Sunday, 25 July 2010

Robert O’Blake lets the cat out of the bag. India is also in the West’s whatever sinister Plan against Sri Lanka.

(Blake promotes separatist politics which is contrary to the President Barrack Obama’s political vision)

This man Robert O Blake, who had always been very sympathetic to the Sri Lanka terrorists, during his posting in Sri Lanka as USA Ambassador , acted like a self appointed patron Saint of Sri Lanka, and continues to do so even now in his new capacity of the Assistant Secretary of State of USA for South and Central Asian Affairs.

He as the USA Ambassador to Sri Lanka did not stop parroting “there is no military solution to terrorism in Sri Lanka , and therefore both parties should come to a negotiated settlement”. Since then he has changed the tune. Rober O’Blake is the most dangerous man for Sri Lanka that wiped out terrorism.

He abused his position as the assistant Secretary of States, to come to Sri Lanka, to say that , “ Sri Lanka needs to take more steps to encourage greater reconciliation and greater democracy and needs improvements in media freedom “.
These Western Countries exigent on diplomatic etiquette expect those etiquettes to be followed by the developing countries, they themselves paying little respect to etiquettes, shamelessly interfere into internal affaires of Sovereign States

The added danger of Blake is his close connection to India, whose bona fides of intentions vis-à-vis Sri Lanka is much to be desired. The fact that O’Blake is working in concert with India was divulged in an interview Blake gave to India’s Redcliff website on the 14 June,2010.

In this interview Blake had said , “ the US and India are in agreement with their foreign policy toward Sri Lanka, especially on the resettlement of the remaining 40,000 plus internally displaced persons (IDPs). He has further added, referring to India, “"We have worked very closely throughout the last several years on the situation in Sri Lanka, and again we have a real convergence of view on how that situation has evolved". Convergence of views indeed !

Blake , the West, and India as well , expected the military solution to end terrorism taken with determination by the President Mahinda Rajapakse to fail, and they hoped the terrorists would win, and break away North and East to establish a separate Eelam State. For India it would have been the end of the problem it has with the TamilNadu politicians, and for the West a means to checkmate the growing influence of China and Russia in the region.

The West led by UK, France, USA, Germany, Norway, Supported by Japan and India apparently worked together with that eventuality in mind, but the success of the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s military solution, with the complete devastation of terrorism at Nandikadal , not only surprised the West, but also angered them as their objective failed, and their manoeuvres to save the leadership of the terrorists for a future revitalization of terrorism in Sri Lanka too resulted in failure.

From then onwards, instead of applauding the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for the fantastic achievement of the elimination of terrorism, as an example to be followed by countries of the rest of the World embroiled with the ruthlessness of terrorism, the West made it an occasion to teach a lesson to the Government of Sri Lanka for not following their advice to use the political solution to end terrorism, rather than the military solution.

Hence the most undemocratic, despicable governments of the West are bent on taking revenge from Sri Lanka (for its disobedience) by seeking to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for war crimes, and if possible with the help of the pro terrorist expatriate Tamils to aid the development of the North and East and create if possible a revolt of the Tamil people in the areas demanding a separate Tamil Eelam State.

The West determined to go ahead with their plans to take revenge from Sri Lanka, are seemingly planning with all their guile to plunge Sri Lanka in to a new communal confrontation , before the President Mahinda Rajapaksa succeeds in his attempt to bring the Communities together by engaging in a massive development programme to bring the North and East to the same standard of development of the South.

If the President Mahinda Rajapakse succeeds, the Tamil population who suffered under terrorism, despite their sentimental attachment to a sense of being Tamils, will eventually understanding the bona fides of the intention of the President Mahinda Rajpakse to Unite Sri Lankans as a One Nation without the distinction of a Majority, and Minorities, will cooperate with him giving up all intentions of separation. It is that the West do not want to happen before they put their plan into action.

The Plan apparently in motion taking India along with the West, is to work on the national sentiments of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, by giving them the hope of a separately developed North and East which could eventually break away to form a separate nationhood as the West successfully manipulated in the formation of the landlocked Republic of Slovakia.

Therefore, it is in the interest of Sri Lanka to closely monitor the Western intervention in the North and East with a pseudo “humanitarian” aid programme to develop the North and east and help in the settlement of IDPs. As things are they seem to be playing their game of hypocrisy well with all the charm that they could muster.

It is in this context that one wonders why India sends its Naval Ship Nirupak engaged in hydrographical survey of the Kankasenturai harbour, to meet its counter part Pearl Harbour of the USA Navy anchored in the Trincomalee Harbour since 13 of July, 2010. It was apparently for a special programme arranged by the Sri Lanka Navy.

The Indian Naval Ship 'Nirupak' had been engaged in hydrographical survey of KKS harbour since June 30, 2010. On the 23 of July,2010, the Korean Naval Ship Wang Geong was on a Goodwill visit to Colombo. South Korea is an American Satellite State.

Is this gathering for some sort of exercise to prepare themselves to intervene in case of a break away of North East, to prevent any attempt by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces from intervening to stop such an attempt to breakaway ?

Ominously, O’Blake has said in his interview to India’s Redcliff website on the 14 June,2010, that “The US would coordinate closely with India to resettle the remaining IDPs and to ensure devolution of power in the north and greater respect for the rights of all Sri Lankans.” Is this a warning by the pompous Robert O’Blake for the Government of Sri Lanka to be on its guard ?

It is a shame that the President Barack Obama, who is supposed to be progressive, who does not advocate separatist politics, who is different from the previous Presidents, who has a people friendly American Administration policy, had appointed a man like O’Blake as the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs.

No doubt the recommendation for his appointment had come from Hillary Clinton who is also known for her indifference towards the developing countries. She seemed to have accepted that terrorism in developing countries is not to be taken seriously. She hob knobs with the white Western powers , treating the rest with mere nodding acquaintance.

