Monday, 13 May 2013

Only thing the President Mahinda Rajapakse did………with determination and confidence.

Only thing the President Mahinda Rajapakse did with determination, and with confidence to face the consequences was the elimination of Terrorists. 

After that what  happened to the President and his government’s  determination to do  what they  think is right  and what happened to their   confidence to face the consequences of  their  acts which they believe is correct ?

After that  the President became cautious.  He acted to please the West, escape being accused for violation of human rights at the UNHuman Rights Council. He  Suffers the indignities of a Navineetham Piilai a biased Tamil woman trying to take revenge for imagined violation of the human rights of our own Tamil people.

The President is unsure not of his actions but of how his opponents  would react to his actions.  He wanted to please India, and did not want to take any action to antagonise India.  He allowed India to open a Consular Office in the North and in the South.  He allowed USA to open a USCenter in the North.

He went all out to develop the North and East that had never seen the like of such developments before or after Independence.  He was hoping the Tamils in the North and the East will show gratitude.  But do they ?  He should perhaps have slowed down the unparalleled development process in the North and East.

He said he would implement not only the 13 Amendment but give the  13 plus.  TNA who took an oath of Allegiance to the constitution continuously acted in breach of the constitution which is punishable under law.  But the Government has not reacted.

TNA on many occasion  breached and continues to breach the Article 157 A of the constitution of Sri Lanka. Which reads, “ [157A. (1) No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.
(2) No political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka….”

In view of the fact the Government stands inactive in the face of such evident violation of the constitution by the TNA,  Jayantha Liyanage of Sinhala Jathika Peramuna filed a FR case against the TNA for the breach of the relevant article in the Constitution.  But the Supreme court of Sri Lanka refused to hear  the case. 

The Honourable judge Shirani Tilakewardane before whom this case against the TNA was to be heard, did not take the trouble even to verify whether there was in fact a breach of the Constitution, but asked the Plaintiff to withdraw the case requesting him to live in peace with all communities, but the Judge Shirani Tillekewardena did not extend the same advice to the TNA the defendant. Why ?

Now the American Ambassador Michelle Sison is openly  interfering in to the internal affairs of the Government and  makes  statements critical of Sri Lanka to the press.  The Sri Lanka Foreign Minister has the right to call her and warn her against her undiplomatic activities she has started which hamper the reconciliation processes. The Diplomats in Sri Lanka should be requested to restrict themselves to their diplomatic activities and nothing else.

The President has his Executive powers which he has not so far utilised. He should perhaps use them to clamp down on rising evil in the country. Azath Salley should not have been released before making a complete investigation. President  should go ahead with settlement of Sinhala IDPs in the North, and start new Sinhala Settlements.   The Army Camps should not be disbanded or number of soldiers in the North and East should not be reduced to please the demands made by foreign governments and  human rights activists.

The Muslims are our people but they are being manipulated by foreign religious fanatics.  The President should issue orders for the Muslims to respect all religions while enjoying their freedom of observing their faith.

Thesavalamai is against reconciliation and that law should be removed.   

There should be feasibility tests before  undertaking a project.  There was a report , “The Govt will seek US $ 2.5 billion or Rs.320 billion through another loan to set up a new oil refinery in Sri Lanka, Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa declared. “This will help us save monies spent on imported refined fuel,” he said. He said that the only refinery at Sapugaskanda is not suitable to refine some varieties of crude oil.” 

The world is in  an economic crisis therefore Sri Lanka should be cautious in undertaking new projects.  It is better to hold up development for some time to assure that the financial situation improves and the interest payments on loans etc; will not have a detrimental effect on the economy.

The President should not hold the elections in the North until the situation with regard to the settlement of  Sinhala IDPs and attitude of the TNA has changed.   Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to ban all Political Parties with a  Communal “label” and recognise only the Political Parties which are for all Communities, so that the Tamil, Sinhala, and Muslim will be either in the socialist Parties or the Capitalist Parties.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Government is still battling as to what it should do with the 13 Amendment.

While the Government is battling as to what it should do with the 13 Amendment, the TNA and the Tamil National People’s Front are busy formulating a draft proposal to address Tamil issues.  SLMC General Secretary Ha ssan Ali opposes a 19 Amendment proposed by the government and opposes removal of the Land and Police powers proposed in the 17 Amendment.  The Government is still not sure as to what it should do and informs reducing armed forces from the North.

While the TNA is demanding, “ voting rights be granted to Sri Lankan Tamil refugees living in camps in Tamil Nadu and facilities be set up to enable them to vote in the upcoming Northern Provincial Council election. An estimated 100,000 Sri Lankan Tamils are living as refugees in Tamil Nadu.”, the Sri  Government has not taken any steps to resettle the Sinhala IDPs in Jaffna.  

There was a report that the Sinhala IDPs have still not claimed those  lands in Jaffna  from which they were ousted by the LTTE,  and therefore they have not been resettled

These people  probably have the fear of attacks against them by the TNA sponsored Tamil Groups, and the reducing  of the Army Camps will not encourage the re-settlement of these Sinhala IDPs.

