Thursday, 27 June 2013

13 Amendment should be removed, and replace PCs with a people friendly Regional Administration.

Those who have a personal agenda are against the removal of the 13th Amendment.  The 13th Amendment is now an anti dated legislature.  It was introduced for another purpose at another time.  Even at the time it was introduced into the Constitution the 13 Amendment did not serve the purpose for which it was introduced. 

The India Lanka pact that introduced the 13th Amendment  was a failure from the start.  The IPKF with a starting force of 10000 men had 80000 men at its peak, yet it was unable to stop terrorism.

The disaster caused with the Indo Lanka pact that  introduced the 13the Amendement  was immense. “ The IPKF suffered around 1,200 killed in action and several thousand wounded. The LTTE casualties are not known reliably but it is assumed that approximately 8000-11000 were killed and several thousand were injured.”  (wikipedia)

Finally the Indian Army left without solving any of the problem they came to solve. And the aftermath was the assassination of the man who planned the intervention  of Indian Army in Sri Lanka which served no purpose,  but managed to left behind the “hated” 13th Amendment which has become the  bone of contention of every one.

The 13 Amendment was to facilitate  the Indian army to bring the LTTE under control and establish peace.  The Indian Army left making the problem worse than it was before they came.   

In Sinhala there is a saying, “ what is the use of the sword which was not there for the war; is it  to  cut jak fruits ( yuddeta neti kaduw kos kotantada ) ? ”

We could hence  ask of what use is the 13th Amendment which served no purpose to end terrorism and establish peace.  The wisest possible action Sri Lanka can do with it now  is to just dump it and prepare another system of regional administration which suits the country.

Has the PC system organised under the 13th Amendment done any good ?  

The PCs are another set of bureaucratic administrations  out of reach of the people.   It has created another set of,   a sort of Ministers and Parliamentarians.  Once elected as Provincial Council Members  they become “panjandrums”  of the villages and the Province.   They get distanced from the people and act as they have special social status that require respect and  obedience of the petty government officials and the villagers. 

The incidence of  Ananda Sarath Kumara the North Western Province,  Provincial Councillor  who force  kneeled a teacher before the pupils is an example of what becomes of the PC Members.  He just imitated what a Minister in the Parliament did by tying a Government Official to a tree. 

The Provincial Council Member  Sarath Kumara posed as  a great personality, with  his own henchmen acting as his security officers. He could  make any one  stop speaking against him through fear of reprisal.  That is how the PCs have created small time village mafias able to keep the people silent with blind acceptance of all their unscrupulous activities.  Do we want to perpetrate that system ?
The 13 Amendment introduced by India though it has served no great purpose in Sri Lanka, serves India which still to keeps the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka at bay, giving instructions from far and also calling obedience to the whims and fancies of its Chief Minister Jayalalitha. With the 13th Amendment Sri Lanka has become a “political laughing stock”.  Any one in Tamil Nadu can dictate terms to Sri Lanka.

Vaiko of MDMK-the joker who was ready to come to Sri Lanka to fight along side Prabhakaran  is reported to have said, 

 “Sri Lankan officials should not be accommodated anywhere in the country”   It was reported  that he had said that the, “ Political parties and Tamil outfits will stage protests if the Centre continues to impart training to officials of the Sri Lankan defence forces at Defence Services Staff College at Wellington in the Nilgiris. “

All those insults by nincompoops  are because Sri Lanka is unable to decide to do  away with the 13th Amendment.  Whether we will remove it or not neither India nor the International community will change their attitude towards  Sri Lanka. 

India will always play the role of the “big brother” issuing dictates and pampering anti government elements and harbour the desire  given the opportunity to divide Sri Lanka between the Tamils and the Sinhala just to please Tamil Nadu jokers.  All that is because India has the handle- the 13th Amendment left behind by its erstwhile leader Rajiv Ghandhi.

Jomo Kinyata  had once said with regard to the poverty of Kenya  that,  when the British came to Kenya they had the Bible in their hands, and the Kenyans’ had the land, and when they left the Kenyans’ had the Bible in their hands and the British had the land.

Similarly (if not exactly) the Indians came with their military power promising to settle terrorism and bring peace, but when they left after failure to settle neither  terrorism nor establish peace, they left behind the 13 Amendment, which is worse than the terrorism.  The terrorism Sri Lanka settled with its own force , but the 13Amendment is still their to fulfil indirectly what the terrorist failed to do.  And Sri Lanka appears unable to remove the distasteful Amendment .

SLMC Leader Rauff Hakeem,   

who signed a MoU with Prabhakaran, to have his own Muslim Eelam under the protection of Prabhakaran’s Tamil  Eelam, is said to be  infuriated over his party's non-inclusion in the PSC.  He had said addressing a meeting at Maon Street, Kalmunai, on Saturday, it was important for the SLMC to have a nominee on the PSC as the 13th Amendment is all to do with minority rights. He had also accused the government of amending the 13th Amendment to suit some parties within the ruling coalition.”

What Hakeem is up to  being in the Government as the Minister of Justice is any body’s guess ?

