Friday, 31 October 2014

Looking through coloured glasses.

Those who are critical of the  President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government are looking through coloured glasses.  Hence they take irreality of what they see as the reality.

There are those who looking through  glasses see only corruption, and every thing outside it is blurred and out of focus.  Some question,  what is the use of infrastructure development it is not the immediate need of the people ?  Mostly those who look through these coloured lenses other than those in the opposition  and the Tamil diaspora are those of the  Sinhala diaspora. The colour of the glass depends on their various affiliations, Catholics, anti socialist, those who seek an English educated political leadership etc., and others who have  an axe to grind against the President and his government.

For some of them the only reason to be thankful to the  President is his elimination and brining peace to the country, the other things are “minor details”.

Some says, they would even bow down to the President for what he has accomplished, but Catholics do not believe in bowing down ,as it is degrading, therefore they are only thankful.  He should be voted some say because he is the best of the worst.  What a generous appreciation of a man who risked his life and gave everything to make Sri Lanka the most fast growing economy in the world ? 

Oddly that aspect is blurred because of the colour of the glasses they look through.  Yet they are not prepared to give full credit to the President even for elimination of terrorism and bringing peace, as  it is a combined effort they say, with the Soldiers and assistance from India.

The glasses being dark in colour some fail to see what is evident.  From the time President Mahinda Rajapakse having failed to get the terrorist leader Prabhakaran  to negotiate a peace settlement, resorted to a Military solution , the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert O’Blake along with his Western friends did not stop their “mantra” that there is no military solution  to end terrorism but only a negotiated settlement.  Then onwards America and the West did not end their effort for a regime change in Sri Lanka.

What is happening today, with resolutions in the UNHRC, EU quota restrictions issued on export of garments from Sri Lanka, and now with EU sanctions on fish import and lifting the ban on LTTE, are definitely not strictly legal, but a part of a political manoeuvres by the West with the object of a regime change.  

Ranil Wickramasinghe is a lackey of the West and the EU’s sanctions are to  make the President unpopular and thus help Ranil Wickramasinghe their puppet get the votes of the disgruntled people to defeat Mahinda Rajapakse in a Presidential election.  Ranil Wickramasinghe is of course not a man who could influence the Western leaders to do what he wants, but the Western leaders use him to realise their Agenda of a regime change in Sri Lanka.

“When the Western powers fail to get the government of Sri Lanka to do what it thinks they should be doing, what comes next will most probably be not another resolution but economic sanctions. Most Lankans will have heard of the sanctions against Iran which hurt Sri Lanka as well because we were unable to buy our crude oil from Iran as we used to do. Every motorist in this country knows that the sanctions against Iran hurt us as much as it did Iran.

However we should understand that the sanctions against Iran were imposed by the UN Security Council over its atomic power program. Even China and Russia have apprehensions about a Muslim atomic bomb because of the presence of Muslim extremists in both countries and they too gave their approval for sanctions against Iran.” Looming  US-EU Sanctions -Island  29 October, 2014.

That is not a” manthra” but  reality of what is happening which cannot be distinguished seeing through coloured glasses these anti government critics wear.

The UNP’s main complaint  against the President -the Rajapaksa regime as they call it, is the involvement of the  Rajapakse family in politics.  But again because of the coloured glasses through which they look they do not see the benefits that accrued to the President from his family ties to make a success of most of his undertakings such as  bring peace to the country and develop the North that had suffered  much from terrorism  in a record time.  It is significant  that  the North  has received as much or more development projects  compared to  the South.  While the President’s younger brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse looked after the military aspect his other brother Basil Rajapakse took over the development of the North. Now it is thanks to Gotabhaya Rajapakse that we see development and beautification of  towns in Sri Lanka.

Because of the colour of the glasses they see through some of the critics do not see the wonder of a Single man’s effort to Unite the Country and develop it from a “failed” state to a middle income country with  formidable economic progress never seen before in Sri Lanka.  The IMF and the World Bank had called Sri Lanka a country of missed opportunities, when they were handing out loans on their conditions.  Now the IMF see Sri Lanka in a different light. And that is due to the efforts of the President working with foresight  placing  the correct people in the  correct place.   The coloured glasses cannot  differentiate between the people  with honesty and integrity and a few that is not.

Those with  coloured glasses see only the negative side of progress and development,  nepotism, bribery and corruption.  Poor countries still on the path of development may also have bribery and corruption, but it is only when there is large scale development with  large investments  the bribery and corruption take a greater dimension.  That could be taken as a sign of vast development projects.  

It is best to have zero corruption, but we are dealing with human beings subject to human failings such as attachment(lobha) aversion (dosa) and delusion (moha).  These arguments some  critics say are good for the gullibles, the ordinary mass of people who can see the difference of what it had been Sri Lanka before 2005 and what it is today do not wear coloured glasses and see the reality,     and they are far from being  a gullible lot.  Sri Lanka has an educated population, they are not biased and prejudiced like many of the Sinhala diaspora.  Therefore they understand better  being able to  evaluate development  from ground reality.

