Thursday, 30 April 2009

Miliband and Kouchner- failed to enter the No Fire Zone, will they now campaign against Sri Lanka to pleas the Tamil Diaspora.

What has Kouchner and Miliband got to do in Sri Lanka ? They should be in Afghanistan and Iraq where their soldiers are at the receiving end of bullets from Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists.

Kouchner is not a very forward looking man. He cannot evaluate a situation to suggest progressive solutions. He interferes into countries without allowing them to find solutions for political problems on their own. He finds simple solutions without considering the after effects of such solutions. Breaking up States to weaken their political power is Kouchner’s speciality. He supported USA military intervention in Iraq without UN approval.

He was the man who instigated Kosovo to break away from the Belgrade Orbit. Speaking in Kosovo he said, "'Now the time has come to look forward," Kouchner began, sitting under an Albanian banner.' You have fought for a better Kosovo, a Kosovo where people can lead a peaceful and happy life."

In an article- Solona and Kouchner push Kososvo “Independence” Jared Israel wrote ,
“The main thing that has happened since Kouchner took over Kosovo is that between 300,000 and 400,000 Serbs, "Gypsies", non-Albanian Muslims, anti-fascist Albanians and Jews have been driven from their homes. Most are now refugees, mainly in Serbia. Some died crossing the Adriatic. Some stayed in Kosovo, barricaded in, fearful of every knock at the door. Some have been kidnapped or murdered. » (

One wonders with what intentions he sought to enter the No-fire Zone in Mullativu to meet the terrorists and their human shield of Tamil civilians.

Miliband is also one of these dull English Ministers, who have no principles. He puts all his cards on Sri Lanka terrorists to ensure his next election. He believes more on the terrorists than the leaders of a Sovereign State. He had brought Kouchner along with him as Kouchner has a bigger mouth and thinks he can fool any one by his big talk. He must have learnt that the Sri Lankans are not made of the same stuff as those in Belgrade, where he was able to help Kosovo to break away from Serbia.

One ought to have peanuts instead of grey mater in one’s brains to ask the Government of Sri Lanka to agree to a cease fire with an already defeated terrorists just a few of them hiding inside a hole picking ticks from their dirty skins.
Sri Lanka Government was the first country in the world that had succeeded to eliminating a group of terrorists who terrorised the country for thirty long years. It also has a very capable Armed Force with experienced Commanders who planned perfect strategies to weaken and defeat the terrorists- many thought were an invincible force.

The Government has acted with extreme intelligence in not listening to the International Community which lacked imagination and called for a political solution after a negotiated settlement. The Government of Sri Lanka knows that the political solution is not possible without first eliminating terrorism. Therefore, it is not necessary for the Government to listen to Miliband and Kouchner for a solution to end terrorism and save the Tamil Civilins. Sri Lanka knows better when the military operations should end and how to bring peace to the country.

Miliband and Kouchner do not intervene with any sense of humanitarian desire to save the Tamil Civilians, but they are intervening to meet the terrorists in the No Fire Zone to arrange a “cease fire” on the demand of the Tamil Diaspora in UK.

UNO is not any more what it had been. It is unable to unite countries, and assist its own Member States to solve their problems. It shamelessly follows the terrorist websites using false information to discredit a Member State. Aid Agencies have caused Sri Lanka enough problems and the Government should never again depend on them. Their intentions are not to help developing countries but to keep the developing countries poor and dependent.

Sweden had collaborated with Norway in the Monitoring Mission before. One wonders whether Sweden was in the minds of those who suggested that the terrorists should surrender to a third party.

The UN and the International Community had thought that Sri Lanka Government could be made to dance to their tune.

Neither Miliband nor Kouchner have understood that the Tamil Diaspora carrying out a propaganda in favour of the terrorists have no interest in the Tamil Civilians. The terrorists promised the Tamil diaspora a Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka . And the Tamil Diaspora contributed large sums of money to the terrorists cause with the Homeland in mind. If they save the terrorist leaders they could still hope the terrorists to come back on a later date to continue terrorism to finally establish the Tamil Homeland.

This is why Sri Lanka does not want the International Community to intervene now to allow the terrorists to escape now, to reappear later. The International Community should instead stop the Tamil diaspora in their countries from carrying manifestations in favour of terrorism, and stop collecting funds for the terrorist cause.

The Times OnLine on 30 April,2009 reported under the heading, “Miliband in stand-up row with Sri Lanka defence minister over civilian deaths.” “……. The reported exchange highlights the determination of the Defence Secretary to ignore international pressure, and the consequent tensions between Sri Lanka and Europe — and especially Britain, the former colonial power.”

The terrorism dominated Lanka for the last 30 years. The international analysts called Prabhakaran the terrorists leader a great military strategist and that the Sri Lanka Government forces would not be a match against the might of the terrorist forces. This myth has been proved wrong .

The terrorists that rampaged the country for thirty years were brought to their knees in a matter of threes years by the Defence Secretary who coordinated the three Armed Forces and took part in the planning of strategies to end terrorism. The Defence Secretary’s anger is therefore comprehensible when he is being interrogated by people who are “novices” to war and war strategies.

The Defence Secretary had risked his life fighting terrorism for twenty years. He retired in 1992 as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Sri Lanka Army. The terrorists attempted to assassinated him exploding a suicide bomb targetting him. He knows the terroriss inside out. The Defence Secretary knows very well what he is doing and what he is talking about.

He would like to be left alone to coordinate the Armed Forces to finalise the war against terrorism they started together since his appointment in 2005, and the commencement of Military Operations in July, 2006.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

The International Community has still not stopped calling “ both sides to a negotiated settlement”.

The terrorism in Sri Lanka began some where in the 1970s. It became a political problem after 1983. It created a marked division between the Sinhala and Tamil Communities. It began by ethnic cleansing in Jaffna by giving notice to Muslim population to leave the peninsula with in 48 hours.

Preliminary attempts to stop terrorism was not a success. Thereafter attempts to end terrorism by military action failed due to Indian Intervention in 1987, and due to political undercurrents within the Majority Community and the absence of consensus.

The International Community paid scant interest in Sri Lanka’s conflict with terrorism. But on the other hand the IC helped to enhance and strengthen terrorists , making them a rival politico –terrorist movement of the Sri Lanka Government.

Though Sri Lanka had able military commanders, and second rung officers of remarkable ability there was scheming and rivalry on the part of the political leaders of the time that failed to make the best use of these men. The beneficiary of the failure of the government to funnel the available forces in the correct direction was the terrorists.

Thereafter the terrorism became Sri Lanka’s major problem due to a week political leadership, and then to crown it all the signing of a CFA between the terrorists and the most weakest and unintelligent political leader in the political history of Independent Sri Lanka Ranil Wickramasinghe.

The CFA allowed, the terrorist controlled areas into which no government official could enter. It was more or less a first step for the establishment of an Eelam State. The significant contribution of the then President of Sri Lanka Chandrika Kumaratunga to Sri Lanka was the suspension of the Parliament and taking control of the country to oust the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe

The principal error of the Government of Sri Lanka that followed the continued failure of the previous governments to produce a strong determined political leader to end terrorism, was to allow Eric Solheim of Norway to become the mediator between the terrorists and the Government. Solheim made the terrorist held areas almost a parallel government. Sri Lanka had almost accepted the superior armed power of the terrorists, and reckoned its own in ability to stand up to them.

Thereafter, all actions that followed strengthened the terrorists and weakened the government. The International Community seemed to be helping the terrorists to set up a Provisional Government. The Heroes day speech of Prabhakaran the terrorist leader became an important event look forward to by the interested parties who were scheming against the government. The Norway led Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission openly took side with the terrorists, to cover up atrocities committed by them.

The tsunami was a catastrophe that devastated parts of the country, and the influx of the NGOs and INGOs that followed was the worst evil that befell on Sri Lanka. It again stood against Sri Lanka, and the terrorists benefitted from it. It had allowed them to construct luxury bungalows, swimming pools, bunkers, air strips, submarines, boats, printing presses and develop an industry of bombs, personal mines, grenades, and suicide jackets. They constructed police stations, court houses, prisons, torture chamber. The technicians for these work had obviously infiltrated into the terrorist controlled areas in the guise of INGOs.

Then came the so called donor states, who agreed to grant 3 billion Dollars for reconstruction work after tsunami. The Donors however laid down conditions that money should be shared with the LTTE terrorists. It was decided to set up a Post Tsunami Operational Management (PTOM) in Kilonochchi, held by the terrorists, and disburse the financial needs for construction work in the area through it. The JVP went to courts and the Supreme courts ruled it out. That was a move by the donor states to raise the terrorists held areas to a virtual provisional Government.

