Saturday, 24 September 2011

Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper should put his own house in order before announcing boycott of Commonwealth Summit in Colombo.

The Commonwealth of Nations is a dying Institution.  Australia and Canada if they continue  their false Human rights mission demanding progress in  human rights in Sri Lanka, without which they would  boycott the commonwealth Summit in Colombo, they may  only accelerate its demise.

Both Australia and Canada who have suddenly awakened to human rights issue should open their old cupboards to see the hidden frightening skeletons that speak a lot of their own past records of human rights. Australian  Green Party is trying to become a political force perhaps benefitting from the largess of the Sri Lanka Terrorist Front Organisations in Australia.

Australian Green’s Senator Lee Rhiannon (Senator for New South Wales) should instead of  barging, on the advice of the Clergyman Emmanuel of the  Global Tamil Forum,   into unknown territories demanding to drop Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth should look into the Australian aborigine issue  to allow them the right to climb the social ladder of equality among all citizens  in their own country and have more political power, better education facilities and a share in the country’s wealth.   

In Sri Lanka the aborigines have equal rights and their living conditions are being looked after more than the Australians doing their lot to the upliftment of the Australian Aborigines.  The Aborigines of Australia still  do not share full citizenship rights as the white Australians.  The voting rights of the Aborigines have been vastly restricted. It is only very recently that one or two aborigines have been elected to Provincial Councils  or the Parliament.

Canada is not second to Australia.  The Canadian Indians are not provided with equal opportunities, and yet the Canadian Prime Minister  dare speak of the human rights violation of the Sri Lanka Army in their military operations against terrorism and threatening to boycott the Commonwealth  Meeting in Sri Lanka if there is no progress in human rights.  Canadian Indians are bound by the Indian Act which is a restriction of the freedom of a section of its citizens.

It had been an uphill task  for many Canadians like John Corbière who fought to seek equality of Canadian Citizenship  for the Canadian Indians along side the white Canadians.  In the dedication of  a report “  Justice is Equality, prepared by the  Congress of Aboriginal People” reads :

“This report is dedicated to John Corbière, whose courage, persistence, commitment, and personal struggle on behalf of off-reserve people achieved the near impossible - the demolition of a portion of Canada's colonial and discriminatory Indian Act. We are honored to continue his fight, in the hope that the thousands of our people who continue their daily struggles to overcome the real barriers created by Canada's own "Berlin Wall" will eventually be able to move freely throughout Canada without the weight of the Indian Act breaking their backs and spirits. Thank you, John. It was a job well done. ”

Commonwealth of Nations when it was organized was called a “family of Nations”.  As all Western Institutions it was  floated with high principles, but  used  to inflict pain to  poor and feeble, to  enrich rich  powerful and the influential.

The Commonwealth of Nations consists of 54 member states  which were former British colonies except for  Mozambique and Rwanda. It is  an Intergovernmental Organization  with its member states considered equal in status without distinction of colour, country, or wealth.. 

It has a number of other non-governmental Organizations such as the Commonwealth Foundation and the Commonwealth Games,  collectively called the Commonwealth Family.  They strengthen the shared  culture of the  Commonwealth through common sports, literary heritage, political and legal practices , hence they are not considered foreign to each other and their diplomatic missions are designated as High Commissions. It is what is said about the Commonwealth of Nations. 

But to what extent is there  any cooperation or willingness to help one another, politically or otherwise to settle problems  and  foster unity among the Nations of the Commonwealth. If there were any “family ties” among the Nations of the Commonwealth, they should have become apparent  when Sri Lanka was being battered by terrorism to separate its people and territory.

But instead of supporting  “a family member of the Commonwealth of nations”, David Milliband  of UK was getting together pro terrorist Governments, Hillary Clinton of USA, Bernard Kouchner of France, Eric Solheim of Norway, Carl Bildt of Sweden and others to stop the military operations against the terrorists. But they did not at any time during the 30 years of terrorism intervene to give a helping hand to the Government of Sri Lanka either  for a peace settlement or  for a military solution.

And when the government of Sri Lanka determined to finish with terrorism under which it suffered for 30 years, without  any help from the Commonwealth of Nations or any of the pro-terrorist USA and European Nations, these very same nations along with other  Countries of the Commonwealth continue to attack Sri Lanka for  war crimes they suppose the Government Armed Forces had committed in the process of the elimination of terrorism.

Now two years after  the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka, and thousands of innocent Civilians murdered by the NATO forces in Libya, unknown numbers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, our “ Commonwealth Family Member” - Canada comes forward threatening  to boycott Commonwealth Games in Sri Lanka if Sri Lanka does not show progress in human rights, and demanding an investigation by an International Commission.. 

This call comes  despite our repeated assertion that we have a Committee of highly respected Elders of our own, making an investigation which is unbiased and objective, which we in Sri Lanka cannot  expect from a foreign Committee of Investigation.

Though Stephen Harper the Prime Minister of Canada jumps like a jack-in-the-box ,calling for progress in human rights in Sri Lanka,  Canada itself has no clean record  with regard to violation of human rights. 

In a  Blog Dedicated To Anti-Corruption Practices And Human Rights Violations, Val Guillaume a “ Human Rights Activist., says, that “ I am here to expose some of the evils, of human rights abuse in Canada. And  Support the fight for Human Rights in Canada.”

It states  that in , “…. Exposing the Canadian government's human rights abuse. Its disregard for respecting the International Standards on Human Rights. The corruption that is also pervasive in its politics. The targeting of individuals and marginalized groups. Focusing on its human rights abuse, such as the torture and abuse, of the rights, of those it has targeted, including the author of this blog.”

In  Global, an article, “ Canadian Government Rocked by Accusations of Abuse, Torture of Afghan Prisoners. “ by Roger Annis, it is stated :

“The charges were made by Richard Colvin, a highly placed diplomat in the Canadian embassy in Kabul during 2005-07, the years when Canada escalated its military role in Afghanistan.

