Saturday, 1 July 2017

President blinded by hatred threatens Sri Lanka, a Sinhala Buddhist Country for over 2500years, of its culture, unitary status and its Communal unity.

Sri Lanka which was a Sinhala Buddhist Country from three centuries before the present era which later accepted and accommodated Tamil, Muslim and other Communities is today  facing disintegration  as a united country with a nation of mixed communities.

Instead of making an effort to unite the three main communities into one nation of Sri Lankans the country today under a pseudo Yahapalanaya, is facing disappearance as a United country with one nation  under a separatist shadow cast by the Tamil Community, supported by the West, and  giving into  separatism through reconciliation, by a yahapalanaya government with ambivalent, uncertain national and cultural interest.

A nation in the world has an  identity, with its own culture and a belief system, having  an original people who would accommodate other communities, without loosing its original identity and remain  recognised by its original identity, with a language of its own and a religion and a culture based on that religion.

It may  accept and respect the religion and the culture of the  resident minorities, without loosing its original identity despite the mixture of its population with the minorities. It is not bound to sacrifice its original identity in accepting any minority to live within its boundaries.

Sri Lanka was such a nation until it was colonised, and then became a Dominion of the British Commonwealth with  constitutions written by the British. In 1956,  S.W.R.D Bandaranayake  wanted to make Sri Lanka an Independent Nation like any other Nation in the world making the Sinhala-  the language of its original people  the official language, a National Anthem sung in that language, and hoisting the original flag of the Sinhala people  in place of the British Union Jack.

However the Tamil community despite its minority status being  13 percent of the population clamoured for equality with the majority Sinhala the original people of the country. Despite that unjust, incongruous demand of the Tamils,  successive governments maintained the unity of the Communities in the country.

When Sri Lanka’s unitary status was under serious threat with a thirty year long terrorism, it was stopped in May,2009 by the elimination of terrorism by the  Armed Forces of the Government under the political leadership of   President Mahinda Rajapakse.  

Due to unceasing demands of the Tamils for separation the President Mahinda Rajapakse declared  Sri Lanka free of Majority-Minority division is a nation of  Sri Lankans. What should a people want more, but the Tamils being a people who can never be satisfied will continue asking for the “ sun and the moon” as they have the West to support them.

Then by a false calculation or sheer bad karma, Mahinda Rajapakse was defeated at the  January 2015 Presidential election, and the trusted Secretary General of  the SLFP  Maithripala Sirisena betrayed the  trust bestowed upon him as the General Secretary of the SLFP, stole his way to the opposition to become the President. 

Maithripala Sirisena  did not only betray his political party,  but he also departed from his rightful place in the SLFP with a heart burning with hatred towards the President of SLFP the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

A man whose mind is full of hatred can neither be a friend to himself,  nor to others around him.  Therefore when Maithripala Sirisena became the President his mind was not freed from his  hatred, but it became many fold, and his heart full of hatred , desire for vengeance has no place for love, and compassion to give to the people of Sri Lanka as a whole, or love his country, his culture, and his religion, as a true patriotic President of Sri Lanka.

The hatred  and anger in his heart is  so much so,  that overjoyed by  being the President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena  swore in  Ranil Wickramasinghe( the leader of UNP the Party against which he worked as the General Secretary of the SLFP for over 14 years and as a member of the SLFP for 47 years), as the Prime Minister,  while there was still a Prime Minister whose government President Sirisena forgot to dissolve before swearing in Ranil Wickramasinghe as his  Prime Minister.

Maithripala Sirisena began his carrier as the President of Sri Lanka, manifesting his anger, hatred and desire for vengeance against the former President Mahinda Rajapakse. Since then Sri Lanka had been continuously degenerating in all its aspects social, administration, financial, cultural and communal unity.

For the first time since its independence the President Mahinda Rajapakse was able to bring not only peace and security to the country, but also  a fantastic development process which raised the standard of living of the people and maintained a unity of the Communities, despite the political leaders of the Tamil and Muslim Communities creating dissention in an otherwise settle atmosphere of unity , peace, and security.

Maithripala Sirisena despite his political beginning with socialism and then with the  SLFP, and also having a  Sinhala Buddhist village background, lost his Buddhist cultural values such as gratitude, generosity, readiness to pardon the mistakes of others, and the common touch despite moving with the high and the powerful.

These are the Sinhala Buddhist qualities with which the former President Mahinda Rajapakse was well equipped and therefore won the hearts of every one he came in contact with, except of course with  those who were either jealous of him or disregarded him for his village background, and  is Sinhala attire.

The Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe as everyone knows is a pretended Sinhala Buddhist, not brought up in a Buddhist environment. He adopted a Buddhist attitude for political purpose. Therefore he is ready to sacrifice Sinhala Buddhist values for the sake of  his political popularity.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is prepared to even write a new Constitution projecting Sri Lanka as  a multi-faith society, not giving special recognition and protection to Buddhism, allowing the National Anthem to be sung in any language, degrading the Buddhist priests manifesting against his government’s  actions which go against historical, religious or cultural values of Sri Lanka.

The President Maithripala Sirisena could have changed Ranil Wickramsinghe’s excesses which are detrimental to the Sinhala Buddhist cultural background, which is the hallmark , the uniqueness of Sri Lanka.

But unfortunately as mentioned above the President Maithripala Sirisena’s Buddhist values  have been defiled through  anger, jealousy, hatred and desire for vengeance. Therefore he cannot change the mental attitude of his Prime Minister and some of  his Ministers to keep within the characteristics of the Sri Lankan culture       and its uniqueness.

If both Maithripala Sirisena the President, and Ranil Wickramasinghe the Prime Minister had maintained undefiled mental attitudes when they took over the Government in January,2015, Sri Lanka would have been different from what it is today.

