Sunday, 27 October 2013

Retired Major General Chandrasiri has better right to be Governor of Northern Province than Retired Judge Vigneswaran to be the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister, Governor Sampanrthan

Tamil Terrorists of Sri Lanka were a group apart, who had not accepted Sri Lanka as their motherland.  They had also not accepted that they belonged to the  larger Community of Sri Lankan people.  They wanted therefore to break away to form  their own Tamil fatherland, exclusively for the Tamils. 

From about 2001 TNA were the spokesmen for the terrorists, and had no interest in Sri Lanka other than to break it up to realise posthumously  their leader –the terrorist Prabhakaran’s dream of a separate Tamil Eelam State.

Even today TNA would go all the way to India, Canada or any other distant place, to discuss the rights of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, overlooking more appropriate persons to consult such as the President of Sri Lanka, and his government.  The Sinhala people are distasteful to TNA. TNA remains  a  part of the terrorist outfit-its rump. When they say they do not want to participate in the CHOGM one sees how disconnected they are from reality. 

TNA are not acting as Sri Lankans, but more like the Tamil Nadu supporters of  Jayalalitha.  Their place is in Tamil Nadu and certainly not in Sri Lanka, perhaps their agenda is to finally join up with TamilNadu to make a larger Tamil Eelam.

Now after the elimination of the Tamil terrorists we find that not only were the Tamil terrorists of Sri Lanka, but all Tamils in Sri Lanka think as the eliminated terrorists.  They want a separate Tamil Fatherland exclusively for the Tamils,  and  they do not seek to have any affinity with the rest of the non-Tamil  population of Sri Lanka. Reconciliation is a meaningless word for them. 

This became more apparent when the TNA Candidates won the PC elections in the North and formed the North PC with Vigneswaran as the Chief Minister. 

Vigneswaran a Tamil from Colombo is a retired Judge.  A judge is appointed from among the lawyers.  He is not necessarily an intellectual nor an exceptionally intelligent person.  Vigneswaran represents the Tamils living outside the North and East. 

One expected that the Tamils coming from the South, think differently from the Tamils in the North or East and are more tolerant, learned and not down right hardcore Tamils with a leaning towards  the Tamil terrorist way of thinking. 

Vigneswaran was a Judge by profession, but his mentality is similar to that of the uneducated criminal terrorist Prabhakaran. Vigneswaran speaks the same language of his hero Prabhakaran, whom he equates to Keppetipola Mahadisawa,  showing his utter lack of the knowledge of the history of Sri Lanka.
Keppetipola Maha Disawe
He said in his maiden speech as the  Chief Minister of NPC, “We must try to diffuse our anger by learning how a single man called Kepitipola Disawe brought about anger in the midst of the Britishers and enthusiasm in the midst of the present day Sinhalese. War and competitions are those factors that would be working against us, but mutual understanding would bring about unity in our midst.” 

With such foolish pronouncements Vigneswaran has kicked  reconciliation on the “back”.  No reconciliation is possible with a man like Vigneshwaran as the Chief Minister of NPC, he simply does not want it, and UNHRC Pillay should take note.

The myth the educated Tamils in Colombo and elsewhere in the South are different to those in Jaffna was busted when the Chief Minister of the North PC made his maiden speech .  Vigneswaran enjoyed the peace, all the  liberties, respect and opportunities the South provided  for him;  but the ungrateful man he is, he  has turned out to be a  Tamil politician like Sampanthan and the rest admiring and hero worshipping  the  Tamil terrorists, aspiring to do differently what his Talaivar Prabhakaran wanted to do through terrorism-to  carve out a separate territory to the Tamils.

In his Maiden speech as the Chief Minister he talks as if he were the anointed King of the North. His maiden speech as CM of NPC was not in keeping with what is expected of  a Chief Minister.  He cannot be any different from the eight other Chief Minsters of Sri Lanka, and claim additional rights and privileges.

