Friday, 29 August 2014

Madoluwawe Sobita Hamudurwo and the Executive Presidency

Maduluwawe Sobita Hamuduruwo  blinded with glory of being a future President
President Mahinda Rajapakse a President of the People,  thinking of his people and their future
Madoluwaw Sobita Hamudurowa is known for his  Buddhist sermons and not for his political views.  We had monks from JHU , who tried their best to  make political changes  to help people live peacefully in a political environment  appropriate to a Sinhala Buddhist Culture.  These monks of the JHU saw for themselves  how difficult it is to bring about political changes to make Sri Lanka follow Buddhist principles  making it a country where every one  may live together in peace and contentment.  

Unfortunately they could not even pass  legislation against conversion, against cruel meaningless killing of animals at Munneswaram Kali Temple, or even against  consuming of liquor.  However, these Buddhist Monks may have learnt  that they cannot  change the political environment  of the country to make it  a better place for all communities  to live peacefully and in unity by becoming legislators and prepare legislation to correct the ills of the Society.

But they may have learnt that  the Buddhist Monks could  change the people and through them the country by bringing the people closer to Dhamma, encouraging them to live according to the teachings of the Buddha, rather than by becoming legislators and sit in the Parliament.

The Parliament and Legislations cannot change people to do what is right or wrong, but it can pass laws and authorise enforcement authorities to make people do what is legally right and refrain from doing what is legally wrong.

Hence enforcing laws to make people law abiding citizen, and teaching people to understand through Dhamma what is wrong and should refrain from doing,  or  what are  wholesome and worth doing,   are two different things.  Therefore, there are politicians to pass legislations and the Police Force to ensure that the laws are followed.

The Buddhist monks  are there to explain to the followers the teachings of the Buddha and make them understand why one should do what is good and refrain from doing what is wrong. They  should use appropriate methods to bring about that mental change in the people, which they cannot do as politicians.  On the other hand Buddhist monks may advice and give good council to politicians as to how they should use their political power to change society, when the religion has failed to make people understand  what is morally right.
Athureliye Ratana Thero  a JHU monk legislator
Therefore,  a learned monk- learned in the teachings of the Buddha, should know by now with the experience the monks of the JHU have had , that being a Buddhist monk, and being a politician are two different vocations one different from the other, each having its own methodology of learning and its application. The politicians deal with the worldly aspect of man and the monk his spiritual aspect. Otherwise it would be like the well known folk tale of the donkey, attempting to replace the dog  to warn the master of thieves.

The sudden talk about a common candidate and some ambitious politician who cannot think straight and unable to think of a  politician who could successfully challenge  the President Mahinda Rajapakse, has thought of  tapping into Buddhist monks and come up with Madoluwawe Sobita hamudurowa as  likely to take more votes than the President Mahinda Rajapakse, or at least split the Buddhist vote to  put the President Mahinda Rajapakse at a disadvantage   at the next Presidential elections, and therefore a more apt common candidate. 

This has apparently gone into the head of Sobita Hamudurowo , who has found it more attractive, and far more easier than seeking enlightenment according to the teachings of the Buddha .  He has therefore thought doing better than the Buddha by becoming the first President of Sri Lanka in a yellow robe !!!  

Madoluwawe Sobita hamuduruwo has left aside the scriptures,  and turned to learn about politics.  He has found that a President without executive powers is more a prestigious decorative position, with the Prime Minister and the Government taking over  the executive powers now vested in the President. Therefore he will have the prestige of being the President of Sri Lanka without having to deal with more onerous duties cast upon an executive President.

Therefore,  we  now have Madoluwawe Sobita Hamuduruwo assuring himself that if he were to be elected at the next presidential election he will be without those bothersome executive duties of which he knows nothing.  He is a “foolish man” momentarily blinded with the glory of the  possibility of becoming a President.

Sobita Hamuduruwo  merely repeats what the other very ambitious politicians of the Opposition who are prepared to sign a MoU with the devil himself if they could defeat the President Mahinda Rajapakse  at the next Presidential election or make the government fall before that eventuality.

Executive Presidency comes from the Constitution of Sri Lanka and without changing the Constitution one cannot do away with the executive powers of the president.  These opposition politicians including  Sobita Hamuduruwo should know that without the executive powers of the President terrorism could not have been eliminated. 

If  the  President Mahinda Rajapakse was without executive powers he would have had to put every military strategy proposed by the Armed Forces in its war against terrorism to the Parliament, and receive its approval before the Armed Forces are informed that they can go ahead with their proposed military operations, while terrorists  would have go on attacking the armed forces  in barracks awaiting Parliamentary approval for action.

With all the manoeuvres of  the diaspora, and planned attempts by Navi Pillai (who is a biased Tamil woman even if she was a former Judge of the International Criminal Court), to disrupt the government and help the Tamil diaspora with the help of the politicians of the TNA to divide Sri Lanka, the  executive powers of the Present President should be retained as long as this danger exists. 

The danger of some of rightist political evolution in Sri Lanka with the backing of the pro terrorist Tamil Diaspora, the USA and its allies ( like  Cameron and Harper depending on Tamil votes  for their political success) to create political chaos in Sri Lanka with the aim of dividing the country,  cannot be ruled out. 

Therefore,  its is only a President with executive powers like President Mahinda Rajapakse who will be able to hold the enemies in check.  Hence talking about abolishing executive Presidency is  foolish without taking into account the local and international  political movements afoot against  Sri Lanka.

Rajiv Gandhi with President J.R.Jayawardhane
President J.R.Jayawardhana misused his executive powers in signing the Indo-Sri Lanka Pact and including the 13A into the Constitution forcing the MPs to vote in favour of the Amendment, which has caused all the problems we are bewildered with at present.

