Sunday, 25 January 2009

Thank you Mr. President, Commanders of Armed Forces, Defence Secretary, and the Brave Soldiers of the Infantry, Navy, and the Air Force.

Thank you our Brave Armed Forces, you have done what lot of people both local and International thought would be an impossible task, which they pontificated should be settled not by an impossible military solution, but by both parties entering into a negotiated settlement.

They little knew the heroism of the Sinhala Soldiers. They won the war against terrorism for all of us Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and all other Communities who have made this land their home.

Why is it necessary to celebrate the capture of Mulativu ?

Because it is the last bastion of the Terrorists, and this victory marks the end of nearly thirty years of terrorism.

Because it is the end of the suffering of thousands of poor Tamil Civilians, who had been kept as a human shield by the terrorists, to protect themselves from the bombardments and artillery fire of the Sri Lanka Government Forces.

Because it is also the end of the comedy that had been enacted by Karunanidhi and his jokers Vaiko, Nedumaran and all the rest, trying to force the hand of the Central Government of India to call for a cease fire , to save the terrorists, and give them a new lease of life.

Because it is the end of thirty years of terrorism , helped by Norway, UK, Germany , the International Community, UNHRC, Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, Bruce Fein, Blakes, and Chilcotts.

Because it is the end of the International Community , their Agents, Agencies, and our neighbour India calling the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka, to sit with the terrorist for a negotiated peace settlement.

Because it is, also to tell the world –the International Community that we the Sri Lankans are a Nation to be reckoned with, a nation that has the potential to be great, an ability to go through” hell” to find the “heaven” we seek. It is symbolical of the determination of the people of this country to reach a pre-set target under what ever dangers, and road blocks there may be.

Because, we are a Nation that has the courage, and the force to advance, and not to retreat.

In this victory we have lost many a brave heroes who dedicated their lives to give the people -the children of mother Lanka, a “tomorrow” which is free from fear, and uncertainty. A “tomorrow” for us to build a lasting fraternity to unite as Sri Lankans without separating our selves as Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or else. A “tomorrow” when we would stand together as a Nation with the same hope and the same dream, and to tell our selves that we will never again allow our hopes, and dignity of a Nation be destroyed by a terrorism of any sort.

We owe this victory to one man, and his determination to eliminate terrorism from Sri Lanka for ever. “Defeat” was written in large letters every where he turned,. Nevertheless, he placed his unwavering trust in his Commander of the Army Sarath Foneseka, and the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse, and the Brave Armed Forces of the Infantry, Navy and the Air Force, and entrusted them with the task of carrying out military operations with a view to eliminate the well armed ruthless force of terrorists, no one thought the Government Forces would ever be able to defeat. This man with the undaunted determination to eliminate terrorism from his beloved Mother Lanka is the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

We also celebrate the Victory of the capture of Mulativu, to show our gratitude to the President Mahinda Rajapakse, the Brave Armed Forces, and to remember those heroes that gave their lives in the battle against the terrorists.

We also remember those valliant Soldiers and Officers who gave their lives in 1996 in their brave effort to save Mullativu from being captured by the terrorists.

Colonel A.F.Lafir who died in the battle field in Mulativu on 18 July,1996

However, it is difficult for us not to give a thought to those Tamil youth who gave their lives to a cause which was not theirs, but that of a murderous psychopath, mislead or forced to fight “his war”. We recognise the bravery of those who risked their lives, and those who gave theirs, for a cause which they were made to believe was theirs.

In this celebration of the Victory we should also hope that our youths should never be mislead by an individual or a group, to make them a party to break away our motherland, to make a homeland to any group or a community, as we should stand united now as never before to always defend our motherland to keep it a unitary state.

Friday, 23 January 2009

There is no need for an All Party Representative Committee

The President set up the APRC probably to stop the International Community from interfering in to Sri Lanka during the course of its effort to eliminate terrorism. International Community is more concerned in preserving its own interest, and the ability to dictate terms to developing countries, holding their wealth and high technology as the proverbial carrot before a donkey..

The developing countries are, for the International Community, a market for their arms and ammunition, and export industry. Through out the last thirty years when Sri Lanka was suffering under terrorism, the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora provided the terrorists with financial aid, and the International Community gave them the moral support, enhancing their military capacity, while incessantly demanding the Sovereign Governments of Sri Lanka to negotiate with the terrorists for a peace settlement.

Furthermore, the International Community preferred to keep the developing countries poor and dependent on them so that they could use their territories for setting up their military surveillance equipments, and make them their military buffer states to protect their own territories from any enemy attack. In a way like the terroriss keeping the civilians in Mulativu as human shields !

The International Community kept up a resounding chorus, with Blakes, Chilcotts, and Evans taking up the refrain, to force the government to find a political solution to terrorism and calling both parties-the Government and the terrorists to negotiate for a peace settlement. But behind our backs, they raised their strident voices to say that the terrorists have no place to sit around their negotiating tables.

Without even a glimpse of support from the International Community for the government of Sri Lanka in its fight against terrorism, Sri Lanka Armed Forces have proved themselves far more resourceful, dedicated and stronger, than even the well equipped foreign forces, to fight to the end , a group of ruthless terrorists, furnished with modern military equipment with the financial aid provided by the Tamil diaspora, moral support by the International Community, and equipped with war like material and communication equipment from Norway.

The APRC was a means the government adopted to keep in check the interfering “wolves in sheep clothing”- the International Community. Now the Government of Sri Lanka has almost eliminated the menace, the canker of terrorism that had eaten into our country, it is time to find ways and means to stop terrorism from ever raising its ugly head amidst us once again.

For this purpose the APRC is ill equipped. This could only be done by a broad policy to unite the communities, which is an exercise in the change of mental attitude to the problem. The word “ethnic problem” should be eliminated from our vocabulary, that was introduced to us by the interfering western “do gooders” . There is no need for power sharing. If there are elements insisting for power sharing they are doing that to create a state of division among us, so that we the three main communities in Sri Lanka will be kept apart from one another for ever. The political power is provided in the constitution to be shared by all citizens of Sri Lanka without dividing them as Sinhala, Tamils and Muslims.

The APRC is a symbol of division, therefore, it should be scrapped forth with and if necessary a Committee set up to draw up plans to mix the Communities, without destroying their cultural identities. There should not be any areas specifically reserved for one community. There should be a healthy distribution of the population, all over Sri Lanka.

The International Community can help, not by telling us what we should or should not do, but by giving us the material necessary to build our Nation, modernising its communication systems, providing assistance to develop technology, access to clean water , and help to improve health and sanitary conditions of the country.

Priority should be given to implement the teaching of Sinhala, Tamil and English, in all schools. More Universities should be opened to enable opportunities of higher education, to all. Politically the country would be more united if there is a two party political system, so that all citizens could be members of these two political parties without reference to their communal identity. The present constitutions of the political parties should be amended to meet this new situation.

The UNP having a leadership without a progressive political vision for the future would unfortunately be a stumbling block for such a dialogue. It is time that this Old Party changes its leadership in the interest of the country and the Party itself, to become more democratic. The only vision it projects now is trying all means possible to oust the government in place with the motive of coming into political power. They are least concerned with the country, or the unity of the people. UNPers are working for short term political interests. UNP is conservative to the core living within its old shell.

It is may be a person like Mr. Rukman Senanayake, who is more sensible to the interest of the country as a whole, could perhaps give the old UNP a more meaningful political status, to compete with the UPFA, as a uniting force . We cannot expect any thing better than what he is from Rauff Hakim, a person making the Muslim Congress a platform for his own personal political aggrandisement.

Mano Ganeshan, and Anura Kumara Dissanayake are using the antigovernment role, hoping to win popularity among the people, which seem to have escaped from their clutches. Thondaman, though he remains with the UPFA has no political charisma to influence the people.

Unfortunately, in Sri Lanka the intellectuals have failed to influence the ordinary people for a meaningful union of interests to enable them to become a Nation of Sri Lankans, beyond their Communal identity. Izeth Hussain speaks highly of Lasantha Wickramatunga as an Icon of Democracy, one feels that it would not be long before he identifies Prabhakaran too as another Icon.

Patriotism- a writer in a pro terrorists website says, is the refuge of scoundrels. This same writer quotes at length from President Obama’s speech without touching on his call for unity, – we are a people of common hope , no matter what faith we believe in, no matter where we come from, no matter what we are, we are people of a common hope , a common dream. President Obama also said “…….loyalty and patriotism — these things are old. These things are true……”.

Others quote Pastor Niemoller, Menken, mention Hitler, and Nazism, falling one over the other to discredit the President, the Government and the Sri Lanka Army.

