Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What good would it have been for the President of Sri Lanka to attend the UN General Assembly ?

Jacobo Arbenz President of Guatamala ousted by CIA Operations in 1950s

Mossadeq Prime Minister of Iran ousted by CIA Operations in 1950s

Salvador Allende President of Chile elected in 1970 ousted by CIA operations in 1973

United Nations Organisation “had been “ a symbol of equality and Unity of Nations of the World. But to-day the UN does not symbolise either the Unity or the equality of Nations. The developed countries dominate the World Forum and the Chief Executive the Secretary General of the UNO is only a “ puppet “ of the rich Nations, who are determined to use the UNO for their political strategy to dominate the world.

The United Nations representing the Nations of the World is nominally , the Forum to settle conflicts, encouraging dialogue between Nations avoiding armed confrontation. But despite the UNO, America declared war against Iraq, hanged in “public” its Head of State and continues a war allegedly to eliminate the Al Qaeda terrorists.

The powerful Nations have no concern for the UN and aggresses and takes covert action of all sorts against developing Nations, who are nevertheless, members of the UNO with equal rights. Despite the UNO- the forum of world Nations, the developed Nations other than being Members of the UN, run parallel Administrative Organs to control and take punitive actions against developing Nations by way of withdrawal of special trade concessions and imposing trade embargos, making reports discrediting governments on hearsay evidence to US Congress Committees.

Thus the rich and developed countries have reduced the UNO to a banal talk shop, a biannual meeting place to make resounding speeches of hope and glory by World Leaders. UNO is no more what it was meant to be when its founding fathers with all sincerity launched it with the hope of make it a forum for Nations to debate and find solutions to make the world a safe and peaceful place for the humanity.

The UNO was recognised by all Nations as an Organisation of consultation for settlement of conflicts avoiding armed confrontation. America should not have gone to war in Iraq without the approval of the UN Security Council. If the UNO was meant to stop conflicts between Nations, the US State Department should not be taking unilateral action to control nuclear proliferation. It should been referred to the UNO, as a decision making body for world affairs to establish peace and harmony among the Nations of the World, to take up the matter directly with errant nations and to be debated in its respective Committees.

If UNO is the recognised Organisation of its Member States, a Forum for Nations to come together and decide collectively before any action is taken by one Member State against another, America as a Member State of the UNO should not threaten Iran or North Korea with consequence of war if they continue with their nuclear programmes.

That issue should be debated even before a meeting of the Security Council is called to decide punitive action against Iran or North Korea for continuing its nuclear programme.

But as it is UNO is skipped over by America to take unilateral decisions against a Member State. President Obama’s America while denouncing the Bush Administration for going to war with Iraq, pursues the same hackneyed old dangerous methods of the Bush Administration, to stop Iran from continuing its nuclear programme.

If USA, Russia, France, China, India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, why should America go all out to stop Iran developing a nuclear weapons in its turn. What is the difference between Iran and other Nations who have developed nuclear weapons ?

It is time for America and its European allies to decide whether they want the UNO to continue for the purpose for which it was established or leave it to take their own unilateral decision against member states and suffer the consequences.

No Government would subjugate their sovereignty without making an attempt to defend itself. A time may come when all those countries that do not toe the American and European line may unite to rise against them. In such an event even a nuclear warfare cannot be ruled out.

The election of the Heads of UNO, and its sister Organisations such as UNESCO are a mockery of democratic principles. It is the rich countries who get a “puppet” candidate appointed to the Organisation, by political manoeuvres to win over smaller member state to vote for the “puppet” selected by them. Therefore, the more qualified and suitable candidates put forward by poorer countries are voted out in the first few round of voting.

The UNO has set up its Commission of human rights, and the present High Commissioner does not take any objective and independent decisions. We have seen it happening recently in Geneva, where the UN HCHR, was working hand in hand with the powerful Member States of the West who were making an all out effort to discredit the government of Sri Lanka and accuse its armed forces for war crimes, simply because it eliminated the ruthless group of terrorists, with whom they Western Countries were conniving to break up Sri Lanka.

When the High Commissioner found that the aims of the anti-Sri Lanka Western Member States were foiled, Navi Pillai the UNHigh Commissioner for Human Rights went all out to call for another vote to over rule the decision of the Human Rights Council.

The UNO should be an organisation of Nations where they help each other, and take concerted decisions to help and develop the poorer nations, and settle conflicts . The UNO looses its right to exist as an Organisation of the Nations of the World if the “ junior official “ of the Organisation are allowed to make individual statements against a member State.