President Mahinda Rajapakse is a good Buddhist.  He is generous not selective in offering assistance for the wellbeing of the people without discriminating against them for their religion, their communal difference or  for their social standing in  society.  He is against all those that cause suffering to the people, whether they are  terrorists, drug dealers, criminals or under world  mafia.  On full moon poya days the residence of the President “Temple Trees” become a temple where people gather to listen to Buddhist discourses. It is not to seek popularity, but to make the words of the Buddha vibrate in Temple trees, the residence of the  Citizen number one.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse  is not a mafia chief as some of the  critics who look at him through coloured glasses say, harbouring drug dealers, rapists , and criminals. A Sinhala Buddhist will vehemently protest against such innuendo against their dear President, who has changed their lives to an unimaginable extent. Those are allegations seemingly made turning towards the  Western enemies of Sri Lanka now preparing for a regime change.  Pointing out that is not another manthra to deceive the gullible.

Mahinda Rajapakse  has been  the President of Sri Lanka only for 9 years,   and within that period of time he had brought about positive changes to Sri Lanka, which had not seen such a great transformation for the last 57 years since Independence.  Of course looking  through coloured glasses one would see only the elimination of terrorism, and the rest pushed away as  obfuscations.

President Mahinda Rajapakse  is a shrewd politician, sagacious  and wise.  Though he is the President of a small country, he stands foremost among the world  leaders of today-Barrack Obama, David Cameron, Francois Holland, Angela Merkel, and the rest.  He is more than a  politician.  He is a statesman. He has principles on which he works .  Mahinda Chintanaya is his political philosophy which is the basic document of  his political vision for  the development of Sri Lanka. He does not change the basic principles in the document, but  changes only the means to achieve them. 

He does not change his principles for the sake of popularity.  He recognises what is wrong and what is right and fights against wrong and stand by what is right.  We have seen in many instances of communal disputes, where he has taken decisions ascertaining what is right and appropriate without allowing the incidents to go out of control. He does not precipitate into action but takes wise decisions.

President Rajapakse is a man with a foresight and  has a vision of what his country and his people need.  He is able to win over the people around him to believe in him and work with him to realise his objectives which are  beneficial to the people.  He has been able to show the people  the soundness of his actions, and the correctness of his decisions.

Those who look  at his actions  with bias and prejudice will fail to understand his intentions.

Some look  through really opaque glasses and is blinded by their own opinions.  They do not   hesitate to insult the president, using lowly uncouth language.

Despite the wrath manifested by those looking through glasses of different colours the  President stands like a rock continuing to do his work according to his plan- Mahinda Chintanaya for the good of the people and  the country.   He knows how to speak to the heart of the people, without attacking his opponents. He has not abused his executive powers.  He has allowed complete freedom to the media despite rumours spread by his opponents of white van kidnapping, and disappearances of journalists.

There are hundreds of websites and news papers attacking him.  The only website that allows pro government articles is the Lankaweb.  The Media Federation which always come forward to attack the President and his government and defend the journalists did not come forward to defend the article  written by Shenali Waduge which drew criticism to the  title of the article “How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s love letters to Modi ?” The Media Federation defends only journalists who write against the President and the Government.

Shenali Waduge is one of the best investigative Journalists who exposes dangers to Sri Lanka coming from within and from outside.  Her articles which should be given widest possible publicity are unfortunately not published in National News papers like the Island, the Daily Mirror, and the Sunday Times. The Daily News which published some of her articles seems to shy  away after the incident of the  article about Jayalalitha’s Love letters, which needed an “unnecessary” apology by the Foreign Ministry.

President Mahinda Rajapakse who challenged the most ruthless group of terrorists was the fist in the terrorists killer  list.  But he faced them without fear.  He stood up against the foreign Ministers from UK and France who demanded a ceasefire. He finally eliminated the terrorists and brought peace to the country, but now he is in Western governments list of  regime changes, and war criminals.  The Western Governments  have no principles  and they work under the “command” of the pro terrorist Tamil diaspora who provide them votes for political power.

President Mahinda Rajapakse has no reason to remain in fear.  He is prepared to take risks for the sake of his country and his people.  Sri Lanka has eliminated terrorism, and that is no crime.  The Armed Forces of Sri Lanka was aiming their guns at terrorists and at no time at the Tamil civilians.  The USA and its allies who should look into themselves to see who are  war criminals are accusing Sri Lanka to evade the finger of accusation from being  pointed at them.

