Thursday, 28 February 2013

Extracts of US Congressman Eni F.H.Faleomavaega’s Statement to US House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific

Yesterday The US Secretary of State  of International Organisation Esther Brimmer spoke of another US Resolution to be moved against Sri Lanka, and said, “The Council’s work remains unfinished so long as Sri Lanka continues to fall short in implementing even the recommendations of its own Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission, or in addressing the underlying sources of its longstanding ethnic conflict”

But the US State Departments foreign policy against Sri Lanka came to be criticised at the US House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific on Tuesday (Feb 26).  In that the Congressman Eni F.H.Faleomavaega who had  visited Sri Lanka, criticised the US  double standard in its Foreign Policy towards Sri Lanka, and asked what is the necessity for a resolution against Sri Lanka a small country Strategically important to USA.

Following is the extract from  portion of Congressman Eni F.H. Faleomavaega’s statement related to Sri Lanka at the hearing of the US House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. February, 26,2013

 “The US simply cannot afford to lose Sri Lanka due to its strategic importance. Last week I had the privilege of visiting Sri Lanka and met with president Rajapaksa for more than 2 hours . I also met with governor of the Northern Province.  And personally visited Jaffna because I wanted to see for myself the post conflict developments since 2009,when Sri Lanka finally became the first country in the world to eradicate  terrorism on its own soil,  by defeating the Tamil Tigers - which remains listed as a terrorist organization by 32 countries including our own country Mr. Chairman, India , Canada and the members of the European Union , and dubbed by the FBI as one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world.”

“After a 30-year terrorist conflict or war the challenges Sri Lankan government faces are enormous. But the strides the Government has made to rebuild in a way that establishes lasting peace and equality for all citizens should be firmly acknowledged.”

The United States should join Australia in praising the work that Sri Lankan government has done in the North and East of the Island in such a short period since the war. As Australian deputy opposition leader Julie Bishops and the parliamentary delegation she led recently, stated on their visit.”

“Regrettably in the resolution it intendeds  to submit again to the United Nations Human Rights council, the  US fails to mention one , not even one positive development for Sri Lanka . Such failures suggest that the United States is not being even handed when it comes to dealing with sensitive human rights issues across the globe.”

“So I call upon my government , the United States of America to find a better way forward rather than using United Nations resolutions to destabilize developing nations like Sri Lanka while ignoring human rights Abuses in nations like Indonesia , where our geological strategic and military interests supersede our Human Rights Agenda.”

“The US led United Nations  resolution should also be withdrawn for focusing only on the last few months of the war and failing to acknowledge therefore almost 30 years, Mr. Chairman, the Tamil Tigers hacked to death innocent men , women and children in Sri Lanka, carried out some 378 suicide attacks more than any other terrorist organization in the world.”

“We also do not need to criticize Sri Lanka for borrowing money from China. And by the way I was there Mr. Chairman . In terms of our ability to provide assistance to these third world countries, China  was able to provide Sri Lanka with 500 million dollars of low interest loans, for them to rebuild their sea port as well as a brand new international airport that I was there to witness….”
 Secondly, Ranking Member Faleomavaega reiterated a number of his points from his opening remarks, raising concern over the double standard with which the U.S. Administration seems to approach human rights in the context of its foreign policy.

“I have mentioned in my statement about the double standards that we are applying  in as afar as violation of Human Rights and the sense that I have is why is the most powerful country in the world picking on a small little country like Sri Lanka- the size of West Virginia , 60,000 square miles with only 3 million people- and  yet  in Sri Lanka we are talking about 21 million people living there.”

“The serious question that I have is that for 27 or 29 years this country was in the state of civil war. It is not a conflict.  It is not the question of the Tamil people asking for more autonomy.  We have to understand not all Tamils are members of this terrorist organization called the LTTE or the Tamil Tigers, that our government along with  32 other countries also categorized as a terrorist organization.”

“And in the process you are talking about for 27 years some eighty  to hundred thousand Sri Lankans ended up dead. Lot of innocent men ,women and children”.

“What I am trying to seek here is that there also was a country that had civil war. It was the United States of America, for four years we ended up with 600,000 of our soldiers died form that terrible conflict. Ant it was not the question of Southern States asking for more autonomy. They wanted to secede,  pull away from the mother country , just like the Tamil Tigers wanted to do in their efforts  in seeking this war against the Government .”

“My concern here is that we a looking at such a small little sequence, of this two  or three months that now we are questioning . And the reason why we have this resolution before the United Nations Human Rights Council, but forgetting the fact for 29 years that Sri Lankan government has had to deal with this terrorist organization that I just could not believe the atrocities that were committed by these people.”

“And now overnight we just thought that we've got to hit this resolution against them this is where my concern with double standards.”

“Our government to the 10 year period that we were in war in Vietnam . In Vietnam Mr. Secretary, let’s ask the tens and thousands of women and children innocent civilians that we exposed to Agent Orange , when we were there for the ten year period . Let’s ask the people in Laos and Cambodia for the six million pounds of cluster bombs we dropped there, and these countered never declared war on us.”
“Where is the consistency in our standards as far as Human Rights are concerned . We are pointing the finger at this little country Sri Lanka. and  the thing that perhaps may be we need to clean up our own backyard , as suggested may be we be little more consistent , if we are going to do it against Sri Lanka. Let’s make sure that we are clean ourselves.”

