Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Is America trying to “murder” UNO with the resolution against Sri Lanka, to facilitate interfering into internal affairs of Sovereign States ?

What America tries to enact by its resolution  against Sri Lanka is virtually the elimination of the role of the UNO with its Security Council Sanctions, to enable for it to intervene along with its western allies to  interfere into the internal affairs of the Sovereign States of the Developing countries.

Therefore the African countries still not decided about the vote on the 23rd March, in Geneva on the resolution of America have to wake up before it is too late to stop the manoeuvres of America to facilitate the implementation of  its new “doctrine” of regime change from within.

If America passes its resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHuman Rights Council in Geneva, it  will set up a mechanism inside Sri Lanka, which will enable  it without the need for the sanctions of the UNSecurity Council  to by pass Chinese and Russian intervention, to set in motion  their nefarious moves to strangle the progress and development of developing countries keeping them under their control  with free access to NATO Forces if necessary.

If America with its allies set up a “controlling mechanism” within    a Sovereign State, the Government will not be allowed to thwart a rebellious movement against the government  without the assent of their “controlling mechanism”.  They on the other hand would be in a position to help any rebellious groups with arms and military advice to defeat the Armed Forces of the government.

Thus they have nullified the authority of the UN Security Council, making UNO a nonentity.

America is today the most unpopular country in the world .  Its aggressivity  has no limit.  It takes all non Western countries as led by “fools”, and therefore easy to be brought under its influence.

But today Iran which is said to have stepped up its  uranium enrichment and  “has totally mastered nuclear science”,  has reiterated its determination to go ahead with its nuclear programme.  Will Iran be America’s Waterloo ?  America is bound to learn lessons from someone , somewhere.

What is happening today in Sri Lanka should be an eye opener to America and its allies ?  In Sri Lanka today there are large manifestations with thousands and thousands of Sri Lankans of all Communities, the Tamil, the Sinhala , the Muslim and  other  rising up to condemn the American resolution against Sri Lanka presented at the UNHRCouncil in Geneva. 

In contrast to the manifestations against the governments in Egypt, Tunisia , and Yemen, the manifestation of masses of people in Sri Lanka is in support of the Government of Sri Lanka and against ceaseless foreign interference into Sri Lanka, which after 30 years of a terrorist war  wants to be left alone to profit from the newly regained post terrorist peace to develop the country and reconciles the people psychologically disturbed in a terrorism that seemed unlikely to end.

The most foul  UK Channel 4 document had an unprecedented publicity being presented at the UNHRCouncil. It would have been more civilised for the UNHRC not to have allowed a document of  “doubtful” authenticity to be present at its noble precincts.  The Channel four document is false from beginning to its end and there is no verifiable facts in it. It had been categorically condemned by the former “terrorists” like Dayamaster who had challenged the  voracity of the document.

The Channel 4 document may be accepted by those who are prejudiced  against Sri Lanka, but any one who could evaluate the document objectively will see through the falsity of the document. It is no doubt a money spinner for Channel 4 which has certainly been commissioned by the pro-terrorist expatriate Tamil Community living abroad, who have inherited the “blood money” of the terrorists.

It is surprising that none of the  countries specially those of  Africa and the Arab States, have questioned America, what right it has to move a resolution against Sri Lanka, when America is not free from violation of human rights  and of w          ar crimes of the worst nature.  In reality America has to do more accountability than Sri Lanka, for its war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan  and Vietnam.

The resolution against Sri Lanka moved by America at the UNHRCouncil in Geneva tries to camouflage its sinister motives by farcically accepting the report of the LRRC and at the same time adding conditions that belies its motives. It is a sugar coated poisonous pill to dupe the Member States of the UNHRCouncil to accept it  blindly on the  face value of the “sugar coating”. While the  resolution against Sri Lanka  seems to accept the report of the LLRC it at the same time criticises it as inadequate.

It then demands a comprehensive action plan laying down the steps taken to implement it. That is the most absurd and  at the same  time the  sinister of the conditions.  Sri Lanka appointed  the LLRC on it own accord  and not because  America or any other country had asked it to do so. The Implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC is what the Government intends to do. 

Therefore what is the necessity to present a comprehensive  action plan to America or any other Country, which during the 30 years of the terrorism in Sri Lanka never came forward to stop the terrorists, or assist the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka to wipe out terrorism  Sri Lanka.

It is only now two and half years after elimination of  terrorism  America and its allies wake up to call for accountability and accuse the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes.

What is it that  the Administration of President Barrack Obama wants to prove in accusing Sri Lanka and demanding accountability for the elimination of terrorists in its own country ?

