Friday, 30 April 2010

Why a two third Majority, when according to Feizal Samath’s Article “Jaffna Tamils Decry Development Plan of Gov’t”

Jaffna Teaching Hospital (Project)

Part Two.

The ordinary Tamil people do not hate the majority Sinhala Buddhists. But it is an artificial hatred that has been created by the Tamil politicians, Tamil business community, the Tamil journalists and the Tamil intelligentsia.

It is they the Tamil journalists, politicians, and the Tamil intelligentsia who should come forward to bring the communities together, and persuade the Tamil people that it is only by accepting the Sinhala majority as compatriots, and working together with them that their problems could be solved.

It is not an aggressive dialogue with the Sinhala majority that will make it possible to end whatever ethnic problems there is between the communities. It is only through peaceful dialogue , tolerance and compromise, that all the Communities in Sri Lanka could find solutions to their “ethnic” problems.

But what is prevailing is the contrary, every Tamil person who has become a sort of a spokes man for the Tamils, moving with the Sinhala people start by calling the Sinhala, chauvinists and supremacists, and criticises them and all their actions. All websites run by the Tamils such as the Sri Lanka Guardian, Transcurrent are not in favour of a friendly coexistence of the Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamils. They continue to campaign for a Tamil Eelam separated from the Sinhala majority.

Pakiasothy Saravanamuth stated in a recent dialoguer that he would ask the President if he were to meet him to work for peace , reconciliation and unity. But reconciliation and unity are possible only if the Tamils accept the Sinhala as their compatriots without harping on their majority status, and show their willingness to work together.

But how could it be possible if educated Tamil people like Narapalasingham wants to rewrite the History of Sri Lanka to prove the existence of an ancient Tamil homeland ? These are the fear mongers, the dark angels of doom that have become barriers for reconciliation and unity. It is the likes of them that keep the Sinhala and the Tamil people apart. Why cannot they emulate great people-like Ghandiji, of the past who were prepared to sacrifice their lives to promote unity among the people, the communities. ?

Anandasangaree in his old age should come forward to speak to his people for the much needed communal unity, without disowning their compatriots the Sinhala just because of their numerical majority. It is working together without having complexes that we could build our country from being a developing country, to a developed country.

It is time that Douglas Devananda too speak out for the people as a whole without identifying himself as a Tamil- the leader of the EPDF. The President Mahinda Rajapakse made a start by stating clear and loud that there is no majority or a minority in this country but Sri Lankans who are either bad or good.

Coming back to Feizal Samath’s article of the Inter Press Service, he quotes Arul who had been invited by the IPS to discuss the future of the high school children, “……..
Most of them want to go abroad for studies and live there permanently. "There is no future here. We will always be second-class citizens," said Arul. “

Perhaps Arul thinks that by going abroad he could be a first class citizen somewhere. Of course he assumes that the expatriates, who spend a lot of money when they come to Sri Lanka, and “fight” for a Tamil Eelam from abroad are already first class citizens in the respective countries where they live. They never tell the truth that even with qualifications they will never be, even second class citizens in those countries as long as their skin is black.

Arul probably does not know that the expatriate Tamils want to keep the ethnic problem going in Sri Lanka, so that they can continue to stay in those countries as political refugees. They are not any happier in those countries except that they have no responsibilities, and could educate their children to be people without roots any where. Arul’s problem is that in his mind he has made himself a second class citizen in his own motherland.

The Sri Lanka Tamils unfortunately carry with them the stigma of terrorism, with the expatriate Tamils back in foreign countries keeping terrorism alive, and TNA in Sri Lanka advocating self determination and a Tamil Eelam. Arul if he gets to a Western country, the police of that country will open a file for him from the day he lands in that country. He will like all Tamils, be under constant surveillance to see that he is not a terrorist sympathiser.

The Norwegian Police recently arrested seven Sri Lanka Tamils as terrorist activists. In France too there are arrests of Tamils and their identity checked . The Sri Lanka Tamils are treated with suspicion in foreign countries.