What those looking through coloured glasses do not see are the  enormous development projects of the President.   President Mahinda Rajapakse had been active attending to his duties as the President of Sri Lanka  to take it forward into development and prosperity ever  since he was elected President   in 2005.  He has not allowed himself to get entangled in rumours, scandals, and misleading half truths. But he had organised  his team of Ministers, academics, scientists, and technicians, and the Armed Forces for  a continuous process of development of the country in all sectors. He organised the means to eliminate terrorism, at the same time he set about infrastructure developments.

To day Sri Lanka is not what it was in 2005 when President Mahinda Rajapakse  was first elected  into office.  He has organised and developed  every sector of the country:  in Tourim, in Agriculture, transport,  Education, taking IT Education to villages, supply of electricity to almost entirety of Sri Lanka , supply of fresh water, development of the health sector, development of towns, opening the train service from Colombo to Jaffna, and reducing  unemployment amoung many other achievements. 

But  these unparalleled  development processes that modernised  a poor country that had been  suffering under terrorism  for thirty years, within a short period of nine years , are unfortunately invisible for those who are looking through coloured glasses which show only bribery and corruption.

The USA and the West instead of accusing the President Mahinda Rajapakse for uncommitted violation of human rights or war crimes should nominate him for the noble Peace Price for having accomplished the elimination of a ruthless terrorism which they have so far failed to do.

The President of Sri Lanka has also been able to maintain diplomatic relations  with the west extending it to Asia, Middle East and AfricaSri Lanka  is also participating   in various development project in Africa. Sri Lanka under President Mahinda Rajapakse has made it possible for its own entrepreneurs, scientists and technicians to work in harmony to develop their inane talents and capabilities.

 “ It is in that back ground it has been announced that Sri Lankan engineers has produced the first Super Electric motor Car. “Sri Lanka will be in the international spotlight this December when the Lankan owned company Code Gen International reveals its first fully electric super car, 'Vega'. Brainchild of Code Gen CEO Harsha Subasinghe, this project was initiated to show that Sri Lanka can take on projects of this magnitude and successfully deliver.”

Therefore those who look through coloured glasses should take them out to see the reality that besides corruption which is a global menace prevailing in every country, there has taken place in Sri Lanka an unimaginable process of modernisation.  And to take it forward until it blossoms into grandeur the President Mahinda Rajapakse should be re-elected for a further term at the next Presidential election.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Why President Mahinda Rajapakse should be re-elected for the third time ?

When Sri Lanka was still a British Colony we were told that we should be like the English men.  They said the  white men were punctual, authoritative, honest, fair, just and reasonable.  It is only meeting them in their own natural surroundings we learnt that all that we were told about them was rubbish. We see them today- the politicians of the West , vindictive, dishonest, manipulative, egoist, unjust , unfair and least concerned about others, working for their own benefit retaining their grip over the underprivileged natives

Someone said that the Judges of the EU  would be just and would not be influenced by Western politicians in taking judicial decisions. But that is only an assumption based on our old belief. It is no secret that the British Parliamentarians are all out for the blood of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse for political reasons, and the white judges will not hesitate to help their kind. 

No political leaders of developing countries are safe from the western leadership craze and the Western Judges will not raise their voice in defence of their human rights.  We saw how Sadam Husain of Iraq was hunted and  hanged in front of  cameras, we saw how Colonel Gaddafi was hunted  allowed to be brutalised and shot. This was despite that some of these western political leaders  were enriched by both Sadam Hussain and Colonel Gaddafi.  The Agence France Press reported that,  Moamer Kadhafi's regime agreed to fund French President Nicolas Sarkozy's 2007 election campaign to the tune of 50 million euros, a news website reported Saturday, publishing what it said was documentary evidence.

Hanging of Sadam Hussain

Colonel Gaddafi and President Mahinda Rajapakse
Colonel Gaddafi with Western Leaders

Western Leaders finally killed  Colonel Gaddafi
And about USA- “  Although completely suppressed in the US media, the answer to the Iraq enigma is simple yet shocking.  The upcoming war in Iraq war is mostly about how  the ruling class at Langley and the Bush oligarchy view hydrocarbons at the geo-strategic  level, and the overarching macroeconomic threats to the U.S. dollar from the euro.  The Real Reason for the upcoming war is this administration’s goal of preventing further OPEC momentum towards the ero as an oil transaction currency standard.  However, in order to pre-empt OIPEC, they needed to gain geo-strategic control of Iraq along with its  2nd largest proven oil reserves.”  ( )

These are eye openers for NCP CM Wigneswaran, Sampanthan and the TNA clique if they have the intelligence to understand  that the whole American and Western exercise to implicate Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes is not for any  interest they have towards the Tamil people in the North and East, but to “gain geo-strategic  control ” of the north and east  of Sri Lanka.