Therefore it is likely that she had appointed persons like O’Blake to bring disrepute to the President Barack Obama, and make him unpopular, so that it would pave the way for whatever are her future plans.

Referring to the Commission of inquiry appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka Blake had said “….the Commission must “ produce concrete, serious results" to be credible and to ward off the criticism by groups like International Crisis Group and Human Rights Watch “. He speaks like a Monarch over seeing the affairs of Sri Lanka.

He seems to be ignorant of the President Barrack Obama’s political vision. President Barrack Obama belongs to the Black ethnic group in America. But he never antagonised the Majority White Americans, nor did he set up a separate Political Party for the minority Black Americans.

That was because he did not believe in separatist politics. He spoke in terms of all Americans belonging to all ethnic groups. Therefore, the President Barack Obama cannot turn to Sri Lanka and say” negotiate for devolution of political power to the Tamils”.

He cannot say that because the President Mahinda Rajapakse is like him. President Mahinda Rajapakse does not want separation of communities. He does not want the people of Sri Lanka recognised as the majority and the minorities, but as Sri Lankans. Mahinda Rajapakse wants all communities to be Sri Lankans, as much as Barrack Obama did not speak in terms of Blacks and whites, but as Americans- all ethnic groups as one nation of Americans.

Robert Blake should wake up, he is not under the Bush Administration, he must follow the progressive policies of the President Barrack Obama.
Robert Blake if he is so intensively supportive of the separate Tamil ethnicity in Sri Lanka to the extent of backing Tamil terrorism to set up a separate Tamil Eelam State, he should then support the cause of the ethnic American Indians, who are the legitimate natives of America .

Blake instead of showing an insatiable interest regarding the ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka should instead, work for the American Indians, who should be given their rightful place in America, returning them to their original territories of habitation. Promote their emancipation as a separate ethnic group providing them with an appropriate education to take them out of their present non-existence and re-establish them as an important ethnic Community.

Part of this Western Plan for Sri Lanka sponsored by Robert Blake following the dictates of the strong Tamil expatriate front organisation of the former terrorists, seems to allow the Tamils in the North and East to organise as a separate Community to stand on its own. With that motive they are preparing to win over on to their side the IDPs that are being settled in their original homes, and the “grass root” Tamil population.

India, not NGOs , appears to have been given the responsibility to work directly with the people, as it would not raise suspicion. In this respect the recent statement made by Indian Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram seems relevant.

The Indian Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram had said, India is considering directly disbursing the financial aid it has proposed to give to the war-displaced people in Wanni for their housing project. The Home Minister made this statement on the 15 June,2010, speaking to the press in Chennai.

The report is as follows, “India has already announced an aid package of Indian Rs 1,000 crores (About US $215 million ) to build about 50,000 homes for the people who have lost their homes in the final stages of the war in Northern province.

Talking to the media in Chennai on Sunday, the Home Minister said both Indian and Sri Lankan governments were now considering “ ways and means” of directly disbursing the money to the heads of families through banks, instead of routing the money through the Government of Sri Lanka.

He said the Sri Lankan government had agreed to this idea. This will be done with the “cooperation” of Sri Lanka government, he said.
An amount of Indian Rs 200,000 each would be given to about 50,000 heads of families under the Indian project, he said.

Mr.Chidambaram said the Sri Lankan government had promised that these families would be resettled in the next three to six months.
Earlier, the Home Minister briefed the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on the meetings the Indian leaders had with the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakshe in Delhi a few days ago.”

There was no response from the government of Sri Lanka on the statement of the Indian Home Minister.

We cannot also treat lightly the 20th visit to Sri Lanka of Yasushi Akashi the representative of the government of Japan- the peace envoy, on the 14 June,2010.

The SL Time, Colombo Page News Desk reported that Yasushi was urging the Government of Sri Lanka the early resettlement of the IDPs and to initiate a political process for national reconciliation targeting sustainable peace. The report further states that, Akashi is to meet IDPs in Vavuniya and to visit resettlement villages in Vanni. He is also to attend a few ceremonies associated with projects for IDPs in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka assisted by Japan.

We should keep in mind that Yasushi was also one of those regular visitors to Kilinochchi during the days of terrorism to meet Tamil Chelvam. There was then a talk that he gave Tamil Chelvam a large sum of “cash”. He too was definitely sympathetic towards the terrorists.

All these developments are rather troublesome. What are they all up to coming forward to develop North and East of Sri Lanka without any concern to the South. They complain that there is a greater presence of China in the South. And Blake has complained to the President Mahinda Rajapakse that America is not pleased about his diplomatic relations with Iran.

O’Blake was shamelessly, and most undemocratically interfering into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka with his uncalled for statements to the press, in which he had demanded the government to implement the 17 Amendment to the Constitution.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What is the mighty hurry to have an executive Prime Minister ?

The Executive President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse, during the short time he was elected did an excellent job, first by appointing an equally excellent Defence Secretary, and then by stages eliminating terrorism from Sri Lanka, and by carrying out an extensive infrastructure development projects. The roads, the harbours, water dams, electricity production, agricultural development will remain to the credit of the Executive President.

The position of the Executive President in the possession of a person who is dishonest, not dedicated to the country and its people , bowing to the western powers would have been a Dictatorship, feared by a helplessly suffering people.

But Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse had not at any stage of his assuming the Presidential position shown any dictatorial disposition. On the other hand he turned out to be a father figure, simple, unassuming, extremely religious, tolerant, calm and collected under all circumstances. The prestigious position of President of Sri Lanka fits him like his clean white National dress.

His unblemished face with a delicately shaped moustache, his winsome smile over pearl white teeth, makes him a stately graceful father of the Nation. His past Kamma has perhaps resulted in shaping him according to the sublime teachings of cause and effect to be the President of Sri Lanka.