Why and How could it have been different  ?

Because, instead of the 100day programme the “opposition”  prepared to undo what the former President Mahinda Rajapakse had been doing after the elimination of terrorism, if the the Sirisena –Ranil Government were to have continued with  the programme of the former President Mahinda Rajapakse, situation today could have been different.  

Maithripala Sirisena as the President should not have allowed the appointment of Ravi Karunanayake as the Minister of Finance,  and Mangala Samaraweera as the Minister of Foreign Affaires. He should have kept those two ministries within the SLFP faction of the Government. The President Sirisena should not have allowed  Ranil to set up the FCID.

The Sirisena-Ranil Government should not have made accusations against   Mahinda Rajapakse, his family and his supporters  its priority objective. It was done with a bad motive  and all the activities it followed  thereafter were as a result bound to fail.  Sirisena- Ranil Government should not have given into the West and India putting all their cards on their  support  for the success  of the Sirisena- Ranil a unity Government. 

If it would have been so , the Colombo Port City would not have been stopped and the relations with China would not have been negatively affected. Infrastructure work would have been carried out.

The Sirisena –Ranil government should not have given the leadership of the opposition to the TNA.  Relations with the former President should have been maintained consulting him on necessary matters.

The President Maithripala Sirisena would have been a successful President,  if he had set up an advisory council  without Chandrika Kumaratunga, but with Mahinda Rajapakse. He should have removed the  13th Amendment and prepared a new system of provincial government, with the Central Government keeping  a strong hold on the Provincial Government System.  No attempt should have been made to write a new Constitution. The 19th Amendment should have been amended to allow the dissolution of the Parliament if necessary before the end of its term of five years.

If Maithripala Sirisena as the President  had taken such matters things would have been different today. This would have avoided  the present threat to the government with the NPC becoming completely uncontrollable preparing the background to something similar to the thirty years of terrorism Sri Lanka so miserably went  through.

After being elected  President,  Maithripala Sirisena’s mind  became  saturated with defilements of anger, hatred, and desire for vengeance,  therefore he is unable  do what is right by the people.

President Maithripala Sirisena’s only way out is to rid himself of this hatred towards the former President Mahinda Rajapakse and start working with him for the betterment of the country and its people.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Reconciliation with Tamils Part II-Is it reconciliation or handing over part of Sri Lanka outright to Tamils, and now another part to Muslims ?

Election of  Maithripala Sirisena as President to form a new government does not mean that he was given the right to disinherit Sinhala Buddhists of their country and their culture.

The  government should stop further reconciliation with Tamils. The Tamils are outright Racists if one disagrees, that one should  re-examine his or her mental thinking process. There may however be a few Tamils who are reasonable and understands the reality of the situation correctly.
Even if the dog’s curved tail is put in a tube for many thousand’s of years, it want become straight. So is the separatist mentality of Tamils. To what ever extent the reconciliation efforts were to be made the mental attitude of Tamils will never change, they will always want the “pound of flesh”.

. Wijedasa Rajapakse the Minister of Justice  at a TV debate made a great effort to show how different constitutions gave political rights to minorities. But all those arguments are not valid as Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist country before the British colonial rulers wrote those constitutions.

The minorities came later on and they were accepted by the Sinhala people. Migration of minorities  happened in many countries in the world but in those countries the minorities became a part of those countries  and a part of those nations without asking for a part of those country for themselves  or have their language and religion recognised as a part of those countries.  Why should it be otherwise in Sri Lanka ?

Australian government told the Muslims that they were never invited to come, and having come to learn the language of the country and accept the law of the land  or else leave the country.

There seems to be three types of reconciliations going on in Sri Lanka. Firstly the reconciliation efforts of the Yahpalanaya Government, secondly, the  reconciliation demanded by the Tamil Diaspora, Sri Lanka Tamil extremists of the TNA, Sivajilingam and Wigneswaran,  and thirdly, the reconciliation being imposed by the West supported by  the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

The Yahapalanaya seems to be giving into all the three types of reconciliations, which would at the end leave little or nothing for the Sinhala Buddhists to call their own.

The reconciliation process allows the Tamils and Muslims to insult, abuse, castigate, and speak disrespectfully of the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha the noble triple gem the most sacred heritage of the Buddhists. Venerable Gnanasara thero may speak loud to tell what others think silently, but that does not give the right to anyone or any news paper to address the Venerable Gnanasara thero disrespectfully as Gnanasara.

Before May, 2009, the Tamils of Sri Lanka were being gradually decimated by the  Tamil terrorists, had there not been a President like Mahinda Rajapakse who with the mainly Sinhala Buddhist armed Forces eliminated the terrorists the Tamils of the North and East may have perished or reduced to small numbers.

When speaking of Sri Lanka it has  now to be divided in to two major periods. Sri Lanka before 8th January,2015,  and Sri Lanka after 8th January,2015. The Sri Lanka after 8th January,2015 is a disaster from which it has to be redeemed.

The Government of Sri Lanka before the 8th with its heroic Armed Forces carried out a long and a costly  military operation sacrificing over 6000 men and making many disabled to terminate a more than 30 years long human suffering through terror without any aid from any Western country.

Finally when it was over and relief was brought to  a long suffering people to at last awaken to peace and security and live without  the constant fear of death by terrorist bombs and assassinations,   the USA and the West came forward to accuse the Sri Lanka  Government and its Armed Forces for war crimes.

The people of developing countries seem to have  a false sense of the USA and the West being nations friendly towards the poor people of the underdeveloped countries.

It is an utterly false concept, may be there are some sympathetic towards the poverty stricken people of the developing countries, and there may be organisations and individuals with their “Christian love for the fellow beings” coming forward to contribute material  and spiritual comfort  sharing their more civilised Christianity. But those were ancient concepts of the West,  which have now changed into more sophisticated Human Rights, NGOs, R2P, Amnesty International and so on and so forth.