President JR Jayawardhane and Rajiv Gandhi signing the Indo Lanka Pact
President R.Premadasa became an intolerable despot eliminating his opponents, and arming the terrorists without consulting the Parliament.

President R.Premadasa who armed terrorists against indian Peace Keeping Force
President Chandrika Kumaratunga was weak. She was unable to use the executive powers of her Presidency, thus allowing  her Prime Minister Ranil Wichramasinghe sign a CFA with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran  without consulting the  elected President of the country or the Parliament.

President Chandrika Kumaratunga a weak President who allowed her PM to sign a CFA with Terrorist leadha Prabhakaran behannd her back  and without consulting the Parliament
On the other hand President Mahinda Rajapakse has utilised the Executive power vested in him meaningfully, to eliminate terrorism  and then for  a constructive development of the country in various ways. No one in the opposition or in the Government could point his finger at  President Rajapakase for  abusing the executive powers vested in him.

President Mahinda Rajapakse is not a power greedy man.  He is insightful and takes appropriate action for the welfare of his people and the country whatever his adversaries make him out to be.   All these critics of the President Mahinda Rajapakse have forgotten that it is thanks to him that they are able today to open their big mouths to speak against the President and address meetings without the fear of being blown into pieces. 
President Rajapakse with Sarath Fonseka a rival candidate
There are those who want him to loose at the next Presidential election and a former Chief Justice who helped the terrorists to bring bombs to the south by ordering the removal of check points, swear that the President Mahinda Rajapakse cannot contest the Presidential election  for the third time or hold portfolios on more than two occasions.
President Mahinda Rajapakse with former CJ Sarath N Silva
While the Sri Lanka Opposition parties are all out to see the end of the Presidency of Mahinda Rajapakse, the country is peaceful, the development projects are taking Sri Lanka to an unimagined prosperity, with a remarkable economic progress.  Normal political, economic and social  problems any country would be faced with are being exaggerated by the opposition to the government,  anti-Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora and their vote seeking USA and its allies. 
truely a peoples President
Nevertheless, the country and its people are content that they have at the helm of Sri Lanka an able President who has shown his ability to handle all problems at his own pace, unruffled and with patience. May he go from success to success despite all the barriers put on his way. Because his failure would be the  is failure of  all the people of Sri Lanka.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Navi Pillai suffering from a sadistic personality disorder * is attempting to convert UN Human Rights Council to a Secret Society like the Ku Klux Klan to lynch Sri Lanka.

Making UNO a Secret Society to lynch member states
The UN System is an organisation for a collective Member States.  Its actions should therefore be open and transparent as Member States are partners of its activities.  There cannot be hidden and secretive functions assigned to commissions appointed by the UN, its agencies, or organisations. All funds spent on activities undertaken by it are accountable and should be made available for public scrutiny. The UN at the instance of USA prepared   a  UN Transparency and accountability Initiative the purpose of which is described as follows:

The purpose of UNTAI is to improve organizational performance by increasing the transparency and accuracy of information flow; enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness; bolstering oversight and ethics systems; and strengthening financial management and governance. UNTAI is also a practical effort to establish within the UN Funds and Programs and more broadly throughout the UN system a high standard of transparency and accountability to ensure that the billions in international aid contributions are delivered efficiently and effectively to the world's neediest peoples.”

This covers all of UN activities where funds are utilised  for project planning, administration and management.   Hence UNHRCouncil being an organ of the UN, is also bound by the necessity of transparency of all its actions.  It cannot hide behind imagined dangers to  the participants of its projects or  investigations.  If such transparency is absent the activities are suspect, and not legally acceptable, as there is  doubt as to the honesty, justice and fair play in  the  planned investigations,  or other activities concerning a Member State or Member States.  

In 2011 UN stepped outside this openness and  transparency of its actions, when the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon appointed a panel chaired by Darusman to investigate whether  Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces  had committed violation of human rights and war crimes in the course of the elimination of terrorism. 
The investigation by the panel shrouded in mystery hatched a damning report against Sri Lanka with complete absence of transparency.  The member states were not allowed to know who gave evidence, and whether they were eye witness accounts, and evidence beyond reasonable doubt.  The witnesses were not allowed to be cross examined  and  their names were not given, and even more suspiciously their names have been  requested to be  kept secret for 20 years. 

How could any one trust the honesty of the investigators, and the truth of the findings of the  panel, when  its investigation had been carried out in secrecy ?  The excuse the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon gave was that the report of the panel is not an official document of the UN but a report for Secretary General’s personal information.

In 2014 three years after that infamous  report of the Darusman panel, Navi Pillai in her capacity of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  repeats exactly what Ban Ki Moon did  in 2011, going  a little further appointing  a team of twelve for an International probe into Sri Lanka war against terrorism and to investigate war crimes the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had carried out in the course of the elimination of terrorism, refusing even to divulge the names of the members of the team of twelve appointed for the probe and on condition that the names of witnesses would not be made public for 20 years.

Navi Pillai as the UN Commissioner converted the UN Human Rights Council to a secret society like the Ku Klux Klan, the Catholic Inquisition or like the FBI calling for Secret Service Operatives to conduct investigations.  It is a dangerous turning point of UN activities  which are not for the welfare of the Member States but to accuse the Member States for irregularities or worse still crimes, in complete secrecy. UN as it turns out to be lacks only a hangman , scaffolding and a hangman’s noose.  UN was in fact completely powerless when Sadam Husain was hanged, and Colonel Gaddafi was tortured and killed.