All that is not to make of him a ceremonial figure, sitting on a throne to put his signature on to what ever documents put before him by an executive Prime Minister , and to receive stately VIPs from the Western Nations.

Sri Lanka wants him, as well as his Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse to hold on to the reins of their present positions for some time to come as the dangers to which Sri Lanka could plunge once again in to troubled waters is not yet over. There is much more to do for the development of this country and we cannot let either of them go with the work half done.

It is only the opposition to progress, and development, through ill meant advise of the foreign governments and selfish desire of the individuals to caste their nets when the time is ripe to gather profits for themselves that want the provision for the appointment of an executive President removed from the Constitution.

Of course if the UNP is to hold the position of the Executive President, the people of Sri Lanka will not see the same of progress and development they are fortunate to see now.

We have already experienced its ill effect under JR Jayawardhana of UNP who introduced the Executive President, for him to remain in power for a considerable period of time. The UNP did not then or immediately after JR Jayawardhana’s demise saw the necessity to remove the provision for an Executive President. Why, one could ask, is the UNP now so keen about its abolition when the present President Mahinda Rajapakse uses his executive power to the benefit of Sri Lanka and its people as a whole ?

Those who demand the abolition of the Executive powers of the President, claim that the President misuses his executive power in not implementing the 17 Amendment to the Constitution. These ill informed members of the opposition either do not know the implication involved in the implementation of the 17 Amendment which as it is, is an unworkable piece of legislation. The 17 Amendment to the Constitution requires radical changes, if it is to be implemented for the benefit of the country.

In terms of this Amendment, apart from the President not being a controlling source he merely places his signature , or makes appointments which have to be ratified by the Constitutional Council.

In this Amendment, the indicated method of appointment of the ten members of the Constitutional Council is rigged with anomalies, without providing provision for disagreements and failure in arriving at an agreement or consensus in making recommendations for appointments.

The ten members of the Constitutional Council consists of the Speaker, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. And another member is recommended for appointed by the President.

The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition recommends five others in consultation with the leaders of the Political Parties and Independent Groups in Parliament. Of the five, three are recommended to represent the minority Communities. These three are selected by the Parliamentary Members of the minority parties. One more is recommended by the President in agreement with the majority of the members of the Parliament belonging to parties other than those of the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition, and those representing independent groups . There are no provisions in case of disagreements

The President may have foreseen these anomalies, and thus he had avoided possible failures in the system. The Government should not go headlong into action, if it would encounter insoluble problems. Therefore, what is essential is to amend the Constitution first, before facing conflicts later.

There was already a problem with the former Chief Justice, who made judicial orders to remove road blocks, apparently to cover his amorous escapades, without concern to possible transport by the terrorists of bombs and suicide cadre to the south. Not even the President could intervene to stop the Chief Justice’s decisions.

The executive Prime Minister is nothing new, in the British Parliamentary system the Prime Minister is already an Executive. If appointing an Executive Prime Minister is to have a titular President, it would serve no purpose, as it would only be an unnecessary extravagance.

It is not necessary that we should follow the British system. The British democracy has become an anomaly to democracy, by its Ministers taking undemocratic initiatives to interfere into the affairs of other Sovereign States.

The British democracy would be an example worthy of emulating, if it does not over step its authority and take undemocratic actions outside UK. We cannot forget that the withdrawal of the GSP+ by the EU was not opposed by the UK representative. That was an undemocratic act what ever the reasons they had given for its withdrawal.

Diplomacy is a word coined by the West to suit their purposes. We need not adhere to their diplomatic principles when they undiplomatically interfere in to out affairs.

All in all the abolition of the Executive Powers of the President is not a wise move at present, but instead the changes to the Constitution would be more appropriate. If it is considered that the executive powers of the President are excessive, then it would be worthwhile considering the establishment of a second Chamber as suggested by the President. It would then be used like the Senate of America, to ratify the appointments made by the President.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

It is time the Sri Lanka Guardian Editor gives up his Nostalgia for terrorism.

The Sri Lanka Guardian website , which is a mirror website of the TamilNet, on the 11 July,2010 carried an Editorial- which is distinctly the view of pro- terrorist Tamil Expatriates blinded with hatred

The Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s patriotic stance was against the interference into the Sovereignty of his motherland by none other than the Secretary of the United Nations, elected by the member states not to meddle into their internal affairs but to find ways and means to settle disputes between member States.

The Editor or the man who writes the Editorial of the Sri Lanka Guardian, a shameless, “ poet laureate of the terrorists”, once wrote in another Editorial of the 28 November,2008, referring to Prabhakaran’s infamous heroes’ day speech, while shedding tears of nostalgia for the period of terrorism before the withdrawal of the CFA, “.. loss in the misty horizon of war, the only ray of hope that dear Prabha gives once a year, for the Tamils living among the chauvinistic anti Tamil "ruthless" Sinhala, whose mindset remains unchanged, through out the non violent and the armed struggle of the Tamils since the Selva-Banda era ”.

This man who seemingly has no country which he can say his motherland, does not understand the patriotism in others, and cannot therefore evaluate the feelings of a patriot for his country in which he was born. One can impart love to the country of ones birth only if one is prepared to accept the country-the motherland as it is , with its several inhabitants and its governing bodies, and its defects, but not if one has any selfish motive to break away that country to accommodate a part of the inhabitants in a separated part of its territory and mutilate the country of ones birth –the motherland.

How could this traitor who speaks only of the Tamils and insults the members of other community-the Sinhala, ever be a patriot, and have patriotic sentiments himself or understand a patriot and his patriotic actions to defend his motherland ?
Writing his poison pen editorial of the 11 July,2010, he calls the heroic attempt of a Patriot-Wimal Weerawansa ,“ the biggest farcical show in Colombo within the past few days”.