In the mean time Lakshman Kiriella, 

is worried about the government not satisfying  the International Community, and says “…. the government has promised the international community that it will provide a solution beyond the 13th amendment but has so far failed to do so. He pointed out that minority communities and their constituent parties were caught between protecting their Ministerial roles and protecting its community…”  The UNP is always at the beck and call of the International Community as the Government of President Mahinda Rajapakse is at the beck and call of India.

The Government Ministers  and MPs who are vehemently against the removal of the 13 th Amendment,   have no  reason to  fight to keep the 13th Amendment other than to exercise their influence in the Administration of the Provincial Councils and preserve  their vote base. 
The periodical issues of  job quotas to Provincial councils are a means to help  the  henchmen of the Provincial Councillors, leaving out the deserved eve if they have the correct qualifications.  These abuses could  be stopped by changing the PC system and establishing a more progressive form of Regional Administration.

The demand of the old LSSP and the CP Ministers are not understandable other than that they prefer attachment to India, and lack  progressive thinking.  They have in their mind the future of a united Sri Lanka with  the Communal difference, when the need is to have a united Sri Lanka without Communal differences.  Other than that there is no logical reason for the LSSP and CP Parliamentarians and Ministers to yearn to keep the 13Amendment intact.

The 13 Amendment should be removed, to enable the introduction of another System of Regional Administration to integrate the  peasants and villagers as partners in the Governance of the Country.   

It would help to reduce,  if not stop corruption at all levels, as the villagers themselves will be able to keep watch over  malpractices taking place at the  lower levels which often go unnoticed, and alert those responsible in the  Government and awaken the government  from its  lethargy.  It would also help dampen criminality, and would be an asset for the police to carry out their duties more efficiently.

Therefore, instead of amending the 13th Amendment in bits and pieces it should be jettisoned to clean the Constitution, which has been contaminated by this piece of Indian  legislation introduced into it.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

DEW Gunasekara, Tissa Vitharana, Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Reginald Cooray and Rajitha Senaratne in support of 13Amendment.

Vasudeva Nanayakkara, DEW Gunasekara and Tissa Vitarana at Socialist Alliance May Day stage 
It is a shame to see these Senior Ministers of the Government of the  left and the old UNP defending the 13A.  LSSP always fought for loss causes without gaining any thing in return.  Dew Gunasekara spoke of their canvassing Jaffna for elections, which they said proudly that the JVP and the JHU were unable to do. But they did not say that though they stood for both  Communities neither the Tamils in Jaffna nor the Estate Tamils supported them at elections. Only in 1956 CP had one candidate  P. Kandiah elected from a constituency in Point Pedro.  That was an exception, nothing to cry to high heavens about.  They were never supported by the Tamils in the North and later they were shunned in the South as well.

The  leftist Ministers should realise that if they had been  more intelligent and supported other parties without being self seeking the situation of the LSSP  political movement would have been different.  In an article tracing the History of the Left movement  Leslie Gunawadhane wrote,
“…The question may well be asked as to what the position would have been if the LSSP had joined the MEP in 1956 in putting forward the demand for Sinhala Only. There is little doubt that the LSSP would have played a leading role in the movement for Sinhala Only. It is also very likely that the position of the Left in general and of the LSSP in particular would have been much stronger today among the Sinhalese masses. Also the position of the SLFP would have been significantly weaker. However, it is a moot question how much closer Sri Lanka would have been to socialism.”

In the same article Leslie Gunawardhana prophetically wrote, “….., the movement for a separate state has grown with leaps and bounds among the Tamils of the North. The situation may develop to a point when it is only Sinhalese domination by military rule in the North that will be able to preserve the unity of the country. And even such a unity maintained by force may not be able to continue for long if an imperialist power decides in its own interest to back the movement for secession by a supply of military aid.”

Rajitha Senaratne is with one foot in the Government  and with the other foot still awaiting a chance to step out into his former fold with whom he will be more at home.  Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Tissa Vitharana, Dew Gunasekara and Reginald Cooray are waging a war against the JHU, JVP and Wimal Weerawansa to have a greater say within the cabinet of the President Mahinda Rajapakse..

DEW Gunasekara seems to be in  a secret pact with the TNA going all out to retain the 13 A knowing very  well that it has no place in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  DEW Gunasekara says that there is a silent majority in the government who wants to retain the 13Amendment at all cost.

It may be so as the PCs are jammed with  relatives and political henchmen  of the Ministers and SLFP supporters, some of them of doubtful character, and a “gold mine” for others, making money by sale of  Timber, shifting of sand from river beds, offering contracts  for transport, supply of material etc. to different road construction projects.  They may not like the PC System coming to an end with the removal of the 13 Amendment for their own personal reasons.

DEW Gunasekara should be sure even if he finds a silent majority  in the Government in support of the 13Amendment, the mass of the people are against it, and the LSSP and CP will be despised by the people as the they were despised both by the Tamils and the Sinhala in the past.  In 1946 LSSP voted against the Bill for disenfranchisement  of plantation workers and earned the wrath of the Sinhala, and the Plantation Workers who  in their turn preferred the Indian Tamil Congress of Thondaman to LSSP.

It was reported  that DEW Gunasekara  had given  a new respectability to the India enforced 13 Amendment.  “..Speaking on the argument relating to the Indian involvement in the making of the 13th Amendment, Minister D.E.W Gunasekara said the Indo Lanka accord was a culmination of debates that began in the 1920’s and rejected the notion that it was forced upon the country by India.” 