Colvin testified on November 18 before the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on National Defense that he had sent more than 15 reports to his political superiors and the military high command warning that Canadian forces were complicit in the abuse and torture of Afghans it had detained. He said the practice of handing detainees over to Afghan authorities and then turning a blind eye to their treatment not only violated international law, but would also do incalculable damage to Canada’s role in the Afghan war and its reputation among the Afghan people.”

So when Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, says , “….. if he does not see human rights progress in Sri Lanka, he will boycott the 2013 Commonwealth summit in Colombo,” we would ask him  first to put his own house in order .

Stephen Harper cannot exonerate himself for violation of human rights in Canada.  And the Commonwealth has to ask why  Canada should not be suspended from membership in the Commonwealth of Nations for allowing Canadian Forces to be complicit  in the  abuse and torture of Afghans.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sampanthan and TNA have got the votes but they have not won the hearts of the people in Jaffna.

Sampanthan and his vociferous  acolytes of  the TNA because they won the Local Government Elections think they have become the voice of the people in the North. But they are mistaken if they think they are the uncontested representatives of the Tamil people in Jaffna.  They are certainly not that popular among at least the Jaffna intelligentsia as they seem to think.

I have many friends in Jaffna who do not agree with Sampanthan and his TNA gang.  One of them who had been living abroad for a long time and has come to live in Jaffna writes

“After quite a long time it is only now we  are free to talk.  We thank all the good people who tirelessly worked to bring this fresh air of freedom to the people of Jaffna.  Now it is time to improve interaction between the people of different communities in Sri Lanka.  I notice in Jaffna even close relatives have failed to maintain cordial relationships among them. There is a distrust even among families. Lack of love is a major problem.  Families are “pretending” to be normal families. 

“When there were terrorists they did not speak freely, because they were frightened of the terrorists.  Even to-day they live with that fear and they pretend to like TNA as they are frightened of the TNA as they were frightened of the terrorists.

“There is suspicion and lack of sincerity.  People are unfriendly and even families  pretend unity and every body seems busy trying to do some thing,  but there is unhappiness. Lack of real love and affection among the Tamil  people seem to be a  major problem.   If there is no love and affection among the people in Jaffna how can they extend  it to other Communities elsewhere in Sri Lanka ?”

My friend was born in the South of Sri Lanka, but came later to  Jaffna. That may perhaps be why he  does not look at the Sinhala with the same eye of the TNA MPs who brandish a separatist agenda and sows seeds of hatred towards Sinhala which begins to  rebound on the Tamils themselves.

My friend from Jaffna  is a vegetarian. He says the religious concept is slowly changing.  He has a poor opinion of the  Jaffna version of Hinduism which he says is a cult. “ It is not helping the people to develop love. It is propagating subtle violence”. He adds, “  it may seem an exaggerated opinion  but  I  tell you as you may understand or at least  will be willing to consider this side of the truth.”

He says that, “ every home and every houses are full of problems and siblings are living with mutual suspicion or hatred.”

He questions, “ why do these people live with out any fine feeling about life?  They are their own enemies .  they have forgotten to laugh and smile.  Our religion has taken away  our freedom of thought, our thoughts are based on fear of God not of  God’s divine love which we can share with our people.  We talk like parrots of our dharma Karma or moksha, but seriously speaking these people  have no idea of what they speak.  They have become very materialistic in Jaffna, but they talk and talk about God.  This is a pathetic situation and I truly believe  this is the  root cause of  many other problems.”

My friend continues, “ I do not know what to do with our people.   Life is more important, than any thing else but our people seem to have a low level of self esteem, therefore they are ready to follow this cause and the other  living in a fools paradise.  Very few people  are changing.”

In another e-mail he  repeats what he had said before, “  I am really tired to see my fellow Tamils in Jaffna, specially the so called elite Community.  These people are not friendly.  Every one seems to be hostile to each other .  I don’t know what type of culture this is.  The TNA politicians are hate mongers.  Another biggest culprit in this respect is UTHAYAN Tamil Daily. The TNA and Uthayan  are the two factors that poison the minds of the people in Jaffna.”

He continues, “I think Sri Lanka needs a law to make “ hate “ a  crime and implement it strictly. Recently TNA had a meeting near my home they put loud speakers it was  horrible. They still talk in the  same old racist  way. They  are still not matured or civilized. Their children are abroad and they cannot even speak Tamil, but they insist that the Tamil population has to grow in the Talibanic way.

“The good people are afraid to come to politics and bad people are everywhere. what to do? “

“Basically Jaffna life is very boring for me. People are only interested in day to day matters or money making. They don’t read, they don’t sing, they don’t paint, they don’t study philosophy or any literature . Oh! its really sad to see that these people are so EMPTY. When ever I meet some people its really very very sad they don’t seem to know many things. Tamil politicians know this and they are exploiting  these people  easily.”

He says that the TNA MPs are making a big noise because they are so empty inside.  “ They have no confidence in themselves, so they go to India to solve the problems they have in Sri Lanka.  The Tamil people question why are TNA MPs always going to India to find solution for problems they have in Sri Lanka without trying to  find solutions and settle matters here.  But the ordinary Tamil people still remember what had been going on in the past, and being afraid they easily give in to TNA MPs.”

“When ever I happen to be in gatherings people talk about money,  land  schools abroad , and  scholarships.  They talk about  petty fights of  siblings. They don’t enjoy their lives.
Younger generation  wants to go abroad or to Colombo. Even older people now prefer to settle down somewhere  abroad or in Colombo. Main reason for this exodus  seems to be they want to  run away from themselves, their problems. But  they cannot get away from their karma.”

“ We are the only people  who have come from living abroad to settle down here.  We have not been accepted by the people here.   Some of them even suggest that we get back.  If things get worse and I do not find  a means to help these people in some way , I may have to go back however much sad it would be.”   

In another e-mail after the Local Government Elections in Jaffna he writes, “….this Sampanthan and his gangsters are just thieves. I am very much tired about whole TNA. I will never trust TNA, or FP or TULF, and  I did not like  leaders such as Chelvanayagam Amirthalingam and company. Only leader I respected and supported was late Mr Alfred Thangaraja Duraippa. The rest are the garbage. I  don’t read the TNA's bunch of lies. For years and years these people repeat the  same old stories. Its not a pleasure to waste my time reading these poisonous ramblings of third grade politicians.

