Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ancient Flag of Sri Lanka 

By Charles.S.Perera

The Hela flag had been prepared when there was one people in Lanka the Helayas.   There were of course the other clans such as the Nagas and the Yaksas.  But there were no Tamils and Muslims.  It may have been prepared by the Buddhist Monks.

Every one may have believed that the lion in the flag represent the  Hela people.  That was why the Tamil and Muslim parliamentarians demanded the Orange and Green stripes not to be left out leaving the whole flag for the Sinhala lion. Our Sinhala politicians gave in. Recently even  Maithripala Sirisena gave into the Tamils asking them to sing the National Anthem in Tamil. Rajitha Senaratne said that having heard the Sinahala National Anthem sung in Tamil he was so pleased that his body hair stood straight.

That was how our Hela heritage had been distorted and sold the National Anthem for a few votes.

The Tamil terrorist Prabhakaran thought that the lion in the  flag represented Sinhala people and he adopted the tiger head to represent the Tamil people- it is sadly the separated head of the tiger in a circle of  bullets which is on the blood red tiger flag representing brutality, ruthlessness, with the bullets representing their lack of courage. But the lion flag has a full bodied lion strong and fearless.

But the lion on the Hela flag does not  represent the Hela people, nor the sword cruelty or the bo leaves their religion.

The Sword stands for Justice, the Lion the King and the Tail the people. The sword, the head of the lion and the tail should be at the same level, meaning that the King meets out justice to every one equally. The back ground is not blood red it is colour the of the earth and yellow stands for peace.  The four bo-leaves represent Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity.

Mr. A.T.Ariyaratne of Sarvodaya says that the Sword represents righteousness, and the three feet of the lion firmly on ground represents annicca, dukkha and Anatma

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Reconciliation with whom………

Reconciliation ?

With whom ? 

With the Tamils

But the Tamils do not want reconciliation…they want separation !!!


There was a time  when terrorism was at its heights  that the hated Eric Solheim was here, and  USA and the International Community was highly interested in bringing about a political solution between the Tamil Terrorists and the Government of Sri Lanka. USA Ambassador Robert O’Blake  and the Norwegian  worm Eric Solheim swore that there was no military solution to the terrorist problem and the only solution was a political settlement. Our governments followed their better judgement and went every where the terrorists asked them to arrange peace talks with the government.

Nothing came of the arranged peace talks except terrorists going on a buying spree of modern arms  and other military necessities to enhance their military power. At home in Sri Lanka the terrorists exploded claymore bombs to mark the end of each peace talk killing as many innocent people as they could. The terrorists did not end their comedy of accepting peace talks and abruptly ending them  with an  explosion of a killer bomb some where in Sri Lanka, until Sri Lanka resolutely decided to end the comedy by taking up the military solution  opposed to by the USA and the International Community and finally ended terrorism at Nandikadal on 18 May 2009-the Victory Day.

If we had listened to the Norwegian worm, the USA Ambassador O’Blake or the International Community we would have still been saddled with the killer armies of the terrorist, with their regular bomb explosions and the atrocious  deaths of many innocent men, women, and children, not to speak of the  Ministers, MPs, Military and Army Officials.

That would have been all because no foreigner could understand the mind set of the Asians, and even less than that of the Asian terrorists. They  try to understand situations in our countries from their cultural experience looking through their own point of view and they get  a completely lopsided and  a distorted view.  But they are White and refuse to accept that reality as they think that they are the ones who have solutions to all political problems where ever they are.

Now the terrorism is over in Sri Lanka and our country wanted to build peace in the country , go ahead with the much neglected development and reconcile the communities our way. 

But  still the White West, instead of giving credit to Sri Lanka Armed Forces, for the great exemplary  military fete of elimination of terrorism single handed  ever accomplished by any other nation, despite their ill conceived advice of a political solution wants to demean that great accomplishment . 

That shows that they had right along the period they were  seeking a political settlement their own agenda about the settlement of terrorism by giving the terrorists what they were trying to achieve –a territorial separation. 