“So I just need your comment on that  as I ‘ve got  only one minute left on this”
I know I‘ve only got, ten more seconds Mr. Secretary. I just want to say, that was part of the subject that I discussed personally with the president of Sri Lanka, and he is concerned. In fact, he is spending more time on the Northern Province , and all the amount of resources their trying to do, to make this as part of the reconciliation  process.”

“Thank you Mr. Chairman.”

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

An appeal to Delegates of Member States of UNO attending UNHuman Rights Council Sessions in Geneva

.Your Excellencies,

I am an aged  man from Sri Lanka. I have seen the beginning of terrorism to its end.  Terrorism in Sri Lanka lasted nearly thirty years.  During  those days the fear of death was  our  proverbial sward of Damocles.  We waited in fear until our children returned home from school. We waited in fear until our daughters and sons returned home after work. A father and a Mother from the same family would  not go out of home together for fear  of the bombs set by terrorists in buses, trains and market places, so that if  one parent were to be  killed in  a terrorist bomb blast the other would  live to look after the children.

When we hear of a bomb blast we contact our families to see whether they are safe.  When Eric Solheim  demanded the Prime Minister of a previous government to enter into a Cease Fire Agreement with the terrorists, we gave in for sake of peace and  safety of the people. According to the Agreement areas in the North and East were demarcated as territory under terrorist control  into which even our police could not enter.  

This allowed terrorists to do any murders and assassinations and escape in to terrorist territory thus avoiding search by the police.  The poor men, women, and children  in villages bordering the territories demarcated as terrorist controlled areas were subject to “genocide” by the terrorists who massacred men, women, and children from time to time when making demands from the government, or to show their disagreement with  peace negotiations. 

Terrorism sapped  the better part of our lives. We had become a fear ridden Nation  subjugated by a ruthless group of terrorists existing according to their whims and fancies not knowing where they would plant one of their deadly claymore bombs, lob a grenade, or  send a human suicide bomb.

We had lost our human right to live  peacefully without  constant fear of lurking death unleashed by the terrorists. But then, the UN Human Rights Council did not come to help us to  accuse the terrorists for violation of our human rights and stop constant massacres of innocent civilians, our Ministers, our Security Officers, or the clergy of our religions.

It was only the year 2005 that brought us  a ray of hope, with the election of Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of Sri Lanka. We knew from the beginning that he was a determined man who loved his country and the people and that he will end terrorism.  At the beginning of his term of office there were many bomb blasts and many innocent civilians died.  Then the President took matters seriously into his hand and organised the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.  He knew from experience that the only solution to the raging terrorism was a military solution.  The successful military operations wiped out the terrorists in May,2009. 

The people could  at last take  a breath of peace and life began to blossom after terrorism. The foreign countries were willing to invest in the new found peaceful environment in Sri Lanka.  The tourism flourished.  Investors, and foreign friendly countries came forward with loans to rebuild the country that had been devastated by the terrorists.
We sacrificed in the elimination of  terrorism a large number of  poor  young youth from villages who were valiant soldiers.  We were left  with thousands and thousands of  widowed mothers , orphaned children, and weeping parents. After the war the President of Sri Lanka did not fail as gratitude to our soldiers who made their supreme sacrifice or lost their limbs to  look after these parents, mothers ,children who had lost their loved one’s in the war, or the soldiers left handicapped. He built houses for them and paid compensation.  And the Armed forces were deployed in civil work such as construction of roads, bridges , houses, cultivation of land, and construction of boats .

But we still had the pro-terrorist elements with large funds collected by the Terrorist Front Organisations at their disposal  who were not satisfied with the peaceful climate that existed in Sri Lanka after terrorism where every citizen the Sinhala, Tamil and the Muslims began to live happily organising their lives, socially and economically.  These pro-terrorist Tamils in the diaspora who never suffered from terrorism in Sri Lanka, revived the terrorists’ claim for a separate  homeland for Tamils.

These pro terrorist Tamils of the Diaspora are led within Sri Lanka by the politicians of the Tamil National Alliance and abroad by different pro terrorists Organisations such as The Global Tamil Forum led by a Catholic Priest Rev. Emmanuel, and few other groups. It is they who demonstrate to-day out side the UNHR Council with the flag of the tzerrorists, and not the Tamil civilians from Sri Lanka.

The Government appointed the LLRC to find out how to set about the reconciliation process after the war.  The Government  has commenced working on the recommendations of the Commission in a proper organised way.   But the Foreign Governments  at the behest of the Pro -Terrorist Tamil Diaspora.  Have now come to intervene and interfere in the excellent work the Government is carrying on in getting the communities together to build a united nation of Sri Lankans.

No foreign Government helped or assisted the Government and its Armed Forces in the elimination of terrorists.  Nor did  they make any attempt to help our innocent people  during the frightful  terrorism.  But now  they have come out  in numbers posing as Humanitarian activists to drive  pokes into  the wheels of progress that is rolling across peaceful  Sri Lanka.

Your Excellencies the Ambassadors, the Heads of Missions, and Delegates to the UNHRCouncil Geneva, please look at my country Sri Lanka in the light of what I have said. It is indeed regrettable if large numbers of civilians had died in the cross fire at the last phase of the war to eliminate terrorism .  But such number as 40000 civilians death is highly exaggerated.  But in war deaths of civilians  are put as “ collateral damage” by more wise Western Countries who are well experienced in affairs of  war.

