Monday, 15 January 2018

SLFP of Maithripala Sirisena and SLFP of SWRD Bandaranaike

Now there are two SLFPs one of Srisena and other of SWRD. Are they the same or are they different ?

Let us see.

SWRD left UNP to form a politically socialist SLFP -different from the Western Capitalist  UNP.

Sirisena left the socialist SLFP to join politically different Western Capitalist UNP. Can we draw a political  parallel to Srisena and  SWRD? No, they are poles apart aren’t they ?

SWRD left a Capitalist political System to form  a Socialist political system.

Sirisena left a Socialist political System to join a Western Capitalist political System.
Can Sirisena claim a political similarity to SWRD ?  No he cannot .

SWRD  formed the SLFP and joined with the MEP,LSSP and the Communist Pa            rty.

Sirisena left the Socialist SLFP to join with the Western Capitalist UNP, half-baked Marxist JVP, Tamil Natiuonalist TNA and Nationalist Hela Urumaya, against Socialist left wing  MEP,LSSP,CP,NFF, Pivithuru Hela Urumaya.

Is there any political Similarity between Sirisena and SWRD ? Definitely No .

On the 8 January, President Mahinda Rajapakse who was also the President of  SWRD’s SLFP was defeated by Sirisena  at the Presidential election. On the 16 January, 2015 the President of SLFP Mahinda Rajapakse handed over the Presidency of the SLFP to the new President Maithripala Sirisena.

By that action can Sirisena,  who on his own accord left the SLFP to join the Western Capitalist UNP and its right wing politicians, be cleansed of his sin of leaving the SLFP to make of him a legitimate leader of SWRD’s SLFP ?  No he cannot be cleansed of the sin of leaving SLFP.

Sirisena’s legal right to be the President of SLFP has not been legally challenged , but  what is evident is Sirisena has  no Moral right to be the leader of the SLFP.

Now there are two SLFPs one led by President Sirisena  and the other SLFP forming a political front with Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna claiming Mahinda Rajapakse as its leader

Can there be two SLFPs one lead by Maithripala Sirisena,  and another  claiming the leadership of Mahinda Rajapakse ?  No there cannot be two SLFPs.

One of SLFP has to be the one that is closest to SWRD’s political philosophy not both.

The SLFP of Maithripala Sirisena  is with UNP , and  its Allies JVP, TNA, JHU  accepting to work with  a capitalist political system,  distancing itself from the Socialist left wing politics in association with MEP,LSSP,CP, NFF and PHU. This is exactly what SWRD did not want his SLFP to be.

The other SLFP the members of which are with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna which claims the leadership of Mahinda Rajapakse, which  has refused any cohabitation with the UNP and seeks allegiance with  Socialist Left wing politicians , which is what SWRD wanted when he left the Western Capitalist political system of the UNP.

Hence the  SLFP with President Maithripala Sirisena is fake, it is NOT what SWRD wanted his SLFP to be.

Therefore the real SLFP containing the political philosophy of SWRD is with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.

It is therefore clear that what President Mahinda Rajapakse handed over to President Maithripala Sirisena  on the 16 January,2015 was only the name of  SWRD’s political party,  but not what it contained –the SWRD’s political philosophy.  The ownership  of SWRD’s political philosophy is  still with Mahinda Rajapakse.

However the Sinhala Buddhists should not listen to English Educated  Colombians or Sinhala diaspora who may say vote for Pohottuva if Mahinda Rajapakse accepts to remove the 13 A from the Constitution etc because  Mahinda Rajapakse  knows what he has to do.

When Mahinda Rajapakse was elected President in 2005 he knew what exactly he was going to do,  and none of the English Educated Colombians and the Sinhala Diaspora had to tell him what he had to do.

Though the Western Capitalist UNP started calling him  corrupt and that he was a thief, the cry that was taken up by the JVP, were all lies to slander  and damage the reputation of an honest man to prepare the way for them to come to political power to plunder the State Coffers, and destroy Sri Lanka  developed by Mahinda Rajapakse in a short time after eliminating terrorism.
SLFP of Maithripala Sirisena and SLFP of  SWRD Bandaranaike

Mahinda Rajapakse knows what he has to do as he is a man who learns from his experience.

Therefore it would be wise for the Sinhala Buddhists not to be divided and VOTE at the coming Provincial Council Election for the POHOTTUWA of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna which has the Political System as it had been planned and set up by SWRD Bandaranayake.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Rohingiya Muslims in Myanmar and West’s misunderstandingof problems of developing countries. By Charles.S. Perera.

The Problem of Rohingya in Myanmar is more political than  religious.  These are new  problems taking  place in the developing countries which are more often deliberately exaggerated by the West  to blame the  ruling governments , and get the victim of the conflict organised as rebels to enable the West to intervene by arming the “rebels” to fight against the ruling governments for a regime change.

