s Civil organisations  and Sirilal Laktilleke et al, who failed to advice correctly the President at the beginning come back again to give the President false hope,  and break further the trust of the people,  argue that that popular vote  for the candidates of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna is only a vote for the election of local PC Councillors and therefore has no bearing on the Government.

But it is apparent that people who expected so much from this government which began by giving the Government Servants a salary increase of Rs.10000,00 despite stopping their pension rights, has become poor and unable to live decently well and demands a replacement of the Yahapalanaya government which has failed to satisfy the demands of the people and which has  pushed the country deeper into an economic disaster by the Bank robberies, and bribery and corruption in construction of highways, distribution of employment for their political supporters etc.

Therefore the massive vote for the LG candidates presented by the  Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna is undoubtedly a vote against the Yahapalanaya Government of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minster Ranil Wickramasinghe, and it is a statement that they do not want to be ruled further by  the YAHAPALANAYA Government.

Dhushana Mantharaya has not worked and it is time it is stopped and Yahapalanaya crowd says Good Bye to the people, allowing someone else bring back a little happiness to the people who had suffered in expectation for three years since 8th January,2015

Sunday, 4 February 2018

සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති හා රනිල් අගමැති එකම කාසියේ පැතිදෙක.

මේ අභූත යහපාලනය නිසා අසරණවූ මගේ හිතවත් ලංකාවේ ජනතාවෙනි.  ඔබ අසරණ කල මේ කාලකන්නි සිරසේන රනිල්  යහපාලනයට නැවතත් රැවටෙන්න එපා.

උන්ට ඔබ රවටන්න බැරිබව වටහාදෙන්න පුළුවන් එකම අවස්තාවයි පළාත් සභා චන්දය.

රටහදන්න පුළුවන් දේශපාලන චින්තනයක් සිරිසේනටවත් රනිල්ටවත් නැ. සිරිසේන ගිරිය පුප්පවාගෙන හැමතැනම කියන්නේ හොරු  ගැන,  අලුත්වචනත් යොදාගන්නවා දැන් කතාකරන්නේ ප්‍රභූ චෞර සන්ධාන ගැන. මේ චන්දෙවෙනකම් ඇයි සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති නිස්ෂබ්ධව සිටියෙ අවුරුදු තුනකට පස්සේ දැන් ද එයාට හොරුපෙනිලා තියෙන්නේ ?

අසරණවූ අපේ මිනිස්සුන්ට දැන් ඕනෑ හොරු අල්ලන එකද නැත්නම් එදිනෙදා ජීවිතය ගෙනයැමට අවශ්‍ය භාණ්ඩමිල අඩු සාධාරණ ජීවනවියදමක් හා පීඩනයකින් තොර දේශපාලන ක්‍රමවේදයක් නොවේද ?  සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති මවාපාන ගිය ආණ්ඩුවේ හොරමැරකම් ගැන ගිරිය උලුප්පාගෙන කෑගහන හැම අවස්තාවෙදීම ඒ ආණ්ඩුවේ සිටි සිරිසේන ජනාධිපතිතුමාත්  ඒ හොරමැරකම්වලට සමබන්ධබවනේද  ජන්නතාවට වැටහෙන්නේ ?

ජනාධිපති තුමා පහුගිය ආණ්ඩුවට මොන දේකට හරි  චෝදනා කරනකොට ඒ චෝදනා එතුමාටත් එල්ල වෙනවා නේද ?  මේ ඔක්කොම කථා චන්ද පිස්සුවෙන් දෙන මර ලතෝනි. චන්දෙන් පස්සේ කටවහගෙන අගමැති බටහිර රටවල්වල උවමනාවට කරගෙන යන රට වනසන දේසපාලන වැඩපිළිවලට ඉඩදීලා නිකන් ඉඳියි. සංහිඳියාව සඳහා හා මාර අලුත් ව්‍යවස්ථාවක් හදල රට දෙකඩ කරන්න  රනිල් අගමැතිතුමාට ඉඩදීල නිස්ස්හබ්ද වෙයි.

