Friday, 13 October 2017

We have to Stop Yahapalanaya Government writing a New Constitution to Sri Lanka to please the "four evils"

Yahapalanaya is an empty boast the reality is evident
The  so called Yahapalanaya government which had been deceiving the people of this country ever since Maithripala Sirisena was elected President of Sri Lanka on the 8th January,2015, has no right what so ever to present a note, a paper or  a draft to the Parliament as a preliminary to the writing of  a new Constitution for Sri Lanka.

Today the people of Sri Lanka are divided as they had never been before. The Tamil terrorists have been eliminated but they have reappeared in another form-“Wigneswaran, TNA and the Tamil Diaspora, and the Western Governments assisting them”-the four evils , to be an important supportive group of the Sirisena Ranil- Yahapalanaya Government to dissolve the Sri Lankan identity.

This Sirisena Ranil government will do any thing , make any sacrifice to retain the support of the “four evils”. The JVP  has become a party to the Yahapalanaya Government’s shameless plan  to change Sri Lanka behind scene into a Federal State according to the desire of the “four  evils”.

Hence to allow the Sirisena Ranil government under these circumstances to write a new Constitution is to make Sri Lanka  a “sacrificial lamb” of this Yahapalanaya Government on the altar of reconciliation to satisfy the Tamils of the TNA, the ultra Tamil Wigneswaran ,  the Tamil diaspora and their supporters the West-“the four evils”

Therefore under no circumstance should the patriots of this great country of the Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka allow this  pseudo Yahapalanaya Government of Sirisena –Ranil to write a new Constitution for Sri Lanka. Kiriella a UNP Minister of this government says that they would give 13 plus and abolish the executive Presidency.

They are manipulating to take away the executive powers from the President to transfer them to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe is a stooge of the West and the West wants him to usurp the powers of the President so that they can do what they want with Sri Lanka. In order to keep the President quiet and believe that the West is friendly towards him, the Western Governments even go to the extent of  proposing Maithripala Sirisena for the Nobel Peace Prize.

What has Maithripala Sirisena given to Sri Lanka and to  its people, and to the world  that makes him deserve the Noble Peace Prize ?  

Does  not this suggestion of the west shows their utter hypocrisy to fool the leaders of developing countries to make them subordinate to their pseudo-generosity ?  Or is it for having made things easy for the West led by  USA, by sponsoring their resolution at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, with the support of the UN Human Rights Commissioner condemning the  Sri Lanka Armed Forces that eliminated terrorism for war crimes and establish hybrid courts,  to give back to the Tamils what they  failed to obtain through terrorism ?
Maithripala Sirisena as President of a most unpatriotic government since Independence calling itself Yahapalanaya,  does need a Noble Peace Prize as no government any where in the world has supported  the West led by USA to make a devastating  resolution against its own country, and its own Armed Forces, condemning the country’s legal system and suggesting setting up hybrid courts to try its own  Armed Forces for war crimes.

These UNP yes men to Ranil Wickramasinghe- their leader, even two years after they have taken over the government of Sri Lanka from its visionary leader Mahinda Rajapakse, still use the name of the  President Mahinda Rajapakse to cover up their own sins, and make people believe that they are following  what Mahinda Rajapakse failed to do.  

Minister Kiriella says that the new Constitution may grant 13plus as proposed by Mahinda Rajapakse. They have only the name of President Mahinda Rajapakse to save their skins, but they know that  they  can never get any where near President Mahinda Rajapakse who had the  ability to change a Sri Lanka that was suffering for thirty years under terrorism to  a peaceful secure country with the communities united as Sri Lankans.

The uniqueness of this Yahapalanaya Government is that it has openly allowed corruption and thefts in the Central Bank itself and in the construction of the Central Highway, and though number of its Ministers though accused for bribery, corruption and theft have not been summoned by courts and punishments meted out though the President Mahinda Rajapakse, his kith and kin , Ministers of his Government, and all connected to him continue to be summoned by the  courts and remanded at their pleasure.

The Yahapalanaya Government  swears that the new Constitution has not been written as yet but only the proposals by the five Committees have been presented to the parliament. But the proposals do not give any assurance that they will finally be able to write an acceptable non-federal Constitution.

This government does every thing in stealth hiding facts not only from the people but also from the President Maithripala Sirisena blissfully ignorant of what is going on behind his back.

Even the Supreme Court of the Land is bluffed, changing its verdicts through Parliamentary Bills, and persuading even the JVP to vote with the government to provide a two third majority.

There is no reason why this Sirisena Ranil Yahapalana government should at all write a new Constitution when the 1978 Constitution is an acceptable document which had served its purpose during the most critical period of the recent history of Sri Lanka. Any required Constitutional changes could  easily be made by Constitutional amendments. 

It has become evident that if this Yayapalanaya traitors  would get down to write a new Constitution we will not only loose the unitary status of Sri Lanka but it may also loose its name from Sri Lanka to “OrumiththaNaadu”.

Sinhala Language has  already lost its significant place under Yahapalanaya Regime. These writers of a new Constitution have failed to find an appropriate word in Sinhala to mean “unitary” hence they have used this Tamil word “Orumiththa Nadu” in the Sinhala text of the Constitution, as well as in the English text to the exclusion of the English word Unitary.

There may have  been a reason why the President Mahinda Rajapakse did not remove the 13Amendment. However it has to be removed from the Constitution and retain the executive powers of the President intact. We are still not completely  out of terrorism which may raise its ugly head sooner or later if we let the  Yahapalanaya continue to rule Sri Lanka.

The Present Yahapalanaya government does not take any thing seriously. As they have mismanaged the economy of Sri Lanka they without accepting their disastrous bungling since their taking over the Government of Sri Lanka on the 8th January,2015, act like a “bull in a glass shop” taking haphazard decisions  to  “patch up” their wrong doings.

