Saturday, 28 September 2013

TNA has finally become a responsible political Party. Or has it ?

 Winning the PC elections in the North by itself is not the end of it.  The TNA has now got to sit down to work as responsible politicians planning their activities as a part of the Central Government of Sri Lanka, with it and not against it.

Why did the Tamils in the North, almost 90 percent of the educated, professional, merchants, salesmen, skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, labourers,  men and women all voted to TNA a party that was “hatched” from the cocoon of terrorism ? 

In other words the Tamils in the North en block voted for the memory of “terrorism”.  While Wigneshawaran the ex-judge got the highest preferential vote,  Ananthi Sasitharan former terrorist cadre got the next highest preferential vote.  The Tamils have their destinies with terrorism and Sri Lanka has to  keep that in mind and keep the Army Camps permanently stationed in the North as given the opportunity the Tamils in the north may  encourage terrorism once again. They may even willingly give their children as future suicide bombs.

It must be in their blood to “enjoy” suffering-sort of a sadist tendency.  Even Wigneshvaran an ex-judge who has his sons married to Sinhala women, educated and lived perhaps all his life in the South with the Sinhala,  proved without any doubt that through out the thirty years of terrorism he had been a sympathiser of the terrorists. 

Can we therefore rule out that Navi Pillay the UNCHR is also in heart very much a sympathiser of the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists and hero worships Prbhakaran the terrorist to whose memory she wanted to offer flowers at Nandikadal ?

The hero worship of Prabhakaran did not come to ex-judge Wigneshvaran overnight, it is some thing that had been in his heart all the time, and felt safe and at home among the TNA “terrorist lovers” to  openly declare that Prabhakaran  was a freedom fighter and a hero of the Tamil people.  He even compared Prabhakaran to Keppeitipola Disawe who revolted against the British.

There are other stake holders Viswanathan Rudrakumaran –already the  Prime Minister of  the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, Father S.J.Emmanuel of the Global Tamil Forum, and numerous others lining up to infiltrate into the North- for them the “terre Saint” of terrorism. 

If the government does not keep an eye as to what is taking place in the North with TNA on the saddle we may end up with a another 30 years of terrorism.  Tamils in the North seem to love it, and will invest for it to happen again.

This attachment to suffering of the Tamil people in the North of Sri Lanka- as much as those Tamils elsewhere as witnessed by ex- Judge Wigneshwaran’s hero worship of the ruthless terrorist Prabhakaran, seems to be an inborn Tamil  trait. They pay penance to their Gods subjecting themselves to pain, such as being hung in carts, rolling on the ground, piercing the tongue, dragging carts tied onto hooks pierced into the skin of the devotee’s back, walk on fire and so on.

Therefore there is no wonder the Tamils of the North vote TNA the political party closely connected to terrorism.  For  three or four years there had been cultural exchanges where many Tamil people , old , the youth and school children were invited to the south and received by the Sinhala families.  Many opportunities were provided for the Tamils in the North to mix  with the Sinhala people in the South.  But all those friendly contacts had not given any confidence or attachment to the Sinhala people. Their contact with the Sinhala had been superficial not going  beyond their narrow Communal barriers.

Coming to the vote winners the TNA, can they continue to stand by their Manifesto, which is a demand for a separate Eelam in the North ?

It is ridiculous for them to be presumptive having got an unprecedented support from the voters, to demand a separate Eelam within a Unitary Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka cannot have two different people within one unitary state, but a one people in the one unitary state.  Therefore, TNA has to decide to come down to earth and accept that the Tamils are  a people  among  others in Sri Lanka.

Viswanathan Rudra Kumaran, and Farther  S.J.Emmanuel cannot set foot in the North of Sri Lanka to make of it a separate Eelam.  North of Sri Lanka is very much a part of Sri Lanka despite all the vote the Tamil people in the North gave to TNA.

TNA has also be alive to the fact that the PC of the North cannot dictate terms as to how the Military camps should be set up in the North, and has to very well get used to live with the Soldiers  of the Armed Forces.

TNA cannot ask any more for land powers as it has already been decided, and the government should go ahead with new settlements for the displaced Sinhala and Muslim people, and allow  new people from the South coming to settle down in the North.

It is very unfortunate we have the so called e-media, like the Lanka-e- news., writing really disastrously scandalous articles, an   excerpt from which I quote:

“Though the Medamulana chaurayas ( deceivers) were deeply in their toils blindfolding the southern modayas (foolish believers ) to conceal their monumental corruption activities and murderous violence , the representatives of the people of the north whose eyes are always open and sharp held a media briefing today. The people of the north had given them the power of a 4/5 th majority much more than the 2/3 majority needed to expel a governor of the province. “(lanka-e-news)

These will not help  either in the reconciliation of the Communities or the administration of the Northern PC Council by the TNA Councillors.

The TNA hawks will have to cool down and try to be acceptable, intelligent politicians to if they are to make any thing out of the Newly won PC elections in the North.   Otherwise, the government should step into stop the vain rhetoric  and declare the Northern election null and void and allow the Governor to run it as it had been before.