The heroic attempt of the patriot- Wimal Weerawansa , was to get the world to focus its attention on an irresponsible act of a man elected by the Member States as the head of the UN- an organisation which was set up to stop conflict between Member States, and to deter him from appointing a panel to investigate into a justifiable military operations of a member state-Sri Lanka, against terrorism.
The poor idiot of an Editor who is bent on pleasing his Western masters, cannot understand this effort of a man who loves his country and its people.

In his most mean Editorial, he shows as justifiable two persons whose fasts unto death ended in their death. One was Robert Gerard Sands an Irish Volunteer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army and a MP of UK, and the other he quotes with reverence is, none other than a Sri Lanka terrorists who went on hunger strike during IPKF operation in Jaffna, according to the Editorial to “ bring awareness and action to a list of public demands made by him and the Tamil Tigers “ . ( and that for the Editor of Sri Lanka Guardian was not a “ biggest farcical show……..)
He has shamelessly put Bobby Sands, and the terrorist- a ruthless murderer of men, women and children , seeking separation of the communities that hitherto lived in amity, for the sake of a dream of his leader a murderous maniac to set up a separate homeland for the Tamils, in the same bracket.

This pro- terrorist Editor, calls the ruthless terrorist Prabhakaran, “ the Tamil National Leader, who the chauvinistic Sinhala calls a terrorist ! “ one can from this understand the mentality of this man . He writes that, “… As a public razzmatazz of the government the former shot-gun terrorist of JVP…..under took his fast unto death campaign…..By the 10 July, the maverick and the idiotic minister gave up his fast.”

This poison bloated man, shows his hatred for the Government and its Ministers, writing in his most wretched style , “..: Let him lead the fast, let him not drink a drop of water and let him attain Nibbane through his self destructive ignoramus crusade. The right thinking citizens of Sri Lanka can give their homage to his idiocy and thank the God for letting Sri Lanka to progress thereafter with the loss of an unwanted patron saint of the President.”

Casting any sense of civility to the air , he writes, “The gutless and unprincipled maverick’s tummy was conflicting with his substandard brain that he has to end his fast with a king coconut drink poured through his mouth by our hilarious president.”

This is the type of stuff he retched out in his most offensive editorial, infested with hatred. If he reads over what he has written he may perhaps understand that what he had emitted had not come even from his sick mind, but from his infected diarrheic bowels.

It is not worth trying to counter this crap of a mentally retarded Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian, but this is only to show that these are the representatives of the pro- terrorist expatriate Tamils who try to show to the International Community that they are the spokesmen for the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka.

And writing in this awful manner they also accuse the government of Sri Lanka for denying the journalists freedom to write !

Their “blood money”, inherited from the Sri Lanka terrorists allow them to find access to the Ministers, and Secretaries of States of Western Governments, who are always ready to destabilise and discredit developing countries seeking to release themselves from bondage to the West, to find new paths of development.

These expatriates who had always lived abroad through out the 30 years of terrorism in Sri Lanka, have no right to speak on behalf of the Sri Lankan Tamil community, as they have not gone through the suffering that the Tamil people in the North and East of Sri Lanka underwent.

Perhaps the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian who sheds tears of nostalgia for his terrorist heroes does not know that those terrorists had buried over one million mines in 640 Tamil villages, and it is estimated that it will take 10 more years to completely clear the infested areas from these mines ? How can this Editor who expresses affection to Tamil people still acclaim those terrorist murderers as his heroes ?

On the other hand Mr. Wimal Weerawans’s acceptance to undertake his fast unto death was to focus the attention of the World to injustice to Sri Lanka, inflicted by the UN and Western governments for the simple reason that Sri Lanka successfully defeated a ruthless group of terrorists.

Further more Mr.Wimal Weerawansa was manifesting in a most effective way , not just for the sake of the Sinhala Community but for whole of Sri Lanka consisting of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and others.

The Sinhala Buddhist youth that was the Sri Lanka Armed Forces fought, some giving their lives, others their limbs, to release the Tamil population in the North and East from the grip of the ruthless terrorists.

What risk did the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian take to release the Sri Lanka Tamil civilians kept prisoners of the ruthless terrorists , who from time and again knocked on their doors to take away their children to train them as “suicide bombs “ ?

And they –the Armed Forces have the right to be left in peace now, without interference to investigate how they had conducted their military operations , without commending their sacrifice and dedication to the cause of their undertaking, going through immense hardship and risks to their lives.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces have ended terrorism in Sri Lanka, while the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian is still carrying on terrorism without awakening to realise that peace has at last come to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Tamils have Joined hands with the Sinhala, Muslim and other Communities to rejoice in that peace that has at last dawned.

The Sri Lanka Guardian editor is not a man who is going to live for ever, therefore, in his life time he should instead of continuing to sow seeds of hatred, turn his poison pen in to a pen of kindness and generosity and work for the unity between communities in Sri Lanka to allow them to live their lives in peace, friendship, and brotherhood, as a Nation.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Frederica Jansz has missed the point.

Any one reading intelligently ( perhaps no intelligent person would like to read the Sunday Leader , except those who fall into Fredirica Janz’s concept of qualified people), the Editorials of the Sunday Leader, Daily Mirror and the Sri Lanka Guardian of the 11 the July,2010, would have observed that all accusations levelled at the Government of the President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse for denial of media freedom is cooked up to discredit the government, as these Editorials will not stand up to qualify as respectable journalism in a civilised society.

No decent news paper anywhere in the world will resort to such low , base , ignoble language as that used by Frederica Jansz of the Sunday Leader, against a Minister or the government of its country. Criticisms against the Government Ministers and even the President are most welcome provided the language used to criticise the Ministers of the government or even the President are phrased in acceptably decent form.