He must be dreaming. This man should not continue to be a Minister of the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse. 

It was reported recently in an Internet gmail forum that Rajiv Ghandhi when he came to sign the India Lanka pact with the President JR Jayawardhana , he had already selected a man to be the Governor of Sri Lanka in case JR Jayawardhana refused to sign the  Pact and had arranged to have the Indian Army flown in  to Sri Lanka. 

These  four are naïve politicians with no foresight of what anti Sri Lanka forces are capable of doing to Sri Lanka.  They are only inviting intervention for foreign forces  to break away Sri Lanka perhaps to prove to Wimal Weerawansa, JHU, and  JVP what would happen if the 13 Amendment is removed.

Reginald Cooray too does not speak for the people as they do not care what the mass of the people of Sri Lanka think of the 13 Amendment.  They are taken up by their own selfish motives to even go against the people of the country  if they can teach a lesson to Wimal Weerawansa, JHU, and JVP.

Reginald Cooray had said , “With the end of the war there was euphoria all around and everyone ignored the root of the problem moving away from the need to address the political problem. Racism, extremis, and the tribal mentality is the best tape to be playing and is the oldest tape that has been played. We have to learn from our past mistakes.”

Reginald Cooray speaks as a politician well versed in International Politics and  had said “ Citing international examples, Cooray said that every nation which had diverse populations and cultures had devolved power enabling them to become powerful nations.
“These heroes who scream against the international community within this country don’t know an atom about how political systems work. Every country in this world has devolved power to a certain extent and that is a must,”

But Reginald Cooray has failed to say which  are the countries in the world that have devolved power to the minorities.  Reginald Cooray thinks the people are gullible to swallow every thing he says.   But he does not realise what is at stake is a worse situation, which is a possible setting up of a Eelam State if the 13 Amendment is allowed to remain in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

The four misled politicians of the left and the exUNP Rajitha Seanaratne say that they want the country to go forward , but little they realise that they are the one’s that are  being  barriers to the forward march of the country.

The LSSP and the CP are in a process of slow death and perhaps their support of the 13Amendment will  see their final demise.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Why this delay taking action on 13 Amendment ?

We  learnt that the JHU presented a Bill on the removal of the 13 Amendement.  We also learnt that a cabinet decision had been taken with regard to removal of certain clauses in the Amendment without really removing it, and that a PSC is to decide what further changes should be made to the controversial and down right undemocratic 13 Amendment.  Undemocratic because it was  forced on the people of Sri Lanka , making the 13Amendment not of the people, not by the people and not for the people.

The 13 Amendment was forced into the Constitution of Sri Lanka at the behest of an unfriendly thug of a neighbour to benefit a section of the population ignoring the rest. The Provincial Council System that came into being  with the  13 Amendment based on a foreign model and written by  people of a  foreign  culture, does not fit into Sri Lanka’s Constitution. 

The Members of the PCs  established under the 13 Amendment have lost their simplicity and  Buddhist and Sri Lankan characteristics , becoming a political creed strange to the culture and the environment.  The earlier we scrap the 13 Amendment better it would be for Sri Lanka and its people as a whole. The President , however, seems to think that the PC System is not bad and changing it cannot be done in a hurry.  There is more than enough evidence that the PC system has not served the purpose of regional administration.

India is definitely taking “orders” from the State Department of USA, and   Hillary Clinton had personally met Jayalalitha.  Hillary Clinton did not visit  Sri Lanka, which she should have done if she was a good  Secretary of  State with  political acumen., and not pompous and pretentious.  Hence we cannot depend on India to help us solve our political problems though our political leadership act in the interest of Central government of India in its effort to keep TamilNadu within its fold.
A Dalit Family in India
India so concerned about Tamils in Sri Lanka does not seem to be bothered about the most inhuman condition of living of the 16.2 per cent
High Caste  attacked Dalit family home
of the  Dalit population in India. What is India’s solution  to Dalits who have no “ human ” existence, having minimum of modern facilities, living in fear of rape of women and  most mean treatment met out to the males by the upper caste goons ?  

The  government of Sri Lanka on the other hand makes no difference of the lower or higher caste Tamils in  Sri Lanka.  They are provided with the same rights and priviledges of the rest of the population.

But yet it is the TNA MPs who are said to be  of the priviledged  higher caste who do not extend to the Tamils of Lower caste the same respect and consideration that they show to the high caste Tamils, but force the lower caste Tamils to vote for  them lording their caste priviledge before them- the low caste Tamils.

India has to look after its own affairs and let Sri Lanka look after its own. Therefore,  Sri Lanka is  not answerable  to India for what it has to do with the 13 Amendment.  Sri Lanka is no more in the same position it was  in 1987.  Sri Lanka is a developing country which is marching forward and every thing that would be an impediment to that march forward to progress and  development  of Sri Lanka and its people has to be set aside forthwith as Sri Lanka had been overlooking that necessity far too long.

The sittings  of the PSC are not still scheduled.  The President speaking at a press conference has said , “…the PSC, which will soon be appointed, would be the forum for all parties to air their views on the 13A.” but not specified  when the appointments would be made and when the sittings will commence.  However, it has been announced that the Speaker of the Parliament has appointed 19 members to the PSC but the nominations by the opposition have not been received as yet.  