Such drastic action we have to take without fearing the reaction of the anti-Sri Lanka West. China could not have developed  to what it is to-day, if it did not close the frontiers to the interfering West.
In the mean time it was reported that :

“Four Buddha statues in Murukkan, including two from the ancient temple of Murukkan, have been vandalized, the Mannar Police said.  Venerable Walpola Sarana Thera, Chief Incumbent of the Murukkan Temple said some persons, who arrived in the temple around 11 p.m. on Wednesday (25) damaged the statues.”

These are matters that should be taken up by the TNA PC Councillors who should send out a strong message against such vandalism in the North.  That is being responsible PC Councillors. 
Sampanthan had stated that they are studying the Supreme Court judgement on land powers.  This means that they beginnin their PC Councillor role following a confrontational attitude, which  does not auger well for the future of the North PC Council.

The Northern P.C.Councillors have to sit down to work for the people of the Norethern Province,; without reacting  to favourable and unfavourable issues and ask for remedial solutions from India and the rest of the world.  If they are taking their responsibilities seriously, they have to start working with the people and contact the Government in all matters and have a positive dialogue with the Government without acting as if the Government does not exist.

If they start a second round of visits to India, Tamil Nadu, Canada, UK and USA looking for advice as to how to o run the Norther PC detrimentally to the government with an eye for separation, the Government has to take its own corrective action processes.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Stanley Perera and Jayantha Liyanage two patriots whose attempts to stop TNA were foiled.

It is interesting to present the  two patriots who dared tried to cross the threshold to legally remove TNA from the political scene in Sri Lanka.  Though their efforts were to end in frustration the efforts themselves were remarkable.  It is more the so when TNA is calling loud and clear for terrorism, when they are suppose to give the people they represent peace, security and happiness.  If tomorrow’s voting is going to be in their favour it would be a sad aftermath of a heroic effort of our soldiers, their sacrifice of lives and limbs to give the Tamil people in the North and East who suffered most from terrorism an existence of peace and security.

It would certainly have been ideal if the PC elections were held  with a legally eliminated TNA and a Constitution without the repugnant 13A.  When most of us wrote against the TNA and the necessity to remove the 13Amendment, both Stanley Perera and Jayantha Liyanage  wanted action and not words.

Stanley Perera

Stanley Perera is a retired Medical Researcher  from Australia. He loved his country above everything.  He was overjoyed when terrorists were finally eliminated, and Sri Lankans were able to live peacefully. 

But he was irritated that despite the elimination of thirty years of terror and bringing back peace, and the Government was taking vast strides in the development of the Country the Tamil National Alliance was doing everything possible to discredit the government  here and abroad without contributing in any way for the improvement of the lives of the Tamil people in the North and East who suffered most under terrorism. 

Stanley sent  passionate articles  to the Lanka Web against those who irrationally downgraded the progressive work that had been undertaken by the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government.  He was irritated that the Tamils who should be more appreciative of the  President and the Government  were allowing the TNA  to carry on its campaign of hatred. 

Stanley Perera was against the 13Amendment and thought it gave strength to TNA and their goons to pervert the truth and  put the International community against Sri Lanka.   He was angry that nobody was taking any action to stop the TNA following the destructive path of thwarting the governments progress for development and reconciliation.

He hated to sit there in Australia while his  motherland  is being dragged in the muddy waters of disgrace and dishonour, and the heroic army accused for war crimes just because they eliminated ruthless terrorism. He decided to take some  positive action. 

The only way to stop the devastating propaganda that was being carried out against the government  by the TNA, is by filing legal action against TNA and legally  disbanding it as a political party, for the breach of the Article 157 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  In early February,2012,  Stanley Perera came to Sri Lanka, with the determination to file a  fundamental rights action against TNA. He had to contact appropriate people to find out how the case should be filed. He was prepared to finance his project.  

Stanley Perera had a great respect to the President Mahinda Rajapakse, and did not want to file a case against TNA without first consulting the President.  But he had  no one to put him in contact with the President.  On his flight to Sri Lanka, he met Mr. K.T.Rajasingham. He told  Rajasingham of his project and his wish to have the President’s approval for such an action. 

Rajaratnam told him that he should meet the President and perhaps get his point of view on the subject.  He promised  Stanley Perera to put him in contact with the President.     But KTR did not contact him, and Stanley soon lost contact with him.  Stanley Perera thought it is right to inform  the President or some members of his cabinet to have their views before  filing a FR case against the TNA.

He wrote to the Lankaweb and got some of the Contributors to the website to  support him. Stanley was going to finance the case on his own , but  some of the contributors to  Lankaweb came forward offering help if he were to go ahead with the case.

Stanley Perera  began his preliminary fact finding mission, by contacting the leading lawyers of Sri Lanka to  get their advice.  He met Gomin Dayasiri, who told him that filing a case against the TNA is a mind boggling matter.  He told him that it will take a long time, and advised him instead to petition the Election Commissioner to ban the TNA as a political party, which he said will not cost much.