The government had been putting off doing so many essential things, that should have been done in May, 2009 immediately after the elimination of the terrorists. As a result those problems that could have been nipped off in the bud, have grown up in size. The Government should be bold to take decisions, and prepare to meet the out comes later.

Whether Azath Salley has or has not called for the Muslims to rise against the government is not the main problem , the main problem is the government leaving room  for such situations to arise due to hesitation in taking action.

Every day TNA is  becoming a heavier  political burden, and a great nuisance to all communities. The Government is unable to stop their “high treason” in calling for governments out side Sri, Lanka to intervene to settle internal affairs.  A TNA Mp had said that he is prepared to defend Azath Salley, if he is charged  under the prevention of terrorist act.  

How can Sri Lanka ever reconcile the Sinhala and Tamil Communities as long as the TNA carries out subversive activities against reconciliation ?  It should be either reconciliation or showing the TNA where their political  “journey” ends.

While the Government remains undecided about land and police powers, it is reported that , “ over 1,500 hectares of government land in Kilinochchi have been allocated for the newly-resettled landless Muslim families.”

As time goes, a greater problem for reconciliation of the Communities and taking the Country forward will  not be the TNA and Azath Alys, but the supposed to be democratic Opposition of Sri Lanka, the UNP led by Ranil Wickramasinghe and  JVP  led by Lal Kantha, and others like the FUTA, and  Mercantile Union. 

The UNP is prepared to join hands with the Devil himself to defeat the government by making the Tamils in Jaffna vote for TNA.  For Ranil Wickramasinghe whether the Sri Lanka should be a one nation in a Unitary Sri Lanka or two nations in a divided Sri Lanka  is immaterial as long has he can feather hopes  to assure his place some day  to become  the President of at least a part of Sri Lanka.

Hence the Government should soon decide which way it is going. It was reported , “National Organizer of the SLFP, Minister Basil Rajapaksa said yesterday that the government has still not reached finality on the longstanding proposition to repeal certain sections of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution considered obstacles to government’s development initiative.”

For how long is the government  going to hang on with the 13 Amendment, considering which parts of it should be kept and which parts of it should be removed.

The 13 Amendment should be removed as a whole immediately, and introduce amendments which the Government considers necessary to keep, but be certain that no land and police powers are handed over to the PCs.  The Government should also revitalise the Prevention of Terrorism Act to take into custody members of Political parties proposing special benefits to particular Communities.

After May, 2009, the political aspect of Sri Lanka  has taken a new dimension.  The development of the Country is for the people of Sri Lanka, therefore proposals should be for the progress and development of the people of all Communities.  

Sri Lanka cannot allow any individual or group to promote special privileges by way of  promoting political or  religious loyalties to countries away from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has its own Law and every one has to obey its laws.

It is certainly wise to stop elections in the North until the Governments takes a definite decision to withdraw the 13 Amendment and bring in new Amendments to the Constitution, and issue a strong warning against communal political  alliances  formed to benefit one community against another.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Please do not make Sri Lanka a playground of the foreigners and the rich, like Cuba under Batista.

There is no reason why Sri Lanka should put all its cards on tourism, as the number one money maker.  It should be kept in mind that  tourism while it brings financial benefits , it also brings  innumerable social problems. Sri Lanka as a developing country which made much head way in the economic growth should  consider for whose benefit  the country is being developed. It is the people of Sri Lanka that  should first  benefit by the country's development.

Secondly, the promoters of tourism should not be allowed to do so haphazardly, it should be planned at the highest level and Parliamentary approval should be obtained.  That is to avoid the infiltration of disadvantages, vice in all its different forms, and  loss of moral values  that could affect the country, socially and culturally.  Each time a new project is commenced for tourist attraction, one has to consider how much it would be beneficial to the country, what effect will it have on the people , to what extent it will cause damage to the environment, to the culture and the social fabric of the country, and whether such a project is really necessary.

There is a sudden interest in night motor  racing first in Colombo and they are proposing to bring it to Kandy.  How many people are going to benefit from this night racing  project.  Is it really necessary for the wellbeing of the people.  Is it a financially viable  project that would bring in more money to the country.  What other benefits will it have ?  Should the village youth be made to take an interest in night racing, and  for what reason and for what benefit ?  Have the organisers considered  the atmospheric  pollution, it would cause ?  This is a sport of the rich. Is it  really unnecessary to  promote it in Sri Lanka ? It would be in the interest of Sri Lanka to stop motor car racing whether in the day time or in the night.

If it is a project promoted by Nimal Rajapakse, it could be understood as he is a modern, fashionable young man rich enough to have his own  racing car.  But he is not doing so  with foresight.  If that is the case, the President should intervene to stop it as it is a game of the rich and will not benefit the country nor will it bring  more money   from a few rich western  racing car pilots  who will participate to make it another play ground for the big names of  sport of  car racing. 
Another project that is being talked about is opening of Casinos .  There was one casino long time back in Kandy in Sri Lanka.  It caused immense problems as people got addicted to games and spent all their earnings  in it.  Many got into debt. It will be like the liquor shops that have been opened in almost  every small town.   The poor people get ruined, families break up the poor take to prostitution.  Is that what Sri Lanka wants ?  It is the middle and the lower middle class people  who may  get interested in Casinos  and ruin themselves  catching the virus of the Casino games.