Any criticism of a member state should normally be made to the UNO and placed before a special General Assembly or a Committee of the Organisation called to debate on the matter to settle it, and any statements pertaining to the subject of criticism should be issued by the Secretary General.

The Security Council should be the ultimate resort for any serious decision to be taken against a member state.

UNO cannot serve any useful purpose as long as the powerful Member States have their own Agenda. As it is, they are there to use the UNO to serve their own political ends. The powerful nations are not interested in the welfare and development of the smaller member states seeking the help of the rich to rise out of their poverty or underdevelopment, but they are interested in setting up their political strategies to maintain their political leadership among Nations.

We have seen it happening in Chile, where America used CIA operations to organise manifestations and a military coup against its first Democratically elected President Salvador Allende, and set up the Western “puppet” Augusto Pinochet the Military Commander , as the President of Chile.

America was determined to oust Allende, whom they called a pro Soviet Communist. His close friendship with the Cuban leader Fidel Castro did not please them either. It is said that the CIA spent over one million Dollars for the Anti Allende propaganda Campaign, and to aid his opponents.

(In the light of this, can we accept that Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu and Jehan Perera went to meet O’Blake at the American State Department for nothing ?)

We saw unilateral action taken by America against Cuba in 1961 with the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. Another one of the CIA operations. It tried to use these same tactics again in Tiamenan in China, but failed. All that, while the UNO which had been set up to settle conflicts between Nations stood helplessly inactive.

America was out to rid the developing Nations with their forward looking progressive National leaders. as far back as in 1950s. Jacobo Arbenz President of Guatamala, and Mossadegh the Prime Linister of Iran were ousted by CIA Operations.

The powerful Nations are again back on their “war path” against developing Nations.

All the while these nefarious activities of American CIA were going on, UNO remained a silent observer ?

UNO has become an Organisation of inaction, the Secretary General merely parroting the words of the powerful nations. The rich Member States disregarding the UNO continue to create chaos in smaller Member States. UNO wakes up only when the powerful Nations accuses a developing Nation, not to defend it, but to join with the powerful nations to accuse the developing nation in its turn.

Sri Lanka is a case study of the powerful states moves to break up developing countries and use them for their political end. Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, is a country with a high percentage of literacy and a skilful population. It has all the potentials to rise above its underdevelopment to become a self sufficient Nation. It would be able to stand proudly along with the Nations of the rest of the world despite its “size”, and contribute for the peace and development of the World.

Unfortunately, to-day the Western Powers have become dangerous “ terrorists” against the developing countries. In Sri Lanka while the terrorists openly declared their intention to break up the country to set up an Eelam State, the Western Nations carry out undercover operations for the same purpose.

Sri Lanka’s development was hampered by a group of terrorists that had been trained by the RAW of the Indian Government and sent to Sri Lanka in the early 1980s. This band of terrorists continued a campaign of terror assassinating all their opponents, and government officials. They were financially assisted by a large expatriate Tamil community . With the funds provided by the expatriate Tamils the terrorists built a strong armed force.

They were helped by a former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka with a CFA which enabled them to strengthen their military capabilities. These terrorists were utilised by an interested group of Western Countries such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, and Canada, with Norway as their “anchor man” to be in secret contact with the terrorists.

Their object was to use the LTTE terrorists to break up Sri Lanka and use its strategic position for their political leadership, and use it as a barrier against China and Russia. With that objective they manoeuvred from the beginning to discourage the military operations against the terrorists by the Sri Lanka Government, insisting that the government should negotiate for a political settlement.

The terrorists became more ruthless massacring innocent people and assassinating politicians . They were finally banned as a terrorist organisation in 33 countries around the world. Despite the terrorists of Sri Lanka being band , the USA and the European Countries, secretly assisted the terrorists to continue terrorism, to arrive at their object of breaking up Sri Lanka following their new policy of Balkanisation as another form of colonization to keep the poor nations poor, and for the powerful nations to lead the world in the guise of benefactors of developing nations.

However, the Sri Lanka Armed Forces determined to end terrorism in Sri Lanka, which had hampered its development for thirty years, conducted a systematic, disciplined, humane military operations against the terrorists and eliminated terrorism completely by killing the terrorist leadership in a final military operation on the 19th May,2009.

For the first time a small nation- that is Sri Lanka, vanquished terrorism, while the powerful Nations are still embroiled in their attempt to eliminate terrorism they have vowed to do. But their war against Talibans and Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan continues without an end in sight.

This great feat of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against terrorism should have been applauded and Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces felicitated by all peace loving Nations of the World, and specially by those intelligent powerful Nations.

