Thursday, 17 September 2015

Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain’s UN report on Sri Lankan war crimes is like false documents Tony Blair produced for George Bush to declare war on Iraq.

Yes of course Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain and Pablo de Greiff may have heard of terrorism, but terrorism in Sri Lanka they see  through their  professional eyes, after all they have a job to do.   They cannot  see it  from the eyes of those who witnessed the brutality of  terrorism. Therefore they do not see it from the angle of those who suffered from terrorism. They take reality for myth and  myth for reality. 

But they cannot shut their eyes to the  human side of what it was like suffering under terrorism. For them the period of terrorism in Sri Lanka is fiction or like reading    books about  the killing of the inhabitants of  ancient Mexico the Aztec by  the Invading Spaniards or burning of non-believers at stake to make others obedient and  accept to be Catholics  through fear of death in the hands of  the  armies of the Inquisitors.

Above all for them the terrorists in Sri Lanka were terrorising Sri Lankans and not the foreigners.  Therefore the Americans,  Norwegians, Germans , Japanese and the foreign NGOs met the terorists and  sat with the Sri Lanka terrorists to drink together  and eat lobsters in Kilinochchi. Even American Senators  came to enjoy the hospitality of the terrorists.

It is a pity Zaid Ra’ad was not there then , because he would have had his share of lobsters dinning and wining with the terrorists. It became a holiday resort for the INGOs, the Government representatives of USA, UK,Norway, Germany , Japan etc.

We appeal to the  47 Representatives of the governments at the UN HR Council Geneva, listening to stories concocted by the UNHRC presenting a report prepared on 3000 statements by eyewitnesses, whose identity strangely is to be kept confidential for thirty years, to understand the efforts the UN and the big powerful countries are making to hide the truth and establish falsehood in its place.  It is the Agenda of Navi Pillai that is evident in the UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes presented by Zaid Ra’ad the UN High Commissioner.

How can any one intelligent assume the report presented without giving  the names of witnesses as correct ? It is a report prepared at the behest of the Tamils who have paid  people like Callum MacRae the Garbage Collector by profession, of UKTV Channel4 to make a film of the horrors of terrorism as those committed by  the Armed Forces. The UN Report presented at the UNHRC in Geneva is absolutely fiction as much as MacRae’s film.

In realistic democracy  any action taken by a sovereign state against terrorism or an armed insurgence to stop and eliminate such terrorism or insurgence should be beyond interference into by any other sovereign state, or even an International Organisation-the UNO,  because such actions are the inalienable right of a sovereign State in protecting its people and territory.

In Sri Lanka an insurgency of Sinhala youth in south was stopped  by the then governments with the use of excessive  repression, with reported use of torture and assassination of  the  insurgents , which was not questioned by the UN or the International Community. The suppression of that insurgency in the South ended without question despite torture, and assassination of large numbers of youth.

Similarly terrorism that began by  a group of Tamil youth was eliminated militarily with out inflicting torture.  But that did not stop there as it was with the insurgence of the Sinhala youth in the South.

Why was it so ?

In the case of the terrorism it was an ethnic group the Tamils who were the terrorists.  When the terrorism was eliminated it should have stopped at that, as it  happened in the insurgency in the South.

But the former became an international issue as the Tamil expatriates living in different countries in the West who were sympathisers of the terrorists and who contributed to arm the terrorists were able to make a hue and cry in the countries in which they were living  using the ethnic issue as the reason for the government  to eliminate terrorism militarily.

They made it out that it was not a mere elimination of terrorism but it was a deliberate  suppression of the right of the Tamils by the Sinhala majority government. Under normal circumstances the West and even the UN should not have intervened as what the Government of Sri Lanka had done using the Armed Forces was to stop terrorism, because Tamil or not terrorism had to be stopped by  the government whatever its ethnic representation , as it is the inalienable right of the Government to do so in the interest of its people and territory.

The Governmentof Sri Lanka  could not have stopped an insurgency by the Sinhala youth and allowed the terrorists to continue their terrorism because they were Tamil. That seems to be the lopsided  “logic” of the West and the UN Human Rights Council and its Commissioners.

In fact there is no right what so ever to make the elimination of  terrorism in Sri Lanka an issue of violation of human rights , leave alone making  accusation of the Armed Forces for war crimes.

What happened in Sri Lanka in the elimination of terrorism by the use of Armed Forces, is justifiable , compared to what the USA and its NATO partners did in Iraq and Libya , which was not just violation of human rights but complete annihilation of Nations.

If the UNHRCouncil in Geneva were to justify its right to exist, and win the confidence of member states( other than  the  real perpetrators of crimes),  as a Council that stands for human rights, it should bring allegations against  USA and its NATO Partners for deliberately planned crimes against humanity.

Elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka was  the Government’s inalienable right and duty as the provider of security to the people assuring them of their peaceful existence without allowing its enemies, what ever their origin, ethnicity or formation to destroy or divide the country.

That is the correct interpretation the Western Governments should have made to the Tamil expatriates in their countries who were demanding their intervention in Sri Lanka as the elimination of terrorism was  a discrimination against the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka. But it was not the Tamil Community that the Armed Forces were fighting against but the terrorists.