Navi Pillai grew as a Black Tamil  without any rights as a human being under the apartheid government of South Africa where the laws enforced by the Apartheid government which  completely disregarded human rights  by denying non-whites a good education, rights to vote and the right to own land.  Though she managed to wriggle through difficulties to find an education through the collective effort of her community, many blacks remained “primitive”. Navi Pillai had never been able to clear her mind of the terrible suffering she went through in South Africa under an apartheid regime.

This is one and only reason why Navi Pillai a Tamil from South Africa is determined to take revenge from the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces for eliminating the Tamil terrorists. She cannot help comparing the Government of Sri Lanka  where the majority is Sinhala  to her apartheid white South Africa, and the Tamils in Sri Lanka to her Tamil Community in South Africa. She therefore adopted the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists as her distant family seeking freedom from the apartheid Regime of Sri Lanka.

This was a reason why Navi Pillai with her biased mind should never have been appointed as the UN Commissioner of Human Rights.

The International Probe Navi Pillai has commissioned  to investigate into Sri Lanka is her personal  effort to do justice to the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists- her heroic freedom fighters  who were seeking emancipation from the  Sri Lanka government which for her  is not different from the apartheid South African regime under which she grew up.  She must be taking immense pleasure in the dilemma into which the Government of Sri Lanka has been put into with the appointment of an unnamed  team for a probe without the right for  the Government as the  accused party to cross examine the witnesses.

This is a symptom of a person suffering from  a sadistic personality disorder *.  It is defined as follows: “The Sadistic Personality disorder is characterized by a pattern of gratuitous cruelty, aggression, and demeaning behaviors which indicate the existence of deep-seated contempt for other people and an utter lack of empathy. Some sadists are "utilitarian": they leverage their explosive violence to establish a position of unchallenged dominance within a relationship. Unlike psychopaths, they rarely use physical force in the commission of crimes. Rather, their aggressiveness is embedded in an interpersonal context and is expressed in social settings, such as the family or the workplace.”

Isn’t UN going too far with its secretive investigations ?  For all we know it could be an exercise in creative fiction writing with the end object of  accusing Member States for  imagined or false crimes.  Can any Member State with the least respect it commands from its people,  accept such an investigation as legal and well founded ?

How can Navi Pillai the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, expect any respect from any UN Member State if her actions  are contrary to UN transparency and accountability Initiative, unless of course if such Member States are complicit to her questionable activities in the capacity of the UN Commissioner for Human Rights ?

Could USA who mooted this initiative for transparency and accountability accept Navi Pillai’s high handed International Probe into Sri Lanka ?  Who are the members of the Navi Pillai’s probe , how much are they paid  ? Where does the money for these payments come from ? These are relevant information that should be  made available to  all the Member States of the UN.  They have a right to know, unless UN is acting as a Secret Society with the consent of a few Member States.

If such information is not made known the Investigation has no legal right, and should be abandoned without vilifying Sri Lanka an honourable Member State of the UN, which suffered under terrorism  for thirty long years and finally eliminated it making a  great sacrifice of life and material, to bring peace and hope to its people.

However, it appears from constant accusations, blame and investigations against the Government of Sri Lanka ever since it eliminated terrorism from its soil,  that  elimination of terrorism itself was a violation of human rights…. only as far as it concerns Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces.

Another strange coincidence was that  Navi Pillai who was invited by the Government of Sri Lanka, went to the North of Sri Lanka and met the Tamil people of Sri Lanka  probably as she thought she has a kinship to Sri Lanka Tamils, but never showed any interest in meeting the people of the South, who also suffered from terrorism.  But as the UN High Commission for Human Rights it was her duty  to have met both communities before she comes to conclusions.  This shows her lack of objective investigation. It also makes it obvious that what ever report she was going to make had already been settled in her mind  even before she came to Sri Lanka (she decided to come to Sri Lanka long after she was  invited).

This makes it  all the more clear  in her response when the Government of Sri Lanka announced that it will not allow any International Investigators to enter the country to collect evidence.  Navi Pillai said , “ there is a wealth of information outside of Sri Lanka  which can be tapped into.”

She had added that "The credibility of the report will depend on it reflecting proper standards of corroboration of evidence, whether the team is allowed into the country or not.” 

But for the report of the probe  to be credible the investigations should be conducted openly, legally, and  with transparency, which is not the case with regard to this probe of Navi Pillai, where she has refused to even name the members of the team , not allowed the witnesses to be cross examined by the “ accused party to the investigation.”

The unnamed team may not be objective investigators.  They may have been  selected from amoung those who agree with Navi Pillai, and persons who are anti Sri Lanka government and sympathetic towards terrorists.
When Navi Pillai says that the team need not come to Sri Lanka as there is a wealth of information outside, it becomes apparent what the final report is going to be. Navi Pillai has perhaps already prepared the draft report and handed it over to the team members before she relinquishes her services as the UN High Commissioner for human Rights on the 31st of this month.

We should therefore appeal to the  delegates of the Member States who will be present at  the next Session of the Human Rights Council to see without prejudice the high handed, and  biased manner in which  Navi Pillai the UNHRC has acted against  Sri Lanka from the very beginning of her term of office.  The report that will be presented to the Sessions of the UNHRC is a preconceived report for which an unnamed unknown team had been appointed at her personal behest to give credit to her report which accuses the Sri Lanka Government and its armed forces for violation of Human Rights and war crimes.

The Delegates of the Member States to the next Session of the UNHRC in Geneva, should know that the report that will be presented to them has no legal value  and should therefore be rejected,  as it was prepared by a  team appointed by  Navi Pillai  abusing her power vested in her as the  UN High Commissioner of Human Rights,  to investigate war crimes of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces without identifying the members of her probe team by name, collecting  evidence from unknown  sources, without  giving the Sri Lanka government the legal right to cross examine the witnesses, and on the condition  that the names of the witnesses are to be kept secret for 20 years.