The member States of the UNHRCouncil should take into account the absurdity of the resolution  of America against Sri Lanka, and understand its sinister motive putting into danger all developing Countries in the world, and its plan to over ride the authority of the  UNO, should vote against it as it is being wise and objective to do so. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Member States UNHRCouncil should understand the dangerous implication of USA resolution against Sri Lanka on Developing Countries.

Can the 47 Member States participating in the UNHuman Rights Council Sessions after the news of the massacre of 16 young and old Afghan Villagers by a  Soldier of the USArmed forces still want to be  fooled by America’s  pretended respect for human rights  by moving a resolution against Sri Lanka ?

America is incapable of  maintaining discipline of its own Soldiers serving in Afghanistan who kill Afghan Civilians for fun and cut off fingers as mementos, or  run into villages and kill young and old Afghans. Today America takes the lead as the country which has committed  the most  number of war crimes and violation of human rights, given its claim to be a civilized democracy.

It is from the shadow of this shameless gruesome violation of human rights and murders USA has come out to move a resolution against Sri Lanka.  It is a strange type of a resolution as resolutions go.  It is against Sri Lanka but does not accuse Sri Lanka.  It is just to bully Sri Lanka, with ulterior motives, a resolution that USA can very well do without.

But yet there is more to it than meets the eye. It depends greatly on America’s belief that they can with their power and wealth (which is on the descent) fool the whole world and bring it  under their control.  We thought that the 44th President of America would be different from those who went before him.  But unfortunately President Barack Obama’s State  Department seems to be the worst.  It is time that the President Barack Obama wakes up before he is lead further by his nose to make him  “fall like  humpty dumpty from his wall”.

It appears from reports that ,China, Russia, Algeria, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand stood against the resolution of USA, but India, African countries and Latin American nations remained silent.

India is unfortunately  like a tail wagging the dog.  India is wagged by Tamil Nadu. It is unnatural, and unbelievable that India, a fast developing Nation claiming leadership of Asia allows it to be “ wagged by its Tamil Nadu tail.”  The Tamil Nadu politicians Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi , Vaiko and the rest of them have peanuts inside their heads in place of  grey matter.

They have not reached political maturity. Jayalalitha won the election promising people refrigerators, grinders, and  lap tops to school .children.  How can we expect such  politicians to have any understanding of  international political involvements and preservation of Sovereignty of a State ?

27 States and 7 Union Territories of India helps it to go forward , but  it ii only the State of  Tamil Nadu that keeps pulling India backwards.  Hence India cannot take a decision being pushed forward  by some States, and backwards by Tamil Nadu.

But African Member States cannot hesitate at the Geneva UNHR Council when it comes to  vote against the American Resolution against Sri Lanka, because their plight will not be different from that of Sri Lanka if they seriously  begin to develop their countries.  America will not help developing countries, we the under developed  countries had been following the West ever since we became independent, but what have the West given us.  It was the establishment of the Soviet Union that saw the beginning of  the developing countries becoming Independent from colonial rule.

Today America and the West have not the monopoly of the leadership over the decolonised Independent Nations of the World .  China and Russia have replaced the old older, and they have become more generous to developing countries. 

It is time the developing Nations seek new partners for their development. The West became rich exploiting the natural wealth of  the developing countries, but have they done any thing in return  to develop those countries ? 

Even today  America and the West use the developing countries to the furtherance of their own political strength and to use the strategic position of some of the countries for the maintenance of the leadership in the world by doing all they can to ward off the influence of China and Russia among the developing Nations.

Hence in Geneva there is no necessity for the African Countries to hesitate going against the aggressive self centred  policies adopted by America, and show their refusal to be the lackeys of USA and the  West by voting against the resolution America has moved against Sri Lanka.

What is the danger of the Resolution America has presented against Sri Lanka ?  

On the face of it, it looks harmless interference in an internal matter of Sri Lanka, but that harmless simplicity is the trap that America is laying to Sri Lanka which would be later followed with other developing countries. 

It is a means to move into a Sovereign States and interfere into its internal affairs from within, and facilitate regime changes, thus making any Sovereign State  dependent on them allowing its territories to be used for their benefit. It is another form of colonialism we should be careful to avoid.

The  US Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe  speaking to the press on 22 February,2012, after America presented its resolution against Sri Lanka to the Human Rights Council, said , “ We have taken this step upon careful reflection and after extensive dialogue and bilateral engagement at the highest levels of the U.S. government. “’

What is strange in that Statement of Ambassador Donahoe is that when the people of Sri Lanka were going through untold suffering  under a ruthless terrorism for 30 long years, America or its allies  did not  make any “careful reflections”, “extensive dialogues”, or “ bilateral engagements at the highest levels of the US Government” to stop the terrorists sowing  their dastardly terror on the people of Sri Lanka and its people.