This happened in Libya exactly as the USA and the West wanted it to happen,  which was the assassination of the  Libyan leader Colonel Mauammar Gaddafi by his own people. What is the result ?

Libya is completely destroyed and once organised  rich country is today poverty stricken and in utter disorder. The West that organised  the rebels against the government of Colonel Gaddafi has left Libya and its people to themselves without any assistance to help them rebuild Libya  the towns of which were turned to rubble by incessant bombing by the NATO forces. 

The West wanted to do the same thing in Syria but thanks to Russia there is still  a government to take the blame or to reorganise the destabilised country. Syria’s problems are the makings of USA and the West, they were trying to create a “Bengazi” in Syria

The whole problem is with the United Nations Organisation which has been taken over by the West and made to act according to their dictates. If the UNO is made independent of the dictates of the rich countries of the West and allowed to be on its own to plan out their strategies  to settle between  countries and the peoples their problems  most of the problems in the developing countries could be Solved.

The former Secretary General of the UNO Ban Ki Moon was wholely  manipulated by the USA led West, turning UN into an Agent of the USA and the West. Hopefully there is still a balance of power in the  UN Security Council with China and Russia as its members . Even then they manipulated the Security Council to allow the NATO bomb Libya

The West only divides countries and separate people without making any  effort to bring the communities together. Most of the problems in developing countries like Sri Lanka and now in Myanmar is the result of unnecessary false humanitarian interventions by USA and the West more in their own political interest than in the interest of the  people of the countries. 

The West interferes into every thing in developing countries, making Human Rights a new Religion of the West. The USA and the West  blame governments without understanding the cultures and the problems created by the emigrants or minority Communities.

The West names the Buddhist Priests in Myanmar standing up to protect their religion from disrespectful immigrants as revolutionary Bikkhus or hate Mongers. That shows the complete ignorance of the West about the real problem in Myanmar.

Burma has a Muslim population that were there before the Rohingiya Muslims  came in droves to Myanmar from Bangladesh. Those ancient Muslim Communities lived amicably with the Myanmar Buddhists respecting each others religion . The invading Rohingiyas was a new phenomena to the people and the government of Myanmar.

This migrant invasion into Mynamar  had been planned by fundamentalist Muslims. There are many of them now by different names Jehadists, Wahabis, Muslim Brotherhood , ISIS , they are all out to spread the Muslim population into foreign countries with a view to spread Islamism. They invade into countries and clear forests  and destroy ancient religious ruins and monuments to make settlements for themselves.

They have no love for the invaded country and destroy every thing held sacred and considered  of  cultural  and religious importance. It is happening even in Sri Lanka. The Muslims in Sri Lanka are clearing forest reservations and bulldoze ancient Buddhist ruins to set up Muslim settlements. 

The Buddhist Priests in Burma are struggling hard to save their Theravada Buddhism and preserve their ancient Buddhist ruins, which are their historic heritage.  The  Buddhist Priests are the guardians of Buddhism . When ever Buddhism was in danger they rose to protect it. The religious  philosophy is different from the political issue of immigration. The West does not want to understand this. For them even the terrorists who terrorise and massacre the innocent people are freedom fighters.

The West which pretends to be more civilized and just do not bother to understand  what is considered civilised and just by others. The USA and West hunt for terrorists outside their own countries and kill innocent people who are not theirs with complete impunity.

This happened in Sri Lanka where the West did not raise a finger to help the successive Governments of Sri Lanka to end terrorism. But finally when one government finally eliminated terrorism the West walked in with numerous human rights activists  and the now UN as an Agent of the West to accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes,  because that government of Sri Lanka  ended a terrorism that destroyed the country and massacred its people for 30 long years.

USA and the West were so assured of their righteousness they passed a resolution against Sri Lanka for violation  of human rights and war crimes for nothing but for eliminating a ruthless terrorism well settled and financed  by an enriched Tamil Community settled in the West and  helped by USA and the West.

The USA and the West ,  which disliked the government then in power, which was helped by China, Russia, Iran and  others,  was determined to change the regime seeking to impose their detrimental right to protect was adamant to pass their anti Sri Lanka resolution.

The UN Commissioner of Human Rights a Prince at that called Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, did not use his common sense to rule out the resolution as unfair and inappropriate as they had in preparing the resolution, depended on hearsay evidence and witnesses of doubtful honesty whose evidence, against all civilised norms of justice were refused to be challenged and their names required to be  kept confidential for twenty years. The sid Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein  had even endorsed the appointment of a hybrid court  to try the Armed Forces for war crimes.

In the mean time when there was to be a presidential election in Sri Lanka USA, the West and India carried out a massive undercover activity to  defeat the sitting President and replace him with a puppet of the West. They succeeded in this and the new Government that was formed  was so determined to win the goodwill and the friendship of the West,  they went to the Geneva Human Rights Council and sponsored USA Resolution that was against the Armed Forces of their own country, a thing that no other country in the world would have done.