They Human Rights Watch, NGOs, R2P, Amnesty International and so on and so forth.
- are also giving “ love and affection” to the poor people of these developing countries, by changing their own people friendly elected regimes, to regimes which are West friendly  and dependent on  scrap thrown by the West.

And these poor countries are also blessed  having sympathetic Ambassadors,  like  US Ambassaodor Athul Ketchup, always every where, where he is wanted or where he is not wanted,  interfering into the internal affairs of the countries to divide communities and sow seeds of dissention. According, James Russo, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S Embassy, one of the key goals of the embassy, here in Sri Lanka, is to support the reconciliation process.

Bravo USA Bravo ! Where in the world are foreign embassies engaged in internal affairs of countries to which they have been assigned ?

Now the USA and the Western Countries  do not stand by the Majority Community,  but rather with the minority communities, looking after their, minority interests. Because the Communal dissension is the best means to extract for themselves, the political benefits of strategic importance. Smaller the developing countries become by division through “self determination etc.” they are easy to be manipulated by the West like pawns on a checker board.

Irrational accusations most often used  by the USA and the West against Sri Lanka were due to  the  demands made by  the Tamils living in their respective countries,  who have increased in numbers to be a significant decisive political vote bank.

USA and the West brought a resolution against Sri Lanka for Violation of human rights and war crimes at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva neither for the benefit of the Tamils nor for the Sinhala but for the sake of the political and strategic benefits they can draw for themselves by the implementation of these resolutions which spell disaster to the country.  

The USA and the West cannot on their own divide Sri Lanka (or other developing countries),  destroy its culture, dissolve its identity, and distort its historical past without having a Government (of that country) which listens to them,  and  ready to act without reflexion like the Yahapalanaya Government of Sri Lanka. The USA and the West now have an appropriate government in place in Sri Lanka  to do what they want to do, and at the same time please the Tamil diaspora.

This Yahapalanaya government wants only two  things,  that is firstly  to be in power, and secondly to make people forget the Previous regime of Mahinda Rajapakse which began by raising  Sri Lanka from the status of a developing country to a middle income country, giving people a higher standard of living and above all peace and hope for a better future.

With that interest in view this Yahapalanaya government is more keen in closing the mouths of its opponents, so that the people will have only them- the UNP members of the government to listen,  as the SLFP part of the Yahapalanaya is like a knocked out  boxer lying in the ring.  The Yahaplanaya  has not  done any thing visible as development , primarily because they have neither a plan nor the means.

However the President Maithripala Sirisena shows himself to the people as a good man because he does not hesitate to invite all manifesting associations, strikers and other groups to see him to discuss their problems and find solutions. But, though he listens to them and promises to solve their problems, once they go away satisfied that the President had lent them a sympathetic ear, they realise they have in fact been deceived, the problems had not been solved or what they had got was not what was promised.

 President Sirisena  made such promises to GMOA but they did not get what they requested. The President promised to settle the Bond issue but  the Commission he appointed goes on investigating indefinitely. The thief has been found, but Yahapalanaya government does not want to file legal action against the thief.

The  Yahapalanaya government has not been able to solve any of the major problems of Sri Lanka. They remain like the sword of Damocles.

Reconciliation ! Reconciliation !! to what extent will yahapalanaya go in its reconciliation process….?  Speaking at a ceremony at the Education Ministry  at Isurupaya, Battaramulla the Education State Minister V.Radhakrishnan has vowed  that he would get the government to bring 100 Indian teachers to overcome the prevailing shortage of  science and maths teachers in the Tamil Schools in the estate Sector. Is it part of the ETCA agreement ?

While M.K.Sivajilingam and Wigneswaran call for  seven days of mourning from May 12 to 19th in remembrance of the genocide of Tamils from the day of Independence 1948, R.Sampanthan the leader of the Yahapalanaya Opposition says  that he has “put in a word” to the Indian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi to ensure the continuation of the  UNP-SLFP Administration, as the TNA has faith in this Yahapalanaya government  with its very favourable reconciliation programme towards Tamils.

In order to make a reality of this favourable situation Sampanthan advices the Yahapalanaya government to maintain unity between SLFP and the UNP factions within the government.  Sampanthan had said that the Indian Government would help the incumbent regime continue its good governance programme. 

But good governance to whom ?

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit did not assure India’s special  relationship with Sri Lanka. Narendra Modi’s  speech was of questionable intentions towards Sri Lanka. He had more talks with the Tamil political leaders and extended more contact with the Tamil people, ignoring Sinhala people of the South.

India unable to look after its own people some of who live in dire conditions , adviced in his speech at Dickoya that the Sinhala and Tamil Communities  should strengthen unity and harmony as he assured India’s full support  to the steps taken by Colombo to improve the living conditions of  minority Tamils in the country. Do we really need him to come and say that ? India will only aggravate our situation with the Tamils.

It is  a shame that the Yahapalanaya had thought it appropriate to give the Ministry of National Coexistence Dialogue and official Languages to  Mano Ganeshan. Such  a Ministry should have been given to a Sinhala representative of the people in order to have direct contact with the minorities,  otherwise the rift between the minorities and the majority community will be further distanced.
Reconciliation needs two parties and it is not one party giving into every demand of the other, while the other holds onto every thing without  giving anything in return. 

Tamils are not open minded  therefore  they are inept for building unity amoung Communities. The Northern Province Councillor M.K.Sivajilingaam is certainly not helping any reconciliation, he is an unreliable terrorist sympathiser, as much as Wigneswaran the Chief Minister of NPC.  They are both a hindrance to build any unity between the Tamils and the Sinhala people.  They should be arrested or their civic rights should be withdrawn if the Yahapalanaya wants to adopt a successful reconciliation process.