The appointment of an  unnamed , unknown team to collect evidence from unknown sources without allowing the names of the witnesses known before 20 years is a travesty of justice. 
Navi Pillai also says , “Hardly anyone, apart from the Syrian and Democratic People's Republic of Korea governments, are questioning the credibility of these two inquiries, so I don't see why it should be any different in the case of Sri Lanka.”

How can Navi Pillai draw parallel to Syria and North Korea to justify a probe by her unnamed team collecting evidence from unknown sources to investigate violation of human rights and war crimes by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for the elimination of a ruthless group of terrorists ? It is beyond comparison, she aught to be completely out of her mind to compare situations  which are poles apart.

Navi Pillay has also  said that, “  it was important to understand that the investigation was set up for the benefit of all Sri Lankans, as an avenue to achieve lasting peace and reconciliation.  It is in this context that the Human Rights Council-mandated investigation should be viewed, rather than being seen as a confrontation.”

Sri Lanka has finished with terrorism and is looking forward to unite the Communities and benefit from the long awaited peace and go forward to develop the country to make the people live in content and happiness.  But Navi Pillai with her biased mind cannot understand that these International Probes will be an obstacle for the reconciliation of Communities, opening old wounds to separate communities further away rather than unite them.

Navi Pillai has however named three advicers to her “unnamed” team as experts:  Nobel Laureate Martti Ahtisaari, international judge Dame Silvia Cartwright of New Zealand, and Ms Asma Jahangir, former President of Pakistan's Supreme Court Bar Association with  senior human rights official Ms. Sandra Beidas to  coordinate the team.

The unnamed  team members, as well as the above named experts may be financially well compensated from funds  collected from unnamed donors.  It will not be surprising if the pro –terrorist Tamil diaspora  has also contributed a large sum from their reserves of blood money collected  to assist the terrorism in Sri Lanka.
She was kicked out of Sudan
If these experts are aware of their value to the society, and honour their achievements in the respective fields,  should resign from the positions of experts assigned to them, as Navi Pillai has appointed them only to give some sort of credit to the report that will be prepared by her “unnamed”, “unknown” team to hand Sri Lanka.

But unfortunately these experts and coordinator Sandra Beidas selected by Navi Pillai have their own skeletons in their cupboards.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

President Barack Obama’s admission of torture by the CIA, and Navi Pillai’s International probe into war crimes in Sri Lanka.

It is enough for all America to be ashamed
Barack Obama the President of USA has admitted that the CIA official who interrogated suspects after the 9/11 attacks “ crossed a line” into torture.  That is while the whole world knows that CIA spells not only torture but all sorts of criminal subversive activities in  Sovereign States at a global level.  His accepting CIA “crossing a line’ into torture after  the 9/11 attack does not mitigate or absolve the CIA from its Criminal activities of the past and the present.
It may have been difficult to admit ,but CIA had tortured many times before and changed regimes in Iran, Chile,Guatamala and killed Lumumba in  Congo
Barrack Obama added that, “ we did some things that were contrary to our values.” And went on to say , "….it's important for us not to feel too sanctimonious in retrospect about the tough job that those folks had."  President Barack Obama is trying to minimise the crimes USA has committed and continues to commit. 

The President Barrack Obama speaks of  American values, but what values can USA speak about when tracing the path of it sinister policies carried out  by its State Department with the support of its crimes department -the CIA.
USA Crimes Head Quater-CIA
After Barrack Obama’s admission of shame, Global Research reported, “We applaud Obama admitting to this unsavoury chapter in US history. The government has denied for years that the US torture…even though we in the alternative media exposed torture 10 years ago.  But there is a lot that Obama didn’t say… Initially it wasn’t  just “some folks” we tortured.  The torture was wide spread and systematic. And  it wasn’t just  bad guys  who were tortured:

(i) the commander of the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq Janis Karpinski  estimates 90% of  detainees  in the prison were innocent.
(ii) the number two man at the State Department under Colin Powell, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson , says that many of those being held  at Guantanamo Bay were innocent, and that top Bush Administration officials knew that they were innocent.
(iii)U.S.Military files  show that many  Guantanamo Prisoners  were held on the flimsiest grounds such as wearing a Casio watch, being a prisoner in a Taliban prison jail, driving cabs in certain geographic regions , or being Al Jazeera reporters.
 (iv) Many say that those tortured  were mainly innocent farmers, villagers, or those against whom neighbours held a grudge. Indeed, people received a nice cash reward from the U.S. government for turning people in as “ suspected terrorists”.

A soldier carries a Tamil baby escaping from the terrorists they did not shoot them as UK Channel four or France Harrison would say,   but gave them love and care

But in Sri Lanka there were no torture committed against the terrorists.   There were no torture of the terrorists for the simple reason that in the war against terrorism in  Sri Lanka the Armed Forces knew where exactly the terrorists were and there was  no necessity to interrogate  terrorists taken as prisoners under tortured to get information with regard to; movements of terrorists or where they were hiding.  There were also Tamil civilians who gave information of meeting sites of terrorists to enable the Sri Lanka Air Force  use precision bombing.

The stories about torture were those made up by the UK Channel 4 and the pro-terrorists Tamil diaspora and included in the Darusman Report.  The NGO’s or the terrorist friendly foreign dignitaries such as the US Ambassador Robert O’Blake who wined and dined with the terrorists  often in Kilinochchi did not speak about Sri Lanka Armed Forces having torture camps for terrorists. 