In her attempt to please the West, Frederica Jansz is turning the Sunday Leader to a cheap gutter press. The one time JVP stalwarts Tilvin Silva , Vijitha Herath and Anura Dissanayake, now the shameless lackeys of a former army Commander lamentably suffering from dementia praecox , still licking the wounds from the kicks on their backs by a disappointed angry voting public, are in good company with Frederica Jansz.

Frederica Jansz shamelessly trying to “curry favour” with Ban ki Moon, writes about Mr.Wimal Weerawansa’s protest “fast” as, “unimportant and inconsequential for the likes of United Nations and its Chief, and without resting at that she continues to drag the honest patriotic Minister Wimal Weerawansa into mud using her invective, vituperations, that is more in line with a Maria Kade fish mongering woman’s vulgar abuse .

What more can you say of a woman who comes down to the lowest of lower degree of vulgarity in calling some one, let alone a Minister “ poorly educated , and plain stupid idiotic and bull headed to core” ? Jansz stupid as she seems to be, little realises, that she herself, not Mr.Wimal Weerawansa, fits in to the description she ascribes to him.

What does she means by “poorly educated” ? Is it not being educated in the English language able to speak like her who has apparently no language or culture of her own other than what she had acquired perhaps from foreigners in foreign schools ?

It is not knowing English, that makes one well educated. In France only a few Ministers could speak English, and the French Ministers do their work in French. Even in Germany the working language of the Ministers is German, so are the Spanish using Spanish language, Italians using Italian language and the Portuguese using Portuguese language, taking examples from Europe. The Chinese President and Minters do not speak English, but no one will call them “poorly educated”. So are the Russians, Koreans, and Vietnamiens.

Iranians too do not speak English, or use English as a working language, and so are the Lybians,Syrians or Moroccan to name a few. Are they all poorly educated and plain stupid and idiotic from Fredirica Jansz’s standard ?

Federica’s stupid reference to a Minister of Sri Lanka well versed in his mother tongue-Sinhala, as poorly educated shows how unintelligent, and ignorant she is in evaluating a person’s intellectual capacity, in what ever language he had been educated.

Frederica Jansz in addition to being an ignoramus is an anti- Sri Lankan. She seems to have a great ill will towards Sri Lanka, and seems to harbour a secret joyful desire, that the President and the Government be taken before a Tribunal, and vehemently hopes that Ban Ki Moon succeeds in his attempt with his disastrous Panel, in her saying that” .. Ban Ki Moon will certainly not deter from his objective.”

She shows that she has no blood in her system but “venum”, in the ways she attacks the Minister Mr. Wimal Weerawansa. She writes about his “opulent” life style, the cost of his hair cut, his camera phone, his families visit to California, his wife’s political interests, and even sex scandals. If such is the Editor of Sunday Leader, to what class could one put her journal other than to a gutter rag of no consequence.

Late Lasantha Wickramatunga who collected political garbage to distort and transform them in to scandal spewing articles in his Sunday Leader, to reach the international organisations, such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Free Media Federation, set up to destabilise and discredit governments and potential leaders of developing countries, was posthumously awarded UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize 2009.

It is not correct to speak ill of a dead man, but it is the heir of the dead man Lasantha Wickramathunga, the Editor of the Sunday Leader- that hoists his memory to attract the attention of the International anti Sri Lanka,( and anti developing countries) media and Organisations to continue the campaign against the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government.

Fredirica Jansz the shameless editor of the Sunday Leader, lays down all her invectives on Wimal Weerawansa calling him the biggest con artist of our time. It has to be pointed out to her and her likes that Wimal Weerawansa is an elected member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka, and a Minister of its Government. Therefore he represents the people of Sri Lanka.

It is the people of Sri Lanka that has elected a President and through him a Government of the elected representative of the people. Therefore the people of Sri Lanka has a right to rise against any external force that acts against the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Therefore, Wimal Weerawansa a Parliamentarian and a Minister, as the representative of the people of Sri Lanka courageously took the cause of the people on himself to act on behalf of them, if the worst comes to give his life, to counter Ban Ki Moon’s irrational investigation into the military activities of the Government Armed Forces, despite the assurance of the government, that it has appointed a Commission of Investigation.

It was evident from the beginning of Ban Ki Moons threat to appoint a Panel to advise him on the activities of the Sri Lanka Government Forces, that Ban Ki Moon was only a pawn in the hands of UK,US, Germany and France on the checker board of anti Sri Lanka political movement, formed by Milliband, Kouchner, and Robert O. Blake.

The people of Sri Lanka should be grateful to Wimal Weerawansa for his timely action to oppose Ban Ki Moon on their behalf. Wimal Weerawansa also showed to the people of Sri Lanka the imminent danger that is coming from no other place than UNO, which stands to defend member states. UNO is a forum for member states to discuss and settle differences, and not to appoint panels to investigate a member state’s rightful activities in protecting and defending the people and its territory, to find out whether its actions deserve it to be taken before a Court, accused of crimes for fighting against a ruthless group of terrorists.

In this respect it was heartening to see that Sajith Premadasa of UNP had made an encouraging statement against the appointment of a Panel by Ban Ki Moon which the Leader of the Opposition , the UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe, had failed to do.

Nevertheless, Sajith Premadasa’s contention that Ban Ki Moon’s appointment of the panel of investigation is due to Mahinda Rajapaksa's government allowing foreign governments and agencies to interfere in internal affairs through its bungling of key issues facing the public is wrong and unfounded, because it is for the first time in the history of independent Sri Lanka that a President said No, to the West when it tried to interfere into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

Ravi Karunanayake the UNP Parliamentarian of “the Sri Lanka Army going to Madavachiya, telling it is going to Killinochcia” fame too had blundered by comparing the heroic attempt of Mr.Wimal Weerawansa, as trying to be a cardboard hero before foreigners trying to tarnishes the country’s image. That is again another foolish gaffe on his part.