Instead of that,  now the UNHRCouncil Geneva working on a resolution by USA is asking for  accountability by the government of Sri Lanka,  presenting  the Darusman Report and  the latest UN Report is a serious injustice  against Sri Lanka a Sovereign State which had done nothing wrong  in eliminating terrorism, but  doing its duty by its people.

The terrorism has been eliminated, and it is now, that any one could go around collecting false eyewitness accounts. If  the conditions that prevailed at the time during the last phase of war against terrorism could be imagined by even a least educated  person he would give no credit at all to the so called  3000 eyewitness accounts. People  running away from the terrorists holding them as a human shield, had no time to look back and see what was happening, as  they were running pell-mell with the only idea of saving their own lives.

Therefore,  Mr.Zaid Ra’ad Hussain those 3000 eyewitness accounts are not worth  the paper on which they have been written. They are false beyond doubt, and besides there is no acceptable evidence to prove beyond doubt that those eyewitness accounts are true.

The two reports- Darusman Report and the UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes, are not acceptable for the simple reason that the names of the witnesses  who gave evidence on which the reports have been prepared are being  kept confidential for 30 years.  

This is not different from President Bush stepping over the UN Security Council to declare war against Iraq, showing a false document prepared by Tony  Blair the then Prime Minister of UK, that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

What moral right Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain  has as the UN Commissioner for Human Rights to continue to go on with  the Resolution moved by USA, and present the false UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes, before calling USA to account for the crimes it has committed against Iraq and Libya and continues to do in Pakistan using unmanned Drones.

The UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes is an absolutely false document prepared to  satisfy the expatriate Tamil Community in the West, USA its Western Allies; and India to divide Sri Lanka so that China and Russian influence in the particular geographic area could be eliminated and enable the  setting up of an American military base.

If the Prince Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain has any proud royal blood in him he should honourably resign from his Office as UN High Commissioner instead of presenting a false document which has no legal value as  the defendants are not in a position  to cross examine the so called  3000 eyewitnesses who had provided statements the  truth of which cannot be established. 

Further more UNHRCouncil should extend the charges made against the LTTE in the UN report on Sri Lankan war crimes in the absence of the terrorists, to those who supported terrorism, for aiding and abetting terrorists in Sri Lanka, as they became a party to terrorism by collecting  funds for the terrorists, engaging American lawyers to defend terrorism,  help and encourage terrorists to carry on terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Notice should therefore be issued to Sampanthan and  TNA, Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi and Vaiko  of Tamil Nadu, Fr. Emmanual of the Global Tamil Forum, , Nediavan. And the  following Tamil Organisations

01. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam a.k.a LTTE a.k.a Tamil Tigers. 
02. Tamil Rehabilitation Organization a.k.a TRO. 
03. Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a TCC 
04. British Tamil Forum a.k.a BTF 
05. World Tamil Movement a.k.a WTM 
06. Canadian Tamil Congress a.k.a CTC 
07. Australian Tamil Congress a.k.a ATC 
08. Global Tamil Forum a.k.a GTF 
09. National Council Of Canadian Tamils a.k.a NCCT a.k.a Makkal Avai 
10. Tamil National Council a.k.a TNC 
11.Tamil Youth Organization a.k.a TYO 
12. World Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a WTCC. 
13. Transnational Government Of Tamil Eelam a.k.a TGTE 
14. Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly a.k.a TEPA 
15 .World Tamil Relief Fund a.k.a WTRF 
16. Headquarters Group a.k.a HQ Group 

The speech of the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka Mangala Samaraweera is a complete sell out of the  Armed Forces of Sri Lanka of which some made the supreme sacrifice and others handicapped for life.  These Soldiers and their Army Commanders  did their  job to protect the people of Sri Lanka, and their motherland. 

The Armed Forces of Sri Lanka  did not deliberately kill the civilians, and if some died that is collateral damages which is unavoidable in the elimination of a greater danger.  If the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had not eliminated terrorism  when it did , terrorism would have continued and many more civilians  from all communities in Sri Lanka  would have been  dying daily at the hand of the terrorists, their Suicide bombers, grenade lobbers, snipers, claymore bombs set in busses  and in trains and in market places, and the suffering would have continue, unabated.

Is it that what the UN,  and those who now accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes  wanted ?

The African States, Asia pacific States and the Latin American Carribbean States present at the sessions of the UNHRCouncil in Geneva , should take note of what the UN, USA and other Western States are capable of doing against developing countries who want to be independent of the repressive  countries, and follow a non-aligned political system . These powerful States are all out to maintain their global leadership suppressing the rights of the developing Countries.

As it had been repeated above Sri Lanka is accused unjustly at the call of pro terrorist Tamil expatriates for the simple reason of eliminating  terrorism in Sri Lanka by a group of Tamil and ending a thirty years of incessant suffering.

The USAand the West who were against the Chinese and Russian support of Sri Lanka and its very  close relationship with China which helped  Sri Lanka’s very fast infrastructure development ,  is making all efforts to isolate Sri Lanka from China and Russia and bring accusations against Sri Lanka for war crimes.

It is Sri Lanka today that is being unjustly accused by the UN System which is now almost  part of the USA State Department, to morrow it will be one of you from the African States, Asia pacific States or the Latin American- Carribbean States.  Therefore do not let  the rich buy you for their benefit, but try to defend one of you- that is Sri Lanka against this International political terrorism by the Rich Countries of the West against the developing Nations.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Lankaweb you gave us space from where to shout our anger against enemies of our motherland.