“ Every body knows Prabakaran was the biggest disgrace to the whole of mankind. Many  of these politicians such as those of the TNA supported that fanatic and pushed the people to prostrate at his feet.

My Friend in Jaffna says, “…I think TNA MPs are the sole living war criminals and we have to file a case against these criminals.  God will definitely punish them.”

He added, “… The present government is doing very well in almost every front of governance.  Western world is very much in political nakedness. Whole world knew the Tigers were terrorist. Only country that completely eliminated terrorism is SRI LANKA.
I think the West still don’t want to believe that Sri Lanka is the only country which has that caliber. “

“It is after  a very long time I am telling my political opinion so strongly to someone .”

When I wrote to ask my Tamil friend in Jaffna  whether I could put together his e-mails in to an article , he said, “….dear Charles, Thank you for considering  my points of view. You can include my opinion. Please do not put my name because you know many mad people are around here. I hope they will not do me any harm but they will simply outcast me. “

In the mean time, my other  friend Thurai writes, “Dear Charles,  Deep &  dark side of LTTE have close contacts with Indian Hindu fundamentalist. They are dealing with large sum of Black money. Now both have contacts with BJP, through Rev. father Emmanuel’s  World Tamil Forum.

They use the Tamil & Sinhala Problem without considering the wealth or death of Sri Lankan
Tamils, to take financial  benefits from Tamil Diaspora. They have close Businesses & Cinema dealings with South India. I found a Jaffna Boy who had arrived in Europe at 15 Years now he  is 40year and is a   Billionaire and has his   a own firm.

Jaffna Tamils will never understand the truth unless  someone exposes the truth of TNA (Mostly High Cast Tamils) and their supporters who have illegal dealings with India.

You know Indian politicians are No. 1 in Black money savings in Swiss Bank
2nd are LTTE supporters. We have to work with Jaffna Tamils to make them understand the truth, by providing Employment and good prospectus and at the same time exposing the true face of TNA to the Tamils and the world.

 This is the truth about TNA.  The government should make them responsible for the  terrorism in Sri Lanka and file action against them.  If there were civilian deaths at the end of the military operations against terrorists, the TNA MPs are responsible more than the Army.  Because the army was doing its duty to eliminate terrorism for the security of the people and the country, where as the TNA MPs were the proxi for the terrorists aiding and abetting standing in safety outside the heat of the war Zone.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Robert O’Blake we do not like you……. Probably you know why ?