In view of all these that had taken place and taking place, in Sri Lanka, it is very sad that USA the leading Nation of the world has thought it fit to move a resolution against Sri Lanka.,  without taking into consideration the invaluable  services  the Government of Sri Lanka is rendering to the country  to bring the communities together. Now there is no violation of human rights at all in Sri Lanka.  These are  false reports spread by people who have self interest, and who want to discredit Sri Lanka to get the foreign countries to intervene to force the government to allow the Creation of a separate State for the Tamils. .

Therefore, as an old man from Sri Lanka who had seen the “hell”  that was created by the terrorists  for nearly thirty years, and suffered the death of many near and dear one’s , and saw the massacre of an  unaccountable number of innocent men , women and children by the terrorists,  and  had lived with an ever present fear of death until the elimination of terrorism by the Government Forces of Sri Lanka to who be the blessings of Gods, I appeal  you  please  NOT TO VOTE for the Resolution that USA is proposing to move against Sri Lanka  at this  session of the UNHRCouncil .

Monday, 25 February 2013

Requests to Delegates to UNHRCouncil Geneva not to vote for the USA Resolution against Sri Lanka

Your Excellencies Respected Heads of Missions, Delegates, and Directors

Requesting in the name of Democracy and fair  play to Developing Nations NOT to vote in favour of the  USA resolution to be moved against Sri Lanka in Geneva.

Please find attached an article  giving reasons why USA has no right to move a resolution against Sri Lanka as USA Armed Forcers have committed worst War Crimes in their  theatres of war against terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria than Sri Lanka against its own terrorists with its own territory.

The USA State Department has a problem to define terrorism.  At the beginning of President Barack Obama’s first term in office, he vowed to fight terrorism where ever it is.  But that promise was forgotten later when his Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton stated that there are different types of terrorists and that all terrorists cannot be put into the same basket.  

The terrorists in Sri Lanka for thirty years carried out massacres , assassinations, used human bombs  and one such human suicide bomb was a woman strapped with a bomb in side her clothes  which she detonated killing the young Prime Minster of India Rajiv Gandhi in the explosion.  They were ruthless and most inhuman. 

But these terrorists of Sri Lanka cultivated close friendship first with Eric Solheim of Netherlands and then with the Ambassadors of USA Robert O’Blake and many other Western Ambassadors, who they invited to the terrorist controlled areas where they were entertained.

Hence these Western countries through their Ambassadors  did not put them into the same category of terrorists like Al Qaida or Talibans that terrorised their countries, but accepted them as rebels or freedom fighters who want to set up a homeland for the Tamils.

Therefore  America and the Western countries  wanted to find a political solution to establish a Tamil Homeland for them.  Many rounds of  peace talks were arranged between the Government and the terrorists but the terrorists walked out half way after discussions  and massacred innocent people in Sri Lanka by exploding claymore bombs or suicide bombs after each round of abandoned peace talks to show their antagonism for a political solution.

At the end the Government was forced to  resort to a military solution to end terrorism in Sri Lanka.

However despite the demand by USA State Department and some of the Western powers demanding not to resort to a military solution, Sri Lanka which suffered under terrorism for 30 years had no alternative but to fight it out militarily and finally  eliminated terrorism.

Since this USA and the Sri Lanka Terrorist friendly Western Countries  who were not able to save the terrorists who had by then become their friends  is all out to take revenge from Sri Lanka accusing that its Armed Forces killed large numbers of civilians in the last phase of the war against terrorism.

There were no body to distinguish the soldiers or the civilians, and  no body to count the number of civilians or terrorists dead except the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and the Terrorists.  They were fighting a war  each side uncertain of the out come of the war.  They had no time to count the dead bodies, the Sri Lanka Armed forces had while fighting to rescue 300 000 Tamil civilians running away from the terrorists.

Now the UNHuman Rights Commissioner who being a Tamil herself and sympathetic towards the Tamil terrorists  and the USA and the Western Nations who had cultivated an friendship with the terrorist in Sri Lanka who were not a danger to them, though that relation ship is immoral , are claiming that 40000 civilians had been killed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces during the last phase of the war.

This they cannot prove as the numbers killed in any war is not accountable.  USA too cannot give exact number of civilians the American Armed Forces  killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya Pakistan and elsewhere.

Therefore the present move by the USA to pass a resolution against Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorists and in that exercise for violating human rights is an enormous injustice in relation to Sri Lanka which suffered from terrorism for thirty long years and sacrificed many of its Political leaders, Ministers, Security Officers and intellectuals apart from the massacres of men, women and children., and  thousands of Soldiers.

This resolution the USA is proposing to move against Sri Lanka at the UNHRCouncil Session in March, 2003, is unfair and unjust, to say the least  and therefore, no government who can imagine what it is to live under terrorism may understand the necessity to at least now leave  Sri Lanka and its people enjoy a well earned peace without interfering unnecessarily  ask about what happened at the elimination of terrorists four years ago.

Therefore, as an old man from Sri Lanka who had seen the “hell”  that was created by terrorists  in Sri Lanka and suffered the death of many near and dear one’s and unaccountable number of innocent men , women and children killed by the terrorists and  had lived in an ever present fear of death appeal to you not to vote for the Resolution that USA is proposing to move at this  session of the UNHRCouncil .

Yours respectfully,
I remain,


Thursday, 21 February 2013

America’s Killing Fields- American State Department should think twice before passing resolutions against Sri Lanka.

