Sunday, 22 April 2012

Indian fact finding Mission has gone back after telling us how to run our country.

The fact finding Mission of  Indian Lokh Sabha led by the leader of the Opposition Sushima Swaraj has gone back. They have gone having instructed us as to what we should do to separate our Communities, giving more privileges to one  Community not speaking of the other Communities whose interests with which  they were apparently not concerned . What they were seeking was the situation of  the  Tamil Community; rightly so as they were being observed by the Tamil Nadu political stalwarts.

But In Sri Lanka one cannot speak only of the Tamil Community without speaking of the other Communities as they are all interrelated and the interest of one Community affects the interest of the other Communities. Hence  it was  a strange fact finding Mission.

They have told us  how we should implement the 13th Amendment, and  resettle the IDPs.  Their instructions, advice and demands are directed towards the Government of Sri Lanka, without forcing the TNA ,which is the party that adulates India, while mumbling the “pride of being Sri Lankans”, to be flexible and  make reasonable demands.

But they were  more respectful towards the recalcitrant TNA, and have not demanded of them to respect the constitution of Sri Lanka, not to go round the world accusing the Government of Sri Lanka, talking through their hats about the aspirations of the Tamil people and demand more powers for the provinces in the North and East which  the other provinces do not demand. 

They did not ask the TNA being Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka should while respecting the relevant sections of the Constitution,  without transgressing any of the Articles  of the Constitution in their speech and action, should also participate in Parliamentary Committees as loyal citizens and responsible politicians.

Our media apparently had no questions to put to the fact finding Mission, though they always vociferous and jump to criticise the Government of Sri Lanka.

The leader of the Indian delegation had said that they had come to see the  progress Sri Lanka has made since the end of the armed conflict in May, 2009….. and  to  get a sense of the situation  with regard to the way forward to achieving a lasting and broad based peace in Sri Lanka.  But unfortunately India despite its support for the development of some of the infrastructure activities, had not been a help to force the very un-Sri Lankan TNA MPs to stop their disruptive activities .

The delegation could have explained to the TNA MPS that they are standing in the way of the government which is making the maximum effort to reconcile the Communities and develop the country having  removed  terrorism  and brought peace into the country.

It is easy to ask the government to persuade the TNA to join the PSC, but it is TNA  working hand in hand with Rudrakumaran and his anti Sri L       anka groups like Prabhakaran the terrorist leader,  which does not want to participate in any Government project that would damage their interest to form a Tamil Ealam State in the North and East with police and land power, nominally being within a United Sri Lanka but having their own provincial government where the Government will not be able to intervene in case they run the Provincial Council independent of government authority.

That would not be in the interest of Sri Lanka and doing so would be helping the TNA even to recommence terrorist activities in the provinces under their “jurisdiction”, not forgetting that the initial group of terrorists was trained in India.

Sushma Swaraj says, “     We have noted the improved situation regarding the resettlement of IDPs. However, a significant number of them continue to be in transit situations or with host families.  Our task will not be complete until they return to their original homes.  Similarly, while there has been substantial progress in the area of rehabilitation and reconstruction, a lot remains to be done.  We are prepared to assist in whatever way possible, in a spirit of partnership and cooperation.”

Sri Lanka has  already  managed with nearly 300 000 IDPs and the majority of them have been settled to their satisfaction, what remains is only a fraction of what we had dealt with single handedly without the assistance and the  support of  India. The few thousands that remain would also be settled down when demining is completed without the assistance of India whose bona fides is now being questioned.

Ms.Swaraj , had as every one else, spoken about the LLRC and the importance of implementing the recommendations  urgently.  Don’t we the Sri Lankans know the urgency of implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC which had been appointed by our President ?

It is not the Americans or the Indians that have to tell us when and how we should implement  the recommendation of the LLRC.  It is not really their d..n business.  No body told us how to  eliminate terrorism, we did it our  way even though the terrorist friendly Robert O Blake told us ad nauseam that there is no military solution to terrorism but a political solution.

Then  the Indian delegation  spoke of matters that do not concern them such as the “……. reduction of high security zones, return of private lands by the military and demilitarization, including phasing out of the involvement of the security forces in civilian activities and restoration of civilian administration in the Northern Province. We have noted the assurance given by the Government of Sri Lanka in Parliament that it will ensure the withdrawal of security forces from community life and confine their role to security matters.” 

It has to be reiterated, again and again, that our armed forces are  special, different from the Armed Forces of India , or any Western country.  It is our soldiers that fought against terrorism, some of them  giving their lives and limbs to bring peace to Sri Lanka.   They are of our people and by their brave intervention in a “war “ against the terrorist have become a vital part of our country.  They are not the type of soldiers that could be confined to Military Camps.  They have to be deployed every where whether one likes it or not  for the security of the people and the protection of  their motherland.

They-the soldiers should be seen by every one, every day and appreciated for the role they played to bring peace to Sri Lanka.  They are now in a no-war situation and apart from the necessity to  keep vigilance over some parties like that of the TNA, which  may re introduce terrorist elements, the soldiers should also be employed in other civil activities beneficial to themselves, to the people and the country.  In America after their wars in Vietnam etc. their soldiers became a danger to American society, some of them being psychologically affected by the gruesome wars.  We cannot see that happening to our Soldiers who are our heroes

Therefore entrusting our soldiers with security or civil activity  is no business of India or any other country.  They need not tell us how to deploy the persons of our Armed Forces.

The Leader of the delegation had said that the Tamil people complained that the Army interfered into their daily life.  Unfortunately the Sri Lanka Army is there to stay and the  Tamil people have to get used to the presence of Soldiers, which is both in their interest  and in the interest of the country.

For thirty years they had got used to  living in fear of the terrorists who unlike the Sri Lankan Soldiers came to take away their children and make demands of their support at gun point.  Therefore complaining  about the presence of Soldiers is not in absurd.  

Is it not better to live with Soldiers who are protective without being  aggressive, or is it better to live in fear again with another spate of terrorism which is likely, if there is no proper security ?

It is better miss the “arthadhama pooja” at midnight and do it at a clean place at home, rather than risk their lives to a terrorist rump who may perpetrate an act of terror.

Meaningful devolution of power taking into account Tamil peoples’ equality, dignity, justice and self-respect , could easily be served by Tamil people integrating in to the main stream of Sri Lankan Nation hood, without being a special Communal group of Tamils trying to  remain outside the main Nation Body of Sri Lanka. 

That is some thing the Indian Delegation should have emphasised to Sampanthan of TNA.  But obviously the Indian Delegation was trying to fortify the Tamils in Sri Lanka as a separate entity to woo the Tamil Nadu politicians.

The 13th Amendment is obsolete and it is now a hindrance  for Sri Lanka to go forward. It is being utilised by India who authored it, and Sampanthan and the TNA as an obstacle of reconciliation.  It should be withdrawn from the constitution and caste aside to clear the way forward.  It is wrong for the Indian Delegation to have harped on that as it is a purely Indian innovation which does not fit into Sri Lankan way of thinking.