 There are two foreign busybodies among others we in Sri Lanka  specially dislike; one is Eric Solheim and the other  Robert O’Blake.  Both of them should be persona non grata to Sri Lanka.  But unfortunately Sri Lanka is not a powerful country and diplomatic relations mean a lot in the modern cruel democracy and therefore we are compelled to tolerate them.  We cannot offend the American Assistant Secretary of State as America also means danger to countries that cannot stand against them militarily.
We see what happened in Libya.   7500 NATO bombs have left not many buildings standing. In Tripoli.  Today Tripoli is a ghost city. It may be Syria next, and Iran later  and North Korea may be still later, and what next we do not know.  It depends on people like Robert O’Blake.
If we do not give into his hypocritical smile we may have to end up like Tripoli.  Such is his sincerity.  He was a sympathizer of the Sri Lanka Terrorists, who did not pose a danger to America or the Western Countries.  For them despite the LTTE terrorists were a banned group, they nevertheless entertained good relations with the terrorists of Sri Lanka. For them they were rebels and  given the chance they would have infiltrated into the country with sophisticate bombs and military advisers to help the terrorists to divide  Sri Lanka or take it over completely as the rebels did in Libya.
The masks the West had been wearing dealing with the developing world have been taken off. West does not spell democracy any more.  Their democracy has taken a different turn from  the democracy they  offered to us.  Sadam Hussain  was a friend of USA.  George Bush was his special friend.  But USA declared war on Iraq after a long and painful  embargo and finally got him hanged.  Colonel Gaddafi was  also a friend of  USA and the Western leaders.  They declared war  in Libya and now they are seeking to “hang” Gaddafi as well that is how modern democracy works. If there are rebels in a country cultivate them strengthen them to enable them ultimately to change the government.
The USA and West now stand for a sort of dictatorship of the powerful, and with their new found ideas of human rights, right to protect, etc they give goose pimples to developing nations of the world.  One thing is clear,  the West is unfriendly towards the developing Nations. They are seeking world leadership despite the falling value of their money, and the drying up  of their popularity and they steam roll any developing country which cultivates good relations with China, Russia, Cuba, Iran etc..
Robert O’Blake has a ready smile.  Behind that is a mysterious  mind hatching  and planning destruction to a developing country like Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka cannot be accused for being under a dictator, because the President Mahinda Rajapakse was elected with almost a two third majority and he is very popular among the people. He is a democrat in the real sense of the word. He is not a racist working equally for the welfare and upliftment of all communities.
Therefore there is no question of raising accusations against the President and his government.  The President Mahinda Rajapakse is not corrupt and no one can  point  his finger at him for  undermining the confidence the people have placed in him.  The local political opponent will come out with all sorts of accusations without any foundation, which is a common  modus operandi of all political opponents to a government in power.  And of course the « stupid » expatriate Tamils affiliated to Global Tamil Forum of Emmanuel and those of the terrorist front organizations will not see in President Mahind Rajpakse a generous, kind , and a common man’s President.
Robert Blake is paying a visit to Sri Lanka as the US Assistant Secretary of State  not to  bring any message of good will and see and appreciate what the President and the Government of Sri Lanka had been doing  since the defeat of terrorism to develop the country and reconcile the communities. 
Blake comes to see what is wrong  and where he could find loop holes to criticise the President and the Government  and to ask  the government to devolve power to the ethnic minority without any further delay. That is what they continue to say having failed to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for any thing else.
Robert Blake is not capable of any thing positive.  We have to tell him that Sri Lanka has nothing to learn from him. This we have to say as the President or the Government will not say that as  diplomaitc etiquette requires not to say the evident  « truth ».  But on the other hand USA has to learn a lot from this small country and its present leadersip.
Sri Lanka is making friends every where  and its only the West that is out to find fault with it and threaten to take our Armed Forces before a tribunal accused  for war crimes for the simple reason that our Armed Forces  eliminated the terrorists in Sri Lanka , who did not pose a problem to the West. But on the other hand the terrorists of Sri Lanka  were perfect host to the Western Government  representatives and their ambassadors  when ever  they visted the terrorists in Kilinochchi.
Now why don’t we like Robert Blake ?  Because when he was the USA Ambassador in Sri Lanka he did not allow  the Government of Sri Lanka to assert itself against the terrorists. Robert Blake the Ambassador parroted all the time that there was no solution to terrorism other than a political solution. When the Government accepted to negotiate with the terrorists, the terrorists  refused to negotiate breaking up negotiations half way and to show their disapproval of a negotiated settlement by placing Claymore bombs in buses and trains and killing large numbers of innocent civilians, blasting suicide bombs, killing Ministers, Presidents , and innocent civilians.
Then Robert Blake and his Western friends did not intervene with the terrorists to force them to come to a negotiated settlement , but all the forcing and pontifications were leveled at the Government.  When finally the Government of Sri Lanka began military operations against the terrorists, the USA and the West  criticized the government, and sent high level  government representatives to advice the Government of Sri Lanka to negotiate a political settlement.
When the Government was adamant to continue its military operations against the terrorists, Robert Blake took every opportunity in Sri Lanka and abroad to condemn the military operations of the government reiterating  that the only solution to terrorism is a political solution. 
Robert Blake took careful action to cultivated anti government local media and Tamil and Sinhala  anti-government human rights activists  and Tamil politicians to continue  an effective opposition against the Government’s military operations against the terrorists.
Mano Ganeshan a young pro terrorist Tamil politicians was selected for   a US Peace award.  Pakiasothy Saravanamutta and Jehan Perera  became unofficial advisers on local affairs to Blake .  UNESCO  too moved in condemning  the Government for the death of journalists of the terrorist’s  radio station in the  governments bombardment of terrorist controlled areas.  UNESCO also presented an award posthumously to an anti Government journalist and another to a senior Tamil politicians who was peddling a racist view.  Behind all these activities there was the unseen hand of Robert Blake.
At the height of the military operations against the terrorists, the Tamil Nadu state was hell bent in saving the terrorists by demanding the central government of India to intervene with the Government of Sri Lanka to demand a cease fire.  At that crucial time Robert Blake attended a meeting in Tamil Nadu where he criticized the Sri Lanka Government for its military operations against terrorism, saying  that there is no military solution possible to end  terrorism and the only solution is a political one.
Robert Blake arranged a meeting with David Miliband and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to condemn the military operations of the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces against the terrorists and to advise that the government engage with the terrorists to find a political solution.
When finally the Sri Lanka Armed Forces eliminated the terrorists,   Robert Blake and the Western governments did not allow time for the people of Sri Lanka and their Armed Forces  at last to enjoy the freedom from fear of terrorism that had lasted three decades.  Robert Blake, US State Department, ad representatives of UNSG visited Sri Lanka not to felicitate the Government of Sri Lanka  for the elimination of a ruthless group of terrorists, but to find loop holes to accuse the government of Sri Lanka and its Government Forces for  violation of human rights, and create new problems  to put the people and the Government of Sri Lanka in to  further peril of a possible civil war.
Fortunately it did not work as they wished. The aftermath of the end of terrorism was a relief for every community in Sri Lanka. Disappointed without a backlash the  West  restricted their investigations  to the last phase of the military operations to eliminate terrorism, to find some means to take revenge from the Government and Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, for it stubborn pursuit of a military solution despite the political solution they proposed.
It is in that effort that  they with the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN and host of others began to accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights  and threatened taking the Armed Forces before a tribunal for war crimes.  They demanded an independent international investigation, which the Government of Sri Lanka rightly refused and appointed the LLRC.
Now Robert Blake comes after the Channel 4 saga, Amnesty International’s bogus report ,  and Darusmans  cut and paste report to give his opinion on the LLRC and meet a wide range of  persons in Sri Lanka to make what he thinks is  coming from his great wisdom  about men and matters.
We really do not want Robert Blake’s opinion on matters we have the maturity to understand and  have the ability to  effectively solve them.  Robert Blake had been wrong from the beginning with regard to Sri Lanka.  He never expected us to be successful with the military solution , or if he knew that the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces may eliminate the terrorists, he  at least  wanted to save his friends and may be take them away to America.  Having failed in that project now he comes to solve our problems about  which he  knows nothing.
Thank you Robert O’Blake for all your efforts from the beginning to upset the apple cart here in Sri Lanka. But please get off the back of Sri Lanka now  and  let the President Mahinda Rajapakse who successfully eliminated terrorism when every body said it is impossible  to carry on his work to take the country forward and solve all problems with local solutions without Robert Blake , or interferers putting their nose in to things they cannot understand and will never be able to understand.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Amnesty International precipitated the release of a report criticizing the LLRC to mislead members of the UN Human Rights Council. in Geneva

 Participants at the 16th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

Amnesty International is an organization with a large budget.  People like George Soros  who donated US$ 100 million to Human Rights Watch had also made large donations to Amnesty International .   There are so contributions made to it by individuals and groups. 

It is probable that the LTTE terrorist front organizations of the Sri Lanka  expatriate Tamils  too have contributed heavily to the Amnesty International. Therefore, AI has  to work to justify receiving these funds, and the only work they seem to be doing is issuing reports on developing countries creating  most often imagined situations to justify a report as in the case of Sri Lanka . 

But what has Amnesty International really done  to improve the condition of the people who had been victimized  by terrorists for instance other than issuing reports condemning a country  based on hearsay evidence ? The Sri Lanka Armed Forces apart from eliminating the terrorists also rescued 300,000 Tamil civilians kept as a human shield by the terrorists.  This the Amnesty International is very slow to admit, if not at all.