I think I started writing to Lankaweb somewhere in 1997. Lankaweb perhaps did not make me a writer, but helped me to express my battered thoughts about my country.  It was an outlet to my pent up feelings.  A space where I could cry out as loud as I can  against those who were perpetrating injustice, treason,  and wrongs  against my country.

For once I feel that we have been let down by my own people who have handed over Sri Lanka to merchants of driftwood and scrap, to be sold to our enemies. We have been made helpless on lookers  while the enemies of the nation are bargaining to sell the country that nurtured me into being a patriot, gave me a culture –a Sinhala Buddhist Culture that I am proud of, my Island home Sri Lanka is today an object on sale in the hands of ambitious politicians full of hatred, anger and jealousy, trying to sell it off for their political gain.

My feelings for my country are greater than those of the vicious parasites that come to my country, enjoy freely  the hospitality of the people and condemned  the governments,  the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International , UN Human rights Commissioners, and the UN itself. and the rest of those human rights activists, who have failed to bring about a just society in their own countries, but   seeking to put things  right in Sri Lanka as if it belongs to them. 

UN has become a nonentity with the USA State Department taking over  duties entrusted to the UNO by Charter. Recently Sri Lanka was visited by an Assistant Secretary of State  for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour.  There are country reports on human rights to the US Congress. So where does UNO stand ?

UN is either an appendage to USA Sate Department or a powerless entity dictated to by the USA. Normally Member States of the UN are equals.  But USA is acting as a superpower not caring for the Sovereignty of the member states of UN.

What is this rotten world where USA the worst violator of human life by the use of Drones, declare wars on countries producing false documents as evidence, and reduce them to rubble by unconcerned bombing  with the use of their NATO Forces ? 

What moral right has USA to accuse Sri  Lanka and move resolutions in  the UNHRC in Geneva against  Sri Lanka’s  just cause of elimination of terrorists that had caused immense damage to the country and human life ?

And no one dares stop USA ,which is like a vulgar thug employing killers to eliminate objectors , immoral in every sense of the word, uncontrollable USA that change regimes , set up new regimes and dictate the way they should rule their people. We write but it is  just barking at a speeding caravan.

When Barack Obama was elected President, we were waving the American flag and  lighting crackers, as if an Angel had descended on earth to eliminate a cruel war mongering USA Government and bring peace and justice to the world. We thought we were right in that  gleeful demonstration after all America which had been imposing its law on every one else in the world was finally going to meet with its destiny before the new messenger of the God-Barack Obama. 

At last an uncontrollable USA is to be reigned in by a black American who knows, we thought, the suffering of the  poor , the unprivileged people and States, and stop distasteful scandalous  American “bossing” of the world.  But what happened was the opposite.  Barack Obama became another  war mongering , regime changing American pushing for the leadership of America , carrying on American wars in the world as usual, stopping any undeveloped country raising its head over economic hardship.

Barack Obama became an unjust, biased, pompous Black American and the office that was cast upon him making him the 64th President of America, did nothing for the betterment of the unprivileged Americans in USA or the people elsewhere in the world who were looking for justice from USA’s mean “dictatorship” in the world. 

Barack Obama is privileged to be there in the White House, but the ordinary black Americans have still not found their just place in the American Society.  And that is the America of which Barack Obama is the President that continues its history of regime change, setting up trade and economic embargos on nation, indiscriminate use of Drones killing civilians in its search for terrorists. 

It is that America of Barack Obama which is dividing nations like Sri Lanka accusing the country that had been  menaced with territorial division and made to suffer for thirty years  by a group of terrorists going on rampage. This America of Obama is now accusing Sri Lanka for war crimes, and passes resolution at the UNHRC in Geneva trying to take the Armed Forces  before a tribunal for war crimes.

USA is like the Goliath, but who is  David that will stop its wild rampage. We thought it would be Barack Obama, but now  he has  become a part of it?

Where is this blessed democracy, justice  and fair play, or  peaceful coexistence ?  Who can we appeal to against injustice that is being committed by the  West seeking means to maintain its leadership in the world ? USA and the West still continue the same tactics they carried out during the past in colonising countries. It is a game they play, as they have no interest in the developing countries or their people other than the extent to which they could use the countries as pawns in their checker board of world political strategies.

There were the times after Independence,  that I detested those who ruled my country. But yet with all their wrongs they were after all  my people and I could understand them better than those from the West that knows nothing about my people or the culture  of my country which they always tried to treat as insignificant. They chose from the countries only those that did not represent the real people or  those that represent the  real culture of the country, to give them the reins of the destinies of the people fooled by their invented methods to make unpopular the popular local regimes , and make popular the unpopular local politicians.

The UNP  could never think without taking examples from the West.  UNP was so entrenched in the British culture and their way of thinking it had no vision of development of Sri Lanka that had been nicknamed  Ceylon  for colonial convenience, beaten, trodden, its pride and values squeezed out, wronged and changed in every way possible during 500 or more years of colonization.

