Saturday, 29 October 2011

To Salil Shetty the 8th Secretary General of Amnesty International .

 Salil Shetty, we come from a village.   We have a dog  at home and practically all the houses in the village have dogs.  Our village is surrounded by other villages. We have Tamil, Sinhala Muslim and even Burgher families living in our village and they all have a dog whether they like or not.  And all the houses in the surrounding villages also have dogs.

My stupid dog sleeps in the porch, and  as all dogs his intelligence is limited. In the morning when the dog is hardly awake when a dead branch of a tree or even a coconut leaf  falls with a thud  as they often do, our stupid dog begins to bark for nothing as if burglars have broken into the house.

That is not all when our stupid dog barks at least  frightened by a falling branch, all the other dogs in the village and those in the surrounding villages begin to bark for nothing , just because my dog barked.  And some times that goes on through out the day.  It stops for some time and goes off once again…..They really begin to bark for nothing and perhaps ashamed of their stupidity invents something else to bark again.

That  was how  all these accusations and counter accusations against Sri Lanka, for violation of human rights also  began.  It was really nothing at the beginning. Salil Shetty  there was a tsunami in Sri Lanka. That was way back in 2004 on the Boxing day,  You may perhaps have heard about it.  For after that  a whole army of NGO’s debarked in Sri Lanka as the Countries that had collected funds for the victims of tsunami refused to pay the funds directly to the Government.  Therefore the  funds were being distributed and tsunami affected areas were reconstructed with the money the NGOs brought with them.  This happened while Sri Lanka was being terrorized by  a group of terrorists the ruthlessness and  monstrosity of whom the world had  never seen.

The Tsunami for them - the terrorists- was a blessing as they got friendly with the NGOs, playing the poverty line and complaining to the NGOs the step-motherly  treatment they receive from the Government run by the Sinhala, because they are Tamils , ethnically different from the Sinhala. Making such complaints the terrorists  got many NGOs to work in the areas that had been allocated to them under a Cease Fire Agreement by a not very intelligent Prime Minister of a Previous government of Sri Lanka.

Thus , because of the CFA, neither  the Sinhala people who wanted to help the Tsunami affected Tamil people nor the Government of Sri Lanka was allowed into the areas by the terrorists.  Hence it was accessible only to the NGOs or foreign government representatives.  That was why  the NGOs who worked with the Tamil victims of tsunami in the areas that were held by the terrorists thought   these poor Tamil people were neglected and discriminated by the Government and the Sinhala people, because they are  of the minority Tamil Community..

The Tamil people in these Terrorists held  areas too  had no access to Sinhala areas or the Government had no access to these people.  They were under the terrorists, who  recruited their children to fight along with them, or trained as suicide bombs.  The NGOs  saw a  different side of the terrorists.  These terrorists were kind to them very respectful and the NGOs like Nesbitt were treated like angels come from heaven. 

The NGOs with the Money they brought for the  Tsunami victims lived a very high standard  life style living in good quarters, plying in Pajaro Vans, and taking calm holidays on the sea beach  with paid home leave. which they would not have liked to have exchanged for any thing else in the world.  They had nothing to complain they thought , over and above helping the Tsunami affected Tamil people in these  territories. Then they thought that while they are there   they may as well help these  young “rebels” as they thought they were,  to carve out that territory of land for themselves for their Tamil people separate from the racists Sinhala in the south..

Thereafter the NGOs of different professional qualifications, such as engineers, experts in production of bombs, construction of boats and submergeables  boats( small submarines), printing presses, telecommunication engineers and  underground bunker constructors came to help the terrorists, they took them to be rebels due to their extreme kindness and friendliness to them.

The absence of the Sinhala people or Sinhala Government Officials  proved to them they were neglected because they were of the ethnic minority.  These NGOs did not investigate to understand more about the minority Tamils, the 58 percent of them living with the Sinhala people in the South. 

This new affection of the NGOs  helped the terrorists, and they did every thing to make the NGO’s  trust them the more , and in return help them break away from the rest of the country. The NGOs put up factories in the areas to prepare, bombs, and ship yards to construct boats, and even constructed three airstrips and brought aircraft parts and set up air planes.