The heads of donor state were unhappy . But made “curtsey” call to the terrorists to patch up differences. It was said that the Japanese Foreign Minister who visited Kilinochchi handed over a large sum of money in cash to Tamilselvam for construction work in the area. The donor states made use of the promised loans as a wedge to get the government to agree for a negotiated settlement with the terrorists.

In the mean time a farce of a negotiated peace settlement had been set in motion with Eric Solheim acting as the mediator. It was evident from the beginning that nothing was going to come out of it. The Head of terrorists delegation Balasingham jauntily expressed at a press conference, that Velupullai Prabhakaran is both their “ President and the Prime Minister”.

Several rounds of negotiations were held in Foreign Capitals, and the terrorist delegations broke up the negotiations and went shopping for arms and armaments. But that did not deter the International Community and the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert O’Blake calling governments to negotiate for a peace settlement.

The donor States promised aid did not help Sri Lanka but helped the terrorists to enhance their standing among the International Community and win their sympathy and indirect help. Wonder what actually happened to the 3 billion Dollars for reconstruction work promised by the donor states …….?.

It was in this climate that Mahinda Rajapakse was elected the President of Sri Lanka. He was supported by the JVP in his election compaign. The out going President was all out to have him defeated in the Presidential elections. But finally it was a great relief for the patriots of Sri Lanka that he was elected the President. The International Community was expecting the election of the Western Stooge Ranil Wickramasinghe to win. The media of the West immediately called the elected President Mahinda Rajapakse a hawkish President.

However, it was a great fortune that Sri Lankan people had him elected as the President at this great hour of need. But the JVP who had supported him in the elections thought that it was their popularity that brought Mahinda Rajapakse into power. They thought that by dumping the newly elected President, they could identify themselves as an independent political party and thus retain the popularity they thought they had gained at the Presidential election.
Notwithstanding, President Mahinda Rajapakse immediately put in motion a call for face to face negotiations for a peace settlement with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran. Prabhakaran perhaps thinking it is below his dignity to talk peace with a Sinhala President, refused to meet the President but agreed to send a delegation for a peace settlement to be held out side Sri Lanka. The negotiations failed with the terrorist delegation leaving the conference hall.

Prabhakaran called for nothing less than a Eelam State , and said he was ready to go to war to win his demand, He confirmed it by having a claymore blasted targeting a bus carrying civilians. 87 of them were killed in the blast. Immediately thereafter he got the sluice gates of the Mavil Aru tank closed denying water to thousands of farmers. The President ran out of his patience, and started military operations against the terrorists.

USA Ambassador called the government to stop the military solution to the problem and asked “ both parties to come to a political settlement”. The call was taken up by the International Community, and donor states . The President Mahinda Rajapakse’s determination to end terrorism for good was to withstand all barriers put before him by the foreign and local anti war lobby.

Thereafter, the stage was taken by non-descript human rights activists, amnesty international, UNHRC, Ban ki Moon of UNO , Koichiro Matsuura of UNESCO , Foreign Media, BBC, CNN, Washington post. All asking government to back out of the military operations as it puts in danger the civilian population which would amount to a violation of human rights.

The news coming from the conflict zone were distorted by the foreign media. The local media lead by the Sunday Leader publication of late Lasantha Wicrmathunga, was the most unpatriotic anti government, and notoriously anti progressive.

But the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s determination could not be subdued by nincompoops, NGO’s, INGOs or “foreign do gooders” whose concern was not the development and progress of Sri Lanka. Most of them would have liked Sri Lanka divided between the terrorists and the Government.

The President of Sri Lanka, had great patriots to back him and lead the Armed Forces. The Army Commander , Commanders of the Navy and the Air Force, the valiant Soldiers, the Secretary of Defence, contributed to the realisation of the Presidents determination to end terrorism.

There were others like Dayan Jayatilleke, Palitha Kohona, and Rajiva Wijesinghe who took up the challenge to defy those who falsified information to discredit the government. The media too such as the Island News Papers, internet electronic media like the Lanka Web and Asian Tribune contributed in their own way to counterattack those abusers of media to discredit the government and the Armed Forces.

All of them and many more contributed greatly to the resounding victory against terrorism.

But still, while the terrorists are holed up in a 17 Sq.Km. of land space , reduced in numbers to a few hundreds, still ruthlessly keeping a large number of civilians as a human shield, the Inter National Community, USA President Mr.Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, UN, Britain, Kouchner, Boucher and Robert O’Blake, continue to call “ both sides for a negotiated settlement”.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

to His Excellency the President of USA Mr.Barack Obama,

Your Excellency ,

You have probably been informed of the terrorism which had put into peril our country and the lives of our people for the last three decades. They are a ruthless, cunning group of terrorists who had through several cease fires, organised themselves intelligently strengthening their forces, enhancing their economic wealth, organising a strong propaganda front out of the Tamil diaspora, and has a political wing.

The terrorists of Sri Lanka played very well the roles of Dr.Jakyl and Mr.Hyde. They developed through a long standing friend the Norwegian Eric Solheim, a very close relation ships with foreign diplomats, foreign government representatives, American Senators, Western media, NGOs and INGOs, entertaining them in their luxury bungalows in the areas controlled by them.

They thus became friendly “rebels” to these foreigners, while they massacred without mercy the villagers, blasted claymore bombs targeting buses carrying civilians, used suicide bombs, assassinated a President, several Ministers , the Prime Minster of India, attempted to assassinate another President, the Army Commander, Defence Secretary, murdered Police Officers, Soldiers , and liberal intellectuals the list is long..

Finally having failed in all attempts to negotiate a peace settlement, the present government of Sri Lanka which could not stop the continued atrocities of the terrorists demanding a separate territory to set up their own Tamil Homeland, resorted to the only available military solution.

From then onward the American administration despite having learnt a bitter lesson at the hands of al Quaida terrorists, looked at terrorism in Sri Lanka differently and issued repeated statements to the government , “ we call on both sides to stop fighting and come to a negotiated settlement.” This was despite the fact that the American State Department knew that the terrorists were averse to a negotiated settlement.

The Government Forces however continued their military operations and recaptured the territories under terrorist control and weakened them militarily and pushed them to a small corner in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

But still the International Community and your State Department instructed by your Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert O’Blake who also had been a regular visitor to the terrorists in the north and was entertained by them during the good old days, continued to issue the same old statement to the Government of Sri Lanka to give up the military solution and come to a negotiated settlement.

Today, terrorism is almost over in Sri Lanka except for the few leaders remaining holed up in a 17 coastal land, refusing to surrender and keeping a few thousand civilians as a human shield. They are awaiting for some one to give them a life line. There is no one with whom the government could negotiate for peace. They are not surrendering because of the hope of some one calling for a ceasefire, and save them.

If UK,Canada, the American State Department refrains from issuing statements and stop interfering with the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces, the terrorists will understand that there is no one coming to save them. Therefore, the terrorists having no other alternative may surrender.

The Government Forces are in the final phase of elimination of terrorism for good from the soil of Sri Lanka. But the terrorists cunning as they are, and depending on their propaganda wing the Tamil Diaspora, and the foreign friends in high places they had wined and dined with during their more “prosperous” days, are keeping tens of thousands of Tamil Civilians as a human shied deterring the army from wiping them out completely, hoping for the arrival of a “ savior ”.

But our Armed Forces , well disciplined and principled have not and would not, cause intentional death and injury to the civilians kept by the terrorists as a human shield. They have stopped using heavy artillery not to put the civilians in danger. They have opened special protected passages to evacuate the Civilians, and is carrying out a successful rescue operation to bring the civilians to safety. But the terrorists who fear their death and elimination without the human shield provided by the Tamil civilians shoot at any civilians fleeing from them to deter others from doing so.

