Friday, 30 January 2015

Chance made them 100 day Ministers sniffing dirt searching material to accuse the previous Government, please vote them out at next General Elections.

They  the 100 day Ministers would not have even dreamt they would be  Minsters this soon. If UNP had contested  the elections with Ranil Wickramasinghe as the leader  they would have surely lost again. This time it is through sheer good luck, and thanks to Maitripala Sirisena  they have become 100day Ministers  in a mostly UNP Government of 100 days. 

But what they are doing as “chance” Ministers is sniffing dirt to accuse the previous government for corruption, fraud, and irregularities committed by it. It is 20 days since good luck hit them but they have done nothing positive. They are still cleaning a dislocated drainage system.

The 20 day experience since 9th January,2015,  the people had with these Ministers has given them  an idea  as to what they could expect from them if they were to be  Ministers in a government after a General Election.  It would be a disaster from what we have seen  if we are to continue with this same men as Ministers again in a  government  after the general  election.  They are mostly from the UNP and UNP has no good record of  work to take  Sri Lanka forward towards progress. 

And if we examine  what contribution the UNP governments have made, since that of JR Jayawardhane in 1977  for the progress and development of Sri Lanka we will see that they have  contributed very little or nothing at all , but each UNP Government since 1977 ended up with disastrous consequences to the country. 

All  UNP governments were west oriented. JR was in fact called Yankee Dickie for his attachment to America.  But when JR was in dire need of a friend in 1983 after India turned against Sri Lanka   dropping dry ration to the terrorists sieged  in  Jaffna, America did not come to his help, resulting in his having to give into Indians and sign  the notorious Indo Lanka pact and  forced by India to introduce the 13th Amendment  into the Constitution of Sri Lanka. 

JR also carried out a witch hunt and took away the civic rights of the leader of the SLFP(  Is there  any difference in what the 100day UNP Ministers are trying to do to-day?  Shameless Isn’t it ?)

JR’s UNP government  was followed by the UNP Government of R.Premadasa in 1989. His period  saw the brutal killings and torture camps. According to a commission report  he was involved in the assassination of Lalith Athulathmudaly and also in the death of  Lt.General Denzil Kobbakaduwa. He was also known to have provided arms  and ammunition to terrorists to fight against the Indian Peace Keeping Force. Few development projects were completed  but  Sri Lanka did not see much progress under him.

Then came the UNP government  of Ranil Wickramasinghe, under President Chandrika Kumaratunga  .  Ranil Wickramasinghe ignored the presence of the President and took control of the government and led the country to near disaster signing a CFA with the terrorist Prabhakaran, giving an area to be kept under terrorist control.

That is how  this treacherous man Ranil Wickramasinghe started to play with our motherland.  He has no sense of patriotism, and unless the people are watchful, this is what Ranil Wickramasinghe is planning to do,  proposing to implement the 13 Amendment.  He has no right to do it being only a nominal Prime Minister  without any legal authority of a Prime Minister under the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

Ranil Wickramasinghe will even agree to allow the TNA to set up Eelam State as what he wants is to have Tamil votes  for his election at the next general election and if possible become the President after Maitripala Sirisena. May God Forbid !

President Chandrika Kumaratunga was an  immature politicians who messed up completely the situation with the terrorists even offering the north of Sri Lanka to Prabhakaran for a trial period of  ten years, which he refused as what he wanted, as the TNA wants today, is a separate Eelam State

That is what UNP had been to Sri Lanka.  Even today we do not see any difference with the UNP.  They are unable to bring about any substantial progress to Sri Lanka acting completely without a vision for the development of the country.  The only passion of the UNP Ministers of 100 days is raking  the past in search of material to sling mud at the former President , his government, his family and children. 

From what they are doing today  the people will judge  their quality as Ministers unable to contribute  any thing positive  for the development  of  Sri Lanka.  The  budget they have presented is a  mediocrity  for those who wants to satisfy their stomachs and taste buds without any creative  contributions for development.  Even the Budget has been  twisted to please the Tamils- see the consumer commodities the price of which have been reduced-dhal, kur kuma, coriander, ulundu dhal, mung eta. 

It is now that the people realize the mistake they made not to have voted  the former President back into power.  It was the President Mahinda Rajapakse who within the short time after elimination of terrorists  contributed to the vast development,  progress and prosperity of Sri Lanka more than all the UNP governments past, present or future, put together. 

This government of 100 day Prime Minister can only throw mud at the previous government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, but will  never be able to even half  emulate it to equal the fantastic development  the former government under the President Mahinda Rajapakse was able to perform within just five years after the elimination of  terrorists who left the country in ruin.

UNP as all capitalist oriented governments cannot bring about progress to Sri Lanka.  All counties develop and progress under socialist form of governments be it Democrats in America, Labour in UK, Socialists in France and so on. 

The UNP Ministers  in their tweed suits and the British ties  are by their ignorant pretension to belong to a higher form of a political system are confined to a restricted view of development .

Their idea of  development and progress come from  the Western Books they have read and from  ideas gathered in  Western universities they may have been to, or what the Western politicians have put into their heads.

It is their restricted idea of democracy, their restricted idea of justice,  their  restricted idea  of development that  keep them within a restricted frame, beyond which they cannot see.  Hence they are devoid of  new ideas for development and progress.   They  are playing to please the West,  and only the West and the local crowd with high opinion of western values

The greatest folly of Sirisena’s government led by a Prime Minister pandering to the Western lobby,  was in  setting aside an impeachment to  reinstate the impeached Chief Justice Shriyani Bandaranayake.  

If there is an error in Justice it should be rectified only through an appeal to justice.   It is a  complete reversal of justice for the executive to interfere to rectify a judicial error. Why did they do it ?  to prove that former President was wrong and to vilify him. Is that Justice  ? is that Good Governance ?   Perhaps they will receive the accolade of the west, creating a shameless legal precedent. 

And the worst of it is, it is they who speak of justice ,that claim that the appointment of Mohan Pieris was illegal, and terminate his services without justice.

If  that appointment was illegal  there are correct ways and means to have terminated the services of the C.J.  It was completely incorrect to have given  into  a set of jack asses calling themselves  men of law bringing disrepute to BASL.  A Chief Justice  once appointed notwithstanding what a set of “foolish” lawyers with self interest say about the  manner  of his appointed, should be given the honour and esteem  of the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka

What is yahapalanaya in allowing a set of brutes from the BASL crying for the blood of Chief Justice Mohan Pieris ?  They should be ashamed to call themselves the men of law.  It is a complete negation of justice  for lawyers to  manifest within the sanctimonious precincts of the Court Complex against none other than the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka.

It is only a Prime Minister who is really lowly and  without  respect to  accepted cultural norms of Sri Lanka that would have acted as he did to remove the Chief Justice unceremoniously. It has to be emphasised that Ranil Wickramasinghe is not an accredited Prime Minister in terms of the Constitution of Sri Lanka

Every thing that is being done by this crude, uncultured, venomous  hastily collected 100 day Ministers led by a characterless Prime Minkister is to revile,vilify scandalise, insult and add accusation of wrong doing  against the former President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government.  It is pitifully impolite and lacking in goodsense.