One would say that it is a good sign that they are holding all their guns levelled at the President Mahinda Rajapakse because it at least shows, that it was he who brought significant changes to Sri Lanka after 30 years , nay after 60 years. None of these anti-President ghouls seem to like change, they like to live in the dark pit of horror under terrorists. But how discouraging it must be to the President Mahinda Rajapakse, after having given to the people a country free of terrorism, he is still accused of abductions, murders and enrichment.

They, the opposition to the Government , the media, numerous pro terrorist websites run by the members of the Tamil diaspora, former USA Ambassadors, German Ambassador and now the German Foreign Minister are all trying to make a new hero of Lasantha Wikramatunga, already made an Icon of Democracy by a former diplomat Izeth Hussain. They may even contribute to put up a statue of him taller than that of SWRD, DS Senanayake, and all the rest.

There are six US Ambassadors writing to the President to safeguard the interest of the people, and the media. What do they think ? There is nothing else the President Mahinda Rajapakse wants to do.. He had always defended the people, and what greater defence of the people is their when he fought a war to eliminate the terrorists not allowing the ordinary civilians in the terrorists held areas to suffer from bombardments or artillery fire by the Sri Lanka Army. That did not happen in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Six former US Ambassadors to Sri Lanka should take note.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse has no lessons to learn from any one, let alone the former USA Ambassadors, Gordon Brown, or German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. These people were not heard of when the terrorists were in the rampage, killing the best of our Sri Lankan Leaders, like Lakshman Kadirgamar. They come out to defend the Sri Lanka Media, and mourn the death of an Editor unknown to the ordinary mass of people, indirectly trying to help a “handful “ of terrorists cornered in a 400 sq meter of land in Mulativu.

May be the Sri Lanka Police Force is slow in acting against street murders, and find the murderers , but it will soon be found that the Government or the Government Forces have no hand in these assassinations. The people of Sri Lanka is in a state of psychological turmoil after being freed from a thirty years of ,suffering under a ruthless group of terrorists, and a sudden spate of assassination of journalists, and civilians in suicide bombs explosions.

The world - Germany, UK and the rest of the International Community should let Sri Lanka sort out things on its own, and find solutions to pressing problems, as the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, his Government, and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, with the able Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse , have found the solution to terrorism in their own way. We are a Nation of intelligent people and what ever differences we have, we are able to find solutions to our own problems. But we should be left alone without being interfered by the Western “do gooders” , whatever is there intention.

In our President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse we have one of the most wise leaders any country would be proud to have. When he was accused for all types of crimes from bribery to assassinations, he did not attack those who accused him. When Norwegians openly helped the terrorists, the President did not show any animosity, and received the Norwegians without any sign of anger. When the Opposition leader carried on street manifestations accusing he and his family, for political corruption, he did not retort and received the opposition leader very amiably. He is human , calm and undisturbed. He is quite capable of taking correct decisions. He stands like a rock in the midst of winds, rains, fires and storms.

I hope that he will find the irrelevance of the APRC, and see the absence of an ethnic problem, and initiate a dialogue with all concerned to make Sri Lanka a land of an undivided people.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

What really is the "ethnic problem" in Sri Lanka ?

There is supposed to be an “ethnic problem” in Sri Lanka. But no body has so far said what is the “ethnic problem” . To solve this still untold ethnic problem, the President of Sri Lanka has appointed an All Party Representative Committee to make proposals for power sharing. But how can power sharing solve a non-existent “ ethnic problem”

Under the British Colonial Rule, all the important government positions were handed over to the Tamils and Muslims, and the Sinhala who were the majority was pushed to the background. It was however the Sinhala majority who spearheaded anti-Colonial movements to liberate the people from an unfriendly Colonial Rule, who were corrupting the people through Missionaries, setting up their schools, and propagating their religion.

Some of our people, under threat, or lured by offer of jobs, and various other facilities, were converted to their religion , making them discard those of their own. The result of the introduction of this new religion was the corruption of our own culture, and the way of living.

The later freedom movements of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), were supported by the educated upper class Tamils. After Independence, the activities of the Marxist movements by the Western Educated Sinhala intelligentsia , and then the election of S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike as the Prime Minister of a SLFP government, called for radical changes in the British Colonial administrative system that had followed Independence. The Sinhala people who had so far been pushed to the back ground by the British Rulers under their divide and rule policy, demanded their due place in the Administration, and education.

The upper class Tamils who had until then enjoyed the special privileges provided to them by the British Colonial Rulers, found themselves loosing their pre-independent position in the Sri Lankan social hierarchy. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike swept on a wave of popularity hastened to give back to the Sinhala people their rights and privileges denied to them by the British Colonial Rulers, passed legislation to make Sinhala the Official language with Tamil as the second language. This angered the Tamil upper class Vellalah Politician who were already smarting under the loss of the privileges enjoyed by them.

Later on, after the assassination of the Prime Minister Mr. S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike , his widowed wife Ms.Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the Prime Minister. With new developments after the Independence, the upper class Tamil politicians held back the emancipation of ordinary Tamil people from their bondage to the educated upper class Tamils, by discouraging them from supporting Sinhala political parties such as the Lanka Sama Samaja Party and the Communist Party, by carrying out false propaganda against the left Political Movement.

In the mean time the free education system commenced by Mr.C.W.W.Kannangara began to give results. Many Central Schools were established and large numbers of students from all levels of the society were being educated. But yet Sri Lanka had only two Universities one in Colombo and the other in Peradeniya. These Universities could not accommodate the large influx of students seeking University education.

To overcome this difficulty the Government adopted a system of admission to Universities on a population basis, which was not favourable to students from the minority communities. This fact added to the Sinhala being declared the official language, deepened the growing discontent of the Tamil politicians, who set up the people against the government.

This situation could have been stopped, if the government had acted thoughtfully by adopting a more accommodating government policy, such as making both Tamil and Sinhala Languages compulsory subjects in the school curriculum for all students. The government could have provided crash courses to Tamil public servants to learn to speak Sinhala, and the Sinhala public servants to speak Tamil.

With regard to admission to Universities, the government could have taken steps to open more Universities, and Open Universities to admit all students seeking higher education. These facilities could now be provided and the two main problems that concern the ordinary people of all the Communities could be solved, without entering into an APRC.

These are not really “ ethnic problems”, but situations that had been allowed to grow without being attended, in the development stage of Sri Lanka as an Independent Sovereign State. The problem was amplified by the politicians seeking political mileage on these issues.

It was this political rivalry between the Tamil politicians, and the government that eventually resulted in a group of youths from under privileged non-Vellalah caste taking up arms against the government and their upper class Vellalah political mentors to set up a separate State for the Tamils.

They were used by India and trained as terrorists to keep Sri Lanka from developing into a dominant Island in the Indian Ocean, a challenge to India in South Asia. However, the leader of the terrorists is of the Tamil fisher caste, a low caste, in the Hindu caste system.

The Tamil politicians who do not want a separate Tamil Homeland, but more political power to administer the Tamil dominated areas are trying to reap benefits from the situation resulting from the language Issue, and that of the admission of Students to the Universities on a percentage basis, projecting it as an “ethnic problem” purely for political reasons.

This same “ethnic issue” is being used by the terrorists to attract the attention of the International Community which knows nothing at all about the “ethnic” problem of Sri Lanka, or how it started. They do not make any attempt to understand what it is all about, and merely call the government to find a solution to the problem !

However, the “ethnic problem” is prominently exposed to the public view, by the Tamil politicians , the International Community, the Human Rights activists, and the Amnesty International, as an un-surmountable problem, which could be solved only by negotiations for “power sharing”. This power sharing is a call by the ambitious Tamil politicians.

The ordinary Tamil people want only to have access to education, employment, more contact with the people of other communities, and the ability to use their own language in their contact with the government administration ,and justice. Above all they want a peaceful existence with their compatriots.

The Tamil diaspora, supporting the terrorists in Sri Lanka to separate a part of Sri Lanka as a homeland for the Tamils also justify the call for a separate State by the terrorists, as a solution for the non-existent “ethnic problem”.

Therefore, in reality there is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka, but an attempt to divide the country and keep the Communities apart haggling for a bone of contention called the “ethnic problem”

Friday, 16 January 2009

Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhala, and Sinhala belong to Sri Lanka.

I am a Sinhala and therefore I say that Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhala and the Sinhala belong to Sri Lanka.

But it does not stop a Tamil or a Muslim from Sri Lanka to say that, Sri Lanka belongs to them and they belong to Sri Lanka. It is in that expression of belonging, that the Unity of all those who live in Sri Lanka could be built. Because Sri Lanka is the “ precious possession “ of all of us, be they Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim.

But, it is not turning round to accuse a Sinhala , Tamil or a Muslim acclaiming that “sense of possession” a supremacist, or a racist that we could unite to build a Nation of Sri Lankans.

