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Sampanthan and TNA MPs with their pants down

President Mahinda Rajapakse in Jaffna Jnuary, 2010
Sampanthan and the TNA MPs ever since they were elected to the Parliament  have done nothing constructive for the benefit of the  Tamil people of the North and East.  While the Government had carried out intensive development projects, Sampanthan and his TNA MPs had been away travelling  around the world  complaining to different Governments about the failure of the Government of Sri Lanka  to devolve  political power to the people of the North and East..

The Tamil people are not unaware of this, and the TNA MPs are not a popular bunch.  I give below what some Tamils from Jaffna and abroad  write  to express their disappointment with Sampanthan and his TNA MPs, who are not interested in the Tamil People of North and East,  but  scheming to divide the communities, dreaming of a Tamil Homeland, and secure political power for their personal benefit. TNA is not useful to the Tamil people, to Sri Lanka or even to themselves. Their end will be like that of Prabhakaran and his terrorists, not in  a physical death but in  a  “political” death.

These are collected comments to articles in Lankaweb, and personal e-mails.

My friend in Jaffna writes:

I wanted to tell you something about TNA. Your point regarding TNA is very true. Almost  all these Tamil politicians are just money making. I mentioned  "almost all Tamil politicians" this may indicate that Douglas Devananda too is making money. But it is not so, he is the only good person like Late Alfred Duraiappah.

The so called grievances are artificial, made up by these greedy Tamil politicians.

These Tamil politicians are spoiling the cordial relation ship among the communities. This is simply hate mongering. Sampanthan is very old even then  his greed  for wealth and  desire to stay in political power  is without bounds. He is still poisoning the minds of the Tamils with naked racism.

I truly believe people in north or east do not ask police power or land power.  This is  an artificial demand. TNA and Uthayan are simply making an issue of this type of nonsense for their own benefit. I use to talk with people and no body ever show any enthusiasm for these type of slogans.

You know I have been  living in Jaffna for more than a year. I did not see any serious problem for common man. But every day Uthayan and Thinakural papers or TNA politicians are spreading false and twisted stories against the government. They are just poisoning the atmosphere of north.

Please pray god to punish these culprits.

Recently I went to see the Jaffna International Trade Fair. It was a very good experience . I saw the Uthayan stall there. They are vomiting poison everyday. For the last fifty years they twisted the truth and spread lies to mislead the people. This Uthayan spoils every ones mind.

As I  earlier mentioned the National parties in Jaffna are sleeping. They don’t have any functional branch offices. I don’t know why they do not show any enthusiasm to open active branch offices ?

SLFP and UNP do not exist in Jaffna. Please try to convey this information to the National Political Parties; they have to organize here to counter TNA. Other option is to ban TNA and Uthayan.

Thank you very much for your blessings. I am happy that you are going to convey my concerns to the public.  You are doing great service. Our people are so voiceless,  because of fear of terrorist  and  Jaffna centric high caste leaders.

I have a relative, a  girl . Her elder sister is married  to a lower caste boy………. She is pretty but no body is willing to marry her because her elder sister married a low caste boy.
This Vellarla mentality is the main cause for all racism.

Another Tamil friend writes to LankaWeb:
thurai Says:
Many Tamils enjoy peaceful life with Sinhalese in the South than with Tamils in North & East. Many of them  will never  want to come back even if there is violence in the South. The Tamils & Sinhalese who assisted English Colonialists and enjoyed high
positions are responsible for the present situation. Tamils had more chance to settle in the South than Sinhalese to settle in the North and East.
English Colonialists built many schools in the north to prepare Tamils for administration
in the South Asia. The mentality of Tamils who want white-collar jobs and social status of  doing Government jobs is the cause of  desperation among them. To their mentality it is not enough doing any employment in  the North and East, therefore to have the desired Government employment, they either have to learn the  Sinhala language and integrate in Sri Lanka, or settle down in western countries.
TNA want Land and Police power than thinking about diverting rivers from south to the north for irrigation.
Administrative positions are important for Tamil politicians than a wealthy & Healthy life for the People.

Another Tamil replies to


I am proud of you my fellow Srilankan Tamil. There are decent Tamils like you and me who believe in unity

I had the privilege to develop friendship with Sinhala Buddhists who are very patriotic, very open minded and friendly like many in this forum.

I have no problem if the Sinhalese are proud of their Culture , their kings or their religion Budhism. My Sinhala friends are very proud to be Sinhala. There is nothing wrong in that .
I do have problems when people simply hate another race or culture . I cannot stand these racists whether they are Sinhalese or Tamils or Whites or Blacks.
Racists should be treated in mental hospital
As a Tamil person, I only knew (last 33 years) one side of the fence, now I am able to see the other side of the fence !

Sangupiddy Bridge Opened by President Mahinda Rajapakse
Another Tamil writes:

Who is enemy of Sri Lanka and who is friend. When we discuss only about TNA and their voters we will give the chance to our real enemy. The person behind the 30 years of Terrorism with  Billions of blood money are living everywhere. Not only from Himalaya to Kanniyakumari but also up to Galle.

Terrorist never sleep. We have to discuss and assist the poor people among all communities to prevent them falling in to the hands of Terrorism. If we fail to consider the needs of the poor and the social and economic affairs of all communities we are giving a chance to the terrorism again. TNA are Jokers of Terrorism.
Another Tamil comments:

TNA, Tamil Catholics, &Tamil Hindu have one and same blood. Because of this relation Rev.Father Immanuel of world Tamil Forum (WTF)has contacts with Baharaths Janatha Party (BJP)and Hindu Politicians in India.
Thurai Says:

TNA is enemy of peace in Sri Lanka. Tamil Terrorism is protected by innocent Tamils and TNA.

Tamil Terrorist are expecting violence by Sinhalese. Now the propaganda against Sri Lanka by Tamil Terrorist is very low level in Western countries. TNA must change their mind. If they fail they will lead the country to another disaster.

Another  Tamil comments:

Terrorist never consider their own mother or child. Here our  discussing  about Tamil or Sinhalese unity seems  meaningless to them.
Christian/Catholic donkeys bark much about India and Tamils because they want their WHITE masters back to rule SL.
No explanation from the Catholic donkeys why their Church still back LTTE.
Catholic Church in Jaffna claim they are of HIGH caste. That is why the low caste priests of that church always name themselves as PILLAI which is VELLALA caste name.
In Jaffna Karawa or Karayan are majority among Catholics but they cannot become bishops anywhere. CASTE is very important to the Catholic Church as well. Catholic priests of Jaffna always claim they are of the HIGH caste.
The Catholic priest SINGARAYAN was a Karayan, a low caste who helped to kill the Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah with his VVT gang. The same Singarayan was involved in the bank robberies as well with Prabhakaran.
Another one is Anton Sinnarasa who is still in Canada.
Catholic Church is not for any equality but for the rule of the WHITES again.
Another Tamil Comments:
Thoma Soundaranayakam now demands the president to talk ONLY to the LTTE proxy TNA. Vatican always talk through its rear end and THOMA the LTTE a..hole talks now.
What the hell these Catholic Monkeys are barking here?
The British Parliamentary delegation visited Jaffna and they met this Tiger criminal Bishop only. They met no other people.
Another Tamil Comments:

All Sinhala Brothers & Sisers
We both communities have good & bad side !
Yes I agreed Chinhalavan have more good characters than Demila!
Eg: My father small street business man who building his business 40 years in Colombo had lost all his hard earing in 1983 riots never complained about Sinhala people. He always says Chinhalavan always think what ever white is milk ( vella ellam bal enru ninaikiravan ) !
but We Tamil also look after our mother Lanka like you Sinhalese done !
eg: Sir Pon Ramanathan stopped First Sinhala & Muslim riots , We ,Yes We Tamil kicked IPKF out from our mother Lanka !