The following is a quote from a report that appeared in “”… IN the first week of April, the French law-enforcement authorities conducted a series of well-planned and coordinated actions against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Fourteen Tamils of Sri Lankan origin, suspected of being linked to the organisation, were produced at a special counter-terrorism tribunal in Paris and placed in judicial custody under a preventive detention order on April 5. A special four-member panel of examining magistrates filed preliminary charges and ordered that they be held in detention for 120 days pending further investigation.”

Things are not as bad as this in Sri Lanka. So when the “disappointed” Tamil youths would like to migrate to countries abroad, they should keep the above matters in mind. The Tamil youth in the North and East are not aware of these.

That is because no one, not even the IPS of Feizal Samath tells these youngsters, that there is no better place anywhere else in the world other than where they were born. They have to give time for development to come to Sri Lanka and there is a formidable future for the people of Sri Lanka, provided every one is prepared to work with that future in mind.

Even if Arul has no sympathies with the LTTE, once he is abroad, he will be in the clutches of the terrorist sympathising expatriates. in its report mentions, that “One young Tamil who told a TV interviewer that he was forced into giving money to the LTTE had to go into hiding after that as the Tigers began gunning for him. There is a Tamil restaurant that dissident Tamils often frequent. Its owner, a Tamil film producer, was assaulted twice for letting anti - LTTE people patronise his establishment.”

Development has to come to North by way of tourism, infrastructure development, and industrialisation. It need not be repeated that there has to be a preparative stage of development when nothing positive would materialise. The Tamils in the North have lived for thirty years in utter misery and it is not understood why this impatience now. It appears they have short memories. Even before the hotels are being built, they turn out to be extra religious and look for loop holes not to appreciate the development work undertaken by the government, but to blame it.

Feizal Samath’s article shows the difficulties the government has to face in its attempt to develop the country to give the people a better living conditions in the future. The article states , “ Few Tamils from Jaffna were invited to the event ( laying of a foundation for a Hotel complex) and all the speeches were delivered in English even if the majority of the 700,000 people speak only Tamil. Furthermore, local residents questioned the location of the hotel as it is close to a sacred Hindu temple, visited by millions of Tamils every year.

"How can you sell alcohol or meat in a sacred location?" asked Arudpragasam Sivathamby, a taxi driver. Outside the same temple premises, dozens of Sinhala traders are doing business, in some cases displacing the Tamil merchants, causing resentment among the minority ethnic group.

"This is causing a huge problem," said Tamil parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran. ”

In the South there are more Tamils who have set up their commercial enterprises in certain areas , than the Sinhala. But the Sinhala people do not complain. Therefore , how could it be a different if dozens of Sinhala traders are doing business in Jaffna. Is this a minority ethnic problem or a problem the Tamils in Jaffna are trying to create?

The crux of the problem is in the last paragraph of Feizal Samath’s article, which reads, “Tamils are hoping for a greater role in power sharing. However, Dr. S. I. Keethaponcalan, a political scientist from the University of Colombo, said that is not a priority for the government at the moment. "The government won a commanding majority at the recent parliamentary polls, and trying to appease the Tamils is not the biggest priority at the moment," he declared. “

It is people like Dr.Keethaponchalam, who have to step in to pacify the people in Jaffna and ask them to be patient and allow the government to proceed with development projects which are in fact meant for the ordinary Tamil people. Power sharing is a big word and it is for the rich and the powerful, which will not help the ordinary people. This goes to show that the educated well to do Tamils are seizing the opportunity to benefit from the situation for their own self aggrandisement, to lord over the less educated and the illiterate.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The President and the UPFA won the respective elections each with an overwhelming majority- The Tamils have to refresh their thinking.

When the UPFA won the general elections with an overwhelming majority, the UNP and the JVP were looking for fig leaves to hide their political nudity. They claimed a smaller voter turn out as a refusal of the people to endorse a victory for the government, and that was the reason for their failure to obtain a respectable voter acceptance.