There was also a suggestion by a Member of the Parliament to open brothels.  There are also such houses already going on unchecked under different business names .  The leaders should take into account falling of moral standards, crime against women, child rape, and molestation of tourists. 
Back in Sri Lanka I was told how in a private textile weaving centres, the owner uses the working girls for prostitution.  There was a time when special sex tourisms were organised by some tour operators in some Western countries, where the  rich retired old men were taken to Philippines for sex with minors.  Tourism should not therefore be hailed as the ideal money maker.

Eagle Golf link is the fourth golf link  functioning in Sri Lanka. Is that a necessity ?  How many Sri Lankans gain from having golf links.  It also caters to the rich and well to do  western tourist. How many tourists come to play golf in Sri Lanka, and how many in SrI Lanka take to playing golf. There appears to be a mix up of priorities.  Every such project has money as the objective , without considering advantages and disadvantages  that come along with  such ventures.

It is the same with developing beach resorts for  sea surfing.  It should be  made a normal tourist attraction without making it a special attraction for competition surfing.  Some Sri Lanka beaches are ideal for Surfing, but one should not promote them for international competition standard.

The Sri Lanka’s ancient tanks were built by our kings  to provide farmers water for their farming lands.  Therefore no ancient tank  should be turned into a tourist attraction for boat riding and  surfing.

Hotels are coming up like mushrooms and all hotel rooms are not occupied.  The room rates are too high for local tourists.  The West is having an economic crisis and the western tourists tend to spend less.  Therefore, it is wise to slow down on development of the tourist Sector.

There are other important things that have still not been attended to such as settling down the Sinhala IDPs in Jaffna, which has been long delayed. The Government should also start Sinhala settlements in the north and east before it is too late.

Tourism is not well planned each one seems to have one’s own idea of tourism. What do the tourist coming from abroad want ?  Do they want a home away from home ?  Of course they would like to enjoy the beauty of nature. See how the people live  and relax in a sunny beach.  But meal wise do they want the same wines they drink at home ? Do they want hard liquor Whisky, Brandy, Martini, Gin etc., they find back home ?  They could easily  be substituted by Sri Lanka beer, and Arrack.

Why cannot Sri Lanka offer the tourist a real Sri Lankan holiday, without liquor simple Sri Lanka meals, preferably vegetarian, and fish (less  beef and chicken),  accompanied  with tea ?   Serve coconut juice and other fruit juices instead of expensive wines. 

What is important is the comfort in rooms secure un-interfered relaxation in the hotel premises. They should be provided security when travelling. The Tourist  Department should think out ways of  providing tourists with different  facilities than those  they have  in the countries from where they come,   but substitute those with exotic Sri Lankan facilities.  Make the tourists feel that they are living their holiday in Sri Lanka which is different in every respect from where they have  come. 

There had been reports of many attacks on tourists lately.  The tourist board should train special security officers for the safety of the tourists.  Many brawls that end up seriously are the results of consumption of excessive liquor by the locals, who are allowed in to hotels.  Tourists have their limits and know how to consume liquor.  It is the locals who have to be controlled

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hypocrisy of Stephen Harper fighting for Human Rights for Tamils in Sri Lanka is not a lily white champion against violation of human rights ?

Stephen Harper’s first duty is to  remove the  Indian Act of 1876 to give  the Canadian First Nations freedom to move away from their confinement to Reserves, build them houses, schools, hospitals and give them the  right to be educated in Universities and find respectable employment, and provide decent living conditions  and treat them as “Canadians”.   

They deserve it because they were the people who had lived in Canada for 12 000 years.  But Stephen Harper  is instead obeying the demands of the  250 000 Sri Lanka Tamils in Canada who had been there for only about  50 years.

Most of what is written in this article  is what other Canadians say about Stephen Harper-the Prime Minister of Canada who adulates the Sri Lanka Tamils, and asks all Prime Ministers of  the Commonwealth countries not to attend the CHOGM in Sri Lanka, in obedience to the demands of 250 000 Sri Lanka Tamils who had come to Canada only after 1983. They say it is a “ diplomatic slap to Sri Lanka on its face.”

Rex Murphy wrote to  National Post  an article,  “ Rex Murphy:Vilifying Stephen Harper” in which he says:

“There’s something about Stephen. His opponents have many names for him — the majority of which are, alas, neither flattering nor meant to be.

He is a taciturn schemer, a theocrat mole, loose at the top of the Canadian political system, determined to bend Canada to his grim and twisted design, to curb the liberties of Canadians, to push us and our country back into some fevered neocon darkness. Politically, he is Dick Cheney’s illegitimate son. George W. Bush’s half-brother. He’s a lackey of the rich, and enemy of all that is good and Canadian. He’s in the pocket of big oil. He hates baby seals.
My, how the spine chills when some people talk and write about Harper.”