The Sinhala people I am ashamed to say  had learnt from the west to treat my country  as  a country without a proper religion, a  culture, a language or a dress. They have no gratitude, they easily forget the past  for a carrot of  development and prosperity that  any one would dangle before them. They have become so pathetically non-Sinhala they do not think twice before they would cut the throat of one of their own for a political, financial or any lesser benefit.

The Independence itself began with denying the deserved his place.  Sir Baron Jayatilleke was tricked to accept a diplomatic post in India, for D.S.Senanayake to become the Prime Minister.  That was the beginning of the UNP reign, backstabbing cut throat tactics. What did UNP give to Sri Lanka other than a set of boot lickers wearing the Englishman’s coat and trousers, speaking their language, worshipping their gods, and trying pathetically to behave like them.

It was UNP now acclaimed by the Tamils that passed the Citizenship act in 1948 to disenfranchise the Tamil plantation workers of Indian descent.

When D.S.Senanayake died, his son Dudley became the Prime Minister, he was a political misfit in the UNP Clan. Having had to reduce the rice ration  to the dictates of the aid providers of the West  UNP had to face a people’s uprising- Hartal,  organised by the LSSP and the Left wing political parties, in 1953, and good man Dudley resigned, allowing his uncle Kotalawala to become the Prime Minister.  

The UNP did nothing  significant either under Dudley nor under John Kotalawela. Under John Kotalawala the Catholics became  an important political support for  UNP.

The people had enough of capitalist UNP and were awaiting for a different political movements to displace UNP; allowing them to breath the air of real Independence. The man the people sought  to replace the UNP with a different and a more acceptable  political movement was SWRD Bandaranaike with his SLFP.

Bandaranaike changed the path Sri Lanka was taking under the leadership of a non visionary hackneyed upper class black sahibs of the UNP following a foreign policy dictated by the British.  SWRD changed drastically the existing  UNP’s withered government policies. He made Sri Lanka an Independent nation making ordinary people of Sri Lanka a part of the political system, allowing them to breath the air of freedom in a new independence away from the  Black Sahib culture of the UNP.  

It is towards this self same British, American and Western influence of the fifties that Ranil Wickramasinghe is even today trying to drag back our Sri Lanka under the guise of a new political culture.

During the short time that he lived after 1956 SWRD brought the left together and brought back the battered, shunned , neglected  and decadent Sinhala Buddhist Culture to the fore.  The Sinhala language that was the language the UNP hierarchy used to converse with the kitchen staff and other manual workers; was made the  National language, and the old Sinhala  flag brought  down by the British to hoist their own Union Jack , was recognised as the National flag of Independent Sri Lanka.  SWRD said addressing the UN General Assembly in November,1956:

“This is an age when we have to live and let live, when we cannot afford to hate each other so much that we are prepared to sacrifice all mankind in the name of peace or for some other reason. We cannot afford to do that today. Within the limits of honour, of course, and those principles which we hold dear, we have to live and let live. That is the philosophy behind the doctrine of co-existence. We in Asia do not hate anybody. We want to be friends with all. We have to build up a new society for ourselves; one, as I have said, which best suits the genius of our country. …………That is why we do not range ourselves on the side of this power-bloc or that power bloc. This is the philosophy of neutralism. ……”

He set up an independent foreign policy pulling Sri Lanka away from the, “ British ruler –colony” complex. His vision of an Independent Nation like any other in the world was thwarted first by the racist Tamil Nationalists, and then by the local  pro British politicians-the UNP.

After the  assassination of SWRD,   Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the Prime Minister making history as the first woman Prime Minister of the World.  She turned out to be a remarkable  politician despite having been in the shadow of her brilliant husband. She was able to introduce a new facet to Sri Lanka foreign policy as changed by her husband.

Her nationalization of Petroleum companies earned her the disapproval of the USA and UK which resorted to their  pseudo democratic brilliance of  imposing trade and economic embargo by cutting aid to Sri Lanka.  It made her get politically closer to China and Soviet Union out of which came the non-align movement of which she became the Chairman. She had her share of problems from the Tamils.

She is  remembered for getting back the real identity of the country as Sri Lanka casting away the nickname “Ceylo”  given to it by the colonialists.

These are things that never come into the cramped minds of the UNP leaders who cannot think beyond certain limits.  The UNP as USA,  has a one track mind and as usual accused  Ms. Sirimavo Bandaranayaike for corruption. Nevertheless Sirimavo Bandaranayake  took forward the  country from where her husband was stopped by an  assassin. After her defeat in the elections,  UNP came back to power with Dudley Senanayake as the Prime Minister.   When ever the UNP relying on the USA and the West came to power  manifestly Sri Lanka takes a few steps back from progressive political advancement.

In 1978 J.R.Jayawardhana of the UNP became the President of Sri Lanka.  His government was far from being democratic. Today,  his nephew Ranil Wickramasinghe  brings back memories of the  UNP’s repressive government under JR. 

JR took deliberate actions against his opponents .  He saw to it that Sirimavo Bandaranaike would not come back into politics by taking away her civic rights. You see the repetition of this in Ranil Wickramasinghe doing all that he can to keep Mahinda Rajapakse away from politics.

Even Buddhist Priests and Buddhist Temples did not escape JR’s wrath.  JR Jayawardhane’s  rival Presidential candidate  Hector Kobbakaduwa  went through almost the  same  political difficulties Mahinda Rajapakse is made to suffer by Ranil Wickramasinghe. 