When America and its allies were absent  during the terrorism, when the terrorists were having a free hand killing , murdering, massacring, exploding claymore bombs and suicide bombs killing and maiming old and the young , Sri Lanka having had enough  of the terrorists
turned to a military solution and still unaided by the now most concerned America, waged a military operation against the terrorists and eliminated terrorism in May,2009.

Still without the now “ concerned and very much present humanitarian America” , the President of Sri Lanka appointed  the LLRC a commission to investigate how the war had been  conducted and what had been its effect on the people, and find means to reconcile the different  Communities in Sri Lanka affected by the terrorism and the military operations against the terrorists.  The LLRC presented its report very recently and the Government  set about implementing the recommendations of the Commission without waiting to be coaxed by America.

Now the America has barged in taking a strange sympathy to the people of Sri Lanka, taking over the report of the LLRC, and asking the Government of Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations. This is the most uncalled for interference into the internal affairs of a Sovereign State.

What a foolish thing to do as the Government of Sri Lanka which appointed the LLRC needs not be coaxed now by America to implement the recommendations made by its own Commission.

This is where the 47 Member States of the Human Rights Council should open their eyes wide and understand  for themselves the most intolerable attitude of USA to come out
 with a resolution against Sri Lanka  asking for the implementation of the recommendations  of  the LLRC appointed by the President of Sri Lanka.

In order to understand why America has moved this absurd  Resolution, we should give careful attention to  what the American Ambassador  Donahoe says, “ In this regard, we reiterate our long-expressed willingness to work in partnership with the government of Sri Lanka on this resolution, and on the broader issues of reconciliation and accountability.”

America’s intension is revealed in that statement .  This is in other words a means for America to interfere into Sri Lanka, with  its “ willingness in partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka”.

America wants to set up a special “mechanism” in Sri Lanka  to  control the implementation of the recommendation  of LLRC. That would enable them to control the Chinese activities in Sri Lanka. 
The American Embassy in Sri Lanka has already American Soldiers, in a controlling “ . In the “mechanism proposed by America” in its  resolution against Sri Lanka will certainly have  CIA agents and Soldiers. That way America will be controlling all activities of Sri Lanka from within and  stop its reconciliation process, unity and development of the Country. It will have  the necessary control over Chinese and Russian influence in the area, and in the Indian Ocean.

The danger in it is that,  this would be made a precedence to have similar Western Controlling mechanisms within developing countries so that they will be able to interfere militarily inside  a developing country without the necessary sanction of the UNSecurity Council.

This resolution is not intended to condemn; indeed, it acknowledges the contributions of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), which has made many constructive recommendations to the Sri Lankan government. However, many international and domestic observers share our conclusion that the government has not yet promulgated a credible action plan for implementation of those recommendations, nor has it taken the additional needed steps since the war to foster national reconciliation.

The American Ambassador Ms.Donahoe tries to make the Resolution against Sri Lanka  looks like an “simple affair”  by saying , “…Our intention is clear: we want the countries of the world to join in encouraging the government of Sri Lanka to take the steps needed to ensure meaningful and lasting national reconciliation after a long conflict, to reach out sincerely to the Tamil population and bring them back in to the national life of Sri Lanka, and to ensure accountability for actions taken during the war….”

The Tamil people living in Sri Lanka are quite happy with the government, and the Tamils in Sri Lanka are the brothers, sister and children of one Nation of Sri Lankans.  America and other Western countries need not interfere to help Sri Lanka in furthering its unity, peace and security.

It is a few disgruntled  Tamil politicians seeking political power, and the Tamil Expatriates who have  at their disposal  the collected blood money of the Sri Lanka terrorists , but who know nothing of the ground reality in Sri Lanka where the ethnic difference is fast disappearing, that is seeking to project in the West the communal difference in Sri Lanka and give false information that the Tamils are  being discriminated against  by the Sinhala Majority.  The fact that there is no such discrimination will be seen only by an unprejudiced objective witness of the present situation in Sri Lanka.