Even the appointment of Ministers was to spite, injure and revile  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse.  Mangala Samaraweera is an enemy of the former President. Ravi Karunanayake  mocked the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, Lakshman Kiriella an adorer of the West, Rajita Senaratne a venomous man.

The 100 day Ministers of UNP, they  criticise , they condemn and they accuse the former President Mahinda Rajapakse , treating him as their opponent  their political rival.  But they do not take the time to understand the man, his philosophy and his fantastic political vision, which is worth emulating notwithstanding  on what side of the barrier he stands. 

Maithripala’s election manifesto is incomparabl to the Mahinda Chinthanya which is  a complete philosophical and a practical political means to modernise Sri Lanka taking it away from the  dependence on the West, its democracy, its legal system, its cultural influence, and  its political and Christian methodology .  It embraced every aspect of development and facet where attention is required for improvement in a country rising out of the ashes of terrorism with the Tamil Community embedded in a deeply racial separatist mind frame.

Mahinda Chintanaya was  to shatter the long existing  minority and a majority complex, to unite Communities  taking them away from  the narrow sense  of  Communal belonging, to build a multi cultural Nation out  of a country  once  poverty  stricken, enslaved by foreigners,  thrown into a foreign civilisation  strange to its culture, and religion and devastated by a ruthless terrorism.

The Present President or none among the venomous minded collection of  Ministers in  his government will ever be able to set down a document like Mahinda Chintanaya. These 100 day Ministers, not selected by the people but by a Prime Minister appointed  by a President  new to National leadership cannot even present pleasant faces when they appear in the television. 

Even the Members of the Supper  Committee Aruna Kumara Dissanayake, Champika Ranawake etc. and frequently appearing Rajita Senaratne , with their  hearts swollen with anger, hatred and ambition  refusing to summon on to their angry faces a smile which they seem to have lost since long time, are a bane to Sri Lanka’s  political system which for the last ten years was in the interest of the people  as a whole without any communal difference.

The Sinhala do not seek to be separated  but united with the other Communities.
The Sinhala are not racists but a magnanimous people.  Mahinda Rajapakse  was the epitome of that magnanimity.

It is the egoist short sighted opposition politicians of Sri Lanka with their selfish agendas , attempting to  hoodwink the poor people  with cheap food and minor mediocre interests, without considering more important issue that  was being mooted against Sri Lanka by the West that manipulated the t Mahinda Rajapakse forces to defeat him at the elections. 

The West  feared  MahindRajapakse-the most visionary foresighted leader taking Sri Lanka forward to wards development and progress with  out depending on the West, but forging new political relations  and developing the old with different countries in the worlds.

President Mahinda Rajapakse was interested in the development of Sri Lanka and uniting the people at whatever cost without  witch hunting or raking the past of his opponents to accuse them for their illegal transactions , their involvement in torture camps etc. Mahjinda Rajapakse  was a gentleman politician, unlike the new set in action.

The opposition politicians enlisted the TNA Tamils the most unpatriotic racists with their ambition for the establishment of a Tamil Eelam to get them to vote in favour of the Common Candidate and against Mahinda Rajapakse.

Ranil Wickramasinghe who cares less for  Sri Lanka’s unitary state  or  Communal unity has a penchant for the Tamils, as he knows  it is with the Tamil votes he may one day succeed in being the President of Sri Lanka..  He even signed the CFA with the Tamil terrorists against the Sinhala. 

Ranil Wickramasinge rejected by the people 29 times, given the opportunity   will not hesitate to give the TNA and the Tamils-a Tamil only Province for them to have their Tamil Eelam.

Some people have short memories , but at the next general elections  the majority of the Sinhala people( if not the Tamils and Muslims ), will remember who were the  patriotic politicians who worked  most to give them peace and protection  and delivered them from the ruthless terrorist to live without fear. Therefore to who they should vote.

Sinhala be advised not to seek the satisfaction of the stomach , but think  of greater things for our country and nation, and sacrifice the desire to satisfy the stomach in favour of a Greater Sri Lanka where the people are united non-racial willing to a one Nation of Sri Lankans . 

This time,  outvote the Tamils of the North  in order not to bring back the Ministers of the 100 day government and deafeat  Ranil Wickramasinghe at the general elections to stop him from dividing Sri Lanka

