Saturday, 29 April 2017

I will vote Emmanuel Macron for President of France

It is not that I agree wit his politics, but I vote gainst the extra nationalist Marine Le Pen from being elected.

Some call Macron the “ambitious man on the move” , an “ anti-System Candidate”, the “maverick centrist outsider” and yet others  call him a political Prince.. If elected at 39 he would be the first youngest elected President in the history of France. He  calls himself a liberal – one who stands for change or reform not abandoning  entirely his Socialist hue. He prides calling himself a  child of Provincial France. He is supported mainly by the young and  the not so young. He is no receipt holder of membership to any political party. He leads his own political  movement- En March.

Macron former investment banker with Rothschild & Co.,  is a stranger to French political system having served only  a short period of counselling economics to President François Holland,and then  as his Minister of Economics for two years.

He is unconventional in all sense and  proved his willingness  to keep his promise against all odds by marrying his former High School professor 24 years his senior. He even joked about his gay tendencies, evoking the surprise of his wife Brigitte as to how he manages it despite her being with him 24 hours of the day.

At the beginning of his odd man Presidential election  campaign the elder political elite did not pay any attention to him, but Macron relentlessly worked on to wriggle himself into the political lime light to give short shivers to serious Presidential candidates to be. His centrist voice finally won and he had qualified for the second run with more chances than Marine Le Pen to finally win the Presidential election.

He is not anti Muslim and does no believe in keeping  closed the European boaders from immigrants. He says anyone should have the right to practice his religion with dignity. He has no sympathy to low wage earners and wishes to reduce some of their welfare benefits. He is business friendly promoting the upper class than the underdog.

I disagree on his foreign policy  which does not differ from  both right and left governments of the past. He is to increase defence spending , which is permissible as far as the protection of France is concerned, but not the use of the military for intervention in foreign lands. There is no need to attack Syria, and the government of its elected President Bashar Al-Assad.

No government in the West has the correct politics to suit the present time. Today there is a mounting  surge of violence in the world  expanding to become ruthless terrorism. Hence the World Governments have to invent strategic politics not to curb terror by terror, but by finding other means to stop the surge and dissuade violence taking the form of  terrorism. 

None of the Western Governments are people friendly. They are more for the upper and business class. It was Francois Mitterand who was the more  popular people friendly French President. More would  have been pleased  to vote for Jean Luc Mèlnanchon who would have been another people friendly President after François Mitterand.

In Syria there was  anti government activities by certain groups which was  immediately taken over by the Western countries to promote a regime change in Syria as they did in Libya, and Sri Lanka as well in 2015. The Russian Government fortunately intervened to protect the elected Bashar Al-Assad whose government  was really attacked by armed Syrian terrorists, which interpretation was refused by the USA and the West for whom the other people’s terrorists are not their terrorists.

That Russian intervention in Syria stopped the escalation of war in that country and the other countries around. It was USA, under George Bush and Barrack Obama, with his “war monger” Hillary Clinton,  which was  out to intervene militarily in foreign countries, to maintain the  leadership of USA in the world. France and the rest of the European countries and Canada joined in with their NATO forces for this world class military assassination of Nations.

The time is now ripe for all Nations of the world to start settling issues in dialogue, as UNO has failed  to accomplish this role.  USA  has also invented Human Rights as a means to interfere in to internal affairs of Sovereign States they consider are  lead by political leaders unfriendly towards the USA and the West.

The   USA intervention in Ukrain was a mistake that lit the fires of dissention amoung the European countries. It is essential that European countries join hands with Russia as a partner. instead of  carrying on a cold with trade blockades. The Governments may disagree but that is no reason why people are made to suffer by imposing trade blockades. Political dissention between countries should be settled by healthy dialogue.

Emmanuel Macron if elected should re think about his political stand  vis-à-vis Russia, and Bashar Al-Assad.  All elected political leaders of all Sovereign states both those of the developed countries and the developing countries should respect  each other, that is the clef to a peaceful world  where people may share each others happiness and prosperity.

Emmanuel Macron should when elected make an effort to revitalise  the UN  as an instrument for world peace, without allowing it to follow the rich USA and the West, to isolate the poor developing nations.   

