Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Sinhala Buddhists have to re-assert Sinhala Buddhist Rights and Priviledges

Let any one call the Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka  Sinhala Chauvinists, racists or nationalists. The Sinhala should openly show their pride of being Sinhala, and should not hesitate to rise to defend their rights and priviledges as the people of their Island home.

The time has come for the Sinhala to shout loud  to drown the dissenting voices and assert our Sinhala Buddhist rights.

If any one is to write a Constitution to Sri Lanka it is the right of the Sinhala still a majority in the country to do so, and no one besides them has the right to say how it is to be written and what it should contain.

The whole Island from north to South and West to East belong to the Sinhala Buddhists and those Tamils and Muslims who the Sinhala have accepted as their fellow citizens.

For over 500 years the Sinhala Buddhist voice was  silenced by the advent of Colonialism. Our spiritual philosophy the Buddhism by far the greatest of all religions and religious philosophies, was pushed behind into the shadows of foreign religions invented by foreign conquerors for  political purposes to allow them to rule over conquered  people with guns and soldiers, legend and myth, and angels  and demons.

Hinduism is an old philosophy, but its spirituality had been mutilated  with idols of gods of human form and animal heads, multitude of arms and heads, and  male Lingam washed in milk, and bloody sacrifice of harmless animals to keep  the poor Tamils bound to the religion  through fear, and temptation for  rewards for macabre forms of worship.

The Bibles and the Testament are by those who have not seen the God, but said by the seventy odd prophets in the Bible to have only heard His voice.

Buddhism is a philosophy founded by a man who developed the mind to find a teaching to liberate all beings, human and animal from suffering , spread a teaching of universal love , compassion and peace to the world.

This civilised Sinhala  culture  based on the teachings of the Compassionate Buddha was drowned in the muddy waters of a strange  civilisation introduced through Christian missionaries who followed the conquerors with their guns.

It was only in 1956 that a revival of the Sinhala Buddhist culture was attempted by a brave man -SWRD Bandaranayake, but unfortunately the Indian Tamils who by then had become Sri Lanka Tamils called him a Nationalist, racist  and a Sinhala chauvinist, and all his good intention to create a one nation of Sri Lankans speaking the same language, singing the same national anthem, in the shade of one flag was dissipated  in the wake of the demoniac racist call for fifty- fifty and a federal constitution.

The Indian Tamils of Chola and Pandiyan origin won the day sounding the death knell of a Sinhala Buddhist emancipation.

The Independence of 1948 again buried the Sinhala Buddhist culture in the  mixture of an Indian Tamil race defined as  a Sri Lankan Tamil minority . For over 2500 years despite  the later mixture of the Indian Tamils of Chola and Pandiya dynasties, this Land remains largely the land  of the Sinhala Buddhists.

Since the first Tamil incursions into Sri Lanka to kill, plunder and ransack our country, Sri Lanka had been a doomed country.

The Buddhist culture had made Sinhala people tolerant, generous  and benign. The Tamils benefitted from this Sinhala National characteristic, but their political motivated leaders-the Tamil Politicians, put to test this  tolerant  Sinhala characteristic to demand equal rights and more political power in areas where they had settled down in large numbers.

The lethargy of successive Sinhala governments, giving into every demands made by the Tamil Politicians, made the Tamil politicians believe that the Sinhala were naïve and stupid( modayas). This culminated in a thirty years of terrorism by the Tamils to advance their demand for a separate Eelam State.

In this thirty year war of terrorism the people who suffered most were the thousands of innocent Tamil civilians, old and young men,  women, and children. They  were reduced to utter poverty, suffering  with no proper food to eat, dress to wear, without proper sanitary conditions,  forcefully driven like  cattle from place to place to be the human shields of the Tamil terrorists against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces on the other hand  made great effort to end terrorism with least damage to civilians  whose lives were being held to ransom by the Tamil terrorists making of them  a human shield to protect them-selves.

Today the voice of those Tamils who suffered as a human shield of the terrorists, is not heard,  drowned by the loud voices of TNA politicians and the likes of Sivajilingam, Sumanthiran, Wigneswaran,  calling for devolution of  political power without  attending to the needs of  those Tamil civilians.

These Tamil civilians who really suffered under Tamil terrorism, continue to live with their psychological wounds and traumatism caused by the Tamil terrorists, which the Sinhala Soldiers greatly assuaged through their kind attention and helping the exodus of these poor civilians kept as captives by the Tamil terrorists who were using them as a human shield.

Hypocrisy of the USA , the West , the EU and the UN has not helped post-terrorist  Sri Lanka to settle disputes amoung Communities, create Communal unity , and establish permanent peace and security despite the suffering the people of  all Communities went through during the ruthless Tamil terrorism.

Today,  these  hypocrite, arrogant West are planning to divide Sri Lanka between Sinhala, Tamils and Muslims forcing the government to write a federal Constitution,  because a separated, weakened Sri Lanka is what they want to checkmate Chinese and Russian influence in the southern seas.

The change of regime in 2015,  actively supported by the Foreign forces, and the setting up of a UNP- and the right wing SLFP regime misnamed Yahapalanaya,  have only made matters worse. The development of the country economically, socially, and culturally has been bought to a standstill without  a definite plan for the  development of the country.

The Communities have been broken up and the Tamil Politicians and Tamil separatist movements have been encouraged  by the Western Forces, to make continuous  separatist demands, and the Government is being forced to give more and more political concessions to Tamil politicians  for a pseudo reconciliation with the Tamil Community giving them an advantage over the Sinhala majority Community for an eventual  setting up of a separatist  Tamil Eelam State.