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Open letter to President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Your Excellency,
 We convey our deepest sadness at our failure to have mustered enough votes to retain you as the President of Sri Lanka for another fruitful period of development.  We miss you very much Your Excellency, we know that today we  breath as a free people without fear or constrain because of the  determination you had to eliminate terrorism despite  great risk to yourself.
 We are  therefore ever grateful to you for having unified Sri Lanka, part of which had been given to be kept under terrorist control under a CFA signed with the terrorists  by a former Prime Minister  Ranil Wickramasinghe, and for providing security with the a heroic  Armed Forces  strategically stationed from North to South and East to West of  Sri Lanka for us  to live without fear of another  resurgence of terrorism.
Your unexpected  defeat at the Presidential election, Your Excellency,  is a great loss to Mother Lanka which was making remarkable progress in development, and  stabilising the place it had carved under your leadership with the developing Nations of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle East and close friendship it had built with China, Russia, IranVietnam.  But now we begin to doubt the  sincerity of the relation India had with Sri Lanka under your leadership.  India perhaps on the advice of USA  wants to distance from us due to our very close friendship with China.
Your Excellency now it is quite evident that there was an unseen hand behind  the move to get the Tamils of the North, the Muslims of the East, and the Catholics to vote en mass to the common candidate of the opposition against you to assure your defeat at the election.
Nevertheless, various reasons are being adduced  by your antagonists with a view to create displeasure amoung the people against you, thus assuring their victory at the General elections.  They besides levelling accusations of corruption,  put your defeat at the elections to your  failure to have paid more attention to bring down the cost of living and neglected the poor. Your Excellency, in Sri Lanka there had never been a death by starvation during the 30 years of terrorism or ten years after that.
But this argument Your Excellency does not hold water, it is the result of an unintelligent perception of the situation.  Sri Lanka under your leadership was a fast developing country.  The standard of living  of the people was  improving. The poor were able to have electricity, pipe water, education facilities to their children.  They could improve their houses  cementing the floors  instead of  applying  mud and cow dung. 
Development always brings with it financial constraints as some facilities have to be sacrificed  to enjoy others. Water, electricity, transport etc. have to be paid for  which reduce the monthly family budget, forcing  reduction in food bills, and other every day needs. 
Of course the critics  refuse to understand that Sri Lanka was a poor country suffering under 30 years of terrorism, but being taken fast forward by a visionary leader ambitious to take Sri Lanka  further on the path of  development.  Given one more term Your Excellency, we are sure  you would have been able to  considerably reduce poverty and given the people more facilities to  improve further their standard of living, while reduing the cost of living.
Alas that was not to be, today the people of Sri Lanka are orphaned, except of course the Tamil people of the North.  Sampanthan, Sumanthiran, the TamilNadu and the Tamil Diaspora are gleeful.  They are getting everything they want beginning  with  the full  implementation of the 13th Amendment  as announced by the 100 day Prime Minister  Ranil Wickramasinghe,  while in the south there is still no Yahapalanay  but a  Vibhishanaya.
When you were there Your Excellency, every day we, the people get up to hear good news of  a new building or a School being opened ,  beginning the construction of high ways, opening a bridge  or a Mahindodaya building, or some such news of embellishment of Mother Lanka taking  her gradually to a future of hope and prosperity.
But today with the new Maitri Palanaya we open the news paper to see  some one of the previous government-that is your Government Your Excellency,  accused for some thing or another and  JVP marching up to the Bribery Commission  making allegations against  you Your Excellency, your children and now even  Ms. Rajapakse. 
Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake , with a questionable back ground summoned to attend Courts for an alleged money laundering just on the day he is to present a Mini-budget to the Parliament, and  other questionable financial transactions, accused Gotabhaya Rajapakse for having kept  8 billion Rupee account in the BOC.  It was immediately proved wrong. But nevertheless he accuses him of irregularities.
Then there was another  accusation  against him for  running a floating armoury.  Then they raided Rakna Lanka Armoury at BMICH to pin it as well on your brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse .  The Maitri Palanaya is making  desperate attempts to find some fraud or criminal activity to  accuse Gotabhaya Rajapakse.  But to their chagrin they have found none.  Gotabhay Rajapakse Your Excellency is an excellent military officer, a man who selected Sarath Fonceka as the Army Commander when he organised the Armed Forces to begin their war against terrorism.  He would not have stooped to theft and misappropriation or engage in any activity that would  bring disrepute to himself and the Armed Forces. This some of these persons with tainted  hands would not understand.
The Maitri Palanaya has not given up, they  are still going on with an imagined  allegation that you were planning a military take over  of the government  to deny Maitripala Sirisena his presidency in a plan for you to stay in power.   They are involving every one including the Chief Justice, and G.L.Peiris as plotters of a military coup.   Unfortunately they have no proof, but that does not deter them.   All they want is News paper headlines and a media circus to bring disrepute to you, without allowing  you  media time to defend yourself or others around you.  Where is democracy ? Where is Yahapalanaya ?
They are doing that as it is the only way they can think of to make you unpopular amoung the people  and get them to vote against you,  and for  Ranil Wickramasinghe and the crowd at the coming general election. 
But none of these allegations have been proved, the UNP is only capable of this type of  mudslinging and character assassination.  In a resent interview the Sunday Leader (27.1.2015) had with M. Ganesh R.Dharmawardhane,  the Director General of the  Commission to Investigate  Bribery or Corruption, he was asked Why our country witness so much of corruption and bribery ? Mr. Dharmawardhane  had said “ I cannot provide an answer to that issue. According to international reports  in this field  Sri Lanka is better than others” 
In reality this temporary government of 100 day Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has done nothing for the benefit of the people and the country since its inception  on the 9th January, other than raking garbage in search of material to accuse some one or other of the previous government.
Your Excellency, we have nothing against the President Maitripala Sirisena, even though we do not appreciate how he worked his way to become the President of Sri Lanka.  Nevertheless, he was elected by a majority of the people and we salute that decision. 
However ,  the people of Sri Lanka the patriots  who sacrificed their children to save the country from being mutilated by a ruthless group of Tamil terrorists, are saddened that it was the vote of the Tamils  that tipped the scale in favour of   the President Maitripala Sirisena. It was the pre-arranged contribution of the Tamil National Alliance  for  the victory of the common candidate of the opposition. 
The  anti Rajapakse  Western hand that had been at work  is clearly seen now that a “regime  change” has taken place.  UE that imposed sanctions on grant of quotas for the apparel industry  is  now removing those  sanctions in favour of the changed pro western regime.
To-day the Tamil National Alliance which is the off shoot of Prabhakaran’s  terrorism  plays the tune  to which the temporary  Government of 100 day Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has begun to dance.  Though the President Maitripala Sirisena was sworn as the President  his voice has been muted by his Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and his Cabinet of Ministers-Mangala Samaraweera, Rajitha Senaratne.
Though much publicity is being given to Yahapalanaya and Maitri Palanaya, this  temporary100 day government has a super government  a Politburo called the NEC above it with a  “Gestapo” style investigating branch led by Anura Kumara Dissanayake of the JVP.
The Gestapo of Hitler’s Germany most often acted on information from “denouncers” to round up Jews and investigate their activities. Once the Gestapos get you they will go all out to condemn  you to Concentration camps , no amount of  evidence in your favour will be taken into consideration.  Anural Kumara Dissanayake’s JVP is not different-but he is a Gestapo who  alsoacts   like a bull in a China Shop. 
No wonder Anura Kumara Dissanayake of JVP is like that because cruelty is in his blood since  his JVP beginning they killed people in cold blood. They cut off heads  of  innocent people and stuck them on poles and planted them in front of the homes of the victims.  They  killed  any one without questioning .  Only crime  their victims had  committed more often was to have belonged either to the UNP or the SLFP.
Can we now expect any thing better from this uncouth individuals. JVP is now  going after the family members of the President  Mahinda Rajapakse.  Has JVP under the cover of Yahapalanaya  started their bloody revolution ?   It is strange that it is people with an unclean past that seek to accuse others
Some thought better of Champika Ranawaka but he  seems to be of the same mould as JVP Gestapo. Atureliye Ratana has gone a step forward.  He now says Your Excellency, that the credit for the elimination of terrorism does  not go to you alone , but to him as well.
Your Excellency  we will always remember you as  a dedicated patriot strong and determined not only to fearlessly hold yourself  against  your  local opponents,  but also against the  powerful Foreign forces  to protect your  country and your people.
But to-day  every thing you did to Mother Lanka to save her from the terrorists and lift her onto a higher pedestal of respect and global importance, with a strong armed force, to protect the country is being reversed. 
The UNP Ministers of the 100 day Government  even take credit   to vast development that has taken place in Sri Lanka.  Harsha de Sila a Deputy Minister says that the infrastructure projects were identified for implementation by Ranil Wickramasinghe.  But identifying  and taking the bold step to construct are two different   things.  Therefore the credit goes to the one who takes the bold step to construct and not to the one who identifies.
Your Excellency, your brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse  will be remembered for generations to come, for after the  heroic defeat of the terrorists freeing the country  and its people, he  used the heroic  soldiers of  our Armed Forces to make of them  the builders of the Nation. They were in the process of  changing the  landscape of Sri Lanka completely different from what it had been  before, to give it a scenic beauty in the midst of  economically prosperous cities in which the people are  united as a Nation. 
To make safe the country for generations to come even the young generation was in the process of being  trained in leadership  providing them with the ability to take up the role of protectors of the country in case of  dangers that would come to her from within and outside. In the process professions that were considered low were  re- evaluated and Armed Forces  were trained to take up the profession of builders and cleaners giving labour a respect hitherto unfound.  .
Even this great concepts are now in the process of change under Maitri Palanaya.  There is still a fundamental question which has not been broached in the calamitous situation we are faced with today.  The question is whether the Government which has been set up temporarily to fill the gap between the election of a new President  and the Parliamentary elections has the legal authority to make dramatic changes in  the administration of the country ? 
For instance Ranil  Wickramasinghe who has been named the Prime Minister by the President is not a Prime Minister of the people. Therefore he has no authority to announce that all parties have agreed to implement the 13th Amendement.  It is a very controversial issue and therefore the people have to be consulted  to have their consent.  It is true that you  Your Excellency had  announced once that you will implement  the 13th Amendment plus.   But you had left it at that without taking a decision surely as it  needs reflection, as it is not an Amendment prepared by Sri Lankans, but one written and presented by India to be introduced into our Constitution  in exchange for disarming the terrorists.
Hence it is not some thing that should be implemented in a hurry by a temporary government set up in exigence. This government also proposes to reduce its economic relations with China.
The Maithri Planaya or Yahapalanaya which is highly publicised is a  Dictatorsip, where they accuse persons without allowing them to defend themselves.  This Maitri Palanaya Government controls the media and no body is able to make any view contrary to that of the Government.  They take every possible occasion to accuse and ridicule every one connected with the Previous government. 
They accuse Gotabhaya Rajapakse for various  imagined activities. They want  the Chief Justice to step down.  They demand  the resignation of  the Chairperson of the UGC Kshanika Hirimburegama.  They complain against the Top Management of Titro Gaz . They have complained  against Wimal Weerawansa and Mrs.Weerawansa.  They have even raided the house of  Jackson Anthony as they say that he was connected to RajapakseThey have complaints against Yourself Your Excellency and your children.  Where is this going to end ?  
The people are given only the Maithjri Palanaya  version of news and there is absolutely no way of hearing the other side .  Their  news are mostly based on  vendetta,  on jealousy, hatred , anger and revenge.
The policy of this 100 day Yahapalanaya is to stop  all media access to the former President , his family and any one connected to them.  They should not be seen in the television, not heard in the radio, or should not be allowed to be read in the press.  If this is not a Dictatorship what is ?
Your Excellency people have enough of the Maitri Palanaya, please come back Mother Lanka needs you.
May the blessings of the triple Gem be with you and your family,
Thank you, Your Excellency,


