Saturday, 27 February 2016

Sri Lanka was resplendent under President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Sri Lanka a resplendent Island, became cancerous and mutilated as its population changed and other cultures crept into it. The worst was the advent of   Tamils in to the Island.  They came as invaders, plunderers, and marauders.  They  eventually settled down, but never wanted to  mix with the indigenous population the Sinhala.  They maintained the foreign invader- marauder  mentality. Hundreds  of years of living together with the Sinhala have failed to change the Tamil mentality of separateness. 

All these talk about reconciliation, giving into all the demands of the Tamils, settling them in their own lands closing down the military camps, developing  the North and east where the Tamils  live in numbers , or give them political rights, police powers and power over lands, will not change the Tamil mentality.  Even the latest gimmick of marriages between Tamil and Sinhala will have the least impact of stubborn Tamil marauder mentality of  taking the loot and runaway to enrich oneself and the tribe.

If the inter marriage helps reconciliation  it would not  have made Wigneswaran the Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council such a virulent racist.  Because one would expect of him  to be linked to Sinhala by the marriage of his two sons to two Sinhala women. Now Wigneshawaran says he is opposed to  intermarriages.  Can he be credited with any intelligence for making such a statement ?

Giving into Tamil demands will never help reconciliation  of  the Tamils  with the Sinhala accepting to live in cordiality with the Sinhala. They will never be satisfied until part of the country is given for them as a Tamil Eelam.  This  the yahapalanya leadership of Maithripala-Raniil has failed to grasp.  They do not know that giving into India with ETCA and other such agreements will  only  enhance and strengthen the separatist mentality of the Tamils and their insistence for a separate Eelam State.

The worst is that the ordinary Tamils have no voice, and the freedom to speak for themselves.  Hence  they move with the political leadership.  And  unfortunately when we speak of Tamils in political terms we take every one of the Tamils under the umbrella of the Tamil political leadership.

President Mahinda Rajapakse, too failed to understand this basic mental make up of the Tamils and took considerable pain to develop the North and East where the Tamils live and were affected by the Terrorism of their own people.  President Mahinda Rajapakse expected  an eventual demonstration of  human gratitude by the Tamils, accepting  that President Rajapakse is a friend, of the people and that he did not differentiate one community from another accepting every one of all Communities as the people of Sri Lanka

Mahinda Rajapakse was not an enemy of the Tamil people. His enmity was towards the terrorists. He said there are no majority and minority but good or bad Sri Lankans

The Tamils do not understand to what extent the Sinhala people have given into their unjust and unfair demands. Tamils are all over the world in different countries.   But they do not ask for equal rights with the majority community  of those countries as they do in Sri Lanka.   The Yahapalanaya continues to say that Malaysia and Singapore has developed far better than Sri Lanka, but they do not understand that neither Malaysia nor Singapore had a problem with the Tamil Communities in their countries and they did not have to suffer under terrorism as Sri Lanka did. The Tamils in Singapore and Malaysia have become a part of the people of Malaysian  and Singapore.

We should understand friends and enemies, otherwise Sri Lanka will fall again into what it had been before.  That is the greatness of Mahinda Rajapakse  which the power crazy yahapalanaya crowd  fail to see.  Certain people pretend they are friends but they have hidden motives behind their friendship.  America and the Western countries are such pseudo friends.   America will never give financial or technical aid for the development of poor countries.  But they on the other hand would willingly  get their United Fruit Companies to invest to buy  or lease thousands of fertile land to cultivate fruits or sugar cane as they cultivated pine apples  in Philipines , banana in Central Africa, Sugar cane in Dominican Republic etc. After that the Fruit Companies  will control the finance and the political system of the countries.

The wise leader Mahinda Rajapaksa did not fall into that trap of the West.  The Ministers of Yahapalanaya Government are completely unaffected by these historical facts of how developing nations in Latin America and Africa were financially and politically controlled by American Fruit Companies.  Mahinda Rajapakse did not  want to antaganise the West,  but he knew which countries could be trusted as political friends and which not. 

It is hilarious to hear John Kelly the Secretary of State of USA telling visiting Mangala Samaraweera  with his “yes Sir” mentality , that USA hails the reconciliations attempts of Sri Lanka government and its  efforts to address the regional issues and make peace in their own country as significant. Kerry says USA will further strengthen and broaden the relation ship between the two countries. 

The people of Sri Lanka unfortunately has not seen these significant developments USA speaks of taking place in the interest of the people since 9th January,2015.

What people of Sri Lanka have seen happening in Sri Lanka is a decadence of the splendour of Sri Lanka which was built under the former President Mahinda Rajapakse. John Kerry speaking in superlatives  of the  significant achievements are in gfact the benefits coming to America  from the break away from the past economic and social developments  of Sri Lanka independent of  Western  interference.

It was China that helped Sri Lanka in development process after the elimination of terrorism and not USA now with its fine talk complementing the present Yahapalanaya crowd in its  destruction of  all that Mahinda Rajapakse built  to  make Sri Lanka  a resplendent Island which it had never been since  Colonization.