The initiative taken by the so called Yahapalanaya Government to write a new Constitution to Sri Lanka would irreparably distort the sovereignty of Sri Lanka making it lose the Constitutional  protection provided to Buddhist religion, which is Sri Lanka’s  national identity.

The Tamil politicians taking advantage of the weakness of the Yahapalanay government and the allegiance of the Chandrika- Sirisena-Ranil trio of the Yahapalanaya  to the West are moving to destroy the hard won  rights and priviledges of the Sinhala Majority Community initiated by SWRD Bandaranayake with his  political vision of a united country,  giving  power to the five forces-sanga, guru, veda, govi, kamkaru, of which the country is comprised.

In the past we had our great patriotic leaders like H L.Mettananada, P de S. Kularatne , Dr.Malalasekar, Venerable Henpitagedara Gnanaseeha Maha thero , Venerable Madihe Pannasiha Maha thero and so on to fight for the revival of Sinhala Buddhist Culture.
They organised the Buddhist National Movement to fight against the enemies of  Buddhism.


But today the Sinhala Buddhists have failed to build a sufficiently large and forceful Buddhist revival group. The Bodu Bala Sena was in a way such an effort to revive the Buddhist National Movement which has been discouraged in the farce of “reconciliation”- a curse upon Sri Lanka.

Today anti Sri Lanka forces are harnessing the Sinhala writers,  academicians, and others under a shower of NGO freely distributed American dollars –a weapon of mass destruction,   to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist National Heritage in Sri Lanka.

Are we to watch this disaster taking place before our eyes doing nothing for fear of being called Sinhala Chauvinists, Nationalist or Racists, remaining  mere spectators  watching Sri Lanka this country of the Sinhala Buddhists sinking like a Titanic into a sea of political disaster ?

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Who is the Boss the President or the Prime Minister ?

The people of Sri Lanka and the world are made to believe that the decision taking  leader of the government of Sri Lanka is  its President Maithripala Sirisena. But it is utterly false, even though the President may  believe that he is the President and as such he is the one on “the driving seat.”

But in reality it is Ranil Wickramasinghe  the Prime Minister who really takes decisions and runs he Country. That is exactly what Ranil Wickramasinghe  did as the Prime Minister of President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s Government of 2001. It was then that Ranil Wickramasinghe  signed the CFA with Prabhakaran without consulting either the President nor the Parliament, aiding  and abetting in the terrorism in  Sri Lanka and thus also took the responsibility for the deaths of thousands of Soldiers  and Officers of the Armed Forces and the Civilians.

One would have been really amnesic of the past to have made Ranil Wickramasinghe a Prime Minister once again onb the 9th January,2015 when Sri Lanka had been released from thirty years of  suffering by the former President Mahinda Rajapakse, and the paths were being gradually cleared and prepared  to rectify any errors of the past and take Sri Lanka towards  peace , progress and a future of hope for more success.

The Prime Minister immediately after being sworn in planned the future from then onwards  of Sri Lanka in terms of the Agenda Prompted by the USA and UN, and the West and EU. Prime Minister had his men  Ravi Karunanayake despite a still pending case against him for money laundering  to be the Minister of Finance , Mangala Samaraweera  a sworn enemy of the  President Mahinda Rajapakse as Foreign Secretary,  which office was denied to him previously by his enemy, Karu Jayasuriya who was likely to have usurped Ranil as the Leader of the UNP,  as the speaker, and Chandrika a lost soul utterly jealous of the successes of former President Mahinda Rajapâkse as a chief Consultant,  and turn coats like Champika, who was hoping to be a Presidential candidate in the future, Rajitha who can make truth look false and falsehood look the truth, as the Government Spokesman.

Ranil the PM  knew that having made Maithripala Sirisena a President, his devotion to the Prime Minster was assured  to bypass  the presidential leadership to take Sri Lanka the way  he had promised his USA and Western friends.  In order to assure the confidence of the USA and the West, he suspended China’s Colombo Port City project laying off large numbers of workers, antagonising China by suspending a project which had been declared open by none other than   the President of China Xi Jinping himself.

This matter taken up without any foresight has caused not only financial difficulties to the country but also serious diplomatic issues . Antagonising China is not in the interest of Sri Lanka.  In order to rectify this monstrous error, and win back the lost confidence of China  the Yahapalanaya is now faced with the necessity to give  the Hambantota Harbour and  large extents of Land on long lease to China.   Had the President Maithripala Sirisena been consulted on these issues or are they the decisions taken independently by the Prime Minister and his UNP followers ?

It was again an unwise move for the Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera and the Prime Minister to have decided to sponsor the US resolution against Sri Lanka putting Sri Lank’s sovereignty at jeopardy. This was again done with a view to win the friendship of  the USA and the Western countries to boast to the people that country has regained the friendshipof the West which the country lost under President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Then the  Prime Minister took over the administration of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under his Ministry, and appointed a citizen of Singapore as its Governor, orchestrating the  Bond Scam which took place as planned on the 27 of February,2017.

When the term of office of the Governor of the Central Bank came up, the President refused to extend the appointment, requesting the Prime Minister to remove him from office.  The Prime Minister instead of removing him, appointed him as an adviser to himself, making the President Maithripala Sirisena understand that the Prime Minister has the power to challenge the decisions of the President.

Prime Minister did his best to avoid involving Arjuna Mahendran in the Bond Scam, appointing his own team of Lawyers to an Investigating Committee, and  getting his UNP loyalists to put  footnotes to the COPE report  making the report ineffective.

The President remained  silent on the issue  until  the public agitation against the Bond Scam became difficult to be ignored . It was then that he woke up to appoint a Commission. There too the Prime Minister had his say.