If the urgent Bill the government is proposing to present to the Parliament is to remove the right of the President to merge two provinces , it is not that Urgent. In September the government is proposing to have  only the  PC elections and not Presidential election, therefore  if the proposal is only a modification to the 13Amendment then what is urgent is the removal of  police and land powers.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Remove 13 Amendment to stop India interfering into internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

Signing Indo Lanka Pact  29 July 1987

 Sri Lanka, despites its Independence in 1948, despite its breaking away from Colonial values in 1956, despite its single handed military operations against a ruthless group of terrorists and eliminating them, despite the new diplomatic relations and considerable development of the Island within 5 years after elimination of terrorism, is having its  Sovereignty  damaged by incessant interference of India over the Tamil issue having an indirect control over Sri Lanka because of the India Sri Lanka Pact under which a nefarious Amendment was forced into our constitution holding the then president under duress.
The day before Indo Lanka Pact was signed Rajiv with Prabhakaran TN Minister Panruti and Balasingham
The 13Amendment with its beginning in India is the only handle India has to dictate terms to Sri Lanka.  TNA the proxi terrorist party too gets revitalised through the 13Amendment to cross the border to meet its diaspora sponsors to championing the cause of Rudrakumaran and Father Emmanuel’s Global Tamil Forum  to divide Sri Lanka. 
Rajiv Gandhi moments before he was assassinated
America too uses the 13Amendment to activate the TamilNadu against Sri Lanka and  ensure India performs  the role it had been allocated by USA to disrupt Sri Lanka’s unitary status.  A divided Sri Lanka would allow America to have a military base in Trincomalee to check the progress of China into the Indian Ocean.

Therefore the way to keep away these anti Sri Lanka forces is to withdraw the  13 Amendment  which would paralyze their anti Sri Lanka Activities.  
Prabhakaran with TN Chief Minister M.G.Ramachandran

 It is the 13 Amendment which makes the unpatriotic separatist Tamil M.A.Sumanthiran of the TNA dare say to The Indian Express:
“ India should take “measures” to ensure that the Sri Lankan government does not succeed in robbing provincial councils of certain powers under the 13th amendment and that they, hope that India will take measures to arrest the trend and reverse the process and hold Sri Lanka to its word (of going beyond the 13th amendment)”

And to add insult to injury the Indian External Affairs Ministry has issued a statement that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was “dismayed” at the Mahinda Rajapaksa government for trying to remove key powers of the provincial councils just before elections to the Tamil-majority northern provincial council in September “, and added that, “..such proposals raised “doubts” about the commitment made by the Sri Lankan government to India and international community of reaching a political settlement that would go beyond the 13th amendment.”
Prabhakaran with Norway  Foreign Minister Jan Peterson in Killinochchci

How could India dare address such a statement vis à vis  Sri Lanka’s internal administration if not for the “handle’ the 13 Amendment  ?  India in reprimanding Sri Lanka invokes the intervention of the International Community.  The statement the President Mahinda Rajapakse is supposed to have made  about a political settlement that would go beyond the 13 Amendment could mean any thing, but that he will introduce the 13 Amendment fully and add some more privileges above and beyond what had been specified in the 13 Amendment. That is a misunderstanding by India and often repeated by the unpatriotic separatist proxi terrorist TNA MPs

Apparently UNP has asked for two weeks delay to nominate its members to the PSC and the TNA has not responded.  If the Government were to wait for them to nominate their participating members to hold the PSC it may take a long time, perhaps  even after the proposed PC elections in September.
Resorting to a delaying tactic is the possible way to stop the Parliamentary action against the removal of the 13Amendment, or passing an Amendment to reduce its effect.  The Government should therefore issue a final notice to UNP and TNA  giving them a day for the nomination of their members, after which the government should go ahead with the PSC sittings.

If the Government keeps on hesitating, next it will be Ban Ki Moon and Navineetham Pillai who will come into the seen followed by the Amnesty International , Human Rights Watch,  the International Crisis Group, and the American State Department with the “big mouthed” Robert O’Blake. 
If as usual the Government and the SLFP talks without taking action to make the issue urgent, it will be all talk without action.  

 Hence the Government should provide  means to go ahead with the repeal of the 13 Amendment  without any further delay.
On the departure of Rajiv Gandhi after signing the India Lanka Pact he was attacked by a soldier Vijithamuni Rohana de Silva a soldier on guard of Honour on 30 July,1987

Monday, 17 June 2013

Why this Dissension amoung the Cabinet Ministers on the 13 Amendment ?

Minister Champika Ranawaka of JHU without an unwavering conviction for the removal of the 13Amendment
Tissa Vitharan  the Technology and Research Minister  representing the LSSP had said that the 13 Amendment is already a weak Amendment and therefore there is no reason that it should be removed.   But if that is the case why not remove  it instead of keeping a weak controversial amendment.  Tissa Vitharana had added, “Whatever amendments to the 13A, could be presented to the legislature after the polls were over, as the people’s representatives could take a decision at that stage.”