He says he does not condone the presence of the Army in the North for the reason of such presence based on National Security.  He does not want the Army to acquire land and says the land should be returned to the rightful owners and “ mechanisms must be in place to ensure that it happens.”
He has also said , “……..that  it was wrong to act without understanding the language, culture and civilization of the Tamil community while he added that police had become an obstacle to the people of the North in their daily affairs. He added that it would therefore be wise to recruit people of the North to the police force in the area.”

Vigneswaran as the CM of the NPC should carry out the duties allocated to his Office, without giving instructions to the government as to what it has to do for the Northern Provincial Council.
When he said that, “Our people will not work in a way which makes it necessary for the army to remain in full strength in the North," , he seems to have really lost his “ mental balance” .  He is not wise, forward looking, and  human.  He demonstrated  that he is not the man through whom  peace, happiness, and progress  would come to the people of the North. He does no seem to know that peace and prosperity will come to north only in uniting forces with the rest of the country.

Vigneswaran is certainly out of place in the  North as Chief Minister. He does not speak as a wise man,  a retired Judge at the ripe age of Seventy, but as a man in his dotage, who loved the terrorist leader who without even a proper education built a great terrorist fighting force. He now wants to take  up the reins to realize his hero’s dream in  a more acceptable way as an educated person and a retired judge.

Vigneswaran has become a sleepwalker. His main preoccupation is the Army. He does not want the Army in the North. Poor man is amnesic. He has  forgotten that it is after all the Army that brought peace to the people of the North who gave him an “ over whelming” support.  He seems to have forgotten that his making the Maiden Speech as the Chief Minister of the Provincial Council of the North after a democratic election, was made possible by none other than the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka that he now wants to send away.

Vigneswartan is no better than  his political leaders the Sampanthan and the click, he says in his maiden speech  not of things that he proposes to do for the upliftment of the living conditions of the people , how he proposes to make the North prosperous, and the people happy, but he speaks of separation, removing the Army, and changing the Governor.
Retired Major General G.A.Chandrasiri who saved Jaffana from being taken under control by terrorists and settled 3000000 IDPs and who was the Security Forces Commander of Jaffna, now the Governor of the North Province.
He goes a bit too far  in  saying that the Governor of the Northern Province should be removed.  He  added, “If the President is really interested in a civil administration, we urge him to appoint a person, not a military person, but a civilian as the Governor. I wish to inform that the Northern Province people expects a Governor who has experience in the post conflict period, who has the experience in rehabilitation, reconstruction, resettlement, development and a person who has the interest in the affairs and welfare of women, children, elders, youths and in the former armed cadres.” (emphasis mine)

What an ignorant man ? 

What does Vigneshwaran who praises Prabhakaran comparing him to Keppetipola Dissawa, know about Major General G.A.Chandrasiri ?

The people of the North if they have any sense of gratitude and knows at what cost the peace that they enjoy today  has been brought to them, should consider it a great privilege to have Major General G.A.Chandrasiri as their governor.  He is the symbol of peace that is now prevailing in the North, which Vigneswaran, Sampanthan and his TNA cohorts are trying to upset and create disorder.
Major General Chandrasiri  as the Governor in the North is not representing the Army, but he is a retired civilian appointed to the office of  Governor by the President of Sri Lanka, as much as Vigneswaran does not represent the Judiciary,  but a retired civilian appointed the Chief Minister of the NPC by the Governor G.A.Chandrasiri  following the PC elections in the North.

Major General G.A.Chandrasiri is however a National war hero. He had a brilliant past  before his retirement.  Vigneswaran was only a Judge, listening to cases in a clean and neat courtroom, and living a comfortable life in Colombo, in peace and security.  Nevertheless Vigneswaran cannot hold a candle to Major General Chandrasiri who in his military service was risking his life to keep people like Vigneswaran safe and in comfort.
Major General G.A.Chandrasiri the Security Forces Commander in Jaffna with Robert O'Blake and  Richard Boucher Ambassador UK
Major General G.A.Chandrasiri was the Commander of the Security forces in Jaffna.  He joined the army in 1974 when he was only 20 years of age.  He was the Brigade Commander Armoured Brigade and Commander of the Area Head Quarters in  Mannar.  As the Commander of the Security forces in Jaffna he resisted several attacks against Jaffna by the terrorists.  Later after a successful offensive he pushed the terrorists out of Jaffna, and recaptured Elephant Pass.  After elimination of the terrorists he was the Competent Authority for approximately 3,000,000 internally displaced personnel and was in charge of the resettlement process.  He retired from the Army in 2009 and was appointed the Governor of Northern Province.