The  Indian Express of the 20 February,2013,  reports of the deep concern of the “benefactors” the Angel of God the  USA State Department on whose  kindness seems the  future of the   Sovereign State of Sri Lanka depends .  USA thinks it had some hand with the Almighty God during  the creation of the world to give a little place for Sri Lanka at the tail end of the Indian continent.

How can we otherwise understand their deep concern which is reported  as having been expressed by one of its  angels Victoria Nuland who perhaps knows nothing about Sri Lanka other than what she had read in reports handed over to her by her bosses in the State Department  to be read. Se had read out   we continue to be deeply concerned by allegations of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights in Sri Lanka,"

Who are making this allegations ? Should they really believe these allegations against Sri Lanka?
 No they should not because  US Sate Department knows better than any one what the violation of Humanitarian Laws and human rights is  as they do it on a daily basis in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and did that without impunity in  Libya.  They are not doing any thing different in Syria with the local “rebels” –in reality terrorists, interposed carrying American arms and ammunitions.

 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."  Matthew 7:1-5

The parable talks about hypocritical type of judging that points out wrong in others lives and ignores the wrongs in ones  own life.

That is exactly what the USA State Department does.  Nuland the spokesperson for the US State Department adds, “ At the end of this conflict, we support a full accounting for all who are engaged in acts that violated international humanitarian law,"

Victoria Nuland,  it is very interesting to read what your State Department which thinks it is clean as silver says, but what it  had been doing in Iraq,  a country which  had no weapons of mass destruction  as claimed by Bush administration as an excuse to declare a war against Iraq in 2003, is a shameful crime against the people of Iraq..

Please take note  and keep it in your mind Nuland, next time you read out your State Department note against Sri Lanka to the Press, that between March 2003 and 2012, Iraq Body Count Project reported  110 937 to 121 227 civilian deaths, and 172 907 Civilian and Combatant  Deaths in Iraq.  During the same period  the number of soldiers killed is reported as 4486.

Victoria Nuland please take a breath  before you read what  harrowing tales are written of the violation of human rights by the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan.  They are still more harrowing than its  bloody massacres and most humiliating and shameless Abu Gharaib Prison Tortures  in Iraq.

It was reported  that ,  “The Army staff sergeant, stationed at a U.S. base in Kandahar, entered three Afghan family’s homes at 3am and began the vicious killing spree. Relatives of the dead said he then 'poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them.'
The shooter is an Army staff sergeant from Fort Lewis-McChord in Washington state, and was believed to have acted alone. ”


Victoria Nuland, please note and report to your bosses in the USA State Department  that in another reported incident,

 “Twelve American soldiers face charges over a secret "kill team" that allegedly blew up and shot Afghan civilians at random and collected their fingers as trophies.  Five of the soldiers are charged with murdering three Afghan men who were allegedly killed for sport in separate attacks this year. Seven others are accused of covering up the killings and assaulting a recruit who exposed the murders when he reported other abuses, including members of the unit smoking hashish stolen from civilians.”


The likes of these  never happened in Sri Lanka.  And yet the US State Department thinks it fit to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights  for eliminating terrorists, merely because the Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations  want America to do so.

From who should the UNHRCouncil demand accountability, from USA or Sri Lanka ?

The UK Channel 4 which makes fiction collecting images and doctoring them to show that Sri Lanka Armed Forces had committed war crimes, could  without taking so much of trouble  make a true horror film from what the American Soldiers are doing in Afghanistan. 
The more indecent is the American war in Afghanistan  which began in 2001 and which has now spread to Pakistan where civilians are being killed on a daily basis by Drone attacks against which American  anti war group Code Pink is campaigning.

Afghanistan was a country impoverished and the people were  suffering  without basic amenities after it had been occupied by the Russian Armies and then the Talibans. Immediately after that the Americans went to war in Afghanistan looking for Al Quaida terrorists.

The poor people in Afghanistan has had not a moment of peace.  The Americans drop bombs , shoot civilians, but has not been able to improve the living condition of the people who are worse than they were before.  America and its allies have killed 15,500 to 17,400 civilians  in Afghanistan.

The “ Costs of War” reported, “The killing in Afghanistan is not winding down:  in fact the annual death toll has risen since the war began in October 2001, and according to the United Nations, more civilians died there in May 2011 than in any month since 2007.  More lives are being lost as a result of war than when the Taliban was in control. The first half of 2011 saw the most intense fighting since the early part of the war. 

Civilians are being killed by crossfire, improvised explosive devices, assassination, bombing, and night raids into houses of suspected insurgents.  Unexploded ordnance from previous wars and from US cluster bombs continue to kill after the fighting stops.  “

It adds further “The war has also caused invisible wounds.  In 2009, the Afghan Ministry of Public Health said fully two-thirds of Afghans suffer mental health problems………

The war related indirect deaths in Afghanistan, as with any war, are caused by many factors, including disease due to lack of clean drinking water, malnutrition, and reduced access to health care.  Environmental disasters, such as drought and floods, make living in war zones more difficult, and create what the humanitarian relief community calls "complex emergencies."

Victoria Nuland  welcomes the report by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillai,  noting the strong concern about the government of Sri Lanka's lack of action to address these long-standing issues of reconciliation and accountability?

And had added, “"We plan to introduce our own resolution on this into the Human Rights Council,"   Navi Pillai- for the information of the American State Department is the most downright unfit selection of a candidate  to be the UN High Commission for Human Rights. She is a Tamil and an extremely biased racist. She had been brought up to hate those who ill treated  Tamils having suffered humiliation from the South African apartheid regime. 