Thereafter he met another lawyer whose identity is kept back in his interest. He described  the Sri Lanka Judiciary at the time -in February, 2012, as multicultural, dominated by fundamentalist Islamists, and Tamils. The Sinhala judges would do any thing for money.  Siri Pawan he had said is a better Sinhala than the Sinhala, but he would go along with the majority.  He had mentioned Shiranee Tilakawardhane (Booran)  appointed to high court by Lalith Athulathmudaly and later married to his assistant Tilakawardhane.  She is said to be a  fundamentalist Christian and anti Buddhist. 

He mentioned  another Lawyer who demolished the Buddhist Statue in Trincomalee,  who was later appointed as  the Chairman of a very powerful Commission which put Sri Lanka into a worst dilemma out of which it is unable to struggle out. Stanley Perera listening to all  that depressive information  about the Sri Lanka Judiciary  was very much  discouraged.

This same lawyer had told Stanley that he has a better chance filing a FR case against the 13 Amendment.  He had added, “ … we have to wait for the right time.  The right time is after we have formed pressure groups and made a public awareness campaign so that the GOSL will have to listen to the people…..”  This would take time and it means lot of organisation for which Stanley did not have the time and the necessary contacts. 

The lawyers he contacted were  however favourable to a case against TNA MP Sivajilingam who made a speech in the Parliamenrt suggesting to send 4000 plastic body bags to transport the Sinhala soldiers from the North.  The speech had been expunged from the Hansard, but a case is still possible.

Thereafter he had met Udaya Gamanpila who had painted still  more grim a picture of the situation when Stanley asked him what he thinks about an FR case against the 13Amendment. He had said, “In 1987 Supreme Court declared by 5-4 majority that 13A is constitutional.  Even if it is repealed by 2/3rd majority in the parliament, it is political and not constitutional.

“Furthermore under Indo Sri Lanka accord even the Trincomalee oil tanks cannot be leased out to America without India's approval or Sri Lanka cannot be used by America as a base without India's approval.  Therefore SL is not a sovereign country and 13A cannot be repealed by the parliament. But he had said a  High Court case against Sivajilingam and Adela Balasingham is a possibility, but MR is under enormous pressure from India to implement 13A and plus.”

Then Stanley had asked him about Jayantha Liyanage  who he had heard was preparing to file a case agains the TNA.  Gamanpila had said that he knows nothing about  either the Secretary Jayantha Liyanage nor Sinhala Jathika Peramuna involved in the National issues.  It was news to him.

By then Stanley was quite confused. In the meantime he had met the secretary of Basil Rajapakse and he had said that he will arrange a meeting with Basil Rajapakse , which raised his hopes a little. 

Later he  had an appointment to meet G.L.Gunasekara.  Gunasekara apparently had a vague idea of the Sinhala Jathika Peramuna which he had said was formed by R.G.Senanayake long time ago.  He had said a petition filed against the TNA will be an utter failure, as MR does not  want to upset India, and MR will surely ask the court to refuse to accept the petition.

But  when Stanley told S.L.Gunasekara about an action agains the 13A, he  told him just the opposite of what Udaya Gamanpila had said.

Stanley Perera says that, “   SL's advise to me is totally different.  SL said that,  If MR has the backbone to repeal 13A with the 2/3rd majority, that is all needed.  The UNP govt. was ten years in power since 13A, but never implemented 13A fully.  But MR does not want to upset the Indians as he has no back bone. 

SL further says that MR govt. is so unpopular now, it could collapse anytime.  MR is also becoming more and more unpopular, but he will be in power for the next ten years at least as there is no suitable alternative leader.  Reluctantly though SL also will support MR.  If Ranil gains the power, the Tamil parties will play pugs with the Sinhala Government.  I said even now the North is getting by and by disintegrated from the South.”
About  a case against Sivajilingam, S.L.Gunasekara had said that an action against him will make a hero- a martyr of him, and achieve nothing out of such an action and better drop it. He had also said  that an action against  Adela Balasingham had to be initiated in a Court in UK.
“S.L's advise to me is that this woman should be sued in UK court.  If you get a conviction in Sri Lanka's court the UK will not take that so serious.  Then I said about Tony Blair's conviction in Malaysian court on war crimes in Iraq.  He says what purpose is that going to be?  Simply humiliate Tony Blair.  So if we are interested in Adela Balasingam being sued it must be done in UK Court.”

G.L.Gunasekara had added that, “ .. .. a still unknown person had imported thousands of cars and three wheelers from India.  I exposed the synthetic lawyer the invincible importer.  Before the imports the duty and taxes were dropped heavily, after the imports were completed duty and the rest increased by 30%.  So all these were forced on the car dealers to sell and pay.  This is the $500 million given by India as a credit facility.  So MR is under obligation to India.  Furthermore 500 busses and 500 land tractors given to North is also a bribe.  It must only be given to North.  The railway and the 50,000 houses are also to the Tamils only.  North is taken up by India with the Indian Consulate.”

