Sunday, 31 May 2009

Was there a plot against Mahinda Rajapakse, to stop him from being the President of Sri Lanka ?

Was there a plot against Mahinda Rajapakse by the International Community lead by Norway ?

A plot, if there was one, would not have worked without local players taking part in it. Further more they should have their “puppet” to take the place of the one they want to toss overboard .

Therefore, UNP would have been involved in it. The local intellectuals, the journalists and the media may have also been enlisted. If not there is no reason why people like Kumar David, Pakiasothy, Kumar Rupasinghe, Jehan Perera, Viyangoda, Wickramabahu, and the rest of them peddled a pro terrorist line against the President and the government, knowing very well that the terrorists were opposed to any sort of dialogue, and was determined to wrench away a part of the territory of Sri Lanka to set up their own Eelam State.

The plot may have been changed as circumstances changed. For instance the initial plot would have been to stop Mahinda Rajapakse from being elected at the Presidential election. Norway may have contacted the terrorists to get the Tamils in the North and East vote en mass for Ranil Wickramasinghe. Chandrika Bandaranaike may have been contacted by Norway , who agreed to the plot being hatched, and brought Anura Bandaranaike along with her to support Ranil Wickramasinghe against Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse.

What went wrong in the move was Prabhakaran. Prabhakaran may have thought that electing Ranil Wickramasinghe would have been to agree on political negotiations which would have delayed the process of implementing the setting up of a Tamil Homeland. Therefore, he may have thought that a direct military offensive against a Sinhala government lead by a weak President like Mahinda Rajapakse would be a better move to set up the Tamil Homeland. That move of Prabhakaran had not been anticipated by the West and the UNP.

However, with the failure of the first stage of the plot, the “plotters” launched the second stage of the plot. It is here that the locally enlisted journalists, scholars, politicians like Mano Ganeshan, or Rauf Hakeem, and the UNP played their role. It was to discredit the elected President, by calumny. So that a situation could be created where the public manifested against the President and the Government forcing the President to dissolve the parliament and, probably for himself to resign. It would have been the end of the war against the terrorists, which was the reason for the plot.

UNP accused that the President had transferred money received for tsunami construction into his personal account. Hardly before the effect of the accusation settled in the minds of the people , they accused the President of having bribed the terrorists with large sums of money for stopping the Tamils in the North and East from voting . The effort was to show that the Mr.Rajapakse was not elected by a popular vote, and that the election was” stage managed”. UNP accused that the government had deliberately left out many names of voters from the electoral lists.

By this time the Government of Mahinda Rajapakse had settled in and the military offensive against the terrorists had commenced. The allegations of misappropriation of tsunami Funds and bribing of the terrorists did not make the desired effect. But the UNP continued its berating against the President and its government. Every now and then Ranil Wickramasinghe would predict the fall of the government, and perhaps resignation of the President. He was getting ready for a Presidential Election !

The “plotters” were expecting a backlash by the Sinhala people each time the terrorists massacred innocent Sinhala villagers or assassinated a Minister. There were no such back lash. The Sinhala people were calm, knowing that the Tamil people were not responsible for what the terrorists were doing.

Mahinda Rajapakse as the President was remarkable. He pacified the people giving them the strength to bear the suffering caused by the terrorists. People placed their trust in him knowing that he will defeat the terrorists and bring peace and prosperity to the country. However meticulously the “plotters” planned the ouster of the President and the Government, they could not steal away the trust and confidence the people had placed on the President.

The west was setting up all types of barriers accusing the government for violation of human rights and there was a continuous coming and going of prophets of doom predicting disaster in the continuation of the military operations against the terrorists and advising both sides to come to a negotiated settlement. The UN was threatening to send a permanent mission to the conflict zone.

The local anti-war lobby was writing long and accusatory epistles running down the Armed Forces. The Ambassadors of Germany, USA, UK, Norway, and the other western countries were stepping outside their diplomatic duties, to interfere into the government, criticising it and making statements to the press. The USA Ambassador even went to Tamil Nadu to speak about the effect the Sri Lanka Government’s war against the terrorists would have on India.