Sorry repeat again Yes We both communities have good & bad so please do not insult us calling us Indian (dirrectly or indirrectly) !
Ref :There is no real diversity in SL. ,Irrespective of ethnicity, we are all SAME.- Not agreed .
We have real diversity in our both Communities ! now time to unite !
Thurai Says:
TNA wants North and East as same as TN.
Tamilnadu politicians and TNA have same mentality. Because … Poor Tamils in the North and East are  better than poor Tamils in TN
If we Sri Lankans speak against India we will help TNA. Propaganda of Terrorism has changed small numbers of Tamilnadu Tamils are against SL. But all Tamils or all Indians are not against SL. Support of Tamil Nadu Tamils  is necessary for the Indian Govt. We are in position to cooperate with India and Southeast Asian Countries to fight against Terrorism. The elements (Terrorism) which benefiting from making trouble incite the communities against each others. They (Terrorist) are always in safety , they are Healthy and wealthy.
Thurai Says:

Many Low caste Tamils don´t know the caste discrimination, because of Western Colonialism and Sinhala Administration. During the war  many high caste Tamils  refused to live together with low caste Tamils in camps. After war many refused to cook food in the same kitchen. Some areas in Northern province high caste objected common pipe wells for all castes.
Now in some areas even low caste Tamils pay more money than high caste, high caste refuse to sell their  land to low caste Tamils

But under Sri Lankan Government anyone can buy a land anywhere. Exception areas where TNA represents.

Why do TNA want more land rights?
Another Tamil Comments:

Ref:Vellalars of Sri Lanka
FYI, at present All TNA MP’s are low castes no one from vellar or any other higher caste !
(eg: Like Mr Anandasangare said once , Savapeddi seaipavan ( Who make dead body box) , Kuthurai odduravan ( who run horse – Selavan Adkakalanayagam) in parliment Now.)
Another Tamil Comments:

//FYI, at present All TNA MP’s are low castes no one from vellar or any other higher caste !//
Definitely they (TNA MP´s) never suffered the above mentioned caste discriminations. Like Brahmin respected by Vellalar for maintaining Temples some other castes also respected and accepted as equal to high caste.

World wide Hindu Temples are under controll of (LTTE ) Vellalar and accepted other castes.
Hindu Temples and Tamil schools are coordinating Tamils to support Terrorism.
Terrorism = Tamils Liberation
Tamil Liberation= Accusing SLG
Accusing SLG= keeping Tamils united
Tamil unity= Propaganda
Propaganda= Hindu and Catholic Temples, Tamil Nadu Cinema, Telephone Cards &mobile, Trading
All are for money not for Tamil Liberation
Caste system among Tamils lives
Tamils live with caste discriminations all over the world.
Tamil Liberation is for Terrorism and Money laundering.
Tamil must first liberate themselves from their own enemies.
Sinhalese or SLG are not enemies of Tamils.
Thurai Comments:

1 ) Accusing SLG= keeping Tamils united- Agreed
2 ) Tamil must first liberate themselves from their own enemies – Agreed
I thing We Tamil choose easy way out instead of fighting to liberate our own enemies than Accusing Chingalava
Should they be treated like humans? – Yes
… We both community follow this golden principle – Humans are Humans & They be treated as humans even though they behave inhuman ( Karma)
President Mahinda Rajapakse in Jaffna 17 January,2010

Both our  communities are responsible for All this mess in our Holy land !

I can understand how your Sinhala community is affected by us ( I do not want to  put the blame on LTTE to escape responsibility) whether it is LTTE or TNA doing any thing wrong to Sinhalese, it  is the  Tamil  that is responsible!
As you know about our (Tamil) society I do not want to explain how we (330,000 people in Vanni ) were living last 33 years ! ( not only in Vanni, but  all over the world)
Now Time to forget & forgive ! to live together for another 3,500 years !

Saturday, 21 January 2012

No ! not again . We have had enough of the 13th Amendment .

What is the necessity to broach the 13 th Amendment once again, when people are beginning to forget about it,  and   begun to live as a free people without Indian interference into their well earned peace  ?

It all began again with the visit of the Indian External Minister Mr.S.M.Krishna,  who our External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L.Pieries paying him a homage  raised him to the status of a relative of the people of Sri Lanka.

The  Minister Pr. G.L.Peries has said of the visit of the  Indian Minister of External Affairs Mr.S.M.Krishna that the « ......the spontaneous attendance by …….. S M Krishna soon after his arrival in Colombo at the Thaipongal ceremony on the invitation of President Mahinda Rajapaksa emphasized that the relations between the two countries is not just a relationship among friends but among close relatives which was exemplified vividly on this occasion. »

Hence it is made apparent that the promise to  implement the Amendment 13 plus, is a Thaipongal gift to our President’s  new found Indian relative S.M.Krishna.

It is very good to accept Indians as our relatives, even if the relationship is not reciprocated by the Indians with the same sincerity with which it has been offered. But it is a blow to the Sinhala people of Sri Lanka to adopt now the obsolete 13 Amendment in any form.  The President Mahinda Rajapakse owes it to the people of Sri Lanka to remove the 13 th Amendment completely from the Constitution once and for all, without continuing to add insult to injury by talking not just about implementing  Amendment 13, but Amendment 13 plus.

The President’s offer to implement 13th Amendment plus is incoherent. It was a mere agreement accepted to facilitate a situation that existed 25 years ago.  Apart from it having been enforced on us against the popular wish of the people it has no legal right to be included in the Constitution. Prof. G.L.Pieris is a constitutional lawyer and he should know. 

The 13th Amendment was accepted to allow the Indian Government to send a IPKF to defeat the aim of the terrorists to divide and set up a separate homeland in the North and East of Sri Lanka. It was also for the convenience of the IPKF to move freely  in the North and East .  The Amendment had no other interest other than to keep the terrorists at bay, without becoming a force beyond the control of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.

Now it is nearly twenty five years since entering into the India -Sri Lanka Agreement and  accepting the 13th Amendment. The Terrorism has been removed by the valiant  Armed Forces of Sri Lanka. The Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi who forced the 13th Amendment on us was assassinated  by the very terrorists he was trying to help, and the President JR Jayawardhana who was forced to accept it  under the then prevailing condition is now dead. IPKF was never able to defeat the terrorist.  The mission of the IPKF in Sri Lanka was an utter  failure.

Is there, therefore, any reason why we should hold on to the absurd 13th Amendment to please India, and to satisfy the hate mongering TNA ?