Eventually the terrorists became  a very strong military force .  In addition to the NGOs the expatriate Tamils now living in different parts of the world were forced by groups organized by the terrorist sympathizers in these countries to  collect funds for the benefits of the Tamil terrorists who were to create a homeland for them.  They used the collected funds to buy modern military equipment, arms and ammunitions.  The arms and other war material  they could not clear from the customs were  addressed to NGOs who had permission to take away  Craters (full of these arms , ammunitions, plane parts,  communication material etc.) unchecked.

The NGOs or even the representatives of the foreign countries including Robert O Blake did not take them for terrorists, and they were sure they  or their countries had nothing to fear from them.  The terrorists had even acquired  Ships to transport heavy armaments they had purchased in different foreign countries.

With all these support from the NGOs and foreign Governments the terrorists who had become a strong military force  terrorized the rest of the people and the country.  They killed innocent people by exploding claymore bombs, in busses, train, market places, at sport meets and Office rooms, they used suicide bombers to kill VIPs, they killed a President a Prime Minister of India, several Ministers and  attempted to murder and wounded a President and a Commander of the Army.

They killed innumerable number of Civilians, bombed the Air Port,  Banks , and Buildings and they were a  power to be reckoned with. .  No foreign government  came to the help of Sri Lanka to eliminate terrorism. Sri Lanka was left alone to sort out the problem. 

Government of India fearing the Tamil Nadu state who were supporting the terrorists in Sri Lanka did not help but created more problems to Sri Lanka, by even refusing to sell arms and ammunitions which the Government had to purchase from Pakistan and China.

The people of Sri  Lanka including the Tamils went through untold suffering for 30 years not sure of being alive tomorrow, not knowing whether to go out or not or not knowing whether those who have left homes will come back  or not.

Salil Shetty, it was when we were in that situation that there was a Presidential  Election  in 2005 in which Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse was elected the President of Sri Lanka.  He was determined to finish with terrorism for good.  He comes from a family well known for their patriotism, honesty and  the ability to fight through a situation without giving up half way.  Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse  the newly elected President of Sri Lanka came from that hard core of a stubbornly determined ancestry.

He began by peaceful negotiations with the terrorists, which failed, and when the terrorists closed a sluice gate of a tank depriving water to thousands of farmers, it was too much and the President ordered  to deploy the Army to open the sluice gates.  The terrorists  shot at the army, and that began the military operations against the terrorists.  When the military operations began the out come was uncertain.  The terrorist were better equipped than the Government Armed forces.  Many said that the terrorists were invincible. 

They murdered and assassinated number of  soldiers, security officers and Naval Officers.  But the determination of the President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse, to end terrorism  did not slack. The military operations were taken in earnest coordinated by a former Colonel of the Army that had fought against the terrorists previously -Gotabhaya Rajapakse, and the Commander of the Army Mr. Sarath Fonseka had an axe to grind,  having been an assassination target of the terrorists.  He was also determined as much as the President to end terrorism.  So were the Commanders of the Air Force and the Navy.

The military operations were continued and it was becoming dangerous for non combatants such as the NGOs in the terrorist occupied areas .  Therefore the NGOs were asked to leave the areas immediately for the army to carry out their duties without putting the NGOs in  danger.

It was then that the NGO’s who had  settle down in the areas to help the Tamil people some affected by the tsunami began to complain against the Government and the Armed forces for discrimination against the Tamils calling the Military Operations were  against the ethnic Tamil.

One woman NGO in the area a Nesbitt if I remember correct went  to America  and made a critical publicity campaign against Sri Lanka with the help of some of the American Media accusing the Government of Sri Lanka for discrimination against  the minority Tamils and that the Government Armed Forces were violating their human rights. She Organised the Human Rights watch, a Media Federation and the call  to stop  violation of human rights  against the minority Tamils in Sri Lanka was mooted.

Salil Shetty, now you remember  our stupid dog sleeping in our porch, barking that morning when a branch of a tree had fallen down, and how the other dogs  in the village and  those in the villages around ours began to bark without exactly knowing why they were barking ? 