Heads of International Organisations should be selected for their ability to take object  unbiased views on important issues, and the genuine  sympathy they demonstrate for  human suffering.

All that big talk about assailing Sri Lanka for fighting real terrorists- which the US State Department has failed to see as terrorists,  but as  harmless “rebels” or “revolutionaries” as it was in Libya,  can not  hide from the world the most heinous crimes against humanity and violations of human rights by the American Armed Forces.

It is reported that , “The estimate that over a million Iraqis have died received independent confirmation from a prestigious British polling agency in January 2008. Opinion Research Business estimated that the death toll between March 2003 and August 2007 was 1,033,000.


Another hotspot of  American Killing fields is Libya.  Of course Obama administration wanted to show the world  and assure the American’s at home that America will not send Soldiers to Libya. For America and its allies the Libyan theatre of war was merely assisting the “ Libyan Revolutionaries” from Bengazy.  But of course  America played its roll by sending  aircrafts, bombs , and arms and armaments and provided instructors on ground.
Kevin Baron of the National Journal covering the business of war  says Gaddafi  is the “billion dollar man”. Because , he says, “According to the Pentagon, that was the cost to U.S. taxpayers for Muammar el-Qaddafi's head: $1.1 billion through September, the latest figure just out of the Defense Department.”

Kevin Baron gives all the following details about the terrible war in Libya where the actual number of deaths cannot still be ascertained .  And paradoxically the American State Department is asking Sri Lanka for an accountability in a just war it fought against terrorists in side its own territory.

“NATO aircraft, including those supplied by the U.S., totaled 26,089 sorties and 9,618 strike sorties through Wednesday. More than 70 U.S. aircraft have supported the operation, including Predator drones. NATO flew 67 sorties and 16 strikes sorties over Libya one day before Qaddafi was killed. The NATO mission also employed submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, destroyers, frigates, and supply ships--as many as 21 vessels at one time. Additionally, as of one week ago, the U.S. had sold participating countries in the operation roughly $250 million in ammunition, parts, fuel, technical assistance, and other support, according to the Pentagon.”


But having reduced Libya to rubble after all that bombardments by USA and the NATO Armed Forces.  They have left the scene leaving a free hand to the Libyan terrorists, who they call revoluitionaries. Nothing is settled in Libya. 

Though they called Colonel Gaddafi a Dictator,  he was the only Arab Leader who used the petrol money the country was earning for the welfare of the Libyan People.  Every one in Libya had a home and a vehicle.  There were good schools, universities, hospitals and  Dispensaries  .  The shops did not lack goods.  The  Libyans had a high living standard. 

But now no body- least of all  America and its allies that destroyed Libya  have come back to reconstruct the  bombed Libyan towns and homes,  and give the Libyan people a minimum of what they had before America came with the NATO Forces to destroy Libya and kill Gaddafi calling it the liberation of the Libyan people.

Cynthia McKinney went to Libya when it was under attack by NATO Forces.  She afterwards wrote a book – The Illegal War in Libya.   Reviewing her book Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report wrote:


"'Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they must first make mad’
—and that was how the western powers and corporate media
portrayed Muammar Qaddafi for decades as he nationalized
Libyan oil, raised the Libyan standard of living to one recognized
by the UN as among the highest in Africa, and began promoting an
African currency and development bank to free the continent from
the IMF.  When the ragtag group of “Islamist” fighters from Ben
Ghazi given diplomatic cover as the Transitional Council began
their NATO-supported assault, one of the first things they did was
to seize the Libyan central bank, until then one of the few still
controlled by government in the world.  If this makes you wonder—
and it should—then this is the book for you.  Kudos to former
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her truth-telling DIGNITY
journalists who put the complicit Western-backed human rights
NGOs to shame.”

The UN High Commission for Human Rights Navi Pillai the greatest critic of Sri Lanka is “hell bent” to take Sri Lanka  to tribunal for war crimes for eliminating “her dear Sri Lanka Tamil  terrorists”, was invited to come to Sri Lanka and see  for herself whether Sri Lanka segregates the Tamils and has denied them any thing that has been made available to other Communities.  And speak to the people and  have a first hand knowledge whether the Sri Lanka Government or its Armed forces  have committed any violation of human rights during, or after the terrorist war.  But she has refused to come.

Navi Pillai , if she is sincere and unbiased should  have  taken a lesson  from Cynthia McKinney- a great humanitarian and a fearless speaker for the underprivileged whose human rights  are not just  violated but devastated, and visited Sri Lanka to see for herself the  ground situation in Sri Lanka..

In view of what  has been written above it is for the American State Department  to  reconsider their proposed resolution against Sri Lanka, as America has  violated human rights and committed serious war crimes , while Sri Lanka has only carried out a just war against terrorists within its own territory, in order to protect its people and its territory.

The Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations and Fr. Emmanuel’s Global Tamil Forum are promoting terrorism having done nothing to ameliorate the condition of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.  It is therefore time that continuous accusations against Sri Lanka are stopped by USA and the International Community to allow the  people of Sri Lanka  to live in peace and allow them to develop their country and find happiness after having suffered for thirty years under terrorism.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

USA resolutions against Sri Lanka in Geneva are to satisfy Tamil Terrorist Organisations which contributed to US President’s Election Campaign.

The terrorist Front Organisations in the USA collected large sums of money estimated at US$300 millions annually,  from the expatriate Tamils living in foreign countries. Since the terrorists were eliminated the  bulk of the money collected for terrorism is in the hands of the Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations in USA. These organisations continue to collect  these funds.