Perhaps Madoluwawe Sobhitha thero has not forgotton  what happened to Professor Sarathchandra  at Peradeniy, when he was beaten and pushed to a drain by the thugs sent by JR’s supporters, and   barb- wired  the Getambe Rajopavanaramaya, to teach a lesson to the High Priest who supported Kobbekaduwa. 
“Hector Kobbekaduwa, had to face a very difficult period after the Presidential elections. …………….Hector Kobbekaduwa was taken to the 4th Floor on 64 occasions for questioning by the CID. But, the J. R. Jayawardene Government was unable to prove any of the allegations.
Even at the last stages of his political career, Hector Kobbekaduwa was deprived of his right to use his ballot by the United National Party Government at the 1982 Referendum as his vote was used by another.”
Like Uncle JR like nephew Ranil.  Fortunately for Sri Lanka Ranil Wickramasinghe is not the President .

JR Jayawardhane was an unconditional admirer and a loyal friend of America.  He thought he was politically strong with the backing of the powerful USA.  But in 1978 when the Indian Air Force trespassed into Sri Lanka air space to drop dry ration to the  terrorist  held in siege in Jaffna by the Sri Lanka  Armed Forces, and forced  JR  to enter in to the Indo Sri Lanka pact demanding him to introduce the 13A prepared by India in to the Constitution, JR had none to appeal for help as USA would not interfere and burn its fingers antagonising India.

So Ranil Wickramasinghe is better advised to be aware of his  American and Western friends , re-dressed and introduced anew by Mangala Samaraweera.

It is better  he thinks twice be fore he considers himself a skilful politicians with the backing of the USA and the West. USA and the West as they did to JR,  will drop him as well like a hot brick if he finds himself in a political fix with India, which is not unlikely, unless he becomes a blind stooge of India.

Maithripala Sirisena’s loud boast that his government will go the full term and no one will be able to topple will be an empty boast when things begin to change. JR also thought as much,  but he too learnt his lesson the hard way.

JR Jayawardhane, who took over the reigns of government from Mrs.Bandaranaike a very capable politician who made Sri Lanka proud, came beating drums and blowing trumpets  like his nephew is doing at present, promising to rid Sri Lanka of all its ills brought about by SWRD and then his wife Sirimavo. 

But he lost to Rajive Gandhi, a young politician who did not have the experience of JR who some called the “old fox” JR gave into Rajive without a whimper signed the Indo Sri Lanka Pact, accommodated the Indian PKFforces,  accepted a politically crippling 13A to the Sri Lanka Constitution and made worse the situation Sri Lanka was in added to an unabated terrorism.

His successor the other UNP President R.Premadasa was no better.  Premadasa even armed the terrorists against the Indian PKF. Killed innumerable numbers of Sinhala youth who foolishly took up arms to seize political power. The UNP after Mrs. Bandranayake proved they were unable to solve the problems of Sri Lanka and take the country forward leave alone develop it.  Mahaweli Project and Gamudawa did very little or nothing at all to Sri Lanka by way of development.
A good man President D.B.Jayatunga who did not make an impact in the political history of Sri Lanka

The UNP experience   showed  the people that Sri Lanka is in need of a leader  who could really solve the problems of the people, eliminate terrorism, develop the country from the intolerable condition to which it had been put by the previous incapable UNP Presidents, who had neither the ideas nor the vision to think  saving Sri Lanka from terrorism , ameliorate the  living conditions of the people and change  the situation in Sri Lanka.

It was then that the people sinking in the deluge of  unsoluble problems with the terrorists in the north, insurgents in the south, strangled by a mismanaged  economy,  ready to hang onto any straw to save themselves voted to put  Chandrika Kumaratunga into  power at the elections of 1994 .  Chandrika had the sympathy votes of the  people as she was widowed by the assassination of her husband,  and was a  mother of two young children, and above all she was the daughter of SWRD and Sirimavo the dearly loved leaders of the people.

Though she could have done much as  she was young and active, but  the accumulated problems  in Sri lanka was too much to handle.  She was ambitious, pretentious, and thought she had the backing of the people, but that was not sufficient to put Sri Lanka back on an even keel to make it safe to sail on the troubled waters of politics.

She thought of pacifying the terrorists she knew nothing about, and having failed thought of a military solution. She selected the wrong people to handle the terrorist problem. She brought in Eric Solheim to mediate between the government and the terrorists. Solheim became an agent of the terrorists, and handled the terrorist problem in the interest of the terrorist helping the  terrorists to become militarily more powerful than the Armed Forces of the government .  The Embassy of Norway imported sophisticate telecommunication material  for the terrorists using its diplomatic priviledges.  Bradman Weerakone allowed the material to be transported to terrorist Controlled area.

Then came the tsunami adding more to the already existing problem. The terrorists wanted no baby sitter and wanted to assassinate Chandrika but succeeded only blinding her in one eye.  Her mother Sirimavo then old and sickly would still have been a better President than her daughter Chandrika.  Chandrika messed up the situation further with enormous sums of money that came as aid to reconstruct areas damaged by the tsunami and the  large numbers of NGOs that descended who became a law unto themselves. Chandrika handled terrorism badly and so with the distribution of  tsunami Funds.