The Western law and judges cannot be trusted to meet out fair and independent justice, specially  when it comes to deal with  “ black” political leaders of the developing Nations.
Hopefully now there are nations like China, Russia and even Modi’s India which will stand against the “terrorism” of the Western pseudo protectors of human rights, and their doubtful justice.

When it was announced that  Mahinda Rajapakse had won the Presidential elections, the Western media called him “ the hawkish President” even before he was sworn in as the President of Sri Lanka.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse earned the displeasure of  the West ever since he eliminated the terrorists despite all efforts of the West to save them.  It is since then they began to espouse the cause of the  pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora to divide Sri Lanka to set up a separate Tamil Eelam State, by accusing the President, his Government and the Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes.

Their intention was evidently to teach a lesson to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka, for refusing their demand for a cease fire to save the terrorists from being eliminated. They are now  doing all they can to oust him from power  accusing him of violation of human rights and war crimes, hiring even the controversial UK Channel 4 to prepare video footage damaging the image of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. 

These vindictive Western Nations have now  resorted to  bringing  resolutions against Sri Lanka for violation of human rights  and war crimes without a modicum of substantial evidence.  But we still seem to believe that the white western nations are honest, just, fair and reasonable.

 Hence it is not a West friendly puppet who will bend back wards to please his benefactors of the West that we should elect at the next presidential elections but a strong willed dedicated patriot who will stand against the manoeuvres of  the West.  The only man that fits into that category is the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Hence it is now  that we should all turn to our President Mahinda Rajapakse, who is doing his best to carry out a planned development of  the country  providing peace and security to the people despite the obstacles the West is  putting against him with the intention of a regime change in Sri Lanka to put in place  an already dressed and trained puppet as the President.

The coming Presidential election is not so much an election between Presidential Candidates put up by different  political parties in  Sri Lanka, but against the West which has a stake in the out come of the Presidential election and would be doing everything possible to discredit and destabilise the  present President and his government  to see  that the Presidential election in Sri Lanka would be   favourable to them. 

We already see the Opposition leader who is the likely common Presidential  candidate of the opposition invited to attend the Conference of the  UK Conservative Party.  Strangely immediately after his return from the Conservative Party Conference, the EU announced restrictions on purchase of fish from Sri Lanka, and the European Court of Justice lifted the restrictive measures imposed on  LTTE . 

Ranil Wickramasinghe does not want to face  another failure at an election, and is determined to leave no stones unturned in his effort to win.  Hence it is likely that he is urging his Western friends (masters) to do their best to take measure to make the President Mahinda Rajapakse unpopular to turn the people against him  so that the disgruntled people  would vote for Ranil Wickramasinghe in preference to Mahinda Rajapakse. How else could one explain the latest EU measures  against Sri Lanka ?

UNP and Ranil Wickramasinghe do not stand for progress and development of the country. Ranil Wickramasinghe if he were to become the President will keep Sri Lanka bound to the West restricting the progressive development of Sri Lanka as a nonaligned independent  Sovereign State.  He may take conditional loans from the World Banks to develop Sri Lanka according to their plans, binding Sri Lanka to the West.

The global political power is changing and the South is for once showing signs of rising above the North.  China, Russia, India, Sri Lanka  and the other  SARC countries will be a new political power block.  In that situation we should have a leader who will not stooge to the West, if not Sri Lanka will be politically isolated. Sri Lanka has to be along side its Asian neighbours, without ceasing to have economic relations with the West.

The elimination of terrorism and bringing  peace to Sri Lanka by the President Mahinda Rajapakse marks the  dawn of a new age in Sri Lanka, where the past political systems has no place.  The Parliamentary System , democracy and justice have to change to develop Sri Lanka as an independent  Sovereign State without  restrictive alignment with the former colonial Westminster Democracy, the colonial administrative system and the British economic theories, by which the opposition politicians continue to measure the Sri Lanka development process.

President Mahinda Rajapakse  was not a peace time President.  When he assumed  his office Sri Lanka had been pushed into a worst possible situation by the former Presidents who did not know  what to do with terrorism.  JR Jayawardhane allowed India to mutilate the Sri Lanka Constitution of which he himself was the architect by introducing the 13 Amendment at the behest of India.  R.Premadasa armed the terrorists against the Indian Peace Keeping Force,  which  strengthened the terrorists who turned the arms against the people of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces.  Chandrika Kumaratunga was made a phantom President  with Ranil Wickramasinghe taking over political decisions signing  a CFA with the terrorists and reducing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  a weak ceremonial Army confined to their barrcks.

The people of Sri Lanka were living an uncertain life not knowing in what form death would come to them and their children.  The country was in the verge of being  territorially divided.  The terrorist leader was being called both the President and the Prime Minister of the Tamil people.