The Unity of the Communities should be built on understanding, mutual respect and confidence in each other rather on a piece of legislation that had been imposed on us.  Therefore , we should speak neither of 13A or 13A plus in speaking of post-terrorist Sri Lanka.

It all depends on the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, whether they want to be an integral part of the larger Sri Lankan Nation or remain outside as a separate entity.  If it is the latter then they cannot fall back on a 13A if it has been removed.  Then the necessity would make the Tamils perhaps give up their Communal difference to be one with the rest of the Communities.

Then  Sushima Swaraj goes on to say, “…...  These projects gave us some satisfaction that India's assistance, especially in the areas of humanitarian assistance, temporary shelter, housing, de-mining, education and vocational training, public health, connectivity, and revival of agriculture and other livelihood activities, has been able to make a difference to the lives of the people….” 

India should get rid of its “ TamilNadu fear” and come forward to help Sri Lanka as a nation  and not as  Sri Lanka a patch work of Communities. 

It is true the brunt of the suffering from terrorism had been the lot of the Tamil people in the North  and East, but since after elimination of Sri Lanka we are building a nation it has to be taken into account that even  those of the South lived in constant fear of death and massacre and  could not organise their lives properly.  Therefore India should not keep on harping on the Tamil Communal ticket but get involved in the process of reconciliation and building peace and harmony every where in Sri Lanka.

Lastly Ms.Swaraj Says, “…..  India and Sri Lanka are bound by ties of history, geography and culture. Our partnership must therefore progress in the spirit of being the closest of neighbours and friends whose destinies are intertwined…….”  

But that does not mean that India should “some time” revert to back stabbing, in order to satisfy the Tamil Nadu politicians who are driven politically through sentiments, hatred and desire for revenge rather than through wisdom and intellectual maturity.

The Tamil Nadu politicians should be more diplomatic in their relation with Sri Lanka , developing astute political relations which could, if they desire so help the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, without trying to separate them from their legitimate right of being a part of the Sri Lankan Nation to which they have a better claim than to be  the “pets” of the TamilNadu because of their Tamilness.

If the Tamils of Sri Lanka were to be in Tamil Nadu , they will suffer social degradation through Caste system, where as in Sri Lanka they are equal citizens among the Sinhala and Muslim compatriots without any discrimination caste or racial.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Indian Parliamentary delegation meets TNA MPS the main stumbling block against Communal Unity in Sri Lanka.

By Charles.S.Perera

There are old vinyl gramophone records, which when damaged keeps the needle from jumping on to the next grove and therefore goes on playing what is on the grove on which the needle is stuck over and over again. 

The old Karunanidhi, and  old Sampanthan , both in their dotage with one leg on the ground and the other in the grave  are like damaged vinyl records. They repeat the same thing over and over again, their minds unable to jump on to another thought having damaged all positive or progressive thought processes, continuously  repeat what is in their “one track” minds.

Both of them have not come to politics with any political wisdom, intelligence or academic achievements. Karunanidhi wrote Tamil poetry, while Sampanthan was only a pawn placed by Prabhakaran- the terrorist to spy for  him  in the Parliament and repeat what he hears to the Thalaivar, for him to decide where to place the next suicide or claymore bomb. The terrorist Prabhakaran’s mind was fertile only to the extent of “terror management”.

As a great political move of wisdom Karunanidhi, and Jayalaitha unable see things beyond their nose, withdrew their representatives from the Indian Parliamentary delegation  visiting Sri Lanka, on a fact finding Mission.

Sampanthan had talked a lot to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for not being honest and breaking promises given to them.  But they of the TNA are the more dishonest, not wanting a settlement  through discussion and dilly dallying without still not naming their representative to the Parliamentary Select Committee.

If TNA really wants a settlement to the problems they claim the Tamil people have , it is their duty to set in motion the Parliamentary Select Committee  by nominating their representative.  In not doing so they  indicate their  intention to back out of proposals, which may  not be in keeping with their preconceived solutions. TNA is not concerned with the welfare of the Tamil people, but preoccupied finding ways and means to set up a separate Eelam State where they would be the uncrowned kings.

TNA’s dishonesty is evident  in  not nominating a member for the Parliamentary Select Committee. TNA thus shows that they are opposed to a settlement acceptable to all Communities .  It is made evident from Sampanthan’s statement that a solution to the Tamil question will only be possible with foreign intervention.

A respectable politician who is a patriotic citizen of the country would not want any foreign intervention in our country as we know well what would happen once  foreigners begin to interfere into the  internal affairs of a developing country.  But Sampanthan’s servile mentality prefers to serve white masters rather than work with Sri Lankans.

The West will never take a decision which is favourable to Sri Lanka unless such a decision has benefits for themselves.  Because the foreigners are not interested in our people be they Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim, nor have they an interest in our culture, or social and economic development.  

Sampanthan cannot grasp that situation due to his desire to set up a separate Eelam State. A favourable solution to the  present problem high lighted by the TNA would be for all Communities to unite under one flag in a united Sri Lanka and solve their problems in  dialogue without having politicians like Sampanthan and his TNA MPs interfering  to profit  from the Tamil issue to fortify their political leadership amoung the more “gullible” Tamil people.

The political, or social problems we have, should be settled amoung us without having to bring the foreign governments to interfere.  Sampanthan is only creating problems where there is none. Sampanthan is an agent of the pro terrorist diaspora led by Rudrakumaran, Global Tamil Forum  and the rest. The intentions, actions and pronouncements of Sampanthan and the TNA MPs are open to doubt and suspicion. They had been going  to Canada, USA, and South Africa  making statements against Sri Lanka with the intention of putting foreign powers against Sri Lanka. This is a dangerous situation being created by the TNA.

Therefore , Sampanthan and his TNA MPs should be arrested for creating disharmony among the Communities and abusing their  privileges as  Parliamentarians to create dissention among the people, and invite foreign intervention with the intension of forcibly dividing the country.

High Security Zones in the North and East are a necessity to protect the people  and the country from external and internal enemies of Sri Lanka.  TNA wants the Security Zones removed so that they will have the  North free for their  activities of dividing the country and separating the people, and perhaps bring  the terrorist rump back to the North.

Sri Lanka has to be protected against the unpatriotic activities of the TNA who may not hesitate to invite foreign Armed Forces to set up a Tamil homeland if the Security Forces are removed from the  North and East. Therefore it is in the interest of the country to stop the TNA from continuing their activities as a political party.

The TULF had also made their representation to the Indian delegation and handed over a memorandum stating  that a “meaningful devolution which can meet the aspirations of the Tamil people, based on the Indian model only can bring permanent peace and reconciliation among the various communities.”.  The TULF had been parroting the same idea without reflexion. 
TULF too talk of the aspiration of the Tamil people without recognising that the Sinhala and Muslim people also have their aspiration.  If that fact is understood by these  Tamil political pundits , they will agree  that all communities having aspirations should work together as a Nation to realise those aspirations.  In a multiethnic society it is this united effort to settle their problems together that could strengthen ties of  citizenry.