 As the Sirisena –Ranil government is now in very critical financial straights, they have begun selling Sri Lanka’s most valued “treasures” such as the unique natural harbour at Trincomalee, 15 thousand acres of prime land  in the South , Mattala Airport , Lankan Air Lines,  and part of the Colombo harbour etc.

The UNP Ministers and now some of the SLFP seniors like Mahinda Samarasinghe, Sarath Amunugama  are bragging that they have done what President Mahinda Rajapakse failed to do, which was to bring Sri Lanka into the fold of the West. But what have they received from their new found friends of the West. Their Western friends  have still not taken up even a single major development project. But they are nevertheless profiting from Sri Lanka’s dive into disaster. It was the same that the West did with the misfortunes of Greece. It is Germany and France that gained from the misfortunes of Greece.

Ranil Wickramasinghe with his Mount Pelerin connection hoped that America would have come to his aid, and even began by insulting China to give the West the signal that he was on their side against China.

But America and the West treated him  just like they treated his uncle J.R.Jayawardana-nicknamed Yankee Dikee, who expected  America and the West –to be his safety net against Indian brutality.

USA and the West will pay glowing tributes to Yahapalanaya for regaining democratic Sri Lanka, and reconciliation with the minorities and taking the Armed Forces before a hybrid court to be tried for war crimes which they believe Sri Lanka Armed Forces  committed in eliminating terrorists. That is all that the Yahapalanaya government will get from the Western friends.

CFA which enabled the terrorists to kill thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians was entered into with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran by PM Ranil Wickramasinghe with the aid of the Norvegian mediator Eric Solheim.  Ranil Wickramasinghe  neither consulted the then President Chandrika Kumaratunga nor the Parliament before he entered into that disastrous CFA.

How can then the people of Sri Lanka trust Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Prime Minister to write a new Constitution which would not finally be in effect  a Federal Constitution ?

What guarantee do the people have that Ranil Wickramasinghe will not be a traitor once again as he did with the CFA ?

The Yahapalanaya Government has no sense of values. They want to make Sri Lanka a Singapore. They want to sacrifice  Buddhism and Sinhala culture for an imagined reconciliation with the Tamils and the Muslims. They of the Yahapalanaya Government ,do not understand that there could never be a real reconciliation with the Tamils unless they give up  their call for  a separate territory for the Tamils and agree to live with all Communities.

Though the Yahapalanaya Government asserts that in the new Constitution nothing would be changed viz à viz the primary place given to Buddhism as in the previous Constitutions,  when in the new draft of the Constitution it is said that Buddhism will be given its rightful place and adds that the other religions will also have an equal place.

The President may be able to fool the Mahanayake Theros with a promise of special place to Buddhism and  the protection it deserves, but the people cannot be fooled by the reality of what is being done behind their backs.

The reconciliation with the Tamils is a farce since the defeat of terrorists. It is not the Sinhala that should move towards Tamils,  but it is the Tamils who should  come to the Sinhala to assure their sincerity to reconcile with the Communities. As it is the Yahapalanaya exercise  of reconciliation is a complete handover of North and East to Tamils with even the right to decide how they are to govern themselves without the interference of the Central Government.

There is no necessity to write a new Constitution to Sri Lanka. The Present  Constitution of Sri Lanka should  continue retaining all  the elements of the first Constitution prepared by the British when they granted Independence to Sri Lanka. Any Country’s Constitution is written by the Majority Community safeguarding its religious and cultural identity . 

It is more so with regard to Sri Lanka with its unique 2600 year old Buddhist tradition and Buddhist Culture  which is the identity itself  of Sri Lanka.

In no country has the minorities of the Country consulted in the writing of  a Constitution. But the Majority Community allows the minorities the right to religious worship and maintain their cultural identities,  allowing them to enjoy all the rights and priviledges of the  majority community, without discrimination. 

It is for the minorities to accept the Constitution as theirs, as they are accepted as the people of this country.

The Constitution protects the territoriality of Sri Lanka, therefore the Muslims should not be allowed to clear forests and open unauthorised Muslim settlements where ever they want. And the Tamils should not be allowed to  attack  Buddhist Temples  or destroy Buddhist Statues anywhere in the Island, nor allow them to chase away the Sinhala from occupying their lands and property any where in the Island be in the North, East, South or the West. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Crucifying Rajapakses and Burning Sri Lanka

“They made us many promises,
More than I can remember,
But they kept but one-
They promised to take our land  ….,
And they took it.”
-       American Indian Chief Red Cloud.

They all planned it – led by UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasingher, Venerable Sobhita,  Chandrika, Champika, Sampanthan and Anura Kumara Dissanayake. They even signe agreements as to how to share the political booty after the crucifiction and burning what remains of  the old Sri Lanka.

They were all motivated by an intense thirst for political power, without any love for Sri Lanka its Buddhist Culture and its history. They were from the beginning prepared to sell it divide it and pilfer to derive benefits for themselves. They have one thing in common that is to “crucify Rajapakses and burn  Sri Lanka-what it was before 2015, with its Constitution to build another on it ashes.

Ranil Wickramasinghe had no hopes of winning the Presidential elections so he formed a united opposition. They now had to lure a political bait  a simple man, who may be able to win the trust of the people,  but who will at the same time be naïve to fall blindly into their planned trap to win the Presidential election, agree tohave the executive powers of the President removed, to get the votes of the people and  appoint Ranil Wickramasinghe  the Prime Minister with the executive powers of the President vested in him.

They had to have money,  which they lacked,  as they were out of political power for more than 20 years and their Party treasuries were empty. They planned the robbery as JVP knew that even Stalin broke open banks to finance  the Russian  Marxist revolution.

The  Governors of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka were  honest men with high sense of morality, therefore if they were to form a government according to their plan they had to find a new Governor who will be wiling to work  according to their plan. Therefore it had to be a  foreigner scrupulous enough even to pilfer money from the Bank without making a fuss.  They had already earmarked a man from Singapore without any allegiance to Sri Lanka who would be made the Governor of CB if their plan were to work.