When two senior UNP Ministers were summoned before the Commission, a mysterious hand had moved to stop the Commission from cross examining the two Ministers. The PM has still not gone before the Commission , but will Dappula Livera and Yasantha Kodagoda SASGs be allowed to cross examine the Prime Minister ? One of the members of the panel of the Commission had criticised  SASG Dappula Livera. Will the report of the Commission see the light of the day and if so when?

Who wanted the Local Government elections postponed, the President or the Prime Minister ? How was that the Parliament was used by this Yahapalanaya Government to  ignore a verdict of the SC, and nevertheless postpone  Local Government elections ?  Wasn’t it an insult to democracy to which the Yahaplanaya Government is paying mere lip service.

Who made the President Maithripala Sirisena lay a foundation stone to a building which was only to dupe the people that the building is to set up the factory of the VolksWagen Company  ? Wasn’t the President led by the nose ?

Who was delaying taking a decision on the SATM issue ? Why did it take such a long time for the President Maithripala Sirisena to wake up  to appoint a Commission to look into it ? Who is chairing the Commission ? Is it an independent  person who has no interest on the issue or a political yes man of the PM?

President Maithripala Sirisena wakes up late to appoint Commissions when the political issues have  become serious concerns of the people and public agitation becomes impossible to be ignored.  Doesn’t it make the people wonder that the President is not consulted when important decisions are made by the Prime Minister,  and the President becomes aware of them only when public agitation becomes too serious to be ignored ?

Even about the new Constitution and the preparation of an interim report to be passed in the Parliament, the President is a late comer to an issue which has become a great concern of the people who demand the rejection of the Yahapalanaya Government’s effort to write a new Constitution. Why didn’t the President raise objection to the appointment of Lal Wijenayake and Sumanthiram to prepare the Interim Report ? Is the President ever consulted in these important political issues ?

Is the President aware of the problems caused on the question of  tenders for the construction of the Colombo Kandy Expressway ?  Here also it appears that the President had been left out or he had not been given all information with regard to the Construction of the Expressway ? Should Maithripala Sirisena remain a lamentably ineffective President getting aware of the political  messing of the Yahapalanaya Government only when the media raises the issue ? 

It appears from many political issues becoming serious concerns of the people only when they are brought before the Parliament , that there is a lack  of  sufficient exchange of information on important issues discussed at Cabinet Meetings. Some information may be hidden at Cabinet meetings and included  only when the issues come as bills before the Parliament. Otherwise how can the President be unaware of them ?

It was reported that, speaking at the death anniversary of Venerable late Maduluwawe Sobitha thero, the President Maithripala Sirisena says, “… even though, few people in the government leveled allegations and criticisms against him for appointing the Bond Commission, he appointed the Commission to fulfill the pledge given by him to the people to eradicate fraud and corruption from the country, while ensuring the fair justice in the society as a government of good governance.”

It would be interesting to know who these “few people in the government  who levelled  allegations and criticism against him for appointing the Bond Scam…”

There are many other issues that may have been decision made  by the Prime Minister without consulting the President or without giving him all relevant information. The setting up of a missing persons office, setting up a special High Court to expedite hearing of special crimes, misuse of state resources etc.,  FCID are issues where perhaps the President had not been consulted or he had not been given sufficient information.-

It was reported in the Island of Nov.8th  that Venerable Prof. Medagoda Abeytissa thera had :

“….urged President Maithripala Sirisena to quit what he called separatist agenda pursued by the UNP administration and align with nationalist elements.

Had President felt obliged to back the UNP’s despicable project in return for fielding him at the 2015 polls, the SLFP leader should now discontinue association with the ruling party, the Ven. Thera said further said ,  the President Sirisena regardless of his affiliations with the UNP couldn’t under any circumstances shirk his responsibilities. Asserting that there was no point in blaming Premier Wickremesinghe for the current situation, Ven. thera emphasized that President Sirisena should be held responsible……”.

Recently Lord Neseby, had made a statement in the House of Lords, UK highly critical of the stance taken by the Government of UK and other European countries against Sri Lanka’s military operations against terrorism, accusing the Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces for war crimes. He had contested the war deaths estimated  at 40 000 as highly imaginative.

This Statement by Lord Neseby which is favourable to Sri Lanka has been completely ignored by the former Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera and the Prime Minister. Why has not the President Maithripala Sirisena urged the Prim Minister to take action on this issue and get his Foreign Minister  Ravi Karunanayake to take it up with the UNHuman Rights Council.

Considering all this it is questionable whether the President Maithripala Sirisena  is kept informed of all political matters  before the Prime Minister presents any of them  to the Parliament, or is the President being taken for a ride by his own Prime Minister.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Sumanthiran of TNA says “ We are Sri Lankans , our dignity, our equality has been assured in this document and this is our document”.

Because Sumanthiran says, “ We are Sri Lankans, our dignity, our equality has bee reassured in this documentthe interim report debated in the Parliament, and says  “this is our document”, it is why we should all oppose this diabolic Interim report and stop it from being passed in the Parliament.

Despite all the opposition to it, if this Parliament  were to pass it with a two third majority,there  would be no  further use of this Parliament for our country therefore it should be bombed and raised to ground,  and build a memorial in the place  for Sri Lanka that was  the country of the Sinhala Buddhist people, which was offered to the Venerable Mahinda Maha Rahathan vahanse by the King Devenapatis when Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka.

The mere pronouncement of “throwing a bomb” is also being made a big issue by some Parliamentarians and those supporting  the interim report.

But it is a word used to express one’s pain and intense feeling of incapacity to act against the ignoble attempt to sell this country to the west and the Tamil extremists. It expresses the painful cry of those who love their motherland –Sri Lanka to convince those who can stop this disastrous document from being passed with a two third majority in Parliament to wake up to reality and come forward openly against it.

