Thursday, 17 May 2018

There should be no commemoration of terrorism, but celebration of its elimination on the 19th May, every year.

Mullivaikkal  death of terrorists remembrance events in the North and East  commenced with lighting of lamps in Chemmani, Mirisuvil in Jaffna and  Uyilankulam in  Mannar, last Friday. The commerations will continue for one week. 

It was reported, “The commemorations were attended by former Jaffna University Vice Chancellor, Prof. S. Mohanadas, Provincial Councillors, local government and civil society representatives. The commemorative events will take place across the North and East in the run up to 18 May.”

While all that is happening in the North, in the South the President Sirisena’s and Prime Minister Ranil’s government Spokesman  Rajitha Senarathna says that there is nothing to celebrate in the South and those who died in the military operations against the terrorism were all “our” children. If there is going to be a commemoration  in the south he said then  we have to commemorate both the death of Mr.Prabhakarana and Mr. Rohana Wijeweera. 

The Government Spokesman as well as its leadership seems to have gone “mad”, power some times is insupportable by weak minds. Rajitha Senaratne admits that what he says as the Government Spokesman  is the information he  gets from the Secretary to the Cabinet. The Yahapalanaya Cabinet is then made up of mad people with slave mentalities.

The JVP insurrection was a rebellion of the youth to change the government to set up a Marxist Government. It was not an attempt to divide the country and set up a separate territorial Government which was the aim of the Tamil terrorists.  The ruthless terrorist Prabhakaran terrorised not only the Sinhala of the South,  but also the Tamils of the North and East.

The Tamil politicians running after a mirage of a Tamil Eelam do not seem to  regrets terrorism as it was not they who suffered but the poor Tamils.   At least three hundred thousand of them driven from place to place by the terrorists keeping them as human shields without proper food to eat, without enough clothes to wear, and enough water to wash themselves suffered immensely under terrorism. But their voice is not heard over the braying of the Tamil political madmen  of the TNA and those of the Tamil diaspora who lived in utter comfort when the poor Tamils civilians suffered under Tamil terror.

Sri Lanka now without the terrorists our brave soldiers vanquished, and completely  eliminated on the 19th May,2009, is a free and a peaceful country without fear of death and terror. If we do not continue to make this day a day to celebrate the end of the suffering under terroris of all the people of this country, without distinction of race, and religion we will be ungrateful to the 30000 soldiers who gave their lives and others  who gave their  blood and limbs. We would then be an ungrateful people unworthy of  calling ourselves human beings.

No country would like to be divided and its innocent people kept in bondage by a misled set of terrorists be they its own children or kith or kin, as a terrorist is a terrorist what ever link they may have to the nation of people terrorised by them. The terror has to be despised, terror has to be avoided and terror has to be stopped. That is what our heroic soldiers undertook to do knowing the prize they have to pay. They did it for us to live in peace  and security today, and therefore there should be no commemoration of terrorism on the 29th May, but celebration of its elimination.

It should be celebrated every year  because we know how it was under terrorism when we lived every day in fear, not knowing when our lives may end in a terrorist  bomb blast, a snipers bullet,  or the burst of a grenade.

The foolish “Yahapalanaya “ government  of Sirisena and Ranil, which a misled people elected to power forgetting the elimination of a 30 years of suffering under terrorism by  the President Mahinda Rajapakse,  has become today a servile government living in fear of retribution in some way or another by the Tamil politicians, the Tamil diaspora  and their supportive West if the 29th May is made a date to celebrate the end of terrorism.

Therefore, they have allowed the traitors of  Sri Lanka the Tamil politicians of the North and East to Commemorate the dead terrorists while forbidding the people in the South to celebrate the greatest day in the history of Sri Lanka, where their children paid with their lives to end terrorism, fear of death and insecurity that came with it.

While the Northern Privincial Council  led by Ananthi Sasitharan , and  Jayasegaram have passed a resolution to  hold remembrance events on the 18th May,2018, as they had done for the past three years for those terrorists who were killed, the Yahapalanaya down plays the role of our heroic soldiers who eliminated terrorism as no other country in the world has been able to do.

Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya has for the purpose of reconciliation with Tamils which  they are forced to do by the West, has bowed to those requirements and there would therefore be no Celebrations of the elimination of terrorism  on the 19th May this year.

The reconciliation the Yahapalanay government is carrying out has not provided any benefits in return . The Tamil politicians both Local and foreign  continue their anti Sinhala activities  with out paying any attention to reconciliation, and the foreign countries the President Sirsena endlessly visits do not come to invest in any projects in Sri Lanka.  The whole reconciliation effort of the Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya has become a “joke”, but a sad one, as the loosers are the Sinhala Buddhists

The latest attempt it appears  the Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanya is doing to please the west to show their seriousness in reconciliation  with the Tamils, is  rewriting  the history books for schools removing the importance of King Dutugamunu in the history of Sri Lanka.

It is time that we should now make the people aware by manifestations, meetings, distribution of printed pamphlerts, about the damage the Yahapalanaya Government of the President Sirisena  is doing to Sri Lanka, retrograding  Sri Lankan Armed Forces and making Sri Lanka a petty subject state of the west, allowing the  Tamil politicians to dictate terms of its conduct.

Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya Government has no right to continue to rule the country as the people have already rejected it.

The people should not allow the Ranil Sirisena Governments, which is no more a Government of the people, from Celebrating the 19th May as the day of Victory-the day its heroic Armed Forces brought victory over a ruthless terrorism and brought back peace and security to Sri Lanka.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

විශ්වාශයට හිතවත්කමට පයින් ගහපු කාලකන්නියෙක් රජ උන අබුද්දස්ස කාලේ.

 අවුරුදු ගණනාවක් පරදේශිකයන්ට යටත්ව  ඉහලපැලන්තියකටයි පහලපන්තියකටයි රට දෙකට කැඩුණු යුගයකදී දිළිඳුකමින් මිරිකීසිටි ජනතාවක් ඉතා අසීරුවෙන් දිළිඳුකමින් හා වහල් මානිසිකත්වයෙන් ගොඩඒමට වැයම්කරද්දී අතීත සමාජය කෙන්ද්‍රයකොටගත් ජන කොටස් පහක් එක්තැන් කරවා නැවතත් රටට නියම නිදහස මනුස්සකම ආගම ධර්මය ගෙන ආ සමාජවාදී ප්‍රයත්නයට දෙමල  දේශපාලකයන් විසින් ජාතීවාදීන් යයි  හංවඩු ගහමින්  ජනතාව සිංහල දෙමල වශයෙන් නැවත දෙකඩ කොට  රටආපසුගෙනගිය යුගයක් වීය.  