 It is with this money that the Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations continue to finance  their campaign against Sri Lanka with the hope of breaking away North and East of Sri Lanka for a Tamil Eelam State either by influencing the politicians , high officials in International organisations , and human rights activists of the West through financial inducement or with their help, through another terrorist movement  using  the ”sleepers” placed in strategic areas in Sri Lanka.

It is a group formed by these expatriate Tamil terrorist front organisations the “ Tamils for Obama” which has contributed to the President Barack Obama’s Presidential election campaign.  Such contributions made at an earlier occasion to Ms.Hillary Clinton for her  Presidential campaign is said to had been refused and the contributions refunded.  But President Barack Obama has apparently accepted these contribution and therefore obliged to render services in return.

Is there any moral in accepting  the “blood money” of terrorism for President Barack Obama’s  Presidential elections campaign ?  That needs very serious consideration by the President Barack Obama and his State Department.

The terrorist group “Tamils for Obama” according to  a letter of felicitations to President Barack Obama on his re-election  as President of USA enumerates the  work they have done for his election campaign, as follows:
  •     ‘During the campaign season we raised funds for your campaign through our website.
  •      ‘We polled opinion among Tamil Americans (95% preferred you), and distributed this result in the battleground states (all the major networks reported this poll and its result on their websites).
  •     ‘Our Tamil American friends, working with your campaign, worked at phone banks in the days leading up to the election.
  •     ‘We made and distributed two not-so-obviously-partisan videos. The links to these videos can be seen at these locations.
This terrorist group has not done it because of their American Political interest , or their love for their adopted home country America, but because they believe that through the President Barack Obama they can “punish” Sri Lanka for the elimination of their terrorist leaders, and  fulfil  their terrorist Leader Prabhakaran’s dream of a separate Tamil Homeland for Tamils.

US State Department  is going to be the spring board  of “ Tamils for Obama”,  for a future round  of terrorism in Sri Lanka.  If that were to happen the President Barack Obama and his State Department  will be aiders and abetters of terrorism in Sri Lanka.  This  is the paradox in US State Department’s never ending diplomatic efforts passing resolutions and requesting  International Control inside Sri Lanka, when the President Barack Obama and his State Department  shout from rooftops that America will fight terrorism where ever it exists.
The terrorist group “ Tamils for Obama” requests the President Barack Obama, “ We hope to see an independent Tamil homeland--Tamil Eelam--merge in northeastern Sri Lanka. We hope that you and your next secretary of state will have an active part in helping Tamil Eelam to be born.”
Tamils for Obama, have not failed to include in their website, the fake video “Sri Lanka’s Killing field, with all UK Channel  4 faked photos for the President Barack Obama’s compassionate interest for  Terrorism in Sri Lanka.

However they have not attached the  video which counters the film made by UK Channel 4: “Lies agreed upon,” which may perhaps be of interest to the President Barack Obama , US State Department and Eileen Donahoe the US Ambassador in Geneva to understand the extent to which the  terrorists will go to punish Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorism in that country.

US State Department not being satisfied by one resolution against Sri Lanka at the last UNHRCouncil Sessions in Geneva,  is preparing a second resolution to compensate for the great support given by the Sri Lanka Terrorist Front Organisations in America for the re election of the President Barack Obama.

The resolution itself is a  meaningless attempt to dishonour Sri Lanka, and perhaps give a foot hold for the Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations to settle scores with the Government of Sri Lanka.  It has no valid substance.

The resolution has not been made with  any intelligent forethought.  It was the President of Sri Lanka that appointed the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, and in the report  the Commission had included  certain suggestions as  it was not the role of the LLRC to recommend to the Government any action, as  it is for the government to decide what  action is called for in terms of the report of the LLRC.  Otherwise the Government will be faced with having to take actions contrary to its election manifesto.

Hence, it is not US State Department or the UN High Commissioner for Human rights that is going to run Sri Lanka. They are only trying to stop Sri Lanka’s development process getting it embroiled in USA and International Communities attempt to fulfil obligations to their  election partners- Sri Lanka Tamil terrorist Front Organisations to who they are highly indebted for their respective  election victories.

They are also demanding that the government of Sri Lanka ask UN Assistance in implementing the recommendations of the LLRC. What could foreign specialists do  in Sri Lanka in giving effect to any recommendations by the Commission appointed by the President of Sri Lanka. ?  The US State Department is meddling in what is not their business .

Sri Lanka had been able to eliminate a ruthless group of terrorists without any help from USA or the International Community which kept on harping that the only solution for the terrorist problem is a political solution.  They were wrong in that. And how can they be correct now,  in deciding  how Sri Lanka should carry out its development process.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

No Reconciliation , but acceptance- No Devolution of power, but Sharing of power.

Reconciliation is defined as:  to  re establish cordial relation ship. And acceptance is defined as: the mental attitude that something is believable and should be accepted as true.

Hence to talk about reconciliation as re establishing cordial relations is not what is required after 30 years of terrorism.  The pre-existing relation between the Tamils and the Sinhala had not been cordial because it  was  that which had gone  sour  for the Tamil youths to consent to India  to accept  terrorism India proposed to setup a Tamil Homeland. 