If the UNO is able to fulfil its role of bringing the countries together for a dialogue as it was expected to do before,  most of the problems arising in the developing countries could have been solved. But  USA and the West which as members of the UN contribute larger percentages to  the Budget of the Organisation , have taken over and  control the legitimate activities  of the UN according to its Charter , to make UN act to  suit their own political strategies.

It is now up to the new Secretary General of UNO Antonio Guterres to break this vicious destructive USA and Wests debilitating activities against developing countries using slogans of human rights .

Mynamar should be allowed to settle their problem with the Rohingya Muslims in consultation with Bangladesh. It is not correct that a historical country with a different culture is made to be assailed by another. The west it appears encourage  Rohingya Muslims to be terrorists.  The USA and West have not learnt from terrorism penetrating into their own countries by their encouragement of rebels else where in the world to be terrorists against those countries. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Why do Tamils hate Sinhala ?

 Part III

Some may say that the Sinhala do not follow the teachings of the Buddha, but each one of them to a lesser or a greater degree has assimilated the essence of the Dhamma through generations of Buddhist culture in which they were nurtured. That is why we could safely say that the Sinhala have a balanced character not going towards emotionally  positive or negative extremes  not denying of course the exceptions. 

That is why there was a willingness on the part of the Sinhala Majority to live with the other communities amicably accepting them as their compatriots, until recently when the Tamil politicians ambitious for political power, refused to accept their immigrant status and asked for equal rights with the Sinhala the majority community.

The Tamils of the diaspora are immigrants of the respective countries to which they have emigrated,   like the Tamils of Chola and Pandiya beginnings in Sri Lanka who came here as invaders, plunderers and settled down while others had been allowed to live by the Sinhala Kings some who even married Indian Princesses.

It may be this immigrant background that gives the Tamils an inferiority complex. The Tamil politicians, Chelvanayakam a Christian born in Malaysia, Naganathan also a Christian born in Madras, Sundaralingam, Ponnambalam  and so forth as educated high caste Tamils wanted to be the rulers over a people and as it was not possible being with the Sinhala as a minority community,  they aspired to have a country of their own to rule over it and demanded 50-50 or a separate Eelam.

Undoubtedly they also had an inferiority complex, “ a persistent sense of inadequacy or the tendency to diminish oneself, sometimes resulting in excessively aggressive behaviour through over compensation,” being high caste Tamils  having to work in a Sinhala majority government. They opposed the lion flag  or a government with an exclusive Sinhala Board of Ministers.

Coming to recent times , lets take the case of the Tamils of the diaspora (the Tamil emigrants settled down in foreign countries), they made an excuse of the 1983 riots to claim political emigrant status to accept their entry into foreign countries. And living meagrely , depending on subsidies offered  by the receiving countries, eventually  became a well to do  population in those countries and as years passed by became a substantially important vote bank in those countries to be sought by one political party or the other for political purposes.

But they remained  dark skinned strangers amoung the white population in the countries. These Western countries are forced to accept strangers into their counties, however they are  hostile to them. The Westerners are a biased people. They do not accept strangers amoung them sincerely as theirs. They have the colour bar, religious prejudice towards the Jewish people, and the Muslims.

To  Sri Lanka the Western whites come to help the “ poor Tamil people” discriminated by the “bad ”  Sinhala majority, not through any genuine  love for the Tamils, but they have their own personal reasons sometimes political, spreading of Christianity or other religious Sects, or  simply for the chance to live comfortably as generous white altruist humanitarians-white angels amoung the poor wretches of the earth(we had lot of them working in the areas occupied by the  terrorists) or as highly paid NGOs looking after the  human rights of the poor Tamils.

Hence the  Tamils of the diaspora live with this inferiority complex in those countries and yearn to  be back in their motherland with their own people without being assailed by the white and black difference . It may be the reason why they looked to the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka, and contribute freely for their success as terrorists  to prepare a Tamil Eelam State for them, where they can live without any inferiority  complex.

They do not want to be with the Sinhala either  as they know  what it had been living with the Whites who never accepted them as theirs. But strangely the Tamils accept the insults from the whites and continue to live there, but refuse to accept the hands of genuine affection of the Sinhala,  requesting them to accept the Sinhala  as their own  people and come to live together.

The terrorist Prabhakaran knew that in creating a separate Tamil Eelam he would be the King looked up to by all these miserable Tamils the world over. We see how the State Minister Vijayakala Maheshvaran regrets the loss of Prabhakaran, and still pines for him.