Sri Lanka’s war against terrorism was unlike any such wars  against terrorist carried out  and continue to be carried on by USA and its allies. Sri Lanka Armed Forces had a double responsibility in its war against the terrorists.  One was to eliminate terrorisms completely, and the second to safeguard the Tamil civilian population in the areas where military operations against the terrorists were being carried out.

Tamil Civilians escaping from Terrorst hold to be rscued by the Armed Forxces.  The Sri Lanka Armed Forces took care of them they did not shoot at them...!!!

The NGO’s , Frances Harrison, and a UN employee Gordon Weiss who were friends of the terrorists  and had no fear of terrorists attacking them, were asked by the Government to leave the war affected areas as the army could not assure their safety.  They were living in great comfort and regretted having to give it up, and turned against the Armed Forces and the Government for depriving of that comfortable living conditions and wrote books exaggerating numbers who may have died at the last phase of the military operations against terrorists to 40,000.  But yet they have not mentioned torture by Armed Forces.

Gordon Weiss, Frances Harrison , UK Channel 4, the report of Ban Ki Moon’s Darusman Panel consist of vindictive writing, without any acceptable evidence.  Even Colonel Khan and Colonel De Toit of the food convoy to North giving macabre descriptions of carnage they say they witnessed do not provide any substantial evidence to prove their recitals.  Gordon Weiss’s writings are a contradiction speaking well of the great generosity and humanity of the soldiers of the Sri Lanka armed forces and at the same time  opine that even the good could do wrong.
mostly fiction to implicate Sri Lanka Armed Forces

The following  excerpts are taken from the review of the Gordon Weiss’s book The Cage by an anti government journalist of the GroundView Sanjana Hattatotuwa:

“During the course of research for this book, dozens of Tamils described the Sinhalese as inherently kind and gentle people. The front-line soldiers who received the first civilians as they escaped to government lines, those who guarded them in the camps and the civilian and military doctors who provided vital treatment distinguished themselves most commonly through their mercy and care.”
“Further on in the book, Weiss gives examples of soldiers who tried their utmost to distinguish between LTTE combatants and civilians in incredibly confusing and stressful ground conditions, gave up their own rations to feed those who were dying of hunger in the internment camps established by the government just after the war and other incredible stories of compassion and mercy towards injured Tamil civilians – mothers, children, infants and men – in the hellish last weeks and days of war. This ostensibly echoes what for example Brigadier Prasanna de Silva from the 55th Division says in the film directed by Guy Guneratne The Truth That Wasn’t There. However, Weiss also then unequivocally asserts that “this does not mean that soldiers did not directly kill thousands of civilians in the heat of combat” and notes that “… Survivors testify that advancing soldiers lobbed grenades methodically into bunkers that often held civilians.”

No credit could be given to Gordon Weiss’s book -The Cage. He has made factual errors such as  stating that  G.L.Peiris was at the time the Attorney General of Sri Lanka, and  that when Gotabhaya Rajapakse escaped from a suicide bomb while travelling in a Mercedes, where as he had been travelling at the time in an armour plated BMW7.

Sanjaya Hattotuwa himself says in his review: “ The vociferous support of the UN Secretary General’s report by many sections of the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora is pegged to its repeated and deep consternation over instances where government armed forces actively targeted civilians. What the UN report also makes explicitly clear and Weiss in The Cage repeatedly underscores are the unimaginably barbaric actions of the LTTE “to fire artillery into their own people” based on “the terrible calculation that with enough dead Tamils, a toll would eventually be reached that would lead to international outrage and intervention.” Here’s the rub – with their leadership decimated, there’s no one in the LTTE to hold accountable.”

There are accusations of  violation of human rights and deaths of civilians  totalling up to an incredible number of 40,000 killed at the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists by the Government Armed Forces, but nowhere there is any evidence of torture committed by the Sri Lanka Armed forces except by the unsubstantiated false video footings prepared by the UK Channel four,  the Darusman report prepared on evidence collected from pro terrorist Tamil diaspora and unnamed witnesses,  and the pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora.

As against this there is clear documented evidence of the torture committed by the US Armed Forces which has been accepted by the President of USA himself. The acceptance by the US President Barrack Obama of the torture committed by the CIA does not absolve the perpetrators of the crime of torture.

Arme Soldiers Carried the Old to safety

Sri Lanka which carried out a just war to deliver its people from untold suffering under terrorism and protects its people and the country, unlike USA going out to foreign countries in search and massacre Al Qaeda terrorists, has committed no war crimes  at any stage. If a certain number of civilians had died at the last phase of its terrorist war it was not  through deliberate shooting  of the Tamil civilians, or not at all a preconceived  plan to kill civilians. 

Sri Lanka Armed Forces showed kindness and sympathy to the Tamil Civilians running away from terrorists

If it was so why did the Sri Lanka Armed Forces rescued 300,000 Tamils civilians from the terrorist held areas taking great risks to their own lives. They were easy targets and they could have shot every one of them if the Sri Lanka Armed Forces were brutal and inhuman.………

There are malicious accusations made against the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for killing unarmed terrorists  carrying white flags, killing of journalists, and sinister White Van kidnappings as a part of a smear campaign to discredit a great Armed Force acclaimed by the people of Sri Lanka as heroic for ending a 30 year long suffering under terrorism.  The Sri Lanka armed Forces are accused without eye witnesses or any credible evidence  for crimes it had not committed.

The Soldiers carried the old on their shoulders on make shift stretches

There is therefore no  necessity for either an International or a local investigation into the conduct of the Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces during the last phase of its military operations to eliminate terrorists. On the other hand the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka should be felicitated and rewarded for showing to the world that terrorism could be eliminated  by an army of patriotic soldiers dedicated and determined not to turn back without achieving the target it has set.  A recipe for  a military success in elimination of terrorism  has been shown by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka as carrying out their duties as soldiers with out hatred even for the enemy, and affection for those Tamil civilians  suffering under terrorism, as their own kith and kin.