Amendment 13 plus will not  be the same as Amendment 13, therefore it is far better to abrogate it, and go ahead with reconciliation of the Communities, by creating understanding and trust among them.  If there are Tamils Groups like the TNA and the Tamil diaspora who would never want to trust the Sinhala, it is better they are left with their dissatisfactions, and communal hatred, and the Government should instead go ahead with the development of  the country for the greater good of the rest of the people.

However, now that the President Mahinda Rajapakse has promised a 13th Amendment  plus, let us see what is the 13th Amendment ? What were the reasons for its initial introduction ?  Was it accepted by the people or the acceptance of it by the then President of Sri Lanka  approved by the people ? Why is adopting of it would be an insult to the people of Sri Lanka, and the Soldiers who sacrificed their blood, limbs and lives to eliminate terrorism from Sri Lanka ?

The Key Provisions of the 13th Amendment are :

• In addition to Sinhala, Tamil 'shall also be an official language' of Sri Lanka, with English as a 'link language'
• The north and east to be merged into one province, subject to a referendum
• Provincial councils to be elected every five years
• A governor with executive powers to be appointed by the president in each province
• Provincial high courts to be established
• 'Reserved' and 'Provincial' lists detail powers of the centre and the provinces respectively. A 'Concurrent' list outlines shared powers, though ultimate authority for these issues remains with Parliament
• Financial provision for the provinces to be directed by Parliament
• Provincial councils can be over-ruled by regulations promulgated by the president under the   Public Security Ordinance.

The circumstances under which India made the Government of Sri Lanka accept the 13th Amendment will remain a shameful episode of India’s arm twisting of  the President of Sri Lanka who was in a helpless situation, where his friends in the West had abandoned him and the terrorists had an upper hand. 

It was imposed on the President JR Jayawardhana of Sri Lanka when Sri Lanka was Militarily weak and without defence

« It is clear that the Sri Lankan government was pressured by India into signing the accord. Once it had signed, however, the government rammed the 13th amendment through Parliament despite strong opposition from inside and outside the ruling United National Party (UNP). »

Under those circumstances, and what followed  thereafter, should we consider the relationship with India more than a friendship , a relationship between close relatives as Prof. GL Pieries had said ?

« Indian cargo planes invaded Sri Lanka’s air space challenging the sovereignty of our country, and almost forced former president JR Jayawardena (JR) to ‘invite’ Rajiv Gandhi to Sri Lanka to sign the agreement and to accept the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF). Sri Lanka had no alternative but to ‘surrender’ to India’s demands and sign a hurriedly prepared document endorsed by the Tamil separatist groups including the LTTE. »
(  )

There is no reason for the Government  of Sri Lanka to continue with this shameful 13th Amendment.  It is more so now after the elimination of terrorism, because it was forced on Sri Lanka when terrorists were sieged  in Jaffna which they had occupied by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.  In June,1987, the Sri Lanka Armed Forces were about to defeat the  terrorist forces and liberate Jaffna, when our “ friend” India, intervened :

« The BBC correspondent Mark Tully quoted the army command at Palaly having hopes of taking Jaffna within the next 48  hours. It was at this stage that Indian Government intervened directly and decisively. Arguing that the embargo on supplies and the army offensive had rendered the people of Jaffna totally destitute, India decided to send in humanitarian relief.

The convoy of fishing vessels carrying relief supplies was sent on 3 June 1987. The flotilla was refused entry by the Sri Lankan navy. The much publicized airdrop of food packets and relief supplies over Jaffna by the Indian Air Force AN-32 transports escorted by Mirage fighters on 5 June 1987 announced the open India intervention quite dramatically. The relief mission, code-named "Operation Eagle",  violating the air space of Sri Lanka was calculated to convey to the Sinhalese chauvinists India's determination to act decisively in favour of the beleaguered Tamil minority.

Although not intended, this operation was eloquent and arrogant enough to confirm India's earlier covert involvement in affording sanctuary and logistic help for the militants and, more than that, to confirm that the apprehension of the island nation about India's hegemonic ambitions was not unreasonable. »

“The direct Indian intervention that started with the air-drop of food and essential supplies on 5 June 1987 culminated in the signing of the India-Sri Lank Agreement on 29 July. The Agreement signed between Rajiv Gandhi and J. R. Jayewardene in Colombo was essentially a rehashed version of the "December 19th Proposals". It underscored the need to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, which was acknowledged as a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual plural society consisting inter alia, of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims (Moors) and Burghers. The Agreement recognized the need to nurture the distinct cultural and linguistic identity of each ethnic group. The Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka had been identified as "areas of historical habitation of Sri Lankan Tamil-speaking peoples who have at all times hitherto lived together in this territory with other ethic groups".

( )

That was how India forced its Military Force on us in support of the terrorists.

From the beginning India had been working against Sri Lanka. It was the Indian RAW that built camps in the Forests of India to provide training for the Sri Lanka Terrorist Group led by Prabhakaran.

« It was when late Major General Janaka Perera was the Commander of Jaffna, that 40,000 soldiers were stranded in Jaffna at the mercy of a possible terrorist attack due to lack of transport. The Indian Government with whom the then President of Sri Lanka negotiated for ships to transport the stranded army, refused to provide the requested means of transport. The army however, with the support provided by the Government of Pakistan halted the terrorist march towards Jaffna. (

As far as assistance from India is concerned, President Kumaratunga's interview to an Indian Daily (The Hindu, May 24, 2000) indicates that Sri Lanka had asked for some urgent military assistance which India had refused.*
( )

During the crucial military operations against the terrorists when the Armed Forces  were running short of offensive weapons, the Government of Sri Lanka  requested India to sell the urgent arms requirements.  India not only refused to sell the arms and ammunitions but also warned Sri Lanka against purchasing arms from China or Russia.

Even the Radar equipment which India installed later  was inadequate and could not detect the  low flying « terrorist » planes, which bombed once the Airport and once the Colombo town.

That was how India helped Sri Lanka as far as we the people know .  What secret pacts the Government of India and Sri Lanka had despite the apparent « hypocrisy » of India we do not know.

Now that all conflicts are over .  The terrorism has been removed from the soil of Sri Lanka.  India walks in as the benefactor, friend and relative.  Providing  houses to IDPs in the North, and constructing a Cultural Hall in  Jaffna. And demands the government to implement the  now obsolete 13th Amendment.

The External Affairs Minister of India Mr.S.M.Krishna has told reporters accompanying him,

« I think it goes without saying that Article 13 plus (should) be implemented in a very visible manner. So, till then, naturally we will keep looking forward to the implementation of the assurances given to the people of Sri Lanka and during the talks we have had, » and added, « On the whole I have a sense of satisfaction that all the programs that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had announced are being pursued vigorously in Sri Lanka, »

With all these Thaipongal events that took place at the TempleTrees,  with the honourable presence of the External Minister of India and his  pronouncements,  one wonders who holds the reins of Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sinhala people always gave into others, allowing others to profit from what really belonged to them.

Thaipongal Celebrated at Temple Trees-16 January,2012

Sinhala people has always given into others and accommodated them through their inherent kindness, fair play and  sense of justice.  Today they are the ones that suffer most.  The English  Colonialists came to power sitting on the back of the Sinhala people, and once in power they dropped them, taking into confidence the Tamils and the Moors brought from abroad. 