But now with the dawn of a new era of peace and freedom after elimination of terrorism, what we want is not that cordial relationship which  went sour, but some thing different.  What we want today is a  mental acceptance  of a believable friendship for which the other community has extended its arm.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka has laid the background for a unity of the Communities .  It is now up to the communities to react to the need to set aside the narrow  Communal Identity to bring together the people into one whole Nation of Sri Lankans.

Those who stand  in the way of it are those unpatriotic elements who think of their own interest rather than that of the people as a Nation.

Who stands in the way of  a unity of all Communities ? 

First it is the TNA-Tamil National Alliance which  is a “stinking vomit” of  the psychopathic terrorist Prabhakaran.  TNA has no future until and as long as the Tamil Community  acts separately seeking a mirage of a Tamil Homeland, profusely financed by the blood money of the Terrorist Front Organisations and the Catholic Church through the  Global Tamil Forum of Catholic Fr. Emmanuel, and Desmond Tutu of South Africa.

TNA would be a barrier for Tamil Sinhala Unity. 

In the effort to bringing the Communities together we cannot afford to have at the same time Tamils with political dreams hatching conspiracies against the Nation.  Therefore the government should consider disbanding TNA as a political party.  It violates the Article 157 of the Constitution in breach of their oath of allegiance to uphold it.

Next the UNP, which is essential as an alternative political party in a democratic System, but that democracy should not be a means to undo what had been done by a previous government, but with policies with possibilities of improving on it  for the greater good of  Sri Lanka.  Unfortunately UNP in that respect is not the alternative necessary, it would be a disaster if the UNP would now come to power by the remotest of chances. 

The political environment in Sri Lanka  has already changed positively from what it had been before. Sri Lanka which had been playing second fiddle  to UK, USA and other Commonwealth Nations, with almost a slavish mentality, unable to get even a loan from IMF without attached conditions is now a nation which has come out into a middle income Country.

The Government of Mahinda Rajapakse has thrown a large diplomatic net. In its foreign policy.  Mahinda  Chintanaya states, “…I will follow a non-aligned, free and progressive foreign policy. Priority will be given in the political, defense, economic, trade and cultural spheres to the cordial and friendly relationships that we already have with countries in the Asian region including India, Japan, China and Pakistan. It is my belief that the United Nations Organization and the International Financial Institutions should be more democratic in their approach. We will actively intervene in this regard. It is my intention to strongly implement international treaties, declarations on anti-corruption. This will enable us to act under the international law against those found guilty of corruption, when engaging in trade with foreign countries or foreign institutions. I will create a foreign service which has a correct awareness of our history, economic needs and the cultural heritage.”

New foreign policy of Sri Lanka has deviated from its dependence on its former  Colonialist UK, and “ half friend-half enemy” states like Canada, USA, Australia, France, Germany and India. It has got closer to China, Japan , Pakistan, Russia, Iran, South Korea, Burma, and Vietnam. It has extended its diplomatic ties to Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda and so on.

Therefore an alternative political party succeeding the present Government of President Rajapakse cannot alter the situation of the country vis à vis its Foreign Policy.  If Sri Lanka is to stay on the path of  progress  traced by Mahinda Chintanaya, it cannot have the present UNP with its leader and its painful “voice boxes” like Mangala Samaraweera, Lakshman Kiriella , Tissa Attanayake, Jayalath Jayawardhane, Ravi, Karunanayake, Karu Jayasuriy, Sajith Premadasa and a whole host of others who are not mature and wise to politics.

How could the people  trust the UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe to lead the nation one day as the President of Sri Lanka, if he is unable to act wisely and speak without damaging the security of Sri Lanka,  if he as it was reported “….took part in a hunger strike organised by the TNA, Nava Sama Samaja Party, Western Province People’s Front, Tamil People’s Liberation Front, several other political parties, Fishermen’s Solidarity Groups and a few other organizations opposite the Durga Amman Kovil in Telippalai, declared yesterday that the High Security Zone at Palaly could be dismantled without any harm being caused to the security of the area.”  ?  Security of the Country and its people should  take priority over selfish political ambitions
It is no use speaking of JVP as an alternative government, as they have already lost its political base now  standing precariously  on the toes of one foot..   Only thing that keeps it going is its “big mouths”, and the large crowds that come to hear them,  but not to vote for them.

In other words Sri Lanka has still no Political Party that could replace the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government. If as they say the Amendment 18 to the Constitution could extend the rule of Sri Lanka by the Present President and his government for a further period of time so much the better for Sri Lanka.

Who else stands in the way of Unity of Communities in  Sri Lanka ?

There are of course the Tamil Media that is all out to separate the Tamils from the rest of the Communities. Uthayam News Paper in Jaffna if it continues its racist campaign should be  banned.  Then there are many other News Papers like the Daily Mirror, Sunday Times, Lakbima, The Island, Sunday Leader which  have no serious concern for a unity of all Communities.  Then there are the electronic websites in the net such as the GroundView, TamilNet, Colombo Telegraph, Sri Lanka Guardian, Ceylon Today, and number of others.

As an example of this separatist media policy the editorial of  “ Ceylon Today “ writes, “…No meaningful debate has been initiated by the regime to involve the interested parties towards a lasting solution. No constructive dialogue has been encouraged to bring the main grievances of the Tamil people to public awareness; no signal has been given as to the government's stance on the core issues of the Tamil population in the country – Tamil homeland, implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, land and police powers to be devolved to the provinces and so forth….”.