It is easy for USA to shower  their adulation on  the present Yahapalanaya crowd of Ministers who have brought Sri Lanka  under dictates of USA. The yahapalana Minsters Mangala Samaraweera basking in their  flattery says “  the relation between our two countries  alone has experienced  a veritable renaissance since the visit of Assistant Secretary Biswal weeks after the Presidential elections and my visit to Washington… our relations have been strengthened to unprecedented heights.”

But what has USA given to Sri Lanka before or even today , other than  passing  vicious resolution accusing the Armed Forces for war crimes and help the separation of communities in Sri Lanka.  JR Jayawardhana was nick named yankee Dicky for his strong support of  USA.  JR trusted in the friendship of USA to help him out  from being bullied by India. But USA works according to its political agenda and  turned away from JR when he needed  USA the most. When Indian Air Force dropped  dry ration to terrorists under siege and forced JR to come  to an agreement with India to settle the terrorists issue, JR expected USA’s intervention, but USA dropped  him  like a hot brick.

Interest USA  has in Sri Lanka is   given in  an evaluation  report prepared for the US State Department, by the US Agency for International Development.  It is called: “ Sri Lanka: The Impact of  PL 480 Title I Food Assistance” dated  October,1982. It is stated in this report that
two factors give Sri Lanka an international importance  greater than its  modest size and economic  position might otherwise suggest: its strategic location and its influential role in both the nonaligned movement and the group of 77.

USA has no other interest in Sri Lanka, other than its strategic position in the Indian Ocean.  But Yahapalanaya big shots             are highly taken up by John Kerry’s sweet words and think that every thing will be hunky-dory for Yahapalanaya, with USA at its side.

If Mahinda Rajapaksa had turned to USA, after elimination of terrorism, instead of  to ChinaSri Lanka would not have been what it was on the 8th January,2015.  There would not have been that massive development within such a short time.

Even if Rajapaksas had swindled money, stolen gold , took bribes and laundered black money, the Rajapaksas  had within five years after elimination of the ruthless terrorists developed Sri Lanka as no previous governments  had done since Independence.  They developed the country not only in the North and East but also in the South.  They raised the standard of living of the people.  They brought peace into the country and assured security. That period of President Mahinda Rajapakse was the golden period of Sri Lankan history after Independence.

But within one year of coming in to power, since 9th January,2015, the yahapalanaya has turned Sri Lanka upside down.  Only thing the Yahapalanaya government has shown is capable of doing is to make Sri Lanka a Police State. Creating special police Investigations sections, Commissions of Investigations, appoint a Chief Justice, an Attorney General  and a Bribery Commission and arrest every one who has the slightest connection to the Previous government.   Their target is to arrest if possible the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa or failing that  arrest and jail his sons, brothers , or even his wife to humiliate  him and scandalise his period of Presidency.

The Yahapalanay  from President to the cop in the street  have gone “absolutely mad” with power in their hand to do what they want. There is  a yahapalanaya MP  Nalin Bandara Jayamaha who says that Mahinda Rajapaksa has done nothing beneficial to Sri Lanka. They say any thing without taking facts into consideration…..they are sick in their minds.

They pay lip service to democracy, but to day democracy is doomed in Sri Lanka, it is the Dictatorship of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe that exists. If they want to sign agreements with India  they do it without  even consulting the people, they build bridges to connect Sri Lanka to South India without consulting the people. They praise USA and the West  welcoming  their  resolution which condemns Sri Lanka and accuses its Armed Forces for war crimes . They not only welcome the resolution but sponsor it.  The Yahapalanaya leaders  and Ministers should  not be in a government but in a mad house to have their heads examined.

Sri Lanka that was a resplendent Island under Mahinda Rajapakse is today  a mis managed , ruined derelict, shabby and ugly floating like boat  without direction  as to which way to float.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Reply to -Opposing for the sake of Opposing. A letter being sent round by Peoples Forum Sri Lanka-Politix this week by Kautilya.

It is really not worth replying to People’s Forum and Kautilya, but it hurts when falsehood is propagated to make fools of the intelligent ordinary people of Sri Lanka.

This Government of UNP- Ranil, Maithripala Sirisena and Chandrika exists on falsehood trying to hoodwink the people continuously running down Mahinda Rajapakse, the  greatest Leader Sri Lanka had after 1948, next to SWRD.  But Mahinda Rajapakse achieved more than what SWRD set to achieve.

The letter of the Peoples’Forum  is full of continuous falsehood condemning  Mahinda Rajapakse and his supporters calling them the Junta and other defamatory nicknames and other remarks, which could come only from the UNP supporters and those paid to carry out the USA Western Agenda.

This Government of Ranil- Chandrika and Sirisena was not brought into power by a popular vote of the people but  by the votes of the Tamil-Muslims-Catholics, and self interested  people , who cared less for the country but more for what they can personally gain for themselves from a capitalist UNP.  You have to only see the two maps showing the voting patterns for the January,8th Presidential election and August,2015 General election. Therefore do not give the false information that this government is a popular government of the people. 

