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Sri Lanka Tamils an obstruction to Sri Lanka’s progress and development as a Unitary Independent Sovereign State.

In Tamil Nadu  the Tamils assaulting a Buddhist Monk from Sri Lanka

David Camaron said of Muttiah Murulitharan:

“First, I did not hit Muralitharan for six. Secondly, I think he was being quite gentle with me. I certainly could not read which way the ball was going to go and I was fairly lucky to hit it at all. He made a good point that a huge amount of progress has been made in terms of peace, stability and economic prosperity. His organisation is bringing together Tamils, Sinhalese and others to help forge the country together. He is doing amazing work and we should back that work. He also thought I was right to attend and to raise these issues. What he wants, as a proud Sri Lankan, is to ensure that a fair picture is painted of his country, and he is right to say that.”

Muttiah Murulitharan said more.  He said that David Cameron had been misinformed about Sri Lanka.   He said that  he is a Tamil, and he loves his country.  His family suffered under racial riots of the past where their properties were burnt down. That was the past he said, which he has forgotten.  He now  helps the country in its development making an effort at uniting the communities.  What is the use of digging into the past of Sri Lanka ?,  he asked,  Sri Lanka has now to be  helped in its forward march.

That was great as it was the first time I heard in recent times a Tamil speak out in public in defence of his country, his motherland.  And how many Muralitharans do we have in the South, though we have plenty of Vigneshwrans and Pakiasothy Sarawanamuttus.

Immediately the Tamil “cancer” reacted. The Chavakachcheri Urban Council passed a resolution moved by P.Sritharan seconded by Kishore  condemning the statement made by the patriot Muttiah Muralitharan, which was adopted with all members  unanimously voting for it.

They said, “ Perhaps, Muralitharan was playing cricket overseas when the Tamil people in the North were suffering and scores of young men and women disappeared. He has hurt the feelings of the Tamil people, grieving the loss of their loved ones, by undermining their struggles. Hereafter, we will protest if he held cricket training camps in the North and the East,”

That is the uncouth Tamil mentality,  the Tamils in the south too perhaps assented, because none  of them have so for made a statement pro or against Muralitharan’s statement to Cameron.

In a Sinhala village near Kandy I know, there is one Tamil family, all around them are the Sinhala families.  In the village they are not treated separately, they have become a part of the village taking part in weddings, funerals, religious ceremonies and even share what they cook amoung neighbours.  But when the son  of the Tamil family was selected to enter  the Moratuwa University, they preferred to send him to a University in Tamil Nadu.  It was during the period of  terrorism. 

When I asked why , they said “ we fear to send him to the Moratuwa University because of  all this  trouble in the country  ”.  It was very disappointing, a Tamil family living with the Sinhala did not have the confidence and the courage to send their son to one of the best universities in the country.

That is the mentality of the Tamils whether they are in the North or in the South, they would trust Tamil Nadu Tamils, more than their own Sri Lankan Sinhala.  How can we then expect this mentality to change amoung the Tamils in the North and East ? 

One begins to wonder whether it was wise to have had allowed PC elections in the North.  The PC system is already a non-productive, ill conceived system for a developing Sri Lanka.  In this context the PC in the North is a transmogrification of what it should be even in its present form.

The Tamils prefer to complain about their problems and find solutions from any white man embarking in their province rather than taking the government and the political leaders of the South into their confidence. It is alright to mix with the Sinhala in ordinary life but when political or social decisions have to be taken affecting their future they desert the Sinhala seeking their own kind.

This Tamil mental obsession of seeking outsiders to solve their problems is well illustrated  by Upul Joseph Fernando  in an article he contributed to  Ceylon Today :

“ Professed saviours of Tamils in the country have a notable series of succession over the years. First, from the start of the war in 1983, it was Rajiv Gandhi; it ended with the LTTE assassinating him at a political rally in Tamil Nadu in 1993. Thereafter, the mantle of acting saviour fell to the lot of Norway, which did it through its role as peace negotiator and the guarantor of the ceasefire between Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE. With the demise of Prabhakaran and the annihilation of the LTTE, the role of the saviour of the Tamils fell on India once again, until a new Messiah of the Tamils alighted in our midst, namely Britain and its Prime Minister, David Cameron, who have since been seriously performing the self-arrogated role at the international forum of CHOGM.”

Colombo Gazette reported that , the wife of former LTTE Trincomalee District political head S. Elilan  Anandi Sasitharan now PC Councillor in the North has filed a petition with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) over alleged threats faced by her and many of those who demonstrated in Jaffna during the visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

This woman cannot even for an instance  be grateful to  the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for giving  her the  gift of her life , peace and an occasion to lead a respectable life. What she is to-ay is the result of the elimination of terrorism by the Sri Lanka Government Forces. 
Anandi Sasitharan the terrorist
Had it not been for the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces she would still be leading a life in the Jungle uncertain of a future  taking chances with her life jumping from one ditch to another taking cover from deadly bullets.          