Stanley  heard from the Secretary of  Basil Rajapakse.  Basil had told him that it was an interesting project and that he would give him a date to meet him and discuss the matter after the New Year.   But the meeting was kept postponed and did not take place.

Stanley Perera had a very unpleasant meeting with the Minister of Construction  and Housing Wimal Weerawansa. When Stanley Perera went to see the Minister he was ushered into his room.  The Minister was busy signing letters.  Stanley Perera is an elderly gentlemen.  The Minister,  Stanley says did not take his eyes off the letters he was signing.

Stanley was not even offered a seat, therefore he asked  the Minster whether he could sit down, the Minister  made a sign for him to do so, and asked what he wanted,  still reading his letters.   Stanley Perera said that he had come to Sri Lanka from Australia with the intention of filing an action against the TNA and so on.  The Minister continued to be busy and at the end he got up looked at his wrist watch and told Stanley that he is sorry he has an urgent appointment he cannot miss and walked away.

At the end of it he says, “ Frankly the politicians are not interested including Basil and MR.  I am returning with a lot of frustration.  I am doing a favour to MR govt. by not revealing the truth that I got from the horses mouths....... The Marxist politicians are the biggest enemy of the Sinhala…..”

Having come to Sri Lanka in February, 2012, Stanley  Perera went back to his family in Australia in April, 2012, a frustrated man, not wanting any more to waste his time trying to fight against the enemies of Sri Lanka.
Jayantha Liyanage
It is soon after Stanley Perera, that Jayantha Liyanage came forward representing the Sinhala Jathika Peramuna (SJP) to take the challenge to take to courts the TNA which stands against unity among  the Communities;   TNA  which is the stumbling block against all attempts to unite the Communities;  TNA with its only preoccupation of going round poisoning the minds of the Tamil people in the North and East of Sri Lanka against the President and the Government of Sri Lanka,  taking instructions from the pro-terrorist Tamil Expatriates abroad.
Jayantha too had his share of difficulties.  Nevertheless, as a true patriot desirous of settling scores with an enemy of his motherland, decided to fight it out with available means. Therefore, with the consent of the Sinhala Jathika Peramuna, Jayantha despite all the risks involved has come forward to appear before the Supreme Court presenting his case against the TNA, as he says “…  we did not see any other way to bring the separatist issue into an open discussion”

Thereafter, Jayantha Liyanage was on his own, he has not appealed for contributions but has managed with available means and with the help of donations from some Sinhala expatriates. He had consulted lawyers he knew at that time but they would not appear for some unknown reason.  He decided to appear for the case himself having failed to get any  lawyer to appear for the case on a  voluntary basis.
He was determined to go ahead with the case.  He was not sure what the reaction of the government would be, but that was not his concern for the moment as he thought that it was very important to rid the country of TNA the barrier to the unity of all Communities and above all to stop TNA from all its efforts to divide Sri Lanka to set up a separate Eelam State.
There are many organisations that want to fight against the separatism of the TNA, but when Jayantha Liyanage sought their help they were apparently not willing to unite forces with Jayantha or the SJP.
Jayantha Liyanage cordially invited, the Savi Jana Ekamuthuwa, and such other Associations to join hands with him to make a success of the fight against TNA, and create a public opinion against Separatism and the efforts of the TNA to set up a separate Tamil State.
Jayantha Liyanage says, “ …. we the SJP,  are doing what ever little we can  with the means we have ….”  The FR case was filed by him with the Supreme Court and it was to be heard on the 14th September 2012.
Jayantha says further that , “   we of the SJP can do things only according to our resources. Our main disability is that we do not have a good vehicle to go about and organize conferences because public expect such people to come in good vehicles. If we have that and sufficient finances, we  will be in a better  position to give publicity to our “effort” and create a public opinion against the TNA.  Until then we simply have to wait for some one………to  turn  attention towards us and the effort we are making for the cause of our motherland,”
 Jayantha says, it is not his political ambition that is at stake, it is the unity of a people and the attempt of the terrorist rump represented by TNA attempting to divide Sri Lanka to set up a separate Eelam State. 
At the first hearing of the case it was postponed for want of supporting documents. At the second hearing which was taken by the Supreme Court Judge Shiranee Tilakawardhane, The Judge Tilakawardhane , advised  Jayantha Liyanage that Sri Lanka is a multi ethnic society , therefore each community should make and effort to live in peace with each other and therefore she would ask the petitioner to withdraw the case as it hurts others.   
At that point Jayantha had said that it is the  South  that says this is Sri Lanka, but it is the TNA that says that they are different and have nothing common with the Sinhala in the South. The Judge simply ignored what Jayantha said and went on to say that she does not like to entertain these types of cases in her  Court House.  Jayantha decided to withdraw the case instead of going into a clash with the Judge.