Chandrika was given the task of finding  an appropriate man acceptable to the people  but naïve to act without posing question as a President. Having organised the plan they put it into execution on the 8 January,2015. What happened thereafter is now history.

Each one had a reason to execute the plan- late Venerable Sobhitha because he wanted to have a yes man as President with all the glory for a making a new Sri Lanka after destroying what existed  before;  Ranil because he could not have been an elected President,  but yet become a Prime Minister with executive powers; Chandrika –because  it was during her presidency that th Sri Lanka Armed Forces lost the most number of men 12 000, and lost Elephant Pass ,and Katunayakae Airport was attacked by the terrorists causing  great material loss, she wanted make amends, besides she  was jealous that Mahinda Rajapakse had done what she could not have even dreamed of;  Champika because he thought with the help of Ratana thero and late Sobhitha Thero he may have the chance to be elected the next President of Sri Lanka;  Sampanthan because he wanted to achieve which Prbhakaran dreamed of –a separate Eelam State;  Anural Kumara Dissanayake because as the JVP had been a clean party  because they never had the chance to form a government thought after helping UNP to crucify Rajapakses, and as UNP was not popular,  JVP may have the chance to form a government of their own one day or share the power with politically weakened UNP.

Finally they got their chance on the 8th January,2015. And a part of it is history and the other is in the process of being enacted step by step.


Now two years of yahapalanaya government has seen Sri Lanka  disintegrating, parts of it have been virtually sold , Buddhist culture assailed and National Anthem desecrated , corruption crowned, and Tamils have been made a separate entity  with a Chief Minister completely out of control, foreign financed NGOs taking decisions  and making statements to suit the foreign agenda to destabilise Sri Lanka.

The Yahapalanaya has weekend the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and its  heroes being sacrificed to please the Foreign governments, the Tamil Diaspora, and local Tamil politicians. Two years more with this Yahapalanaya will see the ancient Sri Lanka disappeared into disorganised bits and pieces of regions and provinces.

Perhaps the proposed new Sri Lanka will emerge with Buddhism removed as a religion, as it happened in India, or with Buddhism as another religion amoung others. The Tamils are active with the help of the UN and UNHRC to set up their own provincial governments and eventually a seprate Eelam State, and the Muslims with new settlements for refugees from Syria,and Rohingya Muslims from Mainamar could also form a Muslim State.

What is left now for Yahalapalanay to do is to  crucify the Rajapakses and brush away all  memories of Rajapakses, which is still the only remaining hurdle they have, to make their modern  Sri Lanka from the ashes of the old.

The new Constitution they are proposing is another nail in the coffin where the old Sri Lanka remains laid, the recent local Government bill which further postpones local governments elections would be another nail. They the UNP, JVP and TNA have made all opposition to Yahapalanaya  inactive. They have finally gained their two third majority in Parliament.

The UNP, the JVP and the SLFP section lead by Maithripala Sirisena, Daily Mirror, Sunday Times , and some media personnel ,along with the English educated Colombians would like to have the memories of Rajapaksas’ removed from people.

Of course says some of them Mahanda Rajapakse cannot be forgotten for the part he played  to end the thirty years of suffering that Sri Lanka went through before it all ended in Nandikadal.

Having said that they  say that after 2010 Rajapaksas became a spent-force corrupt, undemocratic and dictatorial.

But for the ordinary people far from Colombo away from the likes of   Royal College, Rajapaksas remain the clan that followed in the foot steps of the SWRD Bandaranaike’s cultural renaissance to make Sri Lanka progress towards development  giving the people a higher standard of living safety and security. 

Before they  Crucify and the Burn  Sri Lanka we love and hold Sacred, let us listen to a voice which sounds significant:

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
……………….. Yet

Brutus says he was ambitious;
And, sure, he is an honourable man.
But here I am to speak what I do know.
You all did love him once, not without cause:
What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him?
O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason. Bear with me;
My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar,
And I must pause till it come back to me.

(from Marc Antony’s Funeral Oration for Julus Caesar)

All that ended on the  January,2015. Two years later after Yahapalanaya of Ranil and Sirisena  Sri Lanka is like a wood apple found amoung elephant droppings., where it still has the shell intact but with its natural coating lost and empty inside.

The UNP and the JVP that wants Rajapaksas crucified would like to have a puppet President with his executive powers given to a Prime Minister. Ranil Wickramasinghe acts as if he  already has executive powers.

Like the UNP and JVP, Maithripala Sirisena too wants Mahinda Rajapaksa’s crucifixion. Because he is jealous of Mahinda Rajapakse, as he knows despite all the hand shakings with the Western “leaders”, he will never reach the heights reached by Mahinda Rajapakse- either with the popularity amoung  the ordinary Sinhala Buddhist people nor , with the creative political vision Ma      hinda Rajapakse had  to go ahead with a project to which he sets up his mind for the progress of his beloved Sri Lanka or to end a ruthless enemy of the country and its people.

Another accusation directed towards the President Mahinda Rajapaaksa and his government by the Yahaplanaya cohorts and the self centred JVP is that under President Mahinda Rajapakse  there was dictatorship, there was no freedom, and the journalists were subjected to harassment and disappearance .

May be that was why there was a far greater development of the country during the period of the Rajapakse regime than it had been  during the two and a half years under Yahapaalanaya.

The Yahapalanaya says that there was lack of democracy, absence of freedom of speech and a dictatorship under the previous government of President  Mahinda Rajapakse and the  difference that Yahapalanaya has brought to the country is  democracy and the freedom to speak against the government or  freedom to express one’s opinion and even manifest against  the yahapalanaya government.

But if democracy and freedom  is all that Sri Lanka has achieved in the two years under Yahapalanaya, it is better to have been under Rajapaksa dictatorship since 2005 to 2015 as it was during that time that Sri Lanka developed as it had been never before, and  repeat that people had a far better standard of living.

It had always been said that a developing countries should have a leftwing dictatorship for true development and progress. Then it may be that we had during President Mahinda Rajapakse, and we welcome it now, as it is that which is badly needed now.