Sampathan, Suresh Premachandran, Sumanthiran, Sritharan, Wigneshwaran and the rest of the TNA politicians  whatever they have studied and what ever qualifications they may have, they are no different from Anandi Sasitharan, as they too  have the same simple retrograde Tamil mental capacity.  They cannot think beyond their Tamilness, separated from the rest of the global Community.   Where will it lead them, to another round of terrorism ?  When people are born with their unwholesome kamma, they cannot avoid their suffering.

Tamils in Jaffna have every thing to lead a happy life in a progressively developing peaceful environment.  But they are not satisfied. They say they have un-redressed grievances.  They  say they have unfulfilled aspirations. For the Tamils in Sri Lanka the other Communities do not matter, whether they also  have grievances and  unfulfilled aspirations do not concern them. The Sri Lanka Tamils are an utterly egoist lot.

They have no minds that can think independently out side themselves.   They are lead  like donkeys after the sentimental carrot of Tamilness held before them. They are  living in a hypnotic trance enticed by a single motivating object a Tamil Eelam. They do not realise that  if they were to set up an Eelam State in Sri Lanka, it would  be swallowed up by the well over 72.1 million TamilNadu Tamils, and it is  there, that their future would end, like being eaten up by a man eating shark. The Global Tamil Forum and the Tamil Diapora will not come to their help

Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan was the only Sri Lankan Tamil who joined hands with the Sinhala, the Muslims and the Malays in the demand for independence from the British.  It was finally after independence that D.S.Senananayake formed the Government of Independent Sri Lanka and admitted G.G.Ponnambalam in to his cabinet. It was thereafter that G.G.Ponnambalam  called for equal rights with the Sinhala, for the Tamils to be a community apart from the rest of the population.  Since then began the separatist agenda of the Tamils.

No Tamils either in the  North or in the South want to be a part of a United Sri Lanka.  Some of them want a separate Eelam State, while others ask for Federalism with the North and the East exclusively for the Tamils.
No Tamils in the South during or after terrorism manifested in support of the Government. Even when David Cameron went to north and supported indirectly  the Tamils call for separation, it was only the Muslims as a Community who  manifested against Cameron’s  foolish intervention in the North  making brash statements against the Government of Sri Lanka.

The Muslim Community understood  the hypocrisy of David Cameron,  that  in visiting the North of Sri Lanka, he was only carrying out his political campaign to win the votes of the UK Tamil diaspora, caring less that his unwise act would  damage the ongoing efforts of the Government of Sri Lanka to  reconcile the Communities.

The Business Standard of the 25 November reported,  A group of Sri Lankan Muslims today protested against British Prime Minister David Cameron's warning to institute an international inquiry into alleged human rights violations during the war against LTTE. 

The protesters demonstrated holding placards against Cameron at the central Colombo's main mosque after Friday prayers. They accused the British Prime Minister of being influenced by the pro-LTTE diaspora in in Britain.”

The Tamils living peacefully amoung the Sinhala and the other communities in the South do not have the commonsense even to send letters to the press in support of the government.  But they live silently in the peaceful comfort of the South without committing themselves waiting for the opportunity to back the pro –terrorist TNA and join the separatist movement  to set up a Tamil Eelam in the North and East.   We have an example of them in Wigneshwaran, who now even accepts Prabhakaran as a freedom fighter !!!

But the Tamils in the South who in their silence contribute to the cause of setting up a separate Eelam State in the North and East  will never consent to live in the Tamil Eelam in the North if ever there were to be one, but will continue to live their lives of hypocrisy in the South amoung the Sinhala and Muslim Communities. 

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Who is responsible for Sri Lanka being accused for violation of human rights and war crimes ?

Muttiah Muralitharan Cricketer and a great patriot of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is being accused for violation of human rights and its Armed Forces for war crimes

But why and who is responsible for  this wild accusation by the West ?

There had not been any violation of human rights  for which Sri Lanka could correctly  be singled out as the only country in the world committing violations against the rights of its people.

If we examine the number of innocent people who have been killed and continued to be killed by other  wealthy Nations in the world, not in their own countries but in other developing countries outside their own, using their NATO or American Armed Forces chasing after terrorists, what human right violations Sri Lanka  is accused of having committed cannot be regarded as such.

These accusations against Sri Lanka are being made without taking into consideration that Sri Lanka suffered from terrorism  for  nearly thirty years  and carried out military operations against the terrorists without going outside its own territorial boundaries, as the West is doing.  Sri Lanka cannot therefore be accused for violation of human rights as it carried out its military operations strictly within the country avoiding  damage as far as possible  to its own  civilian population.

A war against terrorism is different from a declared war against a country. In Sri Lanka it was just  a group of  Tamil youth within the country who had taken up arms against the Government. They were  taken  by the Indian Secret Service and trained as terrorists and released into the country to accomplish their aim of dividing the country to form a separate State for the Tamil Community.  Those Tamil terrorists who eventually  turned out to be a considerable force had to be eliminated  as they were causing considerable suffering to the people of the whole country for nearly three decades.

The civilians no doubt may have got killed in the course of  military operations  to eliminate that destructive  terrorism despite the care taken by the Government Air Forces for precise bombing, and others may have got killed being caught in the cross fire between the terrorists and armed forces, but there had never been deliberate shooting at the Tamil civilians by the Government Forces.