The President Sirisena speaking at a cultural programme Erabadu Vasanbtham at Singakkuliya, Danktuva had said that the spiritual leaders are the real messengers who connect the hearts of the people and strengthen reconciliation as wished by every religious philosophy. 
This is lot of nonsense. Reconciliation is possible only if the Tamils could give up their separatist mental  attitude,  and think of themselves as a people living together in one country with a majority Sinhala Buddhists, and others minority communities. They have to now come together giving up their  separatists identity to identify themselves as partners of a nation living in one country as normal human beings.

Even if the dog’s curved tail is put in a tube for many thousand’s of years, it want become straight. So is the separatist mentality of Tamils, to what ever extent the reconciliation efforts were to be made the mental attitude of Tamils will never change, they will always want the “pound of flesh”.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Maithripala Sirisena who will never help SLFP form a Government , is helping Ranil's survival until he becomes next President.

It is regrettable to say but the fact which has been made evident is that Maithripala Sirisena has no interest in the welfare of the country or its people. His determination is to out do Mahinda Rajapakse, make Rajapakses labelled thieves and political profiteers and remove the Rajapakse clan from politics. That is his political raison d’etre. The country sees Sirisena  as a mere second in command in the Government, while  Ranil wields  the real power and authority.

Maithripala Sirisena left SLFP without giving any notice to the party, or having resigned before he left it.  That means Maithripala Sirisena  gave up his loyalty to the party  and  refused to stand by its Constitution.  In other words he sacrifice his party for his own personal benefit.

He accepted the Presidency of the SLFP because Mahinda Rajapakse offered it to him, and some self centred individuals like Sarath Amunugama, Rajitha Senaratnen, S.B.Dissanayake, Dilan Perera, Mahinda Samarasinghe etc.,  left the SLFP to support Maithripala Sirisena the new President for self interest, rather than in the interest of the SLFP or to help the country and the people. 

Therefore, Maithripala Sirisena has no genuine interest in the SLFP,  and will not want to form a SLFP Government. He wants to help Ranil Wickramasinghe to stay on as Prime Minister until 2020 allowing him to become the next President, so that Mahinda Rajapakse will not be able to come to politics as  President, Prime Minister or lead the SLFP as its President.

If Sirisena wanted to remove the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, he could have done that after the Bond Scam when Ranil refused to dismiss the services of Arjun Mahendran, and appointed him as his own Consultant. The President Sirisena is not seriously concerned about the inquiry into the Bond Scam. The Commission of investigation of the Bond Scam is an eye wash.

The Cabinet reshuffle was  an utter farce appointing Mangala Samaraweera as the Finance Minister and Ravi Karunanayake as the Foreign Minister with the Lotteries Board under his Ministry was a plan set up by Ranil Wickramasinghe. Ravi Karunanayake probably has state secrets about the Bond Scam which could  undermine the people’s trust of both the President and the Prime Minister.

The Yahapalanaya continues to mismanage the Government, without having learnt any thing from their past  errors and mistakes.

The recent floods and landslides left three hundred innocent lives lost. This is not the first time it happened since 2015. This is not the end there may be more in future, should we let even those disasters pass the same way as the last ? When are we going to learn lessons to correct our errors and face others with confidence  at least to reduce the number of deaths ? 

I saw a politician from the government  Mahinda Amaraweera facing a political debate in TV trying  repeatedly to explain  that Sri Lanka being a tropical island surrounded by a sea is naturally prone to such natural disasters, and that the government is helpless. He added that  even the countries more developed than ours too face such disasters.

It is due to this very reason that we are a tropical Island and prone to such disasters that we should be well prepared before they happen,  to face such calamities avoiding danger to the lives of the people.

Can this government of Sirisena –Ranil be exonerated from its culpability of neglect, both in the flood disaster and that of the Meethotamulla garbage dump ? The President was in Australia, the Prime Minister  and the Minister of Disaster Management were outside and did not find it necessary to return immediately to attend to their duty of looking after the people in distress. Since 8th January,2015 Sri Lanka is falling into decadence and degeneration.

This Sirisena-Ranil Government has not really settled down even after two and a half years to govern the country. The Government is engaged in doing inessentials, without seriously  attending to the matters that concern the welfare of the people and the security of the Country.
Meethotamulla disaster and the present flood disaster have been caused by mismanagement by the government, and its failure to plan ahead to meet unexpected situations that would lead to loss of life and destruction of property.

The Government is still bogged down with its calamitous need to bring the former President, his government and his supporters to court for some thing or another, to satisfy certain sections such as the JVP- JVP which believes that bringing disrepute to  the former President and his supporters would remove him and his supporters from their  popularity amoung the people, which would allow JVP to win back  to themselves the popular  support of those people who held Mahinda Rajapakse in high esteem,  at an election to eventually form a JVP government.

Therefore the JVP is hell bent in forcing  the Yahapalanaya  government to proceed with legal actions against the former President and his supporters on flimsy accusations they have collected and presented to the Bribery Commission and the FCID.

It is time that Sirisena-Ranil Government  stop spending further energy on  discrediting the former President and his supporters,  and begin doing what ever they can to ameliorate the present hopeless situation in which the people find themselves. But all what the Yahapalanaya government is doing is to improve their own “living conditions”, with promises of better living conditions to the people in “ two or three years ” after 2020.

There is bragging and trumpet blowing by the yahapalanaya government while the people are desperate  and  craves  for the end of the yahapalanaya  government. They brag about having set up a unity government of the two main political parties , but every one in the country sees that there is only a UNP  Government and the SLFP is nonexistent.