Under these circumstances it was surprising to see that your Administration which has not changed its methods followed under the previous administration makes it out that you have issued a statement, that "The United States is deeply concerned about the plight of innocent civilians caught up in the conflict between the government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers, and the mounting death toll. We call on both sides to stop fighting immediately and allow civilians to safely leave the combat zone,"
We in Sri Lanka expected from you a different approach to terrorism from what it had been under the Bush Administration. But it appears nothing has “changed” as you had envisioned. The American State Department is still run by the former bureaucrats used to the Republican methods. Your Ambassador in Sri Lanka Robert O’Blake is also one from that administration and the State Department continues to issue statements under your name taking instructions from this nonchalant Diplomat of the Bush Administration, who has shown no willingness to change.
Therefore, for us in Sri Lanka, who expected so much from you and a “ real change” after your policy statement on terrorism and the warning you issued to the terrorists, it is a great disappointment to see that your Administration follows the same old Bush policies with regard to terrorism in Sri Lanka.
You had stated that you respect the Sovereignty of States, and will not agree to recognising break away territories seeking Independence as in the case of break away provinces from Georgia recognised as independent states by Russia.
But those words, and those visions are yours, but your State Department and even the Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton have different intentions, different views and different visions from those of yours. Terrorism is the same whether the terrorists are Talibans, Al Quaida or Sri Lanka LTTE.
But Hillary Clinton had once said that one cannot lump all terrorists together. I hope that it is not your view. If you differentiate one from another to treat one group of terrorists in a different way from another group of terrorists then you are not consistent and your avowed fight against terrorism are mere shallow words.
The Sri Lanka Armed Forces are on the verge of terminating their military operations against the terrorists. And we request you to intervene and allow the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces to finalise what it had started without obstructions being laid by your State Department, in coordination with other Western countries.
There are some member states of the International Community calling for a cease fire on the pretention of saving the Tamil Civilians when infact they are attempting to find a way out for the terrorist leaders from being captured or killed by the Sri Lanka Government Forces.
The move is led by the UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband , UK is interested in saving the terrorist leaders as it has been demanded by the Tamil diaspora which is an important vote base for the labour Parliamentarians, as it is for the Canadian Parliamentarians, and those of Netherlands.
The UN and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner, USA Ambassador Robert Blake and the American Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher are in liaison with these Parliamentarians of UK and Canada to give a life line to the terrorist leadership.
We therefore request you to please take an independent decision on the matter without being influenced by the State Department, and if it is possible after consultations with the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka and prevail upon your State Department not to interfere with the present situation in Sri Lanka.
Yours Respectfully,

Friday, 24 April 2009

UN has no business to send a Humanitarian Mission to the Conflict Zone now.

What can a UN Humanitarian Mission do in the conflict Zone at the Moment. It would undoubtedly be to hinder the military operations and obstruct the government in its successful “war” against the terrorism. The end of terrorism in Sri Lanka should on the other hand be an event, which every civilised nation in the world should hail.

It is unfortunate that a large number of civilians is kept as a human shield by the terrorists. But that is a matter that is being dealt with the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in a very successful rescue operation. Has the UN ever suggested sending a Humanitarian Mission into the conflict zone in Iraq or to Pashtun the boarder land between Pakistan and Afghanistan ?

UN which could have helped Sri Lanka in various ways, wants to send a UN Mission in to the conflict zone now, when the Government Forces, after thousands of its men have sacrificed their lives to see the day when terrorism would end in Sri Lanka, is about to see victory over the ruthless band of terrorists, many including the UN itself believed invincible.

UN now interferes for no valid reason other than in some way to bring relief not to the Tamil Civilians but the terrorist leaders cornered in the area.

If by any misfortune one member of the UN’s precious Humanitarian Mission is shot by the terrorists to implicate the Armed Forces, the whole band of Humana Rights Watch, the Amnesty International, UNHCHR, and the whole bunch of other humanitarian activists, the CNN, BBC, Washington Post, etc. will cry high and low that it was the Armed Forces who shot at them. Is that what the UN is aiming at?

The UNO is no more the United Nations Organisation that it was, it is now an Organisation which is trying to create disunity among the Nations. UNHCHR we have seen is accusing member states for violation of human rights, over looking the need to Unite the Nations of the World to fight together violation of human rights, identifying what exactly are the instances of violation of human rights.

The terrorists of Sri Lanka had a well organised propaganda movement in the Tamil diaspora. It is the Tamil diaspora that is taking the lead to stop the Sri Lanka Governments from finishing off with terrorism, by getting many countries even those who have banned the terrorists and the UN to intervene to stop the final stage of military operations of the Sri Lanka Armed forces against the Terrorists.

UN should keep away from Sri Lanka now in the best interest of Sri Lanka and all Nations that have to deal with terrorism.

An open letter to the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs M.Bernard Kouchner, of the Government of France.

Mr.Bernard Kouchner,
The Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Foreign Ministry

Honourable Minister,

I was deeply shocked to read the statement purported to have been made by you with regard to the Tamil Civil population of Sri Lanka who are held as a human shield by the terrorists of Sri Lanka, and thousands of them are being rescued by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, on a well organised special rescue operation..

You had said that the situation is precarious and that the civilians fleeing from the terrorists are drowning in the sea. This statement has no truth at all as no one of the fleeing civilians have so far drowned in the sea.

This statement has perhaps been made on the instigation of the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband. Mr.Miliband is getting his information from the Tamil diaspora in London who dramatise the issue distorting facts to force the British government to intervene to stop the on going military operations against the terrorists, and their leaders held in a small pocket of land lying along the Eastern sea coast of Sri Lanka.

The Tamil Diaspora is interested in stopping the ongoing military operation against the terrorist, to save the terrorist leader Prabhakaran and his faithful followers. The Tamils of the diaspora want to save him as it was Prabhakaran and his terrorists who had promised them a Tamil Homeland carved out of Sri Lanka. These Tamil diaspora contributed to the terrorists to strengthen them to carry on their terrorism until the government agreed to give them a separate territory for their Tamil Eelam.

Mr. David Miliband is listening to these Tamils of the diaspora as they are his vote base. His need to interfere into Sri Lanka now is not prompted by his sense of humanitarian interest to save the poor Tamil Civilians, but to win over the large Tamil vote for him and his Labour Party, which is suffering from a serious loss of popularity.

I therefore appeal to you to please withhold your support to the demand made by Mr.David Miliband, as it is not in the interest of Sri Lanka government, which is on the verge of ending the terrorism from its soil. Ending of terrorism in the world wherever it exists is the interest of all civilised Nations of the World.

French Government has vowed to end terrorism where ever it exists and its soldiers are risking their lives fighting against the Talibans in Afghanistan and against the Al Queida in Iraq.

The terrorists in Sri Lanka are even more ruthless than the Talibans and Al Qaida. Many groups of terrorists in the world have been trained by the terrorists in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan terrorists are the inventers of the suicide belts and has made a cult of training young men and women into being suicide bombs- called the Black tigers.

It would be a great relief for the people of Sri Lanka, as well as to those nations fighting against terrorism in the world , to see the expected end of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

At the present moment there is no necessity for a cease fire , what is required now is the supply of food, clothes and medicine for more than 100,000 refugees that are in the refugee camps. The rest of the Tamil civilians still held by the terrorists will soon be rescued and I beg the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr.Bernard Kouchner to please trust the Sri Lanka Government Forces.

Sri Lanka is a country with a very old culture , based on peace and generosity. They abhor killing of even animals. They have been forced into the present situation of being engaged in military operations against terrorists, through their love for the motherland, which they do not want to be divided, mutilated, and its people made to suffer. The “war” is against the terrorists and not against the Tamil civilians who are a part and parcel of the Nation.

It is a paradox to call the government of Sri Lanka to stop military operations against the terrorists, when Pakistan is being blamed for not carrying out military operations against the Talibans. Is there a difference between the Sri Lanka terrorists and Taliban terrorists because one terrorises Sri Lanka and the other the Western Armed Forces ?

I hope you would appreciate the situation and refrain from engaging France, in a move by Mr. David Miliband more for his own personal reason to assure the support of the Tamil diaspora for his election.

I remain, Honourable Minister,
Respectfully yours,


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Interference in to the government of Sri Lanka’s military operations against terrorism by the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake, the American

An open letter to His Excellency the President of USA Mr.Barack Obama,

Subject: Interference in to the government of Sri Lanka’s military operations against terrorism by the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake, the American Assistant Secretary of State Mr. Richard Boucher , UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

Your Excellency,

I hasten to write to inform you the injustice that is being done to Sri Lanka by some members of the International Community in its attempt to end the suffering it went through for over 30 years under a home grown group of ruthless terrorists. The group
is banned in 33 member states of the International Community including the United States of America. A short account of the terrorism in Sri Lanka is given below ,before giving the special reason for this personal appeal to you.

Sri Lanka consists of three main Communities, the Sinhala the majority community with about 81 per cent of the population, the Tamil about 12 percent and then Muslims, in a population of about 20 million people.

The Tamil Community is mostly in the North and East, though 55 percent of the Tamil population lives in the South among the Sinhala, Muslim and other Communities. Sri Lanka was Colonised by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. It became Independent from the British Colonial Rule in 1948.

Sri Lanka is a developing country. Different governments approached development in different ways, getting constantly into a spiral of never ending debts. Sri Lanka created a free education system after Independence and the country has a high literacy level. There was thus a large educated population of youth. In the wake of an economic crisis in the 1970s there was an increase in the numbers of unemployed among the youth.