The US Ambassador  Danahoe  states, «  Time is slipping by for the people of Sri Lanka. Together with the international community we want to work with Sri Lanka in order to bring lasting peace to the island. We firmly believe that action now in this Council reflects the international community’s ongoing interest in and support for action on the ground in Sri Lanka. Numerous international and domestic observers have echoed our concern that the government of Sri Lanka must now establish domestic processes that will sow the seeds of lasting peace on the ground. With this resolution, the countries of the world can extend their hand of cooperation to help all the people of Sri Lanka achieve that goal. »

Sri Lanka does not want any one to interfere in to the on going reconciliation efforts of the government, least of all  that of USA and the West.  Sri Lanka has no problem accommodating the Tamils as they are a part and parcel of Sri Lanka. 

The President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse said immediately after the elimination of the terrorists, that there is no majority and minorities in Sri Lanka, but there are only those who love Sri Lanka and those who do not.

The Member States of the UNHuman Rights Council attending the 19th session will understand that America is joining hands with  the Tamil politicians seeking their personal political benefits and the expatriate Tamils who know nothing  about what is really going on in Sri Lanka, to accentuate a Tamil ethnic problem.

America’s ulterior motive is  to set up “office” within Sri Lanka to deepen the ethnic difference and break the territorial unity of the country, by helping antigovernment forces.  America and its allies  will thus overcome the necessity for UNSecurity Council sanction and avoid the veto of  China and Russia  in  giving military support to any “rebel group” inside Sri Lanka along with their all powerful NATO forces if necessary.

The Government of Sri Lanka is a government of the people of Sri Lanka and not a government for the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other people.  The government of Sri Lanka had never nor will ever distinguish its people by race, colour or religion.

We therefore request the Member States of the UN Human Rights Council to oppose the American resolution against Sri Lanka in one voice.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

UNP and JVP pawns on the political checkerboard of American CIA for a Regime Change in Sri Lanka

People of Sri Lanka should be warned  that JVP and UNP are playing a role in favour of USA and the anti Sri Lanka Western Countries to destabilise the government and a possible regime change.  Both UNP and JVP  have the fear that if the government becomes more popular with the people  they may have to wait for a long time to gain political power into their own hands.

UNP and JVP had been hell bent to take the people away from their allegiance to the President and the Government, using the high cost of living  due to rising cost of fuel and gas.
as the bait.

But UNP and JVP are either not intelligent enough to understand that there is a greater danger  being prepared by USA and the West, or they have already been bought over by the CIA to start uprisings of the people  in the line of those manifestations  in  Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen to create an artificial civil war . 

JVP and UNP knowing that all the manifestations they organise  against the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse  will not have their  desired effect of  forcing the President and the Government to resign, seem to have decided to turn even to the devil himself to have their ambition fulfilled.

UNP is easily manipulated by the West as Ranil is well known as a stooge of the West. But  so far JVP seemed to have kept themselves away from forming an alliance with the UNP.  But recently Mangala Samaraweera said that there were unofficial talks with the JVP to bring it to join with the UNP for a larger opposition front to fight against the President and the Government.

In the meantime the upcoming TNA strong man Suresh Premachandran had said that  they will  join with the main opposition UNP to forma a  common political front against the Government.

The UNP  which had earlier announced that it would hold its May Day rally in Jaffna along with New Left Front of Wickremabahu Karunaratne, Western Peoples’ Front of Mano Ganeshan, Socialist Equality Party of Sirithunga Jayasuriya and the New Sinhala Urumaya now joins hands with TNA to make a larger anti government movement.

TNA strong man Suresh Premachandran had said, “  People in the north and the south have been battered by the rising cost of living. The poor, irrespective of where they live, have been affected by high prices of essential commodities. The price increase of kerosene has created extreme difficulties for the estate people,”

Premachandran  had  forewarned that the rupee would further depreciate in the coming weeks and without a ‘generous salary increase  the people will have to go to bed on their empty bellies.’
He  had also said that the issue of a political solution to address grievances of ethnic minorities was not taken up in initial discussions. “But we read in the newspapers that the UNP has called on the government to implement the LLRC recommendations. We have also asked the government to do the same.”

In this situation it is not advisable for the government to call  the people to manifest in favour of the government as,  if there were to be a confrontation between the pro government  manifestations  and anti government manifestations  it would be an ideal situation for the CIA of America  and the RAW of India to mix in the “melee” to create a sort of a  peoples’ struggle.  If the government were then to call the Armed Forces to control the situation it would  help those behind the scene to create an artificial  peoples manifestation against the government.

The West waiting for such an event will create chaos, and who knows perhaps arming the anti government manifestants may eventually  get the NATO to “ bomb Sri Lanka” as they did in Libya.

Is that what our Marxist JVP wants to happen ?  Is that what Sajith Premadasa, Karu Jayasuriya and the UNP want to happen in Sri Lanka ? 