Friday, 23 January 2015

Open letter to the President Maitripala Sirisena,

Your Excellency the President,

My felicitations for your election as the President of Sri Lanka,

Some voted for you and some against you.  That is understandable as it is how democracy works.  Therefore when you became the President some people were happy, while those whose candidate  lost at the election were  sad and dejected.  Now that you have won the elections and sworn in as the  President of Sri Lanka you should be generous and graceful in victory, and request your entourage to be like wise.

You cannot denounce  or allow your  partners in victory to stamp their feet on the lost  candidate and invent accusations  with a view to make him unpopular, because it would any way be a vein exercise as a little more than 49  percent of the whole voting population, and 53 percent of the Sinhala Buddhists voted for him. 

However much your partners in government are raking up all dirt to find out whether  they can bring up some thing to nail the  former President Mahinda Rajapakse  they will find nothing against him or against his family members.  The people of this country who voted for the former President Mahinda Rajapakse  cannot be deceived to believe  by  false allegations without  any substantial proof  against him, that he was  corrupt and robbed the country.

Mahinda Rajapakse or his brothers did not come to rob and accumulate ill earned wealth to lead a comfortable life.  As you know very well Your Excellency  Mahinda Rajapakse had a clear objective when he contested the Presidential election  in 2005.  You know without  my having to remind you the state in which this country was in 2005. Mahinda Rajapakse had two main objectives when he was elected President in 2005. 

One was to defeat the terrorists and eliminate them. The second was to give back to Sri Lanka and its people the development of the infrastructure-roads bridges, railway, irrigation system, and provide financial and  social progress they had been deprived for 30 long years. He mad it his principle objective to develop the North where the people “ he thought” suffered most from terrorism.

In the latter Your Excellency, the former President Mahinda Rajapakse made a mistake , because the Tamils in the North got the best they could from him, and voted against him.  The Sinhala in the South would have voted for him any way, but he could have taken half the funds spent for the development of the Tamils in the north to spend it in the south,because the Sinhala people also suffered from terrorism.  But the former President Mahinda Rajapakse treated all people without a difference, but it would have been natural if he expected the Tamils  to show their gratitude by voting for him.

Your Excellency, it has been reported that  you have since your swearing in as the President of Sri Lanka made three good speech.  They are perhaps of general interest. But the time has come for you to make more frequent speeches and on policy matters  and the comportment of your Ministers to remind them of their moral duty to be kind and generous to the vanquished-Maitri Palanaya demands just that.

You have to tell the people Your Excellency, why this  intolerable witch hunt to inculpate the President and his family for crimes they have not committed. The Police  Force is sent to investigate their homes and homes of their friends and neighbours immediately complaints are made on flimsiest matters.

All your Ministers  are out  raking  so much of dirt in search of evidence against the Rajapakses some people say sarcastically you have not appointed Ministers to your cabinet but sanitary inspectors.

Your Excellency,  the Ranil Wickramasinghe , Anura Kumara Dissanayake and Champika Ranawake the most important people  in your government today want  to remove your executive powers.  But Your  Excellency you are today already without any power despite  being an Executive President.   It is  Ranil Wickramasinghe, as the Prime Minster  who decides for you .  He wants the 13th  Amendment implemented. 

Is it not wrong to do so and allow the Tamils eventually  create a separate Tamil Eelam State in the north, which Prabhakaran the terrorist wanted ? 

Ranil Wickramasinghe could be a dangerous Prime Minister to work with .  You remember what happened when he became the  Prime Minister under President Chandrika Kumaratunga ?  He signed the  CFA with Prabhakaran  and it took  a President like Mahinda Rajapakse to rectify that great error.  This time he is trying to do the same thing and it appears that you cannot have your say on the matter.

You are hedged in  between  Anura Kumara Dissanayake with the powers of the National Executive Committee, then  with Champika Ranawake of the JHU, Ranil Wickramasinghe  your Prime Minister and Mangala Samara Samaraweera who is building an unholy alliance with India and trying to sell off the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka inviting the UN and an International  Commission to inquire into what happened during the last phase of the war against terrorists. They all stand tall over you and plan and arrange things  without even consulting you from what we see from far.

Worse things are on the pipe line Your Excellency, and one begins to wonder whether it is wise for you to divest  yourself of your Executive Powers.