What better man is there to be the Governor of Northern Province other than the retired Major General G.A.Chandrasiri.  He is better than a civil administrator could ever be.  He saved Jaffna from being mutilated by the Tamil terrorists, and helped in the resettlement of the IDPs.  He risked his life to save the Jaffna Peninsular. Not only the Tamils in the North, but also the present Chief Minister of the NPC should  be grateful to  G.A.Chandrasiri and be proud to have him as the Governor.
The retired Major General G.A.Chandrasiri has a greater right to be the Governor of the Northern Province , than the  retired judge Vigneswaran to be the Chief Minister. Perhaps Anandasangaree would have been a better choice.

Vigneswaran came from Colombo, lived, studied, and worked in Colombo.  He was invited by the former spokesmen for the terrorists the TNA , who are not patriots of  Sri Lanka , who never risked their lives to keep the North secure and out of danger from the terrorists, to be their CM Candidate for the North Provincial Council elections. 

The Tamil people of the North perhaps voted for him as they thought he is different from  the unclean TNA politicians, (who may have frightened them as they have faces that made them fearful), and hoped that Vigneswaran will be  more respectable and  create for them a gentle and a peaceful political environment than the egoist TNA the shadow of the terrorists.He Hh H/hHHh

Monday, 21 October 2013

TNA demanded devolution and rights of Tamil people - now they want to restore tombs of dead terrorists.

TNA was making the whole world hear that the Sri Lanka government has denied the Tamil people their rights. But now that they have come to power with a large majority in the Provincial Council election, they seem not to know  what rights to  give to the Tamil people, about which they were concerned  before.

The President of Sri Lanka and his Government during the four years after the elimination of terrorism under whose  iron  boots the poor Tamil people in the north had been suffering, went all out to provide them the facilities  they were denied  because of terrorism, such as  roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, houses, pipe water and electricity. 

The Government was interested in developing   cultural activities in the North and bring together the people of the North and South through  social and cultural  exchanges.

What was wrong in that ? 

But the TNA did not  want that. TNA wanted  the North Independent of the South.

The TNA since its winning the PC elections has made a poor show of unity amoung themselves-the  elected members of the Council, and  come out with most absurd proposals which have nothing do with providing the people of the North their so called rights which they complained had been denied to them. 

The North PC Councillors who lacked dignity, did not even  know how to   conduct themselves as  respectable and responsible Provincial Councillors. They did not know  the basic requirement  of taking Oaths as Councillors in a proper way.  They were lost  not knowing   how, where or in the presence of whom to take their  oaths as Councillors.
These ignorant fools of TNA Councillors not knowing  how to behave decently in keeping with their new Office, had thought what is more important  for the welfare of the people of the North is the  renewing and rebuilding the old  cemeteries of  the dead LTTE terrorist, putting aside  examining  the needs of the people and  provide them with the  services they are expecting from them.
 “The Chavakachcheri Pradeshiya Sabha on Monday (14) passed a resolution calling for the reconstruction of LTTE cemeteries in the area, coming under the purview of the newly elected Northern Provincial Council. The Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) run PS also decided to commemorate those who died fighting for the LTTE.”
These PC Councillors with their assumed importance, are    instead of instilling into themselves the responsible conduct of Provincial Councillors, act as a set of lunatics let out of a mental hospital. 