Then the religion-the Tamil religion too has much to be desired vis-à-vis Buddhism. Some of the Tamils are Christians even Abraham Sumanthiran the TNA MP a Christian wants to remove special protection for Buddhism provided in the Constitution and make Sri Lanka a secular State.

The Tamils are all against Buddhism which is the cradle of our Civilisation, the culture of which had made the Tamils and Muslims accepted by the Sinhala as their compatriots and equals.  The difference was  created by the Tamils and not by the Sinhala.

Recently when the funeral rights for the NagaVihara Chief Incumbent and the Northern Province Chief Sangha Nayake the late Most Venerable Meegahajandure Gnanarathana Thera were proposed to be held at the Mutraveli Ground in Jaffna , the Tamils objected to holding the funeral rights at the  Muttraveli Grounds as they claimed there was a Hindu Kovil precisely, where the ceremony was to be held. 
Can one imagine to what extent the inferiority complex-, “ a persistent sense of inadequacy or the tendency to diminish oneself, sometimes resulting in excessively aggressive behaviour through over compensation.”  could go ?

A Buddhist temple and its surrounding- the Bo tree, the white Dagaba clean large space, beautiful guard-stones  , moonstones , the silence  and walking in side,  the sublime Buddha statues, incense and  flowers laid before the serene statues all inspire peace and tranquillity  of mind.

The Nagavihara in Jaffna where the late Venerable Thera was the incumbent too  had this peaceful  sacred  atmosphere, compared to the Kovil that you first see as you get out of the boat to go to the Nagavihara which  in contrast is  frightening with a Gopuram with demon like statues,  big bellied human monsters, all  painted in garish colours.

Hence the  Tamils who find in side these Kovils  the sacred Lingam which they bathe with milk, and pour oil over it, and animal headed Gods, and gods with many heads and hands sitting on rats and birds, or  a statue of a blood thirsty Kali before  which the bare bodied priests make animal sacrifices find no peace and tranquillity but fear and hatred.

Naturally the Tamils would like to have Buddhist temples far away from their Kovils as a comparison of theirs against that of the Sinhala Buddhists make them feel down hearted and inferior despite the divine power their Kovils are supposed to emanate.

They become aware if they think deeply and intelligently that after all the culture that nurtured them had inculcated in their minds not love and willingness to live with  other in peace and brother hood , but hatred  and animosity to take revenge to satisfy their innermost desires.

In order to make up for this lack of an appropriate birthright to shape their lives without craving for what others possess and what they have not,  the Tamils continue  with their “ persistent sense of inadequacy or the tendency to diminish oneself, sometimes resulting in excessively aggressive behaviour through over compensation,”

The NP Chief Minister Visualingam Wigneswaran a high caste Tamil,  despite having been born and grown up with the Sinhala in the south is not an exception to other Tamils. He has same weaknesses but having been a Judge he perhaps aspires to be worshipped and treated as a Thalaivar by other Tamils like Vijayakala Maheshvaran holding the terrorist Prabhakaran in high esteem, and still pines for him.

He may also be regretting that his sons had married  Women from the Sinhala Community, as when he has to visit those now related Sinhala families ite may be despite his education and professional prestige have feelings of inferiority for which he cannot take corrective measures from them, which he therefore does by condemning the Sinhala, as people who had committed genocide  against the Tamils.

Where did he learn that from ? He was born in Hultsdorp in 1939 and lives in Colombo. Where did he learn about genocide against Tamils ? Isn’t he making up all that to get pardoned by the Tamils for allowing his sons to marry Sinhala ?

The Sinhala people have done nothing to make the Tamils feel inferior. The Sinhala are ready to forget all the damage the Tamils have done  to the Sinhala from immemorable times and live together with fraternal love with the Tamils.

The Sinhala only ask the Tamils to  come down to earth and understand that it is not a separate Tamil territory that they should have, but to forget  their Tamilness and be one with all Communities in Sri Lanka and build the country together as it now belongs to each one of us no matter from where we have come what language we speak and what religion we profess. Let us all be a one nation in this great country Sri Lanka like no other in the world.


Friday, 29 December 2017

Why do Tamils hate Sinhala ?

 Part II

The Sinhala even before the Independence had a very cordial relationship with the Tamils. Even in the small towns in the South, the barbers, the small boutique keepers selling cigars, and Saaivar Restaurants were run by Tamils, mostly Jaffna Tamils.

These Jaffna Tamil traders were so well accepted by the Sinhala they were even  invited for their weddings and funerals. Most of these Jaffna Tamil traders came alone to the South without their families, except some of them who came with their  male children who were sent to local Schools and studied with the Sinhala  children.

I the writer, had been travelling alone in whole of Jaffna, but never did I have an unpleasant  word directed at me by any one from three wheel drivers to those I met in the town or outside. I was always given a seat in crowded buses, by someone leaving one to me with a smile. I was received in their homes. I ate their meals together with them.