But vast destruction to the country and lot of murders of civilians in large scale massacres in unimaginable ways and means employing claymore bombs, in buses , trains, market places, and using kidnapped Tamil women trained as suicide bombers exploding themselves to eliminate selected human targets,  had been carried out by the terrorists through out the 30 years of their ruthless, atrocious existence. 
A beloved Minister of Foreign ZAffairs Lakshman Kadirgamar assassinated by the terrorists

12 civilian workers at an irrigation construction site massacred by the Sri Lanka terrorists
Temple of the tooth at Kandy most sacred to the Buddhists the world over destroyed by the terrorists

In that situation of utter horror the country faced for thirty years the civilian deaths in the course of the elimination of terrorists by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka cannot by any imagination be called violation of human rights, and least of all war crimes.

It is only the foreign media that makes an issue  of  human rights violation in Sri Lanka, supported by the  Governments of the Western Countries either bought over by the terrorist sympathising Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora, or through the jealousy  of the developed west towards  a developing country dare spring into being their equal, showing immense capability in economic development (while they are nose deep in a financial crisis), and  engaging in  a remarkable ability to build new diplomatic ties with  countries the Developed West would like to keep in a state of dependent underdevelopment.

The Independent  website on 14 November,2013, titled its Editorial , “  Sri Lanka’s appalling human rights record raises questions about  legitimacy of the Commonwealth.”

UK Channel 4 has said “The people who so effectively executed the annihilation of the Tamil Tigers and many tens of thousands around them still run the country on a war footing.”

An NGO working for CNN writes, “As many as 70,000 people were killed in Sri Lanka's war and in its final stage, which lasted from September 2008 to May 2009, the Sri Lankan army advanced into an area of the north where about 330,000 people were trapped by fighting. A U.N. report in 2011 said the government used "large-scale and widespread shelling" that left a large number of civilians dead.”

David Blair of the  Telegraph reported, “The world’s media took the opportunity to bring to the fore the plight of Sri Lanka’s disappeared – with 5,676 “outstanding cases” according to the United Nations – and the unresolved question of the atrocities carried out during the final battle of the civil war in 2009.”  He adds, “ The Sri Lanka “heads of government meeting” was a shambles, boycotted by the leaders of two of the most important members – Canada and India – and overshadowed by the controversy over its location……..”

Huffington Post UK wrote: “The Rajapaksa government's human rights record has sparked international outcry as it is accused of committing war crimes in the civil war with Tamil separatists in 2009. The prime ministers of India, Canada and Mauritius all boycotted the CHOGM, while David Cameron was branded an "imperialist" for calling for war crimes allegations to be investigated.”

Do not these malicious accusations against Sri Lanka for  violation of human rights and war crimes  by its Armed Forces  show the presence of  a  hidden agenda of  the Western countries, or is it a ploy to cover  up their own record of atrocious human rights violations and war crimes, in Vietnam, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria  ?  

If it is suggested that Sri Lanka should be taken before a Tribunal for  violation of human rights and war crimes, is it not correct that the first to be taken before such a  tribunal should be USA, UK, Canada, Netherland, Germany, France and the rest ?  

They-America and the West cannot accuse Sri Lanka, unless  America and its allies of the West –UK, France, Germany, Canada, Netherland , Italy,  submit themselves  to an international  investigation of their  violation of human rights and  war crimes.  If there were to be such an investigation Sri Lanka should be a party to it.

These accusations against Sri Lanka as a violator of the human rights of its own people  will go  on non stop as long as the pro terrorist Tamil diaspora continues to pay the Western media such as the UK Channel 4, and buy over the Western politicians.

a falsified image  to put a crime against Sri Lanka Armed Force
UK Channel 4 is specialising in  making documents out of collected images of horror perpetrated by the terrorist themselves  depicting them as committed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to incite the  people in the Western Countries against Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces, to awaken  them to act against Sri Lanka supporting the call  for an independent international investigation.
Mosdern Hotel and a shopping Mall in Colombo Sri Lanka

The western television viewers love to see scenes of suffering and pathos, they are so moved by them the media offers more and more of it for their consumption often doctored  and falsified by  UK Channel 4 to the exclusion of  images of development  of roads,  bridges and buildings of utility,  beautification of streets, parks, cultural manifestations, and healthy happy children in clean and neat dresses.   

The Western television viewers love to see the naked thin limbed African children  suffering from malnutrition with their mothers sitting and chasing away flies, or  scenes of disasters with country sides  devastated  by typhoons, tsunamis , or earth quakes, and  the  African soldiers and child soldiers in their dirty military fatigues, holding kalashnikov in their hands 

For the  Western Television viewers the developing countries are the nests of suffering. Those images of suffering  displayed  before them by their  media- the press and television arouse their humanitarian sentiments.  The governments in these developing countries are depicted through these televised  images  as the cause of these unbelievable suffering of the people.  