Subsequently without being discouraged by the Judicial indifference, and disappointed by the declaring of an election in the North by the President, without removing the clauses of the 13A that helps separatism. Jayantha filed another Writ case demanding a restraining order to hold back the PC Elections in the North until the resettlement of the Sinhala and Muslim IDPs in North and also to buy time for the government to do something about the 13A.
 The case was taken up by Judge Skanadaraja, the President of the Appeal Court and the verdict was that as the PC elections were ordered by the President of Sri Lanka, the Courts cannot intervene to issue an interim order to stop the PC elections from being held.
Jayantha was disappointed and the result of the PC elections held on the 21 September 2013 could have been different if the elections were held after re-settling the Sinhala and Muslim IDPs who were evicted by the ruthless terrorists.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Vigneswaran former Supreme Court Judge seems to have lost his head, OR is he being made a cat’s paw ?

The half naked Fakirs who want to change the face of Sri Lanka

The TNA Chief Ministerial Candidate Vigneswaran does not only hero worship the Terrorist Prabhakaran,   but he is also preparing to follow Prabhakaran’s path of terrorism.

He is reported to have said, “  Opportunities might arise to resort to arms again in case rights are not offered to the Tamils. Due to ranting, ravings, tormenting, nagging and harassment by the ruling elites, we might be forced to take up to arms”

These words can come only from a cheap third rate terrorists, but not from a former Supreme Court Judge.  We begin to shudder when we thinks what we had as respected Judicial luminaries in Sri Lanka.  One  was a deceitful manipulator of finances filling and emptying  bank accounts and keeping them empty to avoid Tax payments, the other a racist hero worshipping a cheap ruthless terrorist psychopath.

Is that what the TNA is capable of giving to the Tamil people of the North as a Chief Minister ?

Vigneshwaeran is already a stooge of the International Community. He had said that, “  the  Sri Lanka Army which is not needed to our people, should not be present here anymore to subdue us…….We would also inform the international community that this government has failed to implement the 13th amendment to the Sri Lanka’s constitution……Our rights would be attained with the active involvement and contribution of the international community. ”

While again when  Vigneshwaran says, “  we will get the mandate of the people and pack up the Army away, if in case the government fails to cooperate with us, we will go up to the United Nations.”….. Sampanthan had said, “ We will not allow Sri Lanka government to impose any political solutions on us, that are not acceptable by the Tamil people.”
Cholesterol filled Sampanthan - Dead Terrorist Prabhakaran's fervent Disciple

All this ranting of Vigneshwaran appears to have been pre-arranged.  To what extent the Tamil diaspora has contributed to Vigneshawaran’s fiery elocution ?

Viswanathan Rudrakumaran the self appointed Prime Minister of a yet to be created Eelam barks from his comfortable  kennel somewhere in Canada:

“We cannot sustain hopes of winning over our rights from the existing State agencies through the mechanism of the PC or through other forms of struggle, even with the support of the International Community. The Eelam Tamil Nation could win over its rights only by liberating itself from the bondage of the Sri Lankan State. We believe that the TNA leadership is taking cognizance of this reality,”
Rudrakumaran self appointed Prime Minister of the Tamil Eelam State to come-waiting for the day of his crowning

Rudrakumaran  had further said  that, “ the TGTE is committed to struggle for the creation of a free and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam through political and diplomatic means, and that he is of the firm conviction that the 13th Amendment as well as the idea of Provincial Councils had expired long ago.”

In the midst of all this tirade our Sinhala politicians have yet to awaken for the looming danger.  They have failed to do what is essential and will be taken  by surprise,  perhaps for an unexpected uprising of the Tamils helped by the Tamil Diaspora, the Indian RAW, and the American CIA.

The TNA with the assistant and secret support of the International Community seems to be preparing for a demand for a Eelam State through Self determination.   But Self determination  for the Tamils in the North is definitely  outside  the concept of the theory of Self determination.  In International law, it is stated that nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no external compulsions or interference.  

But the North  of Sri Lanka does not fall within this definition.  Firstly the Tamils in the North are a community and not a nation separated from the rest of the country. Its people are not confined to a geographically separate area, but spread across the whole of the island. 

Therefore, a Tamil Eelam State cannot be set up separated from the rest of the Tamil people settled down in different places in Sri Lanka, unless all those Tamils settled down in different places in the South declare their willingness to leave the South to settle down within the confines of the North if it is declared a Tamil Eelam State.
Fr.Emmanuel Leader of Global Tamil Federation running errands for dead Terrorist Prabhakaran

In the mean time the Global Tamil Federation is also showing its presence in the fray of  the Northern PC Election. GTF has issued a statement, that it has, “…… developed a strong collaborative working relationship with the TNA. We have promoted TNA among the international community. Equally, our active engagement with the TNA adds credibility to the political positions we adopt and promote world-wide.”

There would be lot of activity to promote the Tamil Eelam State in the North.  The GTF had further stated :

 “GTF calls upon the Tamil diaspora to help the TNA achieve the best possible victory by impressing upon their relatives and friends in Sri Lanka about the significance of this election. Tamils and others who live outside the North but registered to vote in the North must take the trouble to travel to ensure their votes too are counted in favour of the TNA.