These reports are at least what they could show as their contribution for  work- to protect human rights, to justify the heavy funds in collects.  AI of course uses these money to pay handsome salaries to its own  staff and apparently there are  Confidential Agreements between the AI and its staff to pay heavy sums of money as gifts on their leaving the  organization. That was revealed in the case of the payments to Irene Khan its former Secretary General.

It was revealed in February, 2011 that the out going Secretary General of AI, Irene Khan received a payment of UK £ 533,103 from the AI following her resignation from the Organization.  The Deputy Secretary General Kate Gilmore also received an ex-gratia payment of  UK £ 320,000 on her retirement.  It is reported that Irene Khan was paid such a large sum of money  by the International Executive Committee of the AI as she was reluctant to retire at the end of her second term.  That was therefore an inducement for her to retire.

The new Secretary General and his staff  are therefore working hard to preserve their very handsome salaries and a possible  gift of a substantial sum of money on their retirement. It is for that purpose that they have to issue at least a report to justify the existence of Amnesty International with a considerable sum of money to spend.  Hence the reports they issue from time to time which are absurd and have no value.

Once the President Bush commenting on one of its reports had said, ''It seemed like (Amnesty) based some of their decisions on the word and allegations by people who were held in detention, people who hate America, people had been trained in some instances to disassemble (sic) -- that means not tell the truth'', Bush went on. ''And so it was an absurd report. It just is''.

The President George Bush had said a “mouthful” and what more can one add about Amnesty International’s latest report on Sri Lanka issued to coincide with the United Nations Human Rights Council session scheduled to begin on September 12 in Geneva ?

The Report of the Amnesty International is absurd and not worth the paper on which it has been written as it has made unsubstantiated allegations against  the LLRC a committee appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka with a sufficiently extensive mandate to make a complete investigation in to the terrorism and the military operations to eliminate the terrorists in Sri Lanka.  The report of the Amnesty International is as unreliable as the Darusman report to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

LLRC as  mentioned above  was a committee appointed by the President of the Government of Sri Lanka to go in depth to the period of terrorism and examine exactly what happened and to what extent Armed Forces, the terrorists or others were responsible  for any  condemnable actions and violations of rights. 

It consists of very qualified persons who are highly  respected by the people , independent of political affiliations  or  personal relationships to  any one in the Government.  They are all Sri Lankans and are therefore coloured persons. 

The Amnesty International being mainly made up of White persons of the Western Community  have their prejudices against coloured people.  Therefore naturally they will look at the LLRC with their  prejudices and will have nothing but criticism against it, caring less about qualifications and the social status of the persons, but judging them from the colour of their skin.

The other point one should take into consideration is that the Amnesty International was invited by the LLRC to present their case against the Government of Sri Lanka or against its Armed Forces.  But this invitation the Amnesty International  totally refused to accept as evidently they had no substantial information to present before the LLRC.  A false report is far more effective  even if it were to be  challenged as it has been written down and brought to the notice of  the public.

Like the UK Channel 4 Video which was evidently faked and had no eyewitness accounts to substantiate the  scenes  it depicted and statements made by anonymous witnesses.  But even the US House representatives like Howard Berman  were gullible enough to accept it and take action detrimental to Sri Lanka.

This is what Sam Zarifi its Asia Pacific Director says in the report:
“The Sri Lankan government has, for almost two years, used the LLRC as its trump card in lobbying against an independent international investigation. Officials described it as a credible accountability mechanism, able to deliver justice and promote reconciliation. In reality it’s flawed at every level: in mandate, composition and practice,”

How can this man Zarifi make a judgement of the LLRC other than from what he has  heard from some one, if he did not have the “guts” to present himself before the LLRC when he was invited.  That was an occasion for the Amnesty International  to have seen  for itself if the  LLRC was  “fundamentally flawed and  provides no accountability for atrocities ». That they failed to do. 

Why does AI now make this « absurd » report other than to mislead the members of the United Nations Human Rights Council ?

This report of the Amnesty International like the Video of the UK Channel 4 is made up of reports they have read in the internet, information collected from the terrorist front Agents the expatriate Tamils of Sri Lanka,  the Global Tamil Forum and those in UK, Canada , USA and Germany.

Further more the report of the LLRC has still not been released, and therefore what is the basis on which the Amnesty International  make such drastic uncalled for criticism of  a Committee appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka ?  

Knowing what the West are capable of doing to the developing countries,  and reading the absurdity of the  “flawed” report  the AI has issued,  we in Sri Lanka cannot and will not consider an International Committee of Investigation will do any thing better than what our own LLRC is able to do. 

We rely on the LLRC and we will accept their report and  not a report of an International  Committee composed of persons who would be strangers to our way of thinking, our culture and our language.  We saw it in the Darusman Panel report to Ban Ki Moon.

The Amnesty International  report says the LLRC ‘s mandate is far short of international standards for such inquiries. How could they make an issue of the mandate given to the LLRC ? 

If there is  a standard mandate in keeping with international standard for investigations,   such a mandate cannot be extended to any situation in any country.   A mandate should be given relevant to the issues to be investigated,  and respectful of the cultural and national values.  What is justifiable in the West according to their justice are not  applicable to India,  Sri Lanka or China

As President Bush had said once in relation to a report of the Amnesty International the present report of the  Amnesty  International is based on  the imagination of Sam Zarifi and his colleagues.

Therefore as President Bush said  ''It seemed like (Amnesty) based some of their decisions on the word and allegations by people who were held in detention, people who hate America, people had been trained in some instances to disassemble (sic) -- that means not tell the truth'', Bush went on. ''And so it was an absurd report. It just is''.

This « absurd report » of the Amnesty International against the LLRC,  states  that  “ A UN Panel of Experts’ report on Sri Lanka submitted to Ban Ki-moon on 12 April 2011 found credible allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by both government forces and the LTTE, and recommended establishing an “independent international mechanism” to investigate allegations.