But what happened is the opposite. The International Community have changed rolls and treat the Government of Sri Lanka and its armed Forces the terrorists, and the terrorists and their sympathisers the innocent victims of the Governments military operations against terrorism.

This hypocrisy of the West the USA, UK, France, Norway and the rest will remain the most heinous political crime against a developing Nation. On the 11 September, 2001, the world changed. The West took arms against terrorism vowing to fight terrorism any where it exists. But paradoxically on the 19 May, 2009 the same West, changed again vowing this time to take Sri Lanka Armed Forces that successfully eliminated ruthless terrorism from its soil, to a tribunal accused of war crimes !!!

UNO being what it is, we understand why the President Mahinda Rajapakse preferred to send his Prime Minister to the UNGeneral Assembly.

Even then the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon meeting the Prime Minister had underlined the importance of winning the trust and confidence of the population in the North, especially those in the IDP camps, as failure to do so could undermine the prospects for reconciliation”. These are the words of Robert O’Blake, which Ban Ki Moon had shamelessly repeated.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Robert O. Blake, a vestige of the Bush Administration contradicts President Obama’s statement to the UN General Assembly, and promotes ethnic segregation in Sri Lanka.

Robert O’Blake US Assistant Secretary of State for Asian and Central Asian Affairs, is not promoting the USA President Barrack Obama’s foreign policies. In the 38 minutes long speech to the UN General Assembly the USA President made significant statements. But O’Blake is making a mockery of President Obama’s speech to the UN General Assembly in his all out effort to discredit Sri Lanka for eliminate the whole lot of his terrorists friends.

President Obama said, “I took office at a time when many around the world had come to view America with skepticism and distrust. Part of this was due to misperceptions and misinformation about my country. Part of this was due to opposition to specific policies, and a belief that on certain critical issues, America has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others. And this has fed an almost reflexive anti-Americanism, which too often has served as an excuse for collective inaction.”

But his speech to the UN General Assembly is contradicted by his own Assistant Secretary of State for Asia Robert O’Blake , who comes from the Bush Administration ,which as the US President said was viewed with scepticism and distrust, and has not changed in keeping with the President Obama’s above statement to which he added that, “ the time has come for the world to move in a new direction”.

O’Blake still carries out the foreign policies of pre-Obama Administration that the President Obama says , “….. has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others. And this has fed an almost reflexive anti-Americanism, which too often has served as an excuse for collective inaction “.

O’Blake was a sympathiser of the Sri Lanka terrorists, therefore despite the President Barrack Obama’s efforts to change America’s unpopular image, O’Blake leaving aside President Obama’s hope to move in a new direction, continues his vendetta against Sri Lanka for the elimination of his friends the Sri Lanka terrorists.

For it is now known that the terrorist leader Prabhakaran pushed by the Government Forces into a narrow strip of land between the sea and the Mulaitivu lagoon, was awaiting to be rescued by the American Forces by a commando operation.

UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband, and the French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, were trying to negotiate with the Government of Sri Lanka a ceasefire to enable them to enter into the no-fire zone where the terrorists leaders had been cornered , probably to arrange a rescue operation of the terrorist leaders, perhaps in connivance with Robert O’Blake.

Having failed in that endeavour, the West along with O’Blake is now all out to take revenge from the Government of Sri Lanka by actively moving to accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes.

O’Blake’s report to the US Congress with damning condemnation of the Government of Sri Lanka, and the European Unions refusal to grant Sri Lanka G+ Concessions for export of garments are the aftermath of this failure on their part to rescue the terrorists as they may probably had secretly promised to do.

While the US President tells the UN General Assembly, that “America has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others. And this has fed an almost reflexive anti-Americanism, ……. “, O’Blake his Assistant Secretary of State for Asian Affairs” following that blameful tradition acts, “…. Unilaterally without regard for the interest of others” submitting a report based completely on hearsay evidence, to the US Congress against Sri Lanka without giving Sri Lanka its right of being heard before such a critical report is submitted to the US Congress.

The President Obama said, “ no one nation can or should try to dominate another nation”. But this statement seems to have no significance to Robert O’Blake who had through out his mission as the US Ambassador for Sri Lanka, had denigrated the Government of Sri Lanka criticising her actions even from public rostrums in South India during a determining military operations against terrorists, and continues all possible methods to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka.

O’Blake now with greater “power” bestowed upon him by the Obama Administration takes Sri Lanka for a vassal state. He consults expatriate Tamils in America some of who have not even put their foot in Sri Lanka for many decades, and well known local anti-Government elements such as Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu and Jehan Perera, about matters concerning Sri Lanka rather than have direct consultations with the leaders of the Government of Sri Lanka.