If a Sinhala speaks for the rights of the Sinhala, many would be those who will treat him as a racist, chauvinist or a Sinhala supremacist. It is time that the  Sinhala should no  more feel shy about being one.

Today after having been made to silently suffer for nearly thirty years by a group of Tamil terrorists, the Tamil National Alliance has begun to dictate terms to the Government of Sri Lanka, while the Ordinary Tamil people in  the North and East are considerably better off than they were ever before.  But their voices are not heard or they are made to parrot the Tamil politician who are seeking a power base to divide the Country.
Indian External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna at Thaipongal celebration at Temple Trees-16.January,2012

The Sri Lanka Government leaders praise the Indian Government and lay the red carpet to receive any one of the Indian Ministers paying a visit to Sri Lanka.  So much so that they begin feel that Sri Lanka is already an Indian Colony, and issue directions as if they are the Masters.

They come to Sri Lanka and do not help the Government to settle the disputes between the Tamil politicians and the Government but make matters worse making  impossible demands  such as to implement an obsolete Amendment 13 of the Constitution. The President apparently cooed his acceptance to implement the Amendment 13 and plus.

The problem with the Tamil National Alliance cannot be settled unless the Government is prepared to take drastic action against the group of the undesirables in the TNA.   Tamil National Alliance is following the exact  modus operandi of  Prabhakaran the terrorist.  A government which eliminated terrorism through military action is today, weakened by the necessity to come to a political settlement with the politically distasteful Tamil National Alliance an arm of the former terrorists.

This is what Robert O.Blake foresaw when terrorism was still a strong decisive force ,and asked the Government to come to a political settlement, saying that  there was no Military solution to the terrorist problem.  Had the Government listened to Robert Orris Blake, we would still be having the terrorists, perhaps with their own Homeland.

Should not we take a lesson from the past experience and deal with the Tamil National Alliance in the same way the government dealt with terrorism ? 

Not by eliminating them but by saying a loud and firm NO to them. For that we should stop laying the red carpet to Indian government officials coming to Sri Lanka, but ask them to tell the Tamil National Alliance to join hands  and work together with the government to develop not only the Tamil Community but all the Communities in Sri Lanka,  without being critical of the actions of the Government and running all over the world praying every government or political groups to help them  obtain “what they want” from the government of Sri Lanka

The Indian Government takes a favourable attitude towards the Tamil National Alliance as it has a problem with TamilNadu.  It is for the Indian Government to settle their problem with TamilNadu without Sri Lanka having to give in to the demands of the Tamil National Alliance  to help India with its problem with TamilNadu.

Tamil National Alliance is not speaking for the Tamil  people but for themselves. 

It is a pity that Sinhala people are called upon to suffer due to the government’s dilly dallying without taking immediate action on important issues.  One of this is the nightmare the country is made to suffer  having the  Tamil National Alliance as a political party. It was due to the  failure of the government to have banned the Tamil National Alliance immediately after the elimination of the terrorists that we are still burdened with this lot of “idiots”. 

The government should have also enacted laws against any political party, groups or individuals acting against the unity of the people of the country ,  promoting political dissention  taking the cause of one Community disregarding the cause of  other  Communities,  for promoting    separatist ideology , and against political parties with ethnic labels.

The Government also delayed settling down the displaced Muslims in Jaffna and settling Sinhala Families in the North and the east, to create a multi ethnic population in the North and the East.

Sinhala people are made to accept silently the appropriation of their cultural assets by the Muslims and the Tamils.  It has been reported recently, that
Muhudu Maha Viharaya-Pottuvil

“……… the original 70 odd acres belonging to Muhudu Maha Vihara in the East have been reduced to eight acres - the rest having been encroached upon by Muslim squatters.  But the extent actual archaeological reserve is even less - four acres and the additional four acres had been acquired by a Buddhist monk for the reserve but Muslim squatters have threatened to take legal action against the monk claiming that have land rights to the area. …..”  What has the government to say on this matter ?

It has been said that the , “late Mallika Wanigasundera wrote article after article highlighting this issue since about 2005.  But all her appeals fell on deaf ears. ” 

It is time that some one takes up the issue. If the political leadership does not take an interest in the matter  the Maha Sangha led by the Chief Priests of Malwatta and Asgiriya, and political parties like the JHU should be made to move in the matter to recuperate the  Vihara land grabbed by the Muslims. 

It is time that the Sinhala people wake up to fight for their rights and preserve their ancestral heritage.

Much had already been said about the Digawapi temple land encroached upon by the Muslims.  There was a Muslim Minister of a former government who was  even accused of having bulldozed Digawapi temple land for a Housing Scheme for the Muslims.

Not only are the Sinhala people loosing their cultural assets, but are also made to downgrade their religious values in favour of those of others., the Catholics, Muslims and the Hindus.

Lakbima, of the 16 January, 2012 carried the following  news item, about how certain Officials of the Buddha Sasana Ministry sabotaged the Buddha Jayanthi Celebrations.

“All Sambuddhatva Jayanthi Commemoration Programs Sabotaged Certain officials of the Buddha Sasana Ministry sabotaged all programs the government had planned for the Sambuddhadva Jayanthi,according to ministrysources.

They allege that the ministry’s top most official and certain other hypocritical official there had not given any cooperation to make a success of the programs in accordance with Mahinda Chinthana to which the President had given his approval.

Ministry sources say that steps had been taken to declare the period from 2011 to Vesak 2012 a Sambuddhatva Jayanthi year and launch many programs, none of them have been activated.
The officials in question had not approved any of these programs which included establishing

(1)  a Pali Language Promotional unit under the Buddha
      Sasana Act,

(2)  appointing a Buddha Sasana Regulatory Commission and

(3)  having a system by which foreign Buddhist monks visiting Sri Lanka and Sri
     Lankan Buddhist monks traveling abroad can obtain visas without difficulty.

Although the government had allocated a massive amount of money to implement these programs, they had spent it on festivities, erecting pandals and organising processions thereby deliberately ignoring the priorities.

After wasting funds in this manner they had given the excuse they had no money to implement the programs which been agreed upon. Some others had spent part of the money on their personal needs including repairing their private vehicles.”

Is the President and the Government aware of this ? If so what actions have the government taken against the miscreants ?

The Buddhist Clergy  of the Malwatta and Asgiriya who are there to look after the interest of the Buddha Sasana seem to be inactive and appears to be unconcerned seemingly  satisfied meeting politicians and being critical of politics, while the Sasana is being dragged in the mud.

The Prime Minister as the Minister of  Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs has failed miserably in that position playing politics with  Buddhism. It appears that he even wanted to appoint a committee representing all religions to celebrate the Buddha Jayanthi.

It is in the interest of the Buddha Sasana to have a separate Ministry for the Affairs of Buddha Sasana, preferably headed by a Woman Minister, “ nominated”  from amoung  learned female Buddhists in Sri Lanka such as for instance Dr.Hema Goonatilake, as women  are far better to promote Buddhist Religious Affairs, because of  their devotion and attachment to Buddhism, and not being politically motivated.

The Hindu Thaipongal, Christian Christmas and Muslim Eid Ul are all  celebrated at the Temple Trees.  The  President  even participated in a Hindu Kovil Ceremony bare bodied with a pottu on the front despite being a Buddhist.  But do the Tamils(other than Sampanthan and his cohorts of  the Tamil National Alliance), appreciated this  gesture of the President ?