Sri Lanka another developing country emerging out of  its underdevelopment does not seem to interest as such to the Western media which produces their reports to suit  the Western viewers who  prefer images  of suffering  of these countries. Hence the popularity of  UK Channel 4. It does not matter where images have been taken or how the scenes had been created in studios, as long as the images incriminate the governments as  the perpetrator  of suffering in developing countries.

It is with this back ground in mind  that  I sat down to watch the BBC  News  in the Television  the day the CHOGM was declared open by the Crown Prince Charles of Great Britain.  The BBC news started with a long report on the devastation caused by the typhoon Haiyan in Philippines,  then they came to Sri Lanka and showed the image of British Prime Minister David Cameron being received by the host the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka. 
Prince Charles and Participants at CHOGM held in Sri Lanka

The presenter said  in Sri Lanka  the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is being held under a cloud of accusation of human rights violation by  Sri Lanka, then they passed on to show images of the Presidential election campaign in Chile, and then a report on the child soldiers in the Armed forces of Ghana.   There was nothing more about Sri Lanka and the CHOGM.  The media just presented what interested the Western viewers.
CHOGM Opening Ceremony in Sri Lanka BMICH

But why is the visual media like the UK Channel 4, interested in preparing documentaries using  images doctored in studies to make them realist criminal offences committed by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, when there are other countries who commit war crimes in countries out side their own countries, killing civilians in reckless bombardments as it happened, in Libya. 

There are meaningless killings of Afghan civilians by American soldiers, torture of prisoners, in Iraq,  death of civilians in drone attacks in the boarder villages of Pakistan, and torturing of  prisoners in Guantanamo Bay detention camps .  Despite all that UK Channel 4 is specialising  in  Sri Lanka creating  instances of human rights violation by doctoring images collected at random.  

Why ?

The obvious reason is that UK Channel 4 has been retained by the anti Sri Lanka pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora for their vicious campaign against Sri Lanka.   Hence UK Channel 4 produce anti Sri Lanka films implicating its Armed Forces as war criminals at every occasion  the West brings accusations of violation of human rights against Sri Lanka at the UNHRCouncil in Geneva, or during visits of Sri Lanka dignitaries to UK, or even lately at CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

Who provides false  information and encourages the foreign media and the Anti Sri Lanka humanitarian agencies to  interfere into internal affairs of Sri Lanka and maintain an ongoing anti Sri Lanka publicity campaign  of violation of human rights by the government and war crimes of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces ?

It is the  Sri Lanka Tamil Community  led by the TNA which is the mole-the traitor which  is discrediting the country,  and  destroying the unity and development of Sri Lanka, and feeds the Western Countries and media with false information to justify their claim to set up a separate Tamil State.

If TNA and the Tamil diaspora  were to stop their traitorous campaign against Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka would have gone a long way, much faster  in its development, providing its people the benefits from the hard won peace.  But it is not to be.  Unfortunately the Tamils in the South are also silently contributing to  this conspiracy against the unity  and progressive development of Sri Lanka.

We tend to believe that the Tamils in the South living in peace and harmony with the Sinhala, will not be a party to an attempt at division of the country and separation of Communities.  But the opposite is the truth.

If it is not so, how can we expect a man like Vigneshawaran, who lived, studied, worked as a judge,  married his sons to Sinhala women,  after becoming the Chief Minister of the PC of the North,  takes side with the TNA against  the Government and the Sinhala Community.  He has become a shameless traitor to Sri Lanka going as far as comparing a terrorist psychopath to a National leader who died fighting  against the British colonisation of his country.

If Sri Lanka is to  develop and divest itself of foreign interference Sri Lanka should  politically eliminate the TNA and its sympathisers,  as  it eliminated physically the terrorists.

There had been no Tamils from the south who had so far stood up to defend  Sri Lanka and speak out against the TNA and their separatist Agenda.  The reason why the foreign media, the anti Sri Lanka Western Countries, the numerous human rights agencies interfere into Sri Lanka accusing it of  violation of human rights and war crimes by its armed forces, is the result of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community’s silent  complicity with the TNA and their separatist political agenda.

The number of real Sri Lankan patriots amoung the Sri Lankan Tamil Community would not exceed ten.  Amoung them is our great cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan, who was able to silence both David Cameron and the UK Channel 4 journalists through his frank declaration.

Muttiah Murulitharan a beloved figure

Mutiah Mulitharan  declared to them, speaking as one whose family  had been victims of  race riots, that he has forgotten the past,  and advised them to do  like wise without digging into  Sri Lanka’s past, but help Sri Lanka in its development and reconciliation process.

If there were to be more Tamils like him  Sri Lanka will be able to rid itself of the Western interference into its peaceful existence and continue with its progress and development towards the goal of building a prosperous  Sri Lanka for  every one to live happily together.

Let our people live and enjoy the fruits of hard won peace

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Controversial UK Channel 4 and Callum Macrae of faked Killing Field fame !!!

UK Channel 4 is a “publisher broadcaster” with its programmes produced by other companies, its funds come from broadcasting and distributing these programmes. UK Channel 4 commensed in 1982 and its history since then is studded with , disgusting sensationalism, controversy,  racist and hateful programmes which are more often faked and false. 