In order to upgrade their importance as popular political parties when they have actually been dumped by the voters into the political wilderness, both UNP and JVP play all the tricks they could muster to downplay the importance of the popular vote for the President Mahinda Rajapakse and the UPFA.

The fall in the voter turn out has several reasons and it cannot be taken as a peoples refusal to accept the party that mustered a majority of the votes cast as the winner. The lower voter turn out at elections is not a phenomenon unique to Sri Lanka, and in no way could the parties that have received a smaller number of votes claim that the sympathy of the absentee voters was in their favour.

It has been reported by political analysts that “……..Voter turnout in European elections 2004 has followed the downward trend experienced since 1979. Participation was the highest in the first European election year with 63 per cent but has decreased since, generally by 2-3 per cent. The greatest drop in voter turnout of seven per cent took place between 1994 and 1999, when voter turnout decreased from 56.8 to 49.8 per cent”

If the voting is democratic and free the less voter turn out does not reflect on the final out come of the election.

The lesser voter turn out has also been explained by what is called the , “….. voter fatigue , which can lower turnout. If there are many elections in close succession, voter turnout will decrease as the public tires of participating. In low-turnout Switzerland, the average voter is invited to go to the polls an average of seven times a year; the United States has frequent elections, with two votes per year on average, if one includes all levels of government as well as primaries. Holding multiple elections at the same time can increase turnout; however, presenting voters with massive multipage ballots, as occurs in some parts of the United States, can reduce turnouts.” (Wikipedia)

France had been hit by the phenomenon of lesser voter turn out on many significant elections and the analysts continue their search for the real cause of these abstentions. “On the evening of 21 April 2002, the country faced up two phenomena which still occupy the media and political life today: the presence of the Extreme Right candidate at the second ballot and the record abstention level for this type of election. Of France’s 39,350,086 registered voters, only 28,721,939 voted at this ballot. Abstention rose to over 27% in an election which has traditionally been the French population’s favourite and which has consequently shown the strongest levels of mobilisation during the Fifth Republic. If this result was quite spectacular it was not an exception or a “storm in a blue sky” : abstention to any level of voting is increasing in France since the mid eighties. Another sign of it can be seen if we look to the European Parliament elections : in 1999, less than half of the registered electorate turned out, more precisely the abstention rose to 53% !”

Despite these disparities in the voting and non voting electors, the outcome of all elections had been accepted according to the majority of those who had voted without disputing the end result. That is the way with democracy whether the elections were in the West or elsewhere in the world.

I was Present in Sri Lanka during the Presidential Election and the Parliamentary elections campaign. I witnessed the enthusiasm of the villagers, and the crowds that braved the tiring heat and staying on until the turn up of the President Mahinda Rajapakse or an announcement that he would arrive late, or read out a message from him. People wanted Mahinda Rajapakse to win and that was the message that they sent with their presence at his meetings. It was far from being present through curiosity as it was at the meetings of Sarath Fonseka. It was the same enthusiasm and the desire of those young and old villagers out in numbers . Those are the people that mattered.

Even in those villages there were those who campaigned for Sarath Fonseka and discretely distributed pamphlets. The villagers accepted them, and after a glance crumpled and through them away as discretely as they were received. For the villagers and a greater part of the Sinhala Buddhist voting population the only favourite Presidential candidate was Mahinda Rajapakse. They were not going to be fooled by a Sarath Fonseka a war hero or not. They were going to caste their die with Mahinda Rajapakse for better or for the worse. They are however assured that it would be for the better, because Mahinda Rajapakse’s deeds so far spoke a lot in favour of him.