The leader of the Indian Delegation, the  opposition leader Ms. Sushma Swaraj has put her foot in her mouth saying that  the government should evolve a political solution to the national question based on the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.  She is here only on a fact finding mission and not to advice the Government of Sri Lanka what it should do.  That is the business of the Government of Sri Lanka. 

The 13th Amendment was forced into the Constitution of Sri Lanka under different circumstances, and today Sri Lanka is different from what it was when the 13th Amendment was adopted.  Hence it is imperative  that this unnecessary  “vermiform appendix” is removed before it festers and poisons the “body”. And thus also stops every Dick, Tom and Harry asking to implement the 13th Amendment as if  it is the panacea for all the political ills of   Sri Lanka.

Finally the Poet Lauriat of  Sri Lanka terrorists- Karunanidhi of the DMK wants the Union Government to press  the UN for a referendum for a Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, and he had said that  , if at all he had one unfulfilled desire, it was the creation of a separate State for the Sri Lankan Tamils.” That may be his desire but ours’ is that Sri Lanka remains an undivided whole the mother land of the people of Sri Lanka.  Karunanidhi like Prabhakaran will also die with his desire unfulfilled !
Another TNA MP Adaikkalanadan, had said , “We need police and land powers for the provincial councils like the states in India,”.  But this man does not seem to understand that   the Sri Lanka Provincial Councils are not like the States in India.  Therefore , police and land powers will not be given to the Provincial Councils of Sri Lanka, as Sri Lanka is not India.
There are apparently lot of Catholic Churches being built in the north, which should  be investigated by the Government and stopped as illegal constructions.  But on the other hand  encourage building  more Buddhist Temples, which would  ensure unity between the Sinhala and Tamil Communities.

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Stupid Editorial of the Daily Mirror,

The Editor of the Daily Mirror writes, “ Due to the war, Sri Lankans are hurt and wounded in several ways and some of them are still in camps.  There are others who are hurt and wounded because of injustice and economic factors.”

A war could be seen from different angles. There could be a positive aspect of a war or a negative devastating  aspect of a war. It all depends how one looks at it.  Looking at the “war”  in Sri Lanka there were many physically hurt and wounded.  Those who are still in camps, referred to by the Editor of the Daily Mirror, are a “positive” aspect of it ,  in which a group of terrorists coming from the Tamil Community had  put in danger the lives of their own Tamil people, who were thereafter saved and taken care of as best they could by the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces composed mostly of Sinhala Buddhists.

Those in camps are the living example of the generosity of the Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers, who risked their lives to rescue the Tamil Civilians from dying as human shields of the terrorists.  The Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers stepped into to save the Tamil Civilians running in disarray seeking the safety among the Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers, who even carried the wounded or the Old Tamil Civilians in their arms, and the children on their shoulders.

In Sri Lanka it was a “war” only to the extent that there was the use of arms, and therefore an armed conflict.  In reality it was a military operation to wipe out the terrorists who were a menace to the people of the country. Those others, the Daily Mirror mentions  as  hurt and wounded  because of  injustice and economic factors, were those who were dragged into it by the terrorists

The Editor of the Daily Mirror says, “We Sri Lankans are an ancient people and we have our traditions, heritage and values. Moreover we have in our land four of the world’s living religions and all our religions have values.”

As he says  the Sri Lankans are an ancient people, with a very long Buddhist tradition, heritage and  values, perhaps complemented by other traditions and other values, or distorted by later traditions, and values. We have in this land which is primarily Sinhala and Buddhist, other religions with their values.  Of the other religions  the Christians and Roman Catholics have their adherents who were originally  Buddhist or Hindu converted through force or offer of other economic or social favours , very few if converted through  conviction.
The Editor of the Daily Mirror pontificates, “….Therefore this year at our New Year time we need to leave the war behind and move into a post conflict era of peace with justice for all our people. This demands action.  For instance we as a people must stop celebrating the May 2009 victory where tens of thousands of people were killed or wounded. ”  That makes one question this man the editorialist of the Daily Mirror , “ who the hell he is to tell us what we should do  and should not do ?”

There is every reason to make the 19  of May, 2009 a special  Day to be remembered in Sri Lanka when a nation that suffered under a ruthless terrorism, sacrificing its  valued men and women, and innocent  men, women and children,  ended a  period of terror by the satanic psychopath Prabhakaran and his terrorists. And in that unwanted war Sri Lanka sacrificed tens of thousand of its youth to eliminate terrorism to keep the country free and undivided.

This Editor of the Daily Mirror in a show of his rank stupidity states, “  We also need to take a second look at the wisdom of putting up monuments to remember war heroes. Doing this demands courage from our party politicians and our religious leaders.” 

It is an honourable people  that remembers its heroes, and those who rescued them from disaster. Our soldiers ,  unlike other soldiers in any other armed force in the world, were patriots who fought risking their lives to save the country from the peril of terrorism, and it is a grateful people who will build memorials to remember those who made the supreme sacrifice and others that gave their sight and limbs to save the country and protect its people.

Neither the Editor of the Daily Mirror nor perhaps his pay masters the pro terrorist diaspora would never understand the logic of it  as they, not being  either patriots, or people who could even imagine  the suffering the people of Sri Lanka went through for 30 long years under terrorism.

The Daily Mirror editorial  rants, “…..People of this school of thought believe that this year at New Year time we have the opportune moment to participate in genuine reconciliation so that we in this land who have lived for centuries respecting each other and our culture with our languages and religions will this year begin a new era. May this New Year usher in therefore this dawn of hope for our land recovering from violence and abuse of power. ”   

The reconciliation efforts began from the day the terrorists were eliminated.  But from that day there had been a profusion of prophets of doom to negate, downgrade and criticise  every attempt of reconciliation by the Government as well as by the Sinhala Community to bring the communities together into a united Nation of Sri Lankans. 

There are the MPs of the TNA who demand  to attend to the grievances of the Tamil Community ignoring the grievances of the other Communities.  There are the expatriate Tamils living abroad not moving a finger to help the Tamil people in Sri Lanka but spending millions of Dollars  to carry out anti Sri Lanka propaganda to force the West to intervene to destroy the peace and the  development  projects of Sri Lanka. 

The pro-terrorist media like the Daily mirror has refused to rally round the Government to facilitate its efforts of reconciliation.  The Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka then and now did or do  not discriminate  against one community in favour of another.  The “war” the Sri Lanka Armed Forces fought was against the terrorist and was never against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka though the TNA, Tamil Nadu, the  expatriate Tamils, and the anti Sri Lanka media such as the Daily Mirror try to make it out to be so.

The Daily Mirror editorial  gives publicity to a Movement for Inter Religious Dialogue met to discuss how the essence of all religions could be brought together as a foundation on which to build a new Sri Lanka of sharing and caring, love and forgiveness, equality and social justice.