Maithripala Sirisena is hopelessly under the dictates of his Prime Minister, and he can do nothing to shake him off to reach any political height.

SWRD Bandaranaike when he left the UNP in 1951 to form SLFP furthered his socialist leaning by joining hands with Philip Gunawardhana of the MEP, N.M.Perera, and P.H.William de Silva of LSSP and  Dr.S.A.Wickramasinghe , Doreen Wickramasinghe and Peter Keunaman of the Communist Party.

SWRD Bandaranayake would never have wanted to go back to UNP from which he had severed all connections,   to form a Joint Government.  SWRD Bandaranayake was a Socialist.

Hence Maithripala Sirisena should not have been given the Presidency of the SLFP as long as he remained with the UNP, and it is still time if Maithripala Sirisena really wants to follow in the footsteps of the father of SLFP- SWRD Bandaranayake to leave the UNP to assert his leadership as the President of the SLFP despite his having left the SLFP in 2014 without giving any notice to join with the UNP, which was opposite of what SWRD Bandaranayake did in 1951.

Why do the UNP and the JVP and the Yahapalanaya Government want to crucify Rjapakses  ?

Because they are under the dictates of the Foreign governments and the Tamil Diaspora, to go ahead with a suicidal reconciliation with the Tamils, and write a Federal constitution to please the West and do away with Buddhism.

But they know that they have a problem to divide Sri Lanka with President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Sinhala Buddhist followers- its  true patriotic Sinhala Buddhists awaiting to rise against any meddlers to divide and destroy this land of the Buddha.

The first of the actions of the true patriots of Sri Lanka would be to reject the proposed   New CONSTITUTION presented by Yahapalanaya.

The Yahapalanaya attempot at a crucifixion or the burning of Sri Lanka will not work, even if they manage the Buddhist Sri Lanka coming from the  days of the King Devanampiyatissa and became a modern peaceful secure country for every one, and remained so until the fateful 8th January,2015, will rise from its ashes like the legendary Phoenix under the leadership of another Mahind Rajapakse perhaps a  Socialist Dictator. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Felicitation Ceremony in Parliament for Ranil Wickramasinghe-for doing what ?

A felicitation Ceremony in the house of Parliament should be for a politician who had given lifetime of his  service  for the welfare of the people and the protection of the country.

In the case of the recently held felicitation ceremony to Ranil Wickramasinghe for his 40 years in politics, if there was a necessity for such a Ceremony it should have been more appropriate to have organised it amoung friends in the Nelum Pokuna, rather than in the house of Parliament.

If there was to have been a felicitation ceremony in the Parliament  it should have been in May,2009, to honour President Mahinda Rajapakse who ended a 30 years of suffering of the people, saved the country from being divided, and held back the Tamil separatist tendencies.

But instead that great man President Mahinda Rajapakse is being vilified, scandalised and treated as a thief, while  a man who was an egoist working for his own self aggrandisement,  selling the country, signing agreements with the terrorists allowing the country to be divided, forcing the Armed Forces to remain in barracks while allowing the terrorists freedom to go about where ever they want and kill, gun down, massacre, assassinate, snipe, and blast people to smithereens, is felicitated in the well of the Parliament for 40 years of scandal ridden life with a political non existence.

Well, Ranil Wickramasinghe had been in politics for 40 years but what has he contributed to the development of the country, welfare of the people and make Sri Lanka an independent sovereign states without its sovereignty interfered by the west who wants to divide the country separate the communities , and make Sri Lanka a poor developing country dependent on the West, and the country divided amoung the Tamils, the Muslims and the Sinhala.

Ranil Wickramasinghe won  the Parliamentary elections in 1977 to become a UNP Member of Parliament. With the assassination of Gamini Dissanayake under mysterious circumstances in 1994 Ranil W became the leader of the UNP. Sri Lanka after Independence was ruled  under constitutions written by the English and followed a Western capitalist system of government.

It changed only after 1956 when SWRD Bandaranayake was elected into parliament as a member of his newly founded Sri Lanka Freedom Party, and became  the Prime Miister of Si Lanka. Thereafter  Sri Lanka was being taken on a semi socialist system of government, departing from its capitalist beginnings. It was under this  Socialist system of governance that Sri Lanka found its national pride, with the renaissance of a  surging Sinhala Buddhist culture.

Sri Lanka changed governments oft and on and every time there was a UNP Government Sri Lanka went many steps backward in development and in  its socio cultural awakening.

The UNP political system that follows a half baked  Western Capitalism is not suitable to a developing country like Sri Lanka with its Buddhist cultural back ground which is its riches the cradle in which not only the Sinhala Community has been enriched , but also where  the other Communities too  have been greatly influenced.

Ranil Wickramasinghe’s political carrier is worth being examined to find out whether it is worthy of a Felicitation Ceremony in the house of Parliament. Ranil Wickramasinghe  has been credited for  radical changes in the education system of the country in 1980, and for  an exceptional economic development and industrial promotion in rural areas and  making  his Biyagama electorate a model of suburban development with the Biyagama Free Industrial Zone as his creation to provide employment to youth. Later on during his second period from 9 December,2001 to 6th April, 2004 he is credited with improving the ailing economy and for bringing  the terrorist to a negotiating table for peace talk.

But all had not been well under Ranil Wickramasinghe in his capacity of a Minister or a Prime Minister.  May be he had good intentions but he did not know how well to organise his political system for the welfare of the people and the development of the country. He was idealistically attached to Western capitalist system and would not deviate from that as he valued his inborn servility to Western culture.

His idea of a negotiated settlement of terrorism prompted by the west was  a tragedy. He trusted in the Western Governments and  failed to understand that Western Governments are a set of hypocrites working for their own benefit. Ranil Wickramasinghe believed in West as a safety net which could be brought in to help if Sri Lanka faced political or internal communal problems.