It is into this scenario that Mahinda Rajapakse stepped in as the President of Sri Lanka.  He may not have been sure whether he would be able to keep his promise to the people to eliminate terrorism, and bring peace and prosperity.  He had to rely on his brother Gotabhaya who is the only one in the family who had military experience and only one he could trust in his perilous undertaking to eliminate a ruthless, strong, well established group of terrorists who were already dictating terms to  hopelessly weak and demoralised Sri Lankan governments which were clueless about a way out of the inglorious situation.

Mahinda Rajapakse is an ordinary man .  He is no miracle maker. He is a man with a tremendous love for his country.  His determination, and unshaken trust in himself to overcome obstacle to achieve his objective made him a rare patriot to liberate Sri Lanka from the situation it was in and bring peace and prosperity to the people. 

We are just armchair critics who think that we have the solutions to all situations and criticise the President because he does not fall into the image of a President we have created in our minds.  But Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka showed that he is different  from others and succeeded not only in ending the thirty years of suffering under terrorism, but took Sri Lanka progressively forward in all fields until it reversed the myth that the development  is reserved to the white West.

The West has failed both economically, and politically . Greece is almost bankrupt, the President of France has fallen low in popularity, and the country is economically in a mess, with unemployment rising, Spain, Portugal and Italy have still not found solutions to their economic problems, UK  also has its internal problems. America is not yet out of the financial crisis it had to face, but continues to create tension every where in the globe, placing obstacles to developing countries.

Cuba is under an American trade and economic embargo since 1960, and now even imposes sanctions to Russia. The democratic tolerance and dialogue to settle political problems have given place to show of armed power with NATO Forces and imposition of sanctions.

Henrikas Mickevicius in an article on Tolerance as a basis of Democratic Development  writes:

“ I have a strong sense that in recent years traditional Center-right political forces in the
Western world - in Europe and the United States, at least - have been moving,
sometimes radically, to the right, and in particular on social and moral issues.

Hard - and loud – politicians who claim being dedicated patriots and moral purists are
increasingly gaining control in the traditional centre-right parties by employing
stereotypes, prejudices, and radical rhetoric; advocating for and implementing public
policies, disrespectful of human rights, and promoting the culture of intolerance; using,
and sometimes distorting, Christian faith to support their positions; exploiting their
societies‘ economic insecurities and fears.

In the long run, it will cause problems for these parties as they increasingly alienate
moderates who are concerned about the quality of democracies in their States. Along
the way, however, they will damage Western tradition of tolerance, respect for human
rights, and consequently undermine democracy, as these three concepts are closely

The President Mahinda Rajapakse eliminated terrorism and brought peace to the people of Sri Lanka in his first term of office.  In his second term of Office, he developed the infra structure of the country. He united the people, established peace, and security.  He made head way in economic development.

If Tamils in the North are still claiming discrimination against the Tamils, it is because the Tamil politicians who have still not given up the dream of the terrorists are misleading the Tamil  people not to cooperate with the President and his government despite the enormous development brought to the North and east and improved their living condition far better than it had  ever been before.

No leader of people escapes from critics and enemies.  Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Lumumba were killed for, their ideas.  Those  who places trust in others are blamed when those trusted turn out to be unworthy of such trust.  Even Devadatta became the enemy of the great Buddha.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse is a Sinhala Buddhist.  He maintains a high standard of moral  values which no other political leader could claim.  He is a leader who shared responsibilities  expecting  those who were placed in position of trust carry out their duties.
It is through that means that he has been able to develop Sri Lanka in all its aspects.

He is accused for nepotism, mismanagement, misdirection and what not.  But it is nepotism that helped him to be successful in eliminating the worst calamity Sri Lanka faced under terrorism.  It is still his close relatives he could trust above any one else. He has set out the ways to develop the country, and managing and the direction of those activities are in the hands of those who have been entrusted with them. 
Godwin Samararatne Conducting a Meditation retreat in Singapore
Godwin Samararatne a well known meditation teacher often visited Western countries  to conduct meditation retreats. Once speaking to the meditators at his Meditation Centre in Nilambe, said that when he conducted retreats abroad every thing was well organised, when he was invited to address the meditators, he was conducted to  a comfortable seat, with a low table on the side with a glass of water,  and provided with a clock to see that he keeps within his allocated time.  But he said at Nilamba there is no such order and well managed retreats, but out of that disorganised chaos here comes out some thing beautiful, a unity of thoughts, a deep attention,  and a vibrant understanding of Dhamma.

Despite the strong criticism of corruption Sri Lanka has not stagnated in underdevelopment, though some opinionated critics do not, hesitate to call Sri Lanka under Mahinda Rajapakse  a failed state or a banana republic. But whether such derogatory and immature comparisons have any value is for the intelligent people to understand.

President Mahinda Rajapakse  has  done what he could with the available “material”. It is impossible for him to be personally responsible for the activities of  his Ministries, Departments and Institutions.  But nevertheless he has seen to it that the development of the country are pursued nonetheless. 