Mahinda Rajapakse has given the ordinary and the “not so ordinary” people a new hope. Hope of unity, peace, and for better days to come for themselves and the generations after. A hope of a peaceful coexistence with the Tamil people salvaged from the misery and suffering, under a ruthless group of terrorists, who took away their children from the “cradle” to make living bombs of them, and trained them to become cannon fodder in an all out war against the Sinhala. They –the terrorists were seeking these “ sacrificial lambs “ to save their own miserable skins, presenting themselves as the protectors of the Hindu Gods and the Catholic Church.

These Tamils saved from 30 years of such miserable existence, ungrateful as they are forgetting the misery from which they were saved by Mahinda Rajapakse and the Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers, still caste their votes for the living shadow of the terrorists the TNA- still kept alive by their lapdogs -the expatriate servitors, their bards the Kumar Davids, Pakiasothys, Jehan Pereras, Philip Rajans, LynnOkerszies, Sri Lanka Guardian, Transcurrent, and the rest.

Coming back to the vote turn out, the lesser number of voters have several reasons as far as the Sri Lanka Parliamentary Elections of the 8 th April,2010 is concerned . Having voted for the Presidential elections it was more or less a foregone conclusion that the UPFA will secure a comfortable victory, and that made the voters lethargic. Whether they vote or not the UPFA will win was the general thinking. They were probably not so concerned with a two third majority as what was essential for them was a victory for the Government. Furthermore there were many who were annoyed with the clamour for preferential votes. If not for the competition for preferential votes the Government would have easily secured a two third majority.

Who cared for the preferential votes, except those who were all out to prove who is more popular than the other ? What was necessary was to strengthen the hand of the President who proved himself skilful in keeping the Western Governments, all out to take revenge from the government of Sri Lanka for eliminating the terrorists, at bay.

No body asks the question why the International community- with Milliband , Kouchner, and Hillary Clington at the helm, were all out to teach a lesson to the government of Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorism ?

The reason is, that for the first time the International Community finds itself faced with a Leader of a developing country who dares stand up to them and say NO, what ever be the consequences. The President Mahinda Rajapakse is the only leader who had asked Foreign Ministers of two powerful Western Nations to keep away from meddling into the affairs of his country. He could say that because he did not depend on the West to protect his country and his people. He had played his cards well as a leader of a sovereign state cultivating diplomatic relations with other Nations.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa could depend on many nation for the defence of his righteous actions.
We saw it happening when the head strong High Commissioner of UNHRC Navi Pillai spear headed the revolt of the Western Countries against Sri Lanka who sought to condemn us for violation of human rights immediately after the Government Forces of Sri Lanka eliminated terrorism .
To their utter grief the following countries stood by us: Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Uruguay, Zambia, thwarting the attempts of the West to take revenge from Sri Lanka, and isolating it from the largess of the West.
These 29 countries that stood by us at the United Nations Human Rights Council respect the President Mahinda Rajapakse as a perfect leader of a Developing Nation, and for the first time the Western Nations who try to bully the developing countries find that they are themselves isolated. That is the reason why the West is out to teach us a lesson by most undemocratic actions such as the withholding of GSP+ trade concessions by the European Union, on the flimsy ground of a non existent violation of human rights. In doing so the EU itself is violating the human rights of a developing nation which does its best to keep a section of its poor people employed depending on those trade concessions.
These are more important issues that should concern our politicians of the opposition instead of defending an Army Commander who brought shame to our country after having taken a heroic part in the defence of our country and eliminating a group of dastardly ruthless terrorists. The people have forgotten him for his heroism. It is now the people in Colombo- the rich Muslims, the jetset, the business community that solicit him.
The Tamils whether they are of the intelligentsia or not, have not done the correct thing by voting for the TNA. They should be conscious of the numerical majority of the Sinhala and instead of playing the minority card to claim a separate Eelam, they should at least now come to terms with the reality of their situation and work with the Sinhala, perhaps on the same political platform for the progress and development of the Country and build a united nation of the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people without seeking communal segregation. It is time that we dump Sampanthans, Narapalasinghama, Kumara Davids, Pakiasothies overboard and stand together as a United Nation of Sri Lankans.
The Tamils should understand, that the Sinhala Buddhists could on their own, if the cooperation of Tamils is not forthcoming, develop this country and prepare it for all its occupants be they Tamils, Muslims, Malays and the rest to live happily sharing its prosperity. Sri Lank from Kankasenturai to Dondra belongs to all and the new era after terrorism should begin by dispersing the communities where ever they wish to live.
As much as there are Tamils in the South there should be as much Sinhala in the North and the East. The High Security Zones in the North and East should be strengthened and the Sri Lanka Army should be present every where so that never again will there be a tendency for terrorism to arise whether in the North, East or the South.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wise King Solomon’s judgement to split the baby, and the Tamil peoples’ patriotism- if they have any.