Well , it was the same that happened when this NGO Nesbitt  cried about violation of human rights. Every one who did not know exactly what was going on  in Sri Lanka too took up the Nesbitt’s cry of violation of Human rights.    The Amnesty International after all a Noble prize winning institution did not want to play second fiddle to Human Rights Watch and they too joined in. Thereafter the numbers of anti Sri Lanka voices in the West kept increasing.

The terrorists in Sri Lanka found it a good idea to encourage as many foreigners as possible to  create a mayhem about Sri Lanka.  They immediately instructed their Fundraisers in Foreign Countries to finance all these European and American Human rights activists who carry publicity against human rights violation by Sri Lanka against the minority Tamil Community.

Therefore, Salil Shetty, yours is not a lone voice, and you may be repeating what your predecessors, such as Irene Khan  of the US$1.37 million pay off fame had been whining about  Sri Lanka’s violation of  human rights .  Now you are the eight Secretary General and from India you have to do some thing more than what  Irene Khan or Forester, you cannot simply cut and paste old reports to make them look new.. 

Therefore put  as much poison into your writing about Sri Lanka.  It goes, every one in the West beginning from Hillary Clinton loves Sri Lanka bashing.   So many people live on that ask for instance  Attorney  Bruce Fenn,. He has made a mint of money from the Expatriate Pro terrorists Tamil Organisations  to write a brief accusing Sri Lanka Armed Forces for Genocide.  After all Amnesty International pays you well, perhaps better than the Human Rights watch despite its US$  100 million from Soros.

Your  article “Commonwealth values put to test by Sri Lanka » is not bad though it is a repetition of what others had written.  In fact there is nothing to invent all  vitriols are there.  As those other dogs  in our village and in surrounded villages barked  after hearing our dog  for nothing just because they wanted to bark,  now the Amnesty International, Human rights watch, Ban Ki Moon, Navi Pillai, et al  accuse Sri Lanka because some one else did it, and for no other reason. 

So go ahead Shetty despite being an Indian you may not know what really went on  in Sri Lanka for thirty tears. 

To make the accusations easy and to make that claim of war criminals to stick on the President of Sri Lanka and his Armed forces the period of investigation has been reduced to few hours before the elimination of terrrorist. 

Because if you had taken the whole of 30years of terrorism in Sri Lanka,  the Sri Lanka’s Military Operations after 2005 is just a drop in the bucket.  It is we,  the  Sri Lankans - Sinhala, Tamil, Muslims and every one else who suffered not the terrorists.  To-day we are all free and in peace because of the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse and the Armed Forces.  That is the truth Salil Shetty.

Salil Shetty, your opinion “ Government accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity and numerous human rights violations is due to take control of this organisation. “  is dramatized, highly exaggerated and it demonstrates your inaptitude to evaluate a country for what it really is. Just do not take a pride in repeating what those before you had said. Those opinions were second hand. They did not know what exactly went on in Sri Lanka neither at the last phase of the military operations to eliminate terrorists, nor   during the whole of the 30 years of terrorism  before , in Sri Lanka. Even , Nesbit  who began all this crap about violation of human rights  does not know what exactly went on in Sri Lanka with the terrorists.

Perhaps you in your bias and the official position in an organisation  which has become  disdainful , for depending on third parties rather  than real direct investigation to accuse a country which is  far from  what you imagine it is with your distorted mentality.  It is regrettable that you being an Indian cannot be more inventive  in making convincing accusations about the President of Sri Lanka.

All what you have written  has been prompted either to you, or to your predecessors by  the pro terrorist Tamil expatriates, who have inherited large sums of money from a now defunct terrorists Organisation, and using that money not for the welfare of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, but to enrich Institutions like yours to scandalize, vilify and down grade a developing country which has through the indefatigable effort of its forward looking President and Officials has seen unprecedented  development within two years after elimination of a 30 year old  terrorism, to put  the country on the way to  an economic development.
But you sadly see only the negative side of this great country.  Your  statement « ignore the Sri Lankan Government's record in the closing days of its long war with the Tamil Tigers, and the long list of human rights abuses committed by both sides ……. » speaks loud of  the inability of the Amnesty International  to sift  through responsibilities  in accusing a Sovereign State. 