It is only the TNA Tamils, Tamil Diaspora, the USA and the West, the UN, and  all those who supported the terrorism in  Sir Lanka and go all out to punish Sri Lanka and the Armed Forces that saved the Country from division and destruction by terrorists that want this monstrous document called the Interim report heralding the writing of a Federal Constitution without calling it  “Federal” passed with a two third majority in the Parliament.

The Tamils are again being helped, and pandered by the local forces lead by Ranil Wickramasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Mangala Samaraweera etc. that were also against the military operations to eliminate terrorism. The UNP Presidents even provided arms and ammunition to terrorists.  Ranil Wickramasinghe even  signed an illegal agreement with the terrorists-the CFA giving more power and security to terrorists, without the consent of the then President of Sri Lanka or the Parliament.

The EU Ambassador to Sri Lanka Tung Lai Marque (do not know of which nationality he is), has said speaking of the Interim report debated in Sri Lanka Parliament , that he hoped  the aspirations of the International Community in finding a political settlement  in the country would become a reality, even in the face of  a short sighted Opposition.

The Tamil wanted to destroy this country earlier in abncient times  as intruders, treasure hunters and finally settled  down with Tamil Chola King Elara in 205 before the current era. Then with Kalinga Magha the Tyrant  perhaps another Cholan Tamil with connection to Tamil Nadu, further destroyed  Sri Lanka chasing away the Sinhala Buddhists from Raja Rata, burnt our Buddhist temples and monasteries and settled down in 1215, until he was driven away by King Vijayabahu III in 1220.

It was thereafter in recent time we were again challenged,  after  the Grant of  independence from colonial rule , by the  vicious racist Tamils like GG Ponnambalam who  asked for a 13 percent of the Tamils,  equality with the Sinhala Buddhist majority . It was perhaps our Buddhist cultural tolerance and willingness to accept strangers in our midst and give them hospitality, which even the virulent Tamil racists like Wigneswran says that since independence there was genocide of Tamils.

We need  not look to developed West to see the minorities living in peace with the majorities without claiming fifty fifty or equal rights ,  because  in Malaysia a country not far away from Sri Lanka has a large  Tamil population who live with the  Malaysian majority sharing their rights and privileges without asking for equal rights and a separate region for themselves as the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

It was the fault of the Sinhala Governments since 1948 that have pandered to Tamils and the Muslims and allowed them to develop this desire to separate themselves from the Sinhala  demanding more and more rights and priviledges  for which they have no right being only a minority. 

The Sri Lanka Tamils have been encouraged to demand  equal status with the Sinhala, by the monumental errors committed by the previous Sinhala Governments by allowing the Sinhala National flag to be mutilated by adding two strips of green and orange  to represent the minorities, allowing the Tamil language as an official language, and even allowing  the National Anthem to be sung in Tamil.

No where else in the world is there a sovereign state that has given equal rights to the minorities like it is being done in Sri Lanka . This Yahapalanaya government is today proposing to write a  new Constitution  to allow  Tamil Only Provinces in the North and East, separated from the control of the Central Government.

SWRD Bandaranaike saw it happening and proposed a one nation with one language , one flag and one national anthem as other independent sovereign states in the world , but we had again Kalinga Maghas in Chelvanayagams and Sundaralingams who shattered SWRD’s idea of a one country- one nation, which culminated in a ruthless terrorism for over 30 years.

We are today in this situation unable to assert our sovereignty, and build peace and security for a nation State of Sri Lanka through undue and illegal interference by the USA and the west  who are being prompted by the Tamil Diaspora which has become a political asset for the political leaders of the West.

Ranil Wickramasinghe  a member of the International Democratic Union, and a Member of the Montpelerin Society, married twice , and rejected 29 times by the people of Sri Lanka national elections, and elected by the President of Sri Lanka to be his Prime Minister under some agreement according to which Maithripala Siriena the President was lured  into being the common Presidential candidate of the united opposition to oppose Mahinda Rajapakse.

It is Ranil Wickramasinghe’s  proposal to fulfil an Agenda of the USA led West that Tamils are given more and  more privileges and political power soon to be equal to the rights of the Majority despite they being only a 13 percent of the population. Ranil is assisted  in this nefarious task by Chandrika Kumaratunga a member of National Endowment for Democracy nominally a private organisation but largely financed by the US:
“…..The most common complaint is that the NED's money only goes to support movements and politicians that fit into the United States' foreign-policy objectives, regardless of whether those who receive the money engage in undemocratic campaigns. Most recently, the left assailed the NED for its indirect support of Venezuelan groups that were active in attempts to overthrow democratically elected President Hugo Chavez……”
The  proposal of writing a new Constitution and the interim report now debated is the “ cerise on the cake” to give the Tamils a Federal Constitution with the “ word Federal removed”. This is again a move by Ranil Wickramasinghe with his UNP and the foot note writers and the JVP  the vociferous opponents of Mahinda Rajapakse. Any thing dangerous to Sri Lanka could be expected only from Ranil Wickramasinghe who signed the CFA  allowing the death of thousands Soldiers and civilians, and the JVP.

The man Lal Wijenayake who has apparently prepared the Interim Report now before the Parliament is a person who had wanted  to write a Federal Constitution to Sri Lanka without  the label “federal”  as far back as in 1999, according to Eric Solheim’s book  “To end a Civil War” . So we know what this Constitution would be and why Sumandiram jumped the gun, to call the writing of a new Constitution  and their accepting the Interim report a Historical Event.

Therefore it is all the more reason why the SLFP Memebers with the President Maithripala Sirisena re- examing their view with regard to the Interim report being debated in Parliament and vote against it to Save Sri Lanka.