It is with those thoughts in mind that I will vote for Emmanuel Macron  at the final round of Presidential Election in France.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

France which I Love, next to my motherland Sri Lanka

France which was attacked once again by the terrorists for the forth time this year, now lives  in constant fear  not knowing  when and where would be the next attack and how many would be the innocent lives that would be  taken away to satisfy the God of the faith blinded terrorists.  There were 12 terrorists attacks since 2016 which left  89 lives lost and many wounded.

In the face of the rise of nationalism France is gathering forces to burying their political differences to defeat  nationalism at all cost. This should be an example to Sri Lanka in the face of  the threat of Tamil racism which should be barred not by a foolish reconciliation process, but by rejecting the demands  of the Tamils, and  the Sinhala people uniting burying their political differences to protect and secure their religious and cultural heritage.

The protection of the  religious and cultural heritage of the majority Sinhala  would naturally be the protection of the rights , religions and the cultures of the minorities. 

The Tamils have no specials rights over and above the Sinhala and Muslim people.  The Tamils of yesterday and today are responsible for suffering of the people of Sri Lanka through a ruthless terrorism. Therefore today the Sri Lanka Tamils have to learn to live with the Sinhala and Muslims sharing their rights and priviledges., without making absurd demands for reconciliation and a separate identity.

France paid homage to the Police officer who was assassinated by the Islamist terrorists  on the 22 of April, 2017 wounding two others . The whole of France wept this horrific terrorist attack, which reminded me of  not one, such murder , but massacres  of police officers military officers soldiers and innocent civilians  in thousands  every now and then for thirty years by ruthless Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka, which these French people and the French Government did not morn.

The French Government then instead of condemning that terrorism in Sri Lanka sought to defend and even save the terrorists when the government was carrying out a successful military operation to eliminate terrorists.

Bernard Kushner the Foreign Minister of France  went along with  David Miliband the Foreign Minister of UK to Sri Lanka to demand the Government of Sri Lanka to stop military operation against terrorists. 

The Sri Lanka terrorists  were not terrorists for France then, as they were not a threat to France, UK , USA or other European countries.

Therefore I wondered whether Sri Lanka should sympathise with France as those terrorists  of France are still not a threat to Sri Lanka

But Sri Lanka, unlike France USA and the other Europeans feel sad for the  French Families which  lost their near and dear ones through this detestable inhuman terrorism,  as the people of Sri Lanka knows well, having suffered themselves through terrorism ,  the suffering of the French people in the face of Islamist terrorism.

But neither France, USA and other Europeans who now go through the Same terrorism that Sri Lanka went through for years,  still defend the terrorists in Sri Lanka passing resolutions in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva accusing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for war crimes in eliminating terrorism,  and forcing Sri Lanka to give political concessions to Tamils in Sri Lanka who still sympathises with the terrorists who came from their community and accuse the Sinhala Armed Forces  that saved them _the Tamils and Muslims from that long and ruthless terrorism in Sri Lanka.

French people and the French Government  which morn the deaths of their police officers and innocent civilians   through Islamist  terrorism,  and live with the fear of further terrorist attacks, have still not learnt their lessons to understand that terrorists anywhere out side France  are also terrorists,  even if those terrorists elsewhere are no threat to them. The French Government  gives priority to  political interest,  than sharing  humanism and sympathy with those people elsewhere in other countries suffering from same type of terrorism with a difference.

France, USA and the rest of the Europeans in their political ambitions try their utmost to keep at bay the development of non-Western countries , and change regimes taking the side of the terrorists in those countries,  against the elected  political leaders who seek to develop their countries to give their people a decent and a respectable standard of living and take them out of poverty in to prosperity.

This is what is happening in Syria today, and what happened in Libya , and Iraq yesterday. In Syria as it was in Libya, the terrorists  have taken up arms against the government  of the elected President Bashar Al-Assad, but the French Government as well as the rest of the West prefer to call them rebels  to serve their political purpose to change the regime in Syria.

French Foreign Minister  Jean-Marc Ayrault said yesterday the 25th  April, 2017, that he has proof that the Chemicals with which the Syrian  people were attacked recently was produced by  the Syrian Government of Bashir Al-Assad. This is history repeating itself. The West and USA would do anything to change the regimes in  the middle East and this was the same assurance that Jean –Marc Ayrault gives to-day, that  the former Prime Minister of UK Tony Blair  gave as an excuse to attack Iraq.