How can you compare the atrocities committed by a group of ruthless inhuman terrorists to a Government exercising its democratic right to protect its people and its territory  by eliminating the terrorists at all cost what ever happens in that exercise.  Because the atrocities  committed and human lives lost because of these terrorists are such that no sacrifice seem to be more important than the elimination of the terrorists. 
That suffering only a people who ever went through it  for 30 years will know,  and no one of these humanitarians of the west trying  to investigate the last phase of the military operations for the elimination of terrorism , will ever know.

Again your verbal hysteria has failed to portray the reality of the situation, despite your effort to hide your copying and pasting from previous Secretary General of the AI.  You say,
 « More than 300,000 people were trapped by the fighting in the final weeks of the war. Some were herded into government-declared "safe zones", only to be deprived of adequate food, water and medical care and systematically bombarded by the army's heavy artillery. Others were used by the Tigers as human shields or watched helplessly as their children were forced to join the rebel army. Those caught trying to flee were shot. By the end, more than 10,000 of them were dead. » 

According to your description how many had been kept by the terrorists as a human shield and how many  were the people trapped and how many were rescued by the army ?
You at least have reduced the  number of deaths to  “more than 10,000 “ from 40,000 for some .
It is not worth replying to your rigmarole as there is just accusations, scandalizing and running down of a Sovereign State without any substantial material to support your arguments.

Perhaps Canada’s Stephen Sharp, Australian Foreign Minster Kevin Rudd, UK’s David Cameron , the Green Party in Australia  may feel good reading  your  second hand document, as  they have committed more violation of human rights in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya and should really be accused for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Western Vampires had their last kill . Some of them with blood smeared lips meet in Australia for a CHOGM, to discuss Sri Lanka ?

 Watching from White House Osma Bin Laden being killed

At the beginning they let others do the killings. It  was Jocobo Arbenz the  President of Guatamala, then Mossadeq  the Prime Minister of Iran and then Salvador Allende of Chili all disposed by the CIA.

Then they murdered in cold blood the Romanian President Nicolae Ceasescu and his wife Elena.  These western vampires did not have the pleasure of sucking  the blood off Sadam Hussain, but watched the gruesome hanging direct in the TV satisfying thus their thirst for blood and sadism.

The west is now  Technologically highly  advanced and they-  the President Barrack Obama, the Secretary of State with all  important Officials  watched in the television ,seated comfortably in their Chairs  in the White House, the unarmed  terrorist Osama Bin Laden being killed, before  his family  in Abotabad. 

And a joyous American President Barrack Obama  announced to the Americans, « Today, at my direction, the United States carried out that operation ... they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body. The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date against al-Qaeda. Tonight, we give thanks to the counterintelligence officials who have tirelessly worked, we give thanks to the men who carried out this operation…..

Tonight we are once again reminded that American can do whatever we set our mind to ... we can do these things not because of wealth and power but because of who we are. »

That was  on the 2 May, 2011. But on the 20 October, the Western Vampires satiated  their thirst of blood  when Colonel  Gaddafi was killed by the NATO Forces and even sodomized for their pleasure by a rebel hero trained and armed by the NATO forces with a pointed instrument to his «  posterior  ».
The President Barrack Obama  as usual came out to   say to the people of America and the world, « Today, the government of Libya announced the death of Muammar Gaddafi. This marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of Libya who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic Libya.
“Today we can definitively say that the Gaddafi regime has come to an end, one of the world’s longest serving dictators is no more. The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted.” (  watch out whose tyranny has been lifted and whose tyranny is being imposed !)

It was reported that, « A stunned reaction from the public gave way to scenes of delight and a public outpouring on the streets to celebrate. » 
The  Western vampires were compensated .  But what these Vampires seem to think is  that their  new theory of violation of human rights in war situations, which they seem to have  invented to accuse Sri Lanka Government Forces which fought against real  terrorists in their own country for 30 long years, does not  apply to them however serious are their crimes against the humanity.