All these cerebrations and festivities at the Temple Trees may perhaps forge a Communal unity through respect for the culture of each other.  But, it is time that the Government begins to pay more attention to the Buddha Sasana, as the rampant indiscipline of young Buddhist Monks in Universities

if left unchecked will be the beginning of a disastrous end to Buddhism, in a country where all forces lead by the Catholic Church are awaiting a chance  to stamp out the importance of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Sunday Leader journalist Uvindu Kurukulasuriya’s Rajapakse dynasty probe, and qualification saga.

Sunday Leader is more an anti  National Sri Lankan news sheet , notoriously  scandalizing the President and the Government of Sri Lanka stooging to the anti Sri Lankan West.  It is one news paper of its kind known for its distasteful journalism aired as investigative journalism which had damaged the image of Sri Lanka  in the world by false reporting. 

Its editor Lasantha Wickramathunga was hoisted as an investigating journalist, and an Editorial prepared by the journalists of the paper after his murder was published as written by him before his murder.  Strangely though it was his second wife Sonali Samarasinghe who  reaped the benefits after his murder, becoming the star of the Free Media Moment, receiving on behalf of her assassinated husband a UNESCO World Press Freedom  award  won onto her side the anti Sri Lanka  Governments, human Rights activists and the Free Media moment.

These media rags like Sunday Leader  had been attacking the President Mahinda Rajapakse  ever since he gave the leadership to the Armed Forces and eliminated terrorism

Uvindu Kurukulasuriya, in his attempt at belittling the President Rajapakse following the principle objective of Sunday Leader which has  no sense of respect to  persons or to the people of the country,  brings in the name of the late Minister  Jeyaraj Fernandopulle in the absence of any one else to corroborate his stupid  assertion of the inability of the President to even write an article . 

Late Jeyaraj Fernandopulle  was a very dear friend of the President Mahinda Rajapakse and one very much doubts whether  he was so chummy with Kurukulasuriya  to ridicule with him, the President  his friend.  It is no better than the white flag story with which the Sunday Leader  brought dishonour to a country, a government and its Armed Forces that sacrificed more than Kurukulasuriya and his shameful journal the Sunday Leader could imagine.  In passing this Kurukulasuriya twists his phrases to castes doubt even about the way the President Passed his Law exams.

Wikileaks and American Ambassadors may write what ever they want in their cables, and it is not for us to accept all what had been written in Wikileaks and publish them to vilify a President loved by the people for what he is.  It is only a journalist with no sense of morality who will pick on them to slander  and denigrate the President of Sri Lanka.  These are the people who look up and spit caring less where the spit would fall.

It is a middleclass mentality to talk about qualifications, and respect and honour a person for his qualifications.  Even  if the President Mahinda Rajapakse has no qualifications what so ever, has not he  by his determination  and exceptional love and devotion to his motherland and his country men, done what no one  else with more qualifications  had failed to do. He even without any knowledge of mathematics, had the wisdom to put in place people of  knowledge, experience and ability  who knew how to  add, subtract , divide and multiply figures to bring Sri Lanka from the status of a developing country to a country  moving towards a Middle Income Country.

I do not think that the President Mahinda Rajapakse would deny his Country  Lawyer status, as for the Sinhala people it is an honour to have a President who has risen from them as an ordinary man of the village.  Kurukulusuriya with his town mentality will rundown  and disparage a village man as a “godaya”, but a real Sinhala man will never run down some one for being a “godaya”.  It is not for nothing that it had been said that a Sinhala farmer is fit enough to be a king once you wash off his mud.

Kuruhkulasuriya says that the US Ambassador  Jeffrey J.Lunstead  had described    Mahinda Rajapakse as just a country lawyer, but what is the 44th President Barack Obama, other than a country lawyer himself coming from Illinois who was working for the poor black communities in Chicago.  But nobody speaks of that past of President Barack Obama in any derogatory terms.

Kurukulasiriya of the Sunday Leader’s investigative journalism is to find what ever he could lay his eyes on,  to use them to slander, derogate , vilify and disparage the  President Mahinda Rajapakse. One wanders what the President could have done to be detested by  Kurukulasuriya and the Sunday Leader.  The President surely did not have a hand in the murder of  Lasantha Wickramathunga.  And all those conversations the President  is supposed to have had with Lasantha have not been substantiated. 

You cannot believe any thing , any  one says about a person.  At the beginning of the investigation with regard to the assassination of Lasantha Wickramathunga, even Sonali Samarasinghe was suspected as having had some thing to do with  Lasantha’s assassination.  So do you think Krurkulasuriya you have to believe everything people say ?

Wikileaks only go to prove what a set of hypocrites we get as Ambassadors from foreign countries.  They do not come here to help us to develop our country, or praise us for our goodness.  Their job is to find out the weakness of the countries in which they are stationed and use any information they get to create dissention within the country which would in some way be useful to them to prop up a puppet government of their own stooges if the necessity arises.  The Western Countries assassinated Colonel Gaddafi and set up a puppet government.  Are their Wikileak cables informing of the qualification of the persons they propped up to Govern Libya after the assassination of Gaddafi ?

America had highly qualified mathematicians, economists, Bankers, and highly knowledgeable  Bankers, and business men, but their economy is   in shamble, so are the economies of Greece, Italy , France and UK.  But  Sri Lanka has out done those countries with highly qualified people to govern and manage the economies.  Mahinda Chintanaya  has been a marvelous working document  to develop the country and  bring progress into a country that a few years ago was in ruins, without any hope of immediate progress and development.

Did Kurukulasuriya take into account these facts when he thought of copying the cables of Wikileaks to prepare his investigative journalist masterpiece to derogate , condemn and vilify the President of Sri Lanka .

When you speak of qualifications, University Professors take the front seat.  They are the top among all the rest of the citizens. We have Doctor Nimal Ranjith Devasiri, who unlike the President of Sri Lanka passed his Advance Level and went  through a University education to become a Professor,    Head of the Department of History in the University of Colombo, and the President of The Federation of University Teachers’ Association (FUTA).  But with all those qualifications what is he doing ?  He is trying to drag Sri Lanka back into a hell hole, because the government is not paying a 20 per cent increase of Salary to the University Professors.

What has he contributed to the Country ? Had he risked his life for the freedom of Sri Lanka held  in the clutches of a group of ruthless terrorists?   When thousands of Sri Lanka Soldiers who were not getting  even the tenth of his salary sacrificed their lives to deliver their  mother country from the terrorists, what was this Dr.Ranjith Devasiri doing ? 

Now that every thing is hunky-dory  Ranjith Devasiri a highly qualified President of FUTA wants his “pound of flesh”- 20 percent of salary increase.  Is that what you expect Uvindu Kurukulasuriya from e highly qualified intellectuals, academicians who wants more without wanting to sacrifice any thing for the progress of the country and the wellbeing of the people ?

Does Kurukulasuriya knows that in the west there are lot of  books  being published now about the poverty of the old China, how there was even cannibalism as people could not have enough to eat, just to denigrate China and diminish the importance of the Chinas formidable economic growth that had put the West into shade. 