The unemployed Tamil youth in the north thought that there unemployment was caused by the Sinhala majority Government due to their ethnic difference. A group of these unemployed Tamil youth took to arms to wrench off power from the government to form their own government to decide their own future. They formed a terrorists group calling them selves the LTTE.

The nearest neighbour of Sri Lanka is India, and the Southern Province of India is called Tamil Nadu . The population of Tamil Nadu is Tamils like the Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka, speaking the same language and having the same religion. India had always been scheming to attach Sri Lanka as one of its provinces not wanting it to be an Independent State at the tip of its southern sea coast. Hence, the terrorists group provided them with a golden opportunity for their expansionist ambition. Therefore, when the Tamil youth formed the terrorist group the Indian Secret Agency the RAW took them under their wing. They took them to South India, accommodated them in Camps in the Jungle of South India and gave them a training in terrorist war fare. These are facts that could be verified.

After training this group of terrorists were clandestinely sent to Sri Lanka. Hiding in Secret places in the jungles in the North they called for a Separate Homeland for Tamils, and recruited young children and the youths of both sexes into their own armed wing of terrorists.

In order to put the Sinhala and the Tamil communities distinctly apart, the terrorists in 1983 killed 13 Sinhala Police Officers and chopped their hands to remove their rings.

This was done purposely expecting a Sinhala backlash to seal the Sinhala Tamil difference under a hateful atmosphere of murder , assassination and arson. As expected these murders caused riots in the South where the Sinhala killed the Tamils and attacked the Tamil owned shops. The angry Sinhala crowds were hooligans and underworld elements, who killed, looted and settled old scores. The riots however, were quelled after two days.

Large numbers of Tamils made this an opportunity to migrate into foreign countries , such as Canada, UK, France, and Norway, as asylum seekers. The numbers have grown now and many of them are profitably employed and citizens of their respective adopted countries. They are called the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora.

The terrorist LTTE group lured these Tamils of the “diaspora” , by a call to support them to create a Tamil Homeland. Some of them volunteered to make contributions for the cause, while others were forced to contribute under threat. The terrorists set up front organisations in these foreign countries to collect funds for the terrorist movement.

They were so successful in the collection of funds the Jane’s Defence Weekly Magazine in UK reported that the annual income of the LTTE terrorists of Sri Lank from these collections alone is between 200 to 300 Million Dollars. They dealt in arms sales, human trafficking and drug dealings increasing their annual income . The LTTE became one of the world's most efficient but a ruthless terrorist group. They owned a fleet of 12 cargo Ships

The terrorists used their considerable “wealth” not for the welfare of the people in the areas controlled by them, but to enhance their military power. They bought and transported into their areas ship loads of arms and armaments. Later they captured large territories of land massacred innocent villagers, assassinated government officials, murdered Army Officers and soldiers using a trained battalion of suicide bombers called black tigers.

Under a CFA sponsored by a Norwegian representative Eric Solheim, signed with the government, the terrorists were allowed to keep areas under their control. Thereafter, they captured army camps and the territories around the camps until they came to control a third of Sri Lanka's territory. They had an overseas fund-raising network and a lucrative shipping business.

The terrorist who were carrying out a ruthless terrorist campaign against the Government, murdering every one who opposed them, and liberal Tamil intellectuals. But they were friendly towards the foreign diplomats and Parliamentarians, American Senators and the Western media personnel and became their” friends”. The Diplomats, foreign Government Representatives, American Senators often paid visits to the terrorist in Kilinocchi, without even consulting the Government. The result is that these diplomats, politicians, and human rights activists, who had been entertained by the terrorists, do not see them as terrorists.

This was the situation with the Terrorists in Sri Lanka when Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse was elected the President of Sri Lanka in 2005. He had made the “end of terrorism” his election promise.

Immediately after his election, the President Mahinda Rajapakse invited the terrorists leader Prabhakaran to meet him for a negotiated settlement. When Prabhakaran refused the President arranged a peace negotiation with his representatives and the delegates of the Government. The negotiations ended when the terrorist delegation walked out refusing to continue the negotiations. Immediately after, the terrorists blasted a claymore bomb targeting a bus killing 87 innocent men women and children.

The terrorists informed that they are not willing for a negotiated settlement as they want nothing less than a separate Tamil Homeland. They showed their determination to set up a Tamil homeland by closing the sluice gate of a Tank providing water to thousands of Farmers. That was the beginning of the military operations by the government first to open the sluice gates and thereafter in retaliation for artillery fire of the terrorists.

Thereafter the President was determined to end the scourge of terrorism for good and set in motion the only solution open to him, which was the military solution.

The result is that the Armed Forces have now re- captured all territories held by the terrorists and pushed them into a small pocket of a land in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, which was earlier declared a no-fire zone in order to allow the civilians held by the terrorists to escape into it to be rescued by the Army . The terrorists who are weakened as a fighting force, and reduced in numbers to a few thousands refuse to surrender., and keep the Tamil civilians as a human shield to deter the Sri Lanka Armed Forces from continuing its military operations.

In this small territory the terrorist leadership is keeping over 70,000 civilians as a human shield. They shoot at any group of civilians trying to escape into Army held areas. The Armed Forces have carried out a rescue operation to save the civilians, and within the first day of the operation 38,000 civilians out of about 70 thousand have escaped into safety ,and are temporarily housed in Camps for Internally Displaced Persons set up by the government.

The problem is now with the Tamil Diaspora who have become permanent residents in Canada, UK, Netherland and Australia. They have become an important vote base for the MPs of the respective Parliaments. Hence the UK foreign Minister is forced by the Tamil Voters in the UK to intervene in Sri Lanka to save the terrorist leaders. The Tamil diaspora in Canada is demonstrating demanding the Canadian Parliamentarians to stop the war in Sri Lanka.

The Labour Government in UK being unpopular at the moment do not want to loose the support of the voters of the Tamil diaspora, and thus the British Prime Minister and his Foreign Secretary David Miliband to please their Tamil vote base, are asking the Sri Lanka government for an immediate ceasefire.

They give as an excuse, that the Tamil Civilians who have been kept as a human shield by the terrorists are in danger because of the determination of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to end terrorism at all cost. The Sri Lanka Armed Forces after two years of war are now well experienced and are capable of rescuing the civilian population without causing any harm to them. The deaths and injuries to the civilians are caused by the terrorists themselves who shoot at the fleeing civilians and explode suicide bombs among the crowds of civilians escaping from the grip of the terrorists.

The Human Rights Watch, and the Amnesty International who have no first hand information have leagued with the terrorists , and attempt to save the terrorists leaders, discrediting the Government, accusing that the Government Forces are intentionally causing damage to the Civilians. They rely on the terrorist Websites to quote numbers of deaths caused by the government forces.

The latest information is that the British Foreign Secretary Mr.David Miliband, the American Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher, U.S American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake , the French Foreign Minister Bernard Koucher, and John Holmes, United Nations’ Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, and the Norwegian Minister of Environment and Development of Cooperation Eric Solheim are engaged in arranging with the American Armed Forces a Commando Operation to save the terrorist leaders. It is evident that the attempt is not to save the Civilians as they are scattered all over in thousands, but the terrorist leader are bunched together and could be easily lifted into a Commando helicopter.

The UNHighCommissioner for Human rights also seems to be helping the terrorists trusting any false information given by the terrorists website and accusing the Government of Sri Lanka for attacks on the Tamil Civilians, when the actual perpetrators of these acts are the terrorists themselves.

The Government of Sri Lanka is on the verge of ending terrorism in Sri Lanka but is hampered in the effort by the call of a cease fire by the British, French and the Canadians..

The IMF which was to give a loan of 1.9 million Dollars to the Government of Sri Lanka has now demanded as a condition for the grant of the loan the immediate halt of the military operations against the terrorists and declare a cease fire.

Finally, Please do not believe all what the Tamil diaspora recounts. They are not interested in the Tamil civilian population. They are those who contributed to enrich the terrorists, who promised a separate Tamil Homeland. They are still dreaming of that and do not want their dream to die with the end of Prabhakaran the terrorist leader, that is why they want to save him at any rate, so that terrorism will be revitalised and the dream of a Tamil Homeland would be realised. The Tamil Civilians in Sri Lanka do not want a separate Homeland. They are happy living with the Sinhala and the Muslim communities.

Hence Your Excellency the purpose of this letter to you is for your intervention to let the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka resolve its terrorists problem in its own way. The government Forces have not caused death and injury to the Civilians in its two year long military operations against the terrorists. There is too much of external interventions that delay unnecessarily the final stage of the termination of the military operations of the government Armed Forces against terrorism.

At this precise moment the Government of Sri Lanka is carrying out a successful operation to rescue the 70 thousand civilians kept as the human shield by the terrorists. It is a great success and well over 50 thousand civilians have already come into the safe areas and housed in temporary refugee camps. In a matter of few days the scourge of terrorism will be terminated in Sri Lanka.