One of its much criticised low and immoral television show was the Wank Week.  A season of television programmes about masturbation broad cast in March 2007. The first of this show was about a Masturbate-a-thon, a public masturbation event, organised to raise money for the sexual health charity Marie Stopes International…….. the series came under public attack from senior television figures, and was pulled amid claim of declining editorial  standards and controversy  over the channel’s public service broad casting Credential. This shows how low the Channel 4 can fall.( wikepedia) 

And this is the Channel which was allowed by Navi Pillai to screen the fake documentary on Sri Lanka the Killing Field in Geneva at the UN Human Rights Council Session in June,2011.

Yet another Controversial issue in which UKChannel 4 was involved was a Programme it broadcast on Global Warming. On March 8,  2007 Channel 4 screened the highly controversial docuimentary “ The Great Global Warming Swindle”.   The programme states that global warming is “a lie”” and “ the biggest scam of modern times”.  The programme’s accuracy has been disputed on multiple points  and several commentators  have criticised it for being one-sided, noting that the mainstream  position on global warming  is supported by the scientific academies of the major industrial nations.  There were 246 complaints that the programme falsified data, and views had been distorted.

A Critic  and a TV Reviewer James Walton speaking about Channel 4 had said, "one of the things that gets me angry is Channel 4's use of the mentally ill for entertainment - in shows like How Clean is Your House, where plainly some of the people have mental problems, or Fat Pets or Wife Swap. I get this recurring image of Channel 4 programme makers sitting round the Groucho saying, 'We've found this marvellous working class fat person for the show! ”.

There are many more instances of the Channel 4, presenting false, doctored documents for a gullible British  TV Viewers.  The Channel 4 now has the expertise to make any false documentary video footage look true, and make any true video footage look false.

Again Nihal Magdy in Common Ground News Service reported, on a document present by Channel 4, “The distorted image depicted by the media has a detrimental effect on society at large, as it intensifies prevailing attitudes and increases cultural divides. Media disseminates information that shapes people’s views and attitudes. Consequently, it has immense power and influence over the form of dialogue or debate between Muslims and non-Muslims ….

Another Controversial film by Channel 4 had to be withdrawn after its Presenter Tom Holland was threatened.

John Reynold of the Guardian  wrote in one of his reports “ Ryanair sacks pilot who appeared in Channel 4 documentary on Safety” :

  “Ryanair rejected the false and defamatory claims made by the Channel 4 Dispatches programme which wrongly impugn and smear Ryanair's outstanding 29-year safety record based on nothing more than anonymous hearsay claims made by individuals whose identity was concealed, and/or by representatives of pilot unions of Ryanair's competitor airlines masquerading as a non-Ryanair Pilot Group,"

In 2007 UK Channel 4, ran short of finances and turned to the government for aid  and received a loan of £ 14 million.  This  controversial, undignified Channel 4 which  will stoop to anything to earn money has become a symbol of UK’s moral decadence.

Now it may  have succeeded in assuring a regular financial income from the Tamil Diaspora with Callum Macrae making fake films and  documentaries like the No Fire Zone and the Killing Field. Those documentaries  have not an iota of truth. It is only those who view intelligently the Channel 4  who may perhaps understand that these Channel 4  documents are fictitious and fallacious.   

Nevertheless, those films have a large audience among the  Tamils of the Diaspora in UK, Canada, Australia ,USA, Netherlands etc where  Sri Lanka pro terrorist Tamils live in large numbers. Channel  4 need not ask for aid  from the UK government any more as they may be well compensated  financially by the pro Terrorist  Tamil Diaspora for all its fictitious documentaries it makes  implicating the Sri Lanka Government Forces.

Beginning from 1982,  UK Channel 4 is studded with controversy, complaints for falsehood and faked reporting.  This is the spring field of false faked films such as the No Fire Zone and Killing Field and more to come  after Macrae’s visit to Sri Lanka for CHOGM and thereafter, at every UNHRCouncil Sessions in Geneva, all, surely financed by the anti Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora.

Who is Callum Macrae the Director of UK Channel 4 ?
He is now a Director of the controversial and unreliable UK Channel 4 ably preparing  faked documents and films trying his best to prove Sri Lanka is a dangerous country, where the Tamils are murdered , women are raped  and journalists are killed.  He began is professional carrier doing odd jobs. That is probably why he is not strait and given to make his life making  lies appear to be the truth.  He grew up in Nigeria, and Scotland, studied painting, and worked as a dustman –a garbage collector ( which he continues to do), ran a pirate radio station, and was a teacher.

Then he produced a satirical cartoon strip, and began writing for news papers and magazines.
He joined the infamous UK Channel 4 in 1992. There he founded what is called Outsider Television.  Most of his programmes were contested for heavy editing and inaccuracies, though the complaints had to be withdrawn for various reasons later.
Finally he settled down to make documents and films against Sri Lanka implicating its Armed Forces for violation of human rights at the end of the war against terrorism.