The UNP was divided and a number of Parliamentarians from the UNP crossed over to the government, and accepted Cabinet posts. Was it a mere coincidences or part of the plot ?

The UNP breakaway politicians stabilised the Government, but if they were to have walked out en block at a crucial moment like a budget vote, it would have meant the end of the government ! However, the UNP, had the support of a two breakaway Parliamentarians of the SLFP the political party of the President and the Muslims Parliamentarians of the SLMC.

The SLMonitoring Mission was openly taking sides with the terrorists. The President angered the West by closing down the Monitoring Mission, and withdrawing from the CFA that had been sponsored by the West and signed by its puppet the UNF Prime Minister Ranil Wickramsinghe. That “master move” of the President was least expected by the “plotters”

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces were gaining ground against the terrorists. The President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse and the Government Armed Forces were like the tsunami rolling on against the terrorists capturing territory after territory under their control. The west was nonplussed. More and more false information of suffering and atrocities committed by the Armed Forces were being fed to the western media by the Human Rights Watch and the Amnesty International, which were given wide publicity in the West.

As the Military operations of the Government Armed Forces were continuing successfully, the Western Plot against the government was seemingly taking different dimensions.

There were white van kidnappings and assassination of journalists which were all made out to be the responsibility of the Government, and in some cases the President and his brother the Defence Secretary were directly accused for the assassination of journalists. In the Meantime Rani Wickramasinghe, Ravi Karunanayake, Tissa Attanayake, Lakshman Kiriella and other UNP MPs continued to ridicule the military successes, making them out to be false boastings of the government .

The attacks against the government were centred around the President and his brothers accusing them of earning commissions on the purchases of MIGs, and War material. India refused to sell offensive weaponry, and forbade purchases from Pakistan and China. Tamil Nadu turned on heat against the Government of Sri Lank demanding the intervention of India to stop military operations. The “plotters” brought the question of the Tamil Civilians in to the centre stage. That was a better means of defending the terrorists, without directly supporting the terrorists.

And at a crucial time, Karu Jayasuriya, the leader of the UNP group of parliamentarians who defected to the Government side left the government to return to UNP as its deputy leader. Was this just another coincidence or a part of the plot against the President and his government ? The crossover of Karu Jayasuriy back to UNP would have had drastic results if the rest of the UNP Parliamentarians who had defected along with him were to have followed him.

If the government were to have fallen, the military operations against the terrorists would have failed. Therefore, there is reason to believe that all these incidents taking place were part of the plot.

The UNESCO awarded medals, and titles to any one who would discredit the Government of Sri Lanka, pretending to fight against violation of human rights. The USA Ambassador recommended Mano Ganeshan to his Government for the award of a medal for defending human rights, Lasantha Wickramaratne was given the UNESCO Press Award, for the most virulent attack against the President, and his brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse the Defence Secretary.

Lasantha Wickramaratne’s Editorial he was supposed to have written before his death made him a media hero, cited even by the President of USA. Wickramratna’s wife who they say is in hiding to save her life from assassination plots by the Government, sent an acceptance speech mentioning the atrocities being Committed by the Sri Lanka Government to be read at the award ceremony.

Yet the Government Armed Forces continued its successful military operations undeterred by the flaks thrown at them by the Western Governments, the media and the human rights activists, and the local anti war lobbyists . The “ plotters” had enlisted the services of retired American Ambassadors who served in Sri Lanka and American Senators to issue statements favourable to the terrorists. An American Attorney was engaged by the Tamil expatriates to accuse the Army Commander and the Defence Secretary for genocide.

Despite all these negative activities of the west with the UNO, UNHCHR tagged along with it, the West failed to stop the Government Forces of Sri Lanka from decimating the terrorists, and ending three decades of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

That was the failure of the first and the second stages of a plot that may have been hatched by Norway, supported by the West and the UN System.

The third and the still continuing stage of the plot against the President of Sri Lanka, his Government and Armed Forces will be continued in another article.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Navy Pillay’s Charge Sheet against Sri Lanka and the hypocrisy of the West.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan continues without an end in view. America and the West are apprehensive of another attack by the Al Quaida terrorists, without any knowledge of which Western Capital would be their next target .