A soldier gives an old Tamil escapy water to drink

The Armed Forces had been seen  treating the captured terrorists humanly offering them meals, and taking all risks to save the lives of the innocent Tamil civilians even carrying the old and the wounded in their arms .

These are captured terrorist woman cadre offered food and water by th soldiers

The perpetrators of torture in CIA admitted to by the President Barrack Obama should be investigated and  made to pay for their crimes.

This  confession of the US President  makes  the Navi Pillai’s probe into violation of human rights and war crimes by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka an abuse of  power, a personal vengeance against the  Sri Lanka Armed Forces.  It should therefore  be called off with an apology to Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces

Friday, 15 August 2014

Disunited Nations Organisation.

United Nations Organisation ceased to exist the day George Bush with false evidence of  an imagined Iraq’s stock pile of weapons of mass destruction provided by the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair stepped over UN to wage a war against Sadam Hussain of Iraq. 

The President Barrack Obama  did nothing to revive the UNO after  the debacle of George Bush. He instead made UNO an unofficial  Agency of the US State Department  making a  puppet of its Secretary General. The President Barrack Obama who every one expected would change the aggressive United States foreign policy,  made it worse by ignoring the UN forming a United Front with his Western allies using the NATO Forces to destroy Nations, and kill National Leaders.

They bombed Libya, killed its Leader and left it in chaos.  America avoided UN as a forum to settle disputes amoung countries, and  imposed sanctions on Iran and North Korea.  Barack Obama with his allies in EU used lies to impose sanctions on Russia. Like Tony Blair’s lies about WMD in Iraq USA accused Russia without any proof for the shooting down the Malaysian Air plane.  USA and its allies of the UE have become a law unto themselves. They assist rebels against governments in place. Libya, Syria and Ukraine are examples of their  “thuggery” to make UN powerless.

UN Secretary General is a puppet who bends backwards to accommodate the new  world order being set up  by USA and its allies.   Ban Ki Moon lies to implicate Nations without knowing their ground situations, without respect to their culture and in breach of their Sovereign Status. 

Ban Ki Moon who said that the report of the  Darusman Panel on Sri Lanka was an advisory report  without  official status, allowed Navi Pillai a Tamil woman  who was the UN High Commissioner for Human rights to use the Darusman report as an official UN Document to allow her to take revenge from Sri Lanka for the elimination of the group of Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka. USA and its allies backed  false evidence provided by Navi Pillai, as they did to destroy Iraq, Libya and now Ukraine on false information, to back an unwanted probe into Sri Lanka’s just war against terrorism.

USA and its allies of the EU are interfering every where in the world  to create political catastrophe against Sovereign Nations that do not fall in line with their views.

It is time that the member States of UNO  demand the USA and its  Western allies of EU to dismantle NATO Forces and realine with  a renewed UNO or in the alternative abandon the UNO to form another more realistic Organisation of Nations outside USA and the West.

The USA and the EU are working together to subordinate  China, Russia, and India to their leadershp in the world.  They want to form a hegemony of military power to  force the other nations outside their circle to accept their leadership, to become vassal States. USA and  its Western allies of the EU with their NATO forces cannot fulfil the original intentions of those who mooted the idea of an Organisations to avoid wars and settle disputes in dialogue.

Today  China and Russia are ready to help Nations in need of help to rise above their  economic backwardness, which the USA and the West failed to do.   They –USA and its allies have their laws first to protect themselves and develop their countries, and keep others at bay  by making them get caught in their  debt trap  giving aid without transference technology.

USA and EU Countries are destructive forces as they have never helped third world countries to develop to come out of their under development.  They stand by their preoccupation of their own protection and development, making others depend on crumbs falling from their sumptuous tables.

They want  wars in the world to provide employment for their Armed Forces.  USA and its allies  have a lot to learn from Sri Lanka as to how the Armed Forces could be used not to destruct but to construct.  They want to dictate terms without learning from others how best to govern and use their manpower for constructive employment.  It is in giving you receive.  It applies to countries as well as to persons.

USA and the West should learn to look outwards and contribute in some way to unity in the world and peace without armed conflicts. The conflict in Ukraine could have been  settled by a sincere dialogue with the willingness to find an acceptable solution, without expecting the other party to give into demands by the USA and UE.   

The Middle East is  in turmoil.  The Nations from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, Israel to Palestine are unable to find peace amoung themselves making religion a barrier for a political settlement. Muslims are divided according to their own belief systems.  The world is different today from the time when the Bible  or the Koran were written.  The Creator God is the same for the Muslims, the Christians and the Israelites.  Therefore why bring the religion to stand in the way of their unity ?

There is already a faction of the Israelites who are not averse to unity between the  Palestinians and the Israelites to  form a nation living together in a multi-ethnic environment.  Why cannot the UNO take this question  with the support of USA and EU to the Israel hardline Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu to demand him to be flexible and accept a reconciliation with Palestine ?

The USA has  miserably failed in its military adventure in Iraq, proving that political problems cannot be solved by bombs, by sanctions, massacres,  destruction of people and property, or by inflicting  torture in American Military Prisons.  

What is the voice that can bring sense to stubborn minds of USA and Netanyahu ? Ban Ki Moon is clueless and the UNO is laid to rest.

There should be a sincere effort to find reconciliation between communities without  politicians standing in the way of the people.  Let to themselves the people will be able find solutions.  It is the ambitions of politicians and religious leaders that bar unity of the people whether it is in Palestine and Israel, or between Sunnis and Shias in Middle East or between Tamils and Sinhala in Sri Lanka.