The West forgets that it was the west that contributed to the  poverty of China with the infamous Opium Wars.  Even  the life in the Western countries had not always been “rosy”  before the Industrial revolution and conquest of the New World and putting into destructive use  the Gunpowder  brought from China., to conquer countries and establish Western domination in the world.

With the knowledge gathered from living in the village, experience gained in organizing the village life our President Mahinda Rajapakse  with determination, and the ambition to change the face of  his poor country and provide peace and prosperity to the people of Sri Lanka, has done  more than what the so called qualified Statesmen , politicians and world economists have failed to do in their  rich and modern countries.

The young political geniuses of the JVP are also supposed to be qualified  men, Leader of UNP and people like Jayalath Jayawardhana are qualified politicians, but what have they contributed to the development and progress of Sri Lanka.  They are still discrediting the President and the Government of Sri Lanka without any idea as to how to develop this country.

It is not Robert Blake, Jeffrey Lunstead, or Patricia Butenis with their secret cables that is going to make Sri Lanka a better place for the people of the country.  Their Secret Cables are good for Kurukulasuriya to earn his living vilifying the President of Sri Lanka and for the Sunday Leader perhaps to have a few more copies of the paper sold, but they cannot change the minds of the  ordinary people of Sri Lanka to reject their love and affection to their dear President Mahinda Rajapakse because he did not passed  his advance level examinations.

Monday, 9 January 2012

President Barrack Obama’s problems come from his own Administration.

President Barack Obama has problems with his own staff , the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepped out of protocol to visit a Chief Ministers of India  Jayalalitha of TamilNadu a very immature politician without any concept about foreign relations, to discuss the Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka a Sovereign State in the region, instead of  officially meeting  the  President of Sri Lanka  himself, to discuss any matters USA wants to clarify.

President Barrack Obama also has a problem with his  Assistant  Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Orris Blake, who interferes into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka making statements as if he is the President of USA. He cultivated friendship with terrorists, and after their elimination with the front Oraganisations  of the Sri Lanka terrorists, and Individuals who are working against the Government of Sri Lanka, in a new USA foreign policy in Asia which the President of USA is unlikely to be aware of, which is being shaped by Robert Orris Blake  who comes from the Bush Administration.

President Barrack Obama has problems with Victoria Nuland , who made statements to the press about the  report of the LLRC of Sri Lanka, not having even taken the time to read the report to say that it does not answer all allegations. In fact the LLRC which prepared the said report had gone beyond its mandate not only to investigate the period of terrorism and the last phase of the  military operations to eliminate terrorists, but  also   to suggest action to be taken to establish   peace and unity of the Communities which are the matters for the government to decide.

The LLRC report is  in  another words a complete report that leaves out nothing of importance and if still the US States Department interferes into it, it  would be detrimental to the  interest of the USA  in  building  good relations with Sovereign States of what ever size and quality.

Nuland had however said, « ……. it is better for Sri Lankans to take these issues themselves and address them fully. That remains our position, so now we want to see if the Sri Lankan Government will lead their country in the next step to ensure that there is full implementation of the recommendations that we have and filling in of the gaps. So let’s see what they are willing to do going forward »

USA cannot stand as a world policeman investigating into the activities of Sovereign States like Sri Lanka.  USA should give up its prejudice against developing countries and leave them alone to develop their countries at their own pace. 

No country wants to imitate USA , as human rights wise  USA’s record is much to be desired.  USA should therefore give up its pretention of high morality, and establish good relations with all developing nations, which is a much  better way of  correcting what ever USA thinks is blameworthy in the activities undertaken by these Sovereign States.

President Barrack Obama  has a problem with  Michael H.Posner, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour  at the US Department of State., who is over reaching his responsibilities, to give into unreliable International Agencies receiving funds from terrorist front Organisations like the Amnesty International  to intervene into the Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka, without investigating  the correctness of the information provided by the AI, unaware of the good governance of the Government of Sri Lanka and its efforts for the reconciliation of its different Communities, establishing its own Commissions to investigate its own faults and errors, that no country in the world  has done so far.

The problem in acting on reports and appeals of Organisations like the Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch,   International Crisis Group and the rest,  is  that they are funded by anti Sri Lanka terrorist Front Orgnisations and the informations on which these groups  create dissention and political problems within countries like Sri Lanka  are disseminated  by the Foreign based pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora who have not set foot on Sri Lanka and therefore on false information.  Therefore, Michael. H. Posner  is acting without identifying the informants and evaluating the truth of the statements.

It is very high handed on the part of Michael.H.Posner to  suggest an international accountability mechanism in Sri Lanka over alleged Human rights when the Government of Sri Lanka has taken necessary action on its own in appointing a Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission  the report of which has already been issued, perhaps unknown to Posner though a copy of it is with the US States Department.

It is all the more abusive, to suggest an International Accountability Mechanism in Sri Lanka, when in fact there is no such Mechanism in USA for the multifarious  human rights violations committed by the USA Army in, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,  Libya, allegations of prisoner abuse by US troops in Abu Ghraib,  Allegations of human rights violations at US Military base Guantanamo Bay, secretly entering  the Sovereign State of Pakistan to assassinate an unarmed terrorist, and on the Twelve American soldiers who were charged over a secret "kill team" that allegedly blew up and shot Afghan civilians at random and collected their fingers as trophies, and other such crimes. (

President Barrack Obama has problems with all these  “US Officials” trying to take cover pointing at non existing human rights violations in Sri Lanka , to avoid having an International  Committee prying into USA’s own lack of accountability of the crimes committed by USA Army.  USA Army has the worst skeletons of shame hidden in their cupboards than Sri Lanka.

It is interesting to probe into  the statements made by Michael.H.Posner who seems to have taken more than he can bite.  I will also post this in the White House Website, to inform the President Barrack Obama that these officials who are attacking Sri Lanka when there is lot more to do to win over the American Voters to support the President for his second term election, are doing worst damage to the image of  the President Barrack Obama in foreign countries like Sri Lanka, which has a large expatriate community in USA. 

If the Obama Administrators are favouring the “Tamils for Obama” which is a Sri Lanka terrorist Front Organisation of a terrorist group banned in USA, hoping to get their  votes, the Obama election Campaign Organizers should not forget that there are more  Sri Lankan Americans who oppose the terrorist Front Tamil Diaspora Organisations,  possibility of whose votes to President Obama should also be taken into account. 

Therefore, it is more beneficial  to Obama Election Campaign to drop the pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora with their “blood money” to pay for Obama election campaign, than to  stop  demanding International probes into the affairs of the Sri Lanka Government which eliminated a ruthless terrorist group and is making a difficult effort to reconcile different communities in the country.

President Barrack Obama has a problem with Patricia A. Butenis  the Ambassador for USA in Sri Lanka, who apparently cannot take a decision of her own being subservient to Robert Orris Blake the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, hand picked by Hillary Clinton.

Patricia Butenis if she is a farsighted Diplomat in Sri Lanka a country  very important, if not for its size and men and women of ability who forge the country ahead into development and progress, for its strategic geographical situation. The continuous attacks against the Government of Sri Lanka by the  USA State Department, and threatening  it with International probes, and threatening to  take it before a tribunal for war crimes , only pushes Sri Lanka to search friends with unconditional attachment, like China and Russia.