They are like lost  cattle, one of them went to a Doctor who looked after the mother of Prabhakaran  the terrorist leader when she was ill , to take his oath before him, and others went to JPs and temple priests.  In their foolishness with  assumed grandeur and pomposity, they had thought it appropriate to go an ask the new IDPs settling down on lands provided to them, for their deeds of title to land, whether they are Sinhala and to issue orders to them, that they have no place in the north and therefore they should go back to where they come from.
“A few days ago, TNA MP Siddharathan has come to the Temple and has threatened the Sinhala IDPs at the settlement and has asked them to leave Jaffna. Hiru reported it very clearly and how the IDPs were arguing with the MP. Sakunthala is the current leader of the IDP and she told …….. that several months ago TNA MP, Suresh Premachandra also had threatened them similarly.  The monk also told me attacks on Sinhalese have already started and Government including JHU are silent about it. This time they have lodged a complaint against the MP.”
It is now clear that the North Provincial Council elections should never have been held, until a final decision was taken on the 13Amendment.  No Western country would assist us , they will always try to  stop progress and development  of developing countries. Therefore the Government should not do any thing to please and satisfy the International Community. Because they will never be satisfied with whatever we do, but critical of all that we do.

We should now have  Army bases in the North and build houses for the Soldiers to live with their families, as it is happening in Cyprus where the English Army has a large area separated for their Soldiers with schools, Hospitals, and recreation facilities. 

“The British Forces Cyprus is stationed in  Dhekelia and Akrotiri in Cyprus. It is a tri-service command with all three services based on the Island.  There are approximately 3,500 personnel serving Cyprus.”

That will stop the Northern Provincial Council jokers from accusing Sri Lanka Soldiers for rape  of women, interfering into homes where lone Tamil women bring up their families, as the Soldiers will be with their families, and unmarried soldiers in special quarters within the Army base.  They should be provided with  all facilities such as schools , canteens, clubs, and halls for amusement.

The Tamils of the North, specially the Tamil political leadership should stop living in the past and move forward, not with a separatist Agenda, but with an intention of uniting Communities.  The future of the Tamils as well as the rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka depend in that unity making Sri Lanka the home of every one of us.

Neither the Western countries fighting for human rights in Sri Lanka nor the Tamil Diaspora who never had a first hand  experience living under the terrorism  would come with an honest selfless  interest for  the well being of the Tamil people or to defend them. 

There interests are self motivated.  It is time that we even forget about the LLRC which was a mistake in that the recommendations of the Commission were uncalled for , and created more problems than those we had. 

Reconciliation of Communities should come from within  each Community’s understanding that we are after all the children of Mother Lanka legitimate or adopted, and that our future development, peace and progress depend in acting as  one Nation.

The Tamils have different problems that make it difficult for them to live together as one forgetting their caste, religious and educational  differences. It is therefore better that the Tamils in the North give up the idea of a separate Tamil State, and flock together with the rest of the Communities to form one Nation to go forward  into progress, development and peace or regress into poverty and destruction.

In this respect a dear friend of mine a Tamil from Germany wrote: 

“Dear Charles, There are Hindu Strong cast system in Tamilnadu and among TNA.  Catholics are also maintaining the same system. Because  many Catholics Bishops and priests support LTTE and Tamil Eelam. They want to control the Tamil Community not for the welfare and prosperity of  the Tamils, but for their own comfort and gain.  

In south of Sri Lanka Tamils have equal rights than those in Jaffna. TNA & co have no chance in the south to show their cast monopoly. 

The problem creators like TNA &LTTE  have possibilities to escape into TamilNadu,  and Western countries or live in Colombo. Poor Tamils who believe these idiots have no such escape, other than to suffer by themselves.  Pirabakaren, LTTE and other youths who spoilt  their lives are not responsible for the present situation.

The Tamils who have BLOOD LIKE MP SRI DHAREN  are responsible.  GOSL must take severe action against such persons.  Who permitted Sri Dhahren to go there(Navatkuli) and ask about deeds for the Lands where Sinhalese have come to  live. “

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Manmohan Singh, a Prime Minister propped up by political morons Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.