USA and the Western Countries are out to create conflict within countries hoping that it would be a means to keep developing countries under their control and stop the forward march of China and Russia to win over the trust and  confidence of the developing nations in the world.

Can the Pope intervene ? 

But the old God of the Bible or the New Testament has failed to establish peace amoung people from the beginning of time, and what solutions can we expect from the same old God for the present day conflicts.  It is not the God but it is for the men to find peace amoung themselves and for that we should have correct political leaderships that find salvation  for the people in the modern day conflicts.

That was the reason why the world leaders in Europe  after the World War  I, sought to set up the League of Nations to stop  the world suffer no more from Wars. Its intension was to prevent wars through collective security and disarmament, and settling international disputes through negotiations  and arbitration.  It was a failure and the Second World war began soon after. It was replaced by the UNO after the Second World war in October,1945. 

Its objects are large but with passage of time they have become blurred and   indistinct due to interferences by powerful countries making use of the UN for their own selfish ends.   This was not foreseen in its  Charter where all member states were equal without distinction of  their size or wealth.  Failure of the UN is due to rich member States using their wealth and power to dictate terms to UN and withholding contributions (sanctions) when necessary  to cripple the  UN System.  It is no different from USA imposing sanctions on countries with which it has disagreement-Cuba, Iraq, Iran, and now Russia.
Blue Caps UN Peace Keeping Forces

Hence the UNO has either to be replaced by another organisation with different objectives. The UNO should not be allowed to be  manipulated by rich and powerful countries of the West, which has already made it different from what it was intended to be.  The Member States of the UN should demand USA and the Western Countries to disband the NATO or bring it within the control of the UN.

An Objective of the UNO, amoung others is the maintaining of International peace and Security and thus stop wars. Therefore its Member States should not have their own Armed Forces  which would then be a rival  force to usurp the objectives of the UNO. It is the actions of the Member States of UNO such as USA and the Western Countries that has prevented the UNO becoming an institution to provide  security  and ensure peace in member states. UNO has thus lost its confidence amoung the rest of the Member States.

When there are incidents in a member state of UNO, it should first be reported to the UNO.  The  role of the UNO then is  to interact with the country not as a wrong doer but as a Member State to examine  the incidents and settle it in an open dialogue with the Member States, without making it an interference into the internal affairs of the Member State

No Country should be allowed to act contrary to any decision of the UNO.  This has not happened in the recent past.  Even the present issues in Iraq, with ISIS, Ukraine  with Russia and Syria  between rebels and the Government, should be taken over by the UNO barring USA and its allies interfering on the issues arming the rebels or the people.

The UNO therefore  has a primary role to play concerning its member states, not a secondary role, sitting obediently behind USA and its allies.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Questions for Navi Pillai’s unnamed International Probe Team and facts for intelligent mind searching, before coming to conclusions.

If they have no answers or if the answer is “no” to most of the questions, the team and the three advisors should resign if they have any self-respect, as there cannot be a probe against Sri Lanka Armed Forces if evidence presented to them are beyond reasonable doubt.  

To be accused for a crime the crime should be pre-meditated , deliberate and intended.  The Sri Lanka Armed Forces were carrying out a “war” against terrorists who were not fighting according to  any convention, who had no human considerations. It was a terrorist war.  In such a war there is no winner.  Because in Sri Lanka the winner won over the terrorists who were the winner’s own people turned terrorists, who forced a war upon themselves.

Sri Lanka armed forces during the last phase of the war were fighting against the terrorist who were  not visible shooting from behind their human shield of TYamil civilians.  If there were civilian deaths,  who could really recount as eye witnesses who killed whom, unless the dead come to life !!! 

If there are witnesses coming forward now to tell what happened they are only imagining or repeating what had been told to them, and recount from imagination what may have happened.  And what is the law which allows to accepts such evidence,   as evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

If the Sri Lanka Armed Forces are accused for that, any war against terrorism is a crime. Because the terrorists themselves are after all civilians who takes arms  mislead by their false convictions.

If the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  are accused for war crimes it is then all the people of Sri Lanka that should be held responsible for those war crimes, as it is in protection of them and to free them from the thirty years of suffering due to terrorism that  the Sri Lanka Armed Forces were made to fight the war against terrorists.

Was their terrorism in Sri Lanka ?  Was the group of Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists banned as a group of ruthless terrorists in 32 countries in the world ? Was the Sri Lanka Armed Forces fighting against terrorist or against Sri LabnkaTamils ?

Is Sri Lanka the most dangerous Country in the world because it eliminated the group of ruthless Tamil terrorists five years ago ? Are the people in Sri Lanka now living in  fear of explosion of  claymore or suicide bombs of the terrorists ?

Did  the Sri Lanka Army carryout airstrikes against  Jaffna  from Colombo, like Israel is doing against  Palestine ?  Does the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka order  air strikes against Muslims in Sri Lanka, like President Barrack Obama does against ISIS in Iraq or  did against Colonel Gaddafi in Libya ? Do Sri Lanka Buddhists tell the Muslims to become converted to Buddhism or die as ISIS tells Christians in Iraq ?  

Is Sri Lanka Armed Forces taking women as sex slaves as ISIS is doing to Yazidis in Iraq ?

Are Sri Lanka Armed Forces or armed groups in Sri Lanka chasing  Christians and minorities at gun point like the Jehadists are doing  in Iraq ? Have  Sri Lanka  armed terrorists groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria  kidnapping young girls and holding them prisoners in jungle ?  Has Sri Lanka a terrorist group like  Al Shabaab in Kenya, that kill innocent people in Super Markets ?