This is a dangerous move to bring in religions  to build a  new post terrorist Sri Lanka.  The religions such as the Catholicism could be a dividing force rather than a uniting force.  The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka was involved “neck deep” with the Sri Lankan terrorists to make a success of the terrorist ideology of a Tamil homeland.  The Catholic Priest Emmanuel is the leader of the Global Tamil Forum.

It is well known that the Catholic Action in Sri Lanka some years back was all out to destroy the historic Buddhist culture by setting  up  anti Buddhist activities, which was brought to light by the  Bouddha Balavegaya led by late Mr. L.H.Mettananda and other partriotic Buddhists.  We cannot allow this type of  forces to interfere again in Sri Lanka in the guise of  bringing the essence of religions to build a new Sri Lanka. 

If we are to speak  frankly of religions, the Catholics are doubtful patriots as their  real allegiance is to the Church in Rome, Hinduism looks after its own ceremonies and rituals, Islamism is a religion apart trying to conquer the world towards Islamism.  It is only Buddhism which is a philosophy far from being a religion capable of bringing all “beings” together  without discriminating against one religion or another, or one race against another.  

A foundation on which to build a , “… Sri Lanka of sharing and caring, love and forgiveness, equality and social justice……”,  cannot be built on any religious “essence”, it has to be built on a true understanding  that  people behest of  their religious beliefs and  cultural background  are equal, are the same,  with same hopes , same grievances , and the same desires to be partners of a united Sri Lanka.  

It has to be built by brining people together in a social context where all are equal.  It could be cultural events, and celebrations even if they are of a religious nature, without mixing the “ religious essence” at such get togethers.

The Daily Mirror continues that, “….. The solution essentially is to cut down on the number of religious holidays and turn them into holy days by having a religious talk with fellowship and tea from 8.00 a.m. to 10 a.m. at state institutions, schools and private companies. Workers and children of all religions and races will take part in this two-hour devotion before starting work at 10.00 a.m…….” 

This  is a deformed idea of reconciliation.   If the “ essential solution” is to cut down on the number of religious holidays”  It is meaningless making them “holy days”.  That is to make the people believe in some thing “holy”, which is not a home grown idea. 

Sri Lanka being  principally a Buddhist Country cannot accept any thing  as “ holy”.  If holidays are to be reduced it is the holidays allocated to other religions that have to be reduced and not that of the Buddhists.

The Editor of the daily Mirror says,  “….as a result it is hoped that people would have a deeper understanding and respect for each other’s religions and take what is good from them while the country will also economically benefit with hundreds of additional productive working hours. The movement for inter religious dialogue unanimously resolved to submit these comprehensive proposals to the President for his consideration and implementation for the common good of all people and the country…..” 

We pray that the President just ignores this proposal of the  “ Movement for Inter Religious Dialogue”, as it smells of a  “cover” to implement a different Agenda.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I spoke to some people in Colombo

A man stopped me to ask me whether I would like to buy a handphone.  I told him I was sorry, I already have one. I then asked him whether he is happy to see Colombo so beautiful and clean. He said yes, yes, Colombo is beautiful and clean but our stomachs are empty.  I said it is sad , but haven’t we with that suffering built something that our children would be happy and proud in the future.  Yes he said, but where is the money to educate our children. 

I told him we had worst of times before but our parents somehow or other brought us up and so will they do now.  Feeding the stomach and tightening the belt are what we had been asked to do by successive governments since 1948, but none of them had given some thing to be happy and proud of.  At least now there seems to be great things happening, even a mother suffers in giving birth to a child , like wise some one has to suffer to make our future happy.

He said he agrees, but it is not every one who can look at things that way. I hailed a Taxi and asked the driver to take me to the Torrington Square. I saw clean streets and well laid gardens on either side of the road.  I saw the once dirty green waters of Beira lake now clean and beautiful with fancy boats taking riders for site seeing.  The Gangarama Temple in the centre of the lake is very attractive, clean  and pleasant to look at.

The beautiful new theatre Nelum Pokuna is at the starting  end of the long  well laid road to the Independent Square. The entrance to the Independent Hall is on a long path laid between long rectangular  water pools on either side. It is breathtakingly beautiful.  I asked the three wheel driver who drove me there what he thinks of the clean city.  He was a Muslim and he was of high praise.  He said, Sir,  Colombo is our home  we must keep our home clean and beautiful then the rest of  Sri Lanka will reflect the beauty of Colombo.

It is important he said that we have a clean city we can be proud of and make it a show piece for visiting foreigners.  I walked up the stone steps  into the Independent Hall.  It is a magnificent building and now with its surroundings spick and span it is a majestic an apt Monument for our Independence.

After having had a  look around along with a crowd of school children, I left the place to take a bus back to Ratmalana.  On the way I met a man . He must have been around 40 or so.  He is working for the National Savings Bank.  He had been working in the bank for over three years on a temporary basis, working on a computer with which work he is well experienced. 

He is a married man with a child.  His wife is not working. He is eking out a difficult living.  He was expecting the bank to make him permanent, but just when the Bank was considering his case the Bank had received a letter from Namal Rajapakse MP giving the name of 180 persons from the Neela Balakaya, requesting the Bank that some of them be selected for permanent employment with the Bank.  That was the poor man’s end of the hope of a permanent job.  The Manager of the Bank had called him and said that he is sorry that he has to put off making him permanent as just now he has to accommodate some persons from  Matara  belonging to the Neela Balakaya recommended by Mr. Namal Rajapakse.  That was unjust. This man really deserved being made permanent and now  Namal Rajapakse has deprive him of  his right. I told him how sorry I am and wished him better luck next time, if Namal Rajapakse stops assuring his popularity  by favouring  his Neela Balakaya Activists.

I met  a woman  in her  mid forties at the bus stand.     She was wearing a red flowered sari and a white jacket, she was carrying a heavy bag.  She  looked uncomfortable  under the sweltering heat of the  afternoon sun.  I spoke to her  and making a preliminary reference to the heat, asked which way she was going.  She was apparently to take the same bus as I .  I asked her where she is working. She said that she is a teacher at a Montessori School   and preparing for the New Year Celebration for the children.

From what she said  I gathered that in Colombo (perhaps as elsewhere) Montessori Schools are a big business.  There is no Government Control of these Institutions.  They spring up like mushrooms  after monsoon rain. Each school has its own admission fees, monthly fees and salaries for the teachers. 

Admission of a child to the Montessori  Schools could be any thing between Rs.10000 to Rs.25 000, after that each child pays a monthly fee between  Rs.2000 and  Rs. 3000.  Some teachers are paid a monthly salary of   Rs.10000 or thereabouts and some less than  even Rs5000. 

In addition to that for New year celebrations and Christmas the parents are required to make a special contribution to buy presents , for decorations and refreshments.  The sanitary conditions in some of these Montessori Schools she tells are deplorable, the owners make money and are least concerned about sanitary conditions of the premises or the comfort of the children..