If they do not pay heed to the call of patriots and vote for the interim report being debated in Parlieament  they will be traitors to Sri Lanka their mother country. The only Country the Sinhala people have to call that  it is their home land , only place where Sinhala is spoken  and where the words of the Compassionate Buddha were put down in writing.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

1978 Constitution is still good enough, Say no to this dangerous attempt to pass an Interim Report to write a new Constitution,

The traitors to Sri Lanka

Jayampathy Wickramaratne  the man who prepared the Interim Report placed before the Parliament for a debate says in defence of writing a  new Constitution that the President Mahinda Rajapakse had stated in his election manifesto the necessity for  a new Constitution and that what they have now done is nothing different from what Mahinda Rajapakse  would have done if he would have still been the President. 

Is that an argument to defend the stupid document they have  presented to the Parliament ?
But Wickramaratne should know that Mahinda Rajapakse would not have allowed to desecrate the cultural revival brought about by SWRD Bandaranayake.

Mahinda Rajapakse  would not have allowed the country to be divided  and Buddhist Religion and Cultural values regained after  over 500 years of  neglect, abuse and desecration  by the Colonial rulers, to be removed from State protection, and give equal Status with other Cultures and Religions which were introduced later to the country, through a New Constitution.

A Constitution does not become valid  because it had been written after a long consultation with the people. It has to be written by learned persons, putting into it important matters taking into account the uniqueness of the country and the people and their religious and cultural values that had shaped the country and its people over a long period of time.

In writing a New Constitution there should not be no model or jumping from what the country  and the people had been, to a modern age where the past values are relegated to history and bring in new values that are  strange to the Country and the people.

Jayampathy Wickramaratne from his presentation of his ideas in a Hiru TV debate showed that he is not a suitable person to write a Constitution to a country like Sri Lanka. In that debate in the TV he told one of his opponents that he should keep his arguments for himself and listen to what he has to say as he  is an intellectual.

A Constitution is not written to reconcile with Communities . Reconciliation is a different activity and the Constitution should not be an instrument to create dissention amoung people through pseudo reconciliation with Tamils who do not want reconciliation but division and separation..
It was a mistake to have consulted the people in order  to write a New Constitution to Sri Lanka.

The 1978 Constitution is not an ideal Constitution but it had been useful during the most crucial period of the History of Sri Lanka. The Executive Powers  of the President of Sri Lanka was an important “implement” in fighting a ruthless terrorism that created havoc and untold misery to the people, even if the Tamils today seem to have forgotten that period of terror and hopelessness.

But still the time is too close to a terrorism that has been eliminated not long ago and the people are not ready for any changes from what they had been used to. Therefore Sri Lanka should continue with the 1978 Constitution until country has found complete peace and security.

The Yahapalanaya Government came to power too soon after the elimination of terrorism and the embers of terrorism and dissention is still remaining warm under the heap of ash that had been left behind.

The foreign Governments are helping  to keep the embers of terrorism alive and it is time  the Government instead of writing a new Constitution advice the Western Governments the necessity for Sri Lanka to  remain un-interfered by the west,  that does not and will not understand the minds of the Sri Lankan people be they Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim.

The ordinary Tamil people just released from thirty years of suffering are not allowed by their political messiahs to take a rest and taste peace and security for a while to see clearly what their future should be, and how it is to be shaped and by whom.

The present haste of the Yahapalanaya to change every thing overnight is improper, harmful and dangerous to the people as a whole. Doing things in haste we are bound to neglect the essentials.

Even the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya speaks of this unnecessary  haste of the Government which he himself does not understand,  but to which he gives in despite the trust the people  places on a Speaker of the Parliament to do the correct thing.

Karu Jayasuriya the Speaker had said, “ …… From the beginning I said, we cannot have legislations passed in the future in such a hush, hush manner. We have Oversight Committees. We have transparency. Sri Lanka Parliament is looked upon as a model. So, it has to follow all the good practices. I have spoken to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the House, and all concerned. I am quite hopeful that, in the future, there won’t be a repetition of this nature. It is, of course, embarrassing to the Speaker and the Secretariat.” 

The Speaker of the Parliament has to be more alert and democratic  as he has already lost the confidence of the people for his lack of independence and his seemingly serving more the interest of theYahapalanaya and UNP to  which he belongs.

It is undemocratic not to have recognised a 51 member Joint opposition as the Parliamentary Opposition instead of the TNA with only 17 parliamentarians.

The Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe  behaves like a clown in Parliament and says most stupid things such as that the Parliamentrians who have not come to Parliament nevertheless comes to eat in the Canteen of the Constitutional Assembly.

His UNP followers are no better any serious discussion is made a situation of fun and laughter.

Yesterday at the Derana TV VadaPitiya the UNP Members Kavinda Jayawardhana and Wijepala Hettiarachchi had no valid arguments to defend the Interim Report on the New Constitution other than to read a report by the former President Mahinda Rajapakse about the necessity for a new Constitution  saying that it is the same thing that they have presented to the Parliament. They heckled and disturbed the opposition  members Kalum Amunugam and Wimalaweera Dissanayake without allowing them to present their views against the Interim Report.

The best thing the President Maithripala Sirisena can do is to demand the withdrawal of the interim report and stop further attempts at writing a new Constitution to Sri Lanka. If the Tamil Politicians and the Western enemies of Sri Lanka  raise objections, they should be asked to stay a little longer and find other ways of bringing the Communities together without dividing the country or writing new Constitutions.

We want Sri Lanka as it is,  not as an Orumitta Nadu.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Please do not vote for the Interim Report if you love this unique land with over 2500 years of history.

In ancient Ayurveda the test to detect presence of  sugar  in a diabetic patient is to  put  a drop of urine from the patient  on the ground.  If the drop of urine contains sugar the black ants which  love sugar trickle in numbers around the drop of urine proving that the drop of urine does contain sugar.