The Tamils were never rejected by the Sinhala  because they were Tamils. How then can we explain this phenomena of hatred, the anti Sinhala bias?

It appears to be a politically motivated  later development by the upper class Tamils. Even today we see it amoung the politicians, but not amoung the ordinary Tamil people.

Unfortunately the voice of the ordinary Tamil people is not heard. We hear only the Tamil politicians, and those of the Tamil diaspora who are the ones who show their hatred most towards the Sinhala, and sow the seeds of hatred amoung the ordinary Tamils.

The ordinary Tamil people  old men, women and children who were herded like cattle from place to place by the terrorists to keep them as a human shield, who suffered without clothes to wear, food to eat, water to wash or drink  rescued by the Sinhala soldiers cannot surely hate those Sinhala soldiers who took them away from which was  hell on earth for them !!

The worst hatred seem to spring from Wigneswaran who was born in the south , grew up amoung the Sinhala, went to school with Sinhala children  and became a Judge, and got his sons married to Sinhala women.

The other whose hatred towards Sinhala  is not understood come from the UNP State Minister for Child Affairs Vijayakala Maheswaran, whose husband was assassinated by the terrorists.

She pines for the terrorist Prabhakaran. She states that the Tamil Community wouldn’t have lost their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran if they had voted for the UNP candidate Ranil Wickramasinghe at 2005 Presidential election.

Has she a secretly kept love for the terrorist leader Prabhakaran, perhaps like UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillai, who it was said that  when she was a young student had a photo of Prabhakaran pasted on the wall  in her room

Could it be some thing endemic, meaning  “ a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location”  ?

Is it jealousy towards the Sinhala by the Tamil politicians who try hard but cannot stand  up to the Sinhala politicians ?  If it is that  it may be an extreme inferiority complex ?

Inferiority complex has several definitions, that which may be close to that from which the Tamils suffer may be , “ a persistent sense of inadequacy or the tendency to diminish oneself, sometimes resulting in excessively aggressive behaviour through over compensation.”

That would explain why Venupillai  Prabhakaran became a terrorist. Prabhakaran was not educated and came from a caste considered low by the upper class Tamils-the fisher caste. He kidnapped a high caste girl Mathivathani Erambu and married her.

Prabhakaran as a young man who had formed a group of  young activists around him, assassinated the Governor of Jaffna. He was taken notice of by India which wanted to make him their cat’s paw to make inroads in to Sri Lanka to divide it territorially;  which obsession of India continue to date. Prabhakaran and his young companions were taken away by the Indian RAW to India  and set up a camp for them in the jungle of South India to train this  group of youngsters to be terrorists.

Prabhakaran was therefore the outward  projection of the inferiority complex of the Tamil political mentality which includes the local Tamil politicians and the Tamils living in foreign countries.

To be Continued

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Why do Tamils hate-Sinhala ?

Part I

It is a question that has not been probed. Why do Tamils hate Sinhala?

There is something deeply imbedded in the minds of the Tamils- a gene, which makes them unreasonably hateful towards the Sinhala. The psychologists try to understand the problems of individual human beings,  without applying their studies  to  communities, a population or  or even nations.

Even in the study of individuals there are disagreements amoung psychologists following different schools of thought on psychology. The Western psychologists do not believe in Kamma and afterlife. Hence they study the human mind from the beginning of the life of an individual dividing it  into a conscious and subconscious mind.

It was Carl Gustav Jung  the first Western psychologist ,psychoanalyst,  who went beyond the Western belief system to understand an individual according to Eastern philosophies where the mind or the consciousness is not limited to an individual’s “present life”, but is connected to its existence beyond this life, and shaped according to mental activities in previous lives-Kamma, and Buddhist Dependent Origination.

Therefore, if a study is to be made on why Tamils are anti-Sinhala it has to go beyond this life to the previous lives to understand  how their genes have been influenced to accumulate hatred towards Sinhala. This is perhaps not a psychological way of putting it, but  it is an attempt to understand the phenomena by an ordinary person, who would put this Tamil behaviour  to an inferiority complex.

An ordinary unprejudiced view is that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are not treated differently by the Sinhala. The Sinhala Governments had committed no genocide against the Tamil Community, with which certain mentally deranged  Tamil individuals try to fuel the minds of Tamils as a reason to hate the Sinhala.

But they fail to see that  the Sinhala on the other hand  have accommodated them amoung the Sinhala, introducing some of their religious practices into their Buddhist  temples ,  even  accepting inter-marriages.