At a time the future of Sri Lanka was bleak, and the war against terrorism needed every one’s support , it was a boon that there were many who crossed over from the opposition to join his rank.  He had to find them positions to win their trust and confidence,  and thus the large cabinet which resulted was a sheer necessity.  But   some of those who crossed over had stood  staunchly by the President and helped him  in his task to take Sri Lanka forward.

President Mahinda Rajapakse  cannot do miracles, nevertheless to-day Sri Lanka is a “miracle”.  He has developed  Sri Lanka as a visionary projecting his ideas and philosophies of development in to “ Mahinda Chintanaya”.  He has carried out part of it and shown results.

There is no political leader to replace him. Ranil Wickramasinghe blindly following the Western Agenda would be a disaster. He would undo what Mahinda Rajapakse has so painstakingly done to bring Sri Lanka to where it is today.

Sri Lanka needs Mahinda Rajapakse to go forward with his projects in “Mahinda Chintanaya”.  No one can equal his foresight and  leadership .  Therefore Mahinda Rajapakse should be given a third term to  continue with  the work of the development of the country, and then to reconcile the Communities to make with them a United Nation of Sri Lanka.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Character Assasination

In 2005 when the then Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse was elected the President, the  Reuter  and the Western Media wrote,  the “hawkish” Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has been elected as the President.

From the beginning the West went all out to discredit the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka.  The West even supported the terrorists and did every thing they can to stop the Sri Lanka Armed Forces eliminate the ruthless terrorism from Sri Lanka.  The President Mahinda Rajapakse  who was determined to end terrorism, stood unmoved like a rock in the face of the  manoeuvrings by the International Community, until the last of the terrorists was eliminated.

The failure of the International Community to save the terrorists is the present incessant activities by Western Governments to discredit the government of Sri Lanka and putting the Tamils against the government, accusing it  for violation of human rights.  Some of the Ambassadors of the Western Countries such as USA and UK have become spies looking for evidence to accuse the Government and its Armed Forces for violation of the human rights of the Tamil people.

It is sad in the light of the foreign enemies of  the President and his Government, there are also the Sinhala politicians( leaving aside the Tamil politicians) carrying on a campaign of character assassination against the President and his government.

In Sri Lanka character assassination is more a Sinhala Buddhist trend.  The Tamils do not indulge in it, nor do the Muslims. At the present moment there are all types of accusations of corruption. 

Of course corruption should be condemned but it is a virus that cannot be removed  overnight. In Buddhism it is said that root course  of human suffering lies in desire , craving and attachment (lobha), aversion, hatred, anger and jealousy(dosa), and delusion of a self(moha). Hence there is corruption not only in politics, but also in other human  activities.

Now it is more of the Sinhala diaspora that is resorting to character assassination of the President.  Some of  them like the Colombo elitists are more for the UNP representing the capitalist class.  They even make  out that the President is an undemocratic person out to take revenge from his opponents.

But the President has not resorted to mudslinging at his opponents as they do against him.

But  despite corruption the President and his government  is accused of , the President and his government has carried out a considerable amount of  work to develop the country in all its aspects.  This President did not only bring peace to the country after 30 years of suffering, but developed its infrastructure to an unprecedented level.  Those projects  he has accomplished will remain to benefit  generations of Sri Lankans.  Governing is not an easy task, when one section of the population is satisfied there is the other that is not.

Some projects such as the Mattala International Airport, and Hambantota Harbour may not show immediate profit but they are for gains in the future.  The future generations will be thankful that there was a man with a great foresight to have accomplished such great tasks.

In India there is a city called Fatehpur Sikri a great city construct by the Mughal Emperor Akhbar.  But later he had to abandon it for lack of water. To day it stands a well preserved city visited by thousands of tourists.

But Mattala Airport and the Hambantota Harbour  will not have the same fate as they are commercial constructions and will not remain empty but would one day be jewels of commercial construction in the Sothern city of Hambantota.

The last Government of which Ranil Wickramasinghe was the Prime Minister was also accused for corruption. He was the one who signed the CAF causing immense problems to the people of Sri Lanka.  He satisfied the whims and fancies of the terrorists at the command of  Eric Solheim.  R.Premadasa armed the terrorists.  But Mahinda Rajapakse cannot be put amoung them.

Can the people expect a corrupt free regime under Ranil Wickramasinghe ?

Mahinda Rajapakse is a man of determination. He would not hesitate to fight against the enemies of the country from within or from outside. He was accused of bribing the terrorist, misappropriation of tsunami funds.  He was accused of nepotism and promoting his cronies. 

Yet the President  went forward with his determination to end the suffering of the people under terrorism. 