The removal of the 13 Amendment if a decision is taken to remove it would take a period of time- drafting the relevant Act, presenting it to the Supreme court for legal approval and then present it to the Parliament. In the mean time  the elections could still be held in the North under the provisions of the 13Amendment, but the action for its removal should be initiated now.  Thereafter a new system of provincial administration should be prepared to affect all Provincial Councils once the 13Amendment is removed.  All actions pertaining to land and police powers etc., under the 13 Amendment  should in the mean time be  suspended  until its removal from the Constitution, and new provisions made under a new Act.

The 13Amendment which our legislators do not seem to understand  is a foreign law-thought out and prepared by India and forced to be included  in our Constitution. It will neither help the Tamil people, nor the other communities. Its is its  removal and adopting a system appropriate to the country which would help reconciliation and uniting the people and provide them with a true representative system of Provincial Councils.

Tissa Vitharana had further added that, “ The Northerners, who had undergone enough suffering over the last three decades, should be left in peace to exercise their franchise at a free and fair election without creating unnecessary issues and confrontations. ”

This in fact is the very reason why the 13Amendment should be removed, as it is foreign to our people who went through untold, suffering and misery since its introduction in to the Constitution in 1987.  India when it forced the 13Amendment on Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka was  in disarray and  nobody knew what was going to be the outcome of terrorism, which was very powerful at the time  and thought invincible.
The 13 Amendment was an attempt to subjugate  a sovereign State according to  whims and fancies of  the leaders of a  neighbouring State profiting from the weakness of Sri Lanka.  Therefore, one cannot understand the logic of those Cabinet Ministers demanding  the “ Amendment of shame”  to be retained in  Constitution of Sri Lanka. 

The 13 Amendment should be removed in its entirety, and removing of the President’s right to merge two provinces is not the worst that has been  removed.  In fact there is already a legal ruling which removed the  merger of North and East. And the decision to remove the right of the President to re-merge provinces is an eye washer to fool the people.

The government has not said any thing with regard to the removal of the police and land rights or  given any reason  why the whole of the 13 Amendment should not be removed, instead of removing bits and pieces of it..

In the meantime  Rauf Hakeem the Minster of Justice says,“We must remember that the 13th Amendment came as a solution to the National problem after a long-drawn-out process.”  This is « bull shit ».  This man seems to have no idea  how the 13 Amendment came to be included in the Constitution. 

Rauf Hakeem was a sympathiser of the terrorists and even signed a MoU with Prabhakaran.  He is not a patriot who loves the Country.  His interest is in his Community and an eventual Islamizing of Sri Lanka. Rauff Hakeem says that the13 Amendment came after a long drawn up  process as a solution to the National problem.  We wonder from where  he got that idea .

It is only the Sinhala Buddhists, and those with real patriotic sentiments who  want the 13 Amendment removed, as they are  concerned about the unitary status of Sri Lanka and will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to save the country even if the other Communities were to look askance. 

Karu Jayasuriya, who is a copy confirm of Mangala Samaraweera bleats his protests against the government, having failed to be the second in command in the UNP after leaving the  Cabinet of the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is crying over a repealed 17 Amendment and  threatens to boycott the PSC.  These UNP stalwarts  are only politically motivated about keeping the 13 Amendment, and do not seem to be over concerned about the country’s  future and the reconciliation of the Communities. They do not see that the 13 Amendment is a deterrent for reconciliation of Communities , which will keep alive the hatred of the Tamils against the other Communities.  

It  had been a habit with Ranil Wickramasinghe under the previous  President as well  to refuse to cooperate to find solutions for national  problems. Under the President Chandrika Kumaratunga  Ranil Wickramasinghe  refused to attend  all party discussions to find solutions to terrorism to which he was invited. 

Ranil Wickramasinghe panders to the TNA hoping that he may be able to get the  votes of the North in a future Presidential Election if the TNA win the PC elections under the 13Amenment.  He is the man who has still refused to give credit to the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorism. 

He has demanded that the Army Personnel should not be appointed  Governors in  Provinces.  The Army Personnel have on the other hand every right to hold positions of importance in the North and East as it was they who contributed for the emancipation of the people in the North and East, from the bonds of terrorism, risking their lives in that effort.

The people of Sri Lanka should take note of these non progressive   reactionary attitude of the UNP leadership and politically isolate UNP under Ranil Wickramasinghe  and refuse to vote for the UNP in any future election.

The Catholic Bishops also have ganged together against the removal of the 13 Amendment.  This is no surprise as the Catholic Church had a very close connection with the LTTE and Catholic Father Emmanuel is all out to divide Sri Lanka  with his World Tamil Forum.   The Catholic Priests of  Sri Lanka  do not take patriotic decisions on  any issue that concerns the country as a whole, as they are first bound by the dictates that come from Rome, and their patriotisms is towards the Holy See. So much for their love for Sri Lanka.

India fears a break away of TamilNadu if the Central government does not give into all their demands,  and fears that with it several other Indian States may follow. The President of Sri Lanka perhaps considers  a broken away TamilNadu may be a worst  alternative than a TamilNadu as a part of the Government of India.  But those are political  moves that are beyond the control of Sri Lanka, therefore  Sri Lanka  should take precautions to meet such political evolutions in India, while doing what is necessary for Sri Lanka as an Independent Sovereign State.