Most importantly, we call upon the Tamils and other communities in the North to take an active part in the election, with the expectation the outcome will prove that a proud community with long history, however mistreated and brutalised, will not give up on the mission to achieve its legitimate political rights and will continue to work towards achieving justice, peace and equality for all.”

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

In this confounded  atmosphere of  still unknown underground activity, Minister and Senior Vice President of the SLFP, Nimal Siripala de Silva, bleats the usual words of appeasement , "The manifesto of the TNA is not a new concept, but if they seek to go beyond that and try to divide the country, we have the necessary medicine for that as well. Hence, there is no need to panic over it."
Nimal Siripala de Silva putting off  for tomorrow what has to be done today

Nimal Siripala de Silva says, “ : "We will take the necessary measures at the right time to safeguard the sovereignty of the country, and against any attempts at division. In the circumstances, we have no need to get unduly worried or agitated. On the 21st, we can see the answer the people will give Wigneswaran and the TNA. ”

But it is despite the Constitution of Sri Lanka that Nimal Siripala de Silva speaks of,  that there was  terrorism, and then TNA  defying the Constitution, openly acting  in breach of it.  Even now what Vigneshawaran had brazenly spoken out  is enough to have him  arrested and Charged under the Anti Terrorist Legislation.

But the Government since it eliminated terrorism seems to think they remain invincible.  Nimal Siripala de Silva is the Chairman of the PSC appointed to propose removal of certain provisions of the 13A, but what has happened to those proposals against the 13A has become a top secret no body dare speak about.

In the mean time the government had been speaking  about reducing  the presence of the Army in the North.  But  is that a wise move when, the Commander of the Sri Lankan army in the Jaffna peninsula, Maj Gen Mahinda Hathurusinghe, said, with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) glorifying the slain Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in its campaign for the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) elections, there was a possibility of reactivating about 4,000 former Tiger combatants, who are still at large.
Maj.Gen Mahinda Haturusinghe

He had pointed out to the speech made by Vigneshwaran which could give courage to those terrorists sympathisers lying low to rise in support of TNA. 

Vignaeshwaran had said, “When Prabhakaran was alive, the President came forward on his own to grant 13 Amendment plus (an improved devolution package). Now that Prabhakaran is no more, the President has begun to speak of 13 Amendment minus and even to the extent of saying there is no such thing as the 13th  Amendment. This is because President Rajapaksa accepted Prabhakaran as a hero. He came forward to yield concessions to the Tamils. But he is not prepared for it now. Prabhakaran is not a terrorist. He was a hero and a warrior who fought for the liberation of the Tamils.”
A Supreme Court Judge Turned follower of a Terrorist

Quite unconcerned  Sri Lanka is still trying to pacify India, like the man being beaten continuing to plead  sitting on his knees for clemency.

The Government of Sri Lanka did not remove the 13A when the time was right to do so,  before declaring the PC elections for the North.  As a result today the government is forced to put up not only with an unwanted 13A, but may also with a PC in the North controlled by the TNA, preparing with forces we still do not know  to demand a separate Eelam State for the Tamil speaking people of the North and East.

A Tamil Man takes the President to his confidence

Whatever is afoot between the Sri Lanka political hierarchy and that of India the Sri Lankan people are unaware. The President Mahinda Rajapakse answering to a question asked by the Hindustan Times: “ 

Relations between New Delhi and Colombo are no longer as close as before, largely due to the demands of politicians in Tamil Nadu ? ” , the President said: “  I cannot comment on South India's politics. But politicians understand politicians so I give New Delhi a wide margin.  And our relationship with India is still very good . ”

In the North of Sri Lanka  there were no terrorists.  But the Indian RAW recruited from among the Tamil youth in the North,  a group  to be trained as terrorists.  After being trained  they were released in the North around 1983, which is no secret any more.  Therefore there is no guarantee that the same thing may happen again, as the Tamil Diaspora is prepared to do any thing to start another bout of terrorism with the support of the International Community and Navy Pillay .

In the recent Defence Seminar 2013  held on 3rd September at the Galadhari Hotel the presence of a LTTE sympathiser among the selected participants had been detected.  It was reported that investigations are being  made to find out how he had gained admission.  This is a serious security lapse and it clearly shows with all security on place the Tamil Diaspora has means to enter any where in Sri Lanka.

In that situation,  the Army cannot be confined to the barracks during the PC elections in the North, but they should be there in greater numbers and vigilant.  The soldiers should however be cautioned to be careful not to open fire without assuring where , how and against whom they open fire.
Still more worrying is what K.T.Rajasingham of the Asian Tribune was doing  with the TNA Leaders:
Half naked Smpanthan meets a  Traitor (?)

These are exclusive photographs taken by the Asian Tribune photographers at the recently held ‘Nallur Ther festival (2013) where TNA leaders –Sampanthan, V.K.Vigneswaran, E. Saravanapavan, D.Siththarthan are seen. Also in some pictures can see K.T.Rajasingham , Chief Editor of the Asian Tribune with the TNA leaders

K.T.Rajasingham is said to be a good friend of the President. Even R.Premadasa had a good friend who was a Tamil Man.
A different Crowd which may block the way against secession.