මේ ලංකාව කෙරෙහි  දේශ ප්‍රේමයක්  නොමැති දෙමල දේශපාලකයන්ගේ රට නගා සිටුවීම වෙනුවට  රට දෙකඩ කිරීමේ ප්‍රයත්නයන් නිසා මේ අපේ රට  අන්ත පරාජිත භාවයට පත්වෙමින් තිබියදී දෙමලවාර්ගික කොටසක් විසින්ම අවිගත් ත්‍රස්තවාදය රටේ ඇතිකර අවුරුදු තිහක් තිස්සේ භීෂණයෙන් හා මරණ  බයින් පසුවූ ජනතාවක් ඒ ත්‍රස්තවාදයෙන්  හා බියෙන් මුදවාගෙන රටට හා ජාතියට සාමය උදාකර දියුනුවෙ මග විවුර්තකළ  මහින්ද රාජපක්ස ජනාධිපති තුමන්ට විරුද්ධව  නොමගගිය ජනතාවක් විසින් රටේ මහා කර්මයකට මහින්ද රාජපක්ස ජනාධිපති තුමන් පරාජයකොට  රජකරවපු කාලකන්නියා රටක් කිරීමේ මොනම හැකියාවක් නැතිව යහපාලනයක් හදාගෙන කරන භයානක විගඩම නිසා  ශ්‍රී ලංකාවා දැනටමත් දෙකඩවී  විනාශය කරා  ගෙනයෑමේ  වැඩපිළිවෙලක් ගෙනයමින් පසුවෙයි.  

දැනට මහජනතාවගේ විශ්වාශය ඔහුකෙරෙහි නොමැති බව වටහා ගන්නට තරම් මොලයක් නොමැති මේ අධර්මිෂ්ට  තන්හාවෙන් ක්‍රෝධයෙන්  පිරුණු හිතකින් යුත් පව්කාරයා රටට ද්‍රෝහී ලංකා විරෝධී විදේශිකයන්ගේ අතකොලුබවට පත්වීසිටින අතලොස්සක් ධනවාදීන් විසින් මෙහෙයවන යහපාලනයක් බදාගෙන තව කාලයක් පාලනයෙසිටීමට සුදානම් බව නොබෝදා ජනරැලියකදී පැවසීය.

මේ කාලකන්නි රට වැනසීමේ යහපාලනයට තවදුරටත් මේ රටේ පාලනය  දුන්නොත් ශ්‍රී ලංකාව නැත්තටම නැතිවීයෑමට ඉඩ තිබෙන බැවින් මේ ලංකාවට අහිතකර පව්කාර යහපාලනය  පන්නා  දැමීමේ වැඩපිළිවෙලක් වහාම සකස්කළයුතුව ඇත. එය සිංහල බෞද්ධ ජනතාවගේ පරම යුතුකමයි. ඒ සඳහා ලංකාවේ සියලුම බෞද්ධයින් දේශපාලන වෙනස්කම් අභිභාවා රටවෙනුවෙන් එකමුතු වියයුතුය.

අවුරුදු  තුනක් තිස්සේ මේ හැතිකරය මොනවද කලේ. නමට පමණක් විධායක බලය තියන ජනාධිපති සිරිසේනට බැංකු හොරකම පිටුපස තිබුණු රනිල්ගේ සම්බන්ධය දැනදැනත් ඔහුටවිරුද්ධව කිසිමදෙයක් කිරීමට අසමත්නම්   ජනාධිපතිගෙන් රටටවත් ජනතාවටවත්  සේවයක් වෙනවාද ? කිසිම වරදකට සම්බන්ධකමක්  තිබුන බවක් මෙතෙක්  හෙලිනොවූ ජනාධිපති මහින්ද  රාජපක්ස මැතිතුමාට හා  ඔහුගේ පවුලේ උදවියට චෝදනා එල්ලකරන එක නතර කරන්න වචන මාත්‍රයකින් හෝ උත්සහයක් නොකරන ක්‍රෝධයෙන් හා මාන්නයෙන් හිත පුරවාගත්  සිරිසේන ජනාධිපතිගෙන් කිනම් ප්‍රයෝජනයක් ද ?

එහෙම ජනාධිපති කියනවා තව බොහෝ වැඩ අවසන්කලයුතුව තියෙන බැවින් ඔහු 2020න් පසුව විශ්‍රාම ගන්නේ නැතිලු. මොනවාද මේ අවසන් නොකළ වැඩ ?  රටට දෙන්න ඕනේ හැම හෙනගෙඩියක්ම දීල  තවත් සංහිඳියාවක් කරපින්නාගෙන දෙමළුන්ට ලංකාවේ ඉතුරූහරියත් දෙන්නයි  මේ කාලකන්නි මනුස්සයා කරන්න හදන්නේ. රටට වෙන විනාශය ගැන කිසිම හැගීමක ඔහුට නැත.

නිදහස හෝ ප්‍රජාතන්ත්‍ර වාදය මොකක්දැයි හරිහැටි වටහානොගත් සමහරක් මෝඩයින් කියනවා  මේ යහපාලන ය හොඳ  දෙයක් දුන්නලු. ඒ ආණ්ඩුව විච්වෙචනය කිරීමේ  නිදහසලු. මෙයින් මිනිස්සුන්ගේ බඩවල් පිරෙනවද ? මේකද  සාමාන්‍ය ජනතාව මේ ආණ්ඩුවෙන් බලාපොරොත්තුවෙන්නේ ?  විවෙචනය කිරීමේ නිදහස තිබුනට රට දිළිඳු ප්‍රපාතයකට ගෙනගිහිල්ලයි තියෙන්නේ. ඒක සමහරක් උන්ට පෙන්නේ නැ.

මෙ කාලකන්නි හැත්ත තරහෙන් හා ක්‍රෝධයෙන් පිරුණු පව්කාරයෝ. එය ඔවුන්ගේ මුසල මුනුවලින්ම පේනවා. එහෙම එවුන් කොහොමද රටක් හදන්නේ ? ජනතා වීමුක්ති පෙරමුණේ කාලකන්නිත් දැන් වැඩකරනවා පෙනෙන්නේ ලංකාවේ හතුරු බලවේග සමග බව ඔවුන් කියන කතාවලින් තේරෙනවා.