The Tamils we have in Sri Lanka are of the Dravidian stock,  who were driven to the southern tip of India by the Invading Aryans who settled in the North. Therefore the Dravidian culture is different from the Aryan culture, perhaps more wild and savage with an undeveloped primitive belief system as seen from decorative grotesque figures on Kovil Gorpurams

The study if made by psychologists on this question,  it has to be a study not restricted to individuals,  but to the whole of the Tamil population. Such a study is certainly not to degrade the Tamils vis-à-vis the Sinhala, but to understand why Tamils are different and why they do not want to have any thing to do with the Sinhala to the extent they want an area for themselves, separated from the Sinhala.

This Tamil dislike for Sinhala is such that we see this even with people from unexpected quarters  showing their dislike for the Sinhala.

For instance,  Venerable Buddhaghosa maha Thera, a Tamil master of Veda, who later became a Buddhist Monk  was allowed to translate into Pali a vast collection of  Sinhala Commentaries to the Buddha’s teachings,  some of them written by Noble  Arahats of the Mahavihara. Venerable Buddhaghosa after completing his work of writing the Visuddhimagga, secretly burnt all the Commentaries which were written in Sinhala.

We now see what a great loss it is to the Sinhala Buddhists. Venerable Buddhaghosa would not have done that if he was an Arahat. But how could he have justified burning those Commentaries,?

Could it be  that Venerable Buddhaghosa too had the same gene in common with  all Tamils that made him as destructive as Kalinga Magha the Tamil Tyrant who destroyed  the Sinhala  Buddhist Monasteries ?

Because those Sinhala Commentaries were a great Buddhist treasure, more valuable than even the Monasteries  destroyed by the Kalinga Magha, or the ancient Sinhala Buddhist  ruins being bulldozed by the Sri Lanka Muslims today.

The Aryans were fair skinned and the Dravidians dark skinned. The caste system was introduced by the Aryans , and the Aryans employed some of the Dravidians who were retained with them as their slaves doing manual and menial work.

In Sri Lanka the fair skinned Sinhala are supposed to be of the Aryan Stock. And perhaps the Tamils believe that the Sinhala Aryanas had pushed the dark skinned Tamils to the north-,but this cannot be so as the Tamils in Jaffna are fir skinned. Perhaps the fairskinned Tamils in Jaffna come from the same Sinhala Aryan roots !!!

May be the Caste system affected the Tamils psychologically and made them anti Sinhala-the Aryan Stock that introduced the Caste System.

To be continued.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya is a Robot.

A Robot is a machine with many parts, which is programmed  to carry out  complex tasks.  A mechanical Robot is  programmed. It works only according to its programme. If it were to be asked to rectify any error the Robot cannot do  it,  as it is not programmed to rectify  errors.

Commissioner of elections Mahinda Deshapriya is a programmed mechanical Robot. The  whole Department of the Election Commission is a part of this  vast programmed robot.

The  programme is there and nothing can stop the Robot from follows its course according to its programme. It is like a steamroller if your foot gets caught in front of it you will get crushed under it.  The Mahinda Deshapriya Robot is the same.  

There are no human beings in the Mahinda Deshapriya Robot who can detect human errors and correct them. Because it is not programmed for  such corrective measures.

The Local Government election was anticipated with great hope. The  Provincial Councils  which had no elected representatives  for two years since the election of UNP-SLFP Government may finally  have the elections in February, 2018.

Sirisena-Ranil Yahapalanaya had shelved known democratic processes replacing them  with  their own system of democracy to invent reasons for delaying elections. It even introduced bills in Parliament to circumvent judicial decisions that interdicted the governments  from delaying Local Government elections.

Yet this long awaited  local government elections after all this  long strenuous  demands, the elections for the Provincial Councils  have been made  difficult by the mockery of a Election Commission turned  into being a programmed Robot. A Robot which cannot accept human errors and rectify them.

The Robot had been very severe with the SLPodujana Peramuna which had the largest number of nomination lists of candidates rejected. The absurdity of this robots rejection programme can be seen  by taking one rejected Nomination list of the SLPP.

It was rejected for not having the required per centage of women candidates.

How did this happen ?

On the Nomination list the sex of the candidate is apparently shown with  F  before the name, for a female, or M for a male. But in this column of Fs and Ms. one name of a woman candidate had been marked  in the column with an M instead of F. The Robot is programmed to read only the Column of Fs and Ms and therefore found the percentage of women in the Nomination list short of the required per centage. The Robot not programmed to  read names was unable to detect the human error, therefore it rejected the Nomination list.

Is that not an absurdity of the Mahinda Deshapriya Robot which is programmed to read only columns and not names ?

There is a Biblical saying  which was later taken by legal luminaries in interpreting the law, which was to adopt the spirit of the  law and not the letter of it.

However, another factor which the  Robot is not programmed to understand  is that one makes more mistakes when one has more work to do, than when one has less work to do.

It is said that SLPP which had more nomination lists rejected had received 67 000 requests  seeking nomination for the  Provincial Council Elections.  If one has a human mind one can understand why there were more errors in the nomination lists of SLPP .  SLPP cannot accommodate all those who had asked for nominations and they had to do make extremely difficult choices.