People like Narapalasingham, or Krishnaraja - who wrote the Tamil view on Mahavamsa in the Muslim Guardian, read the Mahavamsa not to learn more about their compatriots, but to steal from them their history, and their culture, to interpret and write their own history condemning the Sinhala, in praising the Tamils.

They stand to gain nothing from the exercise, except to create deeper clefts, between the two communities. Krishnaraja goes beyond interpreting the written document, to read into the mind of the writer of the Mahavamsa. If the exercise gives them some sort of ego centric joy it is no harm, but beyond their joy they create strong barriers between communities that hinder the progress and development of a country.

It is far better for these historians, the journalists, and web masters in the internet, to exploit their talent in writing to bring the three major community into a united whole, rather than put them asunder by re-writing history to cover up an imagined racial supremacy of one community, to establish the supremacy of another.

The Sinhala- to be more precise, the Sinhala Buddhists fought a war against Elara- an invader who had set up a kingdom, to re-establish the old Sinhala Kingdom, but they did not fight against the Tamils or the Muslims, who had been accepted by them as part of the population of the kingdom.. The racial riots of which the Sinhala are being accused, were not “against” the Tamil people, though they became victims of a political exigency of the then politicians. Even the Muslim riots before independence were not” against” the Muslim Community, but to exert the right of the Sinhala people for religious and cultural manifestations, and to infuse a sense of respect for the religion and culture of the other communities.

The Sinhala, Tamil and the Muslim Communities are a part and parcel of our country, there is no demand of “kappan” by the majority for the “right” of their being a part of the Nation. Therefore, the Sri Lanka journalists should not play into the hands of the politicians to divide the country, but stand by a democratically elected government, even if they do not agree with its politics, at least to help it in its struggle to fight an enemy of the Nation.

If the country is divided, it is the foreign countries that would make that division a handle to create greater divisions for their benefit. The Ambassador of the USA Robert Blake, the Prime Minster of UK Gordon Brown, the Ambassador of Germany Jurgen Weerth, and the Foreign Minster of India Pranab Mukherjee, have no business to interfere into our affairs , as we are no more a Colony of any one of them, but a Sovereign State responsible for our destinies.

It is the “stupidity” of Ranil Wickramsinghe of UNP, Mangala Samaraweera of SLFP(M), Rauf Hakeem of SLMC, and Anura Kumara Dissanayake of JVP, that makes it possible for the International Community to interfere into our affairs. We have lost very valuable people to terrorism, such as the late Lakshman Kadirgamar, Army Commander Janaka Perera, A.Amirthalingam,Neelan Theruchelvam, Parami Kulatunga, Kethesh Loganathn, Major Muthalif, to name a few. It is not the foreign people who have lost them. Therefore these foreign meddlers do not understand the extent of our grievance.

The Late Lasantha Wickramatunga’s assassination is very much regretted, but his journalism with an anti Buddhist twist also contributed to the division of the people of the country and enabled the foreign destructive elements to interfere into the affairs of our country.

Even Narapalasinghams, Krishnarajans, the whole lot of the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora, and the terrorist pampering websites cannot but agree that it had been always the Sinhala Buddhists who came forward to protect the Country against divers foreign invaders from corrupting our culture and disrupting our progress, or those who attempt to tare away our social fabric, or divide the country. It had been so during the Chola, Pandiya, and other Dravidian invasions, or later on when the British Colonialists began corrupting our cultural values.

The more significant rising of the people against the British Rulers was, when the British taxed the people and forced males over 18 years to work for the construction of roads, and were disrespectful to their religion and culture. It was the Rebellion of the 1817. People were against the enslavement of the people by the British Rulers therefore they revolted. The Buddhist priests who had always taken the fore front to defend the people and the religion became the object of hostility of the British Colonial Rulers.

They took revenge from the Buddhist Priests, by changing the Clause five of the Kandyan Convention signed in 1815, which held Buddhism inviolable, and its temples and priests to be protected and maintained as before , to read that the “ priests and the ceremonies of Buddhism shall receive the respect which in former times was shown to them.”

This Rebellion of 1817 against the British began with the support of Keppetipola Maha Nilame, and led by Puran Appu, Gongalegoda Bandara, and Venerable Kudahapola Therunnanse, in Dambulla in the Matale.District. The British Army was said to have gone on rampage to stop the rebellion killing masses of people, burning their houses and looting their property. The rebellion was quelled after executing Puran Appu, Gongale Bandara and eighteen others after a summery trial. The Venerable Kudahapola Therunnanse was shot dead in his yellow robe, symbolically insulting the Buddhism the religion of the Sinhala people.

The British Colonial Rulers were the first terrorists, who terrorised the Sinhala Buddhists. The People in Matale and Kuranegala suffered the most as an aftermath of the rebellion Marshall Law was declared in the Kandy District. The British Governor resigned after a Parliamentary inquiry held in the British Parliament, found him guilty of excessive harassment of the people.

This is the same scenario that is being enacted to-day with Ranil Wickramasinghe of the UNP, Rauf Hakim of SLMC, Anura Kumara Dissanayake of the JVP, Mangala Samaraweera of the SLFP(M), and the Tamil diaspora representing the British Colonial Rulers, with the terrorists as their army.

They insult, and make false accusations against the President, the Army Commander and the Defence Secretary, as the British Army’s summery trial before executing the leaders of the Rebellion. The Sri Lanka Army is being belittled , as the British Army killed, burnt and looted the houses of the poor Sinhala people. The JHU representing the Buddhism is being subjected to a systematic character assassination, as the British executed by shooting the Venerable Kudahapola Therunnanse in his yellow robe.

This is later history than the Mahavamsa, and Narapalasingham , and Krishnaraja could learn more about the heroism of the Sinhala Buddhists, and their courageous attempts to safeguard their country, their motherland Sri Lanka , from these events recorded by the British, and now available in the British record office.

The Sinhala Buddhists then under the British Colonialism fearlessly faced the British rulers against the desecration of their religion, and forcing a foreign culture upon their people through their Missionaries. The Sinhala Buddhists did not rebel against the Colonial rulers because they were the majority , but because they had to do it, and no one else would have done it for them.

Even today, it is the Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers, under the Sinhala Buddhist Generals, and Army Officers, who are fighting to save the country from the menace of a ruthless group of terrorist.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

There is an attempt in Sri Lanka today to Steal from the Armed Forces the glory of its successes against Terrorism.

The events taking place in Sri Lanka are certainly disturbing but for that matter our Island Home the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is not a tyranny.

Most of what is written in many websites by those of the Tamil diaspora, accusations by the divers foreign human rights activists, Amnesty International , and local politicians opposed to the government of Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse are part of the false propaganda each for their own benefits, to the benefit of the terrorists( who have large sums of money to spend), but do not “portray” the actual situation of Sri Lanka under the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government.

After Independence there were no radical changes taking place and the people did not see a difference between the colonialism and the self-rule. The early UNP government headed by D.S.Senanayake was a mere change of hands from the British to the Sri Lankans. It was unable to make any difference until C.W.W.Kannangara introduced the free education system.

The UNP was highly respected by the people because they represented their own social hierarchy- Baron Jayatilleke, Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan, Ponnambalam Arunachalam, D.S.Senanayake, Dudley Senanayke, J.R.Jayawardhane, John.Kotelawala, A.Ranayake, T.B.Jayah and so on. They were their representative in the State Council. But they did not make any thing different to make the people feel independent from a foreign rule. The UNP in power and their political leaders were still different from the ordinary people. ( nothing has really changed in UNP even in 2009)

It was only with S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike, in 1956, that a real political change took place. And with changes come conflicts, discriminations, distrust and political and social rivalries. That was what brought about the feeling of differences, and the beginning of building barriers each group or race trying to protect one from the other.

But these were still the pains of becoming “Independent”, like the pains at child birth, which as we grow old take different forms. It was “the birth pains” of a new country in the making, delivered from 150 years or more of slavery under colonialism. The Independence was a new adventure in to an unknown future. The placid peace and calm slaving under colonial masters gave place to other problems and difficulties.

There were the racial riots, and a exodus of a part of the population some to escape from fear of the riots of the past, and others making it an excuse to immigrate into richer lands, later to become the diaspora. Those who migrated directly from Jaffna had no experience of living with the Sinhala. They new Sinhala from what they were told about them, and the race riots made them believe that the “Sinhala” were a community of monstres.

These Tamils in the diaspora, who knew nothing about the Sinhala fed their children with the stories they had heard from others about the monstrosity of the Sinhala people. In the mean time the political shape of the country changed. Many governments were formed. The Sinhala who got the majority of votes under a democratic system of elections formed each of those governments, and the Tamil and Muslim political parties opposed these governments or supported them on coalition agreements.