Manmohan Singh hasn’t the backbone to stand up against Tamilnadu to ask them to get off his back,  and for once take a decision of his own as the Prime Minister of supposed to be a great Democracy in the World.

A leader should know how to assert his leadership, if not he is not fit to be a leader.   It applies more so to a political leader who is at the helm of the government such as a Prime Minister.  A Prime Minister should not allow himself to be blackmailed  by a coalition partner  to do what pleases them in return for their support.

Our neighbour the Prime Minister of India who claims leadership in Asia suffers from an inferiority complex unable to assert his right as the Prime Minister  to take political decisions without fear or fervour. 

Manmohan Singh  cannot stand alone as the Prime Minster of India to take political decisions, even if he knows it is in the best interest of his country.   Through out the terrorist “war” in Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister of India propped up by South Indian politicians without whose support  he fears he will politically topple over, refused to take political decisions on his own. 

Even today he is unable to take a political decision  which he thinks is correct  due to his  fear that his weak coalition’s supporters the Southern TamilNadu politicians will refuse their vote at the next Lokh Sabha elections.

It is a sad situation for a Prime Minister to be in.  Apart from his office of  the Prime Minister of India, if he has any principles of his own, he will call the Tamil Nadu politicians and explain to them the political necessity to stand by a neighbouring Sovereign State despite any political disagreements on certain issues, and assert his right to take an Independent decision, as to whether he participate or not in the CHOGM that is to be held in Sri Lanka.

Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India should not behave like Stephen Harper.  Harper is a distant away from Sri Lanka, his refusal to attend the CHOGM in Sri Lanka does not have any political  impact in Sri Lanka or on Canada.  But India being  Sri Lanka’s “next door neighbour” the political impact of such a decision  to both India and Sri Lanka  is of a different nature.  

The elimination of terrorism from Sri Lanka  was a relief for India as well and the terrorist of Sri Lanka had caused a greater loss to  India in the elimination of a young and a promising Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi.

Further more the politicians of TamilNadu haven’t  got the political maturity to understand the implication in isolating a neighbouring Sovereign State purely for  sentimental reasons.  Therefore they have to be informed of their necessity to develop a broader political awareness to give India the leadership in Asia. 
Poet Laureate of Sri Lanka Terrorist

The Indian government cannot remain  “prisoner” of the whims and fancies of its  Chief Ministers, and  political morons like Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha.
not an Opera Soprano Singer but a third rate Tamil film Actress turned TamilNadu Chief Minister

What is the political gain the TamilNadu State is expecting in holding its Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ransom, preventing him  taking a decision not favourable to TamilNadu’s sentimental attachment to the Tamils in Sri Lanka ? 

Is it not an insult to the Office of Prime Minster that Manmohan Singh  holds,  to be dictated to by sentimental TamilNadu politicians , and withhold his  right to take an independent  decision in keeping with his Office of Prime Minister ?

Manmohan Singh’s remaining the Prime Minister of India after the next Lokh Sabha elections is doubtful even with the support of Tamil Nadu, therefore in that doubt he should at least now assert his position of being the Prime Minister of the leading nation of Asia next to China, and attend the CHOGM  come what may. 

That is only possible if he has the “backbone” to stand up for his right as a Prime Minister.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wigneswaran presumes TNA victory in North PC elections was due to his presence as the Chief Ministerial Candidate

TNA cannot be boastful of their victory at the North Provincial Council elections.  The Tamil people of the North did not trust the TNA due to their close proximity to the terrorists. But they had no alternative being sentimentally attached to a Tamil political party despite it being one time terrorist connected.  TNA was definitely not a popular party as it was seen from the results of the PC elections.

Having Wigneswaran as the Chief Ministerial Candidate gave the TNA a certain respectability and the Tamil people may have gained confidence to vote for the candidates from TNA as it was in their eyes now led by a respectable ex-judge from Colombo.

If TNA was a party popular among the Tamil people, it would have been a candidate from TNA who  would have got the highest preferential votes.  It was again the ex-judge Wigneswaran who got 132 225 votes the highest number showing that the Tamil people definitely  wanted him in control of the TNA PC Councillors. 

