Wednesday, 25 March 2015

UN Chief says world has abandoned Syria’s people: May be because USA and West are preoccupied with Sri Lanka’s five year old war against Terrorism.

ISIS Beheading Christian Copts of Egypt in Lybia

USA and the West  want to take Sri Lanka Armed Forces  before a tribunal accused for war crimes, rather than stop the Jihadist terrorist group Boko Haram or the inhuman ISIS killer groups.

There is no surprise Mr. Ban Ki Moon  the  West and the USA including you as the Secretary General of the UNO the most unacceptable Organisation it has become to day under your leadership,  and the UNHRC are all engaged in a more serious affair according to  them  where  in Sri Lanka a remarkable political leader of all times Mahinda Rajapakse   had  giving leadership to his Armed Forces as the President of Sri Lanka for the first time in the world  eliminated a ruthless terrorist group, and in doing so these foreigners  and the most inefficient USA Lackey UN Secretary General claim violation of human rights and killing  Tamil civilians .

They claim that the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had killed 40000 civilians during the last phase of its military operations against terrorism, the killings which they claim are pure   imagination without any substantial evidence other than those concocted by the Western and LocalNGOs, UK Channel 4 the fabricators of  lies  and the Tamils of the diaspora living in  falsehood,  to accuse the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. 

It was five years ago that Sri Lanka armed forces eliminated  terrorism but it is still hot news for the USA, and the white west fabricators of  human rights violations to accuse others while hiding their own commissions of human atrocities the world over. 
Therefore the World has no time for other on going  terrorism, assassinations , or  daily killings in Syria  which has awakened Ban Ki Moon. The UN ,UNCHR,USA and the white West  are preoccupied  finding ways and means  to bring the Sri Lanka Armed Forces before a war tribunal accused for war crimes for  what happened  five years ago in a just war against terrorism.

That Mr.Ban Ki Moon is the absurdity of the Western World and, the UNHRC, and the UN of which you are the head. Justice is immaterial for them so long as they could help a regime change to replace  a regime that  had dared to challenge the Western interference, with a puppet regime which will take instructions from them and remain subordinate to USA and the West.

You Mr. Ban Ki Moon , you  lied  that the  Darusman report is not an official document but an advisory report for your own use, but subsequently you released it through the Tamil terrorist sympathiser Navi Pillai as an official document to  incriminate Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and get the UNCHR to appoint International Investigators.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon the facts of the matter is Sri Lanka suffered under terrorism for thirty long years where  thousands of   civilians of all communities were massacred while you the UN and the so called International Community turned your backs without wanting to interfere then to stop the disastrous situation under which Sri Lanka was suffering . Fortunately for Sri Lanka a new President-Mahinda Rajapakse was elected by the people in 2005. 

President Mahinda Rajapakse, was able to get trusted people and an able brother Gotabhaya who already had experience fighting against  terrorism, around him and giving them the necessary political leadership eventually eliminated terrorism. 

The elimination of terrorism by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces did not go with the agenda of the USA and the West who were expecting to  see the Government Armed Forces defeated by the terrorists, and the terrorists form a Tamil State in the North which the USA and the West could manipulate for their own strategic political plans in the Indian Ocean.

Mr.Ban Ki Moon  the UN , USA, the West and their lackeys the NGOs instead of  congratulating the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Armed Forces for eliminating a ruthless terrorists groups , turned against the President of Sri Lanka and the Armed Forces for a suddenly  acquired sympathy for the  Tamil Civilians they construed to  have died in the  course of the final phase of the elimination of the terrorists , which when it happened in their wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, et al were put as collateral damage , but in this case of  an unexpected  victory over terrorism  by the Sri Lanka armed forces they put it to violation of human rights  and making it a war crime.

Hence the UN, UNCHR, USA and the International Community coaxed by the pro terrorist Tamil Diaspora are  still working  to find a means to punishing the former President of Sri Lanka and the Armed Forces for their victory over terrorism. Hence World of the USA, the White West and the UNO, UNHRC et al ignore more important terrorism, assassinations, and war in Syria that is going on without a seeming end.

Mr.Ban Ki Moon you appealed “ on the heels of  scathing criticism from 21 human rights and aid groups who accused world powers of "failing Syria" in a report that highlighted the worsening plight of civilians, saying “The Syrian people feel increasingly abandoned by the world as they enter the fifth year of the war that has torn their country apart."

It has been reported with regard to the war in Syria, “ Last year was the deadliest yet in war  with at least 76,000 people killed out of more than 210,000 since it began on 15 March,2011 with peaceful demonstrations inspired by the Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia. …..” 

Perhaps the USA and White West think that all these happenings in Syria are nothing  compared to what happened in Sri Lanka five years ago, despite the fact that the President of Sri Lanka  had  five years after the elimination of terrorists  developed Sri Lanka as it had been never before.  This makes USA and the white West responsible for the deaths taking place practically every day in Syria, decapitation of Egyptian Christians(copts), and ruthless killings by Boko Haram.