He found ways of  technically manipulating collections of disconnected pictures into a make believe document or film that deceived the spectators to believe they were true.  One such was the scene of  persons in terrorist attire seated on the ground with their hands tied behind them with another  posing as a Soldier standing  behind them holding a gun at the head of  one of the men.
the bunker with clean and tidy sand bags is not possible to have during the height of fighting. The hand in the foreground is whiter than that of a Sinhala Soldier or that of a terrorist

Another is the supposed to be son of  Prabhakaran seated in front of well arranged new green sand bags munching a biscuit and then a photo of another boy with the same type of shorts lying seemingly dead on the ground. Two picture are said to show Prabhakaran’s son before and after being shot.
A terrorist supposed to be tortured by Soldiers. The Soldiers  of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces do not wear sandals.  In the cross plaster on  upper arm the oozing blood could not leave such clean edges. This is a faked picture.
These films he screened through the UK Channel 4 to fool a naive home audience with low grade TV Programmes with faked films, to discredits  Sri Lanka a Sovereign State.

Now Callum Macrae is well settled in life earning making fake films and documents on Sri Lanka’s war against terrorism to  uninstructed viewers who would  believe  the faked atrocities were committed by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.  Macrae is not  concerned in making his  documents seem objective.  They are completely one sided,  made to make the Sri Lanka Armed Forces seem to be the Criminals, the rapists, and murderers. 

Callum Macrae does not for once in any one of his documents against Sri Lanka show the humanism of the Sri Lanka Soldiers who risking their lives rescued nearly  300,000 Tamil civilians,  an exodus of humanity running away from the gun fire of the terrorists who shot at them for not remaining to be their shield against the barrage of fire expected from the Armed Forces.

The reason for Macrae’s  hatred towards Sri Lanka to join with the anti Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora and continue to produce defamatory documents on Sri Lanka Armed Force promoting it as a Criminal Armed Force torturing, murdering and raping the Tamil minority is a revenge according to  Michael Roberts, which he says in his article, “ Visual Evidence II: Torture Images on Channel 4….and Weiss” –Sunday Island 9.11.2012:

“Grapevine information indicates that Channel 4 was working secretly in LTTE territory from 2007 or 2008 and that Nick Paton Walsh entered Sri Lanka to complete the final phase of this cooperation; but was deemed suspect and unceremoniously turned out by the Sri Lankan government in May 2009 - a humiliating outcome which added revenge to the other motivations promoting Channel 4s commitment to the Tiger cause and its targeting of the Sri Lankan government for a public hanging”.

Callum Macrae has been allowed to come to cover the CHOGM with his team. The Government must be careful to keep him and his team in Colombo without allowing them to proceed to the North for any reason.

Callum Macrae has still not completed his Saga against Sri Lanka and he may probable want to take pictures of the North including Nandikadal, terrorist grave yards and where the three surrendering with white flags are supposed to have been killed, which would be the  climax to his fiction-making it a trilogy. 

Why should Sri Lanka contribute to make him earn  his living allowing him to gather material  to make yet another faked film against Sri Lanka Armed Forces to please his paymasters?

Thursday, 7 November 2013

CHOGM-What does it matter Manmohan Singh comes or not or Stephen Harper boycotts it ?

CHOGM is a bi-annual meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Governments.  It is like an association of  past Students  of a school.  Being a meeting of politicians they talk about politics as it affects them and each other.  Governing a country is no easy matter.  There are those who are critical, and those who are supportive. There are those who are rational and those who are irrational.

Each country has different problems that require different solutions .  Therefore, there is no effort on the part of those attending the CHOGM to evolve a unitary method of solving problems or keeping the antagonist forces together.

It is an opportunity for the Heads of Governments of the Commonwealth to understand the cultural difference of participants and understand that each country has  to adopt different methods to solve problems they have, be they economic, social or human rights , in keeping with each others cultural, social, and economic back ground.

CHOGM  is not  an occasion for them to advise each other as to how they should govern and solves their problems , but to understand why the same problems in the 53 different member countries of the Commonwealth  have different solutions  according to cultural, social and economic back ground of  each country.

It is this difference, and the understanding of that difference, that brings together the Countries of the Commonwealth not to face accusations but to understand that in politics what is sauce for the goose, is not the sauce for the gander.  Therefore, the Heads of Governments attending CHOGM should not have  individual agendas to respect. 

They are not participating or not in the CHOGM for the wants of the electors back home, but as governments of the Commonwealth, governed by different people of different backgrounds to understand better and share  the solution each one of them has for their political problems.

Sri Lanka’s main problem comes from the Tamil minority Community which refuses to accept the hand of fraternity extended  to them by the Sinhala majority Community seeking a solution separated from the Sinhala Community.  However much the Government seeks reconciliation with the Tamils, they  refuse to cooperate and have   friendly ties to build a Nation together with the rest of the of the Communities. 

The solution to this should be found by Sri Lanka alone, and not by other governments who have their own problems which are not the same as that of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka could use legal, cultural, social and religious incentives to bring the Tamils in to the fold.  It is for Sri Lanka Government to experiment with, and not on the advice of the other member States of the Commonwealth who  are unable to understand the problem in the given context. More over  doing so would  be an interference into the internal affairs of the country which is not a gesture expected at a CHOGM.