The President Sirisena who left the SLFP to become the common Presidential Candidate of the Opposition , is more grateful to the UNP and Ranil Wickramasinghe for having made him the President, and he will not hesitate to  betray the SLFP once again to help Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP and give into all their  “follies”. This reality has not been understood by the SLFP followers of Sirisena.

How else can one explain why the Cabinet reshuffle saw the President appointing  Ravi Karunanayake as the Foreign Minister  and  assign to him the Lotteries Boards ? That was certainly to please Ranil Wickramasinghe,  as Ranil, Ravi and Arjun Mahendran are  the three musketeers of the Yahapalanaya Government  

Ranil will not give up Arjun Mahendran and the President will not disappointment Ranil on that account, we see how the Commission appointed to investigate the Bond Scam  is becoming a farce  its term of office being extended beyond three months as initially proposed.

The people are now fed up with this government’s inability to provide the people with a satisfactory standard of living. Having failed to attend to the welfare of the people, the government forced by the Western countries continues to cater to the demands of the Tamils for a pseudo reconciliation.

The Muslims too want to have their part of the cake, encouraged by the demands of the Tamils which have been exaggerated, and catered to by the yapalanaya government on the pretext of a  pseudo –reconciliation. The Sinhala Buddhists are not racists but they are unable to keep silent when there is  continued aggressive attitude of the Muslims and their renewed deforestation of Wilpattu reservations to set up Muslim settlements.

The Muslims like Rauf Hakeem, Mujubur Rahman, Marikkar, Asad Salli are rabble rousers. Rauf Kakeem’s motives were clear when  a fire  broke up in a tea factory in Nawalapitiya owned by a Muslim man. Rauf Hakeem without having any evidence accused that the fire was caused by Sinhala extremists, when even  the Muslim owner of the factory denounced the Minister’s claim. 

There is now a hue and cry raised about hate speeches and  the government  announcing that they will take into custody any one found guilty of hate speeches. If it is so Minister Rauf Hakeem should also be arrested and taken into custody.  Sivajilingam, Wigneswaran should be already under arrest. Why should those laws apply to Venerable Gnanasara thero of BBS and not to others ?

When under the previous government after the elimination of terrorism the Armed Forces were trained in building construction, and town planning to allow the Armed Forces that saved the country from terrorism to be the nation builders, the Government was accused by the UNP saying that the Armed Forces are being used to clean drains.

But now Ravi Karunanayake the Minster of Foreign Affairs says that the tri Forces should be used to remove accumulated waste in the city of Colombo.  This is the man who insulted and ridiculed the Armed forces during military operations saying  that the Army is going to Madavachchi and says it is going to Kilinochchi.

Sri Lanka from North to South and East to West is in utter confusion today. There is caste problem in the north, Tamils in the East do not see eye to eye with the Tamils of the North. There is racism, and resentment of the Sinhala Community. There is enmity between the  Tamils and Muslims too .
Despite all this,  the government which is  unable to settle any problems of the country, or bring unity between the Communities despite a pseudo reconciliation process which only  fortifies the separatist Tamils and weakens the Sinhala Buddhists, is swearing to write a new Constitution. If this is allowed it will be another failure like all their failed plans and the final nail on the coffin of Sri Lanka, which the Yahapalanaya government  is preparing to bury while its sad and weak heart is still beating.

It has been recently reported that the UN had said  that  there are 900,000 people facing food insecurity in Sri Lanka and warning that without help the situation might further deteriorate. But Sri Lanka has no means to purchase rice from outside.

What has become to Sri Lanka that was classed as one of the fastest growing economies, before the fateful election of the January, 2015 ?

Roman Emperor Nero was playing his violin while Rome was burning. Sri Lanka is in political flames today and the President Maithripala Sirisena and his Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe are enjoying their lives to the full making foreign visits shaking gloved and un-gloved hands of foreign dignitaries as if there is no problems in Sri Lanka, and as if  its people are living in peace, security, happiness,  and limitless joy!!!

The UNP is still making a hue and cry that  Sri Lanka has no enemies in the world  and all countries of the world are its friends. But no one has turned up yet to save Sri Lanka from falling into the  abyss of decadence and poverty.  But they the “friendly” Nations of the West are waiting  like  the old  Greek widows  covered from  head to foot in black, sitting  around the home where an old  widow is  dying , awaiting her death, to  take away from the home every usable item. That is the sort of friends Sirisena-Ranil Yahapalanaya has made.

The reconciliation efforts of Yahapalanaya has only strengthened the Tamil diaspora which now has found an opening to propose to UN and UNCHR Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein to force the yahapalanaya Government to allow the Sri Lanka Tamil Community to exercise their right of self determination for self rule. 

This situation has arisen due to the ceaseless action taken by the Yahapalanaya Government in a vein quest for reconciliation with the Tamils. This is also the result of allowing the Yahapalanaya Government to pass the 19th Amendment.

To stop this disastrous proposal from being taken up by the UN and the UNCHR Zeid Al Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein,  Sri Lanka should take some radical action immediately.

Sri Lanka should demand why the UN and the UNCHR under Zeid Al Hussein are not taking actions to reprimand  USA and the Western Countries with the NATO Forces for continuing to violate human rights in their incessant bombardments in which hundred and thousands of innocent civilians had perished in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

Sri Lanka should demand why only Sri Lanka which got rid of a ruthless terrorism within its own country is being continuously accused for human rights violations and war crimes, while the UN and Zeid Al Hussain are allowing themselves to be used  by the USA and the West to impose demands on Sri Lanka for reconciliation  with the Tamils without leaving that as an interior issue that has to be settled by the Government of Sri Lanka without Foreign intervention?

Sri Lanka should leave  both the UN and the UNHRCouncil forthwith unless they accept a proposal against USA and its allies for war crimes and violation of human rights.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Oh! M'y God !! What has Yahapalanaya done to Sri Lanka.