The World you speak of Mr.Ban Ki Moon perhaps is too preoccupied with Sri Lanka to give its attention to  these ignoble wars,  terrorism and assassinations going on  around the worlds.

It was , on the night of 14–15 April 2014, 276 female students were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School in the town of Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria, by an Islamic  Jihadist and terrorist Organisation Boko Haram   in NorthEast Nigeria.  They are supposed to be kept as slaves, converted to Islamism and married off to the Boko Haram terrorists.  Where are these girls now ?  Boko Harram continue their terrorism unhindered. 
Why are USA , the White West,  the NGOs and Human Rights Activist not taking action against them  instead of being preoccupied with Sri Lanka’s just war to remove  a growing cancer of  terror? That war against Sri Lanka terrorists  was brutal on the part of the terrorists , but never so on the part of the sympathetic Sri Lanka Armed Forces that  risked their lives to bring to safety three hundred thousand Tamil civilians who were kept as human shields by the terrorists.

Mr.Ban Ki Moon perhaps you forget that there are more sinister religious terrorism.  It was reported recently that “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ) published a shocking new video on Sunday in which it showed the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya. The group, which has taken advantage of the anarchy prevailing in Libya to gain a foothold in its territories, kidnapped the Egyptian guest workers a few weeks ago and killed them as punishment for being “infidels.”  The “Takfir” is an organisation which sees all the people who are different from them, religiously or ideologically, as its  enemy.

Therefore Mr. Ban Ki Moon the USA, the West, UNO and the UNHRC are running after the wrong country –Sri Lanka, to accuse it  as having committed war crimes. Sri Lanka carried out a just war against ruthless terrorists, who were unfortunately Tamils , and if there had been civilian death in that terrorist war it was  purely collateral and unintentional.

The ill conceived effort  being taken by the West and UNCHR to make  Sri Lanka Armed Forces responsible for  the collateral  human  or material damage is unjustifiable  and most ignominious of Nations who claim themselves to be wise,  just, democratic. Christian,and humanitarian.

Therefore it is time Mr.Ban Ki Moon  that you take a stand  against reactionary Western Forces that  continue their  regime change policy to keep the developing countries dependent satellite states. 

The developing countries should be given space  and freedom to get assistance from countries like China and Russia to go forward to become sufficiently developed to  rise above under development and become middle income countries, which USA and the West will never do. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Patali Champika Ranawaka

Eating milk rice with President Mahinda Rajapakse  before stabbing on his back

I did not know his back ground other than that he was the General Secretary of the JHU.  He was outspoken and seemed to have a sincere and a definite political  direction  to  be with the President Mahinda Rajapakse to take Sri Lanka towards  progress and development, breaking away the shackles of  the  colonial past, the Western dependence, to assert Sinhala Buddhist values in an evolving national  political environment.  He seemed to be a political asset to the UPFA Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

At a time when I wrote a serried of article on Sarath N Silva to the Sri Lanka Guardian, I had the opportunity through a good friend in UK to speak to Patali Champika Ranawaka  over the phone.   Speaking about Sarath N Silva,  he  told me that Sarath N..Silva was at the time  taking  rather reactionary  anti government judicial decisions, but he was to retire in six months and it was  best to tolerate him until then. 

He was very understanding and spoke to me encouragingly about the government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse and that he is pleased to work with him as a President taking Sri Lanka on the correct path to development.  I liked him as a progressive political figure and watched his political contribution to the government with interest.

But his political affiliations during the latter part of 2014 took  a surprising uturn.   I refused to put him in a bracket with Athuraliye Ratana thera  whose politics was a mixed  confusion.  I thought differently of Patali Champika.  Champika was so close to the President Mahinda Rajapakse, therefore his sudden change of heart with a strange 19th Amendment with 10 demands put along with Ratana Thero to the President for immediate acceptance failing which threatening to change camp to support the Common candidate,  was a shocking revelation of the man’s unpredictability.

But it is now that we see clearly that, Champika had been right along playing a role besides Athuraliye Ratana.  His action in quitting President Mahinda Rajapakse to put his weight behing Maitripala Sirisena was second only to the action taken by Maitripala Sirisena   to eat hoppers with the President at night, and declare the following day that he has accepted to be the Common Candidate of the UNP and the Opposition.  But I had naively believed  that Patali Champika was made of better stuff.

What made him take that sudden decision ? 

It could not have been a question of Corruption of the Mahinda Rajapakse and his government because if it were that  he could have quit the government long before, but why now to put   his weight besides an unknown,  untried, weak politician, without any strength of character; leaving a charismatic, strong , patriotic leader, capable of taking firm political decision knowing very well which way to take the country forward, veering away from  political obstacles  put on his path by strong  reactionary forces ?

Is he so strongly determined to highlight corruption of the former President and his government, because he has himself something to hide, therefore projecting a  pretended visage of  an  honest man fighting against dishonesty ? 

If so what is the skeleton Champika is hiding in his proverbial cupboard ?