And the Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian Website who once reverentially called Prabhakaran a hero of the Tamil people, had also said abruptly that Wimal Weerawansa’s action on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka is a a shotgun terrorist’s farcical show. These are all people who expect Sri Lanka to fail in its development and progress, to become a satellite state of the great Western powers.

Well done Mr. Wimal Weerawansa. We admire your courage, and we know you were sincere because you are patriotic son of mother Lanka.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Ban Ki Moons as the UN Secretary General should not act on the dictates of a few member States, as he takes authority from all member States.

Now we know who were behind Ban Ki Moons ‘ move against Sri Lanka to appoint a three-man Panel to advise him whether there had been violation of human rights by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka in the last phase of its military operations against the terrorists.

Germany, UK, France, USA, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Romania, Norway and EU are obviously the prime movers of the idea of a Panel to Ban Ki Moon. These same countries voted against the resolution submitted by Sri Lanka at the Human Rights Council in Geneva on the 27 May, 2009. Very Strangely in Tamil Nadu a political party Hindu Makkal Kachi also has protested against the President Mahinda Rajapakse, for not allowing a UN Probe. Like minded people flock together ?

In the statement issued by the Colombo based diplomatic Missions of the nine countries and EU, it is state that the manifestation before the UN Office in Colombo is “harmful to Sri Lanka’s reputation “ in the world. But what have these countries done to enhance the reputation of Sri Lanka which got rid of a ruthless group of terrorist by its own strategies netting in the terrorists leadership which every one thought was “invincible “, and carried out a tremendous rescue operation to bring in thousands of Tamil Civil population kept as a human shield by terrorist.

The Western anti Sri Lanka block only keeps harping on the possible violation of human rights in the military operations by the government forces, leaving conveniently aside the continued killing of civilians in Afghanistan , Pakistan and Iraq by haphazard bombardment of civilian settlements by the Armed Forces of USA,UK, and France through remote controlled drones.

UE representative too joined the cavalcade, having informed of the temporary withdrawal of GSP+. The web site “ UN Dispatch” in the meantime was not satisfied by the expression of dismay by the group of the diplomats issuing the statement. It wants some thing more severe and blames that the statement fell short of spelling out justice and diplomatic consequences the group is willing to impose on a “recalcitrant” Sri Lanka. That is it- recalcitrant Sri Lanka which does not submit itself to the authority or control the West is trying to impose on it . That is the crux of the matter.

It is a call for imposing of their “democratic methods “ the West is quite used to, such as imposition of “embargos” or the US sponsored Naval Cordon around Iraq which resulted in the death of more than 600 000 children, several decades of trade embargo on Cuba hindering its development and progress, because Cuba does not adhere to their “democratic system”, as EU imposes its “ democratic method” of depriving the livelihood of thousands of poor workers in Garment Industry in Sri Lanka by withdrawing GSP+ trade concessions.

And these hypocrites dare say that Sri Lanka, by manifesting against most undemocratic uncivilised method of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s interference in to the affairs of Sri Lanka, is causing harm to its reputation.

It is not by submitting to their calls according to their whims and fancies that Sri Lanka seeks to establish its reputation in the most egocentric West out to stop developing countries seeking independence from their hold.

The West is so pretentious, they think they and only they are worthy of being trusted, and only they are just and reasonable. Blinded by this pretence of being the “best”, they fail to give credit to those who deserve credit even if they are different from them.

Even the Western tourists who enjoy the hospitality of the people of Sri Lanka are friendly and sociable only when they are in Sri Lanka, but join a group of them as a tourist in their own country to see how they leave you out looking “through you” because you are different from them. That what they are, though they pontificate to us about human rights and ethnic problems.

Terrorism is a “ vicious cancer “the world is affected with and if the West is intelligent they should have acclaimed the great feat of Sri Lanka in eliminating Terrorism from its soil. That would have been an impediment, a warning to all terrorists and any future groups that envisage terrorism, to take warning of a united force of world nations against terrorism that they have to face.

But instead the West takes every opportunity to discredit Sri Lanka for having eliminated terrorism, which they have not been able to do in several fronts, despite their most modern weapons and sacrifice of thousands of their youth.

The Group of Western Diplomats should have warned Ban Ki Moon of the immorality of his action in the face of the Government of Sri Lanka appointing a Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission Chaired by a former Attorney General.

The West has no right to degrade and demean the ability of the members of this Commission. The West presumes that objectivity, justice and fair play are their monopoly. But it is not so if one takes into account corruption and scandals that some of the Western Governments are infested with.

If the Western Countries cast doubt on our institutions , judges and intellectuals , we the people of the country who have faith in our institutions, and dignitaries have the right to protest to show our disagreement with them.

In this respect it is worth while referring to an article in the Daily Mail of the 29.6.2010 by its Social Affairs Correspondent Steve Doughty entitled “Leading Judge warns Europe to Keep its nose out of British Justice”.

In this article it is said that a senior British judge- Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger had recently warned the European human rights court not to interfere with British Justice, and show more acute appreciation of the independence of the British Law.

We therefore have the same right to demand the UN Secretary General not to demean the capacity of our Commissions of Inquiry. Ban Ki Moon’s appointing a Panel despite Sri Lanka informing him of the appointment of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, is an affront to our institutions, dignitaries and the judicial system- as most of the members for these Commissions are often those who served as lawyers or judges.

Hence, even if one may think that the Minister Wimal Weerawansa had precipitated into taking a perilous course of action, one has to appreciate his courage and conviction to attempt through this drastic method to inform the world that people of Sri Lanka has faith and trust in the Government and its Armed Forces who went through untold misery some sacrificing their lives, some their limbs, in a battle against inhumanly ruthless set of the worlds worst terrorists.