Often we  tend to believe that the persons we like and take into our confidence  are honest. We trust them and give them responsibilities, but when they turn out to be unworthy hypocrits we are blamed for trusting them and giving them responsibilities.  That is what has happened to the President. He cannot therefore be blamed for the errors committed by others. 

The President has given responsibilities to persons he trusted would carry out the functions allotted them correctly.  He has done that in the military operations against the terrorists.  He handed over the responsibility of the elimination of terrorists to  the Defence Secretary and the Armed Forces and occupied only the political aspect of  the military operations.  It was a success because he could trust the Defence Secretary to be honest and carry out the responsibilities given to him.  That is where nepotism paid to get results from the military operations against the terrorists.

Even then the Defence Secretary was accused of various malpractices which were not proved against him.  Hence the people will accuse the President whether there is reason or not.

There are accusations of tender procedures where the Ministers interfere to accept bids preferred by them. These are matters that should be brought to the knowledge of the President instead of spreading them as rumours to tarnish the good name of the President.   The President cannot be every where surveying the actions of every Ministry and Department .  It is the duty of those to whom responsibilities have been given to carry them out.

If the President were to remove every one against whom accusations are made all the development projects may come to a stand still.  In the circumstances he has to follow a more diplomatic attitude to see that the Government activities continue providing benefits to the people.

Recently a young man who had won the trust and confidence of the President misbehaved in a foreign country assaulting a Sri Lankan diplomat. May be the President had made a mistake in the choice of the monitoring MP for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the incident should not be made another issue to tarnish the name of the President.  Human behaviour is incomprehensible.

No where in the world the University students manifests as they do in Sri Lankan Universities.  It will not be surprising if that too may be put against the President .

The Tamil people of the North has been endowed for the first time with the chance to elect their representatives into a  Provincial Council.  But  those who had the chance to get elected and serve the people as Councillors are instead going all out to get separated from the Government and work for the setting up of a separate Tamil Provincial Council, ignoring to perform their duties  for the welfare of the people who elected them.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse from the time he was elected was determined to unite the different Communities in Sri Lanka to make a nation of them. Despite the constant obstacles that have been put in front of him  the President has nevertheless  not deviated from his resolve to unite the people and take the country towards progress and property.

Sri Lanka has had the good fortune to have elected Mahinda Rajapakse as the President, without which Sri Lanka would have never seen the unimaginable development that is taking place in Sri Lanka today.

His opponents make him out to be the reason for all the corruption they claim there is in Sri Lanka, but nevertheless no other President would have had the determination to go forward to develop Sri Lanka which a few years ago was unimaginably poor and destitute and dependent on small handouts from the West.

Sri Lanka has reached a very high level of democracy, and freedom such that any body is able to make any type of accusations against the President , his government and the Armed Forces  with impunity.

The President and his government are accused for White Van kidnappings, disappearance of journalists, communal confrontation in Aluthgama, shooting in Weliweriya.  Any thing is good if there is an element to destroy the credibility and  tarnishing the reputation of the President.

This character assassination  continues in such large measures that one would think, what Sri Lanka needs today is not an executive President but a Dictator.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is paranoiac

Chandrika Kuaratunga  besides being a former President of Sri Lanka, is a person representing a respected political family, but her random statements to the press has turned her into  a disreputable member of that family.
She is extremely paranoiac and her statements on political issues in Sri Lanka are irrelevant, lacking mature political analysis.  She is driven by anger, hatred, and jealousy .  Hence she cannot think clearly and evaluate correctly the present political evolutions. She is in a way no better than the politicians of the UNP and the JVP, who keep harping on President  Mahinda Rajapakse’s third term without awaiting a legal clarification  which is a better way of  challenging the President seeking a third time.
Sri Lanka has evolved from its aristocratic and colonial past, and progress as a modern Sovereign State with a civilised culture with a Buddhist background. Politicians should   therefore re-evaluate their own mental progress before making inapt remarks about its people, social set up, and new Sri Lankan democratic political deverlopments.