Bashar Al-Assad had not attacked his own people with Chemicals,  as much as Sadam Hussain had not stock piled Weapons of Mass Destruction as Tony Blair  then assured.  It is a ruse using the Syrian terrorists to attack Al-Assad.

French Government and its allies do not still realise that it is themselves who have created the terrorists who attack them now. It is the terrorists of Iraq and Libya who France and its allies called rebels,  who are now the Islamist terrorists attacking France, and the rest of the European Countries.

It is only Russia that is realistic and calls the terrorists , terrorists. Russia defends Syria against terrorism,  while France and its allies attack Syria in defence of terrorism.

France and its allies do not accept the leadership China and Russia. The governments and the people of developing countries accept the leadership of China and Russia. This is the reason for the regime change policy of the West.

In Sri Lanka the French and its allies helped to change the regime of President Mahinda Rajapakse, and installed a government obedient to the West.  But that change has brought untold suffering to the people of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka which was a fast developing country two and a half years ago is today falling into the abyss of underdevelopment and poverty. And further reconciliation with Tamils will be the end of a united Sri Lanka, and the end of a prestigious religion Buddhism a unique philosophy that would  be the saving grace of the World.

But unfortunately France,  that I love next to my motherland Sri Lanka, is about to elect a President who has the same mentality of the Previous President- anti Russian and anti Bashir Al-Assad Government in Syria, or an ultra nationalist  which would be Chaos.

The West is doomed, as there is terrorism on  one side, antagonism towards  China and Russia, on the other , and a desire to change regimes of developing countries to maintain a pseudo leadership in the world. The only way to rise above this is to promote dialogue  amoung  nations and build trust and friendship.

The Institution which is able to ensure this desired change is the UNO, which unfortunately does not exist today  as it was meant to be.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Reconciliation with Tamils is a never ending exercise

Part I
A people's Leader Patrice Lumumba Assassinated by American CIA

Reconciliation with Tamils is a never ending exercise. It is the story of the Arab and the Camel, at least the Camel would have been satisfied occupying the whole tent.  But the Tamils are worse than the Camel, give them all and they will still want more. They will invent  things they would like to have, when they have been given everything.

They refused to accept the Mahavansa, they invented their own history.  The old wizened ungrateful Tamil man, who lived with the Sinhala, studied with the Sinhala, played with the Sinhala, ate the same ration of the Sinhala , got his sons marry Sinhala, went onto  invent the story of genocide committed  by the Sinhala against the Tamil since the Independence !!

The Tamils in the North may have suffered under terrorism perhaps more than the Sinhala in the South. They may not have had  normal lives, if they understand what are normal lives. They lived in fear not knowing  when their children would be forcibly taken away either to be terrorist fighters or live bombs. They had to pay what little they earn to terrorist money collectors. They may not have had the time to have their meals in peace and quiet, not knowing when the terrorists would force themselves into their houses.

But yet today they seem to have forgotten all their nightmarish lives, and call for the blood of those Sinhala Soldiers who risked their own lives to  gave them a new life term, taking them away from the hell hole of suffering they were living in under the ruthless terrorists, to peace and security. Ever since the destructive Sirisena-Ranil-Chandrika Yahapalanaya the Tamils have all their idiosyncrasies satisfied.

There seems to have no end to their desires and the most incompetent unintelligent Yahapalanaya  led by Maithripala Sirisena-Ranil Wickramasinghe and Chandrika give into  even the most  insignificant  demands of the Tamils without any reflexion as to what an extent and for how long, they could  go on  satisfying the Tamils .  

The worse is  that the Yahapalanaya Government  accommodates all demands of the Tamils over and above those of the Sinhala Majority Community without giving a thought  to the Sinhala majority community who also have their grievances. The  Yahapalanay it appears conveniently sets aside the demands of the Sinhala majority Community,  as pampering to the Tamils  is more important  as it is the means to win over the Western Governments and their continued existence in power until 2020 and more.