In Sri Lanka the terrorists were armed and strengthened by the West.  The Sri Lanka Armed Forces sacrificed their men in large numbers in eliminating the terrorists and rescuing 300,000 innocent Civilians the terrorists had kept as their human shield  to protect themselves from the Armed Forces shooting at them. 

But these  all powerful Western Vampires  invented the theory of violation of human rights to impose it on others but not on themselves.  Despite they being the worst perpetrators of human rights violations.

These Vampires are on their own  and their own violation of human rights, in the political assassinations and the assassinations and killing of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan,  they try to cover up by accusing Sri Lanka, which carried out its democratic right of defending its people and territory from a ruthless group of terrorists, supported and armed  by the very West that now dare  accuse Sri Lanka.
In face of the Barbarism of the west a democratic Sovereign State-Sri Lanka is  helpless being accused by every Dick ,Tom and Harry of these Western and West Supporting White regimes.

Of the member countries of the Commonwealth , the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper , UK Prime Minister David Cameron are involved up to their neck in violation of human rights by joining the NATO forces to bomb Libya and killing thousands of civilians and also stand accused of killing Colonel Gaddafi after taking him a  prisoner and not protecting him under the Geneva convention.

CHOGM should take note of this before trying to pass any punitive proposal of  suspension or boycott  against Seri Lanka at the behest of Stephen Harper, Kevin Rudd, David Cameron or any one else.

Participating in the Commonwealth Conference,   the Canadian  and UK Prime Ministers and Kevin Rudd Australian Foreign Minster who agreed on the bombardment of Libya under the cover of a UN Sanction,  are trying to make the world forget the part they have played  violating human rights of the civilian populations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

They are now  taking  the mean advantage of the CHOGM to cover up their shameless anti-democratic violence inflicted on Libyan Sovereign State, by accusing Sri Lanka for human rights violation in the most difficult last phase of the elimination of human rights.

Who do Stephen Harper, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Fraser, New South Wales Greens fear, for them to demand accountability from Sri Lanka for the elimination of a real group of ruthless terrorists whose terrorism  they did not suffer, cannot even  have an idea of what the people of Sri Lanka went through ? Is it the cohorts of the terrorist rump residing in Australia that they are frightened  ?

The Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd had said , «   What happens in Europe shapes whatever happens  every where and is of fundamental relevance. » 

If so Australia is as much responsible as the USA, UK, France , Canada, Netherlands and Germany for the most inhuman , undemocratic, vindictive, and brutal bombardment  of Libya  in complete abuse of the UN Sanction for protection of airspace over Libya, killing still unknown numbers of civilians and the murder of Colonel Gaddafi in contravention of the Geneva Convention.

Australia and Canada  already have their hands bloodied with the violation of human rights of the Canadian Indians, and Australian Aborigines.  Both the Canadian Government and Australia, including UK, France, and USA are the ones that should be charged for war crimes and asked for accountability.  Because they were fighting outside their respective countries against a Sovereign State ,  respecting a  call for assistance by  a group of Libyan terrorists to fight against its accepted leader.

That call for accountability by the Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch( if they could be trusted to be sincere) is the sward of Damocles hanging over the heads of Stephen Harper of Canada, David Cameron of UK,  both attending the CHOGM, and Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Barack Obama of USA. 

It has been reported that:
“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is being heavily criticized for civilian casualties and a series of bombings apparently targeting essential non-military infrastructure in Libya, with some observers calling the actions war crimes. The Libyan rebels being supported by coalition forces have also been accused of wanton savagery and even crimes against humanity.”( New American)

And again :

“The demand by Amnesty International on Wednesday followed government accusations days earlier that NATO killed civilians in the western part of the country to help clear the way for insurgents advancing on the government-controlled city of Zlitan.
NATO has come under fire in recent months by human rights groups and foreign countries for air strikes that have resulted in massive civilians deaths.

Ramadan Massacre - 33 children, 32 women and 20 men from 12 families were killed in the slaughter.” (the World News)

Despite these they seek to accuse  the Government of Sri Lanka which waged a justified war against  real terrorists terrorising its own country, rescuing 300,000 innocent Tamil civilians from the teeth of the terrorists.