The Government does not seem to have any say in the  Montessori School System, There is no registration of schools or teachers.  There is no specified method of education and each does  what  one thinks is suitable.   The government which appears to have adopted rules even for transport of children in School vans, seems to have completely ignored the Montessori system of Education.  

It is part of a child’s education and it is time the Education Department steps into put a stop to this scandalous Montessori Business putting at risk the future of a child’s mental growth, health and comportment.  They should first start by weeding out the Montessori Schools  that do not confirm to basic rules of  child education, and register  some and draw up rules of governing these establishments and conducting classes.

On making further inquiries afterwards I was told that there are in fact certain rules for the conduct of Montessori Schools.  The teachers have to be paid EPDF payments.  The Inspectors from the Department of Labour are expected to control the institution.  Most of the time the Inspectors are bought over and relevant documents showing the dates of appointment of teachers are not presented to the Inspectors.

People speak readily of corruption in higher places among Ministers etc.,  but the Montessori System which is infiltrated with corruption has been conveniently left out and the Organizers are left on their own to manage the Montessori Schools the way they want.

I therefore urge in the name of the tired teacher I met at the Bus Stand and numerous other Teachers of Montessori Schools suffering like her, and the children deprived of  sanitary conditions, deprived of comfort, and a systemized Montessori Education, that the government intervene with the proper authorities to vitalize the Montessori system of Education.  

The Montessori Education system which is vitally important to the psychological growth of a child, prepare him for higher education,  and training the child to be a good citizens, should be standardized and absorbed into the National Education System.                                                                    

Monday, 9 April 2012

Sampanthan and TNA goons should thank their stars they are with tolerant Sinhala otherwise they would have been skinned alive.

The TNA and its MPs have no right to be the Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka or represent the Tamil people.  The President of Sri Lanka should use his executive power to arrest all TNA MPs for high treason and lock them up separately in prison. 

We should not care   the pseudo “human rights folly “  of  America and the West which uses human rights  only as a fig leaf to cover the nudity of the absence of justice and fair-play in their own foreign policy.   

America moved the resolution against Sri Lanka at the 19th session of the UNHuman Rights Council to divert the attention of  the world from their rank violations of human rights and war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Vietnam. Thus America is  clearing  the way to attack Iran on some flimsy ground and use the NATO forces to bomb Iran and reduce it to rubble as they did to Libya.

Today America under Barack Obama has become the most feared nation that commits most gruesome war crimes and oversteps the  barriers placed by their elders against war such as the UNO, to become accusers of violation of human rights and war crimes, judges,  and executers of their decisions on developing nations.

Why are the American people silent ?  Is there no freedom of speech for the ordinary American people or have they all become yes men of the American Administration ?

Have we got to wait until the Presidential elections to know how the ordinary American people react to the Obama Administration which has become worse than that of George Bush ?

Under Hillary Clinton the American State Department is not carrying out the expected policies of the  President Barrack Obama, but that of Hillary Clinton  who cares less whether Obama wins the next Presidential election or not. Hillary Clinton on the other hand is being manipulated by the proterrorist Tamil Groups in America who call themselves “Tamils for Obama”

TNA MPs who work hand in hand with anti Sri Lanka groups such as the pro-terrorist front Agencies of the Tamil Diaspora, paints the Sinhala people and the Government of Sri Lanka as anti Tamil, which is far from reality.  Sinhala had been very tolerant towards the TNA. The Tamil Diaspora  is trying to fight against these tolerant Sinhala people. 

The Sinhala people are spoken of being the perpetrators of the riots of 1983 where as it was only a back lash that was provoked by the Terrorist group led by Prbhakaran which killed thirteen policemen in the North.

Though the Tamil diaspora and the anti Sri Lanka groups try to make out that Sinhala people had been against the Tamil since that back lash riots in 1983, the truth is different. Intelligent Tamils will know  that the Sinhala people provoked by the Tamil terrorists on several occasion after 1983 by massacring innocent Sinhala people in various parts of the country, did not react with  a back lash as it was in 1983 to kill and torture Tamils, though “they” make it out to be so.

Sampanthan has now started playing with words to justify his accusation of the Government’s discrimination against the Tamils.   He says , “The Tamil community in Sri Lanka should be integrated into the Sri Lankan nation and not be assimilated”

Integtrated is defined as, “formed or united into a whole” and assimilated is defined as “make similar ‘.  What is the great difference ?

This man Sampanthan is no philosopher nor is he  a patriot, but a political vulture who wants to dismember our motherland and separate the people, to satisfy his ambition for power amoung a  poor people who would worship him as their leader as Prabhakaran  became Thalaivar of the Tamils dominated by him.

 Sampanthan  has said  that, “ the government has not made a tangible move to achieve reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka. …… successive governments maintained an insensitive and a callous attitude when it came to solving the issues faced by the Tamil community”.

Sampanthan is talking through his hat.  This miserable man is  a terrorist goon, who could not talk up to Prabhakaran when he was alive. He accepted and gave into all nefarious , inhuman activities of the terrorists.  His mouth was shut by the terrorist and could not open it without their permission, and today he poses as the “saviour’ of the Tamil people.  Sampanthan  is the stumbling block on the way to reconciliation.

The Government of Sri Lanka has achieved more than what Sampanthan  is ready to accept.  All those  positive steps taken to bring the Tamil people into the  main stream of the post war Sri Lankan Nation, whether through integration or assimilation do not seem to  please the stupid crooked mind of Sampanthan.

 Then Old Sambanthan comes out with the  lopsided  “philosophy” that, “While noting that the Tamil community has a distinct character and a culture……… the governments in Sri Lanka have been and still trying to make the Tamil community a minority even in the parts where they are not a minority by ruining the culture and civilization of the Tamil community.”

This man Sampanthan does not seem to understand that in any multi racial country each racial group has its distinctive character and a culture, and  these racial groups are minorities existing along side a majority group. Sampnthan does not want to understand this simple reasoning. He is only making a vain assumption to drive into the minds of the Tamil people a state of equality  with the majority group to create an artificial animosity towards the majority, the majority which does not claim different rights to those enjoyed by the minorities.  But enjoys the same rights as the minorities.

It is a historical error that had been perpetuated to keep a minority racial group of a Nation isolated making them a majority in certain areas.  It is that which has created  today’s problem of the Tamils not accepting to be  a part of the larger nation of Sri Lankans , hollering their  difference  and speak of Tamil grievances  which in reality do not exist.

It is important for Sampanthan and his goons to create this artificial distinction  as it is on that assumption that Sambanthan maintains his political leadership amoung the ignorant , poor, submissive Tamils.

Sampanthan has said that certain countries which supported the government during the war did not realise the “legitimacy in the Tamil struggle for self respect and equality.”  This is a statement that  shows  Sampanthan is  a dangerous  politician leading astray the Tamil people. This is the way Sampanthan tries to justify terrorism of his Thalaivar Prabhakaran.