To make matters worse, she was forced to dissolve the Parliament due to the unreliable back stabbing Rauff Hakeem leaving  her government with his seven followers. The general elections that followed  put into power the UNP with Ranil Wickramasinghe, adding more to the miseries of Chandrika-the President.  Ranil Wickramasinghe was now her Prime Minister.  This ambitious man who always puts himself before even the country was in no mood to take orders from Chandrika the woman President.

Ranil Wickramasinghe  completely ignored Chandrika as President, and wanted to take credit for settling the problem of terrorism. He got Eric Solheim  to mediate to start peace negotiations with the terrorist. Eric Solheim the traitor who was waiting for his chance prepared the CFA  along with Prabhakaran without consulting the President Or the Prime Minister and got Ranil Wickramasinghe to  sign the agreement.

Ranil Wickramasinghe who thinks that he knows every thing signed the CFA perhaps even without reading, because on signing it he gave the control of parts of the North to the terrorists forfeiting the right of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces or the Police to enter into the areas controlled by the terrorists. Finally when Ranil was enjoying himself dining and wining  in style with George Bush  in USA Chandrika sacked three Ministers of  Ranil’s Cabinet and took over the Ministries herself, thus ending the unholy alliance with the UNP.

Hence what we see today with Ranil Wickramasinghe  forming a coalition  government  with Maithripala Sirisena as President is a repetition of what had already happened before, when ever UNP was ruling the country.

There is nothing for the President Sirisena  or Prime Minister Ranil to be exceptionally happy about. The unholy alliance will topple over by itself without any body having to take a hand to topple it.  Nothing is permanent , every thing is impermanent and so is Ranil Wickramasinghe-Sirisena combination.

It has not been said enough that  it was the great fortune of Sri Lanka to have elected Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapakse, not only eliminated terrorism, (which the UNP Presidents beginning from JR Jayawardhana  miserably faile to do , and Chandrika got one eye blinded  without getting anywhere near even trying to end terrorism),  but also shortly after the defeat of terrorism Mahinda Rajapakse developed the country raising it from a developing country to a middle income  State.

That was the great achievement of Mahind Rajapakse  what ever his antagonists make him out to be , and none of them including Maithripala Sirisena, Ranil Wickrmasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunga or Mangala Samaraweera will ever be able to do. None of  them also will ever be even equal to him let along being greater than him.

The mess that we see today will continue, and it could be re-established  and put things back in right order  only when  this unholy honeymoon of UNP, JVP,TNA,JHU is over,   by the return of Mahinda Rajapakse or some one equal to him from perhaps the UPFA, but never from the UNP. 

The UNP spells disaster both then and now. Sri Lanka has no place for USA or Western shaped capitalism of the UNP. SWRD Bandaranaike once said that the river of socialism cannot be made to flow backwards as  it will always flow downwards.

And that is the only hope we have while the UNP and its crowded alliance are building dams to make the river of socialism  flow backwards.

To-days political situation in Sri Lanka is utterly debased, brutal beyond comprehension, with so much of hatred , jealousy and revenge in minds of those in power . There are two Buddhist monks in the  ruling clan of good governance, they are also a part of this malicious destructive political leadership. They could perhaps tell the trio  Sirisena-Ranil-Chandrika how to run the  country like human beings, without giving into animal instincts.

Sirisena wants to see the end of Rajapakses and so are Chandrika and Ranil.  They have no time to rule the country. Never in the world’s political history could be found a politically degenerated  trio trying to rule with so much of hatred towards one man who saved Sri Lanka and developed it without thinking of taking revenge from his political foe.  The vicious trio could be compared to Caligula. in the absence of any one else.

This is the first time we have the likes of them in Sri Lanka politics.  They are actually running a police state and not doing politics to develop the country and help the people  live peacefully  in an environment of  universal love, without hatred, fear and uncertainty.

Monday, 7 September 2015

A new Political Culture……

It is interesting to investigate what this New Political Culture the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe  keeps talking about..  From what one has observed so far it is a dictatorship of the President , a police state of the lowest sort with an extended  dictatorship of the Prime Minister within a frame work of  a damaged democracy .  An experiment perhaps of a new political culture  still in a very infantile state and lets hope it will not look to Videla’s Argentine, Salazar’s Portugal or Pinochet’s Chile.

The change of political culture began in January, 2015, with the appointment of Ranil Wickramasinghe unconstitutionally,  as there was already a Prime Minister and a Cabinet.  After the swearing in of the PM in January,2015, he immediately transferred the democratic Republic of Sri Lanka into a police state with a special police force taking orders from the Prime Minister himself to catch thieves,  to make real their hallucinations of thieves of the previous  government in every project, every profit making Companies, and even in every hotel in Dubai, and banks in Seychelles.   

The Foreign Minister rolled his big eyes trying to get all foreign  experts to get the stolen loot hidden in various places by the former President, having accused him of having stolen  an enormous sum of money  equal to many times the  income of the Government of Sri Lanka. The new political culture is not a service for the people , but revenge against the former President Mahinda Rajapakse. All hands to the fore to catch thieves.

There was also an evident don’t care attitude, appointing as Finance Minister against whom a case for money laundering was pending, and strangely the presentation of the Budget was to be on the very day he had to appear in court !!