The LSSP and CP have been reduced to mere Name Boards. They are hoping to comeback making their decision to oppose the removal of the 13Amendment  as their determination to uphold their absurd principle, which is  to  assure the diminishing  party cadre, their loyalty to the LSSP and to  keep themselves politically  afloat. Their opposition to the 13 Amendment is with that selfish motive  and to present a different opinion to that of the JVP, which incidentally is for the removal of the 13 Amendment.

In evaluating the issue there appears to be no  valid reason for these errant members of the Cabinet to oppose the 13 Amendment.  They should ask in  one voice to remove it from the Constitution. 

The Minister who stands by his unwavering conviction to remove the  “unholy” 13 Amendment is  Champika Ranawaka of the JHU.  Rajitha Senaratne has gone to the extent of saying that he would resign from his Ministry if the 13 Amendment is removed. One cannot understand what he stands to gain by maintaining the 13Amenment in the Constitution. He may have a secret agenda for his vehement protest.  But his leaving the Ministry is not a great loss, as Sri Lanka stands to gain much more from removing the 13 Amendment.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

TNA MPs are brainless slaves without minds of their own, even frightened to participate in the PSC.

Leader without leadership
The TNA MPs began life in 2001  as slaves of the Terrorist Prabhakaran.  They did not have to think, but do what the terrorist Thamilchelvam and Prabhakaran asked them to do.  As a result they are today a set of  morons unable to think  for themselves without  having to consult others to tell them what they should do.  It is a shame to have them in Parliament as representatives of people as in reality they represent no one, not even themselves.

What can they do  in a National Forum like the Parliament where they have to plan things for the people and  the country.  They are unable to do that, and  do only things they have learnt from their evil masters the terrorist.  TNA MPs cannot speak about unity , because their masters the terrorists stood for division.  TNA MPs cannot speak about development, because their masters the terrorist stood for  regression. TNA MPs cannot work to take the country and its people forward, because their masters the terrorists stood for taking the people and the country backward.

Therefore, why bother about asking TNA MPs about the 13 Amendment , as they know next to nothing about it and their masters the terrorists having been eliminated they seek those who helped their masters to take orders and understand about the 13 Amendment. 

The President  Mahinda Rajapakse instead of asking these  set of dummies the TNA MPs  their views on the abolition of the 13Amendment, should take his own decision as the executive President, and face the consequences without a 13 Amendment the best way possible, facing any problems  as and when  they arise.  If not we will remain for years encumbered with the  13Amendment which we do not want,  and which will cause more problems as time goes on.  13A is something which could have been nipped in the bud  which  now requires an axe, and more.

What have the TNA MPs done ever since the elimination of terrorism ? They have been running about from India to South Africa, from South Africa to Canada, Canada to UK, and from UK back to India asking them to help them set up a separate Eelam State. 

Sampanthan speaking to the Foreign Press had said the Tamil people will not return to violence.  Then he say  but who knows. He says that they did not create LTTE .  Of course it was the LTTE that created TNA.
He takes himself  for Prabhakaran
The TNA MPs cannot speak in one voice.  They are divided and Sampanthan cannot profess to speak for the rest of the TNA MPs.  TNA MPs can speak only about  devolution of power, an undefined ethnic issue, undiluted 13Amendment, police and land power to PCs. Other than that they know nothing about the Communal Unity, peoples desire for peace , inter communal relations, etc. 

What have the TNA MPs really done since they were organised in to a political party  by the terrorists to be their spokesmen in the Parliament and forced the Tamil people in the North and East to vote for them at the 2001 election ? They have done nothing progressive or positive other than carrying the torch of terrorism in to the Parliamentary politics, and carrying a negative image of Sri Lanka as  violating the rights of the minorities in to the outside world.  They have not organised any new project  for the Tamil people , but has laid barriers to the Government in its work for the betterment of the Tamil people.

Today a serious matter with regard to the interference of India into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs is to be discussed and the necessity to remove the  13 Amendment, which  remains a scar in the Constitution of Sri Lanka  subjugating Sri Lanka’s sovereignty  to India, is demanded by the people, and the MPs of the TNA instead of being with the government to discuss the matter is out in India discussing the subject with India.  TNA MPs who were the spokesmen for the terrorists in the Parliament then , are today the spokesmen for India in the Parliament of Sri Lanka.
TNA slave MPs with their  New Master Manmoan Singh Indian PM
It is time that a Supreme court Judgment is requested through legal means to disband TNA as a political party, as it is openly in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka. If the President does not ignore them and go ahead with the removal of the 13A  from the Constitution in the interest of the country and the reconciliation of the Communities, it would be subjugating  Presidential authority to whims and fancies of trouble shooters, and nincompoops.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Remove 13A-Lock, Stock and Barrel - People should know why President hesitates.

Is it a sign language or an infection
 The President is respected  by the people of Sri Lanka. Therefore, he has a right to keep the people informed without hiding any thing from them. The 13 Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka must be removed lock,stock and barrel, without leaving any trace of it remaining in the Constitution.

It was a “desecration” of the Constitution of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka, by a manipulating Indian Government.  At the time there was no alternative left for the then President J.R.Jayawardhane other than to give into the pressure of India, with terrorism remaining the main threat, and the friend on whom he heavily depended for support, the  USA dropping him off like a hot brick,  at a time he  needed his friend the USA most.