There were also those who were jealous of Mahinda Rajapakse and his so called regime, jealous because  they could not have a share of the pie –of  billions of Rupees streaming into Sri Lanka after Mahinda Rajapakse  became the President .  President Rajapakse was there NOT to make money, but to  rid Sri Lanka of the cancer of terrorism ,develop the country which he did within a short time after eliminating terrorism. The Bribery and Corruption  of the Rajapakse Regime, is a story concocted by the USA and West to change regime which was used by Ranil and Chandrika bringing in Sirisena, who got  blinded by the unexpected fall of a Presidency into his lap. Even the word “Regime” is one invented by the CIA and used ad nauseam by Ranil Wickramasinghe  calling Mahinda Rajapakse's government "Rajapakse Regimaya".

This government is far from being a democracy,  it is a dictatorship of  Ranil and Chandrika even Sirisena is controlled by them.  It is utter falsehood again to say that there was a dictatorship under Mahinda Rajapakse. He may have made mistakes but was never a dictator Even though he could have Mahinda  never wanted  to take revenge from past governments.  If Mahinda wanted he could have pursued Batalanda Commission Report, he could have appointed a Commission to investigate crimes committed by JVP, or set up a police investigation force to bring to book Ravi Karunanayake,  Karu Jayasuriya, or Chandrika for their corrupt activities. But he was a patriotic leader who had a mission which was to bring peace to Sri Lanka and modernize it.
JVP Burnt their victims to leave no trace

Mahinda Rajapakse’s Government was not a “Junta Regime”.  The people will curse those who call it such.  Because with all the defamations continue to be made by Ranil-Sirisena-Chandrika  and their  supporters like the People’s Forum, ordinary people of Sri Lanka love Mahinda Rajapakse, his family  and all supporting him and connected to him.  No body need to work behind scene to make Yahapalanaya government unpopular it is already unpopular among the mass of people and already fallen and of no use to the country or the people.  What remains is a skeleton powered by USA and Western Robots.

Despite your pack of lies “people’s Forum” , what you call  “the past disgraceful anarchy “ had given the people a better  standard of living, freedom , peace and security, than the present government which is far from being a yahapalanay in its real sense.  The mass of people of Sri Lanka wants Mahinda Rajapakse back, but it is an unpopular unwanted Yahapalanaya which is blocking peoples aspiration. 

The Theravada Kathikawatha is the downfall of the government of Christian Ranil, Chandrika and half Buddhist Sirisena.  The Kathikawatha should have been prepared by the Monks and presented to Parliament  if it was at all a necessary peace of legislature.  It should not conflict with the Vinayapitaka and the 217 disciplinary precepts of the Buddhist Monks.  It should perhaps apply to fallen monks who behave like lay men  without  living a monastic life, meditating and looking after the Buddhist followers,  living unwholesome lives feeding their Panca Upadhanakkhanda.

The Mahanayaka Theros and those who support the Sirisena- Ranil -Chandrika UNP Yahapalanaya are rich Monks who live in luxury .  They are neck deep in Sakkhaya Dhitti, none of them may  know any thing about meditation.  Even Dalai Lama Meditates four hours every day.  Do these UNP Monks who support the UNP sponsored Kathikawatha meditate at least five minutes a day  or do they know how to practice  Bhavana ?  Do not be silly Lanka Forum projecting Kathikawatha as a wonderful piece of Legislation proposed by the stupid Yahapalanaya. Kathikawatha Bill  is nothing but another UNP gimmick to sacrifice Buddhism and the peoples respect to Buddhism to please USA and the West hoping to get assistance to rebuild a dwindled economy. USA and the West are not that rich to dispense money  to developing countries, nor do they want to help small countries of the third world, they only want to be the leading nations of the world. They want to stop the influence of  China and Russia in the Indian Ocean.

It is false to say that there is democracy in Sri Lanka today. FCID is under a committee  headed by  Ranil, Sirisena and Minister of Justice. In Balaya a Hiru TV debate the Deputy Minister of Tourism Arundika Fernando said,  how when  Sirisena and Minster of Justice had left the Committee,  some others joined  and said that there should be an arrest before the Independence day and asked the FCID to arrest Yoshitha.  He said even the police officers in the FCID are not quite happy with the situation.  Please  see Balaya Hiru TV Debate  of 11 February, 2016 for proof of what is said.  This is not democracy but a dictatorship, Yahapalanay is a real Junta Government.