Eric Solheim the Norvegian negotiator and Robert O Blake the American Ambassador both who were  more or less “undercover agents” of Prabhakaran the terrorist leader of Sri Lanka, discouraged a military solution against terrorism in Sri Lanka and insisted on a negotiated settlement. Ranil Wickramasinghe blindly walked into the trap and signed the CFA with the Terrorist Prabhakaran.

It was the same mistake that J.R.jayawardhane had made before him. When Indian Air Force trespassed  itself into Sri Lanka airspace to defend the terrorists and forced  JR to enter into an agreement, JR may have expected America of which he was a great friend and admirer, to intervene. But he found himself isolated and had to give into the demands of India. Ranil Wickramasinghe never took a lesson from the deception of his uncle  the President J.R.Jayawardhane. He continues his blind allegiance to the West and India.

The Agreement –the CFA,  he entered into with the terrorists was a disaster. Under the agreement the terrorists were given control over areas they occupied allowing them to come into areas out side their controlled areas for political activities, but the Sri Lanka Police or the Armed Forces were not allowed into the terrorist controlled areas. It was sheer suicide.

Ranil Wickramasinghe restricted Armed Forces to remain in military barracks, and made the Armed Forces  helpless when from time to time the terrorist came out and placed bombs, sent suicide bombers, and committed atrocities against the civilians in Sinhala villages, and escaped into terrorists controlled areas. Any police officer going into these areas in search of wrong doers were arrested by the terrorists, tortured and killed.

Was this  the contribution of  Ranil Wickramasinghe to the Independent Sri Lanka that had to be celebrated with a Felicitation Ceremony in the House of Parliament ?

Under Ranil Wickramasinghe’s CFA the whole of North and East were controlled by the terrorists. Many meetings-six in all  he arranged between the representatives of the  terrorists, and the representatives of the Government of Sri Lanka for a negotiated settlement ended in failure, with the representatives of the terrorists walking away from negotiations.
Ranil’s CFA opened the whole of Sri Lanka for the terrorists to carry out, at their pleasure, multifarious murders, massacres, bomb blasts which resulted in the death of thousands of innocent civilians, and the personnel of the Armed Force, and the Police.

Fortunately this doomed period of Sri Lankan history under the Premiership of Ranil Wickramasinghe ended in 7th February, 2004. The worst of Ranil Wickramasinghe’s contribution to Sri Lanka was what he perpetrated during the period1988 to 1990, which was the darkest period of  Sri Lankan history, after the rein of the tyrant Kalingha Magha who destroyed Buddhist monasteries and dispersed the Sinhala people from their lands.

During this dark period of  the history of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickramasinghe had organised an illegal detention Camp in Batalanda, where thousands of Sinhala youth were detained tortured and killed and those who disappeared in that period have not been traced.

In 1997 the President Chandrika Kumaratunga  appointed a Special Presidental Commission of Inquiry Act,  to investigate the activities of Batalanda.  One of the findings of the Commission  which recommended  to “ bring the guilty to book was  that, “  (Ranil) Wickramasinghe and the SSP Nalin Delgoda are indirectly responsible  for the maintenance  of places of unlawful detention and torture chambers in houses of the Batalanda Housing Scheme, and unauthorised meetings  of police officers involved in counter insurgency  operations  in the housing complex and that as such he has abused his authority.”

It is also worth noting that the President Maithripala Sirisena, in August, 2012, when he was the Minister of Health in the  Government of President Mahinda Rajapakse and the General Secretary of the SLFP while addressing an election committee  meeting held at Siripura, Polonnaruwa had said, “ …that during the 1994 presidential election campaign , all campaign details  concerning the UNP Presidential Candidate Gamini Dissanayake were being secretly passed on to his opponent Chandrika Kumaratunga by Ranil Wickramasinghe and that he has ample proof  to validate his claim and allegation.”

Ranil Wickramasinghe ..Is he a dictator ? 

The Mahanayake Thero of the Asgiriya Chapter the most Venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkhita thero had once said that since recently the Opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe is acting like a Dictator. In 2010, UNP MP Dayasiri Jayasekara said  that within the constitution of the UNP,Ranil Wickramasinghe is not a democratic leader but a Dictator. Then again a Former Minister and a UNP MP Mahinda Wijesekara had accusing  Ranil Wickramasinghe said  that, “….we do not want a Dictator in the Party.”, as Wickramasinghe opposed party reforms.

That is  not all the fantastic work accomplished by the Prime Monister Ranil Wickramasinghe, which probably valued this Felicitation Ceremonies in the House in the context of  the Yahapalanaya Governed Sri Lanka where every thing abnormal are taken as normal by the President and his SLFP break away group, and the Prime Minister and his UNP cohorts.

In December 2001 Ranil Wickramasinghe became the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. In 2002 he signed the disastrous CFA with Prabhakaran the terrorist. But by then the Armed Forces were making plans to carryout successful military operations to weaken and defeat terrorism. The Armed Forces had set up a Covert Operation Unit in Millenium City Housing Scheme held in Athurigiriya,. where they trained army personnel to infiltrate into the terrorist headquarters as spies  to collect information about terrorists and their activities. This was extremely confidential and very few were even aware of the existence of this meeting place of  the Special Unit.

Ranil Wickramasinghe who was more concerned about himself and his safety, after allegation made by Charitha Ratwatte had a special police force to raid the house in question. It resulted in the names of the members of the Covert Operation Unit of the Armed Forces being made public. Most of them were Tamils. 

This allowed the terrorists to track down the members of the Unit and have them assassinated.  The Sunday Times defence columnist Iqbal Athas in February 2004 had revealed  the names of 24 Tamil members of the Special Unit  assassinated by the LTTE, some of them were abducted by the LTTE and subjected to intense torture for days before they were murdered. More than 80 members of the Special Unit was killed by the LTTE.