We therefore appeal to your Excellency to please intervene to stop any rescue operations by American Commandos and request the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake and the American Assistant Secretary of State Mr. Richard Boucher , to stop interfering in to the government of Sri Lanka’s military operations against the terrorists.

I remain respectfully yours,


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Straus Khan the French Socialist Manager of IMF should first answer for the neglect of the poverty of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guiana, & Calidonie,

What has the IMF loan of US$ 1.9 billion to do with the implementation of the 13 and the 17 Amendments to the Sri Lanka Constitution ? Implementation or not of Amendments to the Constitution of Sri Lanka is purely an internal political issue, to which the IMF has no right to interfere.

This shows to what extent the IMF is still hackneyed and out moded dictating their own terms, barring progress and development of poor countries in the grant of IMF loans. We are in the 21st Century and yet the IMF or Nation providing loans to developing countries have not learnt to honour the Sovereignty of Developing Nations. They should allow developing countries to take their own decisions without having to adjust their plans of development to suit the conditions laid down by the donors. Otherwise there would be no progress, and the loans would be used as threats to make countries do what they do not want to do.

The implementation of the 13 Amendment as it had been reported, is to ensure that the Tamil people should have a greater say in the Administration of the Regions where they are in a majority. But such a decision is best left to the government to take without threat and harassment by the IMF. That would be a more progressive means. The IMF was expected to change its modus operandi from its old capitalist policies to a more modern liberal policy after the appointment of Dominique Straus Khan of France , a Socialist Politician, as the Managing Director of the IMF .

But IMF under the Direction of the French Socialist Straus Khan, demands Sri Lanka to give the Tamils in Regions where they are a majority the right to Administer the Region as a condition for IMF loans for development. In this respect one would like to ask the French Socialist that Straus Khan is, whether Straus Khan’s France is doing to its Overseas Departments, what IMF under his Management is pontificating Sri Lanka to do ?

If not Straus Khan who is the Managing Director of the IMF, is then responsible for the violation of the rights of the ethnic population in the French Overseas Departments. Therefore before his bank speaks of the implementation of the 13 Amendment, it should get its Managing Director to ask his own French Government what it proposes to do in Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana and Nouvelle Caledonia -the Overseas Departments the French political hot Spots where the majority ethnic groups have been denied autonomy which they had been demanding for ages.

The economy of these French Overseas Departments are in the hands of the wealthy French or the descendents of the former colonialists. The ethnic black people do not demand Independence but asks for autonomy . Why has it been denied to them ? These Overseas Departments are the poorest territories of the French Republic. The unemployment is on the increase, many workers have been laid off. Guadeloupe was the centre of unrest during the past month, where the workers had beenon strike asking for increase of salaries.

IMF demands the grant of political rights to the Tamils of Sri Lanka when its Managing Director’s France has denied Autonomy and failed to develop its Overseas Departments to eliminate the poverty of the black ethnic community. The ethnic community in these French Departments do not ask for Independence or political rights but better conditions of living and development of the infrastructure of their regions. When ever troubles erupt in these regions the French White Police Force is sent in numbers to quell the Manifestations.

Moment there is a Workers Movement rising against the administration they are called racial moments and the leaders are brought before the courts. It happened recently in Guadeloupe A judicial inquiry against “black” Elie Domota the Leader of LKP a Federation of Trade Unions and Leftist Group, was opened to inquire into allegation that he incited racial hatred.

In an interview Domota said , “ These accusations are, once again, based on nothing, The prefect and the prosecutor are trying to incriminate me to try to weaken the movement.” He further warned the employers that they, “implement the agreement or leave Guadeloupe. We are quite firm on this. We won't let a bunch of white bosses re-establish slavery."

This is how things are taking place in France , under the shadow of the European Union, which dictate terms to us on violation of human rights and denying GSP+ concessions for garments. Are they not violating or instigating to violate the human rights of the ethnic population of Guadeloupe, and other Caribbean Islands which are part of the French Republic ?

Another Overseas Department of the French Republic where the ethnic population is neglected and their political moments weakened is New Caledonia, which the local people call Kanak. French used the Island to send large numbers of French convicts. The French population was gradually increased to out number the indigenous population numbers of which diminished through deaths caused by contacting diseases brought by the white immigrants.

Kanak Independence moment began in 1985. Many uprisings for Independence were suppressed and finally it has been agreed to give independence to the Island in 2014. These are areas where the French had neglected and caused hardship to the ethnic community.

While politicians like Kouchner are fighting for the human rights of the ethnic groups out side France , the ethnic black population within its own Republic have been neglected. Kouchner who is quick to create Kosovos, has still not spoken out for autonomy to the Overseas departments of the French Republic.

This is the situation in France. But in Sri Lanka the ethnic population have integrated far better than those in the French Overseas Departments. Sri Lanka need no 13 Amendment to integrate the Tamils , Muslims in to the Major Sinhala Community and share in the political , social and cultural welfare and development of Sri Lanka.

If the IMF imposes conditions that is not directly connected to economic development, the Government of Sri Lanka should refuse the loans and perhaps turn to China, Russia, Iran and Libya for help. The implementation of the Constitution of Sri Lanka is purely a political issue and the IMF has no right to interfere in to that aspect of Sri Lanka in giving loans.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

A Commando Operation organised by Holmes, Boucher and Blake, and the doctored reports by the Amnesty International.

Holmes, Boucher, Miliband trio, unknown to the American President Barrack Obama, seem to be planning a American Commando Operation to save Prabhakaran the terrorist leader. These three unscrupulous men make a big noise about violation of human rights but they will themselves resort to any atrocious methods to carry out their own Agendas what ever they may be. They seem to be in a bit of a hurry to save the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.

Sri Lanka is a Sovereign State and it has the right to defend its territory and its people against terrorists or any foreign violators of its Sovereignty. When the Somalian pirates defying President Barrack Obama’s warning against piracy, took an American cargo ship Captain as a hostage, the American Army promptly acted by killing the pirates by sniper fire to rescue the Captain. No body intervened and the American Army was free to carry out its operation the best way possible.

It should be the way with the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces, who are planning a rescue operation to save the Tamil Civilians. The foreign Governments should keep away to allow the Armed Forces to carry out its military operations with discretion. The Sri Lanka Army with its experience knows how to plan and carry out a rescue operation. Holmes, Boucher, Miliband and Blake intervening to carry out a rescue operation of the terrorists is a violation of the rights of a Sovereign State.

The Amnesty International the most incompetent and most interfering of Organisations says that the official two-day ceasefire in Sri Lanka which ended on Wednesday has not helped to end the suffering of around 100,000 civilians trapped in the conflict zone. It does not seem to understand that it was not due to any fault of the government. It was the terrorists who would not allow the Civilians to budge.

And this incompetent Organisations which has done nothing to ameliorate the situation in Gaza, Palestine, Iraq , Afghanistan, Burma or Pakistan, tries to make out that the suffering of the 100,000 civilians( wrong figures) , trapped in the conflict Zone is the fault of the Government because the 48 hour ceasefire was not long enough.

What is the guarantee that even a month’s cease fire is going to ameliorate the condition of these people ? The terrorists do not keep their word being a ruthless blood thirsty group. The Amnesty International should inform the LTTE terrorists to release the people and ask the Tamil diaspora to stop their clamouring unnecessarily in the interest of the terrorists.

How can one put into the heads of these activists of the Amnesty International that it is not a truce that is going to help the suffering mass of about 50 to 70 thousand people in the no fire Zone ? It is the Sri Lanka Armed forces who could find a means to get these civilians released in its own way. For that the Armed Forces should be given time and left alone.

It is not the Amnesty International that is going to risk their lives to save these people . No amount of speaking to the terrorists will help to make them understand the necessity to release the civilians, because they are the shield that protect them from being annihilated. The government is aware of the hardships and the desperation of the civilians. The government has not turned away from its responsibility of looking after its people whatever are the difficulties, it has continued to provide food and medicine to the civilians , which are pilfered by the terrorists.

However, the Amnesty International confess that, “All reports from the conflict zone are impossible to verify as the area has, in effect, been sealed off by the Sri Lankan government, denying access to aid workers and independent human rights observers.”. Therefore, what they present to the public is based on third party reports which have not been verified. The situation not as bleak as it claims. It is not only the Amnesty International , even the UNHCHR, depends on the terrorist website for their information.

The Human Rights Watch that toots the exaggerated stories of the Tamil Diaspora are making their lopsided reports on unverified information on hear say evidence such as those from the “hospital workers” that gives figures of civilians wounded by the shooting of Armed Forces into the no fire zone, who had been treated in the hospital. The Amnesty International wails that "The human misery and desperation is rising and has now reached alarming proportion".

