Tuesday, 11 September 2012

SLMC’s Dilemma and Hakkeem’s habitual betrayal.

There is nothing new in Rauff Hakeems  stick in the mud attitude.   He has already proved he is an unreliable partner in a coalition government.  

This is what Rauff Hakim was and continues to be.

He has no firm principles.  He is a real turn coat ready to turn sides to his benefit. He has no allegiance to any one except to himself.  When SLMC wanted to contest the local elections separately while being in the UPFA there was no talk of his changing sides after elections. 

Now that he has managed to get 7 seats and in a position to negotiate his allegiance, Rauff Hakeem has not the guts to declare  straight away where he would be , with the TNA and UNP or with the UPFA.

No one in Sri Lanka has forgotten that Hakeem even signed a MOU with Prabhakaran.  What political respectability could we expect from him ? 

If he is an honest politician he should have had  no hesitation to declare  who he will support to form a Provintial Administration in the East.

It is because of people like Rauff Hakeem that the Muslim Community is  not trusted by the other communities.  Like Rauff Hakeem the Muslim Community always seems to play a safe non- committal role in politics or in  any other National issue.  They seem to be more concerned about making Islam a world religion and sacrifice any patriotic attachment to the country in which  they were born to arrive at that objective. 

The Muslim Community  does not participate actively in the defence of the country , but  sit apart as spectators  and benefit from victory being on the side of the  winner. At the same time the Muslim Community under the leadership of Rauff Hakeem will not hesitate to switch its allegiance to the enemy if they were to receive benefits from such switch. Hakeem’s and SLMC”s dilemma at present is exactly that.

 It is far  better if we have to meet a known enemy  like the terrorists, rather than the Muslims with Raff Hakeem as their leader, who are so vague, undecided, and hesitant.

Hakeem is unfortunately not a man of political or moral stature.  But unfortunately the god fearing Muslims have selected him to lead them.  Hakeem is therefore like a man between the frying pan and the fire, yet seeking self aggrandisement.  He would not like to lose his Ministerial post, nor any possible prestige and grandeur  accruing to him from being the architect of  a TNA,UNP, SLMC  broad alliance as he  says as an opposition to the UPFA.

If he has commonsense as a Minister of the Government, he  should understand  that he also has the responsibility to  stand by the government in the context of the application of the report of LLRC, and the reconciliation process.

TNA is an outsider to Sri Lanka in a political context as they seek out side help and intervention of foreign Countries to settle the problem of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka rather than consult and discuss matters directly  with the government of Sri Lanka, its people and its communities.

UNP has done the mistake of joining hands with the TNA who are scheming to divide Sri Lanka.  In the case of Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP  their relation ship with the terrorists had been “cordial” giving them their own areas of control under an illegal  CFA, and now forming an alliance with them is nothing but extending their cordiality with the LTTE to their  heirs- the TNA which in reality has no legal right to remain a political party in Sri Lanka.  TNA should have been disbanded after the 19th May,2009.

So what can we expect from Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP leadership ? They should be shunned by  the members of the UNP.

And in the light of these facts Rauff Hakeem need no  hesitation or further consultation if he is an honest politician , but say no to TNA and the UNP and stick with the UPFA to form an Administration in the Provincial Council in the Eastern Province.