The Tamil politicians wanted equality with the Sinhala majority, and continually asked for political concessions. It was first the language, and then constitutional changes to make them political leaders of areas separated for Tamils in the North and East. These demands were made not by the ordinary Tamil people but rather the higher caste Tamils, to preserve their vellahla nobility above the ordinary working class, and divers people considered low according to the Hindu caste system.

In the meantime a group of youth took to arms thinking that they can realise with the guns what the Tamil political parties had failed to obtain through democracy –a separate state for the Tamils. The diaspora a generation or two after, still had the image of the Sinhala from the stories related to them by their parents, and elders. They were happy that Prabhakaran a Tamil man like them had at last decided to take revenge from the “Sinhala monsters”, that had frightened away their parents and elders, from their mother land.

They may have thought it was a good idea to have a separate homeland for the Tamils as marked out by Prabhakaran and his terrorists on the map of Sri Lanka, from Putlam right up to Jaffna and down to Batticaloa and beyond. It was therefore, an opportunity for those second generation Children of the diaspora along with their parents to vindicate their rights by establishing their own Homeland. Hence they contributed to the coffers of the terrorists at the rate of between 200 to 300 million dollars per year.

The ruthless Prabhakaran with followers made up of kidnapped boys and girls, who were trained by the Indian Secret Service, later with a brained washed men and women trained as a squad of suicide bombers, took to the jungles of north and east Sri Lanka killing maiming and torturing all those who opposed them, killing the army personnel, government offices, Ministers, and Presidents. They were greatly assisted by the Western Countries who were opposed to developing countries, because kept poor , they could each stabilise its leadership over a series of small poor countries, setting them up as their holiday resorts, plantations, and for their mineral deposits.

Of them Norway went all out to help the terrorists to set up a separate Eelam State, and got the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, who was a bootlicker of the West, a pretentious, anti patriotic element to sign a CFA , with the terrorists on the conditions they had laid down in consultation with the terrorist Prabhakaran..

Under this CFA the terrorists were handed over territories to be kept under their control, without being interfered by the Government Forces, and the Police. In them the terrorists built their administrative centres. They bought Ships, planes and radio transmission equipment and huge stocks of arms and armaments, from the regular income they were receiving from the Tamil diaspora. These terrorists, continued a period of terror for thirty long years.

According to the conditions of the CFA, the terrorists, were permitted to come to the Government controlled areas, for political work, but instead, they sent their pistol gangs on motor bicycles, grenade lobbers, snipers, to kill who ever they wanted to and escaped into the areas under their control, into which the police or the army were not allowed to enter in search of the killers.

This went on unchecked, and the terrorists, killed, murdered , assassinated, massacred, kidnapped , tortured with impunity. On the 18 November,2005, Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse was elected the President of Sri Lanka with a majority of 50.3 percent of votes. He would have had a larger vote , but for the fact that the out going President who was against a man from the South becoming the President, worked with the leader of the opposition to divide the vote, thus giving Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse a less number of votes than were expected.

However, Mr.Mahinda Rajapkse a man of the people very sincere and dedicated to the political cause in his election manifesto had given priority to end terrorism by negotiating for peace with Prabhakaran the terrorist leader. The foreign press, and the media lead by the BBC who were sympathetic towards the Rightist Presidential candidate started a campaign against Mahinda Rajpakse, and when he was elected they called him a hawkish President.

Nevertheless, the President Mahinda Rajapakse true to his election promises, invited the terrorist leader Prabhakaran for peace negotiations. But Prabhakaran refused to meet him personally and agreed for peace negotiation through his representatives. There after there were several rounds of negotiations between a delegations from the terrorists and those from the Government, in foreign countries selected by the terrorists. The terrorist delegations abandoned the negotiations half way each time they met, and took time off to negotiate purchase of arms and ammunitions with foreign arms dealers.

Finally, the terrorists refused negotiations and to emphasise their determination to set up their Eelam State by force, blasted a claymore bomb targeting a bus carrying civilians, in which 64 men, women, and children were killed, and 39 wounded. But despite that despicable mass murder, the President did not stop his call for peace negotiations.

The terrorists who were determined for an armed confrontation with the Sri Lanka army which they thought was not a match to their well equipped terrorist forces, closed the sluice gates of a tank depriving the farmers of water. The engineers who went to open the gates were shot at by the terrorists.

It was only then, in July, 2006, that the President ordered the Army to intervene to open the sluice gates. That marked the first retaliatory attack against the terrorists, by the Sri Lanka Army. The terrorists who were then claimed to be an invincible armed group, by the pro-terrorist activists including Norway, began turning their heavy artillery on the Government Forces.

The President as the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces, called his brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse, a war veteran with 20 years of experience fighting against the terrorists to join the Government as the Defence Secretary. He modernised the Army, to take up the challenge of the terrorists.

The President left the organising and carrying out of the military operations in the hands of the Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, and the Commanders of the Air and Naval forces without politically interfering into the military operations.

The result was the well equipped army who planned and carried out a successful military campaign against the terrorists. The army first cleared the east of the terrorists and allowed the government to set up a Provincial Administration in the East after democratic election of Provincial Councillors.

Thereafter, the Army set up Army Defence Lines to separate Jaffna peninsular from Wanni which was under terrorist control. The terrorists had taken all main roads to Jaffna under their control and set up a well fortified terrorist Head Quarters in Kilinochchi.

The Sri Lanka Army planned new strategies and sent out small armed groups to capture from the terrorists the main roads and the terrorists encampments . The Wanni gradually fell under the Sri Lanka Army control, and on the 2 January, 2009, the Army captured Kilinochchi the Administrative Centre of the terrorists, where their elusive terrorist leader Prabhakaran had taken residence.

With the capture of Kilinochchi the myth of the invincibility of terrorist forces ended and they dispersed in disarray, calling it a tactical withdrawal and hid in the jungles of Mulaitivu taking with them the civil population to deter the army from bombardment and artillery fire.

The army is continuing to pursue its operations and many key towns once under the control of the terrorists have been captured.

The successful military operation carried out by the Government Forces of Sri Lanka, is seeing an eventual end to terrorism that had taken hold of the country for over quarter of a century. This does not seem to please every one. Specially some of those who may be loosing “benefits” they had been accruing from terrorist sources.

The critics of this government who say that the President and his Government are a set of good for nothing corrupt politicians making their families rich, organise assassination of journalists, are people with an axe to grind. They are mostly from among the Tamil diaspora, the Sinhala politicians who are yearning for political power, to benefit from many business and other operation that they think they were unfortunate to have left for those in power now to gather, and Tamil politicians who have political ambition for their own self aggrandisement.

The voices of these prophets of doom are heard through various Websites from the TamilNet of the terrorists, to Transcurrent, Tamil Week, and Sri Lanka Guardian. And News papers like those of the Leader publications.

The din of the anti-government, and pro terrorist noises have drowned the true voices of the Ordinary people -the Tamil, the Sinhala and the Muslim people, as they do not write to these websites, or they have no news papers that represent them. If there were to have been any they would have been called the papers carrying government propaganda.

But the fact is that the ordinary people of the country know who the President is and who his brothers are and what the Government is doing. Therefore it does not really matter what the Tamil diaspora or the opposition, and ambitious Tamil politicians have to say about the government.

A silk cloth will remain a silk cloth in what ever colour it is died. Therefore, the government cannot be assailed, ridiculed, or accused by these senseless berates. These are attempts by the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora, local and foreign terrorist sympathisers to under value the importance of the glorious heroism of Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

At last after 60 years of independence we have a Political leader, a wise Statesman in the President Mahinda Rajapakse. He has given to the ordinary people the pride of belonging to a great nation of Sri Lankans.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

No Foreign Government could be equalled to that of the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka in its fight against Terrorism

The UK, France and USA who created ,Israel have a greater responsibility to intervene to stop continued bombardment of Gaza. When the allies of the second world war created Israel they did not make any arrangements for the Palestinians who were living there, and many of them still live in refugee camps.

It is the responsibility of the architects of Israel to intervene to stop the carnage that is going on in Gaza, instead of interfering into affairs of Sri Lanka that do not concern them at all. The government of Sri Lanka is not having a war but carrying out military operations to flush out the ruthless terrorists who were occupying a greater part of the Wanni.

Thanks to a President with wisdom and foresight, and the Armed Forces, Sri Lanka is seeing an end to the intolerable situation it has with terrorism, for which the International Community only issued instructions to the government to negotiate peace with the terrorists who did not want any such thing. It was only three days ago that the President elect Mr. Barrack Obama said that there is no room at the negotiating table for terrorist Organisations. How should it be different to Sri Lanka fighting against a ruthless group of terrorists who created enough damage to our country and our people for three long decades ?