Ambassador Patricia Butenis if she could have taken a decision without consulting  Robert Orris Blake, she may surely have advised the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that to see Jayalalitha in TamilNadu and discuss Sri Lanka with her  was not a wise move, and  Butenis would have instead arranged a meeting with Hillary Clinton and the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse.  That would have been a better move and Hillary Clinton would have had a better occasion  to evaluate the problems of Sri Lanka without being shadowed by the Sri Lanka Terrorist friendly Robert Orris Blake.

Ambassador Patricia Butenis would have also advised the President in his resent visit to India to include Sri Lanka for a short stop to meet the President of Sri Lanka which would have been an occasion for him to see a country blooming with  fragrance of development, after eliminating with its own effort a ruthless group of terrorist that created 30 years of suffering for the people of all ethnicities in Sri Lanka.

That would have been a change for the President Barrack Obama and His State Secretary Hillary Clinton to see positive side of things in Sri Lanka than always  harp on the negatives.

Michael H. Posner  who seems to be far behind times speaking hastily on a Amnesty International report sponsored by the Sri Lanka terrorists’s Front Organisations in USA and Europe, without investigating into developments that had taken place in Sri Lanka which the Amnesty International is either not aware of or ignores for obvious reasons working to earn the contributions from the  terrorist Front Organisations.  Posner had said:

“We expressed the need for Sri Lanka to quickly and credibly address allegations of violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law that occurred during the war, regardless of which side committed them. We have highlighted the need for Sri Lanka to take concrete steps, such as providing to family members an account of those missing and detained as well as promptly issuing death certificates for those killed in the conflict. We will continue to urge the government of Sri Lanka to work constructively on these issues with the United Nations and the international community”

Sri Lanka knows exactly what it has to do for the reconciliation of the different Communities and take the country forward into development. American Assistant State Secretary Robert Orris Blake  speaking for America harped on,  that there was no military solution for the terrorist problem in Sri Lanka, and therefore Sri Lanka should come to a peace settlement. That Robert Orris Blake repeated  ad infinitum despite the fact that he was  aware that the Terrorist leader Prabhakaran  deliberately scuttled the peace negotiations, forcing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to a military offensive as he- Prabhakaran was sure that he had an advantage over the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in a military showdown.

Therefore, there is no accountability to be rendered to any one in the elimination of terrorists,  its 30 years of suffering under terrorism, or the final phase of military operation in which the terrorists were eliminated for good.  Further more Sri Lanka Armed Forces without any foreign aid fought to rid the country of a ruthless group of terrorists. 

The terrorists were in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Armed force did not have to go outside its territory to eliminate terrorism. The Sri Lanka Armed Force was carrying out its duty to protect its country and its people from a group of terrorists who made the people suffer for thirty long years.  If in the elimination of the terrorists there were civilian deaths it was inevitable and certainly in no way deliberate, as the NATO Armies which bombed  Libya, and the American and Allied Western Armed forces which bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya would say.

Therefore the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed forces are not accountable to the rightful duties they carried out to protects their motherland. On the other  hand the America and its Allied forces who were hunting terrorists outside their countries and killing civilians in their bombardments in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya are accountable to the world for the atrocities committed against the civilians of those countries.

The President Barrack Obama has a problem with his Secretary of State, and her hand picked Assistant Secretaries, as they seem to carry on a campaign not favourable to the President.  The world  did not expect the new 44th President  of USA to trod on the traversed path of former war mongering , aggressive Presidents . 

But the world  expected the 44th President of America to be peace loving, ready to compromise, and use political dialogue and discussions,  instead of aggressive show of military power, and pompous talk.  But all that has been set aside by those he had appointed as Administrators.  They seem to be out to make him a failure than a popular President tracing a new path showing a new approach to problem that come from within or from out side.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ban Tamil National Alliance

 TNA is neither  acting in the interest of Sri Lanka, nor that of the Tamils who voted for TNA. The TNA Parliamentarians  have their own Agenda and they are exploiting the poor Tamil people by whipping up their sentimental attachment towards   their own Tamilness , making promises of a separate Tamil identity. That is all what they give to the Tamil people in return for their votes .

Sampanthan and his  TNA cohorts are not interested in the welfare of the Tamil people as it is evident from what they had been doing from the day they were elected  as Parliamentarians. Their only preoccupation had been the  devolution of power for the Tamils in the North and East,  make loud noises about an ethnic problem, and  calling the Government for “ an accountability” for the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists. 

They went  to Canada, America, London, Australia, Netherlands, and India peddling their separatist demands without doing an iota of work for the Tamils.  All that is  being done for the welfare and development of the Tamil Community in the North and East, is through the indefatigable efforts of the President Mahinda Rajapakse , his government and the Sinhala people of the South.

The time has come for the President and the Sri Lanka Government to say NO to TNA and  ban them as a political party.  All the  efforts of the TNA MPs had been to incite the Tamil people against the government, ask for Police Powers to enhance their political power base in the North and East.

They have completely neglected matters of importance to the Tamil people  in their daily existence, such as to live in peace and security,  bring up their families, and  prepare the future of their children.

In this situation allowing the TNA to continue to go on  keeping alive the demand of  the terrorist Prabhakaran’s demand for  a separate Tamil Homeland will only have disastrous consequences.

The Government should take  immediate action now,  before irreparable damage would be done by the TNA , to the unity of the Communities, development projects, and international relations. The true face of TNA should be revealed to the public.  TNA has no right to continue to deceive the Tamil people of the North and East.

Sampanthan’s criticism of the report of the LLRC, had been highlighted  in an articel «  TNA wants Accountability Mechanism for Sri Lanka » in The Hindu website.  Sampanthan had said that the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission report “categorically fails to effectively and meaningfully deal with issues of accountability”.  These  statements of  Sampanthan and others of the TNA had to be seen in the light of other issues to understand the tactical role the TNA is playing to deceive the government and the people of Sri Lanka inviting the attention of the terrorist front Organisations of the Tamil Diaspora.
Australian Herald Sun reporter Keith Moor stated in a report, that the Austrralian courts had recently  released to be of good behaviour three hard core terrorists, Viniyagamoorthy, Arumugan Rajeevan and Sivarajan.  They had admitted to have been with the terrorists and in their camps and cultivated a very close relationship  with the terrorist leadership.
These three will be potential “ sleeping terrorist” hibernating until the moment come to wake up.  Could we exonerate TNA  from being the active terrorist hub in Sri Lanka that keeps alive the hope of a multitude of “sleeping terrorist” around the world  to wake up when the time is appropriate to start another round of terrorism, this time well planned with each group with its own speciality ? 
TNA is like Praphakaran marking time engaging  the President in discussion at which it makes  impossible demands, then breaks off blaming the President.  And then  recommences another round of discussion.  They will continue their  manoeuvering until they get the signals from the Terrorist groups among the diaspora Tamils, to  start whatever  they are in the process of planning.  They have the means and a live  network  of potential terrorists.
The Nation  reported as a news item that the Military intelligence had uncovered a plan to resurrect the LTTE through an attempt to register an organisation  for displaced Tamil  persons in Vanni.  For this purpose the plan aims  to recruit the rehabilitated LTTE Cadres who were in the terrorist military units.  The plan is to operate under the  three groups of Nediwayan, Rudracumaran and Emmanuel brought together for a planned insurgence.