It was a case of  accepting the proposal made by India to adopt the 13A to the Constitution or allow terrorism to continue undeterred protected by India which would have kept its armed forces ready in case Sri Lanka attacks the terrorists. 

The proposal had been accepted by the President of Sri Lanka under duress.  Therefore, legally the document they signed accepting the inclusion of 13A into the Sri Lanka Constitution is not valid, and therefore null and void.

If despite that the President having a two third majority in Parliament hesitates to remove it. He is  making all efforts to keep the 13 Amendment removing only some still unspecified  powers given to the Provincial Councils under the 13th Amendment. He consults all  political parties. He even asks the TNA which is openly defying the authority of the President , the Constitution and the Parliament to participate in the PSC along with the other Political parties to decide on the 13 Amendment. There must be some  reason for the President to do so.

If so, the majority of the people who wants the 13A removed completely from the Constitution of Sri Lanka,  has a right to know why the President hesitates to take such a decision himself.  He could perhaps do so  using his Executive powers and face the consequences as he did in the case of his determination to carry out military operations against the terrorists until they were completely eliminated.

More time the President takes to take a decision, more and more international trouble shooters will pop up to stop the President carry out his duties towards his people. India our enemy number one is already on the war path, inviting the TNA the terrorists in civil to discus the implementation of the 13 Amendment. 

DBS Jeyaraj accentuate the Indian Prime Minister’s displeasure on the proposal to remove land and police powers from the 13A.  Jehan Perera the pro-terrorist NGO begins his article  with the blessings of The Island’s Sahabandu. Sarawanbavan the TNA MP informs that India has sought an urgent meeting with the TNA on the 13 Amendment.

Not only the Tamil Diaspora and the Western anti Sri Lanka players but also the Sri Lanka NGO funded goons are on the war path against the removal of the 13Amendment. It is time that the President takes a positive decision.

It appears that there should not be any difficulty in rescinding the India Sri Lanka Pact from what the  DMDK founder and Leader of Opposition in the Tamil Nadu assembly A. Vijayakantin  has said in a statement to Yahaoo News of the 11 June,2013 in reference to the 1974 agreement with which India transferred Katchatheevu Island to Sri Lanka:

 “ As circumstances change and unforeseen hardship is caused, it is quite natural for any treaty to be reviewed and altered if necessary,"   So why not the India Sri Lanka Pact ?

India cannot also wash its hands off  its responsibility of the thousands of civilians and Army personal who lost their lives between 1987 and May,2009, since the India Sri Lanka Pact was forced on the then  President of Sri Lanka. In intervening by trespassing into the Air Space of Sri Lanka to save the terrorists by dropping packets of lentils and forcing the government to enter into a pact, India has   committed herself, committed to the very hilt to account  for  aiding and  abetting  terrorism in Sri Lanka.

This is the very India which refused transport to thousands of Sri Lanka Soldiers in Jaffna besieged by the terrorists that in 1987 forced the Sri Lanka Armed forces to stop a winning war against the terrorists.   In doing so India gave a life line to the terrorists to continue its massacres  from 1987 to 2009.

If not for India’s intervention, forcing itself into the air space of Sri Lanka, thousands of lives would have been saved from terrorism, and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces may have eliminated terrorism in 1987 itself. India which now dictates terms to Sri Lanka to implement the 13Amendment  is as responsible as the terrorists for the deaths of those thousands of Civilians and the Army Personal in Sri Lanka. 

Though India is our close neighbour  and pronounces incessantly its close connection with Sri Lank and its special relationship with the Island it cannot be ruled out that India is secretly working in close collaboration with  America and other anti Sri Lanka, to divide the Island allowing USA to have a Military Base in Trincomalee.

“India desperately planning to divide Sri Lanka” wrote Ashraf Javed Lahore on 22  March, 2011, in an article to  the Nation,  and added , “ In a desperate move to assert its hegemony in South Asia, India is covertly planning to divide Sri Lanka in order to teach a lesson to the well-educated island nation for looking towards China for leadership and guidance, it has been reliably learnt on Monday. WikiLeaks cable also exposed New Delhis designs to divide Sri Lankan by creating ethnic and sectarian strife among its people. With reference to Sri Lanka, India has stepped up work on three-pronged strategy; divide the overall population, support militant groups which are loyal to India and urge international powers to press Colombo on war crimes, a Sri Lanka-based defense analyst (not Sri Lankan) told this report by phone.”

The President Mahinda Rajapakse should not hesitate to remove the 13 Amendment from the Constitution completely, and pass new legislation for a more workable and a progressive system of regional administration.  If he has any impediments against such a decision the President should inform the people.  It is the President’s duty to the people who elected him to the high Office.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Doing Politics with the Constitution.

Having  won an election for the last time in 2001, Ranil Wickramasinghe is desperately  pulling all the rabbits he can from his hat hoping something would pop-out  to propel him  onto the Presidential Chair.  All his yes men-Tissa Attanayake, Laksman Kiriella, Ravi Karunanayake, Karu Jayasuriy and the rest follow him wagging their tails yapping in unison,
hoping one day to follow the “magic leader” in to some sort of government  of their own,
while the failed politician Mangala Samaraweera is  praying the western leaders to boycott the CHOGM, as he says he has found  a dictator in Sri Lanka.  What a looney lot ?