Fortunately that dark period of Sri Lanka ushered in by Ranil Wickramasinghe as Prime Minister on  9th December, 2001 ended in February 2004. After 2005 when Mahinda Rajapakse became the President of Sri Lanka and was taking determined steps to end terrorism  60 UNP MPs left the UNP to join the government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse to help him in his war effort.

Ranil Wickramasinghe as the leader of the Opposition through out  the period of military operations against the terrorists,  ridiculed the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse  and the Armed Forces and discouraged soldiers in their heroic effort to eliminate terrorism.

Ranil Wickramasinghe  was responsible for luring away Maithripala Sirisena from the SLFP and from the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse to make of him a puppet President, reducing his executive powers and takeover the administrative powers over to himself as the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe since his appointment to the office in 2015 had made his principle object the accusation of the President Mahinda Rajpakse as a thief who had enriched himself taking bribes and stealing state funds,  and accusing his family and all those who had any connection to him for bribery and corruption. To facilitate this principle activity of his government he set up the FCID which takes instructions directly from him.

When Ranil W became the Prime Minister all development projects in Sri Lanka were temporarily stopped, putting thousands of people out of work. And subsequent efforts of development by his government has been made difficult as it had antagonised the  principle investor the Chinese Government, and to get them back to invest in development had necessitated the giving of thousands of acres of land and the Hambantota Harbour to the Chinese investors on long lease- almost an outright sale to China..

Ranil Wickramasinghe’s government has taken Sri Lanka from what it was before 8th January,2015 and after May,2009,  many years back words with even the likelihood of “terrorism raising its head again”.

He is now working on a Western Agenda which means giving the North and East  of Sri Lanka to the Tamils under a new (Federal) Constitution. Already the North and East have their own National Anthem sung in Tamil. Sampanthan and Wigneswaran would want police powers and powers over Land to the North and East Provincial Council.

Ranil Wickramasinghe betrayed Sri Lanka by appointing Mano Ganeshan as a Minister giving him a very important subject under his Ministry, and appointing Sampanthan the leader of TNA as the leader of the Opposition.

Is it correct that Sampanthan  the Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lanka Parliament Sampanthan meeting a USA Congressman  and invite America to interfere into Sri Lanka’s internal Affairs ?

“The United States has been urged (by TNA Leader Sampanthan), to ensure that Sri Lanka fully implemented the Geneva Resolution 30/1 co-sponsored by Colombo on Oct 1, 2015.
The Geneva resolution has proposed setting up of a hybrid war crimes court including foreign judges among other things.A statement issued by the Office of the Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan quoted the veteran politician as having told a visiting delegation of US Congressmen accompanied by US Ambassador in Colombo Atul Keshap that their government should hold the Sri Lankan Government responsible the commitments they had made to the international community, particularly with regard to the Geneva Resolution.”

The people of Sri Lanka are behind their beloved  President Mahinda Rajapakse, except perhaps the Tamils, Muslims and Catholics who voted against President Mahinda Rajapakse to brink Sirisena-Ranil Government into power.

Sri Lanka is facing serious political problems. China had been a country that helped the development of Sri Lanka without any conditions attached, but India has ulterior motives and getting too close to India is a danger to the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka  should have a strong political leadership in dealing with India and the West. Prime Minister Wickramasinghe with his attachment to West and India is politically weak . The President Maithripala Sirisena is not kept well informed by his Prime Minister of the dangers Sri Lanka runs into in dealing with these two pseudo-friendly powers-West and India.

Under these circumstance, is it not right to question,  for doing what during  40 years in politics,  Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe deserves a  Felicitation Ceremony in the House of Parliament ?

Monday, 24 July 2017

Sri Lanka needs all the Parliamentarians of Joint Opposition to save Sri Lanka from its enemies.

I did not expect to put any of my patriotic friends against the Joint Opposition when I wrote my last article.

My intention  was not to cause disunity  in the Joint Opposition and get the anti JO elements play their tom-toms in anticipation of a division in the JO. We have the right to question but not with an eye to breakup the JO.

Because JO is the only “saving grace” the people have to rid of this useless experiment being carried out to rule the country by the SLFP and the UNP when in fact one the Prime Minster is the UNP leader and the other the  President a UNP sympathiser pretending to be the President of the SLFP.

But  it is becoming obvious from past experience that no one can change the disastrous path this Yahapalanaya Sirisena-Ranil Government is taking to destroy every thing that we as citizen of this resplendent Sri Lanka respect and honour, such as its historical Sinhala Buddhist background, its culture, and the trust and unity that had been built through out the  years with the minority Communities of this Country. If they the Yahapalanaya continue to rule unchecked, the Sri Lanka we knew will not be the same again.

Joint Opposition helped this Sirisena Ranil Government to pass the 19th Amendment. Joint Opposition helped  Sirisena Ranil Government to pass their Budgets. Joint Opposition helped them in various ways hoping that they will correct their idiotic pursuit of the disastrous path to disintegrate Sri Lanka.

Joint Opposition did not object to writing a New Constitution but on the other hand participated in every one of the Committees set up to write a New Constitution. In being in the Constitution Assembly the Joint Opposition thought they will be able to  take action against the sinister moves of the Yahapalanaya Government to write a New reconciliatory Constitution  to  radically change Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka, to a multi racial, multi religious  country, giving the Tamils equal rights by even allowing them to sing the National Anthem in Tamil.

But, to what extent did the Joint Opposition succeed in their efforts to change the march of the yahapalanaya caravan of disaster ?

Every( ?) proposal the  members of the JO made at the Committee stage in the working process for the  writing of a New Constitution had not been accepted by the Lal Wijenayake Committee, and as a result the Joint Opposition withdrew from these bogus Committees.

If the Joint Opposition continues to stay on with the Constitutional Assembly, what is the guarantee it can stop Sirisena Ranil combination writing and passing a Constitution changing Sri Lanka politically from what it had been for more than two thousand five hundred years ?

Did  President Maithripala Sirisena show his gratitude  to the Joint Opposition which contributed much during  Sirisena –Ranil government’s  “teething period ” by accepting it as the official Opposition of the Parliament which it very much deserves,  or give the post of Chief Opposition  Whip to the Joint Opposition ?