Yesterday Nobert Lammert the Speaker of the Parliament of Germany had said , “ the January,8th  2015 verdict of the people of Sri Lanka has brought in a new orientation to the country, as the government has taken effective steps to strengthen democracy and improve human rights  and reconciliation.”

Does this mean any thing to the people on the streets of Sri Lanka ? Do they want Democracy or reconciliation  or an affordable cost of living ?

The desire of the most hypocrite Governments of the West is to create the difference of haves and have nots amoung countries and keep the undeveloped poor countries  poor have nots, while allowing  the rich  the Western countries –the haves, to lord over the poor have nots.  That is the sort of decadent  democracy they want in Sri Lanka.

The moment there is a political leader  from  one of the developing countries rise up and call for freedom, civic and political rights away from Western influence, the rich Western countries pounce upon him using their secret services CIA,MI and now the Indian RAW, to stop his call for freedom and independence from the West to be heard by the masses.

This happened in Iran where Mossadeq th edemocratically elected  Prime Minister of Iran  was ousted by American CIA Operations in 1950. A similar operation  by the American CIA in Guatamala in 1950 ousted its elected President Jacobo Arbenz. In 1973 Salvador Allende the elected President of Chile was ousted by an American CIA Operation .  The first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo Patrice Lumumba was murdered by the CIA Secret Service in 1961. They were all leaders of the people who wanted to develop their countries independently from Western interference.

Similarly  in 2015  in Sri Lanka a similar operation led by CIA, British MI and Indian RAW ousted a people’s President Mahinda Rajapakse who wanted to develop Sri Lanka independently from Western interference. History is repeating itself. The West wants to keep the developing countries poor and dependent on the West.

The west continues to  buy the local politicians that are willing to stooge for them by giving them various incentives such as invitations to the White House in America or Buckingham Palace in UK. They give awards to the journalists and politicians from minority Communities  such as Mano Ganeshan, or political activists like Pakiasothi Saravanamuttu.

Even the  Finance Minister-Ravi Karunanayake  who is detested by the people of the  country is  given a best Finance Minister in Asia award. All that is to keep their stooges loyal to them and attract the naive. Even Eknaligoda’s Wife had been made an International Woman of Courage.

The West will not waste their money funding any development projects in developing countries, but buy few individuals  who have some influence amoung the people to stooge for them and become their informants, agents. Ranil Wickramasinghe , Chandrika Kumaratunga , Mangala Samaraweera are certainly in the pay of the Western political mafia.

UNO was established by its founding fathers to stop wars and political conflicts between countries. But today UNO has been completely taken over by the Western Political Mafia. UNO is no more an independent Organisation it has become  an agent of the Rich Western Countries and work according to their Agenda. It started falling into the Western trap since Kofi Annan and it was  completely taken over by the West when it came under Ban Ki Moon. The Human Rights was since taken over by the UN first as a Commission and subsequently as a Human Rights Council in 2006.

West did not like the election of Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of Sri Lanka  because he is in the line of the great political leaders of the calibre of Mossadeq of Iran, Jacobo Arbenz of Guatamala, Salvador Allende of Chile, Lumumba of Congo, Chavez of Venezuela and Fidel Castro of Cuba. These are leaders who did not seek dependence under Western political leaders, but sought to develop their  countries independently respecting the countries social, cultural  and religious values.

When Mahinda Rajapaks’s election as President of Sri Lanka was announced the Western media called  him a “hawkish President”. Western  anti-Sri Lanka campaign began since then. The West took on board the Tamil Diaspora residing in their countries to enhance their anti Sri Lanka activities. The West believed that the Terrorists in Sri Lanka would be able to divide the country and helped the terrorists, by  demanding Sri Lanka Government not to resort to a military solution but to a political solution.

Terrorism is the greatest ill from which a country could suffer. But as the terrorists in Sri Lanka did not attack Western Countries and their interests,  the Sri Lank terrorists  were  not treated as such by the West.

Any wise, democratic and a humanist country would have applauded Sri Lanka for elimination of terrorism single handed. But it was not to be so. Instead USA with its allies brought resolutions against Sri Lanka in the UN Human Rights Council  in Geneva for violation of human rights in the course of the elimination of terrorism. Accusing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for War Crimes !!