Your Excellency, Our Constitution is the supreme law of the land .   “The Constitution sets out a regular procedure for enacting Constitutional amendments, and that procedure gives citizens an opportunity, albeit a brief and limited one, to challenge proposed amendments before the Supreme Court.  Citizens have this same right with respect to any proposed new law. ”

Your Prime Minister Your Excellency is proposing to bring Amendments to the Constitution  within the 100 days of your interim government under the Urgent Bill provision.  It is wrong to bring any amendment to the Constitution  without a  serious debate.  No amendments should be made  to the Constitution  in a “hurry” resorting to the Urgent Bill Provision.
 “The “Urgent Bills” provision allows the president and the Cabinet to bypass the normal procedure for enacting new laws, which means citizens do not have a chance to challenge the proposed law, at the Bill stage, even to the limited extent they are normally allowed.  All that is needed to pass an “urgent Bill” is an endorsement by the Cabinet that the Bill in question is “urgent in the national interest,” and a two-thirds majority in Parliament on the day the vote is taken on the Bill. 
With regular legislation (i.e. proposed laws other than Constitutional amendments) the law in question, even if it is passed as an “Urgent Bill” it can be repealed later with just a simple majority in Parliament.  So, for instance, if a law passed as an “Urgent Bill” becomes obnoxious to the people later on, it can be repealed by a simple majority in Parliament, and that’s the end of the matter.
With a Constitutional amendment, if it becomes obnoxious later on, a simple majority in Parliament cannot repeal it.  One has to obtain a two-thirds majority, which is obviously much more difficult.
So, in essence, what using the “Urgent Bill” provision to enact Constitutional Amendments does is, it deprives the citizen of even the limited chance he or she has to challenge the proposed amendment before it becomes law, and makes it more or less impossible to repeal the new amendment were it to become obnoxious later on.  It is a thoroughly dangerous invention, to say the least. “ (Dharshan Weerasekara -
Your Excellency there are many things taking place  in your Interim Government which you should personally look into, as otherwise Your Ministers including the Prime Minister Your Excellency  have their own Agendas some times distantly controlled by foreign governments.  Therefore it is time that you come out of your silence and make your self heard, and stop any action which is not in the larger interest of the country and the people.

Your Excellency we are still not ready to implement the whole of the 13Amendment ,nor are we still ready to reduce the Armed Forces in the North.   The TNA should not be allowed to make North an entirely Tamil region without allowing Sinhala people to settle down  where ever it pleases them,  as it is happening in the South with the Tamils.

Thank you, Your Excellency,


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

“Corruption” was the pillar on which President Maithripala Sirisena’s government was built with the collaboration of UNP.

The keyword on which President Maithripala Sirisena’s government came in to being is “corruption”, therefore  that has to be kept on going for the Government to exist.  There is however no lack of it as the UNP Ministers of SLFP President Maitripala Siriesena’s government  keep on finding new instances of “corruption” on hearsay, without any proof what ever.  

It is like a game where you are asked to relate an  acceptable story about corruption  regarding  any one connected  in someway to the Rajapakse regimes, the one whose story is the most acceptable get the prize.

Strangely now,  the winning side attracts like a magnet hoodlums, nincompoops, thugs, noise makers, also police officers, the state and local media, and  even a former President’s foot worshipping Minister.

However, the word “corruption” is beginning to ware off.  They may soon have to find  some thing else to keep the heat on vilifications and accusations.  The Government has still not got down to work as the principle issue is to take revenge from Rajapakse family-characgter assassination, smearing  him with mud, and obliterating him with black tar.  That is the principle pre-occupation for the moment. 

After all according to Rajitha Senaratne  it had all begun way back in 2012- the process to hang the Rajapakses.  But one does not know who really is the boss of the government of President Maitripala Sirisena.  As far as Ranil Wickramasinghe the Prime Minister is concerned  he cared less the President or even the Parliament  we remember when he signed the CFA with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran behind the back of the President Chandrika Kumaratunga. To his mind,  Ranil Wickramasinghe is  what he could never have been through an election-the President.

President Maitripala Sirisena’s government for all intents and purposes is a UNP Government with the majority of the Ministers  from the UNP. It has all the insignias of the old UNP even the goons or thugs who manifest. They were called during  old days “bath gottayas”.  They manifest and run riot   just for a word from their UNP patrons.   They do not want proof of any thing, the word of the patron is sacrosanct.  Those days it suffice a packet of rice  and a swig of arrack to become a UNP devoted “bath gottaya”

There are no lack of them to-day. Even without the packet of rice and a swig one can still be a “ bath gottaya” .  The BASL just paying lip service to Law and Order behave like the rude common  men with no idea of law and justice, manifesting against  the CJ in front of the Law Courts like the “Bath Gottayas” of the old. Their disrespectful attitude  is a grievous fault  towards  the Chief Justice,  which make them not men of Law, but small morons ignorant of niceties dressed as lawyers in black coats, black trousers, black ties and white shirt.

It was  grossly impolite and showed complete lack of respect to Justice itself for the Attorney General to have d-invited the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka for the Conference of Attorney Generals  held in Colombo on the 19 January,2015, because a set of lunatics of the BASL had forced him to do so.

“…Sri Lanka’s Attorney General barred the countries Chief Justice from attending a regional conference on Monday after allegations he tried to help the former retain power illegally. …..The Sri Lanka’s Bar Association had threatened to boycott the Conference of Attorney Generals , held in Colombo on Monday, if he (Mohan Pieris) attended. “ We have written confirmation from AG(attorney general) that the chief justice (Pieris)was de-invited,” said the head of the bar association Upul Jayasuriya. “ We said we will walk out if  Mohan Pieries is present, and that would have been a big embarrassment”

The big embarrassment would have certainly been there; considering that the Attorney Generals of the region are intelligent men and women who may have been surprised that the so called Bar Association of Sri Lanka consists of lawyers who do not have respect to justice and knows not the axiom that, “  in law, one is innocent unless proved otherwise”

We will not be short of surprises in this score as the President Maitripala Sirisena  has it seems vowed to restore the Impeached CJ Shriyani Bandaranayake to the role.

Is this government of President Maitripala Sirisena taking  Sri Lanka forward or backward ?

This in fact is a replay of the old UNP (in new bottles!)

The coming of UNP into, political power does not auger well, as it had never been so. The President Maitripala Sirisena  is just a nominal figure head,  it is  UNP which has formed a government. Therefore it is UNP  which is in  power. Champika and JVP  may squeak       to be heard but they really do not count in the new Ranil Wickramasinghe and UNP set up.

At the beginning in 1948 despite the treachery against Sir Baron J ayatilleke, D.S.Senayake who was a rough old Sinhala man with a good common sense , he did no have  the vision to make much of the Independent Sri Lanka   he inherited from his Colonial Masters, other than
living like them.

But he  looked  far  into the future having understood  the unreliability of the Tamils.  Therefore he  started Sinhala settlements in the north as buffer villages to safeguard the south.  He built the Yoda wewa  to provide irrigation facilities for the people of those settlements. He was satisfied doing small improvements to Sri Lanka where he did not see immediate economic or social problems.