In Afghanistan the Western high power nations with supposed to be well experienced Armed Forces, with most modern military weapons and enemy detection equipment are sacrificing their own soldiers and killing innocent civilians in erratic bombardments by their specialised war pilots.

But the not so specialised Armed Forces of the Government of Sri Lanka have eliminated a ruthless terrorist group, armed to their teeth with most sophisticated military weaponry; a terrorists group that was supported by the Western Governments, assisted by western technicians posing as NGOs , and financed by rich Tamil expatriates of Sri Lanka spread in the western capitals.

It appears from the stand of the West to incriminate Sri Lanka for war crimes in defeating the LTTE terrorists and eliminating terrorism, that it is only the rich Western Countries that should fight against terrorism, but the poor countries should bear and suffer lest the Western democracies will bring them before the international courts accused for crimes against humanity..

Despite this remarkable feat accomplished by Sri Lanka a developing country which had suffered three decades of terrorism, the International Community, with its torch bearers Navy Pillay, Ban Ki Moon, Koichiro Matsuura chiefs of the Organisations of a system which is there to unite nations, and defend the poorer nations from being exploited and impoverished by the rich, egoist, self-centred Nations of the International Community, seek to accuse this small but a “mighty” nation of Sri Lankans, for the reason of its having eliminated a cancer of terrorism that had been eating into its Nation body.

Who do these warped International Community seek to attack, discredit, humiliate, and condemn as war criminals, a greater danger to the world society than the terrorists ?

The International Community, calling themselves democrats, civilised Christians, humanitarians, true upholders of the law, seek to attack, discredit, humiliate, condemn and accuse as criminals against humanity the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, for the crime of fighting against, defeating and eliminating a ruthless group of Terrorists who for three decades terrorised Sri Lanka.

The LTTE terrorists do not exist any more, they have been completely eliminated. But the International Community and its torch bearer the UN Commissioner for Human Rights are attempting to revive and keep alive the memory of the terrorists to make martyrs of them.

The West refuses to understand the terrorist problem of Sri Lanka. Though the terrorists are of Tamil origin, as terrorists they did not represent the Tamil population. The terrorists were a group apart, who terrorised both the Tamil Civil population as well as the Sinhala and Muslim population. The Government Forces wanted to eliminate this group of terrorists led by Prabhakaran, and had not at any time waged military operations against the Tamil Civilian population who are a part and parcel of the Sri Lankan Nation. This fact is beyond the comprehension of the West.

Even the Sri Lanka pilots who bombarded the areas where the terrorists were hiding used precision bombing and avoided death and injury to the Tamil Civilians living in the terrorists controlled areas. The war pilots of Sri Lanka were much more precise in their selective bombardments than the American war pilots in Afghanistan.

Time is appropriate for the International Community to take stock of themselves. It is time that they get down from their high horses and evaluate the impact they thought they cause in the less fortunate countries around them. Their arrogance and tight lipped pretence of being a better race is derided by all.

They have to adopt another way to speak to the people of the world. They are proving themselves to be Nations that cannot be trusted. There is no transparency in their foreign policies. They have their own agenda and they follow it without any concern for others who are not of their Western Christian civilization.

The world at large expected Barack Obama to adopt a different attitude towards the world. But last time in Europe he spoke out to the terrorists to tell them that USA will fight them so that they will not be a menace to USA or Europe. Even if Barack Obama tries to speak in a more human , a more universal language Hillary Clinton in charge of his foreign policy speaks a different language, a language of the rich aflame with pride, scornful to the poor and less fortunate.

The Torch bearer of the International Community Navy Pillay dared to examine Sri Lanka for war crimes without considering that she is interfering into the internal Affair of a Sovereign State.

The terrorism of Sri Lanka was an internal affair, but with their interference the International Community demonstrate their sympathy with the terrorists of Sri Lanka. Their attempts to vindicate Prabhakaran and his terrorists is to implicate the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes.