These are the possible outcome of  continuous manifestations against the government  of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse  and his government who had removed the danger of terrorism, and made it safe for antigovernment opposition to organise  manifestations.

The government should stop the evolution of such a  situation by speaking to the political leaders ( leaving out the TNA) and explain the real situation in Geneva which the “foolish” people like Tilvin Silva , Lal Kantha, Tissa Attanayake, Lakshman Kiriella and the rest of them who have not grasped  the gravity of the situation. .

Tissa  Attanayake is  a political fanatic .  He sees nothing beyond  forming a UNP government.  The gathering storms of foreign intervention in the affairs of Sri Lanka   do not seem to be his concern. He .had said  that the “UNP is going to Jaffna to challenge the militarization of the north.”  He has accused the  government for  suppressing ‘the fundamental rights of the people in Jaffna’

Speaking about a common political front he had said, “…the proposed common front is not an electoral alliance but one in which the constituent parties would work together in parliament and outside against “undemocratic rule of the government.”  He had confirmed unofficial talks with the JVP

Attanayake had also said  that the “ the common front would launch a series of island wide protests and two protests would be held – in Hatton on March 14 and in Kandy on March 29.”

These political evolutions do not auger well for Sri Lanka’s position in Geneva to fight off the USA moves to  call for accountability and other sinister moves that would follow the USA resolution against Sri Lanka.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

After burning Holy Korans, and urinating on dead Afghan Talibans, USA Champions human rights in Geneva.

That is the irony of USA and the West.  They do all the violation of human rights, and war crimes  and put the blame on others, pretending to be  “ peace loving Nations which Stand for Democracy, justice and fair-play.”

Who are they trying to fool ? 

Are there Countries na├»ve enough to believe them and blindly follow them ?  I hope not kneeling to power and aggressive talk is over.  

Of course the Western Countries and European Union equally blind to the true meaning of Human Rights may vote for the anti Sri Lanka resolution of USA, with at least a few of them despite their reticence to do so if they have  feelings for fellow humans, and understand in their true sense the  meaning of  “justice and fair-play “.

If not for Navi Pillai’s partiality towards Tamil terrorists, she should not have even included Sri Lanka in the Agenda of the meetings of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

What did Sri Lanka do to deserve the wrath of the International Community?  Is it that Sri Lanka eliminated terrorism without their assistance ?  Do the countries that  look upto USA for its Mighty Armed Forces and dwindling wealth, see the imcomprehensible attitude of USA and its allies ?

Sri Lanka was a country that suffered for  30years under a brutal ruthless terrorism. Finally , having failed in all democratic efforts to come to a peace settlement with these ruthless demoniacs of  terrorists,  as a last resort to end the continued suffering of the people of Sri Lanka under terrorism, turned to a  military solution.

After 30 years of stress, fear and tragedy the people of Sri Lanka wanted  peace to live  without fear , bring up their children, educate them in a climate of safety, and the peasants wanted  to cultivate the fields earn a living and look after their families.  Therefore the military operation against the terrorists was a necessity to provide the terror weary people a  peaceful existence.

The Sri Lanka terrorists happened to be Tamils, therefore there is a false interpretation that fighting against the terrorists had been  fighting against the Tamils.  There is no logic in that because  Sri Lanka did not accept all Tamils living in Sri Lanka were terrorists.

The expatriate Tamils try to give this wrong impression to the outside world.  Expatriate Tamils have had no contact what so ever with the Sinhala population of Sri Lanka and therefore they believe that the Sinhala are anti Tamil.

The Sinhala always treated the Tamils as “our people”. Therefore  for the Sri Lanka Armed Forces too the Tamil people were “our people

That is the primary  difference with the military operations of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists and the war against terrorism by the USA and its allies, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya. 

The USA and Western Armed Forces do not have the feeling of “our people” towards the Afghans, Iraqis or Libyans.  If they had they would not have killed the Afghan Civilians for fun to cut off fingers as trophies, tortured the  Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison, or bombed Libyan without the least concern for the Libyan people.

Hence, the USA politicians who try to treat the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, to those of  the  Armed Forces of USA and it allies, should understand that fundamental different between their armed forces and those of Sri Lanka . 

It is only then that  they can understand the mentality of the Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces who while fighting the terrorists rescued over 300000 Tamil Civilians kept as human shields by the terrorists.  If the Sri Lanka Soldiers did not have that attitude of “our people” to the Tamils they would not have rescued the Tamil civilians  but killed them all shooting haphazardly and with the determination to kill.