It is all right if the Joint Opposition remaining in the CA will enable it  to stop Sirisena-Ranil  government carry out secret manoeuvres to fool the people and hoist before them an outwardly innocent  Constitution  with all requirements included to make it Federal in implementation.

But President Maithripala Sirisena  is more UNP than Ranil Wickramasinghe his Prime Minister. We have seen how President Sirisena  steps in  at the correct time to save Ranil Wickramasinghe when he is facing a difficult political or other situation ?

In the case of the Bond issue there was every reason with two COPE reports and Attorney General’s declarations  to have interdicted Arjuna Mahendran- the  ex Governor of the Central Bank, and confiscate his Travel Documents and allow the Attorney General to file action against him.

But what did the President Sirisena do ?

Maithripala Sirisena allowed his Prime Minister to appoint the “thief” to a higher post,  perhaps with a higher salary, as the advisor to the Prime Minister himself. Later when the situation was getting too hot to handle , President Sirisena appointed a Commission of inquiry  requiring it to give a report in three months.

After three months the Commission asked for an extension of the sittings of the Commission for six months, and it appears that  they will be asking for a further extension when they have enough evidence  even to “hang him” without further investigation.

And again, what happened in the case of the Volkswagen Plant to be set up in Sri Lanka

President Sirisena  in order to fool the people  in a highly publicised Ceremony laid a foundation stone to set up a “bogus” Volkswagen Plant in Kuliyapitiya. That “play acting” of President Maithripala Sirisena was to save the face of his alter-ego Ranil Wickramasinghe .

President Sirisena  promised people a Cabinet reshuffle, because the Finance Minister  Ravi Karunanayake had fallen out of favour with the people. Ranil Wickramasinghe was aginst it because Ravi Karunanayake and Arjun Mahendran are his bosom friends. President Sirisena had to go ahead with his play acting to please the people, without harming the relation between  the President and his alter ego  Ranil Wickramasinghe.

The so called cabinet re-shuffle became an utter farce-a “comedy” giving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Lotteries Board( the hen laying golden eggs) to Ravi Karunanayake, and the Ministry of Finance and the Media to Mangala Samaranayake,  the other bossom friend of the Prime Minister.

There are many such instances of President Maithripala Sirisena stepping into save face for Ranil Wickramasinghe.

President Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe are “political twins”. Nothing will separate them.

Something more drastic has to be done to either separate them and allow President Maithripala Sirisena to deliver himself from the delirium from which he is suffering, that he is ever grateful to Ranil,  and that he is “ nothing” without Ranil Wickramasinghe,  and make him understand that he should decide to stand or to die with  the leadership of SLFP cast upon him,  and now supported  by a section of the SLFP for their enjoyment of the priviledges and social dignity of being Ministers in  government even if it is taking Sri Lanka on a disastrous  path to be  a failed State. President Sirisena cannot do without the SLFP Presidency either, as otherwise it will be taken over by his sworn enemy Mahinda Rajapakse.

Having regular meetings organised   by the Joint Opposition and  with SLFP Supporters of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse in great numbers is good, but people participate in these meetings,  and thereafter fall into a “political” somnolence. The people should be roused up and kept aware of the evil of Sirisena-Ranil Government to the Country and the people.

Just telling them that the Yahapalanaya Government is to a great state manipulated by the Western Countries and the UN, make some start hollering  that  it is creating phantoms               ( බිල්ලෝ මවනවා) or seeing crocodiles in the basin ( කොරහේ  කිඹුල්ලෝ දකිනවා ).

People see these UN and other Western visitors to Sri Lanka coming regularly, and see pictures in the news papers and TV showing   how they shake hands with our President and the Prime Minister and perhaps take it for a great yahapalanaya achievement.

Some of our people may be satisfied  by the mere fact that these great white men  come to shake hands of  our political dignitaries. Some of them may even  not mind prices of commodities going up,  and that they and their familes may  have to forego meal in order to make ends meet, as longs as they are given the priviledge of seeing  the white Western Leaders squeeze the hands of the  President Maithripala Sirisena, and seeing red carpets laid in foreign air ports to meet President Sirisena and the Prime Minister Wickramasinghe.

But in reality some of these visitors like Ben Emmerson QC- the UN Rapporter is not a reputable character.  Emmerson has been accused of child abuse. He was suspended  from being the most senior lawyer on the public inquiry into institutional child abuse in England and Wales .( )

Now the Jeffrey Feltman another UN Reporter in Sri Lanka was,  it appears involved in the Hillary Clinton e-Mail scandal. There are also the leaked Audio of the American State Department  of Jeffrey Feltman’s  involvement in using UN  with the Administer  of the American State Department. Vijay Prashad’s book –Arab Spring, Libyan Writer, speaks of Jef Feltman’s interference in the Affairs of the Arab countries.  These are the people who interfere into Sri Lank’s reconciliation process and the preparation of the New Constitution.

Ordinary people of Sri Lank do not know these questionable people who squeeze the hand of President Maithripala Sirisena  not for the respect and affection for the man, but to use him for their own purposes. The others who know  pretend not to know calling it  creating phantoms( බිල්ලෝ මවනවා) or seeing crocodiles in the basin ( කොරහේ  කිඹුල්ලෝ දකිනවා ).

Therefore, the JO should prepare pamphlets in Sinhala, Tamil and English explaining every action taken by the government which are detrimental to the country and the people. And also inform the people about the foreign visitors to Sri Lanka and what they do when they come.

The pamphlets should be short in simple language easy to read and understand by people of all sections of the Society. They should be printed in big letters. One pamphlets should cover one issue. They should be issued regularly to the people. So that they will know what President Maithripala Sirisena and his alter ego the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe are up to behind  the scene with those pretentious speeches of high morality, humanity and righteousness, to divide and endanger the independence and unitary state of this land of the Sinhala Buddhists.