No other President in any Country in the World is loved so much by the people as the President of Sri Lanka

The Tamils in Australia have announced a weekend referendum in support of the Vaddukodai Resolution which is for a separate Eelam State in Sri Lanka. Do these Tamils hold an allegiance to the land in which they were born ?

Certainly not if they have, they will make the end of terrorism to help Sri Lanka, and their Tamil compatriots who suffered for nearly thirty years under ruthless terrorism. The cause that led to that suffering of the Tamils living in Sri Lanka was the idiosyncrasy of a mad man a terrorist to separate a part of Sri Lanka for an Eelam State. These Tamils in Australia is trying to perpetrate the hallucination of that mad man.

These reminded me of the Biblical story in which the wise King Solomon made a strange judgment to see who was really the mother of a disputed baby.

Two women were fighting over a baby. One said the child was hers and begged the other woman to give it back. The other woman claimed that the baby was hers and refused to give the baby. To settle the right of ownership of the baby the two women went to the wise king Solomon.

Then the wise King Solomon having heard the two women asked the woman who had the baby to keep it on the table . Then the king proposed that the baby should be split into two and the women share the parts. One woman agreed with the king’s decision, while the other wailed out not to split the baby, and that she was willing the other woman keep it, despite the fact that the baby was hers. The King thus knew the real mother of the baby, and handed it over to the wailing woman who was willing to give the baby rather than having it split before her eyes.

This Biblical story, could be applied to the case of Sri Lanka where the Tamils ask that the motherland be divided and give a part of it to them to set up a Tamil Eelam, and the Sinhala Buddhists, though not wishing to accede, are willing to share their motherland with all Communities without splitting it to please the less than 13 percent of Tamil minority who show no patriotic love to Sri Lanka.

Do the Tamils claiming separation really love “a motherland” ? Is not their call for separation motivated by a strong desire to deprive the Sinhala of their birth right which they have preserved unto this date making sacrifices of their brave children ? What sacrifice have the Tamils made to keep this land intact from conquerors or terrorists ?

What love have the Tamils of th diaspora living in their cosy comfort or Robert O’Blake who careless whether Sri Lanka is split into two or three ?

There are now the Tamil National Interest being publicised by the Sri Lanka Guardian. They want to even change the history books of Sri Lanka to claim a fictitious interest in the country. What we want in Sri Lanka whether they be Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim are people who genuinely promote unity and selfless integration with the inhabitants and love the motherland as their own.

It is not setting up an All Party Conference for devolution of Power to the Tamils that will solve the national problem. It is accepting the ground situation and changing Tamil attitude to be one with the majority and work together for the progressive development of Sri Lanka hand in hand with its inhabitants alone, that will solve what ever ethnic problem they claim we have.

What after all is patriotism ? Patriotism is not only the love for the country in which one was born, but also accepting with respect its natural, human and cultural environment , whether it is racially mixed, religiously divided or politically corrupted.

To be a patriot it should not be a necessary requirement that each community claims a right to its own language, religion or culture. Be it D.B.S.Jeryaraj, Douglas Devananda, Pakiasoth Saravanamuttu, Kumar David or Ananda Sangaree, if they were to claim a patriotic affection to this country in which they were born, they should encourage the members of their communities to integrate into the existing social fabric without making selfish demands to identify one community differently from the other.