This methodology can be used as a sure means to detect whether  the Interim report hatched by Sirisena Ranil Government and placed before the Parliament contains  hidden inside it Federalism palatable to the Tamils.

Eureka there is certainly the poisonous Federalism hidden inside this Interim report. Because  the deadly black ants of the  Tamil National Alliance  MP M.A.Sumnthiran  has accepted it  calling it a historic moment for him ( though not for Sri Lanka).

Sumanthiran had said in Parliament , “This is a historic moment  that Tamil party Representatives  have agreed to the proposals made in the interim report. Let all join and support this.”.

They are the  ants around the drop of urine.

What more proof is necessary  for all those patriots of Sri Lanka now,  not to vote for this deadly Interim report placed before them which if passed  will be paving the way to allow the demons of Yahapalanaya prepare the the New Constitution with a federal character based on the Interim report.

The new  Constitution may have been already prepared by the experts  in the USA State Department. Perhaps the USS Nimitz the Aircraft Carrier with its  accompanying war ships  heralded the  delivery of Sri Lanka’s unitary status blasting New Constitution  to Ranil Wickramasinghe the US Agent in Sri Lanka.

We saw the Prime Minister do his war dance inside the Parliament, taking the Parliamentarians for a set of fools saying that it is only an interim report before them and there is lot of time for the New Draft Constitution to be presented. But the Parliamentarians should know that if they once vote in favour of the  interim report, the damage will be done  for the presentation of a New Constitution which would certainly be federal in character.

JVP Anura Kumara Dissanayake present at Salakuna  the Hiru TV programme showed that he is with Ranil Wickramasinghe and that he was supporting the presentation of a new Constitution based on the interim report presented in Parliament. The nick name the red elephant seems to suit him.

He said that once the people have rejected both the UNP and the SLFP the third force to form a government would be JVP as they had been politically “clean”. Is that enough to ascertain the people that JVP would be the correct political party to form a Government ?

Marxism is outdated and JVP has no valuable programme to be presented to the Country. Further more the JVP  leadership Anura, Bimal, Tilvin,Wijitha   are aggressive people and do not give the people the assurance that they would be good leaders to govern the country and give them peace and security.

Things to come if this new report is passed and a new Constitution is prepared in terms of the Interim report  became clear  from the interview of Sivajilingam a close relative of late Prabhakaran in Derana  360. Sivajilingam says the Constitution should be non religious and if the Sinhala people want Buddhism they can have it in the South and the North should be free of Buddhism,  as Buddha is already a God for them in their Kovils.

The Tamils had been given all what the Sinhala Majority enjoys and there is really no necessity for a reconciliation. It is not giving a federal Constitution that will change them but a change of mental attitude.  Otherwise the reconciliation effort by the Sinhala will be a waste of time , like pouring water on a ducks back.

In France there are the Algerians, Vietnamese, and Africans, but they have accepted the French Constitution , speak French and do not ask for separate regions with police powers. It is the Tamils in Sri Lanka that is separatists and ask for separation from the rest of the people.

This is mainly because the West and unfortunately UN too are not helping developing countries to unite its people and get them under one flag, but they encourage separation of minorities from the majority,  as it helps their agenda for  world power.

Sri Lanka should not give in to this Separatist mentality of the Tamils , but find means to get them to become normal citizens of Sri Lanka, sharing all the citizen rights of the Country as it happens in France, USA, etc.

The proposed new Constitution to be prepared on the basis of the interim report  being debated in parliament today will not help unity of Communities as it gives into separatism and eventual break up of the Country, which is what the USA and the West is expecting to happen.

This should be understood by the Parliamentarians  and do what is necessary to avoid the  precipitation of  this eventual doom of separation by voting against the Interim Report now so that they will not be responsible for what is to come. 
Sudarshani Fernandopulle in an interview to Ceylon Today says,  that there is no harm voting for the present document being debated as it is only  a report. How naïve are these SLFP Group with Sirisena who are more concerned with their Ministerial posts rather than the danger looming before Sri Lanka.

The President Maithripala Sirisena’s voice against this interim report has not been heard obviously because his hands are bound and voice silenced by his Prime Minister who is working to the Agenda of the USA and the West along with Chandrika a Member of the NED-National Endowment for Democracy which promotes NGOs  with an aim to destabilise countries-sovereign States,  on  programmes supposed to be to re- establish democracy.

The Parliamentarians are prayed on behalf of the ordinary people of  Sri Lanka to keep in Mind that Sri Lanka is unique being the only country in the world where Sinhala is spoken and the Theravada Buddhism exists, which is the identity of Sri Lanka.

The interim report that is being debated in Parliament if passed with a two third majority would be the end of all that Sri Lanka had been for the  last 2600 years. Sri Lanka had been thrice blessed by the visit of the Compassionate Buddha and should be saved from the diabolical Yahapalana forces.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Saying it’s not the Constitution but an Interim report, Sirisena –Ranil want it passed with a two third majority in Parliament.

Friends, fellow Patriots, if the Constitution is to be ours, written by a free people, we must first resist this diabolical project!  Tamara Kunanayakam.

The Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya hoodwinks the Parliamentarians and the people to pass the so called interim report placed before Parliament by a two third majority to make it the document on which their New Constitution with a federal character will be written or has already been written, to be presented to the Parliament.

Who wants a new Constitution to Sri Lanka ? The people of Sri Lanka do not want a new Constitution, they want to live in peace, brining in all Communities into one Nation of Sri Lankans ?

The West lead by USA is determined to write a New Constitution to  make Sri Lanka a Federal State giving the Tamil Community equal rights with the Sinhala Majority. USA Ambassador Keshup seems to be some how  behind the project with the active support of the US State Department.