The Leaders of the Governments of the Commonwealth do not attend the CHOGM for the want of the people of the respective countries, because it  has become now a custom for the these heads of  States  to meet bi-annually in different member Countries of the Commonwealth as venue.  They may discuss political matters affecting each other and make a report of the outcome and  discussions to their people.

It is the duty of the UK Prime Minster David Cameron to attend the CHOGM as the Commonwealth is a British brain child.  Nevertheless, he comes as an equal member of the Commonwealth of Nations.  It would be wrong for him to attend the CHOGM to fulfil the demands of the Tamils in Great Britain.  

David Cameron need not go to the North of Sri Lanka because the Tamil Community wants him to do so, because that would be an interference into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

David Cameron should have the courage to tell the Tamils living in UK with British Passports that they are British Tamils.  Their allegiance is to UK and the affairs of UK. They have no right as British subjects to contribute in any way  for the separation of Communities in Sri Lanka which is a Member of the Commonwealth with its own rights and privileges as a Sovereign State.  Cameron should emphasise that their continued activities against a Member Nation of the Commonwealth will result in the suspension of their citizenship as such activity would cause a diplomatic crisis.

In India David Cameron said about Indians in UK, "We want to see British Hindus, British Indians in the top of our judiciary, we want to see them at the top of our armed forces and we also want to see them at the top of our politics,"   

For that to be so the British Indians should have unflagging allegiance to Britain, without interfering in the affairs of India in a manner detrimental to India. Similarly, the British Tamils too should  show their allegiance to  Britain  and stop interfering into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka in a manner detrimental to it.

In Sri Lanka too, the Government  would like the Tamils to shed their separatist cloak, and engage wholely and completely in the development process holding the hands of  unity with all those who people Sri Lanka.

It is also the duty of Manmohan Singh the Prime Minster of India to attend the CHOGM, being the head of an important Government of the Commonwealth and a neighbour, if not a friend of Sri Lanka.  His inability to make up his mind to do his duty through fear of antagonising the TamilNadu is his weakness as a political leader.  A good leader should be able stop irrational politicians from interfering into matters on which he has to take  a political decision.  TamilNadu which harboured Sri Lanka terrorists and  helped  them in the assassination of  Rajiv Gandhi a promising young political leader of India and a Prime Minister, has no right what-so-ever to dictate terms to the Prime Minister of India as to what he should do and should not do.

Manmohan Singh should be able to tell the TamilNadu politicians that they as Indians should  think and act as Indians and their interest in the Tamils in Sri Lanka is misplaced.  It is the Central Government of India that has to take a decision with regard to Foreign Affairs,  therefore to decide to attend or not to attend  the CHOGM in Sri Lanka cannot be decided on the whim and fancy of TamilNadu.

The undue interest of the Tamil Nadu politicians in the affairs of Sri Lanka is mainly due to the fact that India has failed to develop Inter State social, and  cultural relations.  No attempts seem to have been made to bring together the people of different  Indian States through the  organisation of Cultural  and Social events. 

On the other hand Sri Lanka Government has done more than what is necessary to bring the Communities together, though it had been hindered and made impossible by the egoist political leaders of the TNA.  In Sri Lanka the only way to bring about even a semblance of a Communal unity would be by removing TNA, like it was by eliminating the terrorists that the call for  separatism by the terrorists was ended.

Stephen Harper the Prime Minister of Canada is a foolish man to say the least.  He has to gain nothing except perhaps the votes of the Canadian Tamils, by boycotting CHOGM.  It was an opportunity for him to have  seen Sri Lanka and understand the situation first hand, and report back to the Canadian Tamils what he has come to understand of the situation in Sri Lanka. 

The Canadian Tamils should be more interested in the affairs of  Canada, being Canadian Citizens and perhaps build a closer relationship with the Canadian First Nation and help them improve their condition of living which has been neglected by Stephen Harper and his government.  It will help their  future existence as an important Canadian Tamil Community.

If the Prime Ministers of India and Canada are led by  certain groups holding before them,  like a carrot before a donkey  their voting rights, it is their business if they were to  lead their nation into a political precipice.  The CHOGM in Sri Lanka will nevertheless  be held. 

However, Sri Lanka will in its own way,  at its own phase settle the ethnic problem and march forward with its development process unhindered who attended and who did not attend the CHOGM.

Mahinda Rajapakse President of Sri Lanka and Li Keqiang Prime Minister of China

Monday, 4 November 2013

CHOGM a Club of old “friends” ?

A club is defined as a formal association of people with similar interest.  Hence we could perhaps call the CHOGM a Club where the old Colonial Ruler and the leaders of its former colonies get together for a friendly pow-wow about each other and their concerns.  They have shed their Colonial garbs and meet as leaders of Sovereign States on equal terms. 

They meet as friends now  though  memory of the colonisation by the British is filled with hatred for the brutality  beyond  any comparison to “violation of human rights” with which it clamped the rebellions against colonial rule by the  native National leaders, who are still remembered by the people of these countries as heroes.