In the mean time the Catholic Bishops’ Conference led by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith  has announced the wisdom to have a totally new Constitution, and proposes while waiting ,  to continue to keep the 13 Amendment in tact.  Apparently the Cardinal would like to have his say in a new Constitution to  multiethnic Sri Lanka, providing an equal place to Christianity along side  Buddhism .

A constitution and the writing of it is not the activity of a political party without government responsibility, if it is so there would be numerous Constitutions prepared by different political Parties, -the TNA, SLMC,JVP,  and claiming their constitutions as well be  considered  to be accepted  as the Constitution of Sri Lanka by a referendum- a vogue term now  brandished in respect of the 13Amendment. Therefore, it is a dangerous precedence, and lack of respect to an existing Constitution for UNP to present a draft for  a  new Constitution to Sri Lanka.

Ranil Wickramasinghe may well  have written a Constitution for his own part, but his attempt at writing a Constitution to Sri Lanka is a pathetic sequel to his political failure as an astute politician, despite his being the Prime Minister twice and many years as  the Leader of the Opposition of the Parliament.  He seems to have learnt nothing of politics either as the Prime Minister, or as the Leader of the Opposition.

Writing a Constitution for a Nation cannot be taken lightly although again a UNP Leader had been the  prime mover of the present Constitution of Sri Lanka with its numerous defects, with the inclusion of the 13Amendment as the “icing on the cake”.  

The Present Constitution however is the second Republican Constitution of Sri Lanka of the three Constitution she had since her independence.  The first constitution  of 1946 with Dominion status was authored by Sir Ivor Jennings. The second and the First Republican Constitution  of 1972 was authored by Dr. Colvin R.De Silva. 

The present Constitution came into effect in 1978 . This Constitution  was created by a political leader who was thrown into the political backyard after the SLFP triumphed  at the General Election of 1970. The SLFP drew up the  new Constitution of 1972 breaking away from the Westminster model and establishing the first Republic of Sri Lanka, with a ceremonial President. The Prime Minster was given  executive Authority.

In the General elections of 1977 the UNP led by  JR Jayawardhana got a landslide victory.  JR Jayawadhane who had been biting his nails for seven years being out of political power had planned a revengeful come back.  He  immediately set about preparing a Constitution  on the basis of the UK and French Constitutions and made himself the all powerful Executive President.

The Executive powers of the President was not questioned at the time and JR used executive power making himself a Dictator.  owHowever when  However when eventually Mahinda Rajapakse was elected President of Sri Lanka, he still retained the  1978 Constitution, but refrained from using the  Executive powers vested in him as the President to the detriment of the people and the country.  He kept strictly within the Democratic norms, whatever his antagonists have to say. 

It shows that even the excessive powers vested in the office  of a Dictator or a President may still be used for the betterment of the people and the country dependent mostly on the character  and   a strictly religious, cultural and patriotic essence of the  person holding the office , as it is in the case of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse.

One cannot deny that in fact the Executive Powers vested in the President under the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka had been of benefit to  Sri Lanka in the elimination of the terrorism and keeping at bay those who wanted to prevent the successful military operations against terrorists.  The retaining those powers further is still essential as the terrorism though it has disappeared in the soil of Sri Lanka it  still lingers amoung those Tamils who live in clover in Western Countries. 

They  keep alive the fires of  communal hatred amoung the Tamils in the diaspora and those within the country shedding crocodile tears about the suffering of the Tamil people without taking any step to help them.  Instead they are using all means to destabilise and weaken the government to allow the star players from the West to intervene to divide Sri Lanka to allow them to establish a separate Eelam State, to derive political benefits for themselves.

Therefore, UNP’s latest tactic to bring disrepute to the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse and remove the government by a possible popular uprising of the people  against it, is seeking  the people’s approval for his Draft Constitution.  It is a  dangerous initiative which had no precedence any where  else in the world.

It is best to have one Constitution for Sri Lanka for ever, without having a new Constitution each time a new political party comes in to power.  The Constitution has only to be amended to remove what is considered offensive, out dated or a danger to the unitary status of Sri Lanka . 

In other words a Constitution should be Amended and not rescinded.  The 1978 Constitution with much of its defects had withstood the most critical period of Sri Lanka’s history, and therefore it is worth keeping it as the basic instrument of political Authority and the one and only Constitution of Sri Lanka.

Eventually, Amendments may be brought in to reduce the executive powers of  the President and Committees be set up to study the ways and means to improve the Constitution always without rescinding it, but moving suitable Amendments.

In conclusion, Ranil Wickramasinghe or following him any other Political leader should not be allowed to brandish any document drawn in  any ones back yard as a draft for a New Constitution of Sri Lanka. Such an act should be made a  legally chargeable act of  high treason. 

We already have a constitution with which we won a war against ruthless terrorists and impeached a not so good Chief Justice, therefore we should respect the Constitution we have  and keep it for generations to come. The future political leaders may continue to use this Same Constitution, amending it when the necessity arises but never rescind it to replace it with another.