Wimal Weerawansa is not only defending the government and the Armed Forces of the Country, but also the independence and the Sovereign right of Sri Lanka to take appropriate action under all circumstances to defend the people and the territory of the Country.

It is not Ban Ki Moon or the Group of Diplomats from the Western Nations that suffered from the ruthless terrorism in Sri Lanka for thirty long years , it is people of this country who went through it , therefore it is only the people of Sri Lanka that could sit on judgement if necessary over the actions of its Government and Armed Forces and not at all Ban Ki Moon or any one of the Western Nations.

Without any offence to any developing country, it has to be shouted out to be heard by the Western Governments that, Sri Lanka though it is not comparatively rich and technologically not as developed, it is not an ordinary Banana Republic, but a country with a remarkable history and a culture older than that of the West, and the people are educated and capable of competing with the West in any field.

If Sri Lanka is left on its own, with a little generosity from the west, without interference and forcing their authority, it is capable of development to be equal to any Western country.

If Ban Ki Moon is an honourable man, with some sense of morality, he will call off the Panel or the members of the Panel if they have a sense of dignity and understand what is morally right, considering the situation of Sri Lanka a developing country which had achieved more than what the rich and proud Nations of the west have so far achieved in their fight against terrorism in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, will resign from the Panel.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ban Ki Moon, Oh ! Ban Ki Moon.

Ban Ki Moon was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea when he presented his candidature to the post of Secretary General of the United Nations. He was not the only candidate, and was not also the best candidate even among those who had presented their nominations. His election followed intense lobbying.

South Korea was a comparatively junior member of the UNO and Ban Ki Moon’s candidature for the post of the Secretary General of UNO was supported by the West and its allies, seeing him a wedge against the North Korea’s influence in the region as a nuclear power.

When the nonaligned Nations’ requested the Security Council, to propose three names of candidates to the post of Secretary General, was rejected for “some reason” , Shashi Tharoor candidate presented by India, who had the experience to lead the Organisation having already served as the UN’s Under Secretary General for Communication, resigned. That was how “miraculously” the path was cleared, with the remaining candidates resigning, for Ban Ki Moon to be elected the UN Secretary General.

Ban Ki Moon, despite a long list of posts he held in South Korea and several of his assignments abroad, had no special reason that merited his being appointed to lead the UNO. At a press conference when questions were put to him on North Korea he was compared to a “slippery eel”- so imprecise, evasive and noncommittal were his answers.

Being forthright and speak fearlessly is not his forte. After the execution of Sadam Hussain, when Ashraf Qazi of Pakistan pointed out that the UNO has condemned capital punishment, Ban Ki-Moon said “…that the question of capital punishment depends on the decision of each of the member state ”, without mentioning the position of the UNO on the capital punishment. He was already “batting” for the West.

Even before the appointment of the committee to advise him on “war crimes committed by Sri Lanka ”, on its military operations against the terrorists ( military operations, was what it was and not a war against terrorists). He was issuing contradictory statements, once expressing his satisfaction of the handling of the situation by the Sri Lanka Government, and next to warn against excesses and violation of human rights. He has shown himself to be a man who cannot chew his gum and walk strait at the same time .

Being the Secretary General of the United Nations he should know to take decisions that do not contradict with the history of the Organisation and its charter.

He as the Secretary General of the Organisation set up to avoid conflicts among Member Nations, now picks up a small member Nation- Sri Lanka, which has a conflict with the Nations strangely in association with “feared terrorism” , not to douse the flames of conflict but to add oil to the fires of conflict.

What is Ban Ki Moon’s real role as the Secretary General of United Nations, is he with the member Nations without distinction , or against some, and in favour of others ?

If his object at the moment is to feather his nest looking forward to be elected for a further term in office as the Secretary General, leaving aside the principles for which the Organisation stands, he will go down history as the man who lost an opportunity to imprint his image as a great humanist who was objective and independent, and sacrificed a lucrative and a prestigious position for the cause of bringing all Nations big and small into forming a big brother hood of friendly Nations without conflict.

But reality is far from what it should be. Ban Ki Moon despite his impressive CV has not
Studied the history and the charter of the Organisation , and therefore an ambitious man who is unable to evaluate a situation and take a decision himself depends on Commissions and Panels to do the hard work and take decisions for him. The high office of UN Secretary General has therefore fallen down to the bottom of the pit , that any “Simpleton” could handle.

The United Nations Organisation has a long history. It was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue.

The world was not infested with terrorism when the UN was set up and its charter does not include the ways and means to deal with terrorism and how to eliminate terrorism. As Ban Ki Moon had said when he was elected as the UN Secretary General, that “ capital punishment depends on the decision of each member state”, what action should be taken to eliminate terrorism, and how such action is pursued depend on the decision of a member state.

It had been observed by pronouncements often made by the Heads of rich and powerful Nations on several occasions, that terrorism is understood differently by different Nations. The West including USA tend to take for granted that only armed resistance by any organised group against a government of the West is terrorism. Any such organised terrorism against the government of any developing country is not terrorism but liberation movements.

But a developing country as a Sovereign State has to protect its people and its territory. Therefore any organised group causing terror, death and assassination in that country is terrorism, and the perpetrators of terror are terrorists. It is only a simple minded goon, who will not understand that simple fact.

Terrorism is defined as, “ The calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear ” Hence any group showing these tendencies in their activities for the furtherance of their “goal”, it is simply terrorism whether it happens in Washington or Timbuctoo.

Now, if that three man panel appointed by the “goon” Ban ki Moon, comes to differentiate between terrorism in the West and terrorism in the developing country as two different “things” they will also fall in to the category of goons and their findings will have no what ever validity.

War is defined as , “ A legal state created by a declaration of war and ended by official declaration during which the international rules of war apply”.

No where is terrorism compared to “war”, therefore a Government using its Armed Forces to fight terrorism, is not engaged in a war, but conducting military operations to disarm and subjugate terrorists and if they resist eliminate them in military operations.