The Crowds to hear the President Speak but which way will they vote

Monday, 9 September 2013

JHU withdrawing from the PSC highlights danger of not removing13A .

Science and Technology Minister, Champika Ranawaka stated, that the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) has decided not to participate at future sittings of the Special Parliamentary Select Committee to resolve the national question,  as the PSC  has failed to revise the 13th constitutional amendment before the upcoming elections.

We have to felicitate JHU for  its withdrawal  from the PSC to make the people understand the Government’s lethargy and hesitation to take a decision to remove the 13 Amendment or remove the provisions it had decided remove at a Cabinet meeting, when every right thinking citizen agrees that the 13A has no place in the Constitution of Sri Lanka. 

In the PSC delaying to take a decision  on the 13A the Government it has strengthened the hand of the TNA to continue to be bold as to publicly demand  the separation of North and East as a Tamil Homeland.  The President shouts from roof tops that he will not allow  any one to divide the country, but at the same time to please the Commonwealth and India preparing for an Election,  he turns a deaf ear to TNA defying the Constitution  in an absurd  election manifesto.

As time passes the situation in the North will be intolerable if there were to be  a TNA PC in place.  The TNA with its Manifesto has already brought Prabhakaran back into the Election fray making him a hero of the Tamil people.

 All these election rhetoric not allowing the country to be divided by any one  seems a camouflage fearing India’s boycott of the CHOMG on the grounds of the removal of the 13A.

If the Tamils in the North want to have the TNA elected to the PC  with what ever hardships they will bring to the people,  should be allowed for the Tamil people to decide. But even if the TNA were to be elected by the Tamil people of the North, TNA should not be allowed  to rely on the 13Amendment to ask for Land and Police Powers, annexartion of the  North and East, and the right of  self determination to set up a separate Eelam.

This can be assured if  a decision is taken to remove the 13A  before the PC elections in the North.  If not the removal of   the 13Amendment will have the opposition of the UN  and the International Community, and numerous other complications.

Some opposes the Bodu Bala Sena as an extremist Organisation, but the Bodu Bala Sena is the result of the extremism of the Tamil and Muslim Communities of Sri Lanka.  TNA asking for a separate state for Tamils calling them a special community of people, and the Muslims becoming aggressive entertaining Wahabism into their midst want the Buddhists to be silent and accept all their trespass in to the rights and privileges of the Sinhala people. 

It is in that light the rise of the Bodu Bala Sena should be viewed by all those who attack Buddhist extremism.  Bodu Bala Sena in the midst of Tamil extremism and Muslim Wahabism is an Organisation to defend and protect the rights and privileges of the Sinhala Buddhist. It is not Maduluwawe Sobhita Thero who will fight for the rights of the Sinhala Buddhists.
If the Government will not remove the 13Amenment from the Constitution no one  should expect Bodu BalaSena to lie low  while a TNA PC Council would take step by step action to separate the North and East of Sri Lanka,  demand the removal of the Armed Forces from the North, and not allow the Sinhala people to settle down in the North.

By the Government not removing the 13Amendment it invites more support for  Sinhala Buddhist extremism.  Sinhala Buddhists had suffered under the colonial rulers and after them the Islamic religious fundamentalism, terrorism of the Tamils, and the claim of special privileges to the Tamil by the TNA.

The people of Sri Lanka should be grateful to the Minister  Champika Ranawaka of the JHU for having had the courage to withdraw from the PSC to  demonstrate to the President and the Government the necessity to take an immediate decision on the removal of the 13A, even if it  were to stop India Participating in the CHOGM.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Was Weliweriaya manifestation planned as a springboard to the like of an Arab Spring ?

When Ranil Wickramasinghe is reported to have said  with a certain assurance at the 67 anniversary celebration of UNP that, “this would be the last anniversary the party would celebrate as the opposition. And “ predicted the party would celebrate its 68th anniversary under a UNP government”

It is time that these political effusions are given serious consideration.   

Ranil Wickramasinghe’s statement  has  a sinister objective if we would read carefully  what he is purported to have said after:
 “ The UNP Leader noting that those who died in the Katunayake and Weliweriya incidents were innocent youngsters .A  Government should safeguard every citizen including youngsters without putting their lives at risk. ”. 

Then he invites the youth to join the UNP, “ if they want to live in a free youth-friendly country.”
He does not stop their but continues that, “…the UNP will take to the streets and protest against the government demanding a general election by the end of this year. ” (ColomboPage 7.8.2013)

It is in the light of this statement of the Opposition Leader, that the Weliweriya incident should be looked into more closely. The lives of the “youngsters” were put in risk by those who invited them to be present at the manifestation.

In Egypt, and  Tunisia the beginning of unprecedented  manifestations  that resulted in ouster of Governments, and in Libya the murder of a political leader started with the rebel groups against the Governments in place, being  encouraged, supported, and used by the International Community, by arming them and training them for armed attacks against  the  Armed Forces of the respective governments.  The International Community is continuing this same tactics with the Syrian rebels.