Speaking about the creation of Israel Mme Simone Veil who is a respected French political figure, the first President of the European Parliament, who had been imprisoned in the Nazi Concentration camps, says in her book Une Vie( a life time) that the creation of Israel was not well thought out , and it would have been better to have mixed the Israelites with the Palestinians. If Israelites had been made to live with the Palestinniens, they would have adopted themselves and even founded the kibboutz long before the creation of the State of Israel.

Sri Lanka has no intention of separating its people, one community from the other. Its military operations are against the terrorists, and not against the Tamil people. The whole complicated ethnic issue is the work of the interested parties to create dissention and use terrorism as an excuse to separate an area for Tamils for political reasons.
The Homeland for Tamils is the brain child of Prabhakaran encouraged by India, and Tamil Nadu. The Tamil diaspora had been brought into it through the idea of a separate homeland, to spend their holidays. The ordinary non-political Tamil people of Sri Lanka do not want a homeland. They are happy being a part of the motherland Sri Lanka with their Sinhala and Muslim compatriots.
We have had enough of the Western Pandits trying to give us lessons We have no lessons to take from them. They have not them selves acted with wisdom and foresight in their past political manoeuvres. Israel is a living example of their short sighted political planning to overcome a then urgent situation.

Immediately after Kilinochchci was taken by the SLA, the UK Secretary of State for International Development, Douglas Alexander and Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown urged both parties to the conflict to respect International Humanitarian Law, and find a political solution to end the conflict.
The American Ambassador Robert Blake did not hesitate to come out of the shade, to say the same thing with a difference this time. He says that the US does not advocate Sri Lanka government negotiating with the LTTE. That is the change. It took a long time for Blake to realise that the terrorists were not a group with whom to negotiate peace.
But he has not forgotten to add the other part from his old song, that a broad range of other Tamil voices and opinions must be brought into a political process to reach a political solution that Tamils inside and outside of Sri Lanka see as legitimate. As I have said the Tamils inside have no ethnic problem, and do not want a political devolution of power. It is the demand of the Tamil politicians, and the Tamil diaspora which claims a homeland.
India in order to be politically correct, says through its Foreign Minister Shiv Shankar Menon that there is no military solution to Sri Lanka’s problem, no matter how the military situation might fluctuate, until there is a political understanding within the framework of a united Sri Lanka, within which all the communities in Sri Lanka are comfortable, you cannot speak of a political solution.
The brash Mr.Subramaniam Swamy says that India must initiate action to assist the Sri Lankan government to take out the LTTE, and tell the President, Rajapakse, that following the end of the LTTE, India reserves the right to intervene militarily if the Sri Lanka government does not implement, as promised, a proper devolution of powers for the Tamils under the Constitution of Sri Lanka.
India cannot arbitrarily decide to intervene in Sri Lanka militarily for any reason. Sri Lanka, thanks to our President is not isolated from the rest of the world, it has its friends who will intervene if the necessity arises in support of Sri Lanka.
However, India will not make such an irresponsible statement, but it shows to what extent the Indians think that Sri Lanka could be kicked and pushed according their whim and pleasure.
None of these foreign political stalwarts could be equalled to the excellence of the President Mahinda Rajapakse. He did not consult the foreign Governments and military experts to end the terrorist menace that had taken root in Sri Lanka for three decades. None of the previous heads of governments had been perspicacious as Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. His determination, the ability to wade through troubled waters of political turmoil to achieve the object of ending terrorism on which he had laid his mind, bore its fruits.
Instead of congratulating the President Mahinda Rajapakse , accepting his formidable achievement as a political success, the foreign governments, which with their greater military ability had failed even to get close to what the President Mahinda Rajapakse has accomplished, give uncalled for advice and counsel as to what he should do next.
The President Mahinda Rajapakse knows exactly what he should do next, without being prompted by any foreign political pandit, let alone a Brown, Blake or a Swamy. The Government of Sri Lanka has enough experience to deal with any serious situation , if it is left alone to deal with them.
We do not want any more NGOs and INGOs. Our people are quite capable of organising voluntary groups to carry out humanitarian work for our people. Perhaps we lack generous contributions from foreign associations, which have so far contributed for humanitarian projects through INGOs.
If this is changed, and instead of sending foreign personal to be engaged in humanitarian work in Sri Lanka, the funds are made available to Associations or Agencies recognised by the government, the humanitarian work for the welfare of our needy people could be more beneficially carried out. It had been made evident after the capture of the territories under the control of the terrorists in Sri Lanka, that the INGOs who had transported material and equipment for construction work had done nothing at all.
One begins to wonder what the INGOs had been doing in these areas, other than perhaps spending a wonderful holiday in comfort, feeding on prawns , crabs and washing them down with beer !! The construction equipment had however been put to good use by the terrorists who had built earth bunds and trenches where hundreds of our soldiers became the targets for the terrorist gun men, while climbing the bunds with their back packs and falling into trenches.
Never again should the government place any trust in INGOs/NGOs in future, unless they are made to work for projects planned and put in place by the government.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Sri Lanka is our Motherland- there are no Homelands

With Kilinochchi becoming the target, the government forces meeting heavy resistance, minds begin to open, and ink begins to flow on hurriedly collected sheets of paper with open flourishes of discontent against the government, and veiled praise for the terrorists.

The most active “noise makers” in this respect, to the complete exclusion of the Tamils that matter, the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka, from Kankesenturai in the North to Hambantota in the South, are the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora. The Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora seem to think that they are the only Tamils that matter, as they have commissioned Prabhakaran and his gang of terrorists to carve out a Tamil Homeland for them, for which they pay around 300 million dollars annually.

The real Tamil Community in Sri Lanka avoids all demonstrations against the terrorists. They take refuge in silence for fear of reprisals. If the manifestations were held in the north against the Sri Lanka army they were organised and executed on the orders of the terrorists.

The situation is such that for some members of the International Community, like those in UK led by MP Andrew Peeling of Croydon, only Tamils that matter are those in the diaspora, and they speak for them, and the Tamils in the diaspora speak for the Tamils in Sri Lanka without knowing much about them other than what has been, or is being told to them.

Of course, other than the Tamil diaspora we have the TNA MPs- the proxies for the terrorists, Mano Ganeshan and other politicians whose primary interests are to create mayhem, for their political benefit, and communal dissention and racial hatred as their raisons d’ĂȘtre. They too do not speak for the majority of the real Tamil people of Sri Lanka, poor or rich, working class or upper class.

Therefore, what appears in the websites, as the words of the Tamil people , should be read as the words of the Tamil diaspora.

The Tamils of the diaspora are well read for instance Narapalasingham gives his interpretation of the Mahavamsa , which he thinks is some sort of Grimm’s fairy tale. What he retains of his reading is an idea of a Mahavamsa mindset, with which he harries the Sinhala as having a Mahavamsa mindset.

It is again the Tamil dispora which has created defenders of the Tamil people in the International Community, like Bruce Fein, Andrew Peeling, Ramans, and Hariharans. They speak of Kilinochchi as the Stalingrad of the Government Forces, Wanni as the Army Grave Yard.

It is again the Tamil diaspora that claims ownership to territory, without even a “ by your permission”. The real Tamil Community from Kankasenturai to Hambantota do not claim any special territory as their own , because they know Sri Lanka is their motherland, where they have the right to live whereever they want.

Therefore, Prabhakaran’s assertions are for himself , and for his followers in the Tamil diaspora. The Sinhala diaspora has their motherland and do not claim any part of it as their territory-the homeland.

It is said that our ancestors were nomads. They lived by hunting, and did not stay in the same place for long. Then they decided to settle down, diversify their eating habits. Began to cultivate and build huts to live in. All problems started from the time they settled down and staked out their territories. There was then the clans., who lived together. And when the clans became large they encroached upon the lands of the other clans and their were clan wars with clubs and axes to protect their lands and it continues to this day. It is time we stop delimitating land as our territory, and your territory.

Sri Lanka is big enough for the Sinhala, the Tamil, the Muslim and others to live together. We need no boundaries to separate one community from the other. We can share the land, the food, the water, and shelter and live happily. Why should we allow a big fat terrorist to dictate terms to us, and a diaspora living in clover in their adopted homes to narrate old history to divide our common land ?

There is no historical land for different Community in Sri Lanka. That is part of the divisive thinking of the terrorists, and their supporters of the Tamil diaspora. Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhala, Tamils, Muslims and others who were born in it or acquired its citizenship. In the 21st century when the Americans and Russians are planning to have colonies in the Moon, it is absurd for the Tamil Diaspora following their terrorist “Sun God” to claim a historical land in Sri Lanka as their Home Land.