A soldier of the Sri Lanka Armed forces would have for nothing in the world killed a  Tamil Civilians to cut a finger to take away as a trophy as they are “our people”, as the Soldiers of the US Armed forces did to Afghan Civilians because they were not “their people”.

Therefore, if in the last phase of the Military operations by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the terrorists some civilians were to have been killed it was “not  intentional”. If that “element of intention “ was not their  the Sri Lankan Armed Forces cannot be accused for  violation of human rights or war crimes.

But on the other hand  the soldiers of the USA Armed Forces had killed Afghan Civilian and cut off the fingers or urinated on the dead bodies of the Talibans, with “the intention” to kill and humiliate.  Therefore the American Armed forces have through the agency of their undisciplined soldiers, committed war crimes by killing Afghan civilians “with intention” and violated human rights  by “intentionally” urinating on the dead Talibans and “intentionally” burning the Holy Korans.
It is difficult to imagine the President Barack Obama’s USA has fallen to such law depths as to send one of its senior Administrators to Human Rights Council in Geneva to  pass a resolution against Sri Lanka from which Country the President Barack Obama could learn many lessons.
USA cannot hide behind the fact that it stands today condemned  by the peace loving people of the world as the country that has committed most heinous crimes defying the basic laws of human rights and has committed  more war crimes , yet  claiming to be  the  leading Nation of the world. 
But USA never had the guts to appoint a Commission, like the Small country “Sri Lanka” did after eliminating a ruthless terrorism to appoint the LLRC. USA has much more than Sri Lanka to learn from its  past wrongs to the peoples of the world, be it in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and its complete “loss of reason” to continue on the same path of destruction now planning wars in Iran, and North Korea, and discrediting and destabilising Sri Lanka for its just “war” against terrorists..
It was with that “blackened past “ of USA  that Maria Otero, Under Secretary of state for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights of the US, shamelessly stood before  the 19thth session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday 2,2012 to speak against Sri Lanka, despite its shameless past still to be investigated by a Commission, said  that “ the international community waited nearly three years for action and the United States is concerned. We know from experience that there can be no lasting peace without reconciliation and accountability, but the United States is concerned that, in Sri Lanka, time is slipping away,"
This is USA with its pants down accusing Sri Lanka and demanding Sri Lanka to implement its own  report of  the LLRC, the Commission which was appointed by the President Mahinda Rajapakse without any ones demand to do so ,and has already begun implementation its recommendations.
USA now comes with a resolution, as if it is they who are forcing Sri Lanka to implement Sri Lanka’s own Commission report  the recommendations of which have already been carried out, asking Sri Lanka to implement the recommendation of the LLRC.
In reality USA has not even the  right to be present at the UN Human Rights Council to move a resolution against Sri Lanka where USA has already withdrawn its Budgetary Contributions to UNESCO putting it into great financial difficulty, for no other reason but for accepting Palestine as a members State.
This is  another “war” of USA against UNESCO . It is a violation of the human right of poor nations need for assistance.   UNESCO is an organisation that has been doing a great service  in Education, Science  in the poor and developing countries for years and done remarkable work in the field of Culture.
In an age USA  sends men to the moon, it still functions on out dated  laws of protectionism. In 1990 USA   had adopted a law  to prevent any UN body accepting  a non-state entity as a member to receive financial aid from USA.  USA went to “war” with Chile under such a law of protectionism-the Monroe Doctrine.  It is not just and fair that USA today applies out dated laws to restrict the smooth functioning of UNESCO a world body that stands for all Nations in the World.
It is said, that “ the Obama administration accused Unesco of doing lasting damage to the Middle East peace process by rejecting US and Israeli demands to oppose the Palestinian bid “
Is it defending the Human Rights of a nation of people to sacrifice one Nation- Palestine,  for the wellbeing of another Nation- Israel.

