Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tamil National Alliance should be disbanded , and its members Prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorism in Sri Lanka

TNA as a political party  came into being as a brain child of  the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.  The  MPs of the TNA  were the voice of the terrorist in the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

After attending the Parliamentary session  the MPs of the  TNA led by Sambanthan went to Kilinochchi to place before their terrorists masters a report of the  proceeding of the Parliament, and to be instructed what action they should take to promote terrorism as a representative group of the Tamil people of the North and East.

In other words through out the terrorism since they were « appointed » by the terrorists Prabhakaran to be the voice of the terrorists, they were working for the terrorists to achieve their objective of setting up a  Tamil Eelam State.   The TNA therefore represented the terrorists  and not the Tamil people of the North and East.
The TNA is still  the proxi group of the terrorist front organisations of the expatriate Tamils. TNA’s  allegiance is to the Tamils in India and not to Sri Lanka.  This is evident from their frequent visits to India, probably to meet the terrorist rump who may have settled down some where in India or Tamil Nadu.  Vaiko, Nadumaran and Ramados are sworn terrorists, who were even planning to come to Sri Lanka to fight alongside the terrorists. 

The TNA’s connection to these Tamil Nadu rabid political maniacs like Vaiko is evident from the latest demand they made to stay the death penalty passed on the murderers of Rajiv Gandhi.

What right has the TNA as Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka to interfere in to matters related to  the  Government of India ?  What right have the TNA to plead for the lives of the three terrorists who have been proved to have participated in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, if the TNA MPs are not sympathizers of  terrorism and still working for the terrorist agenda ?

If they wish to make such a demand  on humanitarian ground, they should have appealed to the President of Sri Lanka requesting him to intervene.  Even the Tamil Nadu  political leaders  appealed  to the Central Government to intervene on their behalf,  in Sri Lanka.

The TNA spokesman Suresh Premachandran – a foolish man who talks out of turn, is really getting « too big for his shoes ».  He seems to think that being elected by the Tamil People of the North and East at the recent Local Government elections gives TNA the right to act as a Provisional Government with the right to  correspond directly with the Prime Minister of India on behalf of terrorists who have been sentenced to be hanged for the murder of  Rajiv Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India.

The MPs of the TNA  who are appealing on behalf of  terrorists  who had murdered an Indian Prime Minister, cannot be considered  patriotic Sri Lankans, because they continue to promote the cause of terrorism, defending the terrorist murderers sentenced to death by an Indian Court of Law. 
TNA’s intervention on behalf  of the murderers of Rajiv Gandhi is deplorable.  Premachandran says, that   « … his colleague S. Sritharan had already written to India’s President on the matter. There is growing opposition against the implementation of the capital punishment on these three persons. Therefore, it is unlikely that they will be hanged,”

This interference into a matter concerning  the Government of India, which makes it evident that objective of the TNA is to work along side the Tamil Nadu politicians to continue to promote the setting up of a separate Tamil Eelam.  They aided and abetted the terrorists in Sri Lanka, and still  continue to promote the terrorist Agenda of Prabhakaran. 

Therefore the TNA  has no right to continue as a political party to represent the Tamil People of the North and East as long as they do not give  an assurance that they will not get themselves involved in any activity which has the slightest  semblance or even a distant connection to terrorism.   Their getting the vote of the Tamil people in the Northern provinces is no guarantee they are  true representatives of the Sri Lanka Tamil people who voted for them as their ulterior motive is to promote  separatism, which is perhaps not that of the Tamil people who voted for them..

The TNA should have been disbanded  immediately after the elimination of  terrorists, and  its MPs prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorism.  The Government of Sri Lanka did a mistake in allowing them to continue as Members of the Sri Lanka Parliament after May,2009.

Suresh Premachandra ‘s boastful speech after the  Local Government elections in North and East, sounds more like Vaiko the Tamil Nadu terrorist.  He instead of calling for reconciliation between the Communities in the North and East and the South, adamantly confirms a separatist program for the  North and East.  North and East despite the TNA obtaining a privileged support from the Tamils in the provinces, cannot and should not be treated differently from the rest of the provinces in Sri Lanka.

Suresh Premachandran says  that police and land powers are extremely necessary  for lasting peace, justice, democracy and Northern development.  He seems to use words and phrases without seeming to understand  the least about the importance and relevance.