Rex Murphy adds:

“ Then there are the many “faces” his enemies attribute to him, among them Conspiracy Harper, Vendetta Harper, Christianist-Harper — hope of the hard line, Doomsday-waiting Evangelicals, Secret-Agenda Harper, Tool of Israel Harper, Anti-Democracy Harper, with perhaps a little space for Secret Alberta-Separatist Harper. The caricatures belong more to the old style of detective novel when the villains, projections of untethered fantasy, were eerie amalgams of malice, supernal powers, outlandish ambitions and utterly unbelievable. Harper as Fu Manchu, as it were.
Again he says : “ Hating, mistrusting or dismissing Harper is not a transient phenomenon. A poll as recent as this week, seven years after Mr. Harper took office (during which he has not, contra naturum, transformed Canada into a gulag or prison house for the poor, artists, liberals, greens or whomever he sees as his opponents) reveals a majority of Canadians think he still has that famous but, by definition, unseen hidden agenda. Even though he is Prime Minister and has a majority, many still believe he keeps that damn agenda up his sleeve.”
 Query: What’s the point of a hidden agenda that stays hidden? Will it still be hidden when he leaves office? If so, what was or is its point?

Less than 500 years ago in Canada there were only the aborigines the original inhabitants.  Today they call themselves the First Nations.  There are many groups of them. They spoke 53 different languages.  Scientists affirm that they had lived their for more than 12,000 years.  Today their populations is about 3.8% of a total of 31million Canadians of which 16.2 % are visible minorities and 80%whites.

According to Wikipedia today  there are 704,851 First Nations (the original aborigines). 57%of them live in Reserves others in larger cities.

These people of First Nations live in most pitiable conditions in their racial confinement in  Reserves even without clean drinking water.  The government does not help developing the reservations into which they have been confined.

According  to a report  by Martin Lukacs in, “Canadians have often turned a blind eye, having been taught to see the rights of aboriginal peoples as a threat to their interests. Dare to restore sovereignty to the original inhabitants, the story goes, and Canadians will be hustled out of their jobs and off the land. Or more absurdly, onto the first ships back to Europe.

This reminds of the British Colonial rulers pushing the Sinhala majority into the back ground and pandering to the minorities giving them important places in their Administration.

Lukacs further says in his report, that Billions have indeed been spent – not on fixing housing, building schools or ending the country's two-tiered child and services, but on a legal war against aboriginal communities. Every year, the government pours more than $100m into court battles  to curtail aboriginal rights – and that figure alone went to defeating a single lawsuit launched by two Alberta First Nations trying to recover oil royalties essentially stolen by bureaucrats.

Cindy Blackstock is a young activist fighting for Aboriginal rights in Canada ‘‘ she has spent more than five years trying to hold Ottawa accountable for a funding gap on the welfare of aboriginal children in Reserves.

Instead of dealing with that funding gap, Ottawa has spent nearly as long searching for dirt on Blackstock. In total, it has spent more than $3 million trying to derail her bid to have the government’s funding policy ruled as discrimination against native children.”

On the contrary  the Sri Lanka Tamils that migrated to Canada after 1983 their numbers today risen to  250,000 have had more opportunities allowed to them than the aborigines First Nations of Canada, who are still living in  the Reserves which they cannot leave under the racist  Indian Act of 1876.

The vast majority of Tamils immigrated to Canada in the last 20 years. Canada is now home to the largest Tamil population outside of Sri Lanka. Within this short period of time, Tamils have established a mounting presence in multiple aspects of Canadian life: business, academic, political and social. The Tamil business community has grown in leaps and bounds, with over 2,000 Tamil-owned businesses in the GTA.

But for the First Nations, the original people of Canada opportunities are not provided by the government purposely for  fear of them one day challenging the government of the Whites. In an article entitled Canada’s First Nations: A Legacy of Institutional Racism Claire Hutchings opens her article stating:

Sadly, our history with respect to the treatment of Aboriginal people is not something in which we can take pride. Attitudes of racial and cultural superiority led to a suppression of Aboriginal culture and values.
“As a country, we are burdened by past actions that resulted in weakening the identity of Aboriginal peoples, suppressing their languages and cultures, and outlawing spiritual practices. We must recognize the impact of these actions on the once self-sustaining nations that were disaggregated, disrupted, limited or even destroyed by the dispossession of traditional territory, by the relocation of Aboriginal people, and by some provisions of the Indian Act. We must acknowledge that the result of these actions was the erosion of the political, economic and social systems of Aboriginal people and nations.”

It is always a man who has an unsavoury past much to hide who try to show himself Angel white and pretend to defend people against  discriminations.  Stephen Harper falls into this category.
Nick Fillmore in his article “Is Stephen Harper displaying fascist-like tendencies: “ states :

2. Disdain for the importance of human rights.
The regimes viewed human rights as of little value and a hindrance to realizing the objectives of the ruling elite. Through clever use of propaganda, the population was brought to accept these human rights abuses by marginalizing, even demonizing, those being targeted. When abuse was egregious, the tactic was to use secrecy, denial, and disinformation.

Jack Etkin, The Bridge, B.C., March 2011: “Mr. Harper is very likely a war criminal. In Afghanistan, he has forced Canadian troops to give innocent civilians to the Afghan police to be tortured. That is a war crime, but it is never mentioned by the corporate media.”
Finally Nick Fillmore, previously an investigative journalist and producer with the CBC, who is a freelance journalist and social activist based in Toronto. Asks:

So how does Harper tally up?