The end of a war  always sees  tremendous calamities as no one knows who shoots , who kills and who gets killed.  It happened at the end of the Second  world war when atomic bombs were dropped in  Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and in Vietnam when the civilians were  subjected to Napalm attack by USA army.  Have the Amnesty International, or the Human Rights Watch raised any accusations ?

Kevin Rudd  and Stephen Harper ought to be having “peanuts “inside their skulls instead of Grey matter.  The Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard  seems to have real grey matter. She speaks intelligently.  She is  outspoken and diplomatically correct.  The CHOGM is there to discuss matters to reunite a disunited Commonwealth and give confidence for Member States to continue to be a part of it.  

If the CHOGM is to follow the ilk of Stephen Harper, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Fraser and goes all out to accuse one Sovereign State-Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and call for accountability, leaving out Canada,  UK, and Australia very much more involved in violation of human rights in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya,  it is better that CHOGM is disbanded altogether  as it serves no purpose to any of its Member States.

The Government of Sri Lanka did a mistake in supporting the Candidature of Ban ki Moon as the SG of UNA for another term, as Ban Ki Moon  remains a puppet of the West and is unable to take a decision on his own.   Ban Ki Moon should take full responsibility for the  unpardonable atrocities committed by the  Western Countries including USA interposing the NATO Forces,  in Libya .

USA, and British Forces  bombarded Libya with  US Tomahawk Missiles. France, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany  continued air strikes, Canada deployed  Canadian Royal Navy  frigate HMCS Charlotte Town.  France Air dropped arms and Ammunitions to the « terrorist rebels » and Italy sent military instructors, and in March ,2011 NATO took over military operations. On the 20 October, 2011 they murdered Colonel Gaddafi.

All that was despite the UN  Security Council’s limited sanction to control the Air Space over Libya.  Ban Ki Moon was sitting pretty while all that was going on, calling Sri Lanka to allow a International Investigation in to the last phase of the elimination of terrorists.  Ban Ki Moon should have called a meeting of the UN Security Council to stop the Western countries with NATO forces continuing to bombard   Libya. 

One cannot really understand why  China,  Russia or India  did not intervene to demand Ban Ki Moon to call a meeting of the Security Council.

In view of Kevin Rudd’s insistence that other countries of the Common Wealth may call a boycott of CHOGM to be held in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka may as well welcome the idea and  move away from the Commonwealth.  For that we should have the assurance of the support of China, Russia, Iran, Morocco, Vietnam and the rest of the developing countries in Asia, South East Asia and Africa.

We should as well inform Heads of States in our regions to take care as one never knows from where the Western Vampires will find their next victim.

A group of Senators from USA had recently complained that USA is  worried about Sri Lanka moving closer to China.  Well that is inevitable  as  USA is making a deliberate attempt to encourage separation of Communities in Sri Lanka  with Robert O’Blake and Hillary Clinton ganging together to meet the extreme racist group of TNA Parliamentarians with out first consulting the  democratically elected President of Sri Lanka who is making  a great effort to reconcile the Communities.

USA is making the effort of reconciliation that the President Mahinda Rajapakse  has begun difficult with their interference into the internal affairs of the country by  inviting the extreme racist and anti reconciliatory TNA Parliamentarians for discussion.

The USA Ambassador Butenis and Robert O’Blake the terrorist loving Junior Secretary of State should have got the US  Secretary of  State meet the President Mahinda Rajapakse to have first hand information with regard to what ever accusations they make about Sri Lanka instead of  depending on the pro Terrorist Tamil Expatriate Community and the Sri Lankan  Terrorists loving Rober O’Blake working with prejudice against the Government of Sri Lanka.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse is today the most loved and respected President of Sri Lanka, and the American State Department should take that into consideration and meet him personally or by sending a special representative of the USA President Barack  Obama, instead of acting as if he does not exist. 