SWRD Bandaranaike, the Western Educated brilliant speaker in the State Council may have respected the old DS, but he knew that Sri Lanka had to be swerved onto  a new path. He had a vision while his colleagues in the government had none.  Sri Lanka’s forward march for progress and development began with SWRD Bandaranaike.

To deviate a little to come back to UNP a paragraph or two later, the Tamils of Sri Lanka from the beginning were not patriots, in the sense of the patriotism of the Sinhala Buddhists which is in their blood( except some Sinhala Buddhists whose blood may have got mixed with those of the Tamils) . The Tamils  cannot  even be expected to be patriots of Sri Lanka as their beginnings are in the South Indian marauders who came to plunder, steal and ravage Sri Lanka, and some amoung them who settled down to make a living here as honest men. 

So were the Muslims who came as traders and later sought protection from a Sinhala king who settled them in the East.  Therefore it is natural the Tamils and Muslims do not vote at elections for the love of this country, but for the best they can get out of it and live separately from the Sinhala Buddhists.

This period  under SWRD Bandaranaike  was a period of great  development making Sri Lanka truly independent taking her out of  the colonial influence.  He was even able to bring in the “leftist parties” into his fold  and begin a march towards progress adopting principles of  socialism.

The UNP government that came into power thereafter was that of JR Jayawardhane.  He did not want a rival political leader awaiting for a chance to recapture  power.  Therefore he took away the civic rights of her rival Mrs.Bandaranaike. 

He mismanaged the riots of 1983 resulting in  Indian Intervention. He signed the notorious Lanka India  Pact where India forced his hand to include the 13th Amendment  written by Indians in India into the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  He allowed an Indian Peace Keeping Force into the country  and  merged the North and East to facilitate their surveillance by the IPKF. There was not much of a development  other than catastrophes which marked that period of UNP rule.

The second UNP Government to Succeed was that of Ranasinghe Premadasa.  Premadas’s period is  known for torture camps, where many Sinhala youth were assassinated .  It was also a period where the terrorists instead of being fought against were presented  with arms and ammunitions, and  the assassination of an Army General.  Finally Premadasa himself was assassinated by the terrorists. He started the garment factories, and  built villages under gam udawa. But yet the UNP under his rule as well did not contribute greatly for the development of Sri Lanka.

Then came another UNP Government led by  Ranil Wickramasinghe in 2000. It was a period of appeasement of the terrorists. The then  executive President Chandrika Kumaratunga was pushed behind stage.  Ranil Wickramasinghe the Prime Minister  acting as it pleased him. He signed  a CFA (prepared by Solheim and Praphakaran) ,  with Prabhakaran the terrorist leader. 

Ranil Wickramasinghe  started negations with the terrorists and kept the Sri Lanka Armed Forces confined to the Barracks.   That was   a dark period of the parliamentary history of  Sri Lanka.  Finally the President Chandrika Kumaratunga  took courage to stop him by taking over his Ministry. If he would not have been stopped then, he would have surely consented to declare that North is a Tamil Eelam State for Prabhakaran.

Rauf Hakeem- the President  Chandrika   without a majority to function, thus forcing her to dissolve the Parliament. After Chandrika’s not too glorious rein Sri Lanka was fortunate to have a change in President Mahinda Rajapakse, who had to start afresh the unclean “stables” left behind by Chandrika and the Presidents before her.

Some of  the elite,  the educated , some of those who wants to brush with the rich and well to do  moving with the remnants of the pseudo capitalist, and lawyers, readily accept  false allegations against the Rajapakse family despite the fact that they are only hearsay allegations without truth or substance. It is the nouvelle vogue to be with the yahapalanaya, and condemn corruption and  call  for the return of stolen money. 

Rajiva Wijesinghe the Minister of Higher Education has said, in his fluent English of which he is pretentious and down grades those who are not as fluent,  “…that government will introduce laws and create. norms that will strengthen the hand of public officials to act independently. "I am personally against witch hunts. While we must take stern action against the corrupt and try to get back the plundered money we should not be vindictive against the weak-minded, We will be spiteful against weak-minded persons."
Under yahapalanaya,  the mostly suspected for corruption and theft is the former President Mahinda Rajapakse,  thanks to whom they are secure  having no fear of prowling terrorists, to even check at leisure  the containers consisting  his personal belongings….“However the police had today obtained a court order to further inspect the items and to see if anything belongs to Temple Trees and not the former President.  Accordingly the court had issued the order and the Presidential Secretariat is to inspect the items in the container tomorrow.”
How very efficient ?
In the meantime  the President Maitripala Sirisena  remains content  in the warmth of his victory , without seeing, without hearing and without speaking, while there is restlessness and dissatisfaction begining to be heard. 

“JVP splinter Frontline Socialist Party has called upon the people to demand from the new government to deliver on the promises it made to the people before the presidential election………Addressing a press conference at the Centre for Society and Religion in Maradana on Saturday, FLSP Politburo member and presidential candidate Duminda Nagamuwa said that if people failed to exert social pressure to get the incumbent government to deliver on its election promises, the voters would soon realize that they had only been able to change the face of Mahinda Rajapaksa with that of Maithripala Sirisena, but there would be no actual change.”

Now beyond corruption they even accuse the Rajapakse family members  for keeping death squads.   They are not bothered with evidence any one can speak out against the Rajapakse family and there will be those goons,  and bath gottas of all sorts –the  legal and the illegal  to take the news to the streets.

And so survives new UNP Government under Maitri Palanaya.

Ranil Wickrmasinghe speaks of  giving autonomy to the Tamil speaking areas.  Is he planning something dangerous to put Sri Lanka once again in danger like the CFA he signed with Prabhakaran?

The Government of Sri Lanka today is like a ship without a Captain.  JVP is extremely active and they are now seen every where.  Wijitha Herath is raking up the mud in search of proof to nail those being accused by goons and “bath gottas” 

There is nothing to worry we are today  under a UNP Government. Any thing could be expected whether it is in the interest of the country  or not.  If it is a replay of the Old UNP  one shudders to think  of what JR did to keep away his rival Mrs. Sirimawo Bandaranaike  by denying her civic rights.

But this time if that happens the prize the UNP may have to pay for it may well be different.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

End of an epoch towards fear and uncertainty


A period smitten by an unfathomable human savagery by a group of Tamil terrorists ended with the emergence of a National Sinhala Buddhist leader without an equal in the past before 2005  nor at least for a few decades to come  in the future.

That great national leader of great significance to Sri Lanka is Mahinda Rajapakse. He will remain so what ever his enemies with unclean hands  and poisonous mouths are all out to implicate him for falsely invented crimes to make him unpopular amoung the people and perhaps take away his civic rights.

Since the beginning of the Independence moment in Sri Lanka there had been traitors amoung the Sinhala political leaders, each hatching conspiracies against  rival leaders to take their place. Baron Jayatilleke they say should have been the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka but it is said that when Sri Lanka was being considered by the Colonial  rulers for  Independence,  they demanded the Sri Lankan National leaders  to recommend one amoung them to be sent to India as the High Commissioner. 