I’ve ranked, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 indicating how strongly Harper’s fascist tendencies are), my own impressions of Stephen Harper’s actions and policies. Please share your opinions and score in the comments section.
To keep things simple, just cut and paste the chart with my scores into the comments section and add your own scores.
1.     Nationalism: (Nick: 5)
2.     Human Rights: (Nick: 4)
3.     Enemies as scapegoats: (Nick 3)
4.     Supremacy of the Military: (Nick: 5)
5.     Rampant Sexism: (Nick 3)
6.     Controlled Mass Media: (Nick 3)
7.     Obsession with National Security: (Nick 4)
8.     Religion and Ruling Elite tied together: (Nick 0)
9.     Power of Corporations protected: (Nick 6)
10.  Power of Labour supressed/eliminated: (Nick 5)
11.  Disdain/suppression of Intellectuals: (Nick 4)
12.  Obsession with crime/punishment: (Nick 6)
13.  Rampant cronyism/corruption: (Nick 3)
14.  Fraudulent Elections: (Nick 4)
Nick’s total: 55

Where are all the human rights activists very active in Geneva to bring resolutions against Sri Lanka, which has no ethnic problem, which had been created by the pro-terrorist Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora, the racist  NTA and the anti government NGOs .  In Canada there is a very serious problem of violation of  the human rights  and the denial of decent living conditions to its aborigines the Original people of the country.

Amnesti International, Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group headed by a Canadian are apparently not as active as they are against Sri Lanka to put right the wrongs that are being committed by Stephen Harper’s Government against the Canadian First Nations.

However, the 2012 Annual report of the Amnesti International reports, “In October, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights held a hearing into a complaint brought by the Hul-qumi’num Treaty Group, alleging violations of Indigenous land rights on Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia. A ruling was expected in 2012.

There was little progress in implementing the findings of the Ipperwash Inquiry, set up to examine the fatal police shooting in 1995 of an unarmed Indigenous man during a protest in Ontario. Incidents at the Tyendinaga Mohawk community in Ontario in 2008, in which provincial police pointed high-powered rifles at unarmed protesters and bystanders, and the failure to conduct an impartial review of these incidents, underscored the urgent need for implementation of the Ipperwash findings.

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission, mandated to document and raise awareness of the abuses against First Nations, Métis and Inuit children, and broader harms caused by Canada’s historic residential school system, held sessions throughout the year.

At the UN Human Rights Council in May while much publicity was being given to US Resolutionn against Sri Lanka.  The more serious case of Stephen Harper’s Canadaian Governments  violation of human rights of the Canadian Firt Nations went un notices. In a report under, “ Canada comes under fire at UN Human Rights Couincil Review it was stated ,
“…..We need to start addressing these things. We are guilty of human rights violations, we have a whole genocide of First Nations and we need to stop the arrogance and be open and critical to ourselves as to why this is,” said Michelle Robinson, a political analyst.
“This is not democratic this is actually a dictatorship so we do not have the right to point fingers at other people’s human rights violations, said Robinson.”

The Report further state:

“Recently, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was reportedly blocked from entering Canada by its Foreign Minister John Baird.

This comes, as it is reported that three to four million Canadians live in poverty, between 150,000-300,000 people are visibly homeless as well as almost four million residents experience hunger. ”

Michaëlle Jean, a former governor general, is calling for aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians to "pull together" to put an end to living conditions in some First Nations communities that she says are comparable to what she witnessed in Haiti.

In an interview with CBC Radio Montreal's Daybreak, Jean spoke about the role she played as governor general, the Idle No More movement and the deplorable living standards in many of Canada's aboriginal communities.

December, Spence said she was  “willing to die for my people and the First Nations people”

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, who has been on a hunger strike since Dec. 11, says she is willing to die for her people and the First Nations people. (CBC)

Jean said she finds it troubling that so many aboriginal people take their lives because of a sense of powerlessness.
She told CBC's Daybreak that conditions in aboriginal communities, such as a lack of fresh drinking water, are "unacceptable."
"We have a Third World in Canada, and it's with our aboriginal peoples," Jean said.

Despite all this “criminal acts” of the Stephen Harper’s Government  against the Canadian First Nations, John Baird the Foreign Minister of Canada, had made a strong accusation against Sri Lanka’s failure to be accountable.  He had said:

"It's not just Canada: the Commonwealth Journalists' Association; the Commonwealth Human rights Initiative; the Commonwealth Lawyers' Association; the Commonwealth Legal Education Association; the Commonwealth Magistrates' and Judges' Association; Human Rights Watch, the United Nations Human Rights Council – all of these people have come out and unanimously have said that not only has Sri Lanka not made progress, but in many instances, is getting worse."

Baird appears to think all those Agencies he had mentioned  are sacrosanct and are working on true eye witness evidence of Sri Lanka’s human rights violations.  But Mr. Baird, all these agencies are funded by the anti Sri Lanka pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora and there is no “grain” of truth in any one of their accusations. Only way to get at the truth is by visiting Sri Lanka and see the transformation the country has gone through after elimination of terrorism.