It has been said  in a blog,  “….Throwing the future of the body(UNESCO) into doubt, the US State Department announced a halt to funding of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation just hours after it became the first UN body effectively to grant the right of statehood to the Palestinian people.
Despite the  US threat of a financial boycott, just 14 states voted against Palestinian membership, with 107 backing the bid, easily clearing the two-thirds majority needed for the Palestinian Authority to become a member of any UN body for the first time.”
This is the understanding of Human Rights by the USA of President Barrack Obama , who has still not halted the torture camp of Guantanamo.
It is time that the President Barack Obama reviews  the aggressive  discriminatory past of USA and  revitalise America as a forward looking peaceful Nation shedding its egoist protectionism and open itself to the world in complete political  transparence.
USA is trying to draw parallels with Darusman Report of UNSG Ban Ki Moon and LLRC. It is  therefore necessary to point out that  this “foolish” attempt on the part of both USA and UNHRCOmmissioner Navi Pillai is a revolting exercise of  giving respect to an irresponsible report, which does not stand equal to the Report of LLRC.
The report Darusman report is an imaginary investigation without the   Commission members even setting  their foot in Sri Lanka to meet and interview real players in Sri Lanka’s  30 years of terrorism and those who suffered from it. The Ban Ki Moon Panel lead by Darusman depended solely on the interviews with  anti Sri Lanka elements with prejudiced minds, anti Sri Lanka and pro-terrorist Websites, and reports, without any transparency even keeping secret the names of those who gave evidence and provided documentary material.
It is a shame on the part of the USA or Navi Pillai to even refer to the Darusman report in view of the LLRC Report which is a complete document prepared after meeting the people concerned and interviewing people in various part of the country who suffered under terrorism. It is an open transparent investigation, which can be accepted by the intelligent and rejected by the less intelligent.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

US Ambassador Butenis’ underhand means of creating Communal disharmony.

Ambassador Butenis says USA is not an enemy of Sri Lanka, but with friends like USA Sri Lanka need not have enemies.

Ambassador Butenis has started something called “ effective development” which is described as “means empowering communities and countries to chart their own future”.   An embassy of a foreign country is there to develop good relations between one country and another.  Therefore an Ambassador  has to work with the Government to which he or she is accredited, but not directly with any community or other Associations.  If a country is giving aid for a specific project  such aid should be  given to the Government and discuss how that aid has to be applied with the government.

Therefore Ambassador Butenis has no right to make use of USAID  to establish Public and Private alliance forums.  Further more  Butenis promotes USAID to Communities without understanding that USAID should be  a global grant for all Communities. 

Butenis at  a roundtable  attended by a public and private sector representative  at Galle Face Hotel last week had said  according to  the Island  report , “USAID was inking agreements that provided grants to partners who could match or exceed the funding received, for investments in their own community.”

This type of USAID should be controlled by the Government, as such aid also includes employing of NGO’s.  And if with such aid to Communities are to be made individually and separately to Communities , it would be  far from helping reconciliation of Communities in Sri Lanka which is trying to  change the idea that Communities are separate entities, but to accept each Community as a part of a whole thus paving the way to a National unity.

Therefore USAID if it is to empower Communities to Chart their own future, the idea had to be shunned as it is contrary to reconciliation process which the Government has begun  which is to  convince the Communities the necessity  to merge in  to a nation of one people leaving aside the concept of communal separation.

According to the  report of Zaki Jabbar  in the Island of 29 February, 2012, Ambassador Butenis has said “….. Quoting President Barack Obama, …….. US was renewing development as a key element of American foreign policy, not by lecturing and imposing its ideas, but by listening and working together, seeking more exchanges between students and experts, new collaborations among scientists to promote technological development, partnerships between businesses and entrepreneurs to advance prosperity and opportunities for people everywhere. …”

In reality USA has no special interest in the people of Sri Lanka whether they be  the Tamil Community or the Sinhala and Muslim Communities.  But their pretended interest in the Tamil Community is  through the attachment the US Assistant Secretary of State for Central And South Asia Robert Blake has for the terrorists of Sri Lanka .  It is that connection that is now being used  by the  USA to divide the nation thus breaking a Chinese link in the Indian ocean.

Sri Lanka’s present problem comes from the American NGO’s who were asked to leave the terrorists controlled areas as the Military operations against the terrorists had commenced and the Armed Forces cannot provide security to them.  These NGOs went back angry with the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces and began the anti Sri Lanka Government campaign, which took a greater proportion after the elimination of the terrorists, and now it has turned out to be an accusation for violation of human rights to take revenge from the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces for the elimination of those “friendly terrorists” with whom they had worked.

In the light of this, Sri Lanka cannot again place its trust on  any Aid workers sent by USAID.
The USA and its Western allies were determine to do a “Libya” in Syria to oust the President al-Assad’s government . This attempt was foiled by  Russia and China voting against intervention in Syria. USA and its allies the West Smarting under the wound of defeat in the intended “bombarding” of Syria, seem to  be contemplating other tactics which are of doubtful honesty.

It was said in Sky news that USA and the West want the agreement of Russia and China to send Aid Workers to Syria.  In the case of  Libya the USA and the West having  got UN Security Council sanction to control the Air Space over Libya, commenced bombardments abusing the UN Sanction and later even air dropped arms an ammunitions to the rebels and even sent Italian Military advisers to help the rebels organise themselves against the Colonel Gaddafi’s Forces.