Sir D.B.Jayatilleke was the senior amoung them who would have been made the Prime Minister by the Colonial rulers. However, a group led by D.S.Senanayake who knew what was likely to happen  had proposed to the Colonial government that D.B.Jayatilleke  should be sent as the High Commissioner as  it was a prestigious position and the most senior among them should be given the priviledge of representing Sri Lanka-then Ceylon jn India. D.B.Jayatilleke heart broken when he learnt of the treachery had  died in the plane which was taking him to Sri Lanka.

Therefore, it seems that back stabbing and throat cutting had been from the beginning  in the blood of  some of the Sri Lankan politicians. Therefore  the back stabbing of the great Sinhala National leader  of our time Mahinda Rajapakse  by Maitripala Sirisena the General Secretary of the SLFP is not surprising.

But what is surprising is despite the most traitorous act committed against his own leader, Sirisena has the temerity to  construe Buddhist teachings to “glorify” his misdeed.  He says that he gave up without holding onto things and therefore  got what he has as a result. (meaning he has given up being the General Secretary of the SLFP and got in return the office of the President of Sri Lanka)

“Giving up” in Buddhist terms is to be generous  without holding onto things  through attachment (tanha). But in reality Maitripala  was the worst individual with blind desire for power, who did not hesitate to stab his Leader in the back to take his place, falling into the trap laid by the worst enemies of the Nation. True to the tradition of treacherous politicians Maitripala Sirisena the President of Sri Lanka today  will for ever remain  a symbol of the politicians of that past.

The President Maitripala Sirisena can now rejoice in his triumph, but he cannot however much he tries escape from  the historic betrayal with which he is marked for life.  Soon he will find that the ill gained “Crown”  on his head will be too heavy for him to wear.

The Tamils of Sri Lanka  most ungrateful people as they are, despite their release within four years after the election of the President Mahinda Rajapakse in 2005 from their  suffering  and utter desperation under terrorism for thirty  years voted massively this year against their saviour  to elect the unknown Mr. Maitripala Sirisena. 

Perhaps the Tamils who inflict suffering on themselves  in the worship of their gods, cherished that intense suffering they went through when the North and East was under the control of terrorists, and their massive vote against the President Mahinda Rajapakse was for the elimination of terrorism under which they enjoyed  that mystic offer of suffering. In which case we hope that the Tamil diaspora and the TNA may let loose now what they lost under President Mahinda Rajapakse, with the auspicious of the new regime.

The Muslims  well known for acting according to the  way their fez cap turns were no better, with their habit of extracting the  best from one; and then  turn to another when they have hope of getting  more from that other. The Muslims stand aside when others risk their lives, to gain from their efforts  without making any sacrifice themselves. The Muslims with the Tamils voted massively en block along with the Catholics to the opposition common candidate trusting to get what their leaders demanded in secret agreements, and see the defeat of Mahinda Rajapakse despite his contribution to modernise the North and East

This time the Sinhala Buddhists failed in their duty, allowing the minorities to appoint a presidential candidate favourable to them , rejecting a Sinhala Buddhist National leader who did  not budge an inch to give into separatist politics.

The new political epoch that began with the defeat of the President Mahinda Rajapakse  has shown the colour under which it would rein.  The victors begin first by vilification, accusations, and  demonising the leaders they vanquished . No proof is needed for vengeance. 

In law a person is innocent until proved guilty, but today under the maitri yugaya  they accuse the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government for  all types of  imagined acts of corruption and a planned   military take over. 

The supporters of the  Government of  Mithripala-Ranil-Chandrika have pasted slogans to hail the dawn of  a Regime of  love after a Regime of hatred ( vairee palaneyen  Maitri palanayakata)  But the Regime of hatred as labelled  by the  supporters of the President Maitripla Sirisena ,  triumphed against the terrorists, demanding sternly the foreign governments  to keep away from interfering. President Mahinda Rajapakse brought to the people of Sri Lanka the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim peace and security above everything else.

This regime of hatred as the Mailtripala supporters call it, did not stop after eliminating the terrorist, but continued to develop the  country to make it a  middle income country, carried out  unprecedented infra structure development,  provided  facilities for education, transport , communication, health and agriculture within a short period of four years  after elimination of terrorism.

More significantly in contrast to the regime of love of Maitripala-Ranil and Chandrika which has turned out to be a regime of revenge , the regime of hatred of yesterday did not seek to take revenge from the opposition political parties.  The Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse did not  investigate the  high handed activities of the UNP Government under JR who forced the MPs to vote to include the 13A into the Sri Lanka Constitution.

The Government of the president Mahinda Rajapakse  did not investigate  into Ranasinghe Premadasa’s  involvement in the organisation of torture camps where many a thousand of youth were murdered, and the  presentation of arms and ammunition to terrorists.  Nor did the  Regime of the President  Mahinda Rajapakse  seek to investigate into the involvement of  Ranil Wickramasinghe in Batalanda torture camps, or investigate the involvement of Anura Dissanayake, Handunetty  and the rest of the JVP in the murders and assassinations carried out by them.

Nor did the government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse seek to investigate sale of public enterprises to private companies or individuals and other fraudulant activities of Ravi Karunnayake.  The case against Ravi Karunanayake for terrorist money laundering is pending,

The government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse  was  not demanding investigations into  Karu Jayasuriy’s illegal contracts signed with Agrakko Ltd in 2000 when he was a Ministers of the Government of Ranil Wickramasinghe , nor did the government investigated into the Water’s edge land deal of Chandrika  Kumaratunga.

More serious  were Ranil Wickramasinghe’s  raid on the Millennium house, and his signing the CFA with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.  On the latter issue of the signing of the CFA, Chandrika Kumaratunga is answerable to the people for not having stopped it using her  executive powers.

If Maitripala Sirisena’s yahapalanaya  or good governance has any meaning  he has to more seriously consider all past crimes and frauds committed by the previous governments and Presidents which are far more serious than the false accusations being levelled at the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his entourage.

The Chief Prosecutor of  the Government of Maitripala Sirisena is  Champika Ranawaka who assisted by  JVP  notorious for their  criminal activities.  Champika Ranawaka who said he knew  of the coal deal pointed out by Pavitra Wanniaratchi in the Parliament, did not say why he failed to include it  in his book  giving details of corruption in the  Electricity Board.

This new government of President Maitripala Sirisena hailed as a regime of good governance and love has turned out to be a machine churning out hatred seeking to take revenge from the President Mahinda Rajapakse.  However, it appears that the President Maitripala Sirisena has become a  sort of a “prisoner”  of those who came together to put up a Common opposition Presidential Candidate  against the President Mahinda Rajapakse. 

President  Maithripala Sirisena is  neither able to use his executive powers  nor is he able to impose his Presidential authority on the members of his cabinet, who speak out to display their venomous hatred.  The 100 day Cabinet consists of persons burning  with anger and none of them seem to have done any work so far to carry forward development  work of the country, engaging  themselves more on issuing vituperations  on every aspect of  the governance under President Mahinda Rajapakse as if  he has done nothing progressive to Sri Lanka since his election in 2005.