If you were to go to Sri Lanka  John Baird  you will see for  yourself how the Communities in Sri Lanka live  in  harmony with each other and how every area in Sri Lanka whether with a greater population of Tamils or with a greater  population of Sinhala and Muslims are being reconstructed and developed with out any discrimination against any ethnic group. 

You will surely be ashamed John Baird, seeing  how Sri Lanka has dealt with the ethnic problem,.  Where as you, who speak so much against Sri Lanka’s violation of human rights, do not seem to care that you have not been able to take the Canadian First Nations out of their misery living in intolerable inhuman conditions in  the reservation allocated to them under India Act of 1876, forced to live  even without fresh water to drink. 

John Baird if you were to go you will have lot to learn from Sri Lanka, to solve your own human rights problem with regard to the Canadian First Nations.

Further more you will see for yourself, that the information with  which your informants the Canadian Tamil Diaspora have been feeding you  have no iota of truth, and that they have merely taken you up the garden path, and there is absolutely  nothing for Sri Lanka to face censure by Canada or any other Nation in the World.

Baird has also had said “  the impeachment and sacking three months ago of the country’s chief justice and her replacement with a successor who is close to President Mahinda Rajapakse." Both of those actions are appalling and they show that not only have we not seen an improvement, we've seen a deterioration in recent months and that is causing Canada great concern."

John Baird in your latter statement you are really interfering in an internal matter of the country, without using your intelligence to understand the situation, but listening to your  worthless informants who know next to nothing about Sri Lanka.  The CJ is an Government Officer like any other, and if she commits any blameworthy act she has to be punished and in the case of a CJ there are special procedures to be followed  according to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  Therefore with regard to the impeachment of the CJ, there  is nothing for any one to point their finger, as the impeachment had been carried out properly in terms of the Constitution of Sri Lanka. 

The President of Sri Lanka  has the right to appoint any one as the CJ provided he is qualified for the Office.  The fact that he is close to the President Rajapaksse is a most irrelevant point to raise,  as being a friend of the President cannot disqualify a person otherwise qualified for the Office.  The New CJ being Close to the President does not mean that the CJ is going to take directions from the President in his functions as the CJ.

We expect you and Stephen Harper to be more intelligent to take decision on your own without seeking the advise of the worthless  Canadian Tamil diaspora even if it is to ensure that their vote bank will help you to  be in Government at the next election and thereafter.

Friday, 3 May 2013

John Kerry USA Secretary of State should take a lesson from ever present fear of terrorism in USA and leave Sri Lanka alone to traverse its own fortunes.

John Kerry should visit Sri Lanka before making damaging statements about the country in ignorant

When will America learn that their foreign policies are out dated, self centred , and  not progressive? Democrats have failed to change the Republican policies still embedded in their administrative System.  Be it Hillary Clinton or John Kerry , the changes to American Foreign policies are not forth coming.

What has Sri Lanka done to America ?  Sri Lanka is not promoting terrorism in America. Sri Lanka is only asking to be left alone to develop the country  which had been devastated by a terrorist war for three decades,  and  reconcile the Communities psychologically wounded under terrorism.

Neither President Barack Obama nor  his State Secretary Hillary Clinton  new about what happened , or what is happening in Sri Lanka.  They get information from the Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia Robert O’Blake, who comes from the Bush Administration, and who is a close friend of the Sri Lanka Terrorist leaders, which is no secret to any one in Sri Lanka. In the US State Department there is a “government within the government” Presidents may come and Presidents may go but the “government within” goes on.

The first order The President Barack Obama signed when he became the President was to close the American Guantanamo Torture Camp.  But who cared to carry out his order.  The Guantanamo Camp is still their giving more headaches to the President now with the inmates on hunger strike. But Human Rights, Human Rights….says the US State Department.

Robert O’Blake’s contacts are the pro-terrorist elements in the Tamil diaspora and the anti government local NGOs, and the Tamil National Alliance which was a part and parcel of the Sri Lanka terrorists when Robert O’Blake was the American Ambassador  in Sri Lanka.  Therefore the Democrats now in power are acting on information fed to them from those who come from the Bush Administration with a Republican background.  How else  could John Kerry have got the information on which he made a most reproachable statement, not in keeping with the dignity of a  State Secretary of a supposed to be the Leading Nation of the world !

John Kerry  had said , “The government (of Sri Lanka) is dominated by the President’s family; two of the President’s brothers hold key executive branch posts as Defence Secretary and Minister of Economic Development, while a third brother is the Speaker of Parliament. A large number of other relatives, including the President’s son, also serve in important political or diplomatic positions,”

It is a despicable statement most unworthy of a Secretary of State who was once a Presidential Candidate. 

If this is the stuff with which the President Barrack Obama’s State Department is made of  there is no wonder America is sliding into an inevitable depth of political calamity from one to another.  In making that “stupid” statement he  forgot that in America itself there were relatives of American Presidents in high posts.  President John Kennedy for instance appointed his brother Robert Kennedy as the  Attorney General.  