රනිල් මංගල සමරවීර එක්ක එකතුවෙලා ඇමෙරිකාව සමග  එක්වී  ලංකාවට විරුද්ධව ගෙනා  යෝජනා ක්‍රියාත්මක කරයි. ඉන්දියාවත් එක්කත් සිංගප්පුරුව එක්ක වගේ වෙළඳ ගිවිසුමකට ඉඩදෙයි. . හොරු අල්ලන එක නොවෙයි මේ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට ඇතිවෙන්න යන අනතුරුවලින් රට බේරගන්න එකයි සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමාකල යුත්තේ. හොරු නැති දේශපාලනයක් ලෝකයේ කොහේ වත් නැ. යහපාලනයේ බැංකු කඩපුතරම් හොරු නම් ලෝකයේ කොහෙවත් නැ.

ඒ නිසා ජනාධිපති තුමයි එතුමා වටේ ඉන්න ශ්‍රී ලංකා  නිදහස් පක්ෂය  දෙකඩ කරන්න උදව් දුන් ජනතාව ප්‍රතික්ෂේපකල සමහරක් අයගෙන් ගෙන් යුත් ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පාක්ෂිකයන් 45 දෙනාට රැවටිලා ඔවුන් පෙනීසිටින ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයේ අත ලකුනටනම් වැරදිලාවත් ඔබේ වටිනා චන්දය දෙන්න එපා.   

සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති  හා රනිල් අගමැති එකම කාසියේ  පැතිදෙක. ඒ නිසා ඔබ  සිරිසේන මැතිතුමාගේ ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයේ අත ලකුණට දෙන හැම චන්දයක්ම ඔබ දෙන්නේ  එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂයත් සමග ගැටගැහිලා ඉන්න යහපාලනයට.
අමතක කරන්න එපා මේ පළාත් පාලන චන්දයේදී ඔබ  සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමාගේ ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයේ  අත ලකුණට  හෝ සන්ධානයේ පුටුව ලකුණට දෙන හැම චන්දයක්ම දෙන්නේ  එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂයට බව. 
සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමා මහා පරිමාන  හා  ප්‍රභූ චෞර සන්දාන ගැන හයියෙන් කතාකරකර කලේ  එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂයේ හොරුන් ආරක්ශාකල එකයි.  රටේ  හා මාද්යයේ  උද්ඝෝෂණ  වැඩිවෙන්ට පටන්ගත්තාමයි කොමිසන් සභාවක් පත්කළේ. සය්ටම් වයිද්‍යා විද්‍යාලය සම්බන්ධව තාමත් ජනාධිපති තුමා තීරණයක් අරන් නෑ. එව්වා නේද අවශ්‍ය හොරු අල්ලනෙකට වඩා

මේ තක්කඩි යහපාලනයෙන් ගැලවෙන්නට නම  ශ්‍රී ලංකා පොදුජන පෙරමුනේ පොහොට්ටුව ලකුණට චන්දය දෙන්න. ඒ පක්ෂයට පමණයි ලංකාව වැටිලාතියෙන අගාදියෙන් ගලවාගන්නපුලුවන්.

Friday, 2 February 2018

ඔබේ චන්දය අත හෝ බුලත් කොලේ සලකුණට දෙන්න එපා ?

මිනිසුන්ගේ හිත්  තන්හාවෙන් ඊර්ෂ්‍යාවෙන්, ක්‍රෝධයෙන්, පළිගැනීමේ චේතනාවෙන්, වංචනික හැඟීම්  වලින් කිලිටීවී තිබේනම් ඒ බව ඔවුන්ගේ මුහුණුවලින්  පේනවා. හිරු නාලිකාවේ සටන නමැති වැඩසටහනට පසුගිය දවස් වල රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ, මහින්ද රාජපක්ස, හා මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන  අපේ දේශපාලන නායකයින් පලාත්පාලන චන්දය ගැන සාකච්චාවකට සහභාගිඋනා. ඔවුන්ගේ කතාබහ විතරක් නොවෙයි ඔවුන්ගේ  මුහුනුවලින් සාකච්චාවේ එක එක අවස්තාවලිදී  ඔවුන්ගේ සිත් තුල ඇතිවන  සිතිවිලි කැඩපත්වූ මුහුණු  අපි දුටුවා නොවේද ? 