If there is so much of opposition to the Communal integrating to form a United Sri Lanka, putting behind  their narrow homeland concepts, why keep harping on reconciliation because it was conceived by the LLRC.  Reconciliation will not work as long as there is no mental acceptance of a desire to unite forces for a common goal to achieve- a unity of all peoples of Sri Lanka.  Therefore to  accept that we should  unite forces,   leaving aside the racial demands of a Tamil homeland, or devolution of political power. 

Hence,  what is wanted is  for the Tamil Community to accept the fact that their future lies being together with the Sinhala and Muslim Communities without aspiring for a separate Homeland  proposed by the Tamil Political leaders as a means for them to exist as political leaders planning the  future of  the poor Tamils according to their desire and that of the Expatriate Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations  who have no interest in the Tamil people but on a Tamil Homeland where they would be the  Leaders.

Therefore a resolution by the USA to implement the recommendations of the LLRC and hasten reconciliation is dragging Sri Lanka back words instead of taking it progressively forward.  Hence what is necessary is an  acceptance of a future together with all communities working towards a One Nation State.  We are not bound to accept “reconciliation” because USA which knows nothing about our country, our people or our culture, proposes it in a resolution against Sri Lanka in Geneva.  USA’s hidden interest in purported welfare towards the Tamils, and accountability  to weaken Sri Lanka, is no secret to us.  Their primary interest is a foreign strategical policy of  using Sri Lanka in countering the influence of China in  Asia.

Another call of the International Community, Tamil National Alliance and the anti Sri Lanka forces is the devolution of political power to the North and East.

Devolution of political power to the North and East is a meaningless demand.  If it is granted then it would be to separate North and East from the rest of the country.  It is the creation of a Tamil Homeland, to which even the ordinary Tamil people will not agree.  Homeland concept is a left behind appendix of the terrorists sanctified and being worshipped by the TNA and the  Expatriate Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations in foreign lands. We should  sacrifice devolution of power , in favour of sharing of power. 

Sharing  is defined variously, as:  unselfishly willing to share with others, having in common.

It is this sharing that should be encouraged between the Tamils, the Sinhala and the Muslims.

The Sinhala people have this sense of sharing, they learn it from their childhood.  The Sinhala did not wait  until other communities  joined them to fight terrorism. They went unselfishly head on into it. They are altruistic.  They were going to rid of the terrorists to bring peace to the country  and that  peace they  bring, they would share  with all communities  no matter whether they  participated in the war or not, to deliver the country from the terrorists. 

But in such an altruistic undertaking,  it is sad to see now the SLMC thinks it fit to threat the government, “The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has said it will not have second thoughts of quitting the government if it fails to establish the Kalmunai Coastal district office.” 

This is how other Communities profit from the sacrifices made by others for their peace , freedom and tranquility.

What did the Tamils in the diaspora do, while the Sinhala Soldiers were dying in thousands fighting against the terrorists to bring peace to the Tamil people in the North and East ?

Living in their comfortable homes in foreign lands, when the terrorists were herding the mass of civilian Tamils like herds of goats from place to place, the Tamils of the diaspora were collecting US Dollars in millions to be sent to the terrorists to carry on their terrorism and extend the suffering of the poor Tamil Civilians in the terrorists controlled areas.

It is now fun for the Tamils of the Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations, to carry the terrorist flag and make manifestations and invite Canadian  Ministers or British Parliamentarians to their manifestations and make them listen to their anti Sri Lanka rhetoric. And hear shameless Canadian Ministers, and British MPs make speeches in praise of the valiant terrorist fighters who took the Sri Lanka Armed Forces “by their horns”.

All that should stop if any one really cares for the welfare of the Tamil people  in Sri Lanka.  The only way out for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, for their peace, freedom and happiness,  is not another spate of terrorism, but it is in learning  to live wholly  with the  other Communities, sharing in their happiness in peace and freedom, in their pain and pathos,  living together in whole of Sri Lanka, and not only in a part of it.

In moving the resolution against Sri Lanka last March, 2012, at the UNHR Council in Geneva the US Ambassador  Eileen Donahoe said:

“Our view is that if there isn’t some form of truth and accounting of these kind of mass-scale atrocities and casualties, you can’t have lasting peace, You sow the seeds of future conflict.”

These are fine sounding words, if it had come from some one else, but not from  Eileen Donahoe  the American Ambassador in Geneva, who represents USA which is guilty , completely and wholly  guilty of the  human rights violations, mass scale atrocities not only in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, but also innumerable instances of most dastardly acts of criminal and savage Abu Gharaib prison torture, 

torture of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay Detention Camps, and multitude of murders in Drone attacks. (not to mention their murders in Vietnam, killing of Afghan Civilians by American Soldiers etc.)

Those words of Eileen Donahoe are better addressed to her own American State Department, as USA deserves those words thousands time more than Sri Lanka.

After hearing the  jubilating news of the passage of the USA Resolution against Sri Lanka
the Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton had said, “…that the United States and the international community “had sent a strong signal that Sri Lanka will only achieve lasting peace through real reconciliation and accountability.” 

In the atrocities committed  by USA and the International Community in their  theatres of war outside their home countries,  where the dead  are  the  poor civilians, foreign and unknown,  for whose deaths they have no tears to shed.  And paradoxically no one is their to ask them for accountability.

In the light of these atrocities committed by the USA and the International Community one wonders whether they were really wearing clothes when they moved the resolution against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka which fought a war against “home made” terrorists within its territory cannot be asked for accountability least of all by USA and the International Community who at this very moment continue to kill innocent Civilians in Pakistan with their ever present Drones.