Sampanthan  in saying , ‘ that it was not only the Tamil community which suffered from the war but also the Sinhala and Muslim communities. …… asserted that the Tamil community must be given the same political rights which are enjoyed by the Sinhala community.’  Makes a serious statement  to create dissention amoung the two major communities rather than unite the communities.

This man Sampanthan has no place in post war Sri Lanka which needs political leaders of the different Communities that make up the Nation of Sri Lanka, who are of a different caliber, responsible, looking forward for pace and prosperity amoung the people of the country whether they are Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim.

Greatest obstacle to reconciliation of the communities in Sri Lanka is Sampanthan and his goons of the TNA, and the expatriate Tamil Community who have no inkling of patriotism towards Sri Lanka, which is not their country of birth.

 Sampanthan  and the TNA is a creation of the Terrorist Prabhakaran and has no right to demand the implementation of the 13 Amendment, merger of the provinces or speak of Tamil Grievences.  It was the greatest mistake of the Government  not to have banned TNA immediately after the elimination of the terrorist on the 19 May, 2009.

If Sampanthan continues in this vain Sri Lankans should find other means to stop him from making statements that damages the on going efforts of reconciliation.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I called my Friend in Jaffna

I called my friend in Jaffna.  He is disappointed with the government of which he had much hope to draw the Tamils out of Communal concentration to a social and political integration with the Sinhala.

He is sure if the government could have an active Office in Jaffna where the people are informed of the governments on going  welfare activities, and  contact the Tamil people  directly, more and more people will turn away from the TNA and turn towards the Government. 

Apparently, the Government is not making a genuine effort to propagate information to the Tamil people. The small SLFP office is manned by a young man not quite conversant with the political history of Sri Lanka to make an effort to change at least to a certain extent the Tamil mentality.  He says even the UNP has no office in Jaffna though they talk much of political integration of Communities.

My friend says that there is a tremendous amount of government sponsored development-taking place in Jaffna and he says every day he sees some thing new, but there is a government information vacuum that keeps people from appreciating the government’s positive efforts to develop Jaffna.  As a result, the government fails to take the credit for its projects, 

In this vacuum where the government is absent the TNA comes with sentimental issues concerning the language, Tamil Homeland, devolution of political power which really does not interest most of the people in Jaffna but tend to go along with the TNA in the absence of counter propaganda by the government.  The Jaffna Tamils he says still have the mind set of fear of the terrorism which  tends them to follow blindly the  TNA  which  hasn’t the peoples complete approval.

According to my friend, there is a good opportunity for the government to win over the people of Jaffna, if the SLFP or UNFA  could make their presence felt in Jaffna, without waiting until the next election to come to Jaffna for a membership drive.  The government does not seem to understand the necessity to have an active office which disseminates information about the activities under taken by the government  to develop Jaffna.

My Friend says that even he would be willing to run a UPFA propaganda office voluntarily if the government is interested in such a project.  It appears that there is a lethargy on the part of the government not going all out to vindicate its rights organizing propaganda activity in the north and east. Instead it merely  restricts its activities  to speech making in the south.  It is action that is necessary not speech making.

I give below extracts from two e-mails sent to me by my friend who is a Tamil fed up with unnecessary importance that is being given to the TNA by the West and the expatriate Tamils.

“ its really  strange that  those western countries are still crying for the long eliminated tiger  terrorists. What is happening  to America and UK? I think they are using Sri Lanka as a diverting issue from their middle eastern  debacle . Above all they cant digest that Sri Lanka was able to successfully end  terrorism despite the last minute intervention by Benard Kouchner, David Milliband and  Hillary.Clinton. We have some trouble to counter western moves, but we will win . The President and Sri Lanka had been taking correct and positive action for the  defense of the country and the protection of its people.

I wanted to tell you again that Jaffna SLFP and UNP branches are not existing.. There are some skeleton staff but no serious branch office with active organizers.
We have to narrow down the gap between south and north. This has to be done.
At least SLFP could appoint a very good leader from any community for Jaffna district as a party organizer.

We have to show the world that people of North are with the government of Sri Lanka, not with USA, UK or any other country.

We have to explain and give proper information to the people of North about the development projects and their progress.  Already the people are aware of this but they lack a proper government  leadership.
They can appoint any body but never any body from ex militant groups.”

My friend  says in another e-mail,  Jaffna is  now taking the right  path to development, but few  of the media and cheap politicians are  trying to paint a bad picture trying to make a monster of the Sri Lanka Government,  but everybody knows the truth.
Actually  without any exaggeration a great miracle is  taking place in the  North. Just in three years entire picture is changing so fast. many roads are improving and every day new buildings are coming up, every thing seems to be very positive . only one thing disturbing the  tranquility is loudspeakers from the top of the temples alas you cant imagine how loud it is .

Ideology behind this cult is controlling people. Creates fear and sucking them. These are all  money making temples. It is therefore no surprise that  the followers of Jaffna Saiva or Jaffna Christians become TNA supporters or terrorist supporters. Its a slavish  cult mentality .

They almost forget to think on their own. Just reading Uthayan  Thinakural or Valampuri is sickening  they are all talking  nonsense . Because of this joyless cult mentality the younger generation seems to be lost.
Now here in Jaffna any young boy could earn at least fifteen thousand with a decent job.  But  the  youths are ready to do hard labour in the Middle East for the same amount . Many youths told me money is not their  main concern,  but it is to get  rid of far too many “culture guardians” in Jaffna, a byproduct of terror culture.

For more than a year I  never saw any birth day parties or social get togethers. It is only temple ritualistic  religious functions and praying……. praying with full of fear.
Love and fear are the very opposite emotions. our religion become fear oriented.  Temple owners and Brahmins know how to create fear. It is not a surprise to know that Prabakaran’s familly has two medium size temples. Valvettythurai Sivan temple and Mariyamman Temple.
I am sorry this is some what sensitive matter. Already my relatives accuse me that I am becoming a non believer. Actually I am a believer of omnipresent divinity. If I search then I have to admit that divinity is not omnipresent.

Fear creates monsters like Prabha or his by products TNA. Any how their time is over they knew that thegame is over. North is becoming  cosmopolitan like Colombo. “

If the terrorist proxi TNA, the most unpatriotic elements of the Tamil Community and the pro terrorist Tamil expatriate Tamils think that they are the accept ed leaders of the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka , they are mistaken, because my friend is a Tamil from Jaffna and he hates the TNA and the expatriate Tamil Diaspora which has done nothing to improve the condition of the Tamil people after the elimination of the terrorists that were the e of their suffering. “

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Navineetham Pillai UN H C for Human Rights and Tamara Kunanayakam Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN Office at Geneva

They are two different women  with two different mindsets.  They are both from Tamil Communities . The former Navaneetham Pillai is a prejudiced individual who seems to be there in her place to take revenge from those who stole her childhood having been brought up in a poor Tamil Family from the  poorest  quarter of  South Africa under an Apartheid Regime.