There had certainly been much pressure, and errors inevitable. If the parties presenting the Nomination Papers had met  human beings and not Robots to present the Nomination lists  they could have examined the lists together to see if there were errors, and how serious they were and correct some,  and  reject others  which were to serious errors to be accepted under any circumstances,  the situation would certainly have been different.

But this is the fault of having Robots to work with !!!

Those Political parties which had less number of rejects certainly had less number of requests for nominations to deal with and had been able to keep within the Robot’s programme. 

The conclusion is that the  election Department should be manned by human beings and not Robots.

We see the absurdity of turning the Elections Department into a Robot, which made meaningless  the Provincial Council elections which the people and their representatives , won after a fight against a monstrous undemocratic, unpatriotic Yahapalanaya, which had denied  the people the right to have their representatives elected to the Provincial Council for two years.

The long expected Provincial Council elections became a sad experience by the Election Department Robot rejecting the nomination list of the Political parties for minor  human errors. Mahinda Deshapriya Robot had failed to understand that those candidates on the rejected Nomination lists have to wait, one does not know for how long  before there would be an election again for Provincial Councils.

We expect at least the Judges be human,  more than being just legal representatives,  making legal terms meaningful  and people friendly, than the chaotic  Robotic interpretation of the Election law by the Elections Department.

Mahinda Deshapriya takes himself too seriously, and becomes a law unto himself.  In January 2015 presidential elections Mahinda Deshapriya the Commissioner of Elections had ordered the police to “ shoot in the head” to kill any one trying to disrupt elections.

But he has forgotten that a Commissioner  of Elections is there to see that the Elections are held properly to let the people exercise their vote. The Commissioner of Election  is there to  allow people to seek nominations and help the Political Parties to prepare the nomination lists correctly and facilitate their acceptance without  being unbending in the application of the Election Laws.

After all the elections are of the people, by the people, and  for the people.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Make Provincial Council Elections a Referendum Against Sirisena –Ranil Government.

It appears that this so called Yahapalanaya  government cannot be removed until 2020, but we can perhaps force it to change by showing its unpopularity amoung the people, by electing Provincial Council candidates from the Podujana Peramuna. 

Podujana Peramuna represents the original SLFP of SWRD Bandaranayake. Podujana Peramuna also has the parliamentarians from the previous Mahinda Rajapakse Government which had contributed to the development of Sri Lanka into a modern country despite the continued braying by the Yahapalanaya of corruption.

We will go on to  see why President Sirisena’ SLFP and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe’s  UNP are neither people friendly, nor are they capable of  developing the country. But people see how under their leadership the country is backsliding from where it was before January,2015, towards being a failed state with no future. The only prospect of for the country under them is its being territorial broken up,  and communally separated.

The JVP which also  helped to bring into power the SLFP-UNP joint yahpalanaya has now become its bitter critic to bluff the people into believing that they are the best alternative to rule the Provincial Councils,  or the Country after the failure of  the SLFP and the UNP as rulers. 

The JVP  politicians who make the biggest rumpus, to deliver nothing have not won the trust of the ordinary people. JVP had  been working incessantly for the continuation of the disastrous policies of UNP,  therefore the people should  not vote for them at the Provincial Council election.

Now let us see what we the Sri Lankans have to do today with the Local Government elections in the Agenda ?

Lets us see why  we should vote against the Provincial Council Candidates put forward by the Political Parties which compose   Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya Government.    

Sirisena-Ranil Yahapalanaya Government has denied for more than two and a half years the democratic right of the people  to have their own elected representatives to help them in their every day needs at provincial and village levels.  These political parties which  make up the  so called  Yahapalanaya-SLFP, UNP, JVP,SLMC,JHU,TNA etc.  have no  right to present their representatives at  provincial and village levels as they too  would only bring about the same disaster they have brought  to the country at Parliamentary level ?

Do our people at provincial and village levels  really know what Maithripala  Sirisena-Ranil Wickramasinghe have done to Sri Lanka since 8th January,2015, or are they still listening only  to the  horrors these Yahapalanaya Champions say that had been done to Sri Lanka by the President Mahinda Rajapakse ?  

But the peoples of every community, despite the ranting of their political leaders know that they  would not have seen the change Sri Lanka went through from 2005 to 2014 under Mahinda Rajapakse. And they also know what negative effect the development of Sri Lanka faced after the election of  Sirisena-Ranil Yahapalanaya. The Yahapalanaya  rule during the period 2015 to 2017 had been an utter failure, without a singly development project they can say they have undertaken and completed.

President Sirisena keeps ordering the Armed Forces to vacate the land they occupy in the North and East and hands them over to the Tamils to facilitate reconciliation, while Wigneswaran refuses to allow Sinhala refugees to go back to their lands in the North, and Sumanthiran damands the  removal of  Buddhism  from State protection and  write a new Constitution making Sri Lanka a secular country .