 It is very fortunate if a President can have  family members, who could hold important positions in the government.  Because they are after all  the most trust worthy, and those who could be counted upon to do a job of work according to the Presidents political manifesto.
In case of the family members of the President Rajapakse,  his brothers, son  and nieces who are with him in the Government were elected Members of the Parliament except the Secretary of Defence who was the most qualified to hold the post and responsible for the elimination of terrorism through able coordination of the Armed Forces and getting essential arms and armaments in time to continue a non-stop military operations against the terrorists until they were finally and completely eliminated.

John Kerry when he took over the State Department from Hillary Clinton many expected a change , but only Hillary Clinton has gone but people like Robert O’Blake remain. Therefore
there want be any change in the American State Department in its relation with regard to Sri Lanka, even with John Kerry as the State Secretary.

But at least now, despite the mistakes the President Barack Obama’s government had been doing , it is time his administration turns towards itself to set its own records correct with regard to human rights. It had been for many years using every trick possible to “police” the world with aggressivity, threat and embargos.  The price it pays now for all that is enormous.  The child poverty is at its worst in South Dakota.  The US census bureau has reported that in 2012, more than 16 percent of the American population live in poverty .

“There were about 643,000 sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons nation wide in January 2009. Almost two-thirds stayed in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program and the other third were living on the street, in an abandoned building, or another place not meant for human habitation. About 1.56 million people, or about 0.5% of the U.S. population, used an emergency shelter or a transitional housing program between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009. ” (Wikipedia). 

But yet Human Rights….Human Rights says the US State Department.

No body seems to be safe in America, despite its CIA, FBI and other Agencies like the Human Rights Watch, Lawyers for Justice etc.  They are all out accusing  a small country like Sri Lanka for violation of human rights in eliminating a group of terrorists that made its people suffer for 30 long years, when in America even a five year old child takes to crime killing his kid sister with a gun he was given as a birthday present by his adorable parents. 

Elsewhere in the US, President Obama has just spoken after the US senate blocked a bill to expand background checks on gun owners, despite support from 90 per cent of Americans. Flanked by victims of gun violence, a clearly angry Mr Obama said the vote represented a shameful day for Washington.

In another report John Kerry says, “..On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I am eager to support the Sri Lankan people in this journey as you work to make progress on reconciliation and accountability four years after the end of the conflict which divided your country. The United States stands ready to partner with Sri Lanka and all Sri Lankans as you deal with these important issues,".

But with the same breath , “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has proposed a 20 per cent cut in the American aid to Colombo, a move reflecting the unease in their ties over issues related to human rights, reconstruction and political integration in Sri Lanka after the end of the civil war.”  . 

She thinks she is the American Viceroy in Sri Lanka
The State Department of America depends on the American Embassy in Sri Lanka to  provide confidential information with regard to the activities of the Government of Sri Lanka.  But the informants  engaged by the  Ambassador Michelle Sison  cannot be relied upon as they are mainly the political opponents to the Government of Mahinda Rajapakse and pro-terrorists local NGO’s .  
President Barrack Obama has similar experience with those who oppose his Democratic Regime. All progressive bills the President Obama has presented are vehemently opposed by the Republican opposition.

It is the same with the opposition to the President  Mahinda Rajapkse’s government. The UNP, JVP or the TNA will not express appreciation of the considerable  work done so far by the Government of Sri Lanka for the development of the country and the reconciliation of the Communities. 

Therefore, if the American State Department goes on these reports prepared by the American Ambassador Michelle Sison based on the information  she had got from the most undemocratic selfish opposition to the Government of Sri Lanka, America will naturally be acting against a popular government with a dedicated President at its helm in Sri Lanka.

But yet the ill informed  Michelle Sison  playing second fiddle to Robert O’Blake , dare say that ‘She has pointed out that the government has had ample time and space to address a number of concerns, especially to address allegations of violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws.’

American State Department is therefore unable to get objective information with regard to the Government of Sri Lanka and its  ground realities.  John Kerry should perhaps contact American Citizens who visit the country and help the people to ameliorate their condition, who not being interest in politics will give the State Department more important information than those he gets through the American Ambassador Michelle Sison.

One such American Citizen I think of is Ms. Amy Poirier from Staten Island , who in fact wrote both to John Kerry and the President Barack Obama, on real conditions existing in Sri Lanka gathered from ordinary people she mixes with  in humanitarian activities  she has undertaken  in Sri Lanka, and expressing her surprise at the passing of a resolution against Sri Lanka at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.
Boston Marathon Bombing

After seeing the Boston Marathon Bomb blast Ms.Amy Poirier wrote , “…What strikes me while watching the news during attacks now is that the people have no real idea how there lives have just changed.  There is a family who the father just completed the Boston Marathon, his 8 year old son ran up to him to hug him and on his return to his mother was killed, his younger sister and his mother had their legs torn off.  I simply cannot imagine the reality of these people lives now.  Then to take the thought even further this family is a true example of what others as in Sri Lanka had lived with for over 30 years.  
Sri Lanka Fort Railway Station Bombing by terrorists

Can John Kerry think the way Mme Amy Poirier thought after the Boston terrorist attack -  that terrorism is the same  where ever it happens ?