This is the culture the west had created in classifying countries as  haves and have-nots . Haves can commit any crime but will not be criminalised by their acts. but the have- nots( the poor developing countries) may kill in defence and for that  they will be declared criminals by the rich Western Countries –the haves.

The armed forces of   USA, UK, France and Germany   kill large numbers of civilians in their hunt for terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc., but those deliberate acts of  civilian murder are not even taken in to consideration by the UN Human Rights Councils, or numerous Human Rights activists.

Hence Sri Lanka did not only suffer under terrorism for 30 long years,  but when terrorism was finally eliminated the world Haves - the West are terrorising Sri Lanka accusing  its Armed Forces  for  war crimes.
Now Sri Lanka has not only got to reconcile with an unreconcilable Tamil Community, prevent damage being caused to its environment and forest reserves by the  Muslim Community  setting up  new Muslim settlements, but also prove to the UN Human rights Council that its Armed Forces did not Commit war crimes.

This Yahapalanaya Government stooging to the West has accepted that the Sri Lanka Armed Forces should be adjudged by a tribunal proposed by the UN Human Rights Council. And continues to accommodated continuous demands by the Tamils for an IMAGINED reconciliation.
Should Sri Lanka continue to give into the West and the Tamil Diaspora, and make our Armed Forces face a tribunal accused for  War crimes, and accept  further the demands of the Local Tamil politicians for devolution of power, and write a new Constitution to please the Tamils ?

The answer should be NO….
To be continued………

Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Greatest Circus in Town –the Circus of Bond Scam, and Sirisena’s Commisions.

Now its two years since the greatest Bank Robbery in Sri Lanka –the Bond Scam was committed. Two COPE reports were out confirming the theft and showing where the  smell had taken them to. The thief  every one in Sri Lanka is quite aware of  is still unharmed living  a comfortable  respectable life working as the adviser to the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, proving without doubt that they are bound to each other  more than ever before by the robbery they committed together.

When the facts are so evident, if the Prime Minister  has any respect to democracy he should  resign from his office of Prime Minister and give himself up together with Arjun Manoharan one as the instigator and the other as the perpetrator.

When the whole country knows how the Bond Scam took place and who are primarily responsible, the President Maithripala Sirisena has no courage either  to ask his Prime Minister to resign, or ask him to have Arjun Mahendran arrested by the infamous FCID. 

Sirisena instead waits two COPE reports and two years to pass before he appoints a Commission of Investigation.  One may rightly ask why the hell did  Sirisena wait two years before he  appointed a Commission to Investigate on the Bond Scam ?  Having had  appointed the Investigation Commission what is the guarantee Maithripala Sirisena will take action on the Commission report ?

But it did not take such a long time for Sirisena to dissolve the Parliament to avoid  DEW Goonesakra from presenting his COPE report to the Parliament. It also did not take long time for Sirisena to connive with Ranil Wickramasinghe to arrest Wimal Weerawansa and ask his favourite judge to put him in jail.

It also did not take long for Sirisena to dismiss the General Secretaries of SLFP and UPFA and appoint two new Secretaries and announce that even if Mahinda Rajapakse were to win the general  elections he will not be made the Prime Minister.  Maithripala Sirisena thinks that people of Sri Lanka are all  fools, and would give party allegiance and confidence, friendly trust, and affection , if someone were to  propose highlife and a high position. No all Sri Lankans are not  back stabbers.

Sirisena is politically married to Ranil Wickramasinghe and he will never allow Ranil to resign. Ranil Wickramasinghe is the support on whom Maithripala Sirisena keeps his hold. Without him he will crash. Ranil Wickramasinghe  does not want to waste the precious time he has to ruin Sri Lanka as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka giving into Sirisena’s pathetic call of order.  Sirisena  had been wanting to reshuffle the Cabinet, but Ranil wants nothing of it. Ranil is not only ruining Sri Lanka but also ruining his own party the UNP, proposing to elect Sarath Fonseka as the Assistant leader of the UNP.

Will the UNP wakeup to throw its leader out ?

In the meantime the Bond Scam Circus is in full swing, despite the fear of the witnesses to give evidence through fear of Yahapalanaya revengeful tactics. Ranil Wickramasinghe  may be readying himself to pounce upon the courageous witnesses from the Central Banka any time to force them to withdraw their evidence or go backtrack  on them for the benefit of the thief, as the Bond Scam had been a pre-arranged affair to benefit the empty treasury of the  UNP.