Dinesh , Vasu, Bandula, Wimal and Gamanpila are not “ugly five” as you say, but  they are the most wonderful patriots speaking for people of Sri Lanka- whose voice has been lost-stolen and made unheard by UNP and JVP  who have usurped the rights of the real people of Sri Lanka.  The Peoples’ Forum and Kautilya are speaking for  the Yahapalanay Junta.  There is more to say but why throw pearls before swine.
JR Jayawardhane signing Indo Lanka Pact with RajiveGandhiincluding 13A in to SL Constitution

Since its beginning UNP, when ever it came to power Sri Lanka regressed from progress. It was only when SWRD left UNP to form SLFP that Sri Lanka stepped into real Independent development, rallying around him the leftist political forces.  But there after,  each time UNP came to power Sri Lanka faced multiple disasters: with JR Jayawardhana the inclusion of 13A in to the Sri Lanka Constitution, R Premadasa with massacres of youth and burning them on heaps of tyres, Ranil Wickramasinghe as Prime Minister to Chandrika,  with his Batalanda Torture camp,  Raid of the Millennium City house, and the signing of CFA , and now selling Sri Lanka to the west and making  Sri Lanka a police state following meticulously the Agenda of USA, West and India. The UNP is now paving way to division of Sri Lanka, and make it a part of India with a bridge to connect north of Sri Lanka to Tamiul Nadu and siging an agreement ECTA to employ Indians in  Sri Lanka.  Ranil of CFA fame has accepted there is no valid law in Sri Lanka and promises to accept International participation in accountability mechanism.
Youth killed and burnt on tyres  under R.Premadasa Government
Ranil Wickramasinghe signs the CFA
victims of JVP terror
Chandrika member of Clinton's Global Initiative
it will soon be signing the ECTA agreement with India

Now the SLFP of SWRD Bandaranayake is no more it has been assimilated into Ranil’s UNP along with Sirisena and Chandrika.  The people now want a another political party led by Mahinda Rajapakse  his family and supporters. It would be the second revival of Sri Lankan politics after SWRD left UNP to form SLFP, which is now rolled into one  with UNP.

So who wants this Yahapalanaya ?  Certainly not the ordinary people of Sri Lanka, but only the TNA, SLMC, JVP, Catholics and self seeking lot of unpatriotic Sinhala paid by  Yahapalanaya or by unknown foreign powers the USA and the rest, UN,  and the Tamil diaspora.

There were two Independent Anniversaries after 8the January,2015.  But  they were no celebrations, they were mournings in the second of which Sri Lanka even lost its Nationhood by singing  two National anthems in two languages.  And what is an Independent Celebrations in Sri Lanka in  the absence of President Mahinda Rajapakse- the greatest political leader of Sri Lanka who brought peace and security to Sri Lanka and developed Sri Lanka to be a middle income country. An  Independence Day Celebration in Sri Lanka without that leader Mahinda Rajapakse because of whom we live free and peaceful today, is no Independence Day Celebration at all.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

65 years after SWRD broke away from UNP, Mahinda Rajapakse should break away from SLFP, to form another Political Party.

“Political parties are born out of politicians’ insatiable thirst for power which can be defined as the ability to influence and control others. Power is as addictive as heroin and those who have lost it behave like hapless druggies going cold turkey having chased the dragon for years. Personal ambitions are camouflaged with impressive, marketable agendas based on various issues which can be flogged to rally the gullible masses,” says the Island Editorial.

The Island Editor thinks he has the last word in everything.

Political Parties are also born through necessity, when those who have come to power thanks mainly to minority votes, have no idea which way to take the country. SWRD broke away from Western Oriented UNP to form a political party with progressive socialist policies giving power to a wide range of people: Sanga (Buddhist Monks),veda ( physicians), guru (teachers),Govi (farmers),and Kamkarau (workers).

Ranil Wickramasinghe speaking to a group of UNP Members in Kurunegala says, “ …D.S. Senanayake, S.W.R.D. Bandaranayake and J.R. Jayawardena made three revolutions in Sri Lanka’s history. He said that the Government led by President Maithripala Sirisena is prepared to make the 4th revolution by eradicating Sri Lanka’s poverty and building Sri Lanka’s economy.”

Ranil Wickramasinghe makes statements just to please the gallery and the statements he makes are often meaningless, like promising gold bangles to girls, and gold chains to boys, celebrating the arrival of Portuguese to Sri Lanka, and now about revolutions by utterly reactionary UNP leaders.

But people have not forgotten that each time UNP had  come back to power Sri Lanka had regressed from development and progress towards peace, and higher social and economic achievements.  Each time the SLFP with the left came into power there was progress.  Except during Chandrika’s term of Presidency.  She ended the blood stained period of Premadasa’s UNP government, but  she had no political maturity to go forward to develop the country.

About the four revolutions Ranil Wickramasinghe  mentioned, there was no revolution when  D.S.Senanayake was handed over the government by the British Colonialists in a gesture of making it a pseudo Independent  Dominion of the Commonwealth. Sir Baron Jayatilleke more educated  than D.S.Senanayake  was  more qualified to have been the Prime Minister of Independent Sri Lanka, but  D.S.Sennyake had manipulated to have Sir Baron Jayatilleke sent to India to represent Sri Lanka when the British were about to  give Independence to Sri Lanka and D.S.Senanayke stepped into receive the appointment.  That was  not a revolution but a betrayal.