The Armed Forces are in place and hears and sees the reality and they have the answers. The only thing the Amnesty International could do for the good of the civilians if it really cares is to mind its own business and let the Sri Lanka Armed Forces do their duty.

Friday, 17 April 2009

UN bands with Blakes and Milibands to save terrorists, to revive terrorism later on in Sri Lanka.

The Tamil Diaspora is or rather, had been supporting the Sri Lanka terrorists for the realisation of a Tamil Homeland. Having been used to the comforts and the luxury of living in their new homes in foreign soil, they would not want to settle down in a homeland in Sri Lanka even if it were to be established.

The second and third generation Tamil diaspora would have absorbed enough of the culture of their adopted countries that the Homeland in Sri Lanka will be furthest from their minds as a permanent place of resident. What they had been looking forward with their considerable financial contribution is to establish a Homeland merely for the sense of belonging to a land of their own, without having to share it with the Sinhala.

That is not the wish of the Tamil people who have been living in Sri Lanka for generations with Sinhala, Muslim and other communities. Therefore, what ever development projects be they political, social or economic after end of terrorism should be in consultation with the Sinhala, Tamil , Muslim and other Communities who are living in Sri Lanka. The Tamils of the Diaspora has done enough damage to Sri Lanka and its people by supporting the terrorists and continuing to do so with the sole of aim of dividing the country. Therefore, they should not have any say in the future development programmes of Sri Lanka unless they give up their support for a separate homeland concept and learn to help Sri Lanka for what it is as a multi ethnic , multi cultural society.

The UN and the International Community who have pulled up their trousers and frocks to jump in to the troubled waters to support the terrorists on the pretext of saving the Tamil Civilians in the no-fire zone, are hysteric hypocrites. In their own countries they hate the coloured men, dislike even their names, in selecting candidates for employment the leave out the candidates of colour or who have foreign sounding names to select their own. They come to our countries calling themselves great humanitarians, for their own profit, where they are better off than in their own countries with their Dollars, Sterling pounds and Euros to spend their holidays or run hotels and put up bungalows.

They do not care a “damn” for the poor Tamils or Sinhala or Muslims. Their humanitarianism only gives them a chance to dictate terms to governments and make it a stepping stone to climb into more influential political lobbies in their own countries.

The UN and the International Community with their rummy human rights activists, are hoping to break up Sri Lanka , as broken up they could be unquestioned masters. Blakes, and Bouchers are trying to join up with the UN to save the terrorists leaders, so that Sri Lanka which had succeeded to end the canker of terrorism through the military solution they all advised against, want to give a life line to terrorists to bring them back , to prove that they were right in proposing a political solution as against the military solution.

They want to break up countries, while the President Barrack Obama, has different , more progressive ideas, unlike the Blakes, Bouchers and Milibands. When Russia decided to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as Independent States, President Obama was against it and promptly condemned Russia and asked other countries not to accord any legitimacy to its actions.

The President Obama when in Europe speaking to a gathering of Students said that he was opposed to recognising small states breaking away to seek recognition as Independent states , and said he would not interfere into the status quo of Sovereign States. Therefore the efforts of Blakes, Wilibands, Kouchners, and Bouchers to set up new states to please the “terrorists” will not receive the blessings of the President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Obama.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Enough is enough. Set aside diplomatic niceties, and “ black out” military operations in Puthukudiruppu.

Give the Sri Lankan terrorists a finger, they will ask for the hand, give them the hand and they will ask for the arm. That is how it had been , how it is, and how it would be. Every sympathiser of terrorists called for a cease fire, when the government and those who know the ways of the terrorists in Sri Lanka said that the terrorists were only playing for time, and they care less for the humanitarian need of releasing the Tamil civil population they are keeping as their lifesaving shield, none of these “terrorist lovers” of the International Community cared to pay heed.

The International Community, the UN and the “stupidest” of humanitarian activists the Human Rights Watch , would rather believe the terrorists than the Government of Sri Lanka and insists that the government is carrying on a genocide of the Tamil people, with IDPs being holed up in concentration camps, unable or not wanting to differentiate between the terrorists and the Tamil civilians.

Sri Lanka Armed Forces were not bombing the Hospitals or shooting into the people gathered into the no-fire Zone, but the Tamil Diaspora managed to “pay” their way into influential lobbies of the International Community , the media, State Departments, Foreign Ministries, ex USAmbassadors, Senators, and jurists with their own highly dramatised stories of the atrocities perpetrated by the Armed Forces of the Government of Sri Lanka against the poor Tamil civilians. They made it out that the Tamil Civilians are being chased by the government Armed forces into the territory into which the terrorists are trapped, and shoot at them.

David Miliband , Robert Blake along with the Norwegians are also carrying the banners of the Sri Lanka terrorists, along with the Tamil Diaspora, doing their best to give the terrorists a life line. We cannot understand Miliband becoming a vociferous militant fighting in favour of the Sri Lanka terrorists. He had been to America to meet the American Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton, contacted the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner all to defend the cause of the “terrorist” and seeking to save them from their definite end, by demanding a ceasefire.

We can understand Robert Blake and the Norwegians as they had always been on the side of the terrorists calling from the beginning a political solution to the problem in Sri Lanka, and predicting a likely failure of a military solution. They were in “wining and dining” terms with the terrorists. But Miliband seems to be playing for a few votes to assure his continued political power. But is that a reason for Miliband to support the cause of terrorism in Sri Lanka ?

They are not alone in defending terrorism in Sri Lanka, after the shameful display of terrorist support attempt of the UN High Commissioner Navanetham Pillay, quoting figures from terrorist website, to condemn the Government of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights, the UN has now come forward once again demanding another cease fire, as the last one according to it was not long enough for a rescue operation of the Tamil Civilians trapped along with the terrorists in the no-fire Zone.

These UN Officials seem to be absolutely without “grey matter” to call for an extended period of a cease fire as it was seen from the very start of the two day cease fire the terrorists did not budge an inch to respect it by at least releasing a few hundred Tamil civilians. But on the other hand the terrorists butchered a family in a village in the south, and killed a soldier by sniper fire. Neither the International Community nor Blake, Miliband, Pillay trio had made a statement condemning the terrorists for those acts. They “see” only the exaggerate false “visions” of atrocities of the Sri Lanka Armed forces created by the “magiciens” of the Tamil Diaspora, not the reality of the ruthlessness of the terrorists.

The 48 hour ceasefire was good for the “dumb” pro LTTE Western Governments, and some Western Media if they could make a real mental effort to understand that the terrorists are not reliable and cannot be trusted

It was all the fault of the governments of Sri Lanka from the beginning to have allowed the foreign Ambassadors in Sri Lanka to meet the terrorists, and have powwows with them,, and sending the NGOs for humanitarian work in the territories controlled by the terrorists. Having learnt a lesson from the past, at least now there should be a complete “ black out” of information on the military operations in the north until terrorists have been completely eliminated from Sri Lanka.

The fight against terrorism is a global effort , and any action on the part of any member states of the International Community to intervene now to ask the government to resort to pauses and cease fires to slow down the military operations of the Armed Forces of the government contravenes the principle of the global effort against terrorism. Therefore, such demands should go unheeded as the exigency of the situation requires laying aside diplomatic ethics.

We must inform of such intentions to “ black out “ information about the military operations to our friends China, Russia, Iran, and Japan , and request the International Community and the UN to keep out of the way.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Eradicating the LTTE is a must . A reply to Vickramabahu Karunaratne.

Vickramabahu Karunaratne is said to be an intelligent and highly qualified individual- a professor. But reading through his article “It will be nonsense to think of eradicating the LTTE”, appearing in the pro-terrorist website Transcurrent makes one think that qualifications after all are one, and intelligence another.

On the contrary to what he asserts, LTTE is definitely not a movement that has captured the hearts and minds of the ordinary Tamil people. This man has a Sinhala name, therefore it is possible as a Sinhala he is unable to understand or evaluate the hearts and minds of the Tamil People. The Tamil people as we know are not cruel and given to criminality. They are a peaceful people, kind, friendly, and helpful.

The terrorists are just the other side of the coin. The cruelty coming from them is impossible to understand. We are born with different accumulated Kamma, and Prabhakaran’s mind is saturated with the accumulated bad kamma from his past lives that has made a devil of him in this life capable of making hell on earth for himself and others.