This itself shows the AI has put together in a hurry this  absurd  report  which criticises a still unreleased report of the LLRC and accepts a very much flawed report issued by the Darusman Panel  of which the Secretary General of UN himself seems to have doubts .  As a report on what happened on Sri Lanka during the final phase of the military operations to eliminate terrorists the Darusman Panel  report  is  full of unverifiable statements  and had been made depending solely on the reports in the websites  of  Sri Lanka terrorists and their supporters, and information received from the pro- terrorist expatriate Tamils.  The panel never stepped into Sri Lanka at any time to verify facts or incidents it had written about.

How can the  Amnesty International level any criticism at the LLRC and its mandate before  the report of the Committee has been released, or having had  no direct contact with the LLRC to see how it works ?

This shows beyond any doubt that the object of  this precipitation to  release a report is to mislead the UN Human Rights Council and get it to pass a resolution  demanding  an International Independent Investigation in place of the LLRC. They are undoubtedly wanting to be a part of it and  spend a well paid holiday in Sri Lanka !

The report of the AI had been written without  having a glimmer of information about  the LLRC and how it conducted its investigations, but with the sole intention  to mislead the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva  in mind, and  with a view to high light  what is in the following two paragraphs of their absurd report :

“The international community must not be deceived into viewing the LLRC as a credible replacement for an international inquiry – this would allow war crimes and crimes against humanity to go unchallenged,” said Sam Zarifi.

“Only an international, independent investigation can deliver justice to the thousands of victims of Sri Lanka’s brutal conflict. Only then will the voices of victims really be heard. And only then can the process of post-conflict reconciliation begin to move forward”

It is well known that certain Western Countries  spearheaded the demand to take the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka before a tribunal accused of war crimes. It was  primarily because the Government of Sri Lanka did not agree on a political solution with the terrorists demanded by these Western Governments, but decided on a military solution and succeeded in eliminating  terrorism militarily.

Amnesty International  acts in concert with other agents and Governments.  In the present case the Amnesty International seems to act in concert with those Western Governments  and perhaps also acceding to the demands of the Terrorist Front Organizations of the expatriate Tamils in UK, USA , Canada, Germany and Norway.

The fact that the Amnesty International does not act independently is seen from the following extract taken from the Wikipedia. 

University of Illinois professor of international law Francis Boyle, who was a member of the board of Amnesty International USA at the end of the 1980s/early 1990s, claims that Amnesty International USA acted in ways closely related to United States and United Kingdom foreign policy interests. He stated that Amnesty, along with other human rights organizations in the US, failed to criticise sufficiently the Sabra and Shatila Massacre in Lebanon.
 Boyle stated his suspicion that the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, based geographically in London, UK, was also subject to this bias. He attributes the alleged links between Amnesty International and US and UK foreign policy interests to the relatively large financial contribution of Amnesty International USA to AI's international budget, which he estimated at 20%.”

The Members of the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva on the 12 September, 2011, should question why Sri Lanka has been  accused  in isolation for the violation of human rights in the course of the elimination of terrorists, demanding an international investigation, when USA, France , UK, Netherland  who are killing civilians  in Iraq, Afghanistan and boarder lands of Pakistan, and NATO forces  dropped  7500 bombs in Libya killing civilians despite the UN Security Council Sanctions which limited its sanction to survey the Libyan sky, go scot free without any questions asked or any report presented to the UN Human Rights Council for their callous military operations and violation of human rights?

One has to add that the US special force entering a Sovereign State to murder an unarmed Osama Bin Laden killing the civilians in the operation is also violation of human rights and a war crime.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

What happened to Barrack Obama the man in his early twenties found his vocation working among poor communities on the south side of Chicago ?

Young Barrack Obama  of  a white American mother and  a black Kenyan father  was from his  child hood sneered and victimized  in different ways because his skin was black.

 He is clever with words and he wrote two books : Dreams from my Father , and  The Audacity of Hope. The books give lot of insight into Barack Obama’s political philosophy.  The extracts given below were taken from his books.

He says that « At least on the  basketball court I could find a community of sorts, with an inner life  all its own . It was there  that I would make my  closest white friends , on turf  where blackness  couldn’t be a disadvantage.  And it was there  that I would meet  Ray  and the other blacks close to my age  who had begun to trickle  into the Islands, teenagers whose  confusion and anger  would help shape my own. «  that’s just how  white folks will do you »  one of them might say when we are alone. » .

Barrack Obama’s tennis pro  told him during a tournament  that he should not touch the  schedule of matches  pinned up to the bulletin board  because his colour might rub off ;…………..He once told his friend Ray,  angered by a «  stout defensive tackle named Kurt » …It’s there world, all right ? They own it , and we in it……

Barrack Obama  tells his friend Regina why he reads Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, « ….because the book teaches me things, …..about white people, I mean.  See, the book’s not really about Africa. Or black people. It’s about the man who wrote it.  It’s  The European.  The American. A particular way  of looking at the world. If you can keep your distance , it’s all there, in what’s said and  what’s left unsaid.  So I read the book to help me understand  just what it is that makes white people so afraid. Their demons. The way ideas get twisted around .  It helps me understand how people learn to hate. »

Disinterested in a film  he was seeing with his mother and sister he reminiscences of a conversation he had with an Englishman a friend of his mother who was working for an International Aid Organisation in Africa and Asia.  The Englishman spoke of the strangeness of the Dik of Sudan with whom he worked , and how different they were and that they remained aliens to him despite working with them for one year. « They laughed at the things  that drove me to despair.  What I thought was funny seemed to leave them stone cold » .

Obama  remembered that he had spared him  the information that the  Dik were  Nilotes, distant cousins of his..  Obama says in relation to this conversation : « …….The emotions between races could never be pure ; even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other  some element that was  missing in ourselves.  Whether we sought out  our demons  or salvation, the other race would always remain  just that : menacing, alien and apart. »

This type of intellectual depth in dealing with Nations of People is missing in the people like Robert Blake, Hillary Clinton and rest of the interfering  Westerners of the Human rights watch, Amnesty International.

Barack Obama who had lived with the wounds of a black man of an ethnic minority among a white majority knows how difficult it is to make the white majority understand   the minority  without the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in them. 

Barack Obama should therefore know better how the ethnic minorities should behave towards the majority to finally win over their confidence and affection despite  their desire to find in the other “some element” that may be  missing in them.