J.R.Jayawardhana too did not make a revolution, it is all Ranils imagination. JR formed a democratic Government of a dictatorial nature. He had all the powers to appoint ministers with a note or sack them. He himself said that the only thing he cannot do is to make a  man a woman and a woman a man. Later he became a prisoner of  India. Rajiv Gandhi  forced him  to adopt the most  spiteful 13Amended into the Sri Lanka Constitution, and accept the Indian Peace Keeping Force. 

There is no difference in what JR did then and Ranil Wickramasinghe is doing now sponsoring  USA and Western resolutions against Sri Lanka -his own country.

Ranil Wickramasinghe says that the “ Government led by President Maithripala Sirisena  is prepared to make the 4th revolution by eradicating Sri Lanka’s poverty and building Sri Lanka’s economy, ” that statement is also as false as the two previous revolutions Ranil Wickramasinghe  referred to.  Ranil Wickramasinghe is in a state of day dreaming.

The fourth revolution of Maithripala Sirisena, Ranil Wickramasinghe prophesies has far from eliminating poverty brought  Sri Lanka  into a precarious economic, social and political instability. The forth revolution of Maithripala Sirisena has put Sri Lanka  back into the lap of colonialism of not only the British but also of India and USA.

EconomyNext reported today-7 February,2016 , “Sri Lanka's official forex reserves dropped by a billion US dollars to 6,301 million US dollars in January 2016 from 7,303.6 million US dollars, official data showed, as money printing and credit continued to undermine the balance of payments. Forex reserves are now at a 5-year low around the level in 2012 when corrections were made.”

Ranil Wickramasinghe slipped into Chandrika Kumaratuinga’s  presidency  and  signed a CFA with  the terrorist Prabhakaran  which almost made Sri Lanka be divided and a part of it handed over to Tamil terrorists, which disaster was averted in time by the people electing Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of Sri Lanka in 2005.  That was in fact the second great revolution that Sri Lanka saw after that of SWRD Bandaranaike in 1956.

Maithripala Sirisena’s 4th Revolution Ranil Wickramasinghe  referred to  is as the Island Editor said  “ …. Personal ambitions are camouflaged with impressive, marketable agendas based on various issues which can be flogged to rally the gullible masses.”

Under the 4th Revolution of Maithripala Sirisena prophesied by Ranil Wickramasinghe  there was the greatest Bank  Bond Scam (robbery) in the history of Sri Lanka in which over 2 billion rupees were defrauded  by persons  close to or in indirect connivance with the Governor of the  Central Bank appointed  on the recommendation of  the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and Finance Minster  Ravi Karunanayake.

That  was an unbearable loss that adds to the poverty of Sri Lanka while Ranil Wickramasinghe tries to camouflage  the disaster by speaks of the 4th revolution of Maithripala Sirisena which  would eradicate poverty in Sri Lanka  and build its economy.  What a revolutionary start that was ?

However, there have been talks of an unknown investor parking  one billion  in the Sri Lanka Central Bank and there is likely to be another secret investor parking another one billion.  That makes two billions the exact sum that was defrauded under the Sri Lanka Bond Scam.  One begins to wander who those unidentified investors are and where they got the Rupees two billion from ?

Then again with regard to the arising of  new Political parties the Island editor says, “….Power is as addictive as heroin and those who have lost it behave like hapless druggies going cold turkey having chased the dragon for years….” 

But when people have been fooled by a political party which could not even find a leader within the party to present for the Presidential election lured a traitor  from the opposition to become their common Presidential candidate, and having won the election denied all that people enjoyed under the previous government  and instead of developing the country to give people a better  living standard, are  instead  neglecting the people and the country engaged in a veritable witch hunt ever since they came to power  on 8th January,2015, it is then time that another revolution takes place to bring back “….those who have  power to which they were addictive as heroin, ”  , because they have a better sense of governing , developing and promoting Sri Lanka.

The editor of the Island  has also vengeance at heart when he says, “…. country knows too well that Rajapaksa’s few mea culpas have barely scratched the surface of the doings of a 10-year journey that he wanted to extend to 15…….”

But it is time that the Rajapaksa Government is brought back  to repeat the 10 years of what it did when it was  in power, and extend it to 15, because judging from how the country gained in development, and people had gained a higher standard of living after elimination of terrorism we would see in a revolution to bring back Mahinda Rajapaksa and the united Opposition, a Sri Lanka flowering once again in to a developing  country where there is peace and security. 

With a Rajapakse government back in power there would be information of development and progress, instead of  daily  false accusations by  FCID  of  every one  connected to previous government of Rajapaksas.

Longer this Government of Sirisena and Ranil  is to continue Sri Lanka will fall deeper into an abyss from which there would be no return. Already Yahapalana government is signing the Economic and Technology Cooperation Agreement with India. Construction of a bridge to connect Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu, and allow the British Armed Forces to reorganize the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.

Under these circumstances after the first revolution of SWRD Bandaranaike in 1951, and the revolution by   Mahinda Rajapakse in 2005, it is time for the third revolution  in 2016 to bring back Mahinda Rajapakse  with the  united opposition lead by Dinesh Gunawardhana, to save Sri Lanka tilting in to the precipice of  break up and disaster, to put it back on its keel to commence development from where it stopped on the 8the January,2015.