The President Obama continuing his speech to the UN General Assembly said , “Now, like all of you, my responsibility is to act in the interest of my nation and my people, and I will never apologize for defending those interests.” Sri Lanka respectfully accepts President Obama’s responsibility to his people. But that responsibility should be the same when it comes to a President of any developing country, even that of Sri Lanka .

As a corollary to President Obama’s assertion , the right of the President of Sri Lanka to act in the interest of his country and his people cannot also be questioned, and he too need not apologize to any one for defending those interests.

In the light of seemingly candid statement of President Obama’s speech we question him whether such responsibility is reserved only to America , and whether the President of a developing country has to “ apologize for defending interests of his nation and his people”.

President Obama’s remarks are respectfully taken note of, but he should, demand his Assistant Secretary of State Robert O’Blake to extend that honourable principles of his in dealing with other Presidents of developing nations-such as Sri Lanka.

President Obama gives the World of Nations hope when he says, “We know the future will be forged by deeds and not simply words. Speeches alone will not solve our problems -- it will take persistent action.” But there is a difference with his speech and the actions of his subordinate the Assistant Secretary of State Robert O’Blake, who seems to have not understood President Obama’s policies and principles in dealing with other Sovereign States.

What Rober O’Blake refuses to understand or does not seem to have understood is that which triumphed in America with the election of an Afro American as the President was the integration of the black minority community into the majority white community.

Robert Blake is aware that in 1950’ s America still practiced segregation of the black Americans, treating them no better than animals, not allowing them to sit in the same row of seats in buses, not serving them in restaurants reserved for the whites, not allowing black children to walk into a sweet shop to buy sweets. Robert O’Blake is well aware that in America the blacks were lynched, burnt alive or hanged by the notorious Ku Klux Klan merely for their being “black”.

In that atmosphere of American past notoriety, the election of an Afro American representing the then segregated black Community, as the 44th President of USA was the greatest historically meaningful American triumph .

Then why should Robert O’Blake the US Assistant Secretary of State for Asian Affairs promote segregation of the minority Tamil Community in Sri Lanka, calling for a political separation of the Tamil Community from the Majority Community.

If Robert O’Blake has really understood the significance of swearing in of the 44th President of the USA on the memorable 21 January,2009, he would not have given into the unpatriotic Tamil Expatriate Community, to promote ethnic separation in Sri Lanka. He should have instead advised them to encourage the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka to integrate or coordinate with the Majority Sinhala Community to forge a larger United Nation of Sri Lankans, where there would be no separate identities of the minority, and the majority.

None of the Governments of Sri Lanka, nor the people of the Majority Community –the Sinhala, practiced segregation against the minority Tamil Community as it was practiced by the American Governments and the American White population to the Afro American Community. In that context Robert O’Blake is a “nasty American” promoting ethnic segregation in Sri Lanka.

Finally the President Obama said, “Democracy cannot be imposed on any nation from the outside. Each society must search for its own path, and no path is perfect. Each country will pursue a path rooted in the culture of its people and in its past traditions…….”

It is important that every one in the American State Department and the Members of the US Congress understand this truth. In this respect what USA and the EU and the rest of the Western Developed countries should realise is that for true democracy to prevail in the world, the rich countries should make a sincere effort to help those countries who need help to rise above their under development.

Such help should not be made conditional, making those countries subordinate their Sovereignty to the donors, but allow them to develop their countries independently according to their own “culture and past traditions”.

The now common practice of America and the European Union withholding aid and assistance or imposing trade embargo amounts to “black mailing “those developing Nations and halting their development. The rich countries should be intelligent enough to treat separately their aid and assistance to developing countries, and settlement of disputes and disagreements through dialogue. The latter should not be a barrier to promote the former.

We fervently hope that the US President Barrack Obama will not fail to convert his words to reality with persistent action, as he said, “We know the future will be forged by deeds and not simply words. Speeches alone will not solve our problems -- it will take persistent action.” Those persistent actions should not be to the benefit of America, and its friendly European States but to all Nations of the world without distinction.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sri Lanka has eliminated terrorism, but other forms of terrorism assails Sri Lanka. It is time for all patriots specially those among the Tamils,

"Sri Lanka has eliminated terrorism, but other forms of terrorism assails Sri Lanka. It is time for all patriots specially those among the Tamils, to wake up to defend the motherland."