What has become of Sri Lanka we had  the day before 8th January,2015 ? What has the change to Yahapalanaya  meant to my poor Lanka?

The people have gained nothing since the change over from the Government of President Mahinda Rajapakse  to the government of President Maithripala Sirisena  pretentiously called  Yahapalanaya, but the Parliamentarians have got much. Most of them are plush , taken more weight, and ply in expensive limousines. They talk a lot but work a little , and pretends to be doing a lot.

The Yahapalanaya that came with a streamlined 100 day programme has ended up with no programme.  The stalwarts of the Yahapalanaya were Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP buddies. They thought that once they are in power the West will land here bringing  with them the much wanted US dollars, British sterling pounds and German marks and they can turn their back to China which would be an added incentive for the West to dump their monies the more here to invest in every industry under the sun.

Ranil Wickramasinghe  told China that Sri Lanka can do without them. Ranil Wickramasinghe and his predominantly UNP Government  told China that they  do not want China to go ahead with the  Colombo Port City, as it has been planned badly.

They put in place a master planner Champika Ranawaka to  re build the Colombo City with a larger land area. Ravi Karunanayake an experienced money handler who occupied the  money deposited with him by Raja Rajaratnam imprisoned in USA, was made the Minister of Finance. He thought he was turning out the best budget Sri Lanka ever had. But it soon fizzled out to be a “no-budget” being passed, re cast and re-passed  in Parliament several times and still with lot of un patched  “holes”. But yet the West named him the best Finance Minister in Asia.

Ranil Wickramasinghe appointed his prized genius Mangala Samaraweera as the Foreign Minister  to rope in the West to make Sri Lanka a “Singapore”, as  he had already recruited a Singapore Banking genius to come with his magic wand to make the Sri Lanka Central Bank “ lay golden eggs”.
Mangala Samaraweera the “prodigy” trusted to make miracles was to use his charm to win over the West at the snap of a finger.

Mangala Samaraweera went to Geneva without hesitation and sponsored  along with America the worst resolution USA had brought against Sri Lanka to take the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to a tribunal charged for war crimes, which had been long delayed due to lack of enthusiasm of the Previous Mahinda Rajapakse Government to allow  USA to pass such a resolution. Yahapalanaya sponsored that resolution hoping that the West in recognition would send hordes of investors to Sri Lanka to invest in development projects.

Having not received any encouraging signals from the West for the development of Sri Lanka other than lot of applause for following democracy to the letter and taking care of the interests of the minority Tamils, the Yahapalanaya Leadership thought that they may probe the possibility of turning to  Japan as an alternative investor for the development of Sri Lanka. But Japan  after giving Ranil Wickramasinghe an honorary degree, seems to have gone silent on investing on any development project of value  in Sri Lanka.

Now Yahapalanaya is like the cat that evacuated his bowels  on the rock. It has no idea as to what it should do next,  to make good the change it  promised to the people after defeating the  previous government of President Mahinda Rajapakse.

The Yahapalanaya then did what  some dogs do. A dog tries to bark away a bigger dog, and when the bigger dog shows his teeth and the claws  the aggressive small dog runs away, and later, on second thought, hides its tail between its legs  and crawls back to the stronger dog that chased him away.

Yahapalanaya that belittled and insulted China, stopping it from continuing with the Port City project for which the President of China Xi Jinping himself came to Sri Lanka to  lay the foundation stone, is now going back to China seeking their help. Yahapalanaya has at last realised that it  is only China that still helps the  developing countries  and not the rich Western friends of whom the Yahapalanaya spoke so highly and depended on making the people of Sri Lanka understand that they made  a better choice in  replacing the previous regime of Mahinda Rajapakse.

It is time that the Yahapalanaya  now learns from its mistakes and understand that President Mahinda Rajapakse was after all  a good man who did not take revenge by taking up the Batalanda file to punish Ranil Wickramasinghe or the Waters Edge Land  Transaction to embarrass and bring disrepute to Chandrika Kumaratunga.

Now these Yahapalana “Cats “ having done  what they should not have done on the rock  are glum faced without a clue as to what to do next. Not having received the expected response from the Western investors, or those from Japan, Ranil Wickramasinghe has turned in a big way to India.

But India is not ready to  aid Sri Lanka for its Buddhist or Ashokan connection, but the Indian Prime Minster knowing the failure of the Yahapalanaya of Sri Lanka to have attracted investors from the West, from Japan and from China knows that it has no alternative  now but to accept what ever is offered by IndiaIndia however knows that what little they would give they will take back with  multiple interest for the benefit of India.

They invited the Prime Minister Modi of India to inaugurate the UN Wesak Day in Sri Lanka. But Modi made it an occasion to lecture on importance of India for Sri Lanka’s security, and that the population of Sri Lanka is an indivisible part of the 1.25 billion Indians in the neighbourhood.

It is not a good prospect as Sri Lanka cannot depend on India for security, as we saw it when Sri Lanka was engaged in  military operations to eliminate terrorism. India was not very dependable then as the  80 million Tamils at India’s southern tip dictated  Indian Central Government’s stand on the question of terrorism in Sri Lanka. Therefore can we again trust India for Sri Lanka’s security ?
India has a pressing unemployment problem.  Hence India is all out to sign the ETCA as it would be a solution  for its unemployment problem. India would like to annex the North of Sri Lanka and send  excessive Tamil population to North, and for that a Hanuman bridge and a railway to Trincomalee, would provide a passage for illegal immigrants coming  from India.

Yahapalanay Government is being fooled by every one- the West wanted a regime change in Sri Lanka and now that it has happened the West will pay only lip service without binding them selves  for any sort of long term  engagement to develop Sri Lanka. India needs Sri Lanka to solve at least some of  its unsolved social  problems of its 1.25 billion population.