It is said that such people are born periodically. We had Hitler. We have Omar Ben Laden, and Prabhakaran. They are capable of whipping up the interest on an idea such as nationalism or religion every body is sentimentally attached to in some way or other. They make this idea an object to achieve. It is not the idea or the object itself that is inacceptable, but it is the method used to achieve that object which is reprehensible. An idea is after all a thought, that arises and falls away in all minds. Therefore, eradicating Prabhakaran along with the LTTE he organised to achieve his object, would be to eradicate the method –the terrorism, he used to achieve that object.

That is why there were attempts at a negotiated settlement, and the setting up of an All Party Conference to find out ways and means for devolution of power to dissuade the “terrorist method” to achieve that object.

Vickramabahu twists his ideas to win the applause of some sections of the people, possibly the Tamil diaspora who invites him for world tours. Therefore, pleasing them is assuring himself vacations in Australia, London, Canada etc at the expense of the Tamil diaspora. We do not blame him for that, but he has a greater duty to the country to bring the Communities together rather than put them asunder. For that end he should learn to condemn what should be condemned, and accept what should be accepted.

The people of the Tamil Community, as those of any other community may have the desire for a separate Eelam State where they have only their own people, religion and culture. But that desire is not born out of their opposition to Sinhala repression. The Ordinary Tamil people may not wish to have a place of their own where there are only Tamils people, speaking the same language, worshipping the same gods and having the same ceremonies and rituals. That is an ideal State !

The world is a mixed place with different people, speaking different languages and having different belief systems. That is how each Nation State exists. In such a place we have to learn to live together without inventing barriers to separate one from another, but by building bridges to bring one to the other and create an atmosphere of harmony and acceptance, to bring unity in diversity.

It is for that reason the intellectuals, spiritual leaders, the politicians and the media have to step in. Vickramabahu does not fit into that role. He proposes any method without exception- even terrorism, to achieve the object of separation or self determination.

To give credence to his point of view Vickramabahu gives I think a wrong example. He says that the then UNP thought “finishing” JVP by eliminating thousands of JVP suspects with Wijeweera, but today the modern dissidents of Wijeweera run the government of Mahinda. Vickramabahu makes meaningless assertions to justify his arguments. He does not seem to see that with the elimination of the militants of JVP, the moderates who have taken up the “idea” of Wijeweera are today toeing the democratic path, despite their old metal still showing beneath their garbs.

Vickramabahu pathetically prods on referring to the ghost of Wijeweera, and claiming that Champika Ranawaka and Wimal Weerawansa , do not represent the JVP past or present. He has jumped off rails and deviated from the trend of his thoughts. He does not seem to have grasped that with the elimination of Wijeweera and his more militant followers, the “terrorist” element of JVP had been eliminated, and what remains is not the old JVP “ method”, but only the idea of the old JVP- the “Same old wine, but in new bottles”. Nevertheless, the JVP is now more generous and human, even though they missed a promising political future by wrong decisions.

That is exactly where we are coming to with regard to events in the present context. The elimination of LTTE may not eliminate the idea or the object, but it will certainly eliminate the method, the tactics adopted by Prabhakaran to achieve that object. It will replace “terrorism” with more acceptable dialogue in a more calm, and a democratic atmosphere, without guns and bombs, as it happened in the East.

It is wrong to say that the LTTE represent the anger of the Tamil people for discrimination, humiliation or oppression of Sinhala chauvinism. All that is in Vickramabhu’s “fertile” mind. Ask a Tamil person like Anandasangaree whether he has anger towards the Sinhala for their chauvinism. I am sure he has none.

Because Sinhala people may be accused for any thing but chauvinism. Sinhala people had always been most accommodating and conciliatory. They have no sense of superiority over others, and they are always ready to extend their hands of friendship. The Tamil people who have lived with and come to know the Sinhala will not accuse them as supremacists or chauvinists. The emotions of anger may arise through a sense of inferiority. Prabhakaran may have suffered from that sense of inferiority. Vickramabahu’s assertion that the terrorists are the representatives of the Tamil people is a wrong.

The Tamil people are intelligent and peace loving. The vast majority of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka are different from the Tamils of the diaspora, because the local Tamils do not harbour hatred towards the Sinhala. They have unlike the Tamils of the diaspora, forgotten the “July,1983”. They have their likes and dislikes, like every body else, but without the canker of hatred that the Tamil diaspora carries like a crown on their heads.

Vickramabahu says that, “ ..the dream of Mahinda to eliminate the LTTE and brutal repression will be void in the coming period”. But he does not want to accept that the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s determination to eliminate terrorism from Sri Lanka was not a dream, but a purposeful resolution which he put successfully into effect, and came out victorious. The elimination of LTTE will definitely be the elimination of terrorism.

It is the harmful ideas of megalomaniacs’ that transform into destructive hatred. It was the hatred of Hitler towards Jews, and his desire to create an Aryan race that resulted in the death of millions in the holocaust, the destruction of Poland and many cities in Europe. It was the religious fanatism of Bin Laden that caused the deaths and destructions in New York, and London.

It was the desire to create a mono-ethnic Tamil Homeland of Prabhakaran that brought deaths and destruction into Sri Lanka which lasted for the last 30 years. The end of Hitler was the end of the holocaust, the end of Bin Laden will bring reason into the minds of the religious fanatics, and the end of Prabhakaran will be the end of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Vickramabahu still with a mind full of old Marxist theories has not awakened to the fact that the old Marxism has been rejected , and its principles remain to be applied in a different manner in keeping with modern human attitudes, and technological developments. He again misses his point when he says that, “.. the JVP was correct to an extent , and wrong to the hilt in hating Tamil Society for its demand for equality and self determination”. The JVP cannot said to be right and wrong at the same time. JVP has shed its robe of terrorism and donned the garb of democracy. JVP does not hate the Tamil Society. Vickramabahu is only misconstruing facts for his own benefit.

Vickramabahu who sees no political future in Sri Lanka, like a drowning man holding on to a reed to keep himself afloat, holds onto his old Marxist theories hoping some one to come to hoist him and acclaim him as a leader. The statements made by the IDPs seeking safety of the army, while running away from their terrorist guardians, and that made by a terrorist woman Arulmathy , who saw 75 of her companions exploding themselves with hand grenades, refusing to die herself surrendered to the Army, paint a different picture from what Vichramabahu is trying to paint.

Most of the younger LTTE worriers are fighting “blindly” like automated robots, without any faith in the leadership or the cause for which they fight. “Arulmathy watched aghast as 75 women she had fought beside for so many months reached for their hand grenades, pulled the pins and blew themselves to pieces, as they had been ordered to do.

But Arulmathy had had enough of the Tigers' war. She had no wish to die for a cause in which she no longer believed. As the grenades detonated, she slipped into a supply trench and ran for her life. In January, as the Sri Lankan army intensified its campaign against the dwindling rebel force, she surrendered.” This is for Vickramabahu with complements from Arulmathy.

Vickramabahu then deviates from the subject, to begin a discussion on demons, neo Brahmanism haunting India, Hindu self assertion, global capital, Nazism and Hitler, Freud and the rise of Dravidians. He finally comes to the conclusion that the sacrifice made by the Tamils to-day is for the victory against neo-Brahmanism. That decoction is too difficult for me to swallow.

But then he puts me at ease, “Of course I am just speculating “, he says. He explains that the Tamil consciousness in the world has expanded due to repressive war of the Mahinda regime. He blames all global powers and India for their participation in the human suffering.

Vickramabahu who accuses global powers and India for human suffering , does not blame LTTE (terrorists) for not surrendering to the Sinhala army of the chauvinist regime- as he says. And puts the blame on the government for the deaths of thousands due to errant shootings by the terrorists. But he does not want to tell the LTTE that the only way to avoid continued suffering, hardship and death to themselves and the innocent civilian population is by laying down arms and surrendering to the army.

What does it matter even if it is the Sinhala Army of a chauvinist regime, if death and suffering could be avoided by surrendering to it. But Vickramabahu does not see it that way, and contemptuously waves it aside. In doing so, he allows the innocent Tamil people held as a human shield by the terrorists to suffer, and he sits to shed crocodile tears about the suffering of the people.

Vickramabahu seems incapable of having any sympathetic feelings towards those who suffer, if these people accept his programme of the left under his leadership, and were to become his followers, it would certainly be for them, a falling from the frying pan into the fire.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Blake , Boucher, Adams and All those who ask for a Ceasefire now want terrorism to continue in Sri Lanka. Why ?

In the Parliament Square in London two Tamils from the diaspora, one of who had come to London as recently as three weeks ago, are lying under the shade of umbrellas showing the terrorist Prabhakaran’s dreamed Eelam.

They are surrounded by terrorist sympathisers, with the Officers of the UK Police Force standing apart hopelessly incapable of handling demonstrators hoisting the flag which is the symbol of terrorism of a group of terrorists banned in the United Kingdom. The two young men are fasting unto their death demanding the intervention of the International Community to call for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka.