The USA Ambassador Ms. Butenis should take note of this and inform the State Department the correct situation and what USA should do to bring Sri Lanka closer to the People of America.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Having finished with armed terrorism , Sri Lanka is faced with another sort of “terrorism” of the JVP

Vijitha Herath of  the JVP -now bursting apart because of the craving of  its Leadership trying to ride on the  shoulders of a mislead youth to political power, continues to think that its path to political leadership in the country lies in continued bashing of the Rajapakse Government.

Vijitha Herath’s article to Daily Mirror on 15.10.2011 on  Duplicitous government «  is inappropriate both as coming from a political party now breaking apart and also in view of the present  Internationa political developments.

It is because of the  disunity of the political parties in Sri Lanka that the International Community lead by the likes of  brain blocked, nose dripping Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper crying loud about an accountability by Sri Lanka over violation of human rights, to distract the world from the NATO initiated killing spree in Libya without any respect for human right issues.

TNA has become a party overtly working against the unity of the Communities.  They are more a group of anti Sri Lanka Tamils working  with TamilNadu, India , and USA to divide the country like their masters the late terrorists had been trying to do for last thirty years.  In that context it is dangerous  that TNA are working against the Prevention of Terrorism Act.  What are their intentions ?  TNA , it is said was snubbed by the Russian Embassy  when they wanted to bring up their grouse before the Ambassador !

JVP knows that during the whole of the thirty years of terrorism in Sri Lanka the International Community never stepped into help Sri Lanka to free itself of terrorism. But cultivated a close relationship with the terrorists as the  Sri Lanka terrorists  did not pose a  threat to the countries of the International Community.

The JVP if really a Marxist party of the people should have supported the government after elimination of the terrorisms to reconcile and unify the communities instead of waging a  political opposition worse than the terrorists.  The JVP is  counteracting in the  progressive  development projects of the government and not working in the interest of the country.  It is evident that the JVP is seeking their own consolidation of political  power for selfish motives.  They are not being patriotic and working for the peace and progress of the country.

No Marxist Party in the world had  come into power through a Parliamentary elections.  If they have to seek some type of political power in the country  they have to work with a popular socialist party.  A Marxist rebellion will not be successful in Sri Lanka. In Cuba Castro did not go against the people .

JVP is not a people friendly political party, but  a virulent, aggressive and arrogant group of idealists.  They seek political power on the one hand  by misleading the youth drawing them away from their  religious and cultural ties to wards an unpatriotic aggressive politics of a pseudo Marxist JVP and on the other hand by enticing the workers to strike  holding the carrot of  “salary hike”  before them.  But the youth as they grow up and become open to reality of the negative aspect of JVP will abandon the party, and  so will the workers when they realize there is more in being a patriot than working for a salary hikes.

Today JVP is seeing another major breakup because of  misconception of  political  leadership of the JVP . Vijitha Herath, Tilvin Silva, Somawanasa Amarasingh, Anura Dissanayake and Lal Kantha have done  lot of damage to a  party which had a potential political future.

Vijitha Herath says,  « The Rajapaksa government again acts as if it has both ends on fire. On the one hand claiming that the international community is pressuring Sri Lanka unduly and on the other hand complying with the pressure and releasing reports to international organizations. »

Vijitha Herath is ignorant of the present Western political trend, and hence does not understand the dilemma into which  the Rajapakse Government has been put. The Rajapakse Government is trying to save the country being decapitated  by an irresponsible , unconcerned International Community  which has lost its democratic political vision taking a destructive path of destabilising developing countries drawing them into the Western hegemony. 

The West has the NATO power with Stephen Harper’s Canada, Camerons’s UK, Sarkozy’s France and Hillary Clinton’s USA providing the arms and ammunition to destroy developing countries subjugating them setting up puppet governments of their choice, in the modern Colonization project of the developing countries undertaken  by the International Community.

In that situation the Rajapakse Government has to act cautiously taking a middle path without  acting in haste which may be self destructive.  In this situation the part that is being played by TNA is extremely dangerous for the Country apart from whose Government is in power in Sri Lanka.