Hence after the elimination of the terrorism in Sri Lanka , the USA and the International Community comes looking for errors committed in the course of the elimination of  terrorism merely to find fault and find  a means to  revamp their earlier agenda of  helping the terrorist to territorially  divide Sri Lanka.  They are doing so raising human rights violation and war crimes as an arm.

In that absurd,  might is right concept of the White International Community, they are now calling for reconciliation with the Tamil Community,.  They have  caste their die with the Tamil Diaspora, and the TNA, as representing the  terrorist  they were then enamoured with to use as their cats paw to serve their own agenda.

First the reconciliation  the USA with the rest of their Western allies and their  dependent countries are demanding through the UN Human Rights Council is as absurd as the political settlement with the terrorists once they proposed to the Government of Sri Lanka. 

To force it to happen they are accusing the Sri Lanka armed forces as having violated human rights and committed war crimes during the last phase of the terrorist war.

USA should very well know being the world known violators of human rights and war crimes –having ample experience of it in Iraq, Afghanistan,  killing civilians with Drone bomb attacks in border villages of Pakistan, and in numerous such acts in  other  theatres of their wars, that in the elimination of terrorists  where terrorists shoot to kill any thing that moves and the army shooting with caution  trying to avoid civilians  there may be incidents that boarder violations of human rights  or even war crimes , but those are unfortunately inevitable in the greater need of the elimination of ruthless terrorism.

Avoiding such incidents may have left the terrorists unscathed to continue their disastrous terrorist march.

Reconciliation the West demands  is again like their demand  that Sri Lanka should come to a political settlement  with the terrorist and not resort to a military solution.   This demand fro reconciliation  is also through the inability of the West to understand  the ground situation in Sri Lanka  getting a lopsided view  in looking at our problem from their point of view.

Reconciliation needs two communities willing to reconcile.  The Sinhala Community poses no problem vis a vis  a reconciliation with the Tamil Community.  They the Sinhala 75 percent of the population  are extending their hands of fraternity to the 13 percent of the Tamils to join with them to build a  united Sri Lanka together.  But it is the Tamils who refuse to take the extended Sinhala hand of friendship demanding more political devolution and political rights.

The USA and the West are only asking the Sinhala to reconcile with the Tamils , and the Sinhala are willing, therefore the USA and the West have to speak to the Tamils and tell them that it is  they who should  take the extended hand of reconciliation of the Sinhala.

The USA should open its eyes and see who is at fault making things difficult for a realistic reconciliation of the Sinhala and Tamil Communities. The Tamil people have not been denied any thing that is enjoyed by the Sinhala, but the Tamils are hoodwinking  to make the USA and the West believe that Sinhala are the one’s who refuse reconciliation.

The fact that the USA and the West should understand is that the Tamils  led by the TNA and the Tamil Diaspora  do not want to reconcile with the Sinhala but instead they want  separation , and have their own Tamil state.   If the USA and the West have something more than a peanut in their brains  will understand that it is the Tamils that make reconciliation  impossible with their separatist ideology.

Therefore it is time that they the USA and the West drop their vendetta against Sri Lanka moving resolutions for violation of human rights and war crimes , and demand the Tamils drop their separatist political ideology and pave way for  the Sinhala and Tamil Communities work together to build a united Nation of Sri Lankans.

This the USA and the West can do unless they have their own Agenda behind their demand for reconciliation with the threat of a resolution before the UNHuman Rights Council for violation of human rights and war crimes during the final phase of the terrorist war. 

The war against terrorism  was a greater challenge for Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces. They  did  their  best to avoid collateral damages to the minimum.  That war had been fought  and ended nearly six years ago and its time that the USA and the West grow up further in their political maturity to understand that  Sri Lanka should be left alone to solve its problems between the Communities  their way without  foreign interference which only make the situation tense and difficult.

The situation to day is more complicated with the USA-West sponsored regime change and a West friendly  government in place in Sri Lanka  making reconciliation  a step nearer to a separation.