They should come down to earth and reality, and disown the fat terrorist Prabhakaran, and love their motherland and be a part of it’s multiethnic population. Once it has been done let us share our political view to build a united nation without holding allegiance to any foreign land such as Tamil Nadu with whose Culture, Sri Lanka Tamils have nothing in common, except their language and religion.

The religion and language we could have burrowed from any one like Christianity and English, and for that matter, those among us who are Christians and speak English, are not

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year resolution of the Guardian Website, and bigoted and blinkered views on Communal Unity.

On the first of January, the Chief Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian Website , declared its goals and ideals as the voice of the people, promising to make it their forum. But not the voices of all people, because, he does not want prejudices, bigoted blinkered view on race, religion and other matters.

He objects to bringing in historical material to establish that Sri Lanka is the land of the Sinhala people. He does not want writers who bring in negative and harmful views on the challenges the country is facing, and having a view contrary to the view that Sri Lanka is a nation of diverse communities which is a historical reality.

The Guardian Website was shocked with the highly offensive declaration the Army Commander had made to a Canadian journalist.

He goes on to say that just as it reacted to the statement of the Army Commander, he will not tolerate any such claims, because such claim if true every one will have to return to the cradle of their origin in Africa.

The last paragraph is interesting, if not significant asking those who claim Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhala to return to Africa. But the original men after leaving Africa may have settled down in other places, such as in Tamil Nadu to become Tamils , and some in the Middle East to become Muslims. In thinking on these lines, the Tamils of Sri Lanka may return to Tamil Nadu, and the Muslims to the Middle East, but where may the Sinhala go to. The Sinhala have to stay where they are as they have no other place to go to, except to jump into the deep blue sea !

The deep blue sea not being an acceptable alternative the Sinhala people will have to remain where they belong to –Sri Lanka. That may be why the Army Commander said that Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhala.

Of course that will not be an argument to satisfy the Chief Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian Website. Nevertheless, he should give thought to it. But his website is the table for verbal ping-pong, for the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora, writing from, London, Canada, Frankfort, Wales, Australia most of them “bashing” the President, the government, the army and the Sinhala. They are apparently most welcome even if they read the Mahavamsa holding it upside down, like Narapalasingham, and others from the Tamil Sangam.

That said the new year resolutions are most of the time forgotten with the passing of time, therefore the Chief Editor of the Guardian website, may later on accept contributions from those writers with prejudiced, bigoted, blinkered views on race, religion and other matters, as the world is after all made up of all these people, the good and the bad, the positive and the negative.

What is essential after the removal of the cancer of terrorism from the body of the nation, is to find ways and means to re- build Sri Lanka as a United Nation of diverse communities. It is often times a sad event, or a death that re enforces the bonds of unity. Let it be with Sri Lanka. Let us not do the mistakes we had done before, let us begin with a new leaf. It is not by asserting our identities that we could unite, but accepting reality as it is, and building the foundation of unity according to the ground, on which the Mansion of Communal Unity is to stand.

In building this Mansion of Communal Unity, what are the realities we should accept, and the irrealities we should throw over board ? The realities whether one likes it or not, are the facts as they are at present. 73.8 percent of the total population of Sri Lanka are the Sinhala, 18.5 per cent the Tamils, and 7.2 per cent Muslims.

We cannot change this situation unless by decimating the Sinhala, like the Incas or the American Indians. Even Narapalasingham’s new history book cannot change the “ground” situation. Nor will the situation change as the Chief Editor of Guardian Website would like to have it, by taking a magic wand and saying that, “…. Sri Lank is a nation of diverse communities which is a historical reality.”

If we stand back from that, “ historical reality”, and take an intelligent stock of things , we may have different perception. This is an invitation to the Chief Editor of the SLG Website , the Tamil Diaspora, and all those pro terrorists, anti Sinhala writers, journalists and historians. The past is better left where it is, and the future is unknown to jump into, therefore we should accept the “present moment” as it is.

Beginning from there we should see what separates us the three major Communities-the Sinhala, the Tamil and the Muslim from each other. They are our different religions, the language, and the culture which is influenced by our religions and our beginnings.

What brings us together despite our differences ? First it is undoubtedly the fact that we have been brought up together in the same land. Therefore the land , that is the Country is the most important uniting factor. It will also be the factor that would divide us if we speak of the historical homelands, or setting up separate Communal areas. Therefore, it is important to keep the Country as a whole to make it the “pole” of unity.

Then what are the other factors that bring us together ? We have a shared culture. The Sinhala, and Tamil have a common cultural back ground based on the religions. Hinduism and Buddhism being two ancient religions that had a beginning in India, bind the Tamils and the Sinhala in a common culture. The Muslims though they have different religious belief, yet they unite in areas of spiritual respect. The Adams Peak or the Sri Pada for instance is sacred for the Sinhala Buddhists, and holy for the Muslims.

The Muslim Community specially in the Villages mixing with the Sinhala and Tamil villagers have absorbed little of each other’s culture in subtle ways that has created bonds of “acceptance”. So it is in the urban areas, where mixing together in schools, celebrations, and festivities, we “ rub off “ to one another our cultural and social interests that draw us close to each other.

It is on these similarities that we will have to build Communal Unity, not on already a prejudiced view, that “ no one race lives by the good grace of another”. This is already dragging in a divisive thought. There is no disagreement that Sri Lanka is the land of the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays, Burghers and others to whom this country is home.

That is a fact, it is also a fact that we respect the rights and privileges, cultures and religions of each Community, without putting into prominence the communal differences, be it being the minority or being the majority. If that agreement is satisfactory, what if a Sinhala were to say Sri Lanka belongs to me , or a Tamil or a Muslim were to say Sri Lanka belongs to me ?

No body would raise a voice against any one of them, because basically we belong to this country and it belongs to each one of us.

How about that, Mr. Chief Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian Website , as a call for Unity ? Do you still call it , “prejudices and bigoted and blinkered views on race, religion and other matters” ?