I had made this proposal to Dallus Alahapperuma in his face book. But he does not seem to have even read it.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Joint Opposition –What game are you playing ?

The people have placed their trust in the Joint Opposition lead by Dinesh Goonewardhane .  There is a cry coming out of the heart of the people that the yahapalanaya hybrid government should not be allowed to write a new constitution for Sri Lanka. Does the Joint Opposition hear that cry or are they not giving both their ears to that cry allowing their other ears to listen to other calls ?

The leader of the Federation of National Organisations Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekara, has accused  Dinesh Goonewardene for writing secret letters to the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe with regard to problems that had arisen in the Constitution making  process.  If it is true  Dinesh Gunawardane has to make it clear why he is remaining in the Constitutional Assembly, along with a part of JO when there are problems known to him in the Constitution making process.

We know that  even his father late Philip Gunewardena the “father of Socialism in Sri Lanka” during the end of his carrier preferred to remain in political power accepting in 1965 the Ministry of Industries and Fisheries in the National Government of Dudley Senanayake. We certainly do not believe  that Dinesh Gunawardene will follow suit, but people begin to question the reason why the rest of the JO under Dinesh Gunawardena continues to remain in the CA while  Wimal Weerawansa true to his principles withdrew his party’s participation in the CA.

It was a mistake of the JO from the very beginning to have participated in the Committees stage of the process leading to the writing  of a New Constitution. That is in addition to the mistake the JO made in the 1st instance in voting for the 19th Amendment. The 19 Amendment had specified  a period within which the Parliament cannot be dissolved. It is contrary to  democratic procedure as one has to put up with a government for its full term even if it is not productive, offensive to democracy and abuses the power of the government to destroy the country’s historical and cultural values as now it is being done by the so called Yayapalanaya  hybrid government in place.

It was perfectly in order that a New Constitution was promulgated  in 1972 to  declare Sri Lanka a Republic. Prior to that Sri Lanka had dominion status and had constitutions written by the Colonial Government. After that there was no reason to write new constitutions as the first Republican Constitution could have been Amended to adopt it to new political situations.

However , when J.R.Jayawardhane formed a government of UNP in 1977, he prepared a new constitution which was promulgated in 1978. However,  the 1978 Constitution with executive powers given to the President served its purpose in the process of the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka. That constitution is therefore worth keeping as the permanent Constitution of Sri Lanka allowing adjustment to meet any new unforeseen situation by passing Amendments.

Now a hybrid government with problems between the members of its constituent parties has decided to write a new Constitution.  There is no necessity to write a New Constitution to  a country each time a new government is formed by a different political party or a combined hybrid Government of several parties as in the case of the Present Government of the President Sirisena.

Each time a new Political party takes the reins of government the country remains the same it does not become any different from what it had been before,  therefore the new political party that is to form a new government should go on with the same old Constitution changing it if necessary by passing Amendments.

In Sri Lanka today after the formation of a hybrid government of several political parties, the political and social situations have drastically changed as the country is no more the country it was with a united people despite a majority community, and other minority communities.

The new government calling itself a yahapalanaya trying to introduce  “power sharing” in a so called reconciliation process, when in fact there is no such power sharing necessary as all the communities- the majority and the minorities, enjoy  the same rights and priviledges, has placed Sri Lanka in a situation worse than it had been under terrorism.  The Majority Community in Sri Lanka- Sinhala enjoys no other rights and priviledges than those enjoyed by the minority Communities.. 

This myth of power sharing has been created  only by the political leaders of the Minority Communities. The Hybrid government of President Sirisena, unable to explain this truth to the minorities with whom they have come into agreements  of sharing political power in return for their votes,  have given in to the “demands” of the Minority Communities to please the foreign countries, which stand with the Minorities to make the Majority weak and give into the “absurdities” of the Minorities.

The writing of a  new Constitution is another such absurdity demanded by the Minorities , insisted by foreign countries and the United Nations Organisation with an eye to make the Constitution  Federal, so that it would help the Minorities later  to set up their own Communal Regions.
Under such a situation of a government weakened by foreign pressure on one hand ,  and  the fear on the other hand of loosing the minority votes at elections , allowing  this Ranil Sirisena hybrid Government to write a New Constitution would be a “political suicide”. It will cause  irreparable damage to Sri Lanka which would by such a move loose its unitary status, its Communal unity, and menace its historical, cultural and religious values.

Therefore the Joint Opposition should take into consideration the inherent dangers of  writing a new Constitution by Sirisena-Ranil hybrid government at this decisive time of Sri Lanka’s history. The JO, should  therefore withdraw forthwith from all their responsibilities in this conspiracy to write  a New Government under pressure by foreign Governments and the UN,  and the threat of the minority Communities denying their votes  at future elections to  Sirisena –Ranil Combination.

The Joint Opposition to win back the people’s confidence and their support should act as one, and immediately withdraw from  the Constitutional Assembly. If not it should state its  reason for not leaving the Constitutional Assembly.

The interfering into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs by the UN by sending its representatives  Jeffrey Feltman  and Ben Emerson are questionable and goes beyond the UN’s role as specified in the UN Charter.

It is appreciated that the JO leader Dinesh Gunawardena raised objection to UN interference in Sri Lanka Constitution making process. Such protests are irrelevant  as long as the  Joint Opposition has not officially  withdrawn from the Constitutional Assembly and ceased all activities with regard to the Constitution making process.

If the Government calls for a referendum of the people the JO should be prepared to warn the people of the dangers in allowing the yahapalanaya government to write a new Constitution, and request the people  to vote against the writing a New Constitution at any referendum.

The Jaffna District MP Devananda’s statement that the writing of a new constitution is not necessary if the whole of the 13Amendment is implemented  cannot be accepted, as the 13Amendment is the source of all the problems we have with the Tamils. The 13 Amendment should be withdrawn from the 1978 Constitution, and a new system of provincial governments should be set up to reflect the power of the people coming from the village level to the top.