බොහොම අමාරුවෙන් පාර්ලිමේන්තු ආසන හයක් දිනාගත් ජනතා වීමුක්ති පෙරමුණේ බිමල්  රත්නායක කියන කාලකන්නියෙක් ලන්ඩන් නුවරට ගිහිල්ල කියනවා  ලංකාව සිංහල බෞද්ධ රටක් නොවේ බහුපාක්ෂික රටක් කියලා. ජනතා වීමුක්ති පෙරමුණ 20වන ව්‍යවස්ථා සංශෝධනයක් කියලා එකක් ගේනවා ජනාධිපති ගේ විධායක බලතල  අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය ප්‍රධාන කැබිනෙට් මණ්ඩලයට පැවරිය යුතුයි කියලා.

ඒ සංශෝධන්ම ඔවුන් යෝජනා කරනවා ජනාධිපති තොරා පත් කර ගතයුත්තේ ජනතා චන්දයෙන් නොවේ නමුත් පාරලිමේන්තුවෙන් කියල. මේ මොන විගඩමක්ද මුන් ජාතියේ හතුරන් නේද? මුන් වැඩකරන්නේ කාගේ උවමනවන්වලටද ? ජනතාව ජනතා වීමුක්ති පෙරමුණ සම්පුර්ණයෙන්ම ප්‍රතික්සේපකලයුතුයි.

මුන් මේ හතරබීරි කතා කියද්දී අපේ ලංකාව තවතවත් පිරිහෙනවා. රට පාලනය කරන්න මොනම හැකියාවක් නැතිබව සක්සුදක්සේ පෙනෙද්දී මුන් තවතවත් යහපාලනයේ රැදී සිටීමටයි ලකලෑස්තිවෙන්නේ. මුන් අර මීතොටමුල්ලේ කුනුකන්දට යටවෙලා විනාශවෙවා.

මේ අපේ සිංහල බෞද්ධ රට මේ කාලකන්නින්ගේ ග්‍රහනයෙන් ගලවාගෙන රට නැවතත් වැටී තිබෙන ප්‍රපාතයෙන් ගොඩගෙන දියුනුවක්කරාගෙන යන්නනම් නැවතත් රාජපක්ස ජනාධිපති තුමන්ගේ ප්‍රධානත්වයෙන් යුත් ශ්‍රී ලංකා පොදුජන පෙරමුණටම රට භාරදිය  යුතුය.

රාජපක්ස පවුල ගැන කතාකරකර අපවාද කලාට  ජනතාවට විශ්වාශය තැබිය හැක්කේ රට රාජපක්ෂ සහෝදරයන් එකමුතුව  කරන පාලනයකටය. ඒ ඔවුන් රටගැන ආදරයක් තියෙන ආගම ධර්මය ගරුකරන  සිංහල බෞද්ධයන් නිසයි. මේ රටට මේ අවස්ථාවේ අවශ්‍ය ඔවුන් ගේ පාලනයක්මය.  

Sunday, 29 April 2018

JVP proposes the 20th Amendment to get closer to TNA to get Tamil votes at future elections-this confirms why JVP holds May Day Rally in Jaffna .

The JVP’s whole political strategy to walk over UNP, SLFP and now SLPP to win the Parliamentary elections to form a government of their own is to dupe the people, by false allegations against popular political leaders, and making dangerous propositions.

For the majority of the people in Sri Lanka JVP is a party of immature political dreamers. They started a revolution which  failed no sooner they began it. Later they came into main stream politics and they were seen as young hopefuls despite their criminal beginning.

Once they had a few members who were able to think more like left wing politicians and partnered  with the President Chandrika Kumaratunga. That was the only time they were successful and  won a good number of seats in the Parliament and shared Ministries in President Chandrika Kumaratung’s government. Thereafter they lost their heads and had been in the political wilderness  leaving pro- socialist parties to seek partnership with right wing UNP. The people hate them more for it.

The JVP leaders  are very slow in learning political lessons from their past errors or even the past success. In 2015 they thought they could  make a  political come back  by becoming hunters of political criminals. It was a regular sight seeing the JVP leaders going to the Bribery Commission with  heavy files in their hands, giving interviews declaring members of the previous Rajapakse government as corrupt and thieves, before any law court had judged any one of them guilty.

They were against the popular pro-socialist Rajapaksas , and joined with the right wing UNP and claimed  the President Rajapakse’s defeat at the Presidential election partly due to their campaign against  Rajapaksas.  They began campaigning for the  2015, August General elections on the theme that both Rajapakse lead UPFA and the UNP are corrupt and formed a special JVP Committee to hunt the thieves in the Previous Government of Rajapakse, and to highlight corruption in  UNP.

The Strategy was that by proving both the UPFA and the UNP consist of corrupt politicians they-the JVP could come before the people as a corruption free clean political party and thereby win the election with massive vote to form a progressive left wing Government for the first time in Sri Lanka !!!

The people attended their election campaign meetings in large numbers and they believed they will have a landslide victory thus  chasing both Rajapakses and UNP out of politics.  But unfortunately the people thought otherwise and the JVP  managed to get only six members elected to the Parliament.

But they made a hue and cry that though they got only six seats in the Parliament they had been able to increased JVP  vote base.  But way the JVP is now going with a politically lame leader like Anura Kumara Dissanayake  it would be a surprise if the JVP would even get  six seats in Parliament next time.

JVP has missed the bus to become a popular political party. Sri Lanka poltics are based on hate campaigns, therefore it is the people who suffer unable to have an appropriate Government to make Sri Lanka great again. UNP is against the SLFP . They got Maithripala Sirisena to be their common Presidential  Candidate to come to power on his back, but they have no respect to him. Maithripala Sirisena after becoming the President became the worst enemy of the President  Mahinda Rajapakse-the most popular political leader of Sri Lanka even to-day.

UNP, JHU,TNA have enmity towards Mahinda Rajapakse and all his Associates, specially those popular politicians like Wimal Weerawansa, Udaya Gamanpila etc.  JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake and the rest of them hate Wimal Weerawansa above all and next Mahinda Rajapakse not for any reason but because they are popular amoung the people and as long as they remain  popular with the people JVP has no place in the hearts of the people.

In a world where even the North Korean Leader seeks unity with South Korea there is no reason why  JVP  cannot get together even with  Mahinda Rajapakse and Wimal Weeravansa. Because if the JVP were to make a political partnership with  the SLPP, they may have a better chance to get more votes , than the bleak future one sees for JVP with their seeking the lime light for themselves in Sri Lanka’s political stage.

If their hatred towards Wimal Weerawansa is the reason for JVP to rest aloof from left wing socialist politics, they can be sure they have no political future in Sri Lanka. One need not know space science to understand that.