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Sunday, 4 January 2009

To a blinkered writer in Asian Tribune , taking Kilinochchi, for Gaza

A blinkered journalist to the Asian Tribune, does not want to give credit to the President Mahinda Rajapakse even for the capture of Kilinochchi and for writing off terrorismn at least as it had been for the last nearly three decades. She harps on the defeats and set backs, without understanding that there would never be success with out defeats and set backs. The declaration of the victory over the enemy in capturing Kilinochchi which Prabhakaran said would be the dream of Rajapakse, was reason enough to be happy and rejoice, not for the political gains that the writer emphasises , but for the victory itself.
If we do not acclaim that victory, we are failing to acknowledge the supreme sacrifice made by hundreds of young soldiers, some maimed for life, and others left with psychological scars. The joy of victory for us, is like waking after a horrible nightmare for those soldiers still on the battle front. The whole attempt of the blinkered writer is to discredit Mahinda Rajapakse, reproaching him for making political capital of the situation. Her attempt for political vengeance against the President on this issue is misplaced, and shows a shameful disregard for the heroic deeds of our brave soldiers that made the victory possible.
The President Mahinda Rajapakse, is not attempting to make political gain out of the capture of Kilinochchi. It may be the furthest from his thoughts. Mahinda Rajapakse, is a compassionate human being, which he has shown on many occasions. He is some one who feels other peoples pains and sufferings. I am sure he spent moments of sadness over the death of the youthful men on both sides of the “war”. The blinkered writer will not understand those human values, as her main object is to smear the good name of Mahinda Rajapakse.
The blinkered writer continues her intolerable attempt to divide the people, rather than bring them together. In the war against terrorism the right thinking people are not divided. The Tamil people may certainly have a sentimental attachment to the Tamil youth dying for the cause for which they have been forcefully engaged by a terrorists with a “one track mind”. But the ordinary Tamil people may not have a “devotional “attachment to Prabhakaran himself .
Those mother and fathers whose children had been taken away to fight Prabhakaran’s battle, may not see Prabhakaran as a great Tamil leader. Even if Prabhakaran declares an Eelam State there will be no Tamils from the South who will volunteer to live in Prabhkaran’s Tamil Eelam. There may perhaps be hordes of them willing to come from Tamil Nadu !
Tamil people would vote against the war as it is after all the Tamil youth that are being made to fight the war of a ruthless madman, who uses the gun to defend his cause. Life has no value for him. The Tamil people live in fear of reprisal. They cannot say, no to the “war” conducted by the Sri Lanka Army, and say, yes to the terrorists for their killing, maiming , torturing, and kidnapping. They are in a difficult situation.
The blinkered writer does not ask her self the question, who asked for the war ?
It was not the Sinhala governments who wanted a war. It was Prabhakaran who started terrorism, helped by India. Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse- the President, never wanted a war. He was doing his best to come to a peace settlement. It was the terrorists who continued their terror activities without agreeing for a peace settlement. It is of course unfortunate that the Tamils , who have to bear the brunt of the war , which Prabhakaran , and the Tamil diaspora, do not seem to understand.
The Lanka State, as pointed out was brought into to an unwanted war, by the terrorists when they closed the sluice gates at Mavil Aru. Therefore, the Sri Lanka government cannot be blamed as the party that imposed a war on the terrorists or on the Tamil people. Oh, blinkered writer ! take off your what ever coloured glass, to see the reality.
The Sinhala people wanted to continue the “war” to which they were brought into by the terrorists, for the simple reason that thy would like to have their motherland as a unitary whole, even if they do not want to go an live in Jaffna. Now the poor ordinary Tamil people in Wanni who are suffering under the terrorists being herded from one place to the other have to be rescued by the government forces. The terrorists will not leave them behind , not for the love they bear for these people, but without them the terrorists will be “sitting ducks “ for the bombs and artillery fire of the Government Forces.
The blinkered writer of the Asian tribune says, that a Sri Lankan Nation is non-existent. I do not know where she got it from, because to all evidence there is certainly a Sri Lankan Nation composed of the three main Communities, and other minor communities. There may not be agreement on many issues, like the children of a same family, nevertheless the Sri Lankan Nation exists. I am sure there are many Tamils who are quite happy that the capture of Kilinochchi marks the end of terrorism to come sooner than expected. The access to Jaffna from where many of our Tamil compatriots in South are living, is made easier after the capture of Kilinochchi. They will be happy to renew links with their homes and families.
The end of terrorism is also the beginning of new opportunities and sharing of political power, building new relations, opening new projects, but those things will have to take their proper time. One should not precipitate changes, as we are all under a psychological trauma after three decades of terrorism in which we have lost many of our religious leaders, respected citizens, and kith and kin. On the contrary to what the blinkered writer states , with the capture of Kilinochchi, the Sinhala , Tamil, Muslim and others begin to have new hopes for peace and harmony, and hope and expectations.
The blinkered writer’s continuous insults to the Sinhala Community, seem to seek the applause of the Tamil people- and perhaps the terrorists for that matter, for some reason.
War and peace are two different states. During war peace cannot be expected. Therefore, one cannot talk about devolution of political power when the country is still “simmering” in the hot pot of a “ war “. At the moment the minds are filled with different emotion, such as anger, hatred, jealousy, desire, attachment, and so on. With these mental conflicts one cannot come to solutions of peace, harmony and tolerance. Therefore, we should wait until the conflicting emotion give place to more acceptable mental states to find viable solutions to our political conflicts.
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Saturday, 3 January 2009

B.Raman’s analysis of the Situation after Kilinochchi.

B.Raman of the Sri Lanka Guardian website writing from Chennai speaks of understandable scenes of jubilation in Colombo and other Sinhala majority areas over the occupation of Kilinochchi. He makes it clear that the “jubilation” is only of the Sinhala majority. Without stopping at that he goes on to speak of similar scenes witnessed after US Army moved without resistance into Baghdad. And he says significantly violence still continues in Iraq, despite “ Mission Accomplished “ proclaimed by Bush.

Raman leaves unsaid the imprudence of the President Rajapakse’s declaration of the capture of Kilinochchi from the terrorists. Raman says that he had said before, that the US Army’s entry into Baghdad marked the end of one phase of the war and the beginning of another. He indirectly warns Sri Lanka Government of what is to come.

Then he adds that it was so in Afghanistan, and that the Talibans who were proclaimed dead, rose from its proclaimed grave and staged a come bake, and fighting still continues. Raman still has hope for the terrorists of the LTTE.

Of course Raman rises to the occasion and says , “….to mention all this is not to under-estimate the significance of the LTTE's loss of control over Kilinochchi after remaining in occupation of it for 12 years, but to stress the inadvisability of premature claims of victory in unconventional conflicts between a State actor and a non-State actor.”. That is to say that the Government of Sri Lanka should not have proclaimed the capture of Kilinochchi from the terrorists, because it was triumphalism.

Raman says that the capture of Kilinochchi may add to the pride of the Sri Lanka Army, but it does not undermine the moral of the terrorists( he calls them the LTTE), because that defeat in Kilinochchi was expected. He warns that the capture of Kilinochchi is not the end of the “LTTE’s” campaign of “insurgency-cum-terrorism”. He says that , it is not the loss of an important piece of territory, that signifies defeat, but it is when it loses the support of the people in the areas still controlled by the terrorists, and the Tamil diaspora, that they-the terrorists, will really be defeated.

Raman’s analysis is based on what he presumes is the good relationship that prevails between the terrorists and the Tamil people in the areas still under their control. The other side of the same coin should be the presumption, that the support of the Tamil people in the areas still under terrorist control have not volunteered their support to the terrorists. But those poor Tamil people had no alternative, but obey the gun toting terrorists. They may be happier without the burden of having to be herded by the terrorists, from place to place to keep themselves alive.

The fact, Raman refuses to understand is, that the local civil Tamil population have had enough of terrorism and wants to finish, and be over with it. The Sri Lankan army is not an army of outsiders, and the Tamil people know the difference between the terrorists, even if they are of their own stock, and the Army who are not terrorists. It is quite evident in Jaffna that the people if not “happy” are at least satisfied that they are not intimidated by the terrorists.

Indians react differently from the Sri Lankans. That is because we the Sri Lankans are a small nation living in a small space, and there is an unseen link that binds all of us, the Sinhala, Tamil and the Muslims together. The Sri Lankans showed their happiness, when its army had triumphed over an enemy, that made them suffer for more than a quarter of a century. In that jubilation they showed their happiness over the victory, for which some of their children had given their lives, while others continue to risk theirs. They were mostly the dear children of the Sinhala majority, who gave their lives, or are continuing to risk their lives to allow the people, and their own families live happily and in peace.

India is a vast country. Sri Lanka is much smaller both in territory, and in population. There was reason for the people of Sri Lanka to express their joy, even if you would call it triumphalism. It is the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora who are with the terrorists, and it will be a long time before the Tamil diaspora will, or if ever accept the Sinhala majority as part of their people, different from the terrorists, even if the terrorists are Tamils. Therefore Raman’s being proud of his political leader’s in India is different, from the pride we have of our own political leaders who gave the leadership for a successful “war” against terrorism..

The Indians not showing their jubilation, over Mizos agreeing for a peace accord, do not mean we should not be joyous of our small army chasing away a ruthless group of terrorists armed to their teeth with sophisticated war material, bought by the 300 million dollar annual contribution by the Tamil diaspora for a free for all terrorism in my little country of 64 740 square kilometres of land, and a population of 21 million people. And India which is 2 973 190 sq km land and 1,027,015,247 people cannot be compared to Sri Lanka.

Mizo is a far away place in Assam, with only 900,000 Sq.Km of land. The people are of Mongolian characteristics , and the average Indian may even not know about them. Mizos were not ruthless terrorists like the LTTE terrorist, for the Indian leaders to be triumphant when Laldenga signed a peace accord. There was also no reason for jubilation when the Khalistan movement withered away as they too did not terrorise India, like the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka.

They are two weak examples Raman had cited to condemn our jubilation over the capture of Kilinochchi from the ruthless murderous LTTE terrorists.

Our leadership, that is the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government , the
Army Commanders, and the Defence Secretary, are wise people. They acted with wisdom. The regular air strikes in Kilinochchi was a remarkable proof of the capability of the Sri Lanka Air Force, as they struck the targets avoiding the civilians. Happiness, jubilation and being triumphant over the defeat of an enemy are all human qualities. It is the indifference that makes people less human.

But India is not acting very wisely at the moment, with regard to terrorist attack in Mumbai and confrontation with Pakistan. Indian Leaders have much to learn from Sri Lankan President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse a simple man with a big heart and a wise head.

We sure keep our fingers crossed as Raman requested, but our Political Leaders and the Army have lot of experience, and we will be able to see an end to terrorism , without allowing Prabhkaran to rise from defeat like the Talibans, or start the second phase of terrorism like in Iraq. The Sri Lanka army is not what it was in 1998, and the terrorists are not what they were then. Therefore, there is a very little chance, if at all, for them to make a come back as they did in 1998.