The latter Tamara Kanakanayakam on the other hand  is quite the opposite brought up in a well to do Tamil family in which she had enjoyed a joyful childhood, away from any racial discrimination which is far from apartheid. Tamara unlike Navineetham is quite aware of her responsibility as the representative of  Sri Lanka her country and her motherland, without the slightest feeling of anger or prejudice to the people of whatever Community in Sri Lanka or even to those of the West that hinders the progress and denigrates the importance of her motherland Sri Lanka a fully fledged Sovereign State.

Navineetham pillai’s staggering sence of prejudice that had been evident in some of a her statements come from her childhood experience which she recounts , “ We lived in Clairwood …… a victim of race riots in 1949 and that’s what caused the fear on part of the residents of Clairwood, including my parents. With me, firstly, when I was six-years old I was the victim of robbery. My mother had given me my father’s entire monthly wages, which was R5 to take to him. He was a bus driver I was supposed to meet him at the corner and hand this money to him. Meanwhile he had not asked for the money it was his conductor who had planned that ruse and he grabbed the money from my hand off he went.

My mother beat me up for that. I don’t know why the victim gets beaten. Anyway, and I ended up giving evidence in court at the age of , (seven) six in the same Durban High Court where I many years later sat as a judge. ………But what really bugged me is that we didn’t get the R5 back and I felt so guilty as a child that I had caused the loss to my parents. “

That is when the seeds of racial hatred was born in her.  She could not distinguish apartheid and racial difference.  In her mind as a six year old she despised the idea of being treated differently.  When she was old enough to understand , the terrorism in Sri Lanka of which she had heard , she had  understood it in personal terms as the Sinhala majority government being a “regime of apartheid” and the Tamils, like she was in Durban ,  were victimised by the Sinhala Government and its Armed Forces.  That became therefore another cause she would be fighting later on in her life.

Tamara Kunanayakam when she was asked by a journalist, “  You are part of the Tamil community yourself. What do you have to say about the allegations of genocide by Canadian HART? ”

Tamara  was genuinely stupefied, she said,  “Such allegations are ridiculous, a caricature and dangerous. Yes, I belong to the Tamil community and I’m proud to be Sri Lankan! Cries of genocide were heard only during the last phase of the war and only when the military defeat of the LTTE became possible and to justify external intervention to rescue its leaders. If one takes a closer look at the definition of ‘genocide’ in the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, you will have a hard time finding evidence that there was intent on the part of the Government of Sri Lanka “to destroy, in whole or in part” 
Those are the words of an intelligent woman representing her motherland  and speaking out the proud and sincere concept of a unprejudiced mind.

Navineetham  Pillai on the other hand is a very prejudiced personality unfit for the position she holds in the UNHRC which requires persons of the calibre of Tamara Kunanayagam, who could look at a political problem objectively without colouring the issue with her  psychological problems with which she grew up with hatred towards society and  people.   Navineetham  Pillai once spoke of United Nations having “very clear policies on vetting”, referring to the appointment of  Major General Shavendra Silva  , but it is  shocking that such “ very clear policies  on vetting “ had not  been applied in selecting her to the position of the UN HC for HR

She explains her utter disappointment  being a  coloured Tamil growing up in apartheid South Africa.  Perhaps assuming all the Tamil people who are a minority in a country have the same problems as those she had  to suffer in apartheid South Africa.
« At high school some teachers discouraged me and they said you know “You can only become a lawyer if your father is very well to do; or if there are lawyers in your family. But you are a bus driver’s daughter you shouldn’t even think about that.” And when I completed my Articles under Mr NT Naicker then, of course, nobody would employ a young woman. And so I had triple burdens I was a woman, I was black, and I was poor. And so that’s why I started my own law practice. And I know that some colleagues said, “She’s very presumptuous to start a law practice.” So mainly, I think, what motivated me, and most of the other law students, is this injustice that we saw all around us. All the laws, which we regarded as immoral and unjust laws and that, we had to defend our people against those laws » 

Tamara Kunanayagam speaks sincerely without a perverted prejudice about un dented Communal mixture in Sri Lanka where different communities live in peace with each other when she says,
“Although there is a large concentration of the (Tamil)community in the North, the majority live outside alongside other Sri Lankan communities, Sinhala, Muslim, Moor, Malay and Burghers. If there was genocide, would the communities be living peacefully alongside each other? Since time immemorial, mixed marriages have been common.  This is true in my own family. 

You will find political parties emanating from the Tamil community in Government. Others emanating from the same community have elected representatives in parliament. Even the pro-LTTE political Party TNA has entered the democratic process and participated in recent elections. Members of the (Tamil)community are at senior levels of Government, in the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, in the various professions, in Universities, in the press, in business former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lakshman Kadirgamar was from community. He was assassinated by the LTTE. After the EasternProvince was liberated by Government forces with the aid of a breakaway LTTE faction, provincial elections were held and a former LTTE child-soldier was appointed by the President as Chief Minister of that province. An ex-LTTE Commander was appointed as Minister of National Integration.”  

Navineetham Pillai with her utter prejudice against the Army of the Sinhala majority that defeated her idolized Tamil terrorist Prabhakaran  she points her finger at Major General Shavendra Silva  in her statement to the press that, « she had informed U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of her misgivings about General Shavendra Silva, Sri Lanka’s deputy U.N. ambassador, who commanded the Sri Lankan army’s 58th Division during the final assault against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2009 »

Tamara Kunanayagam unlike the prejudiced Navineetham Pillai, explains the difference between theTamil people of Sri Lanka and the terrorists who had sprung from the Tamil Communuity,
“Government forces were engaged not against the Tamil community, but against a terrorist organisation that fought a relentless and ruthless war for separation. They were engaging LTTE suicide squads, the Black Tigers, trained in suicide operations, unprecedented in history. The Black Tigers were involved in the assassination of former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa.  

Let’s recall that right from the beginning of his mandate and practically until the end of the war in May 2009, President Mahinda Rajapaksa continued to call for discussions, even face to face, with the leader Prabakharan, who didn’t even respond. Throughout the war, the Sri Lankan Government continued to transport physically Tamil community was not deprived of essential services.”  

Navineetham Pillai then speaks of  the reason why she chose to be a lawyer, “ So mainly, I think, what motivated me, and most of the other law students, is this injustice that we saw all around us. All the laws, which we regarded as immoral and unjust laws and that, we had to defend our people against those laws » .  Is it therefore not correct to assume that she is still defending  her people in going against the Government of Sri Lanka accusing it with violation of human rights a nd war crimes ?

Tamara Kunanayagam on the other hand speaks frankly of the terrorist war and how neglectful the terrorist were of the Tamil civilians  and cruel to them despite they being their own “kith and kin”.
 “They( the Tamil Civilians) had been forced to follow the trail of a retreating LTTE across jungles for use as human shields. Many had been corralled out of the Jaffna peninsula at gunpoint by the LTTE, as early as 1995, during the first big enforced exodus.  