That is evident from the fact that they say they are seeking evidence to accuse both the terrorists and Sri Lanka Government for crimes against humanity. The terrorists in Sri Lanka have been eliminated, therefore there is no one remaining to answer for the crimes the terrorists had committed. Therefore in reality Navy Pillay seeks to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka in the absence of the terrorists to account for their war crimes.

It is not necessary to make a special investigation to find out whether the terrorists had committed crimes against humanity as terrorism by itself is a crime against humanity, whether in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. That was the farce of Pillay’s investigation. In actual fact the investigation is to evaluate the evidence that could be collected to bring the Government of Sri Lanka its President and the Commanders of the Armed forces before an International Court accused for crimes against humanity for eliminating “their” sympathetic terrorist group lead by V.Prabhakaran.

But if a Charge Sheet is prepared by the UNHigh Commissioner for Human Rights, who will she accuse for the “ war crimes” ? Let us examine the sequence of events that led to the elimination of the terrorists in the “ no-fire zone.

Question: First what caused the Armed Forces of the Government of Sri Lanka to wage military operations in the North of Sri Lanka ?

Answer: It was the occupation of a territory by a group of terrorists and terrorising the people in the occupied area, and the rest of the people in Sri Lanka that led to military operations.

Q: Could the military operations, that culminated in the destruction of the terrorist group in the no-fire zone, have been avoided ?

A: Yes, it could have been avoided if the terrorists had agreed to negotiate with the Government for a peace settlement.

Q: Why were the negotiations not carried out ?

A: Because the terrorist refused to negotiate and demanded the setting up of a separate Tamil Homeland.

Q: Why did the government not allow the setting up of a Tamil Homeland ?

A: First, because the setting up of a separate homeland for Tamils is not the desire of the majority of the people of the three communities of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka had been a multi ethnic, multi cultural, and multi religious Nation through out its history. Therefore the country should remain a unitary state through out its future existence. The three communities do not have unsurmountable problems in living together as a Nation. Any existing ethnic problems could easily be solved through peaceful discussions.

Q: Then, why were these peaceful discussions not made?

A: Because the terrorists refused to discuss and was determined to take over territory by force to set up a homeland.

Q: Why was there a confrontation in the no-fire zone ?

A: no-fire zone was declared by the Government Armed Forces to rescue the Tamil Civilians who the terrorists had taken along with them when the territory under their control reduced in size, and they had no where else to go and did not want to surrender. The terrorists kept the Tamil civilians as a human shield remaining in the no-fire zone, and fired at the advancing Army placing their heavy weapons among the civilians.

The Army wanted to rescue the people and at the same time defeat the terrorists. The Army stopped using heavy weapons to avoid injury to the Tamil Civilians and fired with small arms. The terrorists did not worry about causing injury to the civilians and used their heavy weapons against the army soldiers coming in small groups.

Aiming heavy weapons on small groups of soldiers is difficult, and the tgerrorists miss the targets, and hence they killed and injured the civilians who were running disorderly away from the heavy weapons of the terrorists. And their was a mass exodus of the Tamil civilians escaping from the terrorists seeking the protection of the army.

Running pell-mell among fire by heavy weapons of the terrorists, small arms of the army, crying of children, falling and being trampled, some of the people were killed , and others wounded.

There was quite a pandemonium the civilians were running and the terrorists who still did not want to surrender kept on shooting at moving objects to kill the soldiers without caring whether the moving objects were Tamil Civilians, or Army soldiers. The terrorists kept on shooting to deter the Tamil Civilians abandoning them, leaving them a prey to the small arms of the army.

The western journalists write of destruction and despair of Sri Lanka no-fire zone, they saw from their helicopter ride , as if they expected to see parks and flowers and deer and hair gambling away at the sound of helicopters

Q: Why did not the terrorists surrender ?

A: They were inhuman and ruthless. They hoped some one would come to help them and was marking time hoping the tables will turn against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and they will be able to make a come back.

Q: Who gave that hope to the terrorists, that some one will come to their help ?