Under these circumstances where  is reconciliation ?

It is evident that Wigneswaran, Sivajilingam, Sumanthiran and the rest do not want  reconciliation. Therefore why should we allow Sirisena and Ranil to sell  in the pretex of reconciliation, the Sinhala  Buddhist Culture , their  religion and all that rightly belong to them to please the Tamils.

That is why it is imperative that the people show through their vote  at the Provincial Council Elections, that they do not want  the Yahapalanaya Government of Sirisena and Ranil decide the future of Sri Lanka and its people.

President Sirisena takes every opportunity to accuse the former President Mahinda Rajapakse   for some fraud or another . Sirisena now makes a big issue of  the sale of 10 acres of land to Sangrilla Hotel shifting the Sri Lanka Army Head Quarters from Colombo Fort making Colombo unsafe, while he had allowed the sale of the Hambanthota harbour and thousands of acres of prime land to China.

The danger to Colombo may come again from the terrorists in the North or the sleeping terrorists encouraged by Wigneswaran the “new Prabhakaran of the North .”– The means to challenge such a threat would be  by keeping a larger numbers of military camps in the North and East. But instead of that President Maithripala Sirisena  continues to disband military camps in the North and distribute the land amoung the people.

But Sirsena does not seem to know  that when the Army Head Quarters was removed from Colombo Fort, Mahinda Rajapakse  had already started  to construct  at Pelawatte using the money received from the sale of the land to Sangrilla, a Sri Lanka Defence Head Quarters worthy of Sri Lanka’s  terrorist war winning heroic Armed Forces.

Unfortunately  the construction of  new Head Quarters  for the  Armed Forces  was stopped on Rajitha Seanaratne’s accusation of a financial Fraud. They have still failed to find evidence of such fraud but the construction work of the Head Quarters at Pelwatta have come to stop.

Maihripala Sirisena- Ranil Wickramasinghe  SLFP UNP joint Government do not speak for Buddhists or Buddhism as it affects negatively their reconciliation process with the Tamils. This absurd reconciliation  is the demand of the friends of Yahapalanaya- USA , the West and Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein the HC UNHRC.
Recently the USAmbassador had even said that Sri Lanka should have a Federal Constitution !!!

UNP from D.S.Senanayake down to Ranil Wickramasinghe are not supporters of Buddhism. On this it is worth reading what Janaka Perera had written in an article to Lankaweb on the 20th December,2017.

“Mettananda noticed that the Prime Minister D.S. Senanayake’s Government was neither prepared to give Government patronage to Buddhism as in the pre-colonial days nor was it keen to give to the Buddhists the same rights the Christians enjoyed in all spheres of society. Had the UNP rulers been far-sighted enough to enforce at least the latter policy, this country would have been spared of the many upheavals that followed. It is very unfortunate that UNP election manifestos failed to focus on the restoration of the rights of the majority which were trampled en masse by the British Raj.……….Among the many contenders to shoulder the mantle of Anagarika Dharmapala’s legacy and to continue his work to restore Buddhism to its due place in Lankan society particularly in the difficult transitional phase of the country’s history is L.H. Mettananda.He gave voice to the calls of the Buddhists to re-establish a Buddhist Social Order as existed in the pre-colonial period, though has not materialized to date due to the machinations of anti-Buddhist forces and other dubious elements.”

From the beginning the Yahapalanaya Government of Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe had shown that  they are only capable of  pointing their fingers of accusation at others. They have at no point of time pointed their accusatory fingers at themselves, to do an introspection of themselves to see what wrongs they have done, and where they have gone wrong.

Their obsession of the President Mahinda Rajapakse , and their determination to take revenge from him has resulted in Sri Lanka, which was developing into being  a modern stated since 2005, become  poorer, its economy on the slump, lose its sovereignty being constantly interfered into by the USA, the West and the UN, with all development projects neglected , its wealth sold to China and India.

The Air Lanka- the National Air Line has been  neglected and is on the verge of bankruptcy. The Yahapalanaya  has allowed our Central Bank to be stolen, allowed Sri Lanka loose its unique identity as a Buddhist Sinhala country, allowed  Sri Lanka  loose its ancient cultural values, denied the government servants their pension rights, divided the people, and taken away peace and protection that was restored in 2009 by Mahinda Rajapakse.

Under this Sirisena -Ranil Government even our tea has lost its commercial importance , and our tea is for the first time  refused to be purchased by foreign countries.

It is these facts that should be highlighted to make the people vote against the UNP and SLFP Candidates, and the candidates of the JVP at the coming Provincial Council Elections, encouraging them  to vote en mass for the candidates of the Podujana Peramuna