Tamara Kunanayaka says in an article to Investig’Action, that even the name given to this Ranil-Sirisena Government “Yahapalanaya or Good Governance”  had been proposed by the USA . Good Governance is a term  coined by IMF, World Bank and the US Treasury as a political conditionality for the enslavement of indebted countries of the third world.  

The Sirisena –Ranil Governments proposal to write New Constitution had been pre-arranged perhaps even before  Presidential election of 8th January,2015 on the insistence of  the  US State Department on the demand of the Tamil Diaspora.

It was evident from the many high ranking US Officials visiting Sri Lanka an making visits to the North or issuing Statements from Temple Trees as it was by US Acting Secretary of State Alice Wells , Edward Marks  one time US Deputy Chief of Mission (1987) who said that transformation from Colonial rule to an independent nation state is proving to be too much for fragile mlti- ethnic societies.

There were two visits by John Kerry the  US Secretary of State, and the US Under Secretary for Political Affaires Jeffrey Feltman, Samantha Powers, George Soros who said that Sri Lanka has no Constitutional Democracy, and  Nisha Bswal US Assistant Secretary of State admitting that the US Human Rights Council Resolution foreshadows the writing of a new Constitution to Sri Lanka.  Then the US Ambassador for Sri Lanka Atul Keshap stated that Washington would assist drafting a Constitution to Sri Lanka.

Is it now not clear that Sirisena-Ranil Government is all out to write a Constitution based on the interim report placed before the parliament and on which there would be a debate  from to day for which  interim report they are seeking a two third majority in parliament, not for the people of Sri Lanka but for the want of the USA and the West ?

Is it not enough evidenc  from the coincidence of  the US Nimitz Nuclearpowere  Aircraft Carrier along with six warships are scheduled to arrive or have already arrived in Sri Lanka just when the debate to pass the interim report to draft a new Constitution to Sri Lanka is to be debated.

Isn’t it a show of American Force,as a  threat to the Sirisena-Ranil  Government to honour what ever promises they have made to the USA , the West and the Talmil Diaspora ?

Think my dear compatriots who else other than Sirisena –Ranil and USA, wants a New Constitution to Sri Lanka ?

Even the 62 lakhs of people who voted for Sirisena did not want a new Constitution, the ordinary Tamil people are not interested in it,  other than the TNA Tamils and the Tamils of the diaspora and their sympathisers. The people of Sri Lanka do not want a new Constitution, they want to live in peace, they want security, they want a better standard of living, they only want to be a part of  a united community of the Nation of Sri Lankans ?

Yahapalanaya was never given a mandate by the people to write a new Constitution. Nevertheless the Yahapalanaya Government is going ahead with the same determination of the President Mahinda Rajapakse to eliminate terrorism, to write a new Constitution  giving the Tamils almost all  that the terrorists yearned to have through their ruthless terrorism.

Yahapalanaya which refused a Chinese Submarine to enter the Colombo port , and when President Mahinda Rajapakse was criticised both  by India and the then UNP opposition when he allowed a Chinese Submarine to dock in the Colombo Port in October, 2014, has now allowed  a whole American naval battalion to dock in Colombo Port !!

The new Constitution for Sri Lanka has perhaps already been written and the attempt to pass a document saying it is not the new Constitution is just hood winking the people and the  naïve Parliamentarians. It is pointless asking for amendments to the  document the SLFP and the JO have placed before the Parliament today for discussion as these enemies of the nation,  will accept all amendments  to have the two third majority vote to pass the document as a bill!!.

Therefore the Parliamentarians of the JO , SLFP and others of all shades of political view, if they really  love this Unique Sinhala Buddhist country the like of which exists no where else in the world , should not vote for this diabolic documents which would be the first step in presenting the New Constitution perhaps written by  the USA experts who know how to hide the truth and make the falsehood look like the truth.

It is perhaps time for the people to take to roads to protest against this interim report for a New Constitution which if passed would  annihilate the historical Sri Lanka twhich would  never be the same again.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Juda after the last "Hopper", sold his leader and friend to his enemies.

This is for those in Yahapalanaya who champion SLFP remaining with UNP.

Some where in the month of November, 2014, Maithripala Sirisena shared the “last hopper” with his political leader and friend and broke away from the SLFP to the opposite camp led by UNP.

It was exactly the opposite of what SWRD Bandaranaike did in 1951, when he broke away from the UNP and left to form his own political party the SLFP.

Maithripala Sirisena had no one to accompany him  when he left the SLFP to join the UNP, where as SWRD had a number of followers  who left the UNP along with him who formed the SLFP in 1956.

Maithripala Sirisena had Ranil Wickramasinghe the UNP Leader  and Chandrika  Kumaratunga ( an unconvinced SLFP er) to welcome him to the UNP side.

But SWRD  as the leader of  SLFP  had the Sri Lanka left wing political leaders, Philip Gunawardhane , N.M.Perera, Dr.S.A.Wickramasinghe, Colvin R. De Siva, Peter Keuneman  and others to welcome him , who later founded  along with SLFP the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna.

Maithripala Sirisena left the SLFP to became a part of the UNP led Common Opposition  to SLFP. Later power seeking politicians in the SLFP like Sarath Amunugama, Mahinda Samarasinghe, S.B.Dissanayake  et al trickled in  to take refuge behind Maithripala Sirisena.

As long as President Maithripala Sirisena remains a part of the UNP lead Government , he has no moral right to be the President of the SLFP. Therefore in reality it would still be Mahinda Rajapakse who is the President of the SLFP which was founded by SWRD Bandaranayake.