Between the two fasting men is a portrait of Prabhakaran the terrorist leader. This is a clear indication that the Tamil Diaspora in London, and the fast unto death sponsored by them are a last minute attempt to save their terrorist leaders , rather than defend the Tamil Civilians who are being held by the terrorists as a human shield. By the way the Tamil Civilians are now being slowly and steadily saved by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and brought into the Army controlled safe areas, and provided with accommodation, food and medicine.

While this circus of fast unto death continues in the Parliament Square in London , in a small stretch of land in Puthukkudiyiruppu, some thousand s of Tamil Civilians are being held at gunpoint by the LTTE terrorists. Their presence in the area, is for the terrorists the only means to save their skins in an inevitable death or capture by the armed forces, in the final count down on terrorism in Sri Lanka, which has lasted for the last thirty years.

Unlike for those fasting duo and their supporters, it is not a dry clean broad stretch of road, medieval buildings , warm clothes, tasty short eats and fruit juices and fascinating onlookers for the Sri Lanka Soldiers, who weather the tropical rains, go even without food and risk the artillery fire of the terrorists to rescue the Tamil Civilians forcefully kept in the small stretch of land by their terrorist guards, and bring them into safety, food, dry clothes and medicine in the areas controlled by the armed forces. The food and medicine sent to this area by the government are squandered by the terrorists for their own use.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces have reached the area which had been declared a no-fire zone in which the terrorists are now confined . To liberate this area from the last “vestige” of terrorists in Sri Lanka, the Tamil Civilian population detained by the terrorists have to be rescued to avoid death and injury, if caught in cross fire. The Sri Lank Government forces contrary to the adverse publicity by the terrorist sympathisers, are kind and human with a high moral standard.

Their armed passage through Poonery, Killinotchi, Mulative to the Puthukkudiyiruppu no-fire Zone, had been a long tedious march without brutality, with respect to human life, and material . It was and continues to be motivated first by a humanitarian desire to rescue a mass of Tamil people that had been made to suffer under the jackboots of terrorism, and secondly by their determination not to allow their motherland to be divided and mutilated. What matters to the valiant Armed Forces is not where they have come to, but how they came to where they are now. Their fight was against the terrorists and not the Tamil people , and that was the principle on which they had taken arms against terrorists, what ever interpretation the pro-terrorists lobby in the diaspora or the Western Humanitarian Activists give.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces since they started their military offensive against the terrorists after the Mavil Aru incident, have avoided death and injury to the Tamil Civilian population. The Soldiers shed their uniforms when they captured the Madhu Church from the terrorists, and donned the garbs of manual workers to repair the damages caused to the Church by the terrorist. They even built roads and bridges. They made it possible after twenty long years for the trains to run from Colombo to Vavunia and from their to Jaffna. They made it possible for goods to be transported from Colombo to Jaffna and back on convoys of lorries. They changed the lives of the Tamil Civilians in the North, and the East.

It is NOT now that our great Sri Lanka Security Force, which has sacrificed large numbers of its Officers and Soldiers, and went through untold misery in the capture of the villages and towns under terrorist control, will resort to harming the Tamil Civilian population , when they have only a few square kilo meters of land to capture and end terrorism for good. If the International Community cannot understand that, they are “stupid” or they are determined to make the Government of Sri Lank fail in their attempt to end terrorism.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces who are now within reach of the entrapped Tamil Civilian population in the zone which was declared a no fire Zone, determined to rescue the Tamil Civil population have opened several escape routes from the no-fire zone into the Army held areas. They have set up public address systems to request the Tamil Civilians held by the terrorists to come into the escape routes manned by the soldiers, to be taken into safe areas.

As result the Tamil civilians have decided to take the risk of being fired at by the terrorists and taken the escape routes to freedom from their captives. They are now coming in large numbers and received by the Sri Lankan Soldiers, and conducted into the Camps of IDPs.

Now about the Camps of the IDPs, the personal publicity seeking Brad Adams, Charulata Hogg, Anna Neistat and other activists of the Human Rights Watch, have begun to call the camps of IDPs’ concentration camps ( which by the way is a profanation of the memory of Jews and others who died in the Concentration camps of Hitler, in Gas Chambers, and in laboratories where Dr. Joseph Mengele “ the Angel of Death”, made medical experiment with live patients ).

They have “peanut” brains and cannot understand the tremendous impact of thousands of people that had been kept under gun point by brutal terrorists for years escaping in to areas controlled by the Armed Forces, seeking assistance, security and protection.

The IDPs have to be accommodated, provide food, clothing and medicine. The army has to sort out among them individuals who are terrorists, or terrorists with suicide bombs. Terrorism and terrorists are different from rebels or freedom fighters. Terrorists have no respect to life , be it that of men, women children, babies or pregnant women. The Army has to be vigilant if not all the victories against terrorism will be lost, and terrorism will come back with all its force. There are already more than 65 000 refugees in these camps.

The government cannot immediately provide individual homes to every ID family. The Sri Lanka government and its Army is doing a job that no government in the world has faced up to date.

The International Community and the humanitarian activists have no idea of the difficulties that the government and its Armed Forces are faced with. They have not only to fight the terrorists to their utter end, but also look after the interest of the refugees, their welfare as well as their security. Above all the Government and the Armed Forces have to bear the incessant criticism without any help by the International Community and their Agents, calling for a cease fire, and a pause. The Armed forces are not fighting against saintly angels, but crude ruthless terrorists.

Brad Adams is talking through his hat when he says that, “ Sri Lanka's so-called ‘no-fire zone' is now one of the most dangerous places in the world.” The intelligent readers should not let themselves be fooled by the false propaganda that is fed to them by the Human Rights Watch writing articles in favour of their favourite Sri Lanka terrorists. The Sri Lanka Government Forces have not and will not fire into the war Zone. The article , “Sri Lanka :Stop Shelling “No-Fire Zone” “, in the Human Rights Watch website comes out of their prejudiced minds without any verifiable fact.

One begins to wonder why this haste and desire on the part of Brad Adams to appeal for UN Security Council to act against the Government of Sri Lanka, when it is on the verge of terminating its military operations against the terrorists putting a final end to terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Any one who objectively follows the military operations of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against terrorists, would have noticed that the government Forces had avoided death and injury to the Tamil Civilians through out its fight against terrorism during the last two years. The Human Rights Watch is depending on hearsay evidence to make accusations against the Government of Sri Lanka.

These false accusation of the Human Rights Watch against the Government Forces firing into the no fire Zone, and invoking the UN Security Council to intervene is by itself a denial of the human rights of a government to protect its people and territory without being interfered into by a third party, whose interests is to allow continued terrorism in Sri Lanka, which would keep them employed for good number of years to come. Brad Adams and the rest are seeking to feather their own nests, while pretending to show their human kindness for the suffering of the innocent people.

The Sri Lanka Army is by any standard one of the best, if not the best Armed Force in the world. In addition to its proven skill as a fighting force, it is experienced in fighting under all situation, and all conditions. They are well disciplined combatants. They need the applause of the world, not its criticism.

The International Community minimises the military operational victories of our armed forces against a group of ruthless terrorists- who had acquired most modern equipment and perhaps trained by foreign military personal. This failure of appreciation of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces by the International Community shows that it rather expected the Government and its Armed Forces to fail in its military solution against terrorism.

Blake and Boucher who now propose a political solution favourable to the minority community is in fact suggesting a means to divide Sri Lanka rather than help to Unite the Communities for an undivided Sri Lanka. This is an attempt on their part to divide Sri Lanka, which the terrorists failed to do.

The political solution after terrorism is some thing they should leave for the people of Sri Lanka to decide, as it is not for the International Community or the Tamil Diaspora to decide.

The proposal of Blake and Boutcher is quite opposed to President Barrack Obama’s foreign policy. Blake had been from the beginning favourable to the terrorists, and continued through out the military operations against the terrorists, offensively to remind the government to find a political solution to the problem. The political solution Blake thought would be a division of Sri Lanka between the Government and the terrorists. Because the terrorists accepted no solution other than the establishment of a separate Eelam State.

To Blake, Boucher and Adams , the terrorists of Sri Lanka are different from the terrorists they have in mind such as the Al Quaida, and the Talibans. They cannot speak, crack jokes and wine and dine with the Al Qaida terrorists or the Taliban terrorists, whereas the terrorists of Sri Lanka are their chums, with who they may have wined and dined, cracked jokes and laughed together. Therefore, they would like to perpetrate the cult of terrorism in Sri Lanka which is beneficial to them socially, and politically in the long run.

It is far easier to criticise than actually do, what the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces are doing.