Monday, 18 May 2015


I hoisted the National Flag. I thanked the former President Mahinda Rajapakse  for his determination to end terrorism. I thanked him for finally eliminating terrorism.  I thanked him for giving the necessary political leadership for the war against terrorism and for its success. I thanked Gotabhaya Rajapakse for coordinating the armed forces and taking the best men and women to defeat the ruthless evil forces of terrorism.

I prayed to those men of the Armed Forces- officers, and soldiers who made  this victory over the evil forces of terrorism possible. 

I lit a lamp. I sent waves of loving  kindness and compassion for the  health, happiness and contentment of  those living  valiant soldiers and transferred merit to those who  had given their lives to save the motherland from terror.

Today is the Victory Day on which every Sri Lankan should think of the 30 years of suffering under terrorism a  disaster that was terminated thanks to our Armed Forces. It is the day that we should pray that  Sri Lanka  would never again allow terrorism to raise its head.

We Sinhala Buddhists have no remembrance days.  We have death anniversaries where we transfer merit to the departed.

Today is the Victory Day   for every one who loves  Sri Lanka our motherland  to celebrate paying homage to our  valiant soldiers who faced forces of terrorism of unknown strength and defeated them  to redeemed the country from thirty years of  suffering under terror.

If the Tamils in the North and the East did not go through that suffering , well and good.  But we  our people in the boarder villages, our Ministers, our Priests and poor Buddhist devotees, school children, even passengers in buses, soldiers on vacation, Army and Police officers,  died under that miserable terrorism. That terror spread out to thirty years  and through out that period  there wasn’t perhaps a day that passed without some one  killed by the terrorists.

At last we can breath the free air of our  county Sri Lanka, where there is no fear of being shattered by a claymore bomb placed by a terrorist.

Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP Ministers do not celebrate the Victory Day. 

They cannot as they are  no patriots who love this country.  They would not have ever risked their lives to save it. 

They  of the UNP laughed at the valiant men of the Armed Forces who were risking their lives to save Sri Lanka.  Ranil Wickramasinghe said that Toppiagal is a barren rock, Lakshman Kiriella said, any fool can fight a war, and Ravi Karunanayakam said  the Armed Forces are going to Madavachchi saying they are  going to Kilinochchi.

How can these men of the UNP ever give credit to our Armed Forces, for those great deeds they have accomplished ?  Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP Ministers are living in  Sri Lanka and looking at USA.?

Maithripala Sirisena who said he acted as the Minister of Defence too has no Victory Day.  It is not by chance that he walked into a den of traitors.

In Sri Lanka the Victory Day should be synonymous with peace and freedom.   It should be a day of celebration every where, where every one from school children  to the young and old should participate.

UNP may remove Victory Day from the calendar but it will remain in the heart of every one of us and should be retold to generations after, so that Victory Day will be remembered generations after generations.

France has a Victory Day to  celebrate the embarkation of the Allied Forces on the Normandy beach to chase away the Germans from the Occupation of France.  

But our Armed Forces eliminated the terrorists single handed without the aid of any other Nation.  Therefore ours is a greater Victory Day.

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Enough is Enough ……… !

Are we  living today in  Sri Lanka that was there on the 8th January, 2015 ? 
8th January, 2015 seems a long time ago.

Since the Minister of Health of the  former President Mahinda Rajapakse’s Government  left stealthily in the night without even a word to the mat on which he slept (peduratath nokiya), to join a band of reactionary  America and West inspired traitors,  Sri Lanka commenced a downward journey, sacrificing its sovereignty, independence, fast growing economy, massive development projects and a peaceful march towards the   happiness of the people, progress and prosperity. 