In a New Political Party by Mahinda Rajapakse and the united opposition to yahapalanaya, there should not be Mervyn Silvas, Sajin Vas Gunawardhanes, S.B.Dissanayakes, Nimal Siripalada Silvas, Mahinda Samarasinghes, Dilan Pereras and the likes of them.

In any election campaign to bring back the former leaders the speakers from the election platforms should speak about politics, critical of politics without  attacking any one personally. The personal attacks had been a dark spot in previous election campaigns of the left.  What is important is to make the people aware of the dangers coming from outside, and the fact that the people should be more aware of political security, employment, education , health rather than filling stomachs and give undue importance to  monetary benefits. Increase of income has the sad result of creating increase of the cost of  commodities, which would be vicious  circle of  in crease of salary, resulting in the increase of  commodities and the cost of living.  JVP  leaders are a vicious lot. They know they will never come into power. They pretend to be Marxists but holds on to UNP and capitalism. They get their trade unions to demand more and more  salary increases to create economic problems to governments , knowing that no government could keep on increasing salaries  without ending up in  a financial crisis.

Therefore there should be emphasis on simple living conditions, and bringing sanity into the minds of the people..

Sri Lanka should be developed according to its own cultural back ground using its own people rather taking Singapore, Malaysia and South Adfrica as models for development of Sri Lanka.

A new Political Party may be a success or a failure, but nevertheless the risk has to be taken to see the back of the UNP lead Sririsena –Ranil-Chandrika Yahapalanaya fraud. A new political party will have stern opposition from the West and India, but the bull has to be taken by the horns.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Yahapalana Nadagama.

Mahadenamutta and five pupils

The Yahapalanaya is a Nadagama- Mahadenamutta and his pupils.  Mahadenamutta had five pupils . He himself had given names to them according to their appearance. One was Indikatu Pencha – a thin tall man, Kotu Kithaiya the one who looked like a stick, his favourite was Polbe Muna who had a round face like   half a coconut, Rabboda Aiya  had a big toddy belly, Puvak Badilla looked like an areccanut tree.  Some of these characters could be distinguished amoung the Yahapalana Nadagama crowd. Readers may name their characters in the Yahapalana Nadagama as it pleases them.

Nadagama begins with Pothe Gura announcing what is to follow- JVP fits into this role.

On the 8th January,2015, Ravi Karunanayake  had a case for money laundering.  The money is said to have come from none other than  Raja Rajaratnam  the fund provider for the terrorists.

The Colombo Telegraph reported “ The Attorney General indicted Nexia Corporation, Linton Sirisoma and Karunanayake for allegedly facilitating money laundering in violation of Central bank regulations and the Exchange Control Act by depositing Rs. 390 million in a Standard Chartered bank account, which had been later used to purchase shares of the Union Bank. The transfer had been made by Sri Lankan American billionaire and hedge fund dealer Raj Rajarathnam.

During the hearings it was alleged that Karunanayake was directly involved in the fraud and that he intervened to collect the funds once the money was deposited in Sri Lanka.

In the meantime there was a change of Government and as by magic  Ravi Karunanayake  the man who was under a Court order to present himself at the Court in Colombo on the 29 January,2015  to face the money laundering charges against him,   was named by  the unconstitutionally appointed UNP Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasing  as the Finance Minister.

Colombo Telegraph adds, that the “Exchange Control is the function of the Central Bank. The Central Bank is governed by the Monetary Board. The Secretary/Finance (Treasury) is a member of the Monetary Board. The Minister of Finance is the Boss of the Secretary/Finance. How nice to have a person charged with Exchange Control crimes as Finance Minister”

However, the very day that Ravi Karunanayake had been ordered to attend court to face money laundering charges, he had arranged to present the interim budget to the Parliament.  As he could not be present  both in the Court to face charges of fraud  and present the Budget in Parliament at the same time the Justice had to adjust itself to accede to the  request of the money launderer and postpones the hearing for the 4th March,2015.  What a windfall to a money launderer.

This is Yahapalana Nadagama.  They swear to honour democracy, fair-play and Justice , but from the Yahapalanaya President  to the Police constable of the Yahapalanaya Government police  force  on the road,  they  constantly break all democratic norms, moral codes, Constitutional provisions and above all twist justice to suit the political hierarchy  in a syndrome of fear  amoung the Judges for political punishment  by Ranil Wickramasinghe of Batalanda fame.

But yet we hear them yelling  that since they have  come to power there is democracy, press freedom,  justice, and no white vans.

They of the Yahapalanaya Nadagama have changed the white van to the Black Maria

Immedately after the Presidential elections of the 8th January, 2015,  it was the beginning of the Nadagama. First  the Marxist JVP-the pothe guras, who joined hands with the Capitalist UNP to change Rajapakse Regime, with files accusing the Previous President , members of his family, his government and all his contacts , under their arms on their way to the Office of the Commissioner of   Bribery and Corruption. Then  these “pothe guras” make the announcement to the press giving details of their accusations presented to the Bribery Commission.