ඉංග්‍රීසියෙන් කියමනක් තියෙනවා මුහුණ මිනිසාගේ හිත හඳුනාගන්නපුලුවන් කැඩපත කියලා. චන්ද්‍රිකා  කුමාරතුංග මැතිනිය ලඟකදී මාද්ය වෙදිකාවක කතාකරනවා දැක තියෙනවද? එසේනම් ඔබ ඇයගේ  මුහුනේ කැඩපත්වන ඊර්ෂ්‍යාව ක්‍රෝධය වයිරය  අනුමානයෙන් දකින්නට ඇති ? මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන  මැතිතුමානම් හිරු නාලිකාවට ඔබින හැටියට මුණ හදාගෙන හිටිය.  නමුත්  රස්වීම්වල කතාකරනකොට  කතාකරන්නේ නම් යක්ෂයෙක් වාගේ.  ජී අල් පීරිස්ගේ පක්ෂය හොරු ආරක්ශාකරන කුනු කානුවක්  වගේ  කතා කියනකොට මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන  මැතිතුමාගේ යක්ෂ මුහුණ  ඉස්මතුවෙනවා අපි දුටුවා.

ඔබ මේ දුටු මුහුණු තුනෙන් කොයි මූනද ඔබේ හිත ඇදගත් පින්වත් නිතමානී පිරිසිදු මුහුණ?  මා මෙයට පිලුතුරු දෙන්න උවමනා නැ, ඔබම මැනගන්න ඇති ඒ මුණු තුනෙන් කොයි  මුනේද කරුනාව, විශ්වාශදායක බව, පින්වත්බව, හා මිත්‍රශීලී බව කැපී  පෙනුනේ.

මහින්ද රාජපක්ස ජනාධිපති තුමාට මුන් කොච්චර  එදිරිවාදකම්  කලත් මඩපහරවල් ගැසුවත්  ඔහුගේ මුහුණින් කැඩපත් වූයේ ඔහුගේ සිතේ තිබෙන අවංක මෛත්‍රී කරුණා ගුණය නොවේද ?

පැය  එකහමාරක් පමණ කාලයක් තිබුනු  හිරු නාලිකාවේ සාකච්චාවේදී මෛත්‍රීපාල ජනාධිපති  දූන් හැම පිලිතුරකම  පිළිඹිබු වුයෙ  රාජපක්ස මැතිතුමා කෙරෙහි ඔහුතුල ඇති  ද්වේශය හා වෛරයයයි. සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමා කියනවා 2015 නොවැම්බර මාසයේ  ඔහු රාජපක්ෂය ආණ්ඩුවෙන් වෙන්වුණේ  ඒ ආණ්ඩුවේ තිබුණ ක්‍රියා පිළිවෙලට විරුද්ධව ලංකාවෙ අනාගතය වෙනුවෙන් හොඳ වැඩපිළිවෙලක් සකස්කිරීම සඳහාලු.

නමුත් ඇත්ත කතාවනම් රාජපක්ස ජනාධිපති තුමා ඔහුට අගමැතිකම නොදුන්නිසා  එවෙනුවට ජනාධිපතිකම ලබාදීමට රනිල්  චන්ද්‍රිකා  දෙපල ඔහුට දුන් පොරොන්දුව නිසා ඇතිවූ බලතන්හාව නිසා බව හූණු බිත්තරයක් තරම්වත් මොලයක් තියෙන ඔනැම කෙනෙකුට තේරෙනෙවා. 

ඇරත් ඔහු සමජවාදී  ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයෙන් ගිහින් හේත්තු උනේ එක්සත්ජාතික පක්ෂයත් එක්ක.  එයින් පෙනෙන්නේ ඔහු ඇත්තටම රටේ සංවර්ධනය සඳහා ගත් පියවරක්ද නොවන බවයි. ඔහු ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයෙන් පිටවී යාම පිළබඳව කියනවා, ඇස් ආර් ඩී බණ්ඩාරනායක මැතිතුමාත් එක්සත් ජාතිකපක්ෂයෙන් වෙන්ව ගොස් සන්ධාන ආණ්ඩුවක් පිහිටෙව්වා කියලා.