Further more, what good has JVP done so far to the people of Sri Lanka for them to have confidence in JVP ? Perhaps there is no family in the South who did not suffer the death of a near or distant loved one by the murderous  insurgence of the JVP. Most often those  memories remain the  measure on which the people assess a political party. It is the same with Ranil Wickramasinghe of UNP for his criminal past  of the Batalanda torture camps., and his subsequent role in dismantling the Military Safe House in the Millenium City Housing Complex.

Then since JVP’s role in the bringing into power of a divastataing Yahapalanaya, it has become a Marxist police service employed by the UNP  to hunt for  Criminals of previous Government of  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse who is the number one enemy of UNP as well. But JVP’s political criminals hunting effort  was an utter failure which they nevertheless  untiringly pursue  as they seem to have nothing else to do.

The JVP that talks a lot  has done absolutely nothing for the welfare of the country and the well being of the people. In the north the Tamils are manifesting  against the building of Buddhist temples, and Sinhala settlments. The Tamils refuse  to allow the Buddha Statues set up in the North, while they are proposing to set up statues of terrorist leaders who died in the military operation  against terrorism by  the Armed Forces.

The Tamil Provincial Councillors of the North  want the number of Soldiers in the North and East reduced.  They do not want Buddhism and History included in School curriculums in the North . The Tamils in the North  want to give the Names of terrorists leaders to roads in the North and the East. The Tamils are slowly building a Tamil Eelam in the North and the East.

But we do not see the JVP protesting against these activities of the Tamils in the North , their disfiguration of Sri Lanka, and the peril to the Sinhala Buddhist country being caused by the Tamils. The JVP stands mute when the National Anthem was allowed to be sung in Tamil. Are the JVP anti Sinhala Buddhists,  Buddhist Culture in Sri Lanka ?

JVP join hands with the Yahapalanaya Government to bring in  Bills in the Parliament which turn out to be absurd and unworkable such as the recent Local Government  elections bill. Why doesn’t JVP speak out against Yahapalanaya government’s accusations against the Army Officers and keep them in Prison without any action being taken against them or releasing them if there are no valid accusation ?  Why has JVP not spoken against the setting up of an Office of Missing Persons ?

JVP  as a Marxist Political Party has no  interest in the fact of Sri Lanka being a Sinhala Buddhist country,  and that it is their duty to defend that historic value. The Tamils and the foreign enemies of Sri Lanka want Sri Lanka a divided country, and for that the Ranil Sirisena Government was preparing a new Constitution making it a federal constitution in form so that the Tamils will have the right to form a separate Province for themselves in a merged North and East.

The  JVP has no interest in the country and its people,  but their main objective  is taking over political power to forma a JVP Government. With that interest in mind the JVP has found a new strategy as they cannot depend on a majority Sinhala Buddhist votes at elections.  Therefore  JVP is now turning towards the TNA and the Tamils hoping at a future elections to get the Tamil votes  for themselves, and  enhance their future election hopes.

The JVPs proposal for the 20th Amendment to the Constitution is  therefore their means to approach the TNA and the Tamils of the North and East  and some how win their assurance of  accepting JVP as a new political force in the south to which the TNA would support by getting the Tamils to vote for the JVP Candidates in future elections.

This the TNA and the Tamils of the North may accept as the New Constitution on which they had placed their hopes to form a Tamil only Provincial Council of the North and the East is not likely to be presented  to this  Parliament as they had hoped.  Therefore, the TNA and the Tamil have an alternative to have a powerful Tamil only Provincial Council in a merged North and East, if the Executive powers of the President were to be removed under the 20th Amendment proposed by the JVP.

This is the means the JVP is using this time to dupe the Parliament and the people. Therefore the political parties and the people should take note of this most dangerous    20th Amendment to the Constitution proposed by the JVP and reject it at the outset not allowing the JVP to even bring it to the Parliament.

This is the reason why the JVP has proposed to have their May Day Rally in Jaffna.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

All Sinhala of whatever political affiliation unite to fight against anti Sinhala Buddhist activities of Yahapalanaya Government. මොන දේශපාලන පක්ෂකයක හො වේවා ඔබ සිංහලයෙක් නම් සිංහල බෞද්ධ අයිතිවාසිකම් විකුණන මේ උම්මත්තක යහපාලනය ආණ්ඩුවට විරුද්ධව නැගීසිටින්න.

All  Sinhala whether of UNP, SLFP,JVP,SLPP of JHU unite as one against Sirisena and Ranil Yahapalanaya Government selling the Culture, Religion, Land  and all the Sinhala Buddhist values in the name of reconciliation with Tamils, which they do to honour their allegiance to USA and the West, which they  undertook to do  by sponsoring the USA Resolution in Geneva against Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces.

ඔබ එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂයෙ, ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂයෙ, ජාතික විමුක්තිපෙරමුනේ , ශ්‍රී  ලංකා පොදුජන පෙරමුනේ, හෝ  ජාතික හෙලුරුමයේ  ආදී  මොනම දේශපාලන පක්ෂයක සාමාජිකයෙක් උවත් මොන ආගමක උවත් ඔබ සිංහලයෙක්නම් දෙමළුන් සමග සංහිඳියාව යයි කියාගෙන ඇමෙරිකාවෙත්, බටහිරත්,  විදෙස් ගත දෙමලුන්ගේත්  උවමනාවන් සඳහා රට ජාතිය ආගම විකුණන උම්මත්තක සිරිසේන රනිල් යුවලගේ යහපාලනයට විරුද්ධව එකාමෙන් නැගී සිටිය යුත්තේ ඔබේ ආදර මවුබිමට ඔබතුල තිබිය  යුතු  අසමසම, වෙන සියලු බැඳීම් ඉක්මවාගිය අති ඉමහත් දේශප්‍රේමය නිසාය.
ඔබ එසේ ඔබේ ජාතියටත්, රටටත්, ආගමටත් ඔබේ ජීවිතයටත් වැඩිය ගෞරවයක් ආදරයක් නොමැත්තේනම් මෙය නොකියවා සිටයත් කමක් නැ.

In uniting against the continuing reconciliation with Tamils by Yahapalanaya Government, you may not honour your duty towards your political party affiliation but you are asserting your patriotism to the country into which you were born. Your duty to your motherland is greater than your duty towards the political party you belong to.