This accounts for  the double standard of American State Department, despite its continued  harassment of countries, aiding rebels  for regime change. Syria problem could have been settled by America if it wanted to by contacting the rebel groups to advice them that the best  means to solve the problem is to have a dialogue with the government with the intermediary of America, Russia and China, instead of arming rebels to attack the Syrian Government Forces. 

President Barack Obama now, like the  former President Bush in respect of Iraq,  asserts that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad uses chemical weapons against his own people.  It may be a lie as it was with Iraq, as there are so many rebel groups sponsored by the International Community, which makes one pose the question,  who actually uses chemicals against the people ? It cannot certainly be the Government of Assad, as Syria had no capabilities of producing weapons of mass destruction.

It is time that Sri Lanka should stop to take stock of itself, Sri Lanka had been doing things to please the US and the West far too long. Nevertheless, the International Community will never be  satisfied and will continue to call for the “pound of flesh.”

It is therefore essential to do what is good for Sri Lanka (not what is good for the West), as now is the time for it,  and this time will never come again. What would happen to Sri Lanka  after Mahinda Rajpakse is any body’s guess.  We cannot expect UNP, and  least of all JVP, to do any thing better. They will only reverse what ever progress Sri Lanka  has made since 2005.

The American Ambassador Michell Sison is already acting as the Viceroy of Sri Lanka, and America has taken over the role of a police state, keeping tag on Sri Lanka, without contributing any thing to its development and progress.  Sri Lanka has been let down by the former colonialists , European Community and  its neighbour India.

Therefore, Sri Lanka should take its own protective measures to develop the country and reconcile the Communities. As long as TNA is allowed to keep their Parliamentary Membership  and allowed to exist as a political party despite high treason they are committing  against the  Country day in and the day out, reconciliation of the Sinhala Community and the Tamil Community becomes more and more difficult.

Therefore the Government should walk out of its “cocoon” and take decisive action what ever the consequences would be.  Sri Lanka has defeated a most ruthless terrorist group without any body’s help.  It could therefore be able to face any consequences that would follow after taking essential  decisions in the interest of the country despite the USA and the West.

First and foremost, the 13 Amendment should be removed as it was accepted to facilitate  the Indian Peace Keeping Force to move about the terrorist controlled areas in the North and the East. The IPKF left long ago and terrorism has since been eliminated therefore there is no reason to maintain the 13Amendment. 

Secondly, legal action should be taken against the TNA which was a party  “ floated” by the terrorists to be their spokes men in the Sri Lanka Parliament.  The TNA should have been disbanded in May 2009.  It was a mistake to have kept them to represent the Tamils.  Even today TNA remains the voice of the terrorists and the pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora. The Government should demand a court order to disband TNA.

Thirdly, we should inform the UN and the UN Human Rights Council not to interfere with the internal affairs of the Country and that Sri Lanka would  implement only those  recommendations of the LLRC which Sri Lanka considers is important to build good Communal relations and allow the country as a whole to benefit from those recommendations without being selective.

Sri Lanka should strengthen the Military Camps in the North and the East and settle down the Sinhala IDPs, without further delay.

Fourthly, Thesavalamai should be withdrawn as a law of Sri Lanka, Shariah law should be forbidden.  The citizens of Sri Lanka should have one Law and that has to be obeyed by all.  Any body should be allowed to buy land and settle down in North and the East as it is happening in the South.

Fifthly, we should inform the Secretary of US State Department not to make damaging remarks about Sri Lanka. The fact that the Rajapakse brothers are at the helm of the Government Administration is no business of the US State Department.  What matters is whether the people of Sri Lanka accepts the situation  or not. 

John Kerry is the US State Secretary and Sri Lanka is a Sovereign Democratic State, not a Dictatorship or a lawless  country of savages, and above all not a Subject Nation of USA.  Sri Lanka is not bound by the US Country Reports or  US Congress Committee Reports.  Sri Lanka should not be threatened to do what it does not want to do. 

Sri Lanka would like to remain a  poor country but not a subservient country.  If the International Community proposes to march along with its NATO Forces against  Sri Lanka,  the USA and the International Community should take note that Sri Lanka is not alone, it has its friends to defend it, even if India were to once again turn a traitor to Sri Lanka.

The US State Secretary John Kerry instead of going by third party false accounts of Sri Lanka should be  “man” enough to visit Sri Lanka, and  judge the ground situation himself.  He should request the US Ambassador Michelle Sison not to act as the American Viceroy in Sri Lanka appointed to  overseer every activity of the Government of Sri Lanka, and confine herself to her Ambassadorial functions.

Sixthly, Sri Lanka should inform the USA and the International Community which keeps Sri Lanka on the top of their red list of dangerous countries, that Sri Lanka has finished with terrorism and is answerable to no one for their elimination and “collateral “damages if there were any.

Lastly Sri Lanka should ask the white supremacist Stephen Harper to go and “fly a kite” and that we are least concerned whether he attends the CHOGM or not. Even if the CHOGM is not held in Sri Lanka it  would not be the end of the world.