During the period that Sri Lanka was constantly menaced by a ruthless group of terrorists causing wanton massacres, murders, and assassinations, Sri Lanka was all alone to defend herself. The International Community stood by a mere observer calling the government to negotiate a peace settlement, while the terrorists were of one track mind for the creation of a Tamil Eelam, making a sham of negotiations.

The Government could not possibly negotiate with a ruthless group of terrorists to come to a settlement to give a part of its territory for them to set up an Eelam. But the International Community apparently worked for that end demanding the Government to come to a peace settlement at what ever cost, even if it were to allow the terrorists to set up their Eelam State.

It is quite evident now that the latter motive seems to have been what, Robert Blake , David Miliband, Bernard Kouchner , the EU, and the rest of the International Community wanted. A divided Sri Lanka would have been easy for them to move in their battle ships, protective armies and what not to be in readiness to check the advance of Russian and Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean.

India too may have envisaged such an aftermath as the Chinese influence in Sri Lanka has become an eyesore for India. India, offended with the visit of the South Korean Navy to Trincomalee, may have threatened Sri Lanka with dire consequences if Pakistan, Chinese or American Navies are invited to Trincomalee.

India is becoming a greater menace to Sri Lanka’s peace and independence more than were the terrorists . Against the terrorists we used our Armed Forces, but could we turn our guns against the hypocrisy of India ?

In this situation the reason of the ambivalence of the International Community, setting up a double standard on terrorism as “ their terrorism “, to be eliminated without negotiations, and “terrorism of others “, to be settled by entering into negotiations with terrorists for a political settlement, is now made obvious, after the government of Sri Lanka without their aid, eliminated terrorism from Sri Lanka. The West is all out to divide our country, which had shown its ability to rise above underdevelopment to do more than the developed West had been able to do.

Robert Blake the American Assistant under Secretary of State for Asia, is now attempting to reactivate his failed secret attempts through out his mission in Sri Lanka as the US Ambassador to allow the terrorists to set up a separate Eelam State, by conniving with the Tamil Expatriates, the local traitors such as Jehan Perera, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Ranil Wickramasinghe and his echo Lakshman Kiriella née Perera and a lot of them.

In order to face this offensive and thwart the dastardly intentions of the offenders, the International Community led by Blake of USA, and India, all Communities in Sri Lanka have to unite behind the government.

Unfortunately the Tamil Community which is the greater benefactor from the elimination of terrorism from the North and the East are still half hearted in their support of the Government of President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Despite the restructuration of the North and East and bringing in vast development projects for the benefit of the Tamil Community, the hearts of the Tamil people do not seem to have expanded in gratitude to the government. The so called devolution of power would not have given the Tamil Community so much of benefits, that they already enjoying, with more promising a future in their sight.

The IDPs whine and complain to every visiting “representatives “ of the West , their lack of freedom of movement, desire to move out to their villages, forgetting the immense difficulties they under went under the jackboot of terrorism.

The Government, would certainly like to close down the camps and send the refugees to their homes as maintaining them in the refugee camps is costing as much as 9 million Rupees a day to the government.

The government is not keeping the IDPs in the camps either for its pleasure , or to take revenge from them. The government is considering the security of the IDPs themselves, and the security of the country as a whole, as all precautions have to be taken to avoid any form of reactivation of terrorism by those “former” terrorists who may still be languishing in the camps.

In the meantime there are those foreign elements who are waiting for a chance to create an atmosphere of fear in the IDP camps and make terrorism raise its head once again. Such a situation would help the West in their attempt to discredit the Government, and help the “non-patriotic Tamil expatriates” to contribute for activities of terror in Sri Lanka to eventually demand a Tamil Homeland..

Therefore, the time has come for the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka to become real patriots of the land they claim to be their motherland, and contribute to defend it against those foreign seemingly “do gooders “ from hindering the progress of the country, its development and the unity of the Communities.

The President has said in no uncertain terms that Sri Lanka has no minorities and that we are all One people of the same motherland. Why cannot the Tamils react to that generosity of a great President a like of whom we will not see for a long time after him ?

The Tamil Community of Sri Lanka should actively demonstrate their patriotism to the motherland. They should also decide either to trust the Sinhala people and develop a cordial relationship with them or continue a hypocritical pretence of acceptance while continuing to hate them for their being the majority community.

Best alternative open to the Tamils is to accept the Sinhala as their compatriots, and cooperate with them to make Sri Lanka a better place for all Communities to live together in peace and harmony. Few Tamils are willing to break through their narrow communal barriers to accept the other Communities heart and soul.