Weeks later the most scandalous  bond issue in the history of the Sri Lanka Banking System took place , and in keeping with the “new political culture” all that was hushed up and the  falling “dirt” swept under the state carpet.

There was again a display of the comedy of reappointing an impeached Chief Justice, making her retire and appointing another kicking out unceremoniously the Chief Justice in place. That is part of the new political culture a unique system in the world.

The new rulers chucked out our greatest friends China and Russia who defended us in the Security Council against USA and West, and have welcomed  our enemies USA and the West who presented resolutions after resolutions in the UNHRC in Geneva preparing to take our armed forces to be taken before a tribunal accused for war crime, and India that seconded the USA Resolutions as Sri Lanka’s new friends, to take over the countries development from China.

Ranil Wickramasinghe’s UNP Ministers each had to catch at least one thief of the previous regime. Even Company Directors  who held office during the previous  government were not spared. They   accused various people and the FCID of the Prime Minister  took  them for questioning and they never came back , as they were immediately arrested and put in remand. There was the JVP marching proudly with files in hand to be  handed over to the Bribery Commission. JVP was a part of  the new political culture of Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Another facet of  the new political culture was seen after the dissolution of the Parliament.  Maithripala Sirisena actively  contributing to shape the new political culture, proposed by his super intelligent  Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe. But Maithripala Sirisena’s behaviour  was some thing  beyond the recitation of the  daily Yahapalanaya Manthra, ordinary democracy as we know, or  even outside the corrupt regime they had vouched to replace. 

There is no democratic country in the world where a President elected by the people does what Maithripala did from the day he was sworn in as the Presidenof Sri Lanka.

The democratic norm is that a President elected by the people belongs to all the people without discrimination against the political parties they belong to , the religion they profess or the language they speak.  But in the new political culture being shaped by the present Yahapalanaya government of Ranil Wickramasinghe under the Supervision of Maithripala Sirisena all those accepted  political and moral norms  have been ripped away. It is a new political culture.

The new political culture apart, it is a government set up to vilify the previous government,  and take as much revenge as possible from  the deposed President Mahinda Rajapakse his family, friends and those connected distantly  or those who pay respect to him for the life they owe to him,  who eliminated terrorism.        

Maithripala Sirisena the President walked the length and  width of the country, saying to the people that if he had lost the election he and his family would have been six feet under ground. That was a most ridiculous, vicious, and unintelligent thing to have  been said by a man who occupies the most respected position of the country.  Stabbing a man’s back, to gain power is another thing , but to accuse him for what he is incapable of doing is base, low, distasteful  and foetid.

The attempt was of course to bring disrepute and make unpopular Mahinda Rajapakse, making people believe that he is a criminal not worthy of trust. Coming from a man who had known Mahinda Rajapakse for more than 47, years he may have thought that people would  believe that the Batalanda  torturers are angels  of sort under the new political culture, compared to Mahinda Rajapakse.

Fortunately the people –the Sinhala Buddhists would say that Mahinda Rajapakse is a man who will not harm even an insect let along burying people six feet under ground. The other woman Chandrika who is not worthy of being called a one time President of Sri Lanka speaks as if she is under the influence of liquor.  No wise person would go abroad and condemned a Presidents  who had been elected by the people of Sri Lanka  as a killer of Civilians who ran a police state. 

Chandrika was incapable of stopping the terrorists even after she offered Prabhakaran north of Sri Lanka to be ruled by him for ten years, and therefore she is responsible to the very “hilt” for all those deaths of terrorists, soldiers and civilians  from 19 August 1994 to 19 May, 2009. She cannot escape from that blame by putting it on Mahinda Rajapakse who saved Sri Lanka from terrorism.

Mahinda Rajapakse is unique. He is a “man for all seasons,” how ever much the authors of the New Political Culture, try to portray him differently denigrating him, without thinking for an instance that, none of them are able to hold a candle to former President Mahinda Rajapakse.

People of Sri Lanka refuse to listen to Chandrika , and no one will trust her in Sri Lanka except Sirisena-Ranil duo. Therefore she is gleeful she has a foreign audience who knows nothing about her or her doings as the President of Sri Lanka, and may have not even read the book “Queen of Thieves” by Victor Ivan. She is unfortunately a part of Ranil Wickramasinghe’s new political culture.

This Yahapalanaya Government is of course unlike any other government of the world, and what it is going to be with its sworn new political culture  is any ones guess.  Of what we have experienced  since 8th January, 2015, it is not encouraging.  It became worse when the Parliamentary elections were to be held on the 17 August,2015.

At that election the former President was contesting to become the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. It was an ordinary Parliamentary election.  The difference was that the former  President was contesting as an ordinary citizen but sponsored by some political parties  to make him the Prime Minister if the UPFA wins with a majority number of seats.  Mahinda Rajapakse is very popular despite his defeat at the Presidential election of the 8th January,2015, and all the “ who done it” stuff with which the yahapalanaya clique was trying to hoodwink the people.

Maithripala Sirisena the President was afraid that Mahinda would win and claim to be the Prime Minister. ( there was a question of an inferiority complex).Hence, under instruction from  Ranil and Chandrika or on his own,  he descended from his Constitutional and Democratic call to be independent and impartial in Parliamentary elections,  to make public announcement that he would not name  Mahinda Rajapakse the Prime Minister even if he were to win the election. Thereafter he started an election campaign of his own against Mahinda Rajapakse.