නමුත් ඇස් ආර් ඩී බණ්ඩාරනායක මැතිතුමා සමාජවාදී දර්ශණයකින් යුත්  ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂය පිහිටුවා සන්ධාන ගතවුයේ සමාජවාදී වාමාංශික පක්ෂ සමග. ඇත්තටම මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන අවුරුදු විසි ගණනාවක් සමාජවාදී ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයෙ ඉඳලත් සමාජවාදය මොකක්ද කියල නොදන්නාබවයි ඔහුගේ කතාවෙන් පෙනෙන්නේ .

ඔහු මහ ආඩම්බරයෙන් පිළිකුල් ලෙස රාජපක්ෂ ජනාධිපති තුමන් සමග සිටි කාලයේ  එතුමාගේ චරිතය අසොභන විධියට විවෙච්නය කරනවා.  රාජපක්ෂ ජනාධිපතිතුමා  ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ජනාධිපති  තනතුරට පත්වෙනවිට  ලංකාවේ තිබුනේ ඉතාමත් භායනක තීරණාත්මක, ජනතාව  ජීවිතයත් මරණයත් අතර දුකින් හා බියෙන්  පසුවූන කාලපරිච්චේදයක්.  එතුමා බලවත් සැර චරිතයක්ව සිටියා විය හැකියි.  ඒ යුගයේ කවුද මිතුරා  කවුද හතුරා යයි සොයගන්නටවත් අපහසුව තිබියදී හැමවවෙලාවෙම කරුණාවෙන්  සිටිය නොහැකියි. සමහරක් අවස්ථාවල සැරට කථා කරන්නට ඇති.  ඒ නිසා ඔහු   ආඥාදායකයෙක් හැටියට කටයුතු කලායයි කිවනොහැක.

මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ ජනාධිපති තුමා 2010 න් පසු වෙනස් උනා යයි සමහරෙක් විවේචනාත්මකව කියනවා. නමුත් 2010 ඇතිවුණු තත්වය පෙරතිබුන තත්වයට වඩා වෙනස්වුන බව නොසිතන අයයි එසේ කියන්නේ . අපි  ඒ වකවානුවෙ උන දේවල් සිතා ගන්නටනම් අපේ හිත ඒ වකවානුවට ගෙනයන්න ඕනෑ.  ත්‍රස්තවාදය අවසාන ඌවාටු පසු ඔහු අවට සිටි අය තුළ තිබුණ අනිශ්චිත  බියද  නැතිවන්නට ඇත. ඒ නිසා ජනාධිපති තුමාගේ අන සකට යටත් වීමක්ද නොතිබුනාවිය හැක.  ඒ බැවින් එවුන්  පාලනයකර ගැනීමට අපහසුවක් ඇති උන බැවින් ඔවුන් අකමැති තීරණ ගත්තාවිය හැක.

ඒ අවධියෙ සිරිසේනලා,  නීමල් සිරිපාල  සිල්වලා වගේ අය  අගමැති තනතුර ඉල්ලා සිටින්න ඇත. ඩී ඇම් ජයරත්න මැතිතුමාත් සිටියේ ලෙඩින්. ඔහු වෙනුවට වෙනකෙනුකු පත්කිරීමෙදී කිහිපදෙනෙකුගේ ඉල්ලීම් හේතුවෙන්  අපහසුකම් ඇතිවූ නිසා රාජපක්ෂ ජනාධිපති  තුමා ඩී ඇම් ජයරත්න මැතිතුමාම අගමැති ධුරයෙ තබාගැනීමට තීරණය කල නිසා මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන මැති තුමා රාජපක්ෂ ජනාධිපති  තුමා සමග විරසක ඌවා විය හැක. එහි ප්‍රතිපලය තමයි දැන් අපි  දකින මහින්ද  රාජපක්ස මැතිතුමාකෙරෙහි  මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන මැති තුමා දක්වන ඇති අසීමිත වෛරය .

මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන මැතිතුමා ඇස් ආර් ඩී බණ්ඩාරනායක මැතිතුමාට හාත් පසින් වෙනස් කෙනෙක්. බණ්ඩාරනායක මැතිතුමා හොඳ හික්මුන ඔහුගේ ප්‍රතිවාදීන් ට අගෞරවයෙන් කථානොකළ යහපත් කෙනෙක්. ඔහු උපන්නේ ක්‍රිස්තියානි පවුලක නමුත් ඔහු මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන මැතිතුමාට දහස් ගණනකින් වැඩි හොඳ බෞද්ධ සීලාචාර පුද්ගලයෙක්. එයට බණ්ඩාරනායක මැතිතුමාගේ අද්‍යාපනයත්  හැදුන වැඩුන පරිසරයත් උපකාරවෙන්න ඇති. මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන මැතිතුමාට හොඳ කතාකරන පිළිවෙලකුත්, හොඳ බෞද්ධ ආගමීක හැඩගැස්මකුත් අවශ්‍යයි.

මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන මැතිතුමා මාන්නාධික වෙලා. ජනතා නායකයෙක් නිහතමානි වන්න ඕනැ. ප්‍රන්සයේ ජනාධි පතීන් දෙදෙනෙක්  නිකොලා සර්කෝසි මැති තුමා හා ජැක් චිරක් මැති තුමාත්  මුදල් වංචා කිරීම් සඳහා උසාවීවලට කැඳවපු උදවිය. නමුත් එතුමන්ලාට එතුමන්ලාට පසුව පත්වූ ජනාධිපතිවරුන්  කිසිම අවලාදයක් මඩගැසීමක් කලේ නෑ. ඒ ඔවුන් සීලාචාරවත් හොඳට හැදුණු පුද්ගලයන් නිසායි. 

මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමා ගෙන්ද ජනතාව බලාපොරොත්තු වන්නේ කාරුනික  කෙලිහිගුන  දන්නා යහපත්  මහින්ද රාජපක්ස මැතිතුමා කෙරෙහි ඇති වෛරය සන්සිදුවාගත් හොඳ බෞද්ධ ගුනාන්ගයන්ගෙන් පරිපුර්ණ සත් පුරුෂයකුවීමයි.

මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමාත් කියන වා ත්‍රස්තවාදය එක මිනිහෙකුගේ ජයග්‍රහණයක් නොවේ එතුමත් එයට සහභාගී උනයි කියලා. ඒ ගැන ඔහු සතුටුවන්නේනම් අපට කමක් නැත. නමුත් මහින්ද රාජපක්ස ජනාධිපති තුමාගේ දේශපාලන නායකවත්වය නොතිබුනානම්   මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමා කොපමණ වහසි බස් දෙඩුවත් ත්‍රස්තවාදය අදත් තිබෙන්නට ඉඩ තිබුණ බැව් අමතක නොකරන්න.

මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමාත් රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ අගමැතිතුමාත් ශ්‍රී ලංකාව විනාශය කරා ගෙනගොස්  හමාරය. ලංකාව ගොඩගන්නට නම්  මහින්ද රාජපක්ස මැතිතුමා සම්බන්ධ ශ්‍රී ලංකා පොදුජන පෙරමුණේ පොහොට්ටුව ලකුණට දේශප්‍රේමී ජනතාව චන්දය දිය යුතුය.

අතට හෝ බුලත්කොලයට චන්දය දී  මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන ජනාධිපති තුමාගේ ශ්‍රී ලංකා  නිදහස් පක්ෂය දිනවන්නේනම් අපේ බෞද්ධ සිංහලද්ධවීපය සදාකාලිකව විනාශකිරීමේ පාපයට ඔබත් සහභාගී වනවා ඇත. එබැවින් ඔබ නොපැකිලව ශ්‍රී ලංකා පොදුජන පෙරමුණේ පොහොට්ටුව ලකුණට ඔබේ චන්දය දෙන්න.