A: It was the Tamils living in foreign capitals who demonstrated in favour of the terrorists. And then the Tamil Nadu politicians, and the Indian Government who was acting on behalf of the Tamil Nadu CM. Karunanidhi gave them hope.

Thereafter, David Miliband, Bernard Kouchner, Carl Bildt, and Eric Solheim who asked the Government for a ceasefire. Miliband then contacted Hillary Clinton, and she in turn President Barack Obama and asked the government of Sri Lanka for a Cease Fire, that gave hope to the terrorists.

Therefore, instead of surrendering and avoiding death and injury to themselves and then to the Tamil Civilians, continued to shoot at escaping civilians as they did not want to be sitting ducks for Army small arm fire , without the Tamil civilians to protect them as a human shield.

Q: Why did not the government allow a cease fire ?

A: Because the government knows from previous experience that a cease fire is a ruse of the terrorists to organise themselves to prepare for a fresh battle, during each one of the previous cease fires, they gathered force and created mayhem in the country by exploding suicide bombs and claymore bombs targeting buses, trains and markets.

The government Forces did not want to take chances when they were about to terminate terrorism in Sri Lanka in a matter of days. Had there been a cease fire, with the hidden catches of arms and bombs and with external help, the terrorists may have made a come back, which would have been another 25 years of terror and suffering in Sri Lanka. The West refuse to understand this reality.

Q: In those circumstance who can Navy Pillay really take to court with a charge sheet of crimes against humanity ?

A: It cannot be the Armed Forces, because the Armed Forces carried out the orders of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces- the President, But the President was elected by the people and he was only carrying out the mandate given by the people. The West should not forget that Sri Lanka is a vibrant Democracy, and the President was elected by the people in terms of his election manifesto.

In that situation the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navy Pillay has to draw up a charge sheet against the people of Sri Lanka, as the people of Sri Lanka is collectively responsible for the elimination of the terrorists in military action.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

A terrorist is primarily an ignoramus, all those who followed him and all those who supported him were and those who still support him are ignoramuses

Terrorists are not educated, in the sense they do not have a philosophy to defend, They do not differentiate between good and bad. They have one object in mind and pursue it like a blinkered horse.

A university education by itself does not qualify one to be accepted as educated. There are certain social norms in any culture that have to be respected. One who goes outside those norms is an ignoramus who attempts to seek out a certain egocentric ideal. Those ideals are most often universal, because perfection is sought for, but never achieved. They awaken in unintelligent weaklings a sentimental attachment to them. Thus the ego centric idealist with no education or qualification to boast of finds a following.

Motherland, fatherland, homeland or by whatever name you call it, it is the country where you were born. The country where you are born is not always populated with people like you, who speak the same Language, worship the same god, eat the same food, wea the same dress, or react to situations in the same way. Therefore, the country in which you were born is multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural. That reality has to be accepted if you were to love the country in which you were born.

Therefore, if an ignoramus comes out with a theory of breaking away the country to set up homelands, motherlands, or fatherlands to accommodate each category of ethnic group with the same language, with the same religion, and with the same culture, it is to mutilate the country in which you were born, to make it different from what it was, when you were born in it.

But, to an unthinking ignoramus it is an ideal situation to desecrate something sacred such as a motherland , to suit his idiosyncrasy, to vindicate an inborn hatred. By supporting such an ignoramus all those who contribute to realise his egocentric ideal, become themselves ignoramuses despite college education, despite their position in society, despite their political achievements, and despite their money and power.

The terrorist Prabhakaran was an ignoramus. That is why he became a terrorist to achieve his egocentric ideal of a “homeland”. All those who followed him and all those who supported him then and are supporting his cause now are therefore all ignoramuses, “uneducated” simpletons.

Take for instances those three persons who committed self-immolation. What purpose did it serve ? Did they act as normal intelligent persons ? Then all those who sat , around the Parliament Square in London and those who carried out sitting manifestations in Canada causing immense disturbance to ordinary people , and those who went on hunger strike, were not they all ignoramuses, unintelligent, uneducated simpletons ?