මේ යහපාලන ආණ්ඩුව දේමලුන්සමග ගෙනයන ඒකපාක්ෂික සංහිඳියාවට විරුද්ධව ඔබේ දේශපාලන බැඳීම් නොතකා සියලුම සිංහල ජනතාව සමග එකාමෙන් නැගීසිටීමෙන් ඔබපෙන්වන්නේ ඔබේ රට ජාතිය ආගම වෙනුවෙන් ඔබ ජන්මයෙන්ම උරුමකරගත්  ඔබේ  දෙශප්‍රේමය බව සලකන්න.  දෙමළුන් උන්ගේ ජාතිමාමකත්වයෙන් උමතුවී සිංහලයන්ගෙන් වෙන්වී වෙනම ප්‍රදේශයක් ඔවුන්ගේම කරගැනීමේ උත්සාහයම සිංහලයන් සිංහලයන්වශයෙන් මේ දෙමල ප්‍රහාරයට විරුද්දව නැගීසිටීම ඉතා වැදගත්ය, කාලෝචිතය එමෙන්ම එය ඔබේ යුතුකමක්දවේ.

Maithripala Sirisena though a farmer’s son, is so taken up by his new found interest in the mingling with the whites of the Western world will not bat an eye to sacrifice the Culture, Buddhism and the territories of Sri Lanka for a so called  reconciliation , to please his new found  friends of the West who had demanded his strict adherence to reconciliation with the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

මයිත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන ගොවියකුගේ පුතෙක් උවත් ජනාධිපතිවීමෙන් පසු  බටහිර සුදුජාතීන් සමග මිශ්‍රවීමනිසා ඇතිකරගෙන තිබෙන අසීමිත  මාන්නය නිසා ඔහුගේ සිංහලකමත් අමතකවීතිබෙන බවක් පෙනේ.
ඒ ඔහුගේ අලුත් ජීවිත රටාව නිසා  ඔහු අප සිංහල දිවයිනේ සිංහලකමත් බෞද්ධ ආගම හා සිංහල බෞද්ධ සංස්කෘයතියත්, ඔහුගේ අලුත් බටහිර සුදු මිතුරන්ට  ඕනෑ දෙමලුන් සමග ඇතිකරගත යුතු සංහිදියාව වෙනුවෙන් ඇස්පිල්ලමක්වත් නොගහා කැපකිරීමට ඔහු සුදානම්ය. ඒ සඳහා ජනතා විමුක්ති පෙරමුණද එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂය සමග එක්වී ක්‍රියාකරන බවක් පෙනේ.

Sirisena and Ranil do everything to please the Tamils, supported by JVP. It was a week or two before that a delegation of Northern Provincial Councillors had gone to meet the High Priest in charge of the Sambodhi Vihara in Kokuvil, Mulaitivu to ask him to show them the deeds of the land on which the Sambodhi Vihara has been built.

Are we now in Sri Lanka ? What has Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe as President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka have to say to this –anti reconciliation activity of the Tamils of the North ?

සංහිදියාව වෙනුවෙන් හැමදෙයක්ම  දෙමලුන්ට දෙන්න සුදානම් මේ සිරිසේන රනිල් උම්මත්තක යහපාලනය  නොබෝදා පලාලි හී  ඇති ආරක්ෂක කලාපයන් අක්කර 685ක්ම ආපසු දෙමළුන්ට දෙද්දී උතුරේ සිවඥානම් ඇතුළු ප්‍රාදේශීය සභිකයන් පිරිසක් මුලතිවුහී  කෝකිලායි වල තිබෙන සම්බෝධි විහාරාධි පති ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේ හමුවී උන්වහන්සේට මුලතිව්හි පදිංචියට ඇති අයිතිය කුමක්ද  සම්බෝධී විහාරය පිහිටා ඇති ඉඩමේ ඔප්පුව පෙන්වන්නයි බලකර තිබේ.

මේ පිළිබඳව තව අද වෙනකම්ම ජනාධිපති සිරිසේනවත්  රනිල් අගමැතිවරයාවත් වචනයක්වත් කියා නැත. ඒ ඇරත්  උතුරේ නැගෙනහිර මුලතිවුහී  සිංහලයන් පදින්චිකරනවාටත් මායාපුර ගම්මානයේ මාලුඅල්ලන්ගේ  පවුල් 500ක් පදිංචිකරවීමටත් විරුද්ධව ටී ඇන් ඒ  ප්‍රාදේශී සභික රවිහරන් සාකච්චා ආරම්භකර ඇති බවත් ඒ පිළිබඳව ජනාධිපති වරයාට හා අගමැතිට දන්වා ඇති බවත්  ඔවුන් පවසයි.
මෙන්න දෙමලු සිරිසේන රනිල් යහපාලන ආණ්ඩුව  ඇස්වහගෙන සංහිදියාව වෙනුවෙන් කරන කැපවීම්වලට කෙලෙහිගුණ සැලකීම.  මේ දක්වා අක්කර දහස් ගණනක් ඉඩම් දෙමළුන්ට ආපසුදී යුද හමුදාව උතුරෙන් අහක්කරද්දී දෙමළුන්ගෙන් අපට ලැබෙන ප්‍රති උපකාර පෙනෙනවද ?

The Tamils are  an ungrateful people. They have forgotten how the Sinhala Armed Forces rescued 300,000 Tamil civilians kept as human shield by the terrorists. They have forgotten that because of the Sri Lanka Armed forces their children could now go to school without fear of being kidnapped by the terrorists to make soldiers of them and train them as suicide bombs.

මේ කෙලිහිගුන නොදන්නා දෙමල හැත්තට අමතකවෙලා අපේ සිංහල යුධ භටයින් විසින් ඔවුන්ගේ ජීවිතගැනවත් නොසලකා ත්‍රස්තවාදීන් විසින් ප්‍රාන ඇපයට ගත් 300,000 අසරණ දෙමල ජනතාව බේරාගත්තු  වීර ක්‍රියාව. ඔවුන්ට දැනටමත් අමතකයි දැන් ඔවුන්ගේ දරුවන්ව  ත්‍රස්තවාදීන් විසින් පැහැරගෙන ගොස් ඔවුන්ගේ සොල්දාදුවන් හෝ  බෝම්බ බවට  යොදාගැනීමේ බියක් නොමැතිව  පාසල්වලට යන්න පුවන්බව.

North Provincial Councillor T Raviharan organised protests in front of the Mullaitivu  Distict Secretariat on the 10th April,2018,  to oppose the settlement of  Sinhala from the South.  The Tamils raised objections in December, 2017,  against holding funeral rights of the late Gnanananda Thero the Chief Prelate of the Nagavihara in Jaffna.