Even the second highest with   87,870 votes was Ananthi Sasitharan.  She was elected  not because she represented TNA but because she was a woman and the Tamil women would have voted for her for that reason..  The third highest was again Dharmalingam Sidharthan the PLOTE leader.

So TNA cannot be overjoyed that they were a popular Political party among the ordinary Tamil people, and that it was  an “ overwhelming electoral mandate ” received by the TNA

After taking Oath CM Wigneswaran spoke like a monarch addressing his people, “ My office is a gift from my people. They have mandated me to perform my duties on a long term as well as a short term perspective. The former behoves us to confirm our individuality. To do so we have to learn lessons from our struggles of the past, our previous political perspectives and our past experiences and then forge ahead. It is the need of the hour that we remove the misunderstandings and doubts that have crept into the minds of various communities.”

Wigneswaran should not forget,   and should always be thankful  to the thousands of Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers who gave their lives and limbs to rid the North of the ruthless terrorists to make it possible for him  to “ receive the gift of his Office” from his  people. 

The terrorists stole the children of those people, to make Cannon fodder of them and drove them like unwashed cattle for months at end from one place to another keeping them as their human shields.  They lived nearly thirty years of untold suffering without any hope of relief or a painless future. 

Therefore, when Wigneswaran says,  “ …..we have to learn lessons from our struggles of the past, our previous political perspectives and our past experiences and then forge ahead.” What past does he speak of  ?

Is it the perilous “past” under terrorism  ?  In that past Wigneswaran spoke of their was no hope, and their was no comfort and ease, which came to them only after that past, with a tolerant and generous government providing them with  modern comforts and a hopeful future.

It would be more just an appropriate that he reminds his people that the  hope and  peace they  have  received  is not from  the past which they would very much like to forget, but from  a recent past where a dutiful government desirous of  giving those people who suffered most from terrorism a new life of hope and  prosperity.

Then he says, “ It is as a part of such an exercise that we decided that I take oaths before the President of this Country. We believe our decision would convey to our brethren our desire to settle our differences within a united Sri Lanka.”

It is normal that Wignaswaran takes his Oath before the President as he is only  another  Chief Minister, and not the “Crowned King” of the North.  He should not think that taking his Oath before the President was a favour he had accorded to the President of Sri Lanka. 

President Mahinda Rajapakse needs more respect and the gratitude of the Tamil speaking people including that of Wigneswaran and the offshoot of terrorists the TNA, as it is he who has given the peaceful atmosphere in which they held a PC election in the North,  and enabled them to open their mouths without fear ( which was not possible with Prabhakaran) to criticise and make demands as if the Tamils have come down from a special planet.
Wigneswaran receiving letter of appointment from the Governor G.A.Chandrasiri

It would have been still more appropriate for Wigneswaran to have taken his oath before the Governor of the North G.A.Chadrasiri as he represent those who made it possible for a democratic Provincial Council Election in the North after nearly 25 years. 

It should be a privilege for the Tamil people of the North to have the former  Major General G.A.Chandrasiri as the governor, as he should remind them of “liberation and peace” in contrast  to their servile existence of  fear and hopelessness under Prabhakaran and terrorism.  It should be Wigneswaran’s duty to treat the Governor of the North with all respect due to him, and remind the Tamil people of his heroic role in brining to them peace and hope.

Wigneswaran adds, “ Our action today buttresses our close–up perspectives too, in that we expect to bring immediate relief to our war affected people. I hope the Sinhala people would endeavour to prod on their political representatives in every manner whatsoever to bring sunshine into the lives of our disturbed and affected Tamil speaking people.”

The Sinhala people have not got to “prod on their political representative….to bring sunshine into the lives of the Tamil people  of the North ,” as every thing necessary has already been done to give the Tamil people in the North  a better living condition and forget that suffering of the past. 

Wigneswaran need not bother to bring any “ relief to ….war affected people”, as much has already been done by the government and what is necessary for the Chief Minister and the  PC Councillors of the North is to go on from what has been done by the Government to consolidate and improve on them.