Sirsena now says that under President Mahinda Rajapakse no-cabinet Minister could act freely, and that he had been questioned about his Ministerial work.
 “President Sirisena speaking at the occasion reminisced at how meeting with trade union leaders were looked upon at under the previous regime. He noted that while serving as the Minister of Health if he met with any trade union leaders, the following day he would receive a telephone call from Temple Trees questioning his actions.
That shows that the former President Mahinda Rajapakse was an intelligent man taking interest in the work of the Minister of  his Cabinet, to know how they contribute to the welfare of the  people  they have been elected to serve.  That is a quality of leadership. Under President Sirisena, Ministers  do just what they want without hardly a question asked by the President.

This illegal Government set in place by a President who was elected with a resounding minority vote from the North and East of the country  has failed to maintain  law and order. Case in point is the activities of  the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe  he appointed. 

Ranil Wicramasinghe  the Prime Minister of the President Sirisena has begun to question even the sentences passed by the Supreme Court  stating that the judgments of the judiciary will be forward to  a foreign court of law for their approval. That is sacrificing the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

There is a special police force the FCID  under him, which arrests and releases whoever Ranil Wickramasinghe  wants to be taken into police custody. Most Vulnerable are the family members of the former President   Mahinda Rajapakse, or Wives of Ministers.  Prime Minister defends he wants when every thing points to his  guilt, such as the Suprime Court decision to refuse to here a case against the Governor of the Central Bank.

Sri Lanka has become a dictatorship of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe .  It is time that the people begin to speak out against him to change the situation as there is no more democracy, or Justice in Sri Lanka.  People can be accused for the flimsiest matter and taken to police first for recording statements and arrested  thereafter to be placed in  remand jail. 

And finally when the cases are taken up and if the sentences by the Judges are not to the liking of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe proposes sending  the judicial decision  for  approval of the  Commonwealth Office.

The former Minister G.L.Pieris had said  with regard to the SC decision not to allow  Gotabhaya Rajapakse to be arrested until the end of the FR case that, the  “Premier Wickremesinghe asserted that Sri Lanka could consult Commonwealth Judges Association as well as Commonwealth Magistrates’ Association regarding the Supreme Court directive in this regard. He pointed out that President Maithripala being the current chair of the Commonwealth. The Prime Minister stressed that if given the opportunity, he could easily defend the government position.”

Sri Lanka under President Sirisena and his acolyte Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasignhe appear to be a kind of a Revolutionary Junta State.  People  begin to ask whether this is the ‘venasa’- the Change the people expected when they voted to elect Maithripala Sirisena in preference to Mahinda Rajapakse ?

Sri Lanka has become such a police state today that it had never been  Since its Independence. People live in fear of arrest,  and open the daily paper not to see what progress country has made, what school, roads, bridges and hospitals are being opened, but to see who is the  innocent  man that has been arrested recently and against whom and  what defamatory statements have been made or against whom false allegations have been levelled.

A doctor with whom I was when it was announced that the Diyawadane Nilema was accused asked, when is this comedy going to end ? Who will they think of next ?

That is how good things are  with President Sirisena’s Government !!!

Perhaps the President Sirisena does not know most of what disastrous actions are being taken behind his back by the set of UNP Minister under him, hence Sirisena seems  to leave what he does not understand in the hands of his UNP Ministers without questions being asked. For instance does he know what transpired between John Kerry and Mangala Samaraweera and what promises the latter had made to the former ?

Sirisena’s UNP Ministers; and  Deputy Ministers are acting most stupidly like Ranjan Ramanayake for instance trespassing into a Meditation Centre, or enter Hotels with hidden cameras abusing their  powers without the President Sirisena knowing absolutely  nothing about those incidents. Or Mangala Samaraweera claiming that the former President had siphoned off  18 billion  US Dollars.

Is President Sirisena proud about  such statements of Mangala, Sajith, Kabir , Ranjan or Rajitha ?

President Sirisena is a laughing stock for his UNP Ministers.  Poor man !  he is like the Greek King who is  said to have been going about naked believing  highly those who spoke praisingly of a dress he was not wearing.