A government should be allowed to bring the rebels under control using  the government Armed forces, without the intervention or interference by the International Community. It is the intervention of the International Community that aggravates the situation  making it take a greater dimension.
Unfortunately ,the International Community would not intervene to act as “mediators” between the rebels and  the Government with the aegis of the UN to get the parties to come to a political settlement. But instead they  make matters worse by helping the rebels  for an armed attack against the Armed Forces of the Government, with the aim  to oust the Government in place.

If  the International Community is  genuinely interested in the people of Syria and their human rights it should “mediate” between the rebels and the government  to find  a  political solution for the problems .

But the International Community acts differently, with the one intension of “changing the regime” by helping the rebels fight against the Government.  Thereafter,  as in Syria, when  the situation gets beyond control,  the International Community led by France, USA and UK would claim that there had been  chemical attacks by governments against their people and that the International Community should intervene to save the  people.

This is what happened in the case of Sadam Hussan’s Iraq, and likely to take place in  Bashar Al-Assad’s Syria. 

The UN Inspectors in Syria are  there to check whether Chemicals have been used in Syria, but not to investigate who used the Chemicals , was it the rebels backed by the International Community or the Government of Bashar Al-Assad ?

In Sri Lanka too a situations like those of the Middle East would be  most welcome for USA, France,UK, Canada, and the others of their fraternity for a military intervention  to “change the regime”, as it has been evident even to Navi Pillai that such a “regime change” is only possible if  her International cohorts are made to understand that Sri Lanka is not democratic and on the way to be authoritarian.

In order to intervene inside Sri Lanka for a “ regime change” what a better occasion than a PC Election in the North with a most undemocratic political party in the history of Sri Lanka the TNA going pell-mell to give effect to its agenda of setting up a separate Tamil Eelam with the blessings of the UN , USA, Canada, Netherlands,
France , India and UK.  

The slightest error of a shooting or a killing in the North  followed by a manifestation organised by TNA will precipitate the hounds of  International Community to be unleashed against Sri Lanka.

The Stage has been set and UNP seems to be organising themselves to share the spoils. “UNP MP Ajith P. Perera today demanded that the Governor of the Central Bank, Ajith Nivard Cabraal step down from his post immediately, and accused the latter of leaving out data on malnutrition from Central Bank reports.”

Sri Lanka must be infested with the CIA Agents and their local lackeys, and paid Sri Lankan traitors, along with the Agents of RAW in every corner in the North, and also in the South.  Sri Lanka is at the moment sitting on a “ powder keg”.  The police , the army and the over enthusiastic politicians should tread cautiously on the politically strained paths of the North.

There are far too many contracts given to India what comes into the Island with those contracts one really does not know. The Government is walking  in unknown surroundings.  The locomotives  and  other material bought from India  may carry “ high Tec spy gadgets “ installed in them.  The Government is unable to take wise decisions and the 13 Amendment would be the detonator that would activate the “powder keg” on which Sri Lanka is sitting.

Any attempt to remove the 13Amendment will now  be fodder for the TNA to raise a hue and cry to awaken the hounds of the International Community.

Weliweriya incident is still kept alive by the UNP . To what extent was UNP involved in the  Weliweriya“ incident” ?  

How many were present for the manifestation at Weliweriya ?  It has been said that some former  workers of  the glove factory who are members of the JVP, had been among the  manifesting crowd in Weliweriya. 

Was the crowd unruly  and beyond the control of the Police ?  Why and Who called the Armed forces to intervene ? Who was the soldier who, opened fire ?  Who gave him the order to fire ? 

The problem over which the people manifested in Weliweriya had been settled when the manifestation was going on. Was this fact brought to the knowledge of those manifesting out side the factory ?  If so how was it that the manifestation continued ?  Who instigate hem to continue the manifestation ?

Was there any possibility that:

 (1) the sacked workers who were members of JVP, (2) the Police Officer who asked for Army Assistance, (3) the Soldier who fired the first  shot, (4) the military Officer who gave him the order,  had any contact with any outsider or outsiders before the manifestation in Weliwerya ?  Who organised the Manifestation ?  What was his or their  background ?

These are all important questions to ask, and should be investigated as quickly as possible without allowing precious time to lapse.

People must be kept informed of what is happening  with regard to the proposal of the removal of the 13A or certain provisions of it.  If the 13A was removed or  action has been taken to remove it immediately after the PC elections the TNA’s manisfesto would have perhaps been different. 

Now even Wigneshwaran taking a taste in separatist politics shows signs of  his ambition to become the Chief Minister  more evident, come what may, declaring that Prabhakaran is his hero as well as the hero of the Tamil people.

They are all in breach of the Constitution. It is  a criminal  offence for which the perpetrators could be tried for high treason. The government has not even warned them against the diatribes in the North with a Manifesto which is openly in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  No one seems to have raised a word against the TNA.

The Government should be vigilant. There may be more “ Weliweriyas” to come ?