The Sri Lanka Tamil Dispora, who contributed millions of Dollars to the coffers of the terrorist, with the sole idea of getting the terrorists to set up a homeland were “fools” following an egocentric ideal of a mad man, an ignorant terrorist, who followed his ideal homeland concept like a house fly to faeces.

There was no difference between the terrorist Prabhakaran, and the Tamil diaspora who supported him to achieve his object of the ideal homeland concept. The Tamil diaspora by supporting the terrorist Prabhakaran, contributed to those murders and massacres he masterminded to achieve his ideal.

There is hardly any difference between one and the other. Even today in France, in Australia, as its in UK or Canada the ignorant simpletons manifest weeping for their criminal leadership, and the lost dream of the homeland. They even throw acid like vulgar underworld criminals at the Sinhala youth , perhaps more “educated” and are not as ignorant.

The Sinhala do not fight for ideals. They are more practical. They do not fight for themselves. They fight for all those who populate their motherland.

The Tamil diaspora as much as Prabhakaran and his followers are not made of the intelligentsia, an educated class. Even if some of the Tamil diaspora had an academic education with M.As, M.Ds, or PH.Ds they who contributed to the terrorists and supported the terrorist course were ignorant simpletons.

Whatever their intellectual capacity they were accepting as their leader , a criminal of the worst sort wanted by the Interpol, the Indian and Sri Lankan Judiciary. He had no acceptable place living in this world, nor will he have it dead in the nether world.

So much for the terrorist supporters of the diaspora. Beside them there are others who supported him. To quote from an article in the Lanka Web : “ ….. Then there are human rights activists, facilitators, intermediaries, go-betweens, NGOs and various other jokers attracted to the carnage like carrion birds. None of them sincerely wanted a resolution. They used terms like ‘peace’, ‘ceasefire’, ‘cessation of hostilities’, ‘peace dividend’, etc. to sustain their business.”

That sums it all as far as the interfering terrorist loving foreign do gooders who had been walking the length and breadth of Sri Lanka like the cocks of the walk. What lessons have we got to learn from them or the likes of Anna Niastat, or Jeremy Page ?

Then there are also the supposed to be educated, and the qualified, occupying high and mighty seats of importance like Ban Ki Moon, Koichiro Matsuura, Navy Pillay and the smaller fry Adams, Evans, Blakes,Weiss etc., who also directly or indirectly support the criminal goons , the ignoramus terrorist. Why do they support the terrorists ? Probably because they are “position” conscious, and also because it is a part of their duty, being employees of the Organisations.

In their “position” they weigh which of the terrorist supporters carry more political weight internationally. And they choose to be with the more influential side. They will for instance not take side with China, Russia, Iran, Vietnam or even India. They will be with the more glamorous and the affluent West, USA, UK, France, Germany, and those of the EU.

Then again there are the Attorneys like Bruce Fein. He certainly supports the terrorists for the green Dollars that come from them.

Then why the hell is Miliband so highly worked up because the terrorists have been exterminated ? He even went to USA to get Hillary Clinton to stand by him and President Barack Obama issue a special Statement from the White House lawn, even defending the terrorist “medicine men” by name.

Miliband is of course hurt by his bruised pride because the President of Sri Lanka did not agree to a cease fire he proposed, despite his taking Bernard Kouchner along with him to give weight to his demand. He unfortunately seems to lack “ tact and intelligent perception” of situations, and so goes complaining to his elders to stand by him.

Then Hillary Clinton and Obama, why do they still complain and come forward with uncalled for advice as to what Sri Lanka should do with its Tamil Civilians ? Sri Lanka is after all not a “Lilliput” to be told what it should do and it should not do !!!

However there are ignoramuses and ignoramuses. Some swear they are against terrorism. But when terrorism is fought against by some one else they complain.

Then there is the whole set of jokers from Tamil Nadu. What do they want ? They want to be part of India. That is there interest because India as it is will be a world economic power next to China and Russia. But yet Tamil Nadu wants to set up an Eelam because they feel they have to as they are Tamils. But they do not want the Eelam in India, because they do not want to break up India. But they want an Eelam for Tamils, out side India –in Sri Lanka- breaking up Sri Lanka does not affect India.