Wigneswaran says further, “ I expect my Sinhala brothers and sisters to impress upon their political representatives that internal self determination does not divide the country but facilitate a journey on the path of unity. I sincerely ask the Sinhala people to realize that to the same extent the Sinhala people cherish and respect their language and culture so do the Tamil speaking people cherish and respect their own language and their traditions. There is no place for violence in this realization. None could force such realization. It is such sincere realization that would take us all on the path of peace and brotherhood. Therefore let my simple symbolic act today pave the way for the unity of the people of the two communities in our Island.”

The Tamil people had not been treated differently by the Sinhala people or the successive governments since independence.  But the separatist ideology has been brought in by the “inferiority” complex of the Tamils themselves.  

In fact if the Tamils were more understanding we would have been a great united people with one language, one National anthem and one un-mutilated flag,  as any other Nation of the world.  It was made impossible with the racist Tamil elements without strong patriotism, determined to divide the country  and separate the communities for a narrow  nationalist idea of a separate Eelam.
Sri Lanka is one country with one people and there is no place for self determination. 

The self determination is possible where a community of people live in one  geographic area, speaking a separate language and with a separate belief system.   The North of Sri Lanka does not fall within that category for “self determination” as the Tamil people are not confined to one geographic area,  but spread all over Sri Lanka.  The Tamil language is not confined to the people of the North as the Muslim Community is also a Tamil speaking Community. The religion of the Tamils and their Kovils are not confined to the North, they are all over the Island.

Wigneswaran should understand this, and  inform his TNA racists to keep within their rights, without making excessive demands which will be resisted by the other communities and  would be an invitation for violence.

In his speech after taking Oath taking  Chief Minister Wigneswaran did not thank the TNA Leadership for having invited him to accept to be their candidate for the Office of CM in the Norther PC.

Now that Wigneswaran is the Chief Minister, he cannot be dictated to by the TNA politicians to do what pleases them. He has his own Minsters  with whom he can work together to contribute to the greater welfare of the Tamil people of the North and develop a  close working relationship with the South, without letting himself to be dictated to by the TNA Politicians.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Stephen Harper, the violator of human rights of Canada’s First People to boycotts CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

Among  all the Members of the Commonwealth of Nations,  the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper is the worst violator of the Human Rights of  his people.  He is neglecting the rights of the diminishing population of  Canadian First People the original people of Canada confined to their reserves under a most inhuman law  of 1857.  Much has been written on the Canadian indifference to the suffering of this group of its own people whose land was invaded by the ancestors of Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper has therefore no lesson to give Sri Lanka which treats all its Communities equally.  It is only the ungrateful  Tamils lead by ambitious Tamil politicians and the Tamil Intelligentsia who want for their 13 percent of the population a special place over and above the rest of the Communities , and a part of the land carved out for them, that spread stories of violation of human rights, rape of their women, and white van kidnapping.  Every death of a Tamil man or woman in the North of Sri Lanka is automatically taken to accuse the Sri Lanka Army   for possible implication in those deaths.  

Further more what is nauseating about Stephen Harper’s constant harping of boycotting CHOGM in Sri Lanka is , that he has no first hand information of what is going on in Sri Lanka and every bit of information on which he places Sri Lanka on the dock of accusation for violation of human rights , is dependent on what he  hears from the increasing population of his Tamil Canadian Vote bank, which has taken over the rightful place of the Canadian First People. 

That is Stephen Harper’s way of  pampering the  Canadian Tamils for personal political benefits, neglecting the rights of the original people of Canada, which in reality is more important than his political ambition-that being a human problem.

The Commonwealth of Nations stands for democracy, which it promoted during the period of colonisation of various Nations.  Democracy without going into greater detail has many principles which every worthy democrat should follow.  Apart from democracy coming from the sovereignty of the people, it is where decisions are taken from the principle of majority rule. 