That extreme  brutality with which the Colonial rulers enforced their authority over the native population cannot be erased from the minds of the people however much they  Club out as friends. 

In addition to that is  the modern idea of a “violation of human rights” with which  the former  Colonial British turned a Commonwealth member Nation,  and the members of the Commonwealth fraternity such as Canada, accuse Sri Lanka. It is an aberration of the whole purpose of being members of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The different Nations of the Commonwealth having a grievance with any other Nation of the Commonwealth,  should forget those grievances and give time for the people of the now  independent former Colonies to erase those  memories of the past from their minds and make an effort to establish real acceptable political  relationships  for a meaning full  existence of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The members of the Commonwealth should evaluate concepts such as violation of human rights and examine the context in which it could be applied. Accusing any country for violation of human rights in the course of its fight against terrorism is not correct. Such cases should be  taken out side the ambit of violation of human rights. 

Sri Lanka which suffered under terrorism for thirty years has, while  making great human and material sacrifice eliminated terrorism, and at last breathes the air of peace and freedom and is going ahead with development of the country which had been neglected for over three decade. 

Is it now correct for the Nations that form the fraternity of the Commonwealth of Nations to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights at the  last phase of the  elimination of terrorism-  terrorism  which for three decades almost on a daily basis had  been massacring its innocent people, assassinating and wounding  its  Presidents, intellectuals, Ministers, Military Commanders,  officials, and so on ?

Sri Lanka is ready to forget  the past and forge ahead contributing to the fraternity of the Commonwealth of Nations, provided the other members understand the situation of Sri Lanka and in the spirit of the unity of the Commonwealth of Nations discuss matters concerning her in a civilised manner, without adopting  low tac-tics merely to reach out to ill informed expatriate Tamils in return for their votes.

The CHOGM is  the meeting of the Head of Governments  belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations.  It is held once in every two years in different countries of the Commonwealth in rotation.  The first CHOGM was held in 1971 in Singapore .  There had been 21 such meetings so far.  The venue is selected on the invitation of a Member State.  There is nothing special in the selection of the country of the meeting.  This year the CHOGM is to be held in Sri Lanka. 

There is an unusual and  unseemly uproar about the event being held in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka had been one of the poor developing countries within the Commonwealth until now.  It had gone through an unprecedented upheaval  through ruthless terrorism introduced to it by a neighbouring Sate using the youth from  Sri Lanka’s Tamil Community, creating an ethnic bias. This ethnic bias  continues to hamper Sri Lanka’s progress and development even after the elimination of  terrorism.

It is this ethnic bias which has created present commotion with regard to the holding of the CHOGM in Sri Lanka.   CHOGM is only a normal event, but the elimination of the terrorism is being used by some interested parties as a discrimination by the Government against the ethnic Tamil Community to which the terrorists belonged. These anti Government Tamil population based  in Countries abroad are forcing some Countries like Canada, India and even UK to boycott the CHOGM to be held in Sri Lanka.

It is not in the spirit of the Commonwealth of Nations to uphold the voices coming from out side Sri Lanka against the participation in the CHOGM.  The venue for the holding of CHOGM is not selected for political, social or cultural reasons.  It is selected  on an invitation extended by a Country of the Commonwealth, and accepted at the previous CHOGM.  

The last CHOGM was held in Australia, and it was then that the invitation to hold the next CHOGM in Sri Lanka was accepted.  The next venue for the CHOGM may probably be in Mauritius if the invitation is accepted at the CHOGM held in Colombo.  Therefore all the commotion that has been let loose in India , Canada, and UK  should not affect in any way the holding of the CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

The CHOGM  discusses issues such as , “….   include international peace and security, democracy, climate change, multilateral trade issues, good governance, sustainable development, small states, debt management, education, environment, gender equality, health, human rights, information and communication technology, and youth affairs. ”

It is said that, “After a formal opening ceremony and a formal Executive Session, the leaders meet privately in a ‘Retreat’ setting. The atmosphere is informal, encouraging a full and frank exchange of views, and decisions are reached by consensus. ”

They meet in CHOGM  to discuss matters affecting each other. They discuss how their relations could be improved and in what different ways the problems of one country  could be settled  by help and support from the others.

Therefore, in CHOGM there are no fist cuffs, bashes and brawls. It is not a  tribunal or an unfriendly get together where they accuse each other and  chose  winners or losers.   Nor do they behave like a pack of hyaenas  growling and snapping at each other over an animal carcass.

CHOGM helps to keep the Commonwealth of Nations together. They speak the same language, therefore  they can make each other understand, and better understanding brings better relationships.  At CHOGM they  discuss political , economic, cultural or  social matters in different ways and find remedies to problems. 

They do that to help each other as  Members of the Commonwealth of Nations and not to please outsiders, or win elections. Therefore both Canada and India should  attend the CHOGM as members of the Commonwealth, to discuss problems and offer solutions.  Their political problems are not the concern of the CHOGM.

Both India and Canada should learn to separate their internal political problems, from their affiliations with the Commonwealth of Nations, and attend the CHOGM at least through respect to the participating Nations of the Commonwealth.