The Leader of UNP Ranil Wickramasighe has left Sri Lanka to attend the UK Conservative Party Conference. That is the political allegiance UNP has and if they ever come into power Sri Lanka will be a pawn in the hands of the Western power block, developing relation with the Tamil diaspora.  Those who criticise the President Mahinda Rajapakse should make a note as to where Sri Lanka will end with a UNP Government.
Chandrika Kumaratunga will not be a suitable President to lead Sri Lanka as it is today. But before Chandrika even think again of a political resurgence in Sri Lanka she has to cure herself of her psychological impediments.
Chandrika being a woman of the world  more often in the West than in Sri Lanka should  know by now that there are new labour values. Though in the West there is still a Class distinction, no employment is considered low or disrespectful.
But she makes derogatory remarks of our Soldiers who after eliminating the terrorists have turned to build their motherland to fit itself into the progress it is making into modernity.  Not only does she make derogatory remarks , but also makes out that our  heroic soldiers are a sort of a secret service.
In an interview to the “Aththa” newspaper Chandrika has expressed fears  that a military rule would be established in Sri Lanka.  The reason for her  assumption is that "… Today even the roads are being swept by the military.  Even the drains in front of my house are being cleaned by them. My greatest fear is whether they will commit a massive destruction by discarding their brooms for weapons at a crucial time when then public attempts to bring about a change.”
With her paranoia raising its head she creates a frightful mental image of  menace coming from Soldiers cleaning drains around her house, “..They keep a close eye on the happenings in our houses. Telephones and e mails are being monitored...  CID and State Intelligence Service personnel have been deployed at major hotels to keep tabs on who comes and goes, …Even if a friend visits my home, intelligence officers question them the following day. Not only me. Everyone who is thought to be a person disagreeing with those in power are faced with this situation. All these things visible today are signs of a military rule,"
What a small minded statement assuming her imagination to be a reflection of reality.  Chandrika today is an insignificant politician of yesterday. The government has nothing to fear from her.  But behind her imagination is the possibility of her being selected by the Opposition parties to be their common Presidential Candidate. 
Significantly in this respect she says, “ This is not a time to build fences based on party differences. All those who love the country should set aside their differences and join hands to salvage the country from the dark trench it has fallen into,”
On the 5 Ocober,2014  CeylonToday reported,
Kumaratunga had told Wickremesinghe that the time was opportune to scrap the executive presidential system and it was wise to move towards finding a common candidate acceptable to all political parties.
….. Wickremesinghe, on meeting the former President, had expressed his desire to contest the next presidential election and sought her support for his candidature.
 Dismissing Wickremesinghe's request, Kumaratunga had instructed the UNP leader to concentrate on the move to field a common candidate. After that, candidate wins and scraps the executive system, she pointed out, it would pave the way for Wickremesinghe to come to Parliament as Executive Prime Minister…….”
She had added that , “ This is not a time to build fences based on party differences. All those who love the country should set aside their differences and join hands to salvage the country from the dark trench it has fallen into,”
This is how Chandrika very cunningly manipulates opposition politicians putting herself in the place of a possible common candidate for the Presidential elections.
But that is besides the point,  when Chandrika spoke of of our valliant soldiers who have become peacetime Buddhist Soldiers building the countryside and healing the wounds, she certainly oversteps the bounds of decency of a former President.  These Soldiers were the sons and daughters of those Sinhala Buddhist countrymen who once voted her to be their President.  Therefore, what ever the government these Soldiers are serving they are still her people in service to rebuild  the  motherland, which is theirs as well as hers.
Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that has  re-employed its valiant soldiers who defeated terrorism to re build this country.  They have given up the guns, to take over  the brooms, mamoties, spades, and ploughs becoming a peace time Army .  They are our heroes now making dirty shanty towns of Colombo , Galle or Kandy beautiful cities, exchanging their military fatigues to civilian workers clothes.   How grateful we should be to them, never demeaning the work they do now, cleaning drains, building latrines, or planting flowers and becoming both external and internal decorators.  The value of their services are inestimable.
Chandrika should not be frightened of them, she should if  she is wise , generous , still with political ambitiouns should speak kindly to the Soldiers who clean her drains, and invite them to have a cup of tea with her. That should have been the reaction of a normal  former President to her people keeping her environment clean.

 In the meantime, the NCP Chief Minister C.V.Wigneshwaran, who also has no respect to the Soldiers who have made it possible for him to become a Chief Minister after his retirement as a judge, had said that he does not see the reason why he should cooperate with the Ministry of Defence  when funds allocated for  development of the North comes from donor countries, which should be directed to the NCP.
But Wigneswaran  seems to be learning the reality of working with a blood thirsty group of  TNA MPs who are hell bent in dividing Sri Lanka, walking over the authority of  CM. 
The Asian Tribune reported on the 3 October ,2014 that, “Asian Tribune learnt that Chief Minister Vigneswaran in the course of his emotional response has told that he was not happy to identify himself with the former Tamil armed group members and, that is why he used to be associated with the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi.
This statement of the Chief Minister brought in sharp criticism, condemnation, admonition and one MP participant recalled that when Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi proposed Vigneswaran as common candidate in the Northern Provincial Council election, Vigneswaran insisted that he should have the consensus of all the constituent parties of the TNA for him to be a common candidate.
Another participant reminded that during the election campaign Vigneswaran was heard glorifying the V. Prabhakaran, Leader of the LTTE as a great Tamil hero and how come now he says that he was not prepared to associate himself with the former leaders of Tamil armed group. The double-tongue of Vigneswaran was exposed at the meeting and chastised, it was said.”
The situation is worth watching.