How can Basil Rajapakse be accused for distribution of Divineguma Funds when Sajith is doing the same thing to-day ?  Is there any rhyme or reason in their accusations, calling to be present to take a statement and end up being  arrested, apparently not for any crime but because they were in some way Connected to the former President Mahinda Rajapakse. 

This is all vengeance of a bad man, against a good man.

But little they seem to understand that the Maitripala Sirisena’s UNP government has neither the legal right to exist as a government of Sri Lanka , nor have they even  the moral right to pretend to be the Ministers of the people. They had been there for more than 100 days and there is absolutely no reason for them to continue.  They should step down taking along with them the FCID and the Bribery Commissioner.

Making defamatory statements have become the practice of the Ministers of the President Sirisenaincluding the Prime Minister.   None other than the Minister of Justice Wijeyadasa Rajapakse himself makes unsubstantiated accusations without the slighted proof. 

It was  reported that, “Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, PC yesterday alleged that Rs. 3,300 million had been misappropriated from the Department of the Public Trustee (DPT) during the previous regime.  Speaking at the ceremony to welcome the newly appointed Sri Lanka's first female Public Trustee Tharangani Keenawinna Dissanayake at the department, he said the recent audits had revealed thousands of rupees were improperly taken from DPT for development projects by the previous government ”.

If he is a man worthy of the position he holds he should refrain from making such statements.  He should first investigate to have reliable information before making accusatory statements.

The other Minister is the former dentist Rajitha Senaratne, who was reported to have claimed that, “ ……. he was offered a bribe of Rs 20 million per month in order to cover up the ‘Avant-Garde’ issue. ………..  He has added  that the  individuals who attempted to bribe him earn a monthly income of around Rs 250 million”.  Of course this has to be taken with a pinch of salt as most of his statements, because it was further reported that, “……Refusing to divulge any names, Dr. Senaratne alleged that because the attempt to bribe him had failed they had spread a story accusing his son of detaining an underage girl.’
The crust of it is that Senaratne is trying to  cover up his moral shame for having allowed his son to kidnap a teen age girl and keep her in his own house.
The best thing he could have done was to hand over  the matter to the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe’s  police force the FCID, instead of making false statements to make them sound true.
The other white knight in Ranil’s cabinet is Champika Ranawake  who wants Sri Lanka to imitate the West.   He is reported to have said, “Our politicians want to stay in power till they die without letting fresh faces come forward. If they think more progressively and step down it will be better for the future of our country,” Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Power and Energy said, adding that, ‘Sri Lankan politicians can take a good example from the British politicians and the way they acted following the elections that was concluded earlier this month (May),”
Champika Ranawaka should have said that to his champion  the  Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe who was rejected 29 times by the people.

Sirisena-Ranil government has miserably failed to make the people of this country happy for even  a day.  Though they- the President and  Ranil’s UNP Ministers in tie and black suits seem to be enjoying their lives  as they seem to have never enjoyed ever  before. 

The people of the North and the East and the Tamil diaspora they thought were utterly satisfied with their selling out  the provinces to the TNA and they  have no fear from that side.  But they have got the surprise( only if they are not fools and would understand what lies under the statement) of their lives  in the statement issued by the TGTE.

It was reported that,In a rebuttal to the Sri Lankan Minister’s Statement, TGTE member Suthan Raj pointed out that when President Maithripala Sirsena was visiting London, thousands of Tamils demonstrated against him, calling him a war criminal, for being the acting defense minister during the final weeks of the war when thousands of Tamils were killed. Thousands also marched in Geneva two months ago against the Sri Lankan Government’s policies towards Tamils and to call for an International Investigation for the mass killing of Tamils by the Sri Lankan security forces.”

Well Mr.President Maithripala Sirisena do you not think that it is time that you wake up to reality and kick out Ranil, his no-good UNP Ministers in tie and coat, and all the rest, and put your pride in the pocket to invite the former President Mahinda Rajapakse to form a duo to govern Sri Lanka together and bring back the pride Sri Lanka enjoyed as a developing Nation after elimination of the terrorists and up to the 8th of January, 2015.