උතුරේ ප්‍රාදේශීය සභික  රවිහරන්  2018 අප්‍රේල් 10 වනදා මුලතිවු  දිස්ත්‍රික් කාර්යාලය ඉදිරිපිට දකුණේ සිංහලයින් උතුරේ පදිංචිකරවීමට විරුද්ධව  පෙළපාලි පැවැත් වුවා. උන් 2017 දෙසැම්බර මාසයේ  යාපනයේ විහාරාධිපති අපවත්වූ ඥානානන්ද ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේගේ ආදාහන කටයුතුවලටත් විරුද්ධව පෙලපාලි පැවැත්වුවා. මලසිරුරක් ආදාහනය කිරිමටත් විරුද්ධවන තරම්  නින්දිත දෙමලුන් සමග තව ඉස්සරහට සංහිදියාව ගෙනියන්න පුලුවන්ද ?

Now they want to put up statues of terrorist leaders in the north and at the same time oppose the construction of Buddha Statues.  They want a Constitution  removing protection for Buddhism from it and making it a federal Constitution in form.

බෞද්ධ ප්‍රතිමා පිටුවන්න එපායයි  යුද හමුදාවට තර්ජනය කරන මේ වනචර හැත්ත දැන් ත්‍රස්තවාදී නායකයන්ගේ  පිලිරු  පිහිටවන්න යෝජනා කරතියෙනවා . මේවාට යහපාලනය  විරුද්ධවන බවක් තාමත් ප්‍රකාෂකරලා නැ.  මේ  අතරයි අමෙරිකාව, බටහිර රටවල්, එක්සත් ජාතීන්, ජිනීවා නුවර මානව හිමිකම් සමුළුව පුනපුනා අපට කියනවා තවතවත් සංහිදියාව සඳහා අවශ්‍ය තාවයන් සපුරාලන්ට ඕනේ කියල.

The USA and the West, UN, EU and UNHRCouncil Geneva keep reminding Sri Lanka to make more political concessions to Tamils.

It is now time that all Sinhala without distinction of their political affiliations and religious beliefs unite as one to stop the Yahapalanaya Government of Sirisena and Ranil from making  further concessions for reconciliations with the Tamils. The Yahapalanaya Government   should settle the Sinhala who had been displaced  during terrorism back in the North and East. 

මොන දේසපාලන අදහස් තිබුනත්  මොන ආගම ඇදහුවත් සිංහලයන් වශයෙන් අද අමෙරිකාවට, බටහිරට හා විදෙස් ගත දෙමලුන්ගේ ඕනෑඑපාකම් අනුව කටයුතුකරමින් ශ්‍රී ලංකාව අගාදියට ඇදගෙන යන යහපාලන ආණ්ඩුවට ඔවුන්කරන අපරාධය වටහාදී මෙරට ගලවාගැනීම අප හැමදෙනාගේම පරම යුතුකමකි.  ඒ නිසා තවතවත් දෙමළුන්ට  මේ සිංහල රට පාවා නොදී  උතුරේ අවතැන්වූ සිංහලයන් නැවතත් එහි පදිංචි කරවා මේ රට හැම දෙනාටම සාමයෙන් ජීවත්විය හැකි බෞද්ධ සිංහල රටක් කිරීමට නැගීසිටිමු.

Sri Lanka belongs to all, to the  Sinhala first,  and then to the Tamils and Muslims  who were born in Sri Lanka.  As the Tamil provincial Councillors seem to be taking the law into their own hands, more Military camps should be re-established in the North and East to safeguard the Sinhala settlers from being harassed by the Tamils and the Tamil Provincial Councillors.

The Tamils and the Provincial Councillors should be warned to stop interfering with the Sinhala families and Buddhist Viharas in the North and East, and that they would be prosecuted for any such harassment or interference.

ශ්‍රී ලංකාව පලමුව සිංහල හා මේ රටේ ඉපදුන දෙමල මුස්ලිම් හැමදෙනාටම එකසේ  සාමයෙන් හා සතුටින් ජීවත්විය හැකි  රටකි. උතුරේ දෙමළ ප්‍රාදේශික සභිකයින් නීතිය ඔවුන් අතට ගෙන ක්‍රියා කරන බැවින් සිංහල පදිංචිකරුවන්ගේ ආරක්ෂාව  හා දෙමල ප්‍රාදේශික සභිකයින්ගෙන්විය හැකි අතවර හා අපහසුතාවයන්  වැලක්වීමට   නැවතත්  උතුර හා  නැගෙනහිර යුදකදවුරු තව කිහිපයක් පිහිටුවා  සිංහල පදිංචිකරුවන්ට හා බෞද්ධ විහාර වල වැඩ වාසයකරන භික්ෂුන් වහන්සේලාට  හිංසා පීඩන කරන දෙමළුන්ට නීතිමාර්ගයෙන් කටයුතු කරන  බව ප්‍රකාශකර  තවදුරටත් මේ ආණ්ඩුව දෙමළුන් සමග සංහිදියාව සඳහා ගෙනයන ක්‍රියා වහා නතරකරනලෙස බලකිරීමට  සියලදෙනාම එක්රැස්වන්න. මේ විරුද්ධතාවය  ඔබගේ මුහුනුපොත් මගින්ද ප්‍රකකාශය කරන්න.

Friday, 20 April 2018

An appeal to the Tamil Intelligentsia to question why the Tamil politicians want separation from Sinhala.

We are all human beings first before we started calling ourselves Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim or what not. Therefore we have to first treat all human beings equal,  even those within our own  Community not down grading another for what he had been called upon to do. This is  how we have to see the larger human species, when we have passed our primitive stage of growth and become intelligent men and women.

There is surely at least a very small group of  Tamil Intelligentsia who can understand  their role in life and see things as they really are. The Tamils  cannot  hold Sampanthan and his TNA Cronies, C.V.Wigneswaran or Mano Ganeshan  as the sacrosanct Tamil leaders who are carrying out a meaningful reform to give the Tamil people a hopeful, prosperous, and a happy future, living on their own separated from the influence of Sinhala Community. This applies also to the Muslim Community but it needs a different  argument.

Sri Lanka had been in the past influenced by India in different ways. The King Asoka’s influence  was the most rich, positive, and rejuvenating period of the Sri Lankan history.. Because it was not  military, destructive, forceful entrance into the Sinhala Nation. But the influence  of King Asoka transformed Sri Lanka in all aspects of its life. It helped Sri Lanka absorb itself into a great culture, and change into a unique country with Theravada Buddhist teachings its treasured identity. 

The later Indian  influences were forced, destructive, Dravidian  intrusions, by marauders, plunderers , treasure hunters and invaders. They left Sri Lanka with immense lot of problems that ate in to its  religious, social, and political fabric like an ever growing cancer spreading in to an entire physical body. They destroyed from the beginning the great cultural religious fabric affecting its peace and prosperity.