Applying these experiences of Barack Obama if he were to evaluate Sri Lanka’s ethnic problem created by the vested interest of the Tamil politicians, and the expatriate community-which is completely ignorant of the Sinhala people of whom they only have “ a hearsay” knowledge , President Barack Obama  would not agree with devolution of political power to the minority ethnic Community of Tamils.

He would instead advice the Tamil minority to work closely with the majority as he did with the white Americans, despite the  victimization he had to suffer under them as a black African of a minority ethnic community.  Obama was able to win over a majority of the whites on to his side through his non aggressive  political cooperation with the aggressive American white population . ( Would not that be an excellent example to follow by  the Sri Lankan Tamil Parliamentarians of the TNA and Kumar David to make note of it ?)

Though Barack Obama  had seen the  non-violent Black American movement with large manifestations demanding  racial equality, he thought even that could be taken as a ”violent” manifestation of the Blacks against white leadership. 

Therefore Barack Obama was intelligent to set a side all such devises which have any semblance of  aggressivity as a deterrent to the unity of the communities putting one against the other.  He did not call for devolution of power or  egality of chance for  Black minority   in a majority white society, but he worked hand in hand with the white majority accepting them as compatriots not as whites.  He did not form a political party  for the Black Americans , but joined the political parties of the American White Majority. And finally ended up being the President of  all Americans without distinct of race or colour.

That was a lesson  Barrack Obama learnt living painfully with the white Americans and working with them.  Robert Blake, Hillary Clinton,  Howard Berman….. cannot have the same political  philosophy of Barack Obama because they have not gone through the same racial victimization which  Barack Obama had gone through living with them.

There is no difference between communities within a country , and developing countries among  nations holding power and wealth with which  they can control the developing countries.  Barack Obama has understood that but to put into practice his political philosophy to help the developing nations unfortunately he has no people like him to run the American Administrative apparatus. 

Therefore though Barack Obama is the 44th  President coming from the black ethnic Community he is a prisoner amoung the  whites who run his Administration, not the way he wants but the way the  American Administration always worked whether it was under Carter, Regan , Clinton or Bush.

When he was campaigning for his Presidential election he had wonderful  visions of  hope   to make America already unpopular in the world more acceptable, and to give the American people   tired of the on going American Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with  their children unnecessarily massacred or some  of them returning  psychologically mutilated,  some sort of a relief, a change,  by withdrawing from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He wanted to clear America  from the negative  publicity  it had received  as a perverted war mongering  Nation of torturers,  by closing down the war camps at Guantanamo.  He wanted to have good relations with Cuba. He wanted to bring back the American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. That was the part of the  change and hope  he had promised to the American people.

The world believed in him and wished for a changed America more generous and peaceful, seeking dialogue to settle political differences rather than guns.  His visit to Europe was a tremendous success. Large numbers of youth converged to receive him, he was the new hope for a broken world tired of aggressive American politics.

But unfortunately when he became the President he could  not find  the correct people who could think like him , people who understood his political philosophy and help him make America different from what it had been for years.  He had to make do with the same  administrators trained by the Clinton Administration, and the Administration of the war mongering George Bush. 

An example is Robert Blake, who is still carrying out the policies of Bush.  Robert Blake was however, recruited by Hillary Clinton who could not think of some one  better than a Junior Ambassador with little experience,  and like her cannot grasp the political philosophy of an in experienced black President.

President Barack Obama’s  Secretary of State is the wife of President Clinton and  she may have an inkling of  President Barack Obama’s political vision, but she has not understand  his political philosophy, with which he  had been  brought up.

Barack Obama  writes  “…that what binds us together is greater than what drives us apart.”   That he should  have understood not in the narrow sense of being American , but in the larger sense of the world of nations, in his relation with other nations of the world, be it that of Cuba, France, UK, Germany, Libya, North Korea, China, Iran, India  or Sri Lanka.  There is always a way for reconciliation with other countries without threat, belligerence or aggressivity as much as it is within the country with communities, and political opponents.

He also says, “……We value patriotism and the obligation of citizenship, a sense of duty and sacrifice  on behalf of our nation. We value a faith in something  bigger than ourselves, whether that something  expresses itself  in formal religion or ethical precepts.  And we value the constellation of behaviour  that expresses our mutual regard  for one another: honesty, fairness, humility, kindness, courtesy, and compassion.” 

Should   all that be  in respect of the Americans or  should not that be extended to the whole world of nations who had been looking forward to a change in the hitherto aggressive policies of American Administration ?

The President Barack Obama is today a man different from what he professed to be in his two books from which I have quoted.

In relation to Sri Lanka the America is the self same  aggressive , dominant political bully. It is not Barrack Obama but it is Hillary Clinton, Robert Blake and the House Representative Howard Berman who sponsored  in the House Foreign Affairs Committee,  measure to ban all US Government Funding to Sri Lanka, ………. in a voice vote, with the specification “..only to allow aid once the administration certifies progress by Sri Lanka on Key Concerns-i.e., "accountability for those involved in violations of human rights and war crimes at the end of Sri Lanka's civil war.”,  who have twisted Barack Obama’s political philosophy to replace it with their age old American arm twisting method for a developing nation like Sri Lanka. 
Sri Lanka has become their political nightmare as it toes a neutral political path making friends with all Nations and profiting enormously from the political path it has taken.  It this that annoys the West.

It was against all political ethics and good diplomacy for the American Secretary of State to have paid a special visit to a Chief Ministers of a Provincial State of India to discuss internal matters of  Sri Lanka a neighbouring Sovereign State .  Such discussions on Sri Lanka should have been discussed with the President  or the Prime Minister of the Central Government of India and none other.

This was arranged by a “pompous” diplomatically in experienced Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake the friend of the Sri Lankan terrorists, who is from the Bush Administration  and had arranged the meeting of Jayalalitha and Hillary Clinton  in abject regard to the President Barack Obama and his political vision.
Hillary Clinton if she  is a politician with foresight would have refused to meet the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, and instead  asked to arrange  a meeting with the President of Sri Lanka for her to evaluate for herself the situation with regard to the so called ethnic problem in Sri Lanka.