Accusing President Mahinda Rajapakse against his family involvement in the Government Chandrika Kumaratunga seems to be promoting her son Vimutti to bring him into politics from the Gampaha electorate.

The UNP which accused the previous government for controlling the media is today not only controlling the media but also the police and the Army, and planning to take over the Judiciary by bringing back the once impeached CJ Shirani Bandaranayake. 

It is unfortunate for the President Maitripala Sirisena that his Prime Minister and the majority of the members of his cabinet are  from the UNP as  what they promote is not a Maitri palanaya  but a vindictive bhishana palanaya putting their goons on the road protesting against taking into his cabinet former members of the government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse. Mangala Samaraweera  has nothing but hatred in his veins and accuses the President Mahinda Rajapakse for planning a military plot.

Never in the political history of Sri Lanka since 1948 a UNP government has brought progress  and  security to the country.  It  would be therefore  beneficial to the country and the people if sanity is made to prevail by the President Maitripala Sirisena by speaking out to put some order into the present behaviour of his Ministers. 

If there had been frauds, misappropriations and even attempts for a military take over, those allegations  should be  properly investigated without crying out from house tops the suspicions of such activities without any proof; and before the appropriate authorities have investigated into them.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Vote for President Mahinda Rajapakse is a vote for progress and a united unitary Sri Lanka.

I was seated outside the house surfing the internet for latest information enjoying the welcome  warmth of the sun after months of rain, when my neighbour  the teacher  walked in complaining of a headache .  She was looking sad and depressive I proposed  a panadol.

She refused and said it is all because she is  discouraged and  disappointed. Many of her  colleagues she says are stupid and do not understand what really is at stake in this Presidential election.   She says that they  form into groups and discuss  the coming elections.  She had asked what they propose to do, and they had said in one voice they were voting for Sirisena.

She was surprised and asked them why  what is the reason.  The had said because they did not get the Rs.3000,00 increase they were promised, therefore they do  not trust the President Rajapakse.  My neighbour was flabbergasted, and had said that  it is an egoist  and not so important a reason to  vote against the President who removed terrorism and developing the country.  They had said, “ terrorism is over, now it is time to look after our personal interests”.

 I consoled her saying that  there are those who put self before the country.  They little realise that voting for the President  is to  vote for Sri Lanka,  to allow it to remain a unitary state  and  not to break it up to satisfy the Tamils  who wants the North and the Mulims who want the east.

Nevertheless, I said she should not worry as I just read in the internet  about a poll  carried out by the University of Jayawardhanapura according to which  the President  will receive 54.5 per cent of the votes and that with a margin of error between 3 and 5. That cheered her up a little but she asked to what extent can  one depend on polls ?

Just then I had a call from my niece a teacher at a Montessori  School in Colombo.  She related a  story similar to that of my neighbour the teacher with a slight difference. The teachers in the school she said want to vote for Sirisena, asked why they had said “ can’t you see how these Ministers live ? They live comfortably well, and have every thing while some  others have nothing, nothing even to eat “.

It is really disheartening.  I told her to say that under the President Rajapakse we had not heard of any one who had died of starvation. Despite all the talk about corruption, nepotism and lack of good governance the ordinary people  live better than they were before even if their living conditions may have not improved as they should be.

But it is pathetic that it is only these so called educated middle class  that cannot think beyond their  stomach  and a few more rupees in their pay packet, who are disgruntled as nothing can satisfy them. They do not know that they should be ever grateful to the President Mahinda Rajapakse who has given them peace and security with which they live happily without fear of bombs, massacres and assassinations. 

There are on the contrary the very poor who offer merit to President Mahinda Rajapakse who they say has given them peace and security above all their personal deprivations.

While I was still with my neighbour –the teacher, a man came looking for some work .   Having told him that I have nothing to give him immediately promised him some work after the election. I casually asked him to whom he may cast his vote.  He told me that he had not decided; and just then the domestic help of my brother came with my lunch.  She heard the man say that he is still not decided, and said in her own way that  she will definitely not give her vote to that chap (aththatama  mama okata mage chande denne ne). 

The man asked who ? “Sirisena” she said  and added, ” that ungrateful chap had even eaten hoppers with the President until late in the night and gone away to join the President’s enemies the following day, how can we trust such a man to be our President ? “

These are simple people but their sincere feelings come from down their heart. She told me later that her whole family and her neighbours will vote for the President. But she told me also that she did not like the speaker at  President Mahinda Rajapakse’s  meeting who said that Chandrika will have to go naked after the election.

These are excesses that speakers at the President  Mahinda Rajapskse’s meetings make carried over by their own rhetoric. I have noticed many speakers even Wimal Weerawansa attacking the common Presidential candidate of the opposition, Ranil, Chandrika and Champika Ranawaka.  Though they are  in fact “worthy” of such bitter criticism, one should know where to draw the line and tell the people of more important issues that theymay not know.

They speak less of the intervention of Western political forces against  President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government, and that these western forces are using the opposition to the President for a “regime change” in Sri Lanka.  In reality they (the West and EU lead by USA)  are the invisible hand behind Ranil and Chandrika to promote  Maitripala Sirisena as the  common Presidential Candidate to form a West friendly puppet regime in Sri Lanka.

If that had been well explained in simple language for the ordinary people to understand it would have changed many dillydallying persons to turn away from Maitripala Sirisena to vote for the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

I wanted to meet either the President or some one in-charge of the organisation of the meeting in support of the President Manhinda Rajapakse held in Kandy on the 1st January.  But I failed in my endeavour.  I finally contacted  a man close to Lohan Ratwatte the MP for Kandy, and got the opportunity to meet him at a lunch that had been arranged for him in Madawala.   

I think he came very  hungry as he sat for lunch immediately on his arrival and made a sign for me to come and sit by his side.  I was not going to have lunch, so I told him while he was eating the importance of telling the large crowds of people coming for the meetings in support of the President, more about “foreign forces” at work against the President and his government, as very little is said about it though much is said about corruption, good governance etc.

 He admitted that it is so and asked me to write down what has to be said and give it to him or send it to him.  It was a Sunday and I could not get a printout, therefore I promised to send  it to him through his friend I know and left.

But it was too late then and the Presidents last meeting  also went off  with the usual speeches  by the speakers.

Pakiasothy Sarawanamuttu says that the army in the north will deter the people from coming to vote  in he mean time  Amnesty International and EU have issued instruction to Sri Lanka requesting that the government should allow free elections.  The NGOs and the International gangs are watchful.

Latest I heard is that some people say that we should re-elect  the President Rajapakse, as  a new government coming will only increase corruption as those who had failed to earn money from commissions and bribes  will out do what the President Rajapakse’s government is accused of having done.

Let us wish good luck and  pray for the blessings of the Triple Gem for the re-election of  our President Mahinda Rajapakse, because Sri Lanka needs  him as the President for another term, more than ever before.