But the influence of the great Buddhist culture withstood the Sinhala people from not getting entirely lost within these later savage Indian incursions, and adopted and accepted the nefarious Dravidian influences allowing it to accommodate itself without greater damage  from the undesirable intruders.

The intrusion of   others with good or bad intention into its own culture in a country can have bad and good influences. Sri Lanka was able to accept the good and even introduced religious philosophies of the Dravidian settlers , and made  it part of their Sinhala Buddhist culture.

But the worst of what  came with the Dravidians or the Tamil  and damaged greatly its general peaceful existence was its Hindu culture with its destructive caste system. The Tamils even extended their inborn cultural caste bias to the Sinhala population  who accepted them generously. 

The Tamil settlers remained  aloof without wanting to be stained by the  Sinhala people and their culture. That is their ingrained  religious cultural need  to be separated , and isolated from the Sinhala and the influence of their religion and culture.

This seeking separatist political  existence is the result of their inborn  caste mentality. The Tamils  cannot even mix  as equals with every one within their own Community, treating them  differently according to what caste each group of them belongs. So how can we expect the Tamils  who do not treat their own people equally  to accept  to be one with the  rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka. 

It is this rusty old retarded caste mentality that forced  GG Ponnambalam to asking for fifty fifty, or Chelvanayagama a  Christian Tamil coming from Malayasia  ask for a Federal Constitution, Prabhakaran  wanted to divide Sri Lanka to have a separate Eelam, and now a withered old Tamil from south trying to make his place amoung the Tamils in the north blame Sinhala for genocide and demanding  separation from the Sinhala.

Wigneswaran’s hypocrise lies in the fact that he had allowed his two sons to marry Sinhala Women. How can he explain that to the Tamils in the north ?

What really is the problem the Tamils have with the Sinhala amoung whom the Tamils had decided to settle down ?  They were never invited by the Sinhala, they  forced themselves in.

They had settled down in this country long ago, and  generations of Tamils have lived with generations of Sinhala. So what is the problem now for the Tamils to seek separation from the Sinhala ?  Why do the Tamils want to be different ?

Haven’t the Sinhala accepted them,  live with  them side by side,  and even given away their daughters in marriage to Tamils and taken their daughters in marriage to Sinhala homes ?

So why now this demand for a separate Eelam,  a separate Province for Tamils ? 

The terrorist Prabhakaran created greater terror in the North and East. The terrorists  kidnapped the Tamil Children to make them their soldiers and  suicide bombs. The terrorists took away 300 or more  thousands of innocent Tamils and drove them from place to place like cattle keeping them as a human shield to save themselves.

And yet the Tamil mentality is so sick they still want memorials for terrorists and some even imitate them threatening a possible resurgence of terrorism. But have the Sinhala people with whom the Tamils lived in harmony for generations been like the terrorists ?

Is it not time for the Tamil Intelligentsia to ask  whether there is something wrong with the Sinhala,  or whether there is some thing wrong with the Tamils ?

The  Tamils are a  mentally retarded people preoccupied mostly with their toilet problem. That is the problem with India too . India still wants low caste Tamils to occupy their toilets even if they have solved it to a great extent  by making any open space any where their toilet. They still mentally yearn for the low caste untouchable to clean the places where they put their dirt.

The Tamils continue to  imbibed their ancient Indian  caste mentality. Indians like to be called a developed  Nation, they have educated the low caste Dalits. They have begun  constructing toilets, but yet they kill Dalits  for nothing . It was recently reported that a Dalit High Court Judge was made to resign because the other judges did not want a Dalit amoung them.

It is this same toilet problem that make Wigneswaran, Sampanthan, Sumandiran, Sivajilingam  and the whole host of  the Tamil political bigwigs desperately call for separation, a federal Constitution, and remove giving Buddhism a constitutional protection, demand a separate province for the Tamils, and eventually a Eelam state of their own to have their toilets washed by low caste Tamils, have their low caste Tamils attend to menial work that they do not want to do.

The low caste Tamils in the North and East should beware that,  if ever there were to be a Tamil Eelam State, there would be utter suffering for those of the lower castes. Stay on with the  Sinhala,  and then it will not matter whether you are high caste or low caste.

I appeal to the ordinary Tamil people and the Tamil intelligentsia , to think now  and chase away Sampanthans, Sumanthiorans, Wigneswarans, Sivajilingams et al coming to your homes asking for your vote,  because for them if you are not of their caste then for them  you have no human value, fo ryou are a low caste destined  to live the life  your ancient fore fathers lived. For the Tamil politicians your value is restricted only to your VOTE to be elected as a Councillor or a Parliamentarian and thereafter  Lord over you.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Stop All efforts of reconciliation with Tamils immediately.

 He is gone……!!!

President Maithripala Sirisena is gone after giving 683  acres of land back to Tamils  to honour  the reconciliation demands of the CHOGM leaders, who will now receive him as a real democrat who is prepared to sacrifice any thing to be received and hugged by Theresa May and other White  Leaders of the white Commonwealth, and be allowed to shake in addition the gloveless hands of the Queen.

President Sirisena is completely duped by the Western White leaders and he will never rid himself of his Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe who is really the pet of the West, who introduced  Maithripala Sirisena into the USA and Western white political circle. Thanks to PM Ranil Wickramasinghe he can even have tea with the Queen at Buckingham  Palace ,which he at last found in UK, and not in New York as he had thought before.

There was a time when this  circle of White Western leaders including  the then Black USA President, received Colonel Gaddafi of Libya and even allowed him to put his arm round their necks, but laughed behind him and finally allowed him to be murdered by his own men. So beware President Maithripala Sirisena you never know what you can expect from the West.

However, it is imperative that this comedy of reconciliation is put to an immediately. It was Ranil who got his then Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera to meet the Christian  Emmanuelle of  the Global  Tamil  Forums and other Tamil Diaspora Representatives without  informing the Parliament or the President to talk on equal terms about the Yahapalanaya reconciliation plan.

As a result of it, Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya planned the writing of  a New Constitution in consultation with the Tamil Diaspora , the  USA Ambassador Athul Keshup, and India. They also removed  several important Military Camps from the North and the East. They allowed the National Anthem to be sung in Tamil, and released thousands of acres of land taken over by the Armed Forces  for security purposes.

But all these have been done in the name of reconciliation with Tamil but the Tamils in return ask for  more and has not given anything in return for the all efforts of this Stupid Yahaplanaya Government’s  concessions to Tamil, which if not stopped now would eventually end up with a Federal Constitution and a Tamil only Provinces in the North and East.