Otherwise Sri Lanka has no future existence as an independent Sovereign Sate.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Maitripala- Ranil combination is a destructive force pushing Sri Lanka into an abyss of no-return.

Alas Sri Lanka which was plucked away from the jaws of a demon before he could tear it into pieces before devouring it, just Six years ago by Mahinda Rajapakse a determined, Sinhala Buddhist political leader , with incomparable patriotic devotion to his motherland, is today being dragged disrespectfully in the mud by incompetent egocentric non patriotic set of  savage political wolves, without any sense of respect, justice, morality or  righteousness.

In January, 2015 Sri Lanka was a peaceful progressive  sovereign state which had won the respect of the progressive nations of the world.  It was showing a remarkable financial growth, there was development projects that was taking the country forward  to make it a  developed Nation amoung Nations.  Its towns were being beautified. It was attaining a high standard in education with  IT laboratories taken to every corner of the country under Mahindodaya.  It kept away the destructive forces of America and the West and the people were looking forward for a higher  standard of living, peace, security, and happiness.

But all that was snapped away on the 9th January, 2015 when Maithripala Sirisena was elected the President and he acting on the orders of Ranil, Chandrika,Mangala, Rajitha, Champika and the USA and West, appointed Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Prime Minister-most unpopular and disliked failed politician, blatantly violating the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

From the day one of Maithripala –Ranil  started working with Ranil’s coteries of angry, revengeful, inexperienced,  distastefully unpatriotic UNP parliamentarians, they did nothing but transferred themselves  into hunters of thieves accusing every one from the former President Mahinda Rajapakse, his wife, children, brothers and every one with any connection with the previous government.  There only purpose of being Ministers of Maithripala –Ranil UNP Government is it seems to some how stop the Former President Mahinda Rajapakse and any one connected to him come back to political power again.

All the UNP Ministers of Ranil Wickramasinghe had been rejected 29 times  by the people stopping them from forming a UNP government as democratically elected members of the Sri Lanka Parliament.  They are therefore leaving no stones unturned to accuse the former President Mahinda Rajapakse  and all connected to him with utterly untrue and false allegations,  with the intention of removing them from the Sri Lanka  political stage so that they would have no political rivals and will be able to form future UNP governments.

Foolish men as they are Maithripala-Ranil combination has sought  with the  mongoloid Mangala Samaraweere the most revengeful of all of them  to reach out to America, the West and India as benefactors leaving out the honest and sincere friends of Sri Lanka China, and  Russia.

The result of their unwelcome occupation of the governance of Sri Lanka is a complete disaster. Their incessant hunt for thieves, bribe takers and fraudsters have turned out to be an utter failure. Their accusations were reduced to threats, arrogant distasteful defamatory character assassinations without  an iota of evidence to accuse  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse or any one connected to him personally or politically.  They are now like tired police dogs panting with their tongues out after a fruitless chase  of runaway criminals.

When is this comedy going to end ? 

Maithri Ranil and  UNP Government  have not caught any  thieves they set out to hunt but they have caused irreparable damage to Sri Lanka turning it out to be unrecognisable from what it was before the 9th January, 2015.

Strangely they do not see the damage they have done to Sri Lanka during the four months and one day they had been in political power nor do they see the  damage they continue to do. There is no point in their continuing to be in power as they cannot do any worse than what they have already done to our country Sri Lanka.

It is beginning to be the political playing of  field of USA and the West.  They have managed to keep away China even from continuing their development projects.  They are building a strong relationship with America with the stewardship of mongoloid Mangala, subserviently paying homage  to John Kerry. It is strange seeing the UNP Ministers in their coats and ties like coffin bearers, as if they are getting ready to carry  the Coffin of once unitary Sri Lanka.

North of Sri Lanka is already a land of the Tamils singing the National Anthem in Tamil without any feeling of patriotism.  Sampur Naval base is being shifted to settle Tamil families, while the  former Sinhala  residents of Jaffna are languishing without hope of recovering their former residences.