Whether the accused is proved guilty or not is immaterial the notice of guilt is announced to the press.

One year after,  the Yahapalana Nadagama is still at its opening  scene of  carrying files containing accusations against the latest members who have connection to Rajapakse family. To facilitate matters they have gone a step further in their progressive development.  First Ranil –Polbe Muna, created  a FCID a secret police within the secret police specially for the Rajapakse family, their friends and all and sundry  to be arrested taken in the Black Maria and remanded.  Judicial procedures have been cut short.  The arrested remain in the remand jail until a judge is available to decide on their bailing out.

There have been so many cases filed, but no action has been taken on any one of them.  The Yahapalana Nadagama creates new courts and commissions,  all to accuse Rajapakse family and all connected to that family and the members of the  previous Government of Mahinda Rajapakse.

President Maithripala Sirisena – Mahadenamutta, not to be outdone by  Ranil  the Polbe Muna with his FCID wanted a Commission of his own to investigate the Rajapakses. The Special Presidential Commission on Large scale corruption to which  the Previous President Mahinda Rajapakse and his wife - the former First Lady are regularly called to take down statements.  Latest we hear is that the former first Lady may also be arrested and taken the Black Maria to the Welikada Prison.

Hiran Fernando UNP Minister was shouting at the top of his voice at Derana Wadapitiya today trying to justify  action taken by Yahapalana Nadagama by describing how Sarath Fonseka was dragged from his legs from Hilton Hotel to Prison by the previous government.

Besides these Yahapalana Nadagama has an Anti Corruption Front, and a Committee against Corruption headed by Ranil Wickramasinghe –Polbe Muna himself.  JVP  too has set up its own three man Committee of Investigation.  These are all there to investigate the previous government,  leaving  unchecked the corruption of the actors of the Yahapalanaya Nadagama.

This is the progress and development of Sri Lanka in terms of  -the Yahapalana Nadagama
Raj Gonsalkorale in an article in Asian Tribune justly says , “…..In this instance, the politics pertaining to allegations of large scale corruption against the previous regime has some ironies that need to be addressed. This is in regard to the inclusion of politicians belonging to the regime being investigated, in the regime that is doing the investigating…..
….Beginning with President Sirisena himself who was a senior cabinet member for ten years in the previous regime, there are several others. Ministers Rajitha Senaratne, Rauf Hakeem, Champika Ranawake, Navin Dissanayake, Duminda Dissanayake, Abdul Rishad Bathiudeen and Udelappan Palani Digambaram were all part of the previous regime. Besides them, there are several State and Deputy Ministers as well. They were all part of the previous regime.”
How much do all these investigation Commissions, Committees, Fronts and  the Criminal Investigation Divisions, and the Police  cost to the Yahapalana Nadagama with a dwindling economy ?

At least the roads that the previous government built bring in a substantial income while Yahapalanaya Nadagama has done nothing to develop the economy, health or wellbeing of the people, ever since it  took office on the 9th January,2015..

Yahapalana Nadagama -They have failed even to build a decent Public Toilet any where in Sri Lanka.

The period of time , since 8th January, 2015, is being used for investigations into the previous government of Mahinda Rajapakse searching for the bounties of his corruption which has eluded them,  but provided the Yahapalana Nadagama a stage to  carry on with its boring Nadagama.

In the meantime, National Freedom Front has lodged a complaint at the Bribery Commission that the Minister Rajitha Senaratne- the Puwak Badilla,  had acquired a fleet of 8 crafts at a cost of 400 million rupees and the fleet had caught  an estimated haul of fish worth Rs. 2 billion, which had not been accounted for.  But the investigations are slow or  forgotten if they concern the comedians of the Yahapala Nadagama.
appointing Governor of Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran
The biggest Bank fraud of Sri Lanka took place immediately after the Yahapalanaya Nadagma started its theatrical performance
The Sri Lanka BRIEF reported,
 “ The entire business community was shocked with the blatant abuse of power of the Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendren to help his infamous son in law Arjun Aloysius, known for his infamous EPF deals with the previous government, resulting in the fund losing over 2 billion Rupees. To date the government has not investigated a single transaction and it will never happen under the current regime. …………………..CB governor’s son in law were involved in the previous regime’s EPF dealings amounting to Billions as well, no action has been taken so far against his company Perpetual ltd. Now he has taken it to another level because he has the support of his Governor Father in law and the Prime Minister whom he refers to Uncle Ranil in conversations.” 
No body neither Arjun Mahendran nor his son-in-law Arjun Aloysius has been taken for questioning by the FCID on the Central Bank Bond Scam issue.
But in the case of Yoshitha Rajapakse it was different, FCID was very prompt in taking Yoshitha into custody without any  valid reason; only a story of  money laundering. The importance of taking Yoshitha into custody  is because the Independence day is  3 days away and Yoshitha Rajapakse is a price catch, before  President Sirisena –Mahadenamutta takes the salute of the march past on the Independence Day. 
And Prince Zeid Ra’ad AL-Hussein  of hybrid Court fame will be in town on the 5th February, and  Ranil- Polbe Muna  can tell the Prince, that Rajapakse Family has been brought to books.   But when it comes to actors of the Yahapalanaya Nadagama  their cases can wait. 
In an interview to Ceylon Today,  Rajitha Senaratne –Puwak Badilla answering a question by Anura Bandara Rajaguru:   A complaint has been filed against you in the Bribery and Corruption Commission. What is your response to the demand for your resignation? Rajitha Senaratne – the Puwak Badilla says:
“In that case, the best way to get somebody to resign is to complain to a Commission somewhere. Complaining is not sufficient. The case must be proved. I have no reasons to resign. We are leading a massive struggle against bribery and corruption.”