Their thinking seem to be that if they could set up the Eelam in the North- East of Sri Lanka to begin with, they may thereafter be able to subjugate whole of Sri Lanka and make it a part of the Tamil Nadu making it the largest State of great India. India will concur because a Sri Lanka as a developed Nation in its neighbourhood is an irritating prospect.

Friday, 22 May 2009

International Community and UN accusing Sri Lanka for war crime, introduce “hostage taking of Civilians” as an effective weapon to world terrorists

The contradictions of the West is dovetailed to their pretentious “we know everything “attitude.

They are fighting the terrorists, telling the world that they will not negotiate with the terrorist. They say, that they will fight terrorism wherever it exists, and will not compromise with terrorists. All that is meaningless bosh. Sri Lanka a small developing country did not show off to any one, it wanted to rid itself of terrorism and they did it successfully and into the bargain rescued a population of 230000 civilians kept as a human shield by the ruthless terrorists.

But now the all knowing pretentions International Community and its partner UN High Commissioner for Human Rights are making investigations to accuse the government of Sri Lanka for crimes against humanity, in its elimination of terrorism from its soil.

Are they stupid or stark mad to tell they are against terrorism and then when a country ends terrorism in military operations, to turn round, and say to it that it will be brought before the International Courts for crimes against humanity ?

They should know whether they are against terrorism ,or not against terrorism. If they continue their stupidity the terrorists will be emboldened that they will terrorise countries taking along with them Civilians as human shields. The West with there pretended superior knowledge of things is really messing up the world.

Jeremy Page, Anna Niestat, as well as Milliband have their pride bruised by the Government of Sri Lanka’s refusal to pay attention to them. Therefore, they are back with other allegations against the government for its refusal to give the terrorist a reprieve, with a cease fire.

Now it is about shooting at Nadeson and another terrorists, coming with a white flag to surrender. Nadeson is the last man who would have surrendered. Last he made a statement was to thank Barack Obama for taking up the case of the terrorists. He was awaiting Barack Obama's intervention for a ceasefire.

Niestat determined to bring the Government to courts accuses it of elimination of evidence by the cremation of Prabhakaran’s body. Miliband is irritated by the governments not paying heed to his demands as the Foreign Secretary of Sri Lanka’s former colonial master. All of them had their egos bruised.

On his hurry to accuse Sri Lanka for having defeated a ruthless terrorists Miliband has forgotten that UK is not without blood in its hands in its anti terrorist activity in the not so far past, when an innocent Brazilian was shot in the underground tube station taking him for a terrorist. Therefore, Miliband should understand that fighting terrorism is not without mishaps, and that it is not an easy task. The government of Sri Lanka needs praise, not accusations for exemplary military operation that ended in the elimination of a group of terrorists.

Lot of these Western terrorist defenders believe that the Tamil diaspora represents the Sri Lanka Tamils. Most of the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora are people who left Sri Lanka when an incident of massacring 13 Sinhala police officers by the terrorists, set off a back lash which resulted in a racial riots. They left with fear of a repetition of such riots and are prejudiced against the Sinhala. But that riot lasted just two days, where as terrorism that began then lasted more than 26 years.

The Tamil diaspora is setting up Western racial elements against a developing country, who know nothing about the actual situation of Sri Lanka except the past military operations against terrorism .

Miliband, has unfortunately brought in Bernard Kouchner of France, and Hillary Clinton and through her the President Barack Obama to defend the terrorists of Sri Lanka. After terrorism had been stopped by the Sri Lanka Government Forces, they continue to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for “stopping terrorism”. This is a shameful situation into which they have fallen despite their being great democracies of the world , who had been asserting to fight against terrorism, and warning the terrorist to beware!!!

But they little realise that by defending the terrorists and accusing the government of Sri Lanka for not agreeing to a ceasefire with the terrorists, they are encouraging world terrorism.