While the Government continues to meet the demands of the TNA, the West and the Tamil Diaspora, the CM Wigneswaran of the Northern Provincial Council complains that  the Sri Lanka Government has not done anything effective to oust the Sinhalese who have illegally occupied  the lands and houses of  the Tamils ever since they fled the Island following ethnic crisis. These appears to be  absolute lies as no mention of such illegal occupations had been reported , nor have a large number of Sinhala families chased away by the terrorists have been allowed to go back to the  lands they were forced to abandon.

North Provincial Councillor T Raviharan organised protests in front of the Mullaitivu  Distict Secretariat on the 10th April,2018,  to oppose the settlement of outsiders.  The Tamils raised objections in December, 2017,  against holding funeral rights of the late Gnanananda Thero the Chief Prelate of the Nagavihara in Jaffna.

The Tamil politicians  protest against the construction of  Sambodhi Vihara in Mullaithivu by venerable Tissapura Gunarathana thero.  They call him an extremist Buddhist Monk.  Building Buddhsit temples in the North and East the Tamils say negates reconciliation. Sumanthiran and TNA want a secular constitution to Sri Lanka removing from it the special place given to the protection of Buddhism.

Are these protests against Buddhsism which is the very life blood of the Sinhala Buddhist a show of gratitude of the Tamils for having given into their demands to promote reconciliation ?
Is there any one single thing the Tamils have done by way of reconciliation with the Sinhala people ?

Is there any reason why Sri Lanka should listen to the UK Government  or the Canadian government the Ministers of which attend extremist Tamil Functions and support their demand for an Eelam in Sri Lanka ?

It is time for Sri Lanka to stop further reconciliation efforts with the Tamils, until the Tamil politicians stop their baseless demands for devolution of power  in their search for reconciliation.

The government of Sri Lanka should, instead of handing over acres and acres of land back to Tamils, resettle the Sinhala people who were forced away from their lands by the terrorists. If their lands have been occupied by Tamils , they should be given  new lands and stop the Tamil politicians in the North and East harass them continuously once they have been settled down.

The Sri Lanka Armed Force should also be informed that they have no right of its own to hand over land to Tamils without  obtaining prior permission from the Parliament.

Enough is enough the Yahaplanaya Government has lost the confidence of the people and they cannot con  as nothing has had happened in the  country out side the Parliament after the No Confidence motion against the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe was lost in Parliament.

The Parliament consists only of 225 persons and all of them do not after their election three years back retain the confidence of the people who elected them.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

NCM against PM Ranil W, defeated in Parliament, but not amoung the people.


President Sirisena as well as his Prime Ministers  are bound together like Siamese twins. One cannot leave the other. They have come to live together and die together. They are thus handicapped,  unable to do any good to Sri Lanka and its people,  other than helping each other to continue their survival bound together as Siamese Twins..

The Bond Scam was planned after January,8th 2015, and each one of them-Prime Minister and President , knew what they were doing. The distribution of Ministries and the duties of each Minister had been planned out by the Prime Minister Ranil W, in Connivance with President Sirisena.  If not it would not have been possible for the Prime Minister  to recruit a citizen of Singapore to be the Governor of  the Central Bank.

Immediately the Ranil-Sirisena duo came into political power,  Singapore  became a country that attracted them most. Even  venerable late Sobitha thero was taken to Singapore for treatment where he died under mysterious circumstances. Rajitha Senaratne –the Minister of Health, and even the Prime Minister goes to Singapore for medical treatment.

Who knows whether in planning the bond scam “they”selected a man known to have connections with Raja Rajaratnam and Ravi Karunanayake a citizen of Singapore,  and enticed him to be the Governor of the Central Bank promising him not to involve him in case of a mishap in the planned racket ? 

Because,  if some suspicions were to fall on the political leadership of Yahapalanaya, they could  save themselves  by putting  the responsibility on the Governor of the Central Bank- Arjun Mahendran  the Singapore  citizen. But they provided an escape to Mahendran  by allowing him to returning to Singapore where he could  find a safe haven ?

Prime Minister’s indebtedness to Arjun Mahendran was evident when Arjun Mandran’s service contract came to an end,  and the President decided to  appoint  another as Governor of the Central Bank. The Prime Minister would not let Mahendran go. He appointed him as his advisor for the creation of  employments.  Strangely,  the President Sirisena did not protest or vetoed his appointment. 

Even the much hailed Presidential Commission to investigate into the Bond Scam of 27 February, 2015 was appointed by the President only  in  January, 2017, after even the second Bond Scam in 2016. Does that show the President’s honesty on the issue ?

The President Sirisena after having helped the Prime Minister to scuttle the COPE report of DEW Gunasekara  by dissolving the Parliament , appointed a Commission to investigate the Bond Scam of 27 February, 2015,  well after two years. Even then the President  never made any speech condemning the Bond scam.

But even today after the issue of the  Bond Scam Investigation Commission Report on  16 January,2018, no serious action to bring those responsible to book has been taken other than arresting  Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena.

When the NCM against the Prime Minister whose guilt on the Bond Scam scandal was made evident,  Sirisena refused to make use of the only opportunity he had, despite  the 19th Amendment to remove the Prime Minister  by demanding the SLFP members who are following him to vote in block in favour of the No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

The Prime Minister may have escaped the NCM but now not only the Prime Minister, but also the  President Maithripala Sirisena remain accused  for their participation in the Bond Scam.  The defeat of the NCM brought by the JO against the Prime Minister was defeated in numbers in the Parliament, but  remains undefeated and passed in the minds of the Ordinary Mass of the People of Sri Lanka. 

The members in the Parliament  do not rightly reflect  the peoples’ collective judgement , both the President Maithripala Sirisena and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe have  lost the confidence of the mass of the people of this country .

The JVP too has no backing of the mass of the people of Sri Lanka, as people do not see them as a Socialist force,  but the people see tham as an addendum to the UNP and anti Socialist, despite their barking after thieves of Mahinda Rajapakse Regime.

Now the political goons of the UNP, JVP,JHU,TNA, et al, who stole the votes of the people on the 8th January, at the Presidential election,  and again at the general election in August,2015 duping the people with the promise to form a government to change to a government better than that of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse,  cannot continue to boast today of their much touted popularity amoung the 62 lacks of people who voted for them. 

Those numbers have dwindled  and the majority of the people are now behind Mahinda Rajapakse and the SLPP. If they of the Yahapalanaya  fail to grasp this truth after the Local Government Election, it is best they resign and call for a General Election  now.

Therefore, as it is,   both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe have no moral right to continue in their respective office any longer as the people of Sri Lanka have lost confidence in both of gthem.