In that respect we remember with gratitude the late Rajini Thiranagama as an example of a Tamil woman seeking to unite communities, who was assassinated for that heroic attempt by the most ruthless terrorists. The other names that come to mind are those of late Lakshman Kadirgamar, or again late Jeyaraj Fernandopulle. Two of them were also assassinated by the terrorists.

How could the Tamil Community have even a shadow of a sympathy for these ruthless vampires of terrorism, or their selfish desire to setup a Tamil Homeland ?

Patriotism is not only being born into a Country. Patriotism is not claiming recognition of the difference of one community over the other. Patriotism is in accepting the whole country as it is with a close affinity to every one living in it without distinction of colour, religion, language, and ethnicity.

Patriotism is also the willingness to defend the unitary state of the country and the unity of its people at the risk of ones own life. The Tamil people in Sri Lanka should consider this seriously , and ask themselves to what extent they have contributed to this essence of patriotism to their motherland.

We have kinship with our own compatriots because we , or our fathers, and forefathers were all born in this glorious land of ours and were brought up in it. We may speak different languages, worship different Gods, wear different dresses or eat different food , but we are a part of the Sri Lankan Nation-children of the same motherland.

The Tamil people have so far remained silent through fear of retribution by the terrorists. Now that danger has been eliminated, the time has come for the Tamil people to speak out and defend the country against the perils that come from the West.

We cannot have any affinity or devotion to another country or another people in another place because the people in those countries or places speak the same language and worship the same god. Because we being the patriotic children of our own motherland Sri Lanka, our undivided devotion and attachment is to Sri Lanka and to no other country or place.

Hence, any one unwilling to concede to the President, who brought peace to this motherland of ours after thirty long years of suffering, respect and recognition due to him are not true patriots. Because heroes are rare, and a dedicated leader of the people is rarer.

To-day the President Mahinda Rajapakse Stands out as the National Leader who delivered the people of Sri Lanka from thirty years of suffering brought about by a ruthless group of terrorists.

President Mahinda Rajapakse made Sri Lanka the only developing country in the world that was able to fight single handed and eliminate a group of ruthless terrorists who had been well armed through the financial support accorded to them by a large expatriate Tamil Community. They were well organised and were thought to be invincible. The developed countries with their most modern war machines have failed to do as much as Sri Lanka, and they are not even closer to eliminate the terrorists they have been fighting against for years.

It is in a way the jealousy that makes the West take all measures to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights, and for war crimes. It is to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka so that it will not take away the lime light from the mighty white West.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Let us unite to stop the West from breaking up our country on false accusations of violation of human rights.

We can face the hypocrisy of the West , evidently led by the British and now the Assistant Secretary of State of USA Robert Blake, to undermine the development of our country and break it up territorially if possible, and come off unscathed only if all Sri Lankans are united behind the government,

It is not difficult to do if political division in our country is not made the instrument to strengthen personal ambitions.

But unfortunately each one of the opposition political parties, has its own axe to grind. And opposition to the President, and his government have been made the spring board to achieve their political ambitions. Take for instance the UNP. The UNP is determined to discredit the government, and make it unpopular for the only reason, that it hopes the fall of the government would bring it back to power and Ranil Wickramasinghe could be made the next President.

Then we have Mangala Samaraweera , a man with a heart full of hatred who cannot offer love and affection to the people and the country. He has no political backing, but nevertheless, is doing his best to put the people and political parties against the President to take vengeance, for his removal from the Ministerial post in the government, making him a political vagabond.

It is really pathetic with the JVP which had every chance to become an important political party. But it is today without any political space to place its foot. JVP is manoeuvring with all types of gimmicks, trade union action and creating unrest in universities, to discredit the government of the President hoping to form a government of its own at the next general election.

The JVP in its blind stupidity became traitors to the people of the country voting against the extension of the state of emergency. The State of emergency is a security measure to protect the people from any dangerous situation that could be created by terrorist that may still be lying low as “sleepers” awaiting for an opportunity to cause terror by setting up suicide bombs . Now Anura Dissanayake, Lal Kantha, Tilvin Silva, Herath are going round spraying poison of hatred, which will poison themselves rather than the President or his Government.

Rauf Hakeem is the most unreliable political nonentity, he perhaps hopes to become the next Prime Minister in case Ranil Wickramasinghe is elected the President. Mano Ganeshan, is basically a terrorist supporter and a rabble rouser, who hopes to bring the Tamils of Sri Lanka and those of Tamil Nadu to set up a Tamil Homeland. Mano Ganeshan is not a patriot, he is there to break up Sri Lanka and cause dissention.