This is a National Issue and JVP and UNP have to stop their wanton criticism of the government and rally round to show that the Country is united against any international intervention.  TNA are not patriotic Sri Lankan’s despite  their having won the Provincial Council in the local government elections.  They won because the Tamils cannot think beyond their being Tamils.  All that counts for them is their Tamilness.

Vijitha Herath of the JVP states:
“ Local media reported that the President’s Special Human Rights Envoy Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe had successfully nullified all accusations that had come up at the end of the sessions.
However, the true story is being revealed now. The government has now hastily prepared a diplomatic report to display its obedience to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The government, through this report, has attempted to show its dedication for the rights of the displaced, prevention of torture, civil, political and workers' rights, the rights of women and children. ….”

There is nothing wrong in trying to pacify the Frankenstein monsters being unleashed by the  West, until the country is developed at least up to a reasonable extent, before the  Government is free to defend its integrity and fight “still unknown” forces that may yet be unleashed against Sri Lanka by the International Community backed by the Pro-terrorist Sri Lanka Tamil expatriates,  themselves a separatists  Tamil Community without any patriotic attachment to Sri Lanka.

This JVP ignoramus  Vijitha Herath plays into the hands of the foreign enemies of Sri Lanka in his pretentions statement , “Despite attempting to hide matters by bringing in several sectors, it is no secret that the main issues are questions about the displaced and the suppression of democracy in the country.
Even though two years have passed since the end of the war, the government has not been able to solve the issue of the displaced people successfully nor has it been able to properly establish democracy in the country.
This has degraded the Rajapaksa government before the international community. »

During the two years after the elimination of terrorism this Government has done yeoman service to bring Sri Lanka from being a developing country to a  economically developped country.  This is despite the 30 years of a ruthless terrorism and never ending non-cooperating  aggressive West out to destroy  Sri Lanka  with a regime change  accusing it for war crimes as they  have been doing incessantly during the past  years in so many other developing  countries. 

This for no other reason than to appease the Pro terrorists Sri Lanka Tamil Expatriate Community in these respective countries who have become a politically important vote bank.
The Government cannot solves all problems that had accumulated for the last 30 years all at once.  One has to move slowly taking local and International  moves into account.  It is easy to be arm chair critics, but Governing a Country is not as easy.

Hillary Clinton the USA Secretary of State has caused the unpopularity of the President Barrack Obama with her short sited foreign policies.  She is being lead by her nose by Robert O Blake a Sri Lanka Terrorist sympathizer to  discuss political matters of Sri Lanka once with Jayalalithata of TamilNadu and now  with  the terrorist proxi-TNA to review  Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

It may be that the TNA  is seeking the withdrawal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act on the advice of the International Community so that manifestations like Hunger Strikes in Vavuniya, and such other manifestations led by the TNA could  be  used for an International  Libya style Intervention with the NATO force in Sri Lanka.

The JVP instead of taking note of the situation  and adopting a protective stand along with the government is indirectly assisting the TNA’s vicious separatist intention  and  may be assisting a foreign intervention in Sri Lanka.

Vijitha Herath  makes a short sited shoddy statement : 
« The government has to bow down to such degradations and disparaging statements as a result of its undiplomatic conduct. The government appears to have had no vision regarding the post-war environment as well as of other sectors. The government did not take much interest in the resettlement of the displaced people in the North and the East. Furthermore they took no account of the issues faced by those whose loved ones had gone missing or their lands dispossessed. Instead, the government is more interested in using the war victory to win sporadically held elections.  »

JVP  under Somawansa  Amarasinghe, Tilvin Silva ,Vijitha Herath, Anura Dissanayaka and Lal Kantha  has done more damage to Sri Lanka than the Terrorists .  The terrorists were a force that could have been fought with arms, but the JVP led manifestations and assistance to foreign enemies by its constant unsubstantiated criticism of the Government  are also a different type of “terrorism” . This “terrorism” of JVP is against their own  country trying with difficulty to climb out of the 30 years of destruction to develop and establish peace and unity.

This “terrorism” of JVP cannot be subdued by arms, but it could be “eliminated” only with the intelligent understanding of  its leaders,  the  damage they are knowingly or unknowingly doing to the country and its people, in not taking a supportive move towards the Government.