When it concerns the actors of the Yahapalana Nadagama , the FCID looks at the offence differently.  And the Yahapalana Nadagama actors have no fear. FCID is like a trained dog.  It does not bite the handlers.

The Governor of the Central Bank and his Son in Law are drinking  and dining with the Yahapalanay Nadagama crowd.
Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.(St.Mathew)
Mum is the word on the Central Bank Bond Scam amoung  the Yahapalana Nadagama Circle, while they are all out to catch wives of the ministers of former government for having a passport with  a wrong date of birth, or taking the former first lady to record statements, or arrest an  MP because he had two passports.
Ranil –the Polbe Muna,  made a fiery speech in Parliament –which was unparliamentary bashing the Journalists.  He spoke of his being a Buddhist when every one knows that he is a born Christian with an uncle a Bishop- the  Late Bishop Lakshman Wickramasinghe of the  Kurunegala Diocese.  Polbe Muna  demonstrated how he prays  Buddha clapping his hands and said he does not say Rajapaksa saranang gachchami. 
That was Yahapalana Nadagama at its best for his UNP cohorts. Ranil-the Polbe Muna was turning round laughing at his own jokes  pulling up his trousers, not allowing it to fall down , the UNP Ministers around him Kiriella- Kotu Kithaiya-, Ravi Karunanayaka-Rabboda Aiya and  the rest of the lot were  thumping on the tables and clapping hands. Polbe Muna  was acting his part well.
Champika Ranawake –the Indikatu Pencha was in Hiru TV Salakuna .  He says that it was he who did every thing that was beneficial to the country in the previous government.  President Rajapakse had achieved nothing.  It was he who went to Mavil Aru  and asked Mahinda Rajapakse to wage a war against the terrorists. Mahinda Rajapakse wanted to merely give millions of Rupees to Prbhakaran to protect himself and his family.  He was arranging with a LTTE agent to arrange a meeting with Prabhakaran for him to talk peace.  When the Hiru TV  Moderatoer asked him whether  it was really he who did every thing.?  He said, “  that is why I used the  “We”.”
Champika Ranawaka-Indikatu Pencha spoke with so much hatred when he referred to Mahinda Rajapakse one really wondered what Mahinda Rajapakse had done to him.  Champika-the  Indikatu Pencha of the Yahapalana Nadagama says he represent JHU a  party of the followers of Buddhism , if so how can he have so much of hatred in him. About Ekneligoda he said that people responsible for his disappearance should be arrested.  
When the Moderator said that there were reports that  Champika Ranawaka also had a grudge against Ekneligoda for a letter he had published in Sinhala News Paper, Champika was really angry and said how people were trying to destroy him and his children.
Champika Ranawaka awakened to love of his own children and spoke hatefully of the people who  scandalised him publishing a letter to the press, but with regard to arrest of Yoshitha he said that it was Mahinda Rajapakse who had asked for it,  therefore it is normal  that Yoshitha had been arrested.  He- the Indikatu Pencha is really playing the part of a villain in the Yahapalana Nadagama.
Yahapalan Nadagama speaks of maintaining a Unitary Country and vows not to entertain Federalism, but in the same breath allows the National Anthem to be sung in Tamil. A Nation has one National Anthem and that is  in all countries sung in the language of the Majority.
Yahapalana Nadagama  ruins all aspect of Sri Lanka, economic, social, geographic, political and also religious aspect of Sri LankaSri Lanka’s uniqueness is in its  Sinhala Theravada Buddhist culture.  Tamil Culture is amply represented in Tamil Nadu, Muslim culture in all Arab countries, Pakistan, Indonesia etc.
Therefore it is the duty of every Sri Lankan to protect the Theravada Buddhist Culture of Sri Lanka.  The Yahaplanaya Nadagama is now taking on itself the control of the Buddhist monks.  If a Buddhist Kathikawatha has to be legalised, it is normal that it should be done, but what is wrong is the way it has been  proposed.   The three Nikayas of Sri Lanka should have been asked to prepare a Kathikawatha and presented it to the Parliament to put it into a legal format. 

The Theravada Buddhist Kathikawatha should have come from the Buddhist monks to the Parliament and not from Parliament to the Buddhist  monks.