This is the present conflict in American Administration  and the policies of the President Barack Obama with regard to what the nations of the World expected of Barack Obama and what the Administrators of the  Barack Obama Administration do to push in to the back ground “policies of hope “ of  Barack  Obama replacing them with  their own  ad hoc methods and policies.

Barack Obama is today a prisoner of the white  Americans who were appointed by him to carry out his policies. 

Barack Obama writes, “….. that  eventually a consulting house  to multinational corporations agreed to  hire me as a research assistant.  As far as I could tell  I was the only  black man in the company, a source of shame  for me but a source of  considerable pride for the company’s secretarial pool. They treated me like a son , those black ladies; they told me how they expected me to  run the company one day.  Sometimes , over lunch, I would tell them all my wonderful organizing plans and they would smile and say, “ That’s good Barack…..”

Those who expected the President Barack Obama to change  America and American approach to the developing nations  are like the black ladies in the  company’s secretarial pool.  “…but the look in their eyes told me  they were secretly disappointed .” wrote Barack Obama.

But it was, “ Only  Ike the  gruff black  security guard in the lobby, was willing to come right out  and tell me I’d be making a mistake.  Organizing ? That’s some kinda  politics ain’t it  ? Why do you wanna do something like that ?”
“…. See there . Don’t waste your  youth , Mr. Barack.  Wake up one morning, an old man like me , and all you gonna  be is tired,  with nothing to show for it. “
That seems to be actually what has happened to Barack Obama who took to politics to change America and help the poor rise  above their poverty.

Barack Obama who was elected to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring home  the  American Soldiers  started another war along with his new  European friends Sarkozy, and Cameron in Libya, though this time he did not send soldiers, he nevertheless became a war monger like Bush.

Perhaps no one has told the President Barack Obama the true story of  Sri Lanka.  Every one in the American State Department including  the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, influenced no doubt by the remnant of the Bush Administration Robert Blake who is a known sympathizer of the Sri Lanka terrorists having  wined and dined with them, are now with their daggers drawn  against Sri Lanka not wanting to know about the suffering the people of Sri Lanka went through for 30 years under this  ruthless group of terrorists, sacrificing thousands of its innocent young and old citizens,  its intellectuals and politicians and security officers, Presidents and Ministers to the  human suicide bombs of these terrorists, their pistol gangs , snipers and grenade lobbers.

It was this group of ruthless terror merchants that Robert Blake wanted to save and started a campaign along with David Milliband of UK,  Bernard Kouchner of France and Hillary Clinton his boss. 

While the President Barack Obama went around telling that there is no negotiations with terrorists and the terrorists will be hunted where ever they are found, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her Assistant Robert Blake  went round demanding  the Government of Sri Lanka to negotiate with the terrorists as the Sri Lanka terrorists  cannot be militarily eliminated and therefore to find a political solution  and not a military solution.

But the President of Sri Lanka did what every body said  was impossible, which is to eliminate terrorism.  Since then the American State Department, UK, France, Human Rights Watch, UN, Amnesty International etc., seek to take the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and its President before  a tribunal accused as war criminal. Why ? For elimination of terrorism.

Barack Obama the President of America, got  the special US Armed Forces to enter Pakistan without informing the  Government of Pakistan and killed the unarmed Al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bi Laden and number of others-  the details of which have still not been divulged and dropped the body of  Osama bin Laden in the sea.   There were questions of violation of human rights and death of civilians and immorality of killing a father  in the presence of his daughter.

Paradoxically  when Sri Lanka Armed Force eliminated the terrorists in its own country sacrificing its soldiers and rescuing  300,000 Tamil Civilians kept by the terrorists as a human shield, the American State Department and the Western Governments  two years after are raising a hue and cry about killing civilians in the last phase of its war against terrorism.

While America  killed in cold blood  Osama bin Laden , Barack Obama had closed the chapter of seeking the leader of Al Qaeda and goes untroubled  by  any one of the vociferous humanitarian activists for  the way the American seals killed Osama bin Laden, doing its own business unobstructed without a cry about war crimes.
Persons or institutions who do not seek to inculpate Sri Lanka on bogus issues such as its armed forces violating human rights in the last phase of  the military operations to eliminate  terrorists, find Sri Lanka  has despite a thirty year terrorism awakened as a fast developing economy in Asia, making a real effort to reconcile  the communities.

IMF team visiting Sri Lanka has in its report mentioned that Sri Lanka’s macroeconomic conditions remain satisfactory. The economy is expanding rapidly, with growth likely to come in around 7.5 percent this year. As expected, headline inflation has moderated, reflecting declines in food and commodity prices, and there are as yet no clear signs of economic overheating, states on International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff mission statement. So why should the American State Department initiate unfavourable actions  against Sri Lanka damaging the vast  development projects  it has initiated having just come out  of a thirty years of  terrorism.

Its time that the President Barack Obama personally investigate independently  about Sri Lanka, by first  getting down from his high horse to contact  directly the President of Sri Lanka  who has with remarkable determination made Sri Lanka  a developing economy, if he is still the  Barack Obama who  in his early twenties found his vocation working among poor  communities on the south side of Chicago.

Or has he changed, now the 44th President of USA, joining hands with  European political leaders embracing them as his friends leaving the poor developing countries to be bullied, abused, isolated and stepped over by the American Administration  lead by their noses  by terrorist  front organizations of the expatriate Tamils in America and Europe ?

Returning to America after having visited Kenya the country of his ancestors along with his wife Michelle Obama, he writes “ On the flight back to Chicago, Michelle admitted she was looking forward to getting home. “ I never realized just how American I was,” she said .  She  hadn’t realized  just how free she was- or how much she cherished that freedom.”

He adds , “ ….. As a  general rule  we believe in the right to be left alone, and suspicious of those –whether Big Brother or nosy neighbors- who want to meddle in our  business.  But we understand  our liberty in a more positive  sense as well, in the idea of  opportunity and the subsidiary values that help realize opportunity……”

We in Sri Lanka too believe as much Mr.President, Therefore, it is time that you call your Secretary of State and others to Order