Modi had said  that India  would  build houses for the State Tamils and the Tamils of the North. That would give  Sri Lanka a  greater headache with the Tamils building a  greater  allegiance to India above that of Sri Lanka. That would be a wastage of all those concessions made to Tamils for reconciliation.

In addition to those political problems created by India, Yahaplanaya  is on the verge of the sale of Trincomalee oil Tanks, and  the Eastern Terminal of the Colombo Port to India . In the south Yahapalanaya is making arrangements to lease  for twice 90 years, the Magampura Port and 20 thousand acres of land to China.

Yahapalanaya cannot fool the Chinese as by stopping the work of the Colombo Port City , Chinese Companies must have lost considerable amount of money, in stopping work and allowing the machines to rust  and unworkable, and re starting work after a long loss of time. The Yahapalanaya Government had been acting foolishly without any planning from the day one of the election of  Maithriplala Sirisena on the 8th January, 2015.

The foolish euphoria after the election victory blinded  the yayapalanaya leaders from acting wisely with a planned programme of development. Only thing they thought of doing was a negative programme of  revenge and hatred  to punish the Rajapaksas and all those connected with the previous government. This was not a wise thing to have been undertaken , and the result is an utter political failure.

The end result  is  today Sri Lanka is like a rudderless boat  in a vast rough sea with signs of an on coming storm.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

I will vote Emmanuel Macron for President of France

It is not that I agree wit his politics, but I vote gainst the extra nationalist Marine Le Pen from being elected.

Some call Macron the “ambitious man on the move” , an “ anti-System Candidate”, the “maverick centrist outsider” and yet others  call him a political Prince.. If elected at 39 he would be the first youngest elected President in the history of France. He  calls himself a liberal – one who stands for change or reform not abandoning  entirely his Socialist hue. He prides calling himself a  child of Provincial France. He is supported mainly by the young and  the not so young. He is no receipt holder of membership to any political party. He leads his own political  movement- En March.

Macron former investment banker with Rothschild & Co.,  is a stranger to French political system having served only  a short period of counselling economics to President François Holland,and then  as his Minister of Economics for two years.

He is unconventional in all sense and  proved his willingness  to keep his promise against all odds by marrying his former High School professor 24 years his senior. He even joked about his gay tendencies, evoking the surprise of his wife Brigitte as to how he manages it despite her being with him 24 hours of the day.

At the beginning of his odd man Presidential election  campaign the elder political elite did not pay any attention to him, but Macron relentlessly worked on to wriggle himself into the political lime light to give short shivers to serious Presidential candidates to be. His centrist voice finally won and he had qualified for the second run with more chances than Marine Le Pen to finally win the Presidential election.

He is not anti Muslim and does no believe in keeping  closed the European boaders from immigrants. He says anyone should have the right to practice his religion with dignity. He has no sympathy to low wage earners and wishes to reduce some of their welfare benefits. He is business friendly promoting the upper class than the underdog.

I disagree on his foreign policy  which does not differ from  both right and left governments of the past. He is to increase defence spending , which is permissible as far as the protection of France is concerned, but not the use of the military for intervention in foreign lands. There is no need to attack Syria, and the government of its elected President Bashar Al-Assad.

No government in the West has the correct politics to suit the present time. Today there is a mounting  surge of violence in the world  expanding to become ruthless terrorism. Hence the World Governments have to invent strategic politics not to curb terror by terror, but by finding other means to stop the surge and dissuade violence taking the form of  terrorism. 

None of the Western Governments are people friendly. They are more for the upper and business class. It was Francois Mitterand who was the more  popular people friendly French President. More would  have been pleased  to vote for Jean Luc Mèlnanchon who would have been another people friendly President after François Mitterand.

In Syria there was  anti government activities by certain groups which was  immediately taken over by the Western countries to promote a regime change in Syria as they did in Libya, and Sri Lanka as well in 2015. The Russian Government fortunately intervened to protect the elected Bashar Al-Assad whose government  was really attacked by armed Syrian terrorists, which interpretation was refused by the USA and the West for whom the other people’s terrorists are not their terrorists.

That Russian intervention in Syria stopped the escalation of war in that country and the other countries around. It was USA, under George Bush and Barrack Obama, with his “war monger” Hillary Clinton,  which was  out to intervene militarily in foreign countries, to maintain the  leadership of USA in the world. France and the rest of the European countries and Canada joined in with their NATO forces for this world class military assassination of Nations.

The time is now ripe for all Nations of the world to start settling issues in dialogue, as UNO has failed  to accomplish this role.  USA  has also invented Human Rights as a means to interfere in to internal affairs of Sovereign States they consider are  lead by political leaders unfriendly towards the USA and the West.

The   USA intervention in Ukrain was a mistake that lit the fires of dissention amoung the European countries. It is essential that European countries join hands with Russia as a partner. instead of  carrying on a cold with trade blockades. The Governments may disagree but that is no reason why people are made to suffer by imposing trade blockades. Political dissention between countries should be settled by healthy dialogue.

Emmanuel Macron if elected should re think about his political stand  vis-à-vis Russia, and Bashar Al-Assad.  All elected political leaders of all Sovereign states both those of the developed countries and the developing countries should respect  each other, that is the clef to a peaceful world  where people may share each others happiness and prosperity.

Emmanuel Macron should when elected make an effort to revitalise  the UN  as an instrument for world peace, without allowing it to follow the rich USA and the West, to isolate the poor developing nations.   

It is with those thoughts in mind that I will vote for Emmanuel Macron  at the final round of Presidential Election in France.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

France which I Love, next to my motherland Sri Lanka

France which was attacked once again by the terrorists for the forth time this year, now lives  in constant fear  not knowing  when and where would be the next attack and how many would be the innocent lives that would be  taken away to satisfy the God of the faith blinded terrorists.  There were 12 terrorists attacks since 2016 which left  89 lives lost and many wounded.