“Austin Fernando, Governor of Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province, has strongly refuted criticism made in certain quarters about the Colombo’s decision to resettle internally-displaced people (IDP), mostly Tamils, in Sampur town……..According to Mr. Fernando, critics of the government sought to portray the move as one being carried out at the behest of Indian government or as “sell out to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” or “politically motivated.”
But Austin Fernando had been a sympathiser of the Tamil Terrorists.  It is he who gave military insignias to terrorists as Commanders, Colonels  and Political Leaders to put them in par with the Government Military Officials when they were to sit with Sri Lanka Government and Army Officers to negotiate a political settlement in foreign venues as dictated by the terrorist leader.
After giving the North for the NTA to do what they want with it, Ranil is preparing to prepare Hinduism  to compete with  Buddhism following what Chandrika said about Sinhala Buddhists  monopolising every aspect of Sri Lanka using  their majority status  to the detriment of the Minority Communities.
The following is an excerpt from a  report in the New India Express of 10 May, 2015. “……..Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has invited the Sankaracharya of Kanchi, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, to visit Lanka to advice the government on Hindu religious affairs and the training of Hindu priests……”
Anura Kumar Dissanayake of JVP who is said to have an office room given to him by Ranil Wickramsinghe in Sirikotha has no sense of political morality. His vindictiveness due to an inferiority complex he suffers from has no bound.  He now wants to make even the former first lady a part of his witch hunt. 
It was reported as follows in the Daily Mirror,   “The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) today urged the government authorities to question former first lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa immediately on the misuse of Siriliya Bank account funds.”
Maithripala Sirisena is also turning out to be less patriotic than he was, that is if he was ever patriotic in the true sense of the word. Maithripala wants to give equal status to all those terrorists  who died in the war against terrorism,  as it is to the heroic Sri Lanka soldiers and other members of Armed Forces who saved Sri Lanka from ruthless terrorism.
It is  reported  in New Indian Express of 9 May,2015  that, “ ………. Lanka has monuments commemorating the armed forces’ exploits, but none symbolizing ethnic reconciliation and unity of the nation. Seeing the lacuna, President Maithripala Sirisena has asked Lankans to commemorate all the war dead, and not just those of one ethnic group, because the dead were all Lankans…..”
What a disgusting Sinhala Buddhist is Maithripala Sirisena ?
These are the milestones in the path  Maithripala-Ranil Government is taking  in their  path of destruction  and for the burial of the Unitary Sovereign State of Sri Lanka.
Maithripala-Ranil destructive combination has allowed open interference in to Sri Lanka’s internal affairs,  by  anti Sri Lanka foreign governments.  It was reported that , “EU has called on Sri Lanka to address the issues faced by the Tamils, as the country prepares to celebrate six years since the end of the war. EU Ambassador to Sri Lanka David Daly said that the EU would like to see Sri Lanka finding mechanisms to be able to work through complicated issues with all of the stake holders”
USA on the other hand wants to sit in cosy comfort in Sri Lanka chasing away China, Russia and other  countries which USA does not like. Daily Mirror reported that, “The United States said that it was working with Sri Lanka to oppose intimidation or the use of force to assert territorial or maritime claims in the Indian Ocean.

“…US Secretary of State John Kerry had talked about U.S. leadership on maritime security in the Indian Ocean, in association with our friends and allies across the region. And the United States and Sri Lanka are working together to oppose intimidation or the use of force to assert territorial or maritime claims. And we also are working – we support, sorry, the legal uses of sea and air space, and also the rights that are granted to all states, big states and small states,” Acting deputy Spokesman of the State Department Jeff Rathke told media on Tuesday.”

Oh ! My  dear motherlanka did you ever think that this would happen to you after all the suffering you went through for thirty years under terrorism and after being rescued from the jaws of territorial dissection  by our great patriot the Sinhala Buddhist MahindaRrajapakse, Gotaabhaya Rajapakse and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces after some of  those brave men made the supreme sacrifice and some gave their  blood and limbs.