Police and Land powers should strictly be the preserve of the Central Government.  Giving those powers to TNA in the North and East will be like  making the «  foxes look after a poultry farm ».

The TNA MP  Suresh Premachandra  had said, with regard to President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s stance that police and land powers are non-negotiable, that these two subjects were extremely necessary for lasting peace, justice, democracy and northern development.  He had  added that,  “If the government continues to be adamant on police and land powers I do not see the need to continue the current dialogue,”

One cannot see why the delegation of police and land power is so necessary  for the  local governments in the North and the East for lasting peace, justice and Nothern development, as the North and East have already seen a tremendous development process with the construction of hospitals, railway lines, Commercuial shipping harbours, fishing harbours, salterns,  facilities for large scale farming, schools, housing schemes, water projects, oil drilling and the construction of garment factories. 

All that is necessary now for  the local goverments  in the areas  would be to educate the people in peace and cooperation with the rest of the communities in the country, develop social and cultural activities and maintain facilities that have already been provided by the government.

Premachandran takes the Sri Lankans  for fools. What Premachandran asks for amounts to facilities to  organise a Government of the North and East, and coordinate with Tamil Nadu.   If Suresh Premachandra and his TNA MPs are not  satisfied with the  rights which have  been allocated to all Provincial Councils and demand more rights for the North and east, and if they cannot cooperate with the government, he should know that  the country will be better off without them.

The ethnic problem if there is such a thing, has to be attended to differently  taking into the fold the whole of the people, the TNA could help the government in that process. There are no rules  and regulations to settle ethnic problems , it is some thing that should come from the heart of the people setting a side prejudices and suspicion of those  who belong to other Communities.

Premachandran  being an anti government  racist  dares to demands that the President should pay heed to the request of the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch and the international community, by setting up a Credible Local Mechanism to investigate allegations of war crimes. 

This foolish man-Suresh Premachandra, is really  an outsider to Sri Lanka.  He seems unaware that the Government had appointed a LLRC  consisting of honourable persons  highly experienced and qualified to make an independent and a responsible investigation  in to all that happened during the terrorist war and also of  war crimes if there had been any.

If the TNA cannot trust the persons and Institutions of Sri Lanka., they should resign from being Members of the Sri Lanka Parliament.  The Tamil people of the North and East could very well be looked after by the Government as it had been doing so far without the TNA Parliamentarians  who have still not  been intelligent enough to change their attitude to Sri Lanka after the elimination of terrorism.

This foolish man Suresh Premachandra has further stated  unable to think correctly with his pea nut of a brain that,  “If this  is not done, no one can prevent Sri Lanka being called a ‘Pariah State’ in the eyes of the international community and organizations,”  

Premachandran calls the appointment of a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to work out proposals to resolve the national question apart from it being a time-wasting exercise, arriving at an acceptable solution will be impossible with Sinhalese extremists like the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) in parliament,”

Janatha Vimukthi Premuna which unfortunately  now contains a politically lost rabble rousers, they had done more to their motherland after giving up their terrorist tendencies and  came in to the main political stream  and were never traitors to their motherland unlike Premachandran and his TNA MPs who are utter racists neither  patriotic nor lovers of Sri Lanka as their motherland.

Jathik Hela Urumaya is a political party  that had fearlessly stood up  in the defence of Sri Lanka, through out terrorism and after the elimination of terrorism works for the  development of various projects for the development of whole of Sri Lanka and for the welfare of all Sri Lankans without distinction.  The same cannot be said of the racists TNA..
It is Suresh Premachandran and his TNA MPs who are doubtful politicians whose  political allegiance is to their  “Tamilness “, depending on the support of the TamilNadu despite the vote they got from the Tamil people of the North and East. 

TNA cannot be trusted to defend Sri Lanka in any world forum or in the case of a foreign  « intervention ».  They will always remain racists and selfish egoists working for their own agenda of separatism, even joining hands with any foreign power  to make a success of their plotting  to achieve their secret objective of a separate Eelam State.