The  Government  may  be satisfied with  the rehabilitation of former LTTE combatants and educating them and providing them with training in various professional fields to enable them to reintegrate into the civil society, and that the plan will work as expected. 

How can the government be assured that those rehabilitated  former  terrorist cadres have changed their sentimental attachments to the cause they fought, when TNA and the diaspora Tamils are secretly whipping up their  racial sentiments and trying to  win them back into their way of thinking to fight for a separate Tamil Homeland, and join  with them  when the time is ready to rise against the government and the Sinhala people in another round of terrorism ?

If the TNA is allowed to go on with their tactic of criticising every attempt of the government to reconcile the communities , by even running down the LLRC while commending  the Darusman report, the rehabilitated terrorist combatants may begin to think twice and may follow the TNA. 

That will help the strategy of TNA to set up the discontented Tamil youth ( see Lakbima article  on Marini de Livera) , along side the rehabilitated terrorist combatants  against the Government .  In addition they will be able to get the pro terrorists Tamil diaspora as well to come disguised as NGOs and the so the ground is prepared for another round of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

If there is another insurgency being planned the TNA  will undoubtedly play a pivotal role  in such a movement.  The TNA is at the moment trying to awaken  a Sri Lanka Tamil Nationalism inciting the Tamil people may be preparing them for a revolt against the Government of Sri Lanka. Mano Ganeshan  has also begun to make noises.

Now let us see what TNA MP Sumanthiran said to Jatila Karawita in an interview .  TNA now copying the Western anti Sri Lanka groups is trying to forget the  30 years of murders , assassinations, massacres that had been caused by the ruthless terrorists under its  Thalaivar Prabhakaran.,  and says « the LLRC Report has ‘dramatically failed to address the accountability issues pertaining to the final phase of the North-East ethnic conflict between the government security forces and the LTTE. »
There is much more “ accountability “ to be done by the TNA MPs as they aided and abetted the terrorists been appointed by Prabhakaran and having been the spokesmen of the terrorists for several decades, and not just for the « final phase of the North-East ethnic conflict between the government security forces and the LTTE terrorists »  The TNA is as much responsible  as the terrorists for all those murders, assassinations and massacres.
This traitor Sumanthiran says , “….while his party would issue a detailed response to the LLRC Report in time to come, only an independent inquiry which is not biased towards either the government or the LTTE would reveal the truth concerning alleged war crimes being committed during the final phase of the war. »
What does he mean ?  What he means is that an International probe should be made to know exactly what transpired at the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists. What can an international inquiry reveal other than what the LLRC had found by a vast investigation  speaking to those who were the « players,»  involved, meeting people who had gone through the ordeal of suffering under the terrorists, understanding the  cultural back ground of the people involved ,  who understand the suffering ,through loss and fear.  There is nothing more for an International Investigators to find. 
But the fact is Sumanthiran and the TNA traitors lack trust and undertanding of Sri Lankas’ own Institutions and honesty and justice of the elders of the country.  TNA are outsiders and will always remain so. TNA will  never be patriots of Sri Lanka, but separatrists  waiting for a chance to  break up the unitary state of Sri Lanka.
Sumanthiran says , « Our concerns are entirely for the people of the North-East, and we will continue to look after their best interests. » 
That is why they are a set of traitors. Members of the  Parliament of Sri Lanka following a democratic system of government , should not be interested only in those who voted to elect them as their representatives, but they  should work in cooperation with other partners that make up the country, and  through the Parliament, contribute to the welfare and well being of all the people. 
If they (TNA) want to be outsiders in the Parliament , they  will confiscate their right to  participate in the affairs of the country, and it is better that they  resign from their bogus responsibility for the Tamil people.  The Tamil people will be better looked after by the Majority Community than the power crazy Tamil Parlialmentarians ,who have failed to contribute in any way for the wellbeing of the Tamil people that voted for them other than talking big, calling for investigations of the military operations that killed their Thalaivar.
TNA cannot think independently.  They lack simple political intelligence. They want            outsiders to prompt them what to do.  It is therefore evident that they are working as they did under Prapbhakaran  on his instructions. Their  pattern of  political activity is prompted from  out side, the terrorist Front Organisations of the Tamil Diaspora, and the anti Sri Lanka Western Countries.  The latest word they have burrowed from their new Masters is  “Accountability”. 
Accountability for  what ?
 In Sri Lanka there was a  ruthless group of terrorists   murdering  the Tamil intellectuals, assassinating politicians, military and civil leaders, and massacring innocent villagers, an innocent civilians, using claymore bombs, and suicide bombers becoming an unchallenged force determined to divide the country at whatever cost.  When the  Government of Sri Lanka failed in all its attempts to come to a peace settlement with the terrorists, the continued terror of the terrorists forced the Government Armed forces to begin its military operations.
 It is with  that as the background the critics and  those  who accuse the Armed forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes should look at the final  phase of the military operations against the terrorists.  There is “ no accountability” necessary as the Military operation was a necessary evil that had to be carried out at whatever cost to eliminate terrorism for good.  And that was the only way to rid terrorism from Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lanka Armed forces did what was necessary.
We cannot have within our own Parliament a group working not for the voters who elected them, nor for Sri Lanka and its people of all communities, but   carrying on  with a “war” plan against the people of Sri Lanka  taking directives from  groups out side Sri Lanka.  Therefore the TNA has no place as a political party in Sri Lanka and therefore it should be banned. Perhaps under the Terrorism act “for indirectly inciting a section of the people to create unrest in the country , with a view to organize an insurrection.”
TNA’s continued aggressive attitude , quite unconcerned about the development projects undertaken in the North and East by the government , and not sharing in these projects, neglecting the people who voted for them, but carrying on an aggressive political campaign detrimental to the country and the efforts of reconciliation and the unity of the communities, should be condemned. It  bodes dangers  to the future of Sri Lanka unless the TNA is stopped from carrying out further damage to the country an  mislead the Tamil people and the youth.
In this respect  a reporter of Lakbima , Elmo Leonard  writes  on, “ Thousands of ex-LTTE soldiers still unemployed.”.  His report is on statements made to him by a Human Rights Activist and Trainer Marini de Livera.  She says :
 “ Unaccounted numbers of rehabilitated Tamil LTTE soldiers --- both male and female go unemployed in Sri Lanka’s north and east…….. Most of these young men and women had received weapons training. All they now want is a source of livelihood. If another armed Tamil movement begins, the hungry, rehabilitated Tamil youth will have no option but to join in militancy  …..» It is a mistake to send ex-combatants back to their villages and towns of origin without ensuring them a mode of livelihood. »

There is a  saying that an idle mind is devils workshop.  It is in the light of the situation described that the continued agitations  of the TNA should be viewed.  TNA is a bad influence to the Tamil youth  of the North and East who could be mislead through hardship and whipped up Tamil nationalism.  All the effort the Government is making to reconcile the people and find work and improve the condition of living of the people  will be in vain if it leaves Tamil National Alliance to sow the seeds of hatred and racism.  Therefore, the alternative to stop this  erosion of Communal Unity is to ban TNA.