On 11th February;2015,  Daily Mirror Reported, “…. Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka today vowed to publish a blacklist exposing all the VIPs and higher-ups who have allegedly amassed billions of rupees and dollars of ill-gotten lucre and other assets during the tenure of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. He had said  “I have credible information about their bank accounts, the amount of filthy lucre and their sources. I expect to expose all of them with their names shortly,”  adding that, “ taking legal action against them would not be a difficult task because the list would contain the necessary hard evidence.”

Apparently it is not the first time Champika makes such allegations  earlier  on 1 September, 2014 he said he looks forward to expose the fuel mafia, and then he was to expose  corruption in the CEB. 

He had said that he had in fact published a book in which he had included all cases of corruption in the CEB.   Then later, when  the  Minister Wanniaratchi exposed a fraudulent  substandard coal deal during the period the Ministry was in charge of Champika. 

He then said that he knew about it, though he did not include that in his book of corruption in the CEB.  He said that he had made a complaint to the CID, but he was ousted from the Ministry before he received the report.  However, the CID had said later  that no such complaint had been received.  That does not leave Champika entirely free of his responsibility for at least  the  fraudulent substandard coal deal.

Does that and his removal from the Power and Energy Ministry have something to do with is u-turn to support Maitripala Sirisena ?  

If not what is the reason for  his deep seated vengeance against the President Mahinda Rajapakse ?   Could it be that he nurtured a secret desire to take his place ?

The Daily Mirror further reported, “Commenting on the corruption and mismanagement under the Rajapaksa regime at the Lanka Electricity Company Ltd. (LECO), the minister said when institutions of law and justice and law like the judiciary and the Attorney General’s Department work hand in glove with protect corrupt politicians and officials, the prevention of corruption was extremely difficult.” 

Champika was the Minister in Charge of  Power and Energy , therefore can he wash his hands from his own responsibility as the Minister in  Charge of the Ministry  for corruption and mismanagement at the Lank  Electricity Company Ltd.(LECO) by putting it under Rajapakse Regime ?

There is some thing fishy about it ? 

Champika you do not seem to be that clean as you pretend to be.

It was on the 11 February, 2015, that Patali Champika Ranawaka vowed to publish the blacklist  exposing all the VIPs and higher-ups who have allegedly amassed billions of rupees and dollars of ill-gotten lucre and other assets during the tenure of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regim ?    It is overdue.  People are awaiting, stop the bluff and come out  clean.

It is recently  that I happened to come across the video where Professor Nalin de Silava, who had known Patali Champika Ranawaka from his student days exposed what Champika had been  and  the reason why he is with people we thought were completely outside his professed political principles as the Secretary of the JHU. 

But from what we gather from what he had been,  as Professor Nalin de Silva  who knew him before 1987, that is  well before he became the Secretary of JHU, we can now understand that he is  after all with like minded people now and that his patriotism and his pontifications about corruption and filthy lucre and their sources are also bogus pretensions to cover his search for his personal political power, caring less for the well being of Sri Lanka . 

Patali Champika  had been  jumping from, ‘ one political pillar to another political post’, in search of political power  to  some day assume the leadership of  a political party.
Nalin de Silva however exposes his political hypocrisy in   a video :

In this he says that Ravaya has credited Champika  with the Jathika Chinthanaya, which he never was and Ravaya has no right to credit Champika as the initiator of Jathika Chinthanaya.  Champika had never been  a patriotic nationalist. 

Though Champika has joined hands now with Ranil Wickramasinghe, it was Champika who had taken the students on to the road to manifest against Ranil’s white paper.

In Horana Champika was the JVP student organiser. He was a JVP activist when he joined the Moratuwa University. He was expecting right along to be the leader of the JVP.  He left when he knew JVP will never have him as its leader.

 He refused to be a patriotic nationalist saying that Nationalism is a dead carcass which he does not want to carry. 

When he left JVP he  joined Mangala Samaraweera  to form the Ratavesi Peramuna, and worked for Mangala Samaraweera in 1994.

Then along with Mangala Samaweera he joined Chandrika Kumaratunga  and supported her  infamous package to the terrorists.  Champika  who along with Ratana  thera claims to have worked to defeat the terrorists seems to be a another false boast.

Nalin de Silva says  Champika carried out a poster campaign against war-against terrorists .  He jumped from being a Marxist to become a Nationalist, and even supported Tamil racism.

Nalin de Silva says that Champika would ride on the shoulder of any one to realise his dream of taking over power,  and finally joined JHU having chased S.L.Gunasekara. 

Then Champika  was for a time with the President  Mahinda Rajapakse. Now he has joined with Maithripala, Ranil and Chandrika to condemn Mahinda Rajapakse.  He does not  even give credit to the President Mahinda Rajapakse for the elimination of terrorism and the tremendous development he undertook completing 72 percent of the total projects under taken by the for mer President  Mahinda Rajapakse as shown in the  report Develo├╣ment Performance 2014  (

Champika is a great fraud.  His past should also be investigated for  corruption.