If these persons could work for the country and its people instead of trying to fulfil their own personal ambitions, Sri Lanka could certainly become a developed nation of the world despite the barriers that are being put on its path by the West. Sri Lanka has the potential for development, what it lacks is unity and a greater sense of patriotism to make our country rise above poverty and develop into economic significance.

The preoccupation of the opposition parties in Sri Lanka today is not to help the President who has achieved so much for the country risking his own life without seeking personal gain. He is being accused for giving places of importance to members of his family. Any person who looks at the situation as it was when he was elected as the President, will understand , that what he needed most at the time to fulfil his determination to end terrorism was to have around him people whom he could trust.

In that situation who else could he have trusted more than his own brothers. We see in Mangala Samaraweera, who has turned out to be a bitter enemy of the President today, that he could not have been a man of trust and confidence as a friend,

Every Sri Lankan worthy of being a citizen of this great country, owes so much to the President and his brothers for delivering us from terrorism, which had been the greatest evil that stopped Sri Lanka from progress and development. The President had the sixth sense at the moment of need to select people to be around him who would stand by him to carry on the administration of the government while terrorism is being gradually eliminated by the Armed Forces.

Those who had crossed over from the UNP understood the value of the man who had been elected by the people to lead the country. They new, that it was he who could give the country the correct leadership.

It is time now for the politicians to forget their differences and stand by the government. The Tamil people had never been deprived of their rights . The Tamil Community had been treated equally by the respective governments, and more so by the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government.

It is the Tamil Politicians and the Tamil expatriates for their own personal benefit that continue to create an ethnic difference. There had been incidents involving the Tamils , the Muslims and the Sinhala. Those incidents cannot be continuously harped on to keep alive a non existent ethnic difference. The President and the Government should not, to satisfy the interfering International Community or the selfish Tamil politicians, sacrifice the rights of the Sinhala Community.

The ordinary people that count in the long run understand that the President and the Government had done their part for the benefit of the country and its people. Therefore, the opposition parties if they wish to have the support of the people at a future election, should rally round the government now to let the government carry out further progressive development for the benefit of the people and the country. The people will then recognise the opposition political parties as genuinely interested in the country and not seeking narrow personal benefits, by being critical of the government.

The International Community led by the former American Ambassador Robert Blake is joining with the pro terrorist expatriate Tamils who have no genuine interest in Sri Lanka other than to stop progressive development, and break it up to form a Tamil homeland. The only way to stop this dangerous manoeuvre is for all Sri Lankans to unite, behind the elected President and the Government.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Expose the hypocrisy of the West, and find an alternative leadership , India’s leadership is hampered by Tamil Nadu State Politicians

Time has come to expose the hypocrisy of the West- America, and the European Union, and find an alternative leadership with China, Russia, Iran, Libya and Vietnam. India’s leadership in Asia is hampered by Tamil Nadu State with its racist politicians.

The respect, high expectation of justice and fair play, and the awe with which the Western Nations were looked up to by the developing countries some of which were their former colonies have completely eroded. The Western Nation States, with their Human Rights watch, Amnesty International, UK Channel 4, and Western Officials of the UN System, have become for the developing world a bunch of untrustworthy, dishonest, scoundrels making a mockery of democracy of which they are supposed to be the inventers.

The Western Nation States are today hiding their nudity of the lack propriety of behaviour, and exemplary quality of fair judgement with the proverbial fig leaf of competitive technology and a declining prosperity. Their hypocrisy came to light in their deplorable attempt to keep alive a ruthless terrorism in a developing country-Sri Lanka namely, when they had vowed to fight terrorism any where in the world. They showed that they are unprincipled to the hilt and double tongued in their dealings with the world of nations other than those of their own.

They were out to divide Sri Lanka ethnically, territorially for the only reason of making it a divided poor dependent nation a protectorate of the West to make of it a strategic military out post to keep in check China, Russia and India, the rising new Nation of Asia. They manipulated to breakup the USSR, only to make Russia a powerful Nation. They intervened in the student riots of China in Tiananmen to hold back the development of China, only to make of it an economic giant in Asia.

In this respect, the American Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake, holding discussions with several expatriate Tamil Associations which were the front organisations of the terrorists of Sri Lanka, is a valid proof of Western dishonesty and political hypocrisy. The President Barack Obama if he does not put Robert Blake in his place will soon lose his popularity among the developing nations.

In the meantime the European Union has decided to withhold the GSP+ award for Sri Lanka apparel industry, confirming a concerted effort by the International Community to take revenge from Sri Lanka for the defeat of terrorism, which can also be seen as a part of the Western policy of keeping the developing nations poor.