Democracy also demands toleration and compromise. If a country or a leader acts without respect to those principles he becomes an intolerant Dictator.  This is what Stephen Harper has become, dictating terms to other members of the Commonwealth of Nations, because he lacks respect to the democratic principles of toleration and compromise, and refuses to  accepts the majority rule over the minority.  The undemocratic as Stephen Harper is , he expects the  majority of the Commonwealth of Nations to follow  Stephen Harper’s minority voice of Canada.

Stephen Harper who had not stepped any where near  Sri Lanka, says, "In the past two years we have not only seen no improvement in these areas, in almost all of these areas we've seen a considerable rolling back, a considerable worsening of the situation,".   Stephen Harper is surely suffering from an  inappropriate, undemocratic verbal diarrhoea , with a high fever to keep the Tamil vote bank on his side to assure his parties re-election.

Stephen Harper has not stopped at a call for the boycott of the CHOGM in Sri Lanka but has warned the Commonwealth,  that, “….. we will examine our engagement and our financing of the Commonwealth, which is quite considerable, to make sure that we are wisely using taxpayer dollars and reflecting Canadian values. …But this is a decision the Commonwealth has made and the Commonwealth will have to live with it."

More intelligent and democratic Paul Dewar, the NDP foreign affairs critic, had said , “…..It's a false and disingenuous connection between the merits of an individual member state and those of the broader institution,"

The British Prime Minister David Cameron had on the other hand issued a more understandable democratic statement, “We do not think that turning away from the problem is the best way to make progress in Sri Lanka. There’s nothing to suggest that not going will convince [President] Rajapaksa he must do more.” 

Cameron had said, that he will attend carrying with him a  tough messages for Sri Lanka’s leadership when he visits the country for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November.
That is how it should be.  A democracy should have a strong opposition that is another principle going along with the rule of the majority over the minority.

Canada with its Prime Minister Stephen Harper is giving  to the world  the  wrong image of Democracy. If he is intelligent,  and a democrat in the real sense of the word, he should  attend the CHOGM in Sri Lanka, face the political leaders of Sri Lank and deliver his message of non acceptance of Sri Lanka’s human rights record.

Instead of that he defies the whole of the Commonwealth of Nations with a very low and mean threat of reviewing  Canada’s Commonwealth Funding package, which is  not in keeping  with the Democratic Norms  he  is expected to, uphold.

Stephen Harper talking of violations of human rights  is no better than some of his other colleagues who joined hands with America to get the NATO to bombard Libya, Iraq,  and Afghanistan.  The violations of human rights in these parts of the world are swept under the carpets of diplomacy, highlighting only those areas that would bring in some personal and political benefits to the Western “Democrats.”

Sri Lanka waged a just war against terrorism, and  Canada and the West do not allow Sri Lanka to forget that past and go on with the development of the nation shattered after 30 years of that ruthless terror.

The Tamil Diaspora and the ambitious Tamil politicians keep alive the memory of terrorism to dupe the Western countries such as Canada , America et al, to enable them to carve out a separate Tamil Eelam State  in Sri Lanka-for a mere 13 percent of the entire population of Sri Lanka.

Stephen Harper should stand outside his personal political ambition and look at the situation in Sri Lanka objectively to see that the reality is different from what  his informants have painted for him.  In order to have that objective perception of real Sri Lanka, he should come to Sri Lanka without talking nonsense  to please his Tamil voters.

Sri Lanka will not certainly miss Stephen Harper  if he does not attend the CHOGM. In which case we, however,  ask him  as a people who suffered under colonialism for nearly 500 years, and 30 years under terrorism, to stop further violation of the human rights of the  First People of Canada, who were there long before the Tamil Community and even before the White Community now in control of it.

Stephen Harper,  those original people of Canada has a right to be looked after better, giving them a rightful place in the Canadian Society and a place in its Government.  Their living conditions should be ameliorated and the Canadian government should have separate budgetary allocations to provide them with houses, pipe water, education, health and sanitary facilities. 

It is only after that Canada and its Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have the right to stand up in world forums to condemn other countries like Sri Lanka for violation of human rights.