The Chief Minister of the Western Province  Isura Devapriya had on 30 March,2017,  blamed the IGP for not providing protection to those witnesses giving evidence before the presidential Commission.

Has  Maithripala Sirisena as the President the power to step in and stop this  Bond Scam Circus now ?

He should have done it long time ago without waiting two years to wake up.  The Governor of the Central Bank is also a public officer  therefore under the Administrative Regulations when he is suspected to have committed an illegal act in the  performance of his duties he should have been interdicted from service, before charges are framed against him.

But in the case of this individual –Arjun Mahendran, he has been given more responsibility and provided gainful employment. Why cannot the President if he has any power,  to at least now have the miscreant interdicted, and his passport impounded ?

While the Presidential Commission is sitting other matters  pertaining to the Bond Scam are coming to light. Now it has been reported that EPF had incurred a loss of Rupees Nine and a Half Billion because of the Bond Scam, while the Perpetual treasuries has got a benefit of  Thirteen Billion Rupees.

The Central Bank it appears could have burrowed One Billion rupees from the EPF without selling the famous Bonds and avoided the lost to the Central Bank.

But what we cannot understand is how was it that the three man Committee appointed by the Prime Minister immediately after the Bond Scam on 27 February,2015  reported that no irregularity has taken place and no blame could be placed on the  Governor of the Central Bank ? 

What did they investigate and how did they made their investigations  ?  The three men who were lawyers attached to the Sirikotha should be held responsible for making a wrong report and  debarred from practicing law.

As the profit of Thirteen Billion Rupees had been earned by the Perpetual Treasuries on questionable terms, the Government should confiscate the amount at least  until the end of the investigations by the Presidential Commission. It is a matter for the Chairman of the Commission to Order.  If not the President Maithripala Sirisena should issue instructions to the Chairman of the Commission to do so.

Some such decision should be taken to stop the Perpetual Treasuries from using this ill earned  Thirteen Billion Rupees as it has been announced that the Government is allowing the Perpetual Treasuries to open a Distillery in the East. Maithripala Sirisena who pretends to be a Buddhist cannot let these rougues open a Distillery in Buddhist Sri Lanka, and that too with the ill earned money causing a loss of Nine and a Half Billion Rupees to the Employees Provident Fund.

Most surprisingly the recently Highly Recognised Asia’s Best Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake has not deemed it fit to tax the Perpetual Treasuries for its Distillery and waived a tax of  Four Billion Rupees.

All this while they claim that the Government has a huge debt  to pay which had been caused by the previous government. Who are these Yahapalanaya Circus Band trying to fool ?

Isn’t it  time that Maithripala Sirisena stops for a while his speech making and look seriously as to what his Prime Minister is actually up to  and take corrective  action. But his moments are limited.

Maithripala Sirisena wanted to reshuffle the Cabinet of Ministers before he left to meet President Putting in Russia. Then he said he would attend to a change of Ministers on his return from Russhia, and now he says he will look into it after the new year. Will it ever happen ?

However,  we see some already lining up for different Ministries –Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe is hoping to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  In preparing his claim for   Mahinda Samarasinghe praises Maithripala Sirisena as a person invited by all foreign  countries and, says  that Sri Lanka is no more a subservient country thanks to Maithripala Sirsena.

But the fact is that President Sirisena is being invited everywhere in East and West Europe, but Sri Lanka is soon going  to face bankruptcy , unless Maithripala Sirisena wakes up and  shows the door to his Prme Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and appoints an able man as the Minister of Finance.

Maithripala Sirisena should also leave aside things which are not urgent now such as the writing of a New Constitution, giving more concessions to Tamils on account of reconciliation and stop the Muslim Ministers from going ahead with forest clearing for  Muslim Settlements

President Maithripala Sirisena should also instruct his Prime Minster to take a court order to stop the Perpetual Treasuries from carrying on its business. Its  Bank accounts should be  blocked. Their investment for the construction of the  Distilleries and the launching of a News Paper in Sri Lanka should also be stayed  until the end of the sittings of the Presidential Commission of Investigation on  the Bond Scam.