How are they encouraging the world terrorism , by accusing Sri Lanka for crimes against humanity in its justifiable military operations against a ruthless group of terrorists ?

They help world terrorism, by inviting Al Qaida and Talibans to hold thousands of civilians as hostages and hold them as human shields to avoid military attacks by the American, French, and British forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That is a new “weapon” the international Community is introducing to world terrorism.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Does the United Nations Organisation stand for the Unity of Nations ?

United Nation is now a ramshackle organisation which does not know where it stands. It has become an outmoded out fit at the modern time.

United Nations as it name indicates is an Organisation that stands for the Unity of Nations. But it has taken on itself a special duty of accusing Member States, joining along with other states or organisations that have an axe to grind.

The United Nations should be a defender of its Member States , and stand by them when they are being unjustly accused, when their democratically elected governments engage themselves in the difficult task of defending themselves, their territories and their people, against their enemies..

The result of this failure of the UN to stand by its member states is that the Member States will be forced to treat the UN as any other Country that stands on the way of their development and progress accusing them of violation of human rights, the most easy means of interfering into a sovereign state.

The UN High Commissioner for human rights is collecting evidence to bring the Government of Sri Lanka before the International Court for war crimes. If that is part of her duty , is she collecting such information to bring USA and Israel before the International Court for war crimes ? If not why Sri Lanka had been selected for her investigations ?


It is reported that with the successful end of the military operations against the terrorist in Sri Lanka the Aid Groups and the ICRC want to enter the no fire zone liberated from the terrorists , in search of civilians that may have been left behind. That is the work for the Armed Forces and the Government should not allow the UN, ICRC or the Aid Workers to enter in to these areas now.

They had no business then, and have none now. ICRC too has completed its services in these areas and they should not be allowed into the areas now. They will enter these areas not in search of the Civilians but probably in search of the remaining terrorists to whom they could provide recourse and perhaps revitalise terrorist pockets. They cannot be trusted any more and they should be left out.

Sri Lanka now knows its friends, and West should be treated with distrust that it deserves; Of course it may be considered undiplomatic to treat the Aid Workers in this manner, because the financial aid from Western countries re needed for ameliorating the conditions of the refugees. But these countries should be made to understand that developing countries should be treated with more respect and with trust in their Governments in place.

The Armed Forces specially the Women Army Cadres should now be deployed to provide the IDPs to settle down and give them other necessary assistance.

These areas delivered from the terrorists should remain as protected areas for some more time as the arms caches may still be available and any remaining terrorists may wander into the area in search of arms and ammunition to carry out isolated acts of terrorism.


Mr.B.Raman a former retired Additional Secretary of the Govt. of India , writing to a website had said that when Karun Amman had broken away from the LTTE terrorist group and left with a number of his followers, the LTTE let go along with them 500 of their faithful cadres to remain with Karuna Amman in the East. They had been given instructions to attack the followers of Karuna as well as carry out isolated terrorist activities against the Government Armed forces.

This sounds a possibility and therefore the Government should be vigilant and perhaps get Karuna Amman to find out the where about of all those who left the LTTE terrorists along with him

The former Aid Workers who had worked in the areas controlled by the terrorists may once again infiltrate into these areas to revitalise any groups still faithful to Prabhakaran. Therefore the Government should stop foreign Aid Workers into these areas.


Paul Castella and the ICRC may have done an excellent work in evacuating wounded civilians in the war zone when it was still occupied by the terrorist. To day the situation is different and the ICRC has no further services to render in the area.

U.N. humanitarian chief John Holmes should be informed, that it is up to the President of Sri Lanka to decide who should be allowed into the former conflict zones and who should be kept out.

Gordon Weiss had abused his position by making statements discrediting the government and he should be stopped from making statements to the press or journalists.


The U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon should be allowed to visit the IDPs, but he should be made to understand that he should leave out his advice to the government concerning its future decisions with regard to Tamil, and Muslim population , which is strictly an internal matter.

The President Mhinda Rajpakse is now an experienced political leader of the country and he knows best what is necessary to build confidence among the different communities and how to unite them into a Sri Lankan Nation.