Has Sri Lanka military prisons  like those of Abu Ghraib in Iraq where the USA military police and CIA physically and sexually abused, tortured , raped, sodomised and killed  Iraqi prisoners ?  
Has Sri Lanka detention camps like those of Guantanamo Bay where prisoners were treated like animals ?

 “Prisoners, according to Jamal, were told they had no rights. "They actually said that–’you have no rights here.’ After a while, we stopped asking for human rights–we wanted animal rights."In Camp X-Ray, my cage was right next to a kennel housing an Alsatian dog. He had a wooden house with air conditioning and green grass to exercise on. I said to the guards, ‘I want his rights,’ and they replied, ‘That dog is member of the U.S. army.’"
Had the Sri Lanka army taken captured terrorists in helicopters up in the air and drop one to make others talk,  as American pilots did in Vietnam ?

He also told us a good way to get POWs to talk was to take 2 up in a helicopter and throw 1 out, and the other talked immediately. He said it in a very serious vein. I rec'd no meaningful instruction whatever on the law of land warfare while I was in West Point. I did not know what the law of land warfare was until I returned from Vietnam in 69.”;f=48;t=000156;p=0
Has Sri Lanka imposed sanctions or trade embargoes  to North and East of Sri Lanka  where the Tamils live,  like USA practiced sanctions against Iraq as an instrument of American policy ? 

When asked on US television if she [Madeline Albright, US Secretary of State] thought that the death of half a million Iraqi children [from sanctions in Iraq] was a price worth paying, Albright replied: “This is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it.”
(Governor Richardson:Well, I stand behind the sanctions. I believe that they successfully contained Saddam Hussein. I believe that the sanctions were an instrument of our policy. [Emphasis Added]

Did  Sri Lanka impose sanctions  to North and East Sri Lanka during terrorism as an instrument of policy like USA does to Cuba, or now imposing on  Russia over Ukraine ?
“The 28-member nations tied to the EU were first to acknowledge in a statement Tuesday that they’ve agreed to impose broader sanctions to “limit access to EU capital markets for Russian State-owned financial institutions, impose an embargo on trade in arms, establish an export ban for dual use goods for military end users and curtail Russian access to sensitive technologies particularly in the field of the oil sector.”
“THE United States first placed an embargo on Cuba in 1960, one year after Fidel Castro seized power and one year before Barack Obama was born. It has since become part of the furniture of American foreign policy. Five decades of use will wear anything thin, and the logic behind the embargo looks ever weaker. It has failed to dislodge the Castro regime of either Fidel or, since 2006, his brother Raúl. Indeed, by enabling the island’s rulers to present themselves as the victims of hegemonic bullying, it has shored up support for Cuba abroad and given an excuse for totalitarianism at home. America’s allies think the embargo is counter-productive at best, vindictive at worst.”
Didn’t Sri Lanka send food and Medicine to North and East of Sri Lanka during terrorism even when the those  food and medicine were plundered  by the terrorists for their own use ?
Did Sri Lanka Armed Forces drop napalm on terrorists as USA did over Vietnam burning and mutilating civilians and poisoning the ground ?
“Napalm is a gel, which in its original form contained naphthenic and palmitic acid plus petroleum as fuel.  The modern version, Napalm B, contains plastic polystyrene, hydrocarbon benzene, and gasoline.  It burns at temperatures of 800 to 1,200 °C (1,500 - 2,200 °F). When napalm falls on people the gel sticks to their skin, hair, and clothing, causing unimaginable pain, severe burns, unconsciousness, asphyxiation, and often death. Even those who do not get hit directly with napalm can die from its effects, since it burns at such high temperatures that it can create firestorms that use up much of the oxygen in the air.  Bystanders also can suffer heat stroke, smoke exposure, and carbon monoxide poisoning.”
Are the Sri Lanka soldiers after the terrorist war suffering from post traumatic  stress disorders like the American war veterans  ?
 “…. a very large number of veterans haven’t made it all the way home from the war in Southeast Asia. By conservative estimates, at least half a million Vietnam veterans still lead lives plagued by serious, war-related readjustment problems. Such problems crop up in a number of ways, varying from veteran to veteran. Flashbacks to combat… feelings of alienation or anger… depression, loneliness and an inability to get close to others… sometimes drug or alcohol problems… perhaps even suicidal feelings. The litany goes on.  » 
On the Contrary, hasn’t the Sri Lanka made use of its armed forces after eliminating terrorism to rehabilitate the displaced civilians and  beautify Sri Lanka as it had never been before ?
Did not the people of Sri Lanka from North to South and East to West suffer for over  thirty years from a ruthless terrorism  ?  Did the USA and the European Countries help Sri Lanka to stop terrorism and help the people find peace and freedom ?  Where were USA and the Western Countries accusing Sri Lanka Armed Forces now, when the Sri Lanka Armed Forces were fighting a well armed ruthless terrorists amidst difficulties sacrificing its young soldiers ?
Was there a war in the world in which in  its fight against the enemy did not put the civilians in danger and some died as victims of those wars ?  If they are not regarded as war crimes how can such death of civilians in Sri Lanka war against terrorism be considered as violation of human rights or  war crimes ?
The Navi Pillai Investigation team known only to herself, should ask why Sri Lanka is singled out for a probe for war crimes when there are wars carried out by USA and its allies of the West, where there war crimes are well documented and they could be taken to war tribunal with documented proof  of their war crimes.
The Navi Pillai’s team probing war crimes of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces should ask themselves whether their probe is for the UN Human Rights Commission or a personal probe  for Navi Pillai,  who as a Tamil is taking revenge from Sri Lanka Armed Forces for eliminating her favourite Group of Tamil Terrorists.