That is how communities have evolved in the Western Countries, if we were to take America of Robert O Blake for an example. It is not the monopoly of the rich countries to evolve as a Nation without devolution of political power to minority communities, insisting as in France that those of the minority communities seeking citizenship should learn the language and adhere to cultural norms of the country.

From the time the Colonialists made their way into our countries, they messed up our societies, introducing their religion bringing along with them their missionaries, introducing their way of life, and forcing their language. Today divided and separated it is still the Catholic Church that plays a role to keep the people separated, and the foreign NGOs that sow the seeds of hatred., while the Tamil intelligentsia perpetuate separation making monsters of the majority Sinhala that make much of the sacrifice to keep them well and happy, whether they live in Colombo or the North or East..

It was the Secret Police of India RAW that took over the Tamil youth and trained them as terrorists and let them loose in the country creating an artificial hatred towards the Sinhala by getting 13 Sinhala Policemen Killed in the north. This resulted in the unfortunate 1983 racial riots. That was how Indian RAW planned the beginning of terrorism through a handful of selected Tamil youth, creating in the minds of the Tamils that the Sinhala are their enemies.

Douglas Devanandas, Wickramabahus, indoctrinated through Marxism and selfish Tamil Politicians seeking their personal aggrandisement among the poor Tamil people are the sentinels of communal dissidence and social mayhem. How can they ever claim patriotism to mother Lanka.

If the Government giving into pressure from the inadequately informed International Community who lord over the developing countries, seek to find solutions to please the Tamil politicians, it will only be treating the symptoms of the so called ethnic problem. The cause of the problem is in the minds of the Tamil people. Unless they understand the problem and try to come to terms with the Sinhala majority the ethnic problem will continue to the detriment of both the Tamils and the country at large. It may not then possible to completely uproot terrorist tendencies arising from within the Tamil people, in the future. Because hatred breeds hatred, and in that environment there would be no place for peaceful coexistence.

Where do the interest of the Tamil people lie. Is it in their own personal well being or being a part of a nation to see the progress and development of that motherland. The Tamils of Tamilnadu are no patriotic Indians. So are the Tamils of Malaysia, Sri Lanka , Australia, Canada or UK if they seek a separate Eelam in Sri Lanka, they have no patriotic allegiance to any country. It is time the Tamil people accept to be the patriots of the country in which they were born. That would be the only way to end suffering as aliens living in a foreign country hoping one day, to divide the motherland of their ancestors to have a separate Eelam.

We cannot split the baby in the face of real love, and so it is with Sri Lanka. This country is not to be split to please O’Blake and his expatriate cohorts, or please the Tamil politicians and elitists to enhance their personal ego as Tamils.

Therefore, there is much to be done by the Tamil media, Tamil Bloggers, and Websites such as the Sri Lanka Guardian, Trance Current etc. to sponsor unity among the people without creating dissention and separation. Peace and happiness lie in unity and in love for one another.

Sinhala Budhhists have no sense of vengeance. They always extended their hand of friendship to all communities. It is the Sinhala who call for Communal Unity while the Tamils refuse the extended hands of friendship of the Sinhala and stand aloof, seeking separation from unity , seeking hatred from friendship.

Please wake up Tamils to unite, and build our motherland Sri Lanka to be a great Nation second to none.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Robert O’Blake - bereft of intelligent thinking, and the Western Media in an all out effort to cause a fear psychosis against a Rajapakse Dynasty, j

Jeremy Page for the Times on Line, Charles Haviland for the BBC, Bryson Hull for the Reuters, Lydia Polgreen for the New York Times, among other “ enlightened” anti Sri Lanka foreign media stalwarts have come out in force to raise a fear psychosis around the creation of a Rajapakse family dynasty. The Rajapakses for them are a greater menace to Sri Lankan Democracy than the late Prabhakaran the hero they “worshipped” , for some unknown reason.