In the last stages of the war when the LTTE was cornered, it is well known that civilians were prevented from moving out of the line of fire or escaping to government-controlled areas. In an attempt to prevent them escaping, the LTTE fired at the fleeing civilians, launched grenade and mortar attacks, and sent suicide bombers to explode in their midst. ”

Tamara Kumaranayakam has not studies as Navineetham Pillai  to vindicate her Communal status or to fight  for the right of a particular community of people.  Therefore she is not biased against one Community or another and her studies  had a global approach for  social upliftment of the people.
 “  From 1989 to 1990 she  ( Tamara Kunanayakam) organised the UN Global Consultation on the Right to Development as human rights officer at the United Nations Centre for Human Rights. From 1993 to 1994 she was the head of the department for development of policy at Bread for All in Bern, Switzerland. From 1994 to 2005, she was attached to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights with special responsibilities in the field of economic, social and cultural rights and the right to development as Secretary of the UN Working Group on the Right to Development, as Secretary of the UN Working Group on Structural Adjustment Programmes, and as Secretary of the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances. In 2007, Kunanayakam was appointed as Minister Counsellor to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brazil and from 2009 to 2011 as Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Cuba

Of the two women applying the “very clear policies of vetting” of the UNO Tamara Kunanayakam has a better right to be  the Commissioner of  the UNHRCommission, than Navineetham  Pillai.

Lakshman Kiriella and Somawansa Amarasinghe should both keep their mouths shut.

 We have enough of media men, local NGOs , leaders of trade unions, America and other  foreign interferers  to mess up development, progress,   peace and  security of Sri Lanka without adding to it the failed politicians of the UNP and the JVP such as- Lakshman Jayakody and Somawansa Amarasinghe to name just two of them. 

 They are failed politicians because they did not contributed to the elimination of terrorists,  to the infrastructure  development of the country, to bring together a nation that was divided through terrorism, or in the creation of a strong  nation of people who could face the onslaught of  America and its allies to push Sri Lanka back towards underdevelopment, fragmentation of the communal fabric , social unrest and the possible revival of the now defunct terrorism.

 UNP had been in the political scene from the beginning of  Independence but it began its downward descent since 1956.  The UNP leadership today  is not even a shadow of its predecessors.  Every thing they touched had been  a failure , their attempt to settle terrorism ended up in disaster with the signing of the CFA.

 They have one language- the language of doom.  JVP started worse. They had started the most ignominious rebellion in which thousands of youth were  murdered, and more were made to be  murdered in reprisal by a more cruel government of the UNP.  That was when a terrorist war was raging in the north.

 Strangely though Somawansa of JVP responsible for those murders dare speak today of the President of Sri Lanka as a dictator despite the fact that the President Rajapakse never murdered his countrymen but brought peace above all to a country that suffered for years in the north with terrorism and in the south with the rebels of the JVP.

 And to a President who eliminated terrorism with his determination, with the correct stimulus to a neglected armed force and correct political leadership, Lakshman Kiriella of the UNP offers advice to implement the recommendation of the LLRC.  Lakshman Kiriella seems to have dropped with the last rain not to know, like the American State Department that the  Government of  Mahinda Rajapakse  is matured enough with the experience it has gathered to implement the recommendations of the LLRC  the President himself appointed without any one else’s aid and assistance.

 It is sad to note that neither the UNP nor the JVP has been wise to learn from the 30 years of terrorism and the three years of  wise planning and determination that resulted in the elimination of terrorism and the thirty years of the suffering of the people under terrorism, to understand that the  Country is now under the correct leadership of a president who is taking it towards peace and progress.
Barack Obama in his book  The Audacity of Hope, says that, at a reception  he asked a Washington hand who had served in and around the Capital for close to 50 years, “what he thought accounted for the difference in atmosphere between then and now.” Then he had said,   “  It’s generational……..Back then ,  almost everybody with any power in Washington had served in  World War II. We might’ve fought like cats and dogs on issues.  A lot of us came from different backgrounds, different neighbourhoods, different political philosophies . But with the war, we all had something in common.  That shared experience  developed a certain  trust and respect.  It helped to work through our differences and get things done.”

 That “shared experience” which developed a certain trust and respect,  in the context of Sri Lanka should be the 30years of  suffering of a nation under terrorism.   But yet the UNP and JVP continue to think that compelling the government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse to fall from power is the means to win over the people and seize political power for themselves.

 Knowing well that deviating the devotion of the people to Mahinda Rajapakse towards the UNP or JVP seems an impossible task they carry on a relentless campaign against the President Rajapakse, his brothers , and his government concocting all types of scandals which  some people with English education,  social ranks may believe, but the ordinary mass of the people will never accept.  And they know that it is the  ordinary mass of people which count at the end.

 The UNP  divided into groups condemn various aspect of the Government of Sri Lanka, while  Lakshman Kiriella criticises governments human rights aspect Harsha de Silva criticisess the economic policies of the government, Jayalath Jayawardhana cost of living etc.  Their criticism of the government takes vindictive  tones, and does not help the people to understand the real issues the government is confronted with vis à vis the International Community.

 In their desire to make the government  unpopular and to topple the government through an uprising of the people against the government, makes them blind to the best method to follow to win the people over to their side to defeat the  Government at the next elections and take over political power into their own hands.  If the UNP and the JVP are wise they would stop the wild criticism of the government which is contrary to the constructive criticism  demanded by a Parliamentary opposition under a democratic system.

 They should on the other hand  cooperate with the government  which has rid the country of  terrorism and follows the correct path for progress and development. They should help the government  to surmount difficulties forced upon it by the International community. It is then that  the people will see the UNP in a different light and may when the time comes to change the government  vote the UNP or the JVP  to replace the government with the confidence that they will carry out the progressive policies followed by the Mahinda Rajapakse Government.  Otherwise both UNP and JVP will remain in the political wilderness for many years to come.

 One cannot understand their political strategy to think they could change the government , carrying on manifestations at the drop of a coin.

11 Responses to “Lakshman Kiriella and Somawansa Amarasinghe should both keep their mouths shut.”

Christie Says:
Indian imperialists were involved in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) long before 1948. Jaffna Youth Congress was formed around early 20th century (may be 1020s). The first Socialist collective in the island nation and it was instigated by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the world’s most celebrated Indian colonial parasite.
SWRD was financed by India and Indian colonial parasites in the island nation. These are the events that lead to the demise of the non Indians of the island nation. I want readers to think about what I say with an open mind.
Long before the end of the British Empire Indians like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jawahalal Nehru and Chandra Bose recognized what India is going to get after the end of the British Empire.
India is heavily involved in the former British dominions and have been very successful. Look at Uganda, when Idi Anmin stood up to the Indian colonists he was castrated by Indian imperialists. Mauritius is technically a part of India and the plight of local Creoles are what the non Indians in Sri Lanka will get.
Those who contributes to this site and live in the West should speak to these people to understand their plight at home.
Fiji is in trouble and it is another Indian job like UNHRC resolution against Ceylon.
VN:F [1.9.15_1155]