In the face of the rise of nationalism France is gathering forces to burying their political differences to defeat  nationalism at all cost. This should be an example to Sri Lanka in the face of  the threat of Tamil racism which should be barred not by a foolish reconciliation process, but by rejecting the demands  of the Tamils, and  the Sinhala people uniting burying their political differences to protect and secure their religious and cultural heritage.

The protection of the  religious and cultural heritage of the majority Sinhala  would naturally be the protection of the rights , religions and the cultures of the minorities. 

The Tamils have no specials rights over and above the Sinhala and Muslim people.  The Tamils of yesterday and today are responsible for suffering of the people of Sri Lanka through a ruthless terrorism. Therefore today the Sri Lanka Tamils have to learn to live with the Sinhala and Muslims sharing their rights and priviledges., without making absurd demands for reconciliation and a separate identity.

France paid homage to the Police officer who was assassinated by the Islamist terrorists  on the 22 of April, 2017 wounding two others . The whole of France wept this horrific terrorist attack, which reminded me of  not one, such murder , but massacres  of police officers military officers soldiers and innocent civilians  in thousands  every now and then for thirty years by ruthless Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka, which these French people and the French Government did not morn.

The French Government then instead of condemning that terrorism in Sri Lanka sought to defend and even save the terrorists when the government was carrying out a successful military operation to eliminate terrorists.

Bernard Kushner the Foreign Minister of France  went along with  David Miliband the Foreign Minister of UK to Sri Lanka to demand the Government of Sri Lanka to stop military operation against terrorists. 

The Sri Lanka terrorists  were not terrorists for France then, as they were not a threat to France, UK , USA or other European countries.

Therefore I wondered whether Sri Lanka should sympathise with France as those terrorists  of France are still not a threat to Sri Lanka

But Sri Lanka, unlike France USA and the other Europeans feel sad for the  French Families which  lost their near and dear ones through this detestable inhuman terrorism,  as the people of Sri Lanka knows well, having suffered themselves through terrorism ,  the suffering of the French people in the face of Islamist terrorism.

But neither France, USA and other Europeans who now go through the Same terrorism that Sri Lanka went through for years,  still defend the terrorists in Sri Lanka passing resolutions in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva accusing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for war crimes in eliminating terrorism,  and forcing Sri Lanka to give political concessions to Tamils in Sri Lanka who still sympathises with the terrorists who came from their community and accuse the Sinhala Armed Forces  that saved them _the Tamils and Muslims from that long and ruthless terrorism in Sri Lanka.

French people and the French Government  which morn the deaths of their police officers and innocent civilians   through Islamist  terrorism,  and live with the fear of further terrorist attacks, have still not learnt their lessons to understand that terrorists anywhere out side France  are also terrorists,  even if those terrorists elsewhere are no threat to them. The French Government  gives priority to  political interest,  than sharing  humanism and sympathy with those people elsewhere in other countries suffering from same type of terrorism with a difference.

France, USA and the rest of the Europeans in their political ambitions try their utmost to keep at bay the development of non-Western countries , and change regimes taking the side of the terrorists in those countries,  against the elected  political leaders who seek to develop their countries to give their people a decent and a respectable standard of living and take them out of poverty in to prosperity.

This is what is happening in Syria today, and what happened in Libya , and Iraq yesterday. In Syria as it was in Libya, the terrorists  have taken up arms against the government  of the elected President Bashar Al-Assad, but the French Government as well as the rest of the West prefer to call them rebels  to serve their political purpose to change the regime in Syria.

French Foreign Minister  Jean-Marc Ayrault said yesterday the 25th  April, 2017, that he has proof that the Chemicals with which the Syrian  people were attacked recently was produced by  the Syrian Government of Bashir Al-Assad. This is history repeating itself. The West and USA would do anything to change the regimes in  the middle East and this was the same assurance that Jean –Marc Ayrault gives to-day, that  the former Prime Minister of UK Tony Blair  gave as an excuse to attack Iraq.

Bashar Al-Assad had not attacked his own people with Chemicals,  as much as Sadam Hussain had not stock piled Weapons of Mass Destruction as Tony Blair  then assured.  It is a ruse using the Syrian terrorists to attack Al-Assad.

French Government and its allies do not still realise that it is themselves who have created the terrorists who attack them now. It is the terrorists of Iraq and Libya who France and its allies called rebels,  who are now the Islamist terrorists attacking France, and the rest of the European Countries.

It is only Russia that is realistic and calls the terrorists , terrorists. Russia defends Syria against terrorism,  while France and its allies attack Syria in defence of terrorism.

France and its allies do not accept the leadership China and Russia. The governments and the people of developing countries accept the leadership of China and Russia. This is the reason for the regime change policy of the West.

In Sri Lanka the French and its allies helped to change the regime of President Mahinda Rajapakse, and installed a government obedient to the West.  But that change has brought untold suffering to the people of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka which was a fast developing country two and a half years ago is today falling into the abyss of underdevelopment and poverty. And further reconciliation with Tamils will be the end of a united Sri Lanka, and the end of a prestigious religion Buddhism a unique philosophy that would  be the saving grace of the World.

But unfortunately France,  that I love next to my motherland Sri Lanka, is about to elect a President who has the same mentality of the Previous President- anti Russian and anti Bashir Al-Assad Government in Syria, or an ultra nationalist  which would be Chaos.

The West is doomed, as there is terrorism on  one side, antagonism towards  China and Russia, on the other , and a desire to change regimes of developing countries to maintain a pseudo leadership in the world. The only way to rise above this is to promote dialogue  amoung  nations and build trust and friendship.

The Institution which is able to ensure this desired change is the UNO, which unfortunately does not exist today  as it was meant to be.