Hence it would not be wrong to assume that if the USA and the West were to send Aid workers to Syria they may send CIA experts as aid workers and organise the rebels against the Armed Forces of Assad.   Russia and China had said that they will not allow the USA and the West to use the UN Security Council once again to attack militarily another country as they did to Libya.  Hence it is unlikely that Russia and China will be in agreement with USA and the West  to send Aid Workers to Syria.

USA and the West if they want to could change their aggressive methods of changing regimes and  become more friendly and start dialogues without assuming before hand that all Arab leaders are dictators.  The West has made them  what they are  because of their “fear” to trust the USA and the Western Governments.

Even in Sri Lanka USA has no special interest in the people other than using the people to organise  their political strategies. Immediately after the elimination of the terrorists the USA hastened to establish its influence in Jaffna. That is how USAID built the  American Corner in Jaffna for Jaffna  people to meet.  It was declared open by Ambassador  Patricia Butenis and USAID Director Jim Bednar in January, 2011. 
Strangely  the report of the Opening of the Centre  had been written by Melissa Coulter who serves as the  Public Diplomacy Desk Officer in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs and Jeffrey Anderson Public Affairs Officer of the USA Embassy.

“Strangely”,  because  Bureau of the South and Central Asian Affairs is Headed by non other than Robert O Blake the friend of the Sri Lanka terrorists.  And the USA Corner may have been Robert O Blake’s idea.
USA had always helped the Tamils of the North even before the beginning of the terrorism. They were even then trying to make Jaffna a different place from the South.

Melissa Coulter  writes, “ The United States has close historical ties with Jaffna. Arriving in Jaffna in 1813, American missionaries established the first printing press in Jaffna and the first medical centers, medical schools, and the first Tamil-language newspaper in Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka). Harriet Winslow, the great grandmother of the late Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, also founded the Uduvil Girls School, the first all-girls boarding school in Asia.”

To crown that past USA connection in Jaffna, USA has now built the  American Corner in Jaffna.  Ambassador Butenis had said at the opening of the Centre, “….we hope and expect that the American Corner in Jaffna will quickly become a vibrant community center, digitally connecting Jaffna with the rest of Sri Lanka and with the world and providing a space for dialogue between Sri Lankans and Americans.” 

USA needs  some “brain washing”. It is time they instead of acting  on an Assistant Secretary of State Robert O Blake’s  intense desire to take revenge from Sri Lanka over the elimination of his friends the Sri Lanka terrorists, think clearly of the necessity of their  resolution against Sri Lanka  which they propose to move at the Human Rights Council in Geneva this month.

USA was against the Government of Sri Lanka for,  having failed  peace negotiations with the terrorists it resorted to a military solution to  end terrorism.  The then Ambassador  continued to speak against  the  decision of the Sri Lanka Government's military operations against the terrorists. But USA never intervened to speak to the terrorists despite Robert O Blake’s good relationship with them to demand the terrorists to end terrorism and come to a political settlement with the government. 

When the Commander of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka and the President of Sri Lanka were wounded by the terrorists the USA did not intervene with the terrorists to stop their further criminal activities.  It was the same when the terrorists killed a Sri Lanka President and again the President of India , USA remained dumb, there was then no question of human rights or “war crimes”  mentioned against  the terrorists.

Even when the Sri Lanka Minister of Foreign Affairs was killed by a terrorist sniper. USA and Robert Blake was not heard of.

But now the USA, EU and the different Western humanitarians are coming out in packs to condemn Sri Lanka and threatening to take her before a tribunal accused for war crimes, merely because Sri Lanka eliminated terrorism without their help.

After the elimination of the terrorists Sri Lanka developed the country  in all fields and began reconciling the Communities.   Sri Lanka without the help of the USA and the EU appointed its own Commission of Investigation and is now preparing to implement the recommendations of its own Commission LLRC.

But now USA comes to  Geneva to attend the Human Rights Comission with an anti Sri Lanka resolution demanding the implementation of the recommendation of the LLRC.

We do not now want USA or European Union to tell us that we should implement the recommendations of  our own LLRC.  Sri Lanka Government will implement those recommendations of the LLRC without any coaxing from the West  same way as  Sri Lanka eliminated the terrorists without any help of the USA and its allies.

Sri Lanka only wants it left alone without the interference of the West, as Sri Lanka knows what is best for the country and is doing what is necessary in an appropriate manner.