In a separate statement after the Local Government elections Suresh Premachandran had said that, « This election was concluded at an important time where the United Nations and the international community are pressuring the government over claims that they committed war crimes and that a fair investigation is necessary……In an effort to escape this difficulty, the Government worked hard to win these Local Government elections and demonstrate that the Tamil people are on its side. »

It is a fact that if the Government had won the Local Government elections , it would have been proof of  a success of government’s reconciliation effort, and Sri Lanka could have kept away the foreign interventionists.  But Government failed in that effort perhaps because it failed to select the correct persons to represent the Governmnet.  With all respect to the Minister Douglas Devananda  it has to be said that he was perhaps  not the correct man to win over the people of the North and East.

Premachandran  further states in that statement that, « The Tamil people have – by ensuring the victory of the TNA – accepted and supported the recommendations of the UN [Panel’s report], which state that the government’s war crimes and human rights abuses require an impartial international investigation.

The TNA asks that this verdict of the Tamil people be respected and that the government accept and allow an international investigation. The TNA requests that the international community continues to pressure the government to provide a political solution that allows the Tamil people to live in their homeland with dignity and freedom. »

How can this man who seems to support the UN Panel report and calling for an international investigation could be accepted as a Member of the Sri Lanka Parliament ? He and his TNA MPs are there to put the Tamil people against the Sinhala and bring in Foreign powers to separate  Sri Lanka which is the Agenda of the Terrorist Prabhakaran,  which theTNA uphold along with the expatriate Tamil terrorist Front Organisations.

The TNA  therefore has no right to exist as a political party of Sri Lanka and it should be disbanded, and legal action taken against Suresh Premachandran and the TNA MPs under the Terrorism Act,  for perpetrating terrorism in Sri Lanka, perhaps not with guns but by a concerted effort of  brain washing the Tamil people for separation from the rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

TNA Leader R.Sampanthan and his Adjournment motion in Parliament .

TNA has been elected to the Local Government Councils in the North and East.   But what ever the reason for the Tamils in these provinces to  have given  their precious votes to TNA,  TNA cannot continue any more with their separatist politics.  They cannot above all attempt to bring together the Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils.  TamilNadu Tamils are different from the Tamils in the North and East and their problems too are different.  Therefore the TNA should engage in affairs nearer home  and  do all they could to bring the Sri Lanka Tamils and the Sinhala people together.

TNA after its victory  should have awakened to the fact that  being the representative of the people who elected them they should now  be a bridge between the South and North of Sri Lanka to bring the two communities together.  It is their duty to tell the Tamil people that it is time that they change their racism against the Sinhala majority, and force them into a non racist existence as people of Sri Lanka-  the mother land of all born in Sri Lanka or accept Sri Lanka as their home, working for its welfare, not against it as  the expatriate pro-terrorist Tamils abroad. 

The Tamils in the North and East should change from detached isolation into active participation  for a meaningful reconciliation with the rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka..

It is only  in achieving such a noble  attitudinal change among the Tamils, that TNA will receive any respect as representatives of the Local Government Councils for which they have been elected.  Their visit to India immediately after their victory on a lecture tour make them suspect not as patriotic Sri Lankan politicians but as a group of racist Tamils with an agenda of their own to break away  North and East if possible with  the help of India. 

There is a very shady organization in India , the India’s Parliamentarian Forum on Human Rights for Global Development organised by a controversial  Tamil  politician from Tamilnadu-E.M.Sudarsana Nachiyappan.  It is organizing a Conference called Agony and Solace, to which  the Sri Lankan Tamil Politicians have been invited ( though EPDP Leader Douglas Devananda has been left out).

The Conference is said to  aim at evolving a unified political stance by the Lankan Tamil parties on problems facing Sri Lankan Tamils, and to formulate a framework for resolving the problems &obtain a consensus from participating Lankan Tamil parties.

TNA has been invited to attend this conference, and if TNA are patriotic Sri Lankans working for the Unity of Sri Lanka and the welfare of the Tamil people they should not be a party to this “fishy” oarganisation sponsored by Tamil Nadu Parliamentarians.  That is not what is expected of them as members of Parliament of Sri Lanka or  elected members of the Local Government Councils in the North and the East, even if they were elected by a dominant Tamil vote.

The fact that they had an overwhelming support from the Tamil people in the North and  East does not mean to say they should not be  watched carefully by the Government  Forces as aliens as long as they do not declare their allegiance to a unitary Sri Lanka, and show by action that they would not  become party to any disruptive Tamil Organisation in India or Tamil Nadu.