Raman, disclosing his pro-terroists sympathies, says”….. The counter-terrorism strategy of the Mahinda Rajapakse Government lacks the kind of sophistication and nuances we have. It treats the Sri Lankan Tamils as if they are foreigners while paying lip service to their being citizens with equal rights. This has made the conflict in Sri Lanka not only between the Government and aggrieved sections of the Tamils, but also between the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamil communities. How many Sinhalese moulders of public opinion have come forward to support the human rights of the Tamils? How many of them have criticised the use of the Air Force against the civilian Tamil population? Even if the SLA is able to defeat the LTTE, it will take years for the SL society to heal the divide between the Sinhalese and the Tamils caused by the policies of the Rajapakse Government and the intemperate pronouncements of Lt.Gen. Sarath Fonseka, the Commander of the SLA.”

Raman resorts to the self same rhetoric of Mano Ganeshan, many of the Tamil diaspora ,Narapalasingham, and the Tamil week. He says the government treats the Tamils like foregners. He knows perhaps some of these Colombo Tamils ,who are politically interested or sympathetic for the cause of the terrorists. The ordinary Tamil people living with the ordinary Sinhala people have nothing against the government or the Sinhala people . They are all equal as Sri Lankans.

What exactly do these people, who say that the Sri Lanka Tamils are treated differently by the government and the Sinhala people, complain are the privileges enjoyed by the Sinhala people , that have been deprived to the Tamils ? Please name them without being vague. Raman continues about violation of the human rights of the Tamil population, but does not say what are these violations.

Neither Iraq, nor Afghanistan is comparable to North and East of Sri Lanka. Afghanistan has a land space of 647 500 Sq.Km, and a population of 32,000,000, where as whole of Sri Lanka has a land space of 64,740 Sq.Km, and a population of 20,743,000. Our country and the land space in the north east is far too small for Prbhakaran to hide. Our army is not a foreign army and they are experienced, and now know the possible areas where the terrorist may hide, and it will not be long before the terrorists will be dragged out of their hiding places in the jungles of Wanni.

B.Raman acknowledges receipt of above article:

to me 4.11.2009

Many thanks.Read with interest. Regards. Raman

Friday, 2 January 2009

Felicitations,to the President, Commanders of Armed Forces, Defence Secretary, and Brave Soldiers

There is only a political solution not a military solution to the terrorism in Sri Lanka said the International Community, and all interfering local and foreign Human Rights activists. The US Ambassador Robert Blake gave many a lectures in Sri Lanka and South India insisting that the Sri Lanka government is wrong to have resorted to a military solution , when the solution is political and called that both parties should negotiate for peace.

Our President Mahinda Rajapakse, was determined to settle the terrorist problem without entering into an unnecessary war, and invited the terrorist leader for peace negotiations. The President from the very beginning hesitated to a military solution, for fear of the loss of the lives of large numbers of youth from both parties to a “war”. For him the loss of human lives in a war, was an important consideration.

No body could dare compare the President Mahinda Rajapakse to the rotten anti human demoniac Prabhakaran, for the military action to which he finally resorted against terrorism, to say that he was indifferent to the cost of the human sacrifice in a “war” against terrorism.

The President wanted to avoid that human sacrifice at any cost, and kept on inviting the terrorists for peace negotiations despite their several massacres after he took office, first with the claymore bomb attacks on a bus in Kebitigollewa, then an attempt to assassinate the Commander of the Army Sarath Fonseka by a suicide bomber, and yet another attempt to assassinate his own bother- the Defence Secretary, and the assassination of his dear friend Jeyraj Fernandopulle .

The President was drawn into the military solution only after the terrorists resorted to deprive water to the farmers by closing the sluice gates at Mavilaru. Thereafter he was determined to end the terrorism at all cost and handed over the responsibility of planning and carrying out the “military” offensive against the terrorists to the Army Commander and the Defence Forces, roping in his brother an experienced war veteran as the Defence Secretary, without any political interference..

The President Mahinda Rajapakse proved himself a leader of great wisdom, in his ability to distribute responsibility to a selected group of people , who he trusted would accomplish the task allocated to them. He was certain of the ability of the army to solve the problem. He was exemplary in the conduct of the “terrorist war”, and the most feared and supposed to be an invincible ruthless terrorist force has been brought to their knees, and the myth of their invincibility shattered.

There were many an experts on war , who were prophets of doom attempting to discredit the government and the President, raising doubts of the ability of the Sri Lanka Government Forces to win a “war” against the terrorists.

Even today making his expert analysis in the Guardian Website, Col. R.Hariharan raises his doubts of the Sri Lanka Army, by asking “What will be the impact on Sri Lanka when the LTTE with its never ending quest for an elusive Tamil Eelam turns to guerrilla mode completely?”

We still trust the Army it is not a Hariharn who is going to discourage us. The President Mahinda Rajapakse has shown of what metal he is made, and the people of Sri Lanka need not be influenced by the continued attempted by Ranil Wickramasinghe who in his political naivatĂ© discredits the government and the person of the President for not providing economic benefits for the people, and accusing him of not giving petrol at the price “calculated “ by the judiciary.

These are all menaces of people who are out to discredit the President and his government for their political benefit, issuing from their human failure of to control their jealousies and anger, due to their inability to reach the heights reached by the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Let us give the President and his government sufficient time to end the terrorism and drive it completely out of the country. Thereafter, the President will surely give the people what he has promised in his election manifesto the Chintanaya. He has shown his ability to maintain his determination until the results he expects are realised and the people can be assured that the President will provide the much needed reforms and economic progress, to the surprise of the failed politicians, prophets of doom, the international interferes.

We thank the President, The Commander of the Army, and the Commanders of all Government Forces, and our brave soldiers for having saved the country from the terrorists menace, and driving them out of Kilinochchi, from where they were preparing to declare a Tamil Homeland.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Year 2009, and voices from our motherland Sri Lanka

The year 2009 has dawned, Israel continued its sixth day of bombing vital position of Hamas. The death toll rises above 400 and the wounded above 2000. Do they really count the dead and the wounded ?

In Sri Lanka the “war” against the terrorists seem to be taking effect. Nadesan the terrorts political”leader” says the terrorists are prepared for peace negotiations. Thought his call is really for the International Community, the object is for a short interval before they smuggle arms and ammunition to the next phase of the “war”….we know that from our experience before.

In the wake of the terrorists losing ground other forms of terrorism begin to hit the Sri Lanka scene. The internet not excluded. The Lankaweb, with more un-blinkered writers, contributing for the unity and peace in Sri Lanka, with an end to terrorism , seems to have closed its doors to contributions from its readers, and narrowed its reports to news items copied from websites, and on-line journals. It seems to be the after math of critical posts on the judicial decision of the Chief Justice, that appeared in its website.

Sri Lanka Guardian website reports its new stance for the new year “….Beginning today, Sri Lanka Guardian will publish political features that are positive in content seeking a just solution to the ethnic problem. We will certainly encourage writers to share the pros and cons of any controversy but will not tolerate features that will claim supremacy of one community over another and also contentions being made from dubious sources on racial and religious matters that are offensive….” Some say its journalists had been contacted by the Judicial Department to express its opposition to “ articles critical of the judiciary”. That is saying good bye to freedom of expression.

But anti government, and pro terrorist articles are welcome. The just solution to the ethnic problem, is for the Sinhahala Community to sacrifice for the well being of the other communities.

Tamilweek website is agog with anit-government and anti-SLSecurity Forces propaganda, filling any space left unfilled by the TamilNet terrorist website. In the meantime, LankaeNews and Mawbimab peddle articles of doubtful value. More often their news items are being denied by those concerned. An Interview with Prabhakaran published by Mawbima was shot down by the terrorist spokesman Nadesan as false, asserting that Prabhkaran gave no interview to any one, least of all to Mawbima !

In the mean time Ranil Wickramasinghe follows closely the news items to find out how he could profit to bash the President, or make the government “fall”. He jumped on the judicial decision on petrol prices to call for a vote of no confidence of the government, and accuse the government for contempt of court. He appears to be in search of light in the darkness that surrounds him in his own words. That may take him a long time. The Lankadissent is the UNP’s mouth piece. Its news items are not second to those dished out by Mawbima.

Dew Gunasekara has awakened to the fact that 90% of the public servants do not speak Tamil. It is time he takes some action instead of keep on saying that every now and then.
Anura Dissanayake of JVP is following the footsteps of Ranil, and seeks to call for a manifestation against the high price of petrol. It would be better for Anura Dissanayake to join the UNP, things would be far more easier.

Latest from terrorist “political leader” Nadesan is that the terrorists are ready for peace negotiations. That is certainly to attract attention of the International Community, to say that they are ready for peace talks (without surrendering arms). Janaka BandaraTennakoon’s brother has changed his political camp to join the UNP . He takes good news to Ranil, that UPFA is collecting money from traders and businessmen in Dambulla. Ranil may profit from that for another manifestation against the government.

A word to the Sri Lanka Army- it is certain that victory against the terrorists is not far away. But it is far better to go on slowly and steadily without precipitating to keep victory within a time frame.