Any excuse is enough for the Western Nation States to bar the economic progress of the countries of the third world. The excuse the EU gives for this blatant economical strangulation of Sri Lanka is that it has violated human rights. That is a flimsy excuse, compared to the enormity of the accomplished tasks of the Government and its Armed Forces to eliminate terrorism from the country, rescuing from the grip of terrorism , accommodating, feeding, taking care of, and providing security to 200,000 Tamil Civil population, until their villages are being prepared for their permanent settlement.

Sweden too has withdrawn its diplomatic Mission as a further attempt to weaken Sri Lanka and discredit the government. Milliband, Eric Solheim, and Kouchner perhaps contribute to accumulate evidence against Sri Lanka interposing Chanel 4 TV of UK to do their dirty work.

Under these circumstances the President Mahinda Rajapakse should be applauded for his seeking to establish diplomatic ties with the countries of the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa, such as Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco , Syria, Vietnam, and Kenya. We had so far been seeking diplomatic contact with the high and mighty Western Nation States, but they have failed to respect the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka for what it is , seeking to divide and create internal dissention using the expatriate elements as pawns.

We of the third world have to know who our real friends are, as Kipling had said “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet” , and there will always be underhand manoeuvres by the Western Nation States to keep the developing countries their dependent satellite states, without accepting them as equals.

The West had always sought to remain the leading Nations, without giving a chance for any one else to take their place. That was how they controlled the world, keeping the poor always poor.

At a G8 Summit Conference in London late Francois Mitterand the Socialist President of France stressed the necessity for the Nations of the North to develop those of the South. His argument was, that the development of the South will also solve some of the political problems of the North. The immigrants from less developed countries will stop migrating to the rich North if their countries are developed to provide them with a respectable standard of living.

But the rich West paid scant attention to Mr. Francois Mitterand’s plea. The Western States do not want to help the South. If they are genuinely interested in the poor of the South they would not dump excess harvest of American wheat in the sea, and pay the wheat cultivators to keep their fields barren, in order to maintain the wheat price high.

The West set up the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and gave loans to developing countries on their conditions. Their conditions were set out to enable the countries to pay back the interests on the loans, without getting involved with development programmes that would hamper the repayment of their debts. No third world country was able to develop according to their system of granting loans. It was another means of strangulation of the poor, putting them in to a “debt trap” set by the rich West.

The Western States, if they disagreed with a political system of a country, would invaded that country setting up one of their puppets in power as it happened in Grenada, or in Chilli. If not they set up commercial embargos putting the countries in greater difficulty, like the trade embargo on Cuba.

In Iraq before the “scandalous war” of the Bush Administration, the West declared an embargo against Iraq which resulted in thousands of children, old men and women dying due to lack of medicine resulting from the inhuman embargo on trade and medicine. Even the UN participated in economic sanctions against Iraq way back in 1990.

The Western States defend their own comfort and wellbeing at the cost of the lives of the poor people of the developing countries. And they dare accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights, because Sri Lanka eliminated terrorism and rescued 200,000 Tamil civilians from the grip of the terrorists. The ensuing problems are human problems that any country in such a situation would have to face,. This the Western Nation States, interposed by the Human Rights Activists, Amnesty International and the UN System officials, do not seem to understand, or do not want to understand.

The Western States are rich because of their conquests and colonisation of the third world countries. They have become rich and dominant, technically advanced, all because of their plundering of the poor Nations, mining their mineral wealth, exploiting their labour, and their countries in various ways. Despite this the West has refused to give the developing countries the essentials of technological know how, merely handing out repayable loans.

It is time that the hypocrisy of the West is exposed. It is time that the abhorrence of the West by all developing Countries, though still not openly manifested, is made evident. The trend set by Sri Lanka, to maintain and extend its diplomatic ties with more friendly countries like China, Russia, Iran, Israel, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Vietnam, Korea, Kenya, is commendable. It is a great step taken in the correct direction. India’s leadership in Asia is hampered by the Tamil Nadu State. Tamil Nadu, with its jokers of racist politicians like Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Vaiko, and the rest, is a barrier for India to be accepted as a true leader in Asia.

Sri Lanka should keep the developing countries informed of the Western hypocrisy, in its apparent animosity towards Sri Lanka ever since it eliminated a group of ruthless terrorists. And form a block which recognises the leader ship of the countries like China, Russia, Iran, Libya etc., as an alternative to the West-the West which we had once respected, of which we had high expectation of justice and fair play, and the awe with which we had once looked up to it.