The ordinary Sri Lankans who matter, other than those who have been brain washed by the political enemies of Sri Lanka, and do not suspect the manipulations of the West against developing countries, thank the “stars” for having given them at last a different dynasty who they can trust to usher in happiness and prosperity after having for the first time after 30 years saved the country from the menace of terrorism.

Robert O Blake the former USA Ambassador to Sri Lanka turned into an Assistant Secretary of State has come out to support his pro terrorists Tamil expatriates in America, repeating his same old harangue “……..I think it is important for the administration of President Rajapaksa to reach out to the Tamils… It is important that they feel that they are going to be able to live a future of hope and of opportunity, that the internally displaced people that are now in camps… be allowed to go back to their homes.”

It has to be said even though it is unpalatable, that this man Blake is the most unintelligent of diplomats and a hopeless Assistant Secretary to make statements without understanding the damage he may cause to a people of another country who think differently than him.

What Sri Lanka or as a matter of fact, any progressive multi racial country needs to day is to forget the age old communal differences to be united together into being a Nation. If Blake cannot think of a successful unity of communities that finally allowed a Black man to become the President of a White Majority State, he is really “dumb”.

If Blake had told the American Presidents to reach out to the American Blacks to give them a separate identity , and as he had continued to pontificate to the Government of Sri Lanka, that the solution to the ethnic problem in America is a political settlement for a separate Black State (an Eelam), Barrack Obama would never have been the President of America.

Therefore if Blake could shut his mouth, that speaks before he thinks, he may understand by beginning to exercise his brain cells, that the ethnic problem between the Sinhala and the Tamil Speaking Communities in Sri Lanka should be settled not by separating the Tamil Speaking people in Sri Lanka into a Eelam Ghetto, but by bringing them into the Sinhala Majority Environment to make them a part and parcel of the Majority. That would eliminate the Sinhala Tamil Difference to make them partners of a great nation, and one day raise an “Obama” from among them.

That the West be they the supposedly intelligent Politicians, or wealth seeking media operators will never understand. Because they speak to please some groups for their own personal gain, and do not take time to think that people of another culture, will not think and take decisions like them who are of another culture. But that is how they work to earn a living, and those matters beyond their petty interests are no concern of theirs.

That unfortunately is how they are being informed by local people like Kumar Davids, Jehan Pereras, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttus and others who are invited to Embassy Parties and cocktails to rub shoulders with the high and mighty, and while warming their whiskies, talk of the plight of the poor Tamil people whose political rights have been denied to them by an egoistic, selfish Sinhala majority.

These creators of the ethnic problem in the “simple” minds of the International Community on the one hand, and among the poor Tamil people on the other hand are aiming to build their own position according to their, caste, class and professional standing to lord over the “poor Tamil” population if things go the way they want. They do not think beyond their own immediate gain, to have long term views of building a Sri Lankan Nation where every one can have a say in its progress and development.

Just before the General Elections of the 8 th April, I had no doubt about the UPFA victory, but the greatest event of importance that took place then was the break up of the TNA and the three of its members joining the UPFA, seeking at last to bring about a viable unity among the Sinhala and the Tamils. I was hoping with all my heart that the Tamil people in the North and the East will understand the importance of the situation and vote for the candidates of the UPFA.

But alas ! Tamils of the Kankasenturai, Kayts, Point Pedro, Chavakachcheri, Vaddukoddai, Udupiddy, Manipe , Kopay and Jaffna did not see, the light at the end of the tunnel for the end of Sinhala Tamil ethnic rivalry, to build new bonds of unity.

But yet there is still hope if the Old Sampanthan and TNA could understand the reality of the action of the Thangeswari Kadirgamar, S. Krishore , and Sathasivam Kanagaratnam in contesting under the UPFA ticket, and put their weight along with them to strengthen the hand of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, who is finally the hope for the National Unity.