President Mahinda Rajapakse what ever his adversaries have to say about him was a generous leader. He  knew that with Maithripala Sirisena  as the President some of the members of the SLFP  greedy for power would leave the party like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Therefore, Mahinda Rajapakse did not want to be responsible for the breakup of the SLFP of SWRD Bandaranayake, who built the Party for the people of Sri Lanka and for the progress of it, economically, socially and culturally. Therefore seeing that the power greedy members of the SLFP were already trickling to  sit on the shade besides Maithripala Sirisena, the President Mahinda Rajapakse the visionary leader he was took a decision to hand over the Presidency of the SLFP to the new President.

In doing so on the 16 January,2015, he said  that ‘…..Having held membership and various offices including the Party leadership, and having nurtured and safeguarded the Party with great dedication for over 50 years, I am taking this decision as I have a great dislike to see the Sri Lanka Freedom Party face the danger of division.”

For Maithripala Sirisena that was an unexpected windfall. He accepted it without any graceful word of gratitude. His letter of acceptance addressed to the President Mahinda Rajapakse was not like a letter of a farmer’s son elevated to the high office of a President, not the words of a President  addressed to his people- not only to  the 62 lakhs who voted for him but also to those who voted against him.

Maithripala Sirisena if he is a good Buddhist President, he should not spit venom at anyone not even at his enemies. Becoming the office of a President is a great responsibility because once elected he becomes the President of all the people of the Country those who voted for him, as well as those who voted against him, of his friends and of his enemies.

But Srisena nevertheless wrote a pretentious, grotesquely  hateful, letter which does no honour even  to the name “Maithripala” he bears.

He wrote, “Both of us entered national politics from this great party. The SLFP and the voters who kept their faith in it made you the Executive President of this country twice. However, I have become the President in a different manner. That is, by challenging you as the candidate of the common opposition, and by giving leadership to and organizing the growing discontent with your administration. Thereby, I have been able to retain the Executive Presidency within the party as it was slipping away from you and the party. The secret to my success of winning the trust of all opposition parties and groups that stood against you was the inseparable, untainted and genuine relationship between me and the SLFP.”

History of Sri Lanka are plenty of stories of persons who honoured and respected their defeated enemies. After all Maithripala Sirisena cannot have any personal animosity against the man with whom he had the “last hopper” before he caste him to the hostile arena of political enemies. That only shows how low people can fall even in winning the highest office in  the country.

What appears to have happened today is that the President Maithripala Sirisena has become a decotration , his voice not been heard on important political issues that has set fire on the minds of Sinhala Buddhists. He is unable to  execute what he thinks is correct and rectify the errors  of  his Prime Minister.

His hands are bound by whatever agreements he may have entered into with UNP, TNA,JVP, JHU, SLMC and the rest. He saw the worst Bond Scam ever happening before his eyes, but he could not even sack the miscreant Governor of the Bank. He appointed a Presidential Commission of Investigation into the Bond Scan but the UNP Ministers called to give evidence was not allowed to be cross examined. Then again when the Prime Minister was about to be called before the Commission, the Commission was asked to terminate further sittings.

Maithripala Sirisena has become this Yahapalanaya Government’s President for reconciliation with Tamils and nothing else. He pardons the LTTE sympathisers who had attacked him, but he allows  Mahinda Rajapakse , his family and his supporters to be accused on false allegations.

The Local Government elections are prolonged even by use of  ruse and falsehood.

A ridiculously , but a most disastrous  interim report on the new Constitution to be written is placed before the Parliament. In the proposed  Sinhala version of the  Constitution they use a Tamil word to define Unitary as if the Sinhala language has no word to define ‘Unitary’. They use the word Orumittanadu abandoning even the Tamil word hitherto used to define Unitary in the Tamil version of the 1978 Constitution.

The English version of the Constitution is also to  have the word ekiya/ orumittanadu  instead of unitary. Who in the world reading our constitution in English will understand  what is  Ekiya Orimittanadu ? Are they writing a Constitution or a Comedy ?

The President with his hands bound is helpless – he has to say yes to his Prime Minister who  in turn is  bound by his white masters of the West to write a New Constitution at all cost. The President acts as required by his Prime Minister, as a tool for reconciliation. The National Anthem is already mutilated, being  sung in Tamil by the Tamil and in Sinhala by the Sinhala.

If Sri Lanka is to be saved the writing of the new Constitution should be stopped and executive powers of the President should be restored.

In this  present situation if the President hesitates to put his foot down and say no to evil actions being perpetrated against Sri Lanka by Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP cohorts, the President Maithripala Sirisena will go down to history as a puppet President who sold Sri Lanka to Tamils on a pseudo reconciliation project where only the Sinhala people want reconciliation while Tamils want separation.

If Maithripala Sirisen as the President is unable to use his Presidential authority or executive powers to stop the writing of a new Constitution based on the interim report now before them in the Parliament, the SLFPers who had taken refuge behind  the President should have the courage and the  intelligence  to leave him.

Because,  in not taking any action to stop Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP companions continuing to destroy the sovereignty , independence, and unity amoung the Communities in Sri Lanka, all those SLFPers supporting  Maithripala Sirisena will be equally  responsible for destabilising and ending the 2500 or more years old Sri Lanka that belong primarily to the Sinhala Buddhists, and then to the minory communities who had accepted to live with the Sinhala as Sri Lankans..

Which way is Sri Lanka Going ?

It has to be determined by all the members of the SLFP in the Parliament. If they are real patriots and members of the SLFP formed by SWRD Bandaranayake they should stand as one against the interim report for a new Constitution which is due to be debated in Parliament. They should  refuse to give the two third majority to pass the destructive document as a bill which would be the basis for a Constitution with a definite Federal Character as demanded by the West and the Tamil Diaspora.