He announced that there are number of persons in the SLFP who deserve  to be named as Prime Minister and therefore he will not name Mahinda Rajapakse the Prime Minister even  if he wins the election.  

These were all happening just a week or two before the election.  These were irregularities under the election law. But the Elections Commissioner had not proscribed the President’s actions. Then  the President sent an open letter of several pages to the former President Mahinda Rajapakse making lot of accusations and reiterating that he would not be made the Prime Minister as there are others suitable to be considered for the  office of Prime Minister.

Mahinda Rajapakse sent a short reply saying that when he lost the Presidential election he bowed to the wishes of the people and left peacefully; and that it is up to the President to bow to the wish of the people if he were to be  elected with a majority number of seats for the UPFA.

Then the President Sirisena just a day or two before the election sacked the General Secretaries of both SLFP and the UPFA and  replaced them with two of his henchmen.
These are all the part of the new political culture.  There was absolutely  no rhyme or reason for these show of vengeance against one man, who allowed people to live peacefully and breath freedom in a country without terrorism.

The result was the failure of the Party that sponsored the former President as a Prime Ministerial candidate failed to get the required number of seats.

But now the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe who promises a new political culture and new country  in 60 months has taken over  from the President Sirisena to carry on the campaign of vengeance against  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse.  Corruption charges against the former President, his family and those connected to him closely or distantly continue with a promise to make the Prime Ministers police force FCID a permanent and a legal feature.

The Prime Minister has become a sort of a Dictator, rising to an Order in the Parliament to stop a Parliamentarian making his maiden speech from speaking about arms and armaments  in the Parliament.  Of course that can be understood , as when Ranil Wickramasinghe was the Prime Minister under Chandrika Bandar   anaike did not even present the CFA to the Parliament, probably because he did not want to speak about terrorism and arms and ammunitions in the House.

Ranil Wickramasinghe did not stop at that he also refused to recognise MPs Gamanpila and Weerawansa as leaders of political parties and denied them the priviledges that follow such recognition and even denied them the front seats allocated to them in the Parliament.

That is the New Political Culture that is being set up in Sri Lanka and it would be interesting to know what more is to follow.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

When you have wept your grief………..

When you have wept your grief, and smothered the last drop of tears you are completely exhausted, lifeless, and nothing seems to matter. 

What is left is only the  slain body of once a proud nation in a bier,  four  terrorists in their  fatigues  stand silently on guard at the four corners with their hands resting on the steel rod of the T56 assault rifles kept standing before them. The red flag with tiger head in a circle of bullets covers half of the bier. Some one had thrown on the ground under the bier a half burnt lion flag. On the bier is a black hand glove of the Queen Elizabeth which she took off to shake the hand of a leader who is also responsible for the slain body lying in state inside the bier.

The people sad and grief stricken were walking away.  They knew that on the third day the fallen nation will not rise again with the glory that it was before the 8th January, 2015. They were returning to their homes  to meditate and pray . Sadly they pursued their evening walk talking over the events that led to the unredeemable loss. Never had they been  so utterly disheartened hopeless and faithless, they were walking in the shadow of the once victorious , peaceful and a fast developing nation, today lying in a bier.

Their grief could not be restrained and they wept as they walked on .  They went together into their homes and closed and fastened doors knowing that the fate of the nation might any time be theirs . ( with apology to  Luke 24-The Walk to Emmaus)

At the bier readied for state funeral.

There are Catholic Bishops with their immaculate white gowns with the purple belt, Mullahs with their long beards, and half naked Hindu pujaris in attendance.  The once fluttering lion flags are no where to be seen. What does it matter now . 

It is the TNA leader Sampathan the leader of the Opposition in charge of the  burial ceremony.  It is C.V.Wineswaran the Chief Minister of NPC who is to deliver the funeral oration. Rauf Hakeem is waiting to take away whatever would be left when every thing is over

An important delegation with the USA State Secretary John Kerry representing the President of USA along with Biswal and Robert O’Blake  and many others occupy the front seats.  The Sri Lanka leaders are  in the second row, Maitripala Sirisena  behind Biswal, Ranil behind  Robert O’Blake and Mangala Samaraweera behind John Kerry. 

Also occupying the front most seats are Modi Indian Prime Minister , Jayalalitha seated next to him along side Hillary Clinton. There is also David Cameron with the flag with which he  flagged off the LTTE torch relay to Geneva demanding awareness of genocide in Sri Lanka which started from 10 Downing Street. The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper has still not turned up.  David Miliband  and  Bernard Kouchner  are expected.

However, the people are not expected at the burial ceremony. Chandrika , Champika, Sobhita Thero and Ratana Thero will come back when every thing is over hoping to resuscitate a phantom Nation.

At the funeral oration Wigneswaran, will not speak of democracy or separatism  because they have got what they wanted.

Those who  voted for a change perhaps did not expect this sudden turn  of events.  They still do  not know that it would be worse than it was when  terrorism was assailing the nation. But it is that Nation that survived the terrorist attacks that is now being prepared for a state funeral. Bugles are already playing the Last Post.

Adieu Sri Lanka I have no more tears to shed ………..May you be reborn again  with the glory that was yours before.