Of course there is then the Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention , which provides limited application of the provisions in cases of armed conflict. This article too does not refer to terrorist. But refer to conflicts between government and rebel forces. And rebels are defined as , “ persons who take part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority (especially in the hope of improving conditions) “.

The rebels in terms of the definition “seek improving conditions ”. They do not demand to break away a territory of the country to form a separate State for the “rebels”. Interestingly “conflict is defined as,“ A hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war. ”
Rebels would take up arms against the government not to over throw the government or demand a territorial division to accommodate them in a separate State. Therefore they will be willing to lay down arms and negotiate a peace settlement.

That is the difference Ban Ki Moon could not understand. He thinks the sum total of the Geneva Convention or a larger part of its provision could be applied to military operations against terrorists. By definition the terrorists are different from rebels mentioned in the Convention.

With terrorists it was a question of “live or die ”. They were not ready for peace negotiations and wanted their Eelam State carved out of Sri Lanka, and nothing less and “perhaps” nothing more. Therefore, with terrorists there was one possible solution and that was a military solution.

America and its western allies have understood this with regard to Al Qaida. That is why they are conducting wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are using all possible means to eliminate at least the leadership, so that the rest of their followers withers out.

Ban Ki Moon is under orders from interested Governments and persons who wanted to keep alive terrorism in Sri Lanka, to discredit the government of Sri Lanka, and bring back the terrorist sympathising Tamil expatriates to set up a Tamil Eelam State in Sri Lanka.

A divided Sri Lanka would be a boon to the West, living in the fear of expanding popularity of China and Russia among the developing Nations. A divided Sri Lanka may allow the West to place its foot in one part or the other to keep an “ eye” on China and Russia.

Ban Ki Moon’s part along side the Tamil Terrorist Sympathisers is evident, from the language he uses with regard to Sri Lanka Governments and it’s elimination of terrorism, which is the same as the language used by the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Navi Pillai, Hillary Clinton, Channel 4, Tamil Net, and Sri Lanka Guardian Website and several other Sri Lanka terrorist sympathisers.

Under normal circumstances one would expect the UN Secretary General to consult the Government of Sri Lanka before appointing a Panel of investigators, and obtain the agreement of the Sri Lanka Government.

Ban Ki Moon should have also seen that the Government of Sri Lanka itself had appointed a Commission of Investigation to look into how the Sri Lanka Army carried out its military operations in the no-fire Zone. And Ban Ki Moon appointing a Panel of his own for the same purpose is not diplomatically correct to say the least.

He should not have doubted the honesty , and objectivity of our Institutions, Judges and appointed members of Commission. If the Western countries cannot honour the honesty and objectivity of our Institutions , Judiciary, or Commissions , we cannot honestly trust or have confidence in theirs’ any more than our own Institutions, Judges and Commissions.

We know how Bishop Desmond Tutu dared support the terrorists blaming our government for its justifiable solution to terrorism. The Sri Lanka terrorist Sympathisers come out in numbers from the west, and how can we place trust and confidence in any one of them ?

Ban Ki Moons’ interest in Sri Lanka’s military activities leading to the elimination of terrorists is dubious, that is the obvious the reason for his appointing a panel to see whether there was no violation of human rights during the closing face of Sri Lanka Government Forces’ military Operations against the terrorists.

Last phase not only in military operations against terrorists, but also in a “wedding” party, there is confusion and disorder.

Therefore, Ban Ki Moon and his panel of advisers should place themselves, in the patch of land where the terrorists were cornered along with a human shield of three hundred thousand civilian, and shooting with their heavy artillery at the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

The terrorists determined to fight to the very end were willingly taking risks, caring less for the safety of the Civilians they had had brought along with them for this very purpose of providing them cover while they shoot at the armed Forces. The Sri Lanka Armed Forces were carrying small arms doing their best to save themselves and the civilian, while shooting at the terrorists.

Even if the Soldiers carried a copy of the Geneva Convention, they would not have the time to turn the pages and read the “rules” before they kept shooting towards the barrage of blasts coming from the terrorists’ artillery. In the mean time the fear stricken civilians were running away from the terrorists towards the Sri Lanka Armed forces seeking safety. The soldiers despite the risks to their lives had to attend to evacuation of the civilians to safety. In that situation who could have surveyed who was shooting and who was getting killed.

It is a situation that was taking place for first time in the whole world, and yet the Government Soldiers did a commendable job of work, putting their lives into risk.

Every thing that was happening during that last phase of fighting until the people were settled in temporary safety areas was a “do and learn “ process. It is easy for Ban Ki Moon to now start investigations, but it is sad that he cannot realise the tremendous task the Sri Lanka Government Forces had undertaken while eliminating terrorism to accommodate and take care of the thousands of Tamil civilians who were made to suffer by the ruthless terrorists who did not understand the value of a human life.

In that situation where no body could remain a spectator to what is happening, civilians running away for their lives amidst, shouts, cries, bullets swishing past them, and in the din of the fire of artillery and guns, would not have seen any thing, running away where their feet carried them. They may now, restored to normal life, thanks to the Soldiers and the Government, imagine stories, fabric falsehoods, and spin tales which have little relations to reality of what had been going on in that mad fearful confusion..

It is from these stories that the Western media writes their own stories, capping it all off with Amnesty International’s award winning Channel 4 ‘s cooked up realistic looking photos, video clips, write ups, for a fist of Dollars from the terrorist front organisations in UK and USA.

Therefore, was it really necessary for Ban Ki Moon to appoint a Panel to investigate into human rights violations during the last phase of Sri Lanka Armed Forces military operations against the terrorist ?

No, Ban Ki Moon, that was really not necessary. But if it makes you happy, you may have the report printed even on toilet paper…..