If there is going to be another terrorism in Sri Lanka it will again be the Buddhist Sinhala youth who will have to give their lives to save Sri Lanka as the Tamils still have not realised it is important to give  a secondary place to their racist sentiments of Tamilness, and  become full fledged patriot Sri Lankans willing to work with all communities for the common good of the country and all its people. And even to give their lives to protect Sri Lanka as a unitary state.

The TNA leader R.Sampanthan in an adjournment motion moved in parliament on 7 July, 2011 had  in  his introduction to the motion  said that, « Whereas Sri Lanka from shortly after it attained Independence in 1947 has been in the crucible of ethnic violence which occurred in 1956, in 1958, in 1961, in1977, in 1980 and in 1983- wherein the Tamil people numerically in a Minority were the victims. »

This is a sad start for an aged senior Tamil man elected to represent the people who voted for him and his Party in a Local Government Elections in the North and the east for the first time after 30 years of terrorism.  It is sad because we are now in a different time and a different period.  We have far advanced  from those events in 1956, 58, 61,77, 80,  83, traversed a still worse period  of terrorism from 1983 to 2009  during which period the victims were not only the Tamils numerically in a Minority, but also the Sinhala people numerically in a Majority and the other  Communities numerically in a minority. 

Sampanthan, even though he and his party won the elections in North and East , has no right to speak now for the Tamil people separated from the rest of the population, but to a Tamil people which is a part of a multi-ethnic greater Sri Lanka free from terrorism seeking unity of communities and  a peaceful existence

Sampanthan further says in his adjournment motion, « …..Whereas the principal cause for such violence has been the consistent demand of the Tamil People for just and equal treatment as Citizens of Sri Lanka and the fundamental right to live in security and dignity fulfilling their legitimate political, social, economic and cultural aspirations .»

It was not the  ordinary Tamil people who consistently demand  for, « … just and equal treatment as Citizens of Sri Lanka and the fundamental right to live in security and dignity fulfilling their legitimate political, social, economic and cultural aspirations » . It is the rigmarole incessantly  parroted by G.G.Ponnambalam, Chelvanayagam, Amirthalingam, Anandasangaree  and the rest of the English Educated  Tamils to take political power into their own hands  to rule the Tamil people in a feudal environment. 

Those were mere words , political slogans ,used by the Tamil politicians to brain wash the ordinary mass of the Tamils to accept false accusations against the majority Community to create dissension,  as the Tamil people as a whole were not treated  by any Government since Independence in 1948 , differently  from the rest of the people of the Sinhala, Muslim or Burgher Communities in Sri Lanka. 

But on the other hand it was the majority Sinhala community who had been deprived of a place in the Colonial Administration, which had accepted the  Tamil minority for special privileges under them.

But the Sinhala people have come out unscathed from that ordeal under the British Colonial Government, and of course recovered the privileges denied to them.  And now the  terrorists proxy TNA cannot accuse the Sinhala for their rightful place in Sri Lankan politics, which has been acquired democratically  and with popular support.

The Sinhala majority,  who the Tamils and the TNA seek to accuse,  are fair by all  without any discrimination even though the ungrateful Tamils of the North and East voted for the TNA candidates. 

If Sri Lanka were to find itself in a difficult situation as that of the 30 year terrorism, it will again be the Sinhala Buddhists who  will come to its rescue not the “ungrateful” Tamils who voted for the TNA. And  having forgotten that it was the Sinhala Soldiers that came to their rescue when they were being held as a human shield by the terrorists, they  now complain of the presence of the Soldiers in their provinces unacceptable.

Sampanthan has to tell the Tamils who voted for him and his TNA that the Sinhala soldiers being in their midst is normal and they should accept the situation whether they like it or not.

It is an often repeated theme  by the Tamil politicians, that the Tamil people  should be  given just and equal treatment as Sri Lankan Citizens. But successive Sri Lankan Governments since Independence have  treated the Tamil people  just as equally as the Sinhala, Muslim, Burgher and others. But it is the Tamil politicians who use the formula  as a «  raison d’ ĂȘtre »

Sampanthan too keeps repeating it in his adjournment motion, to make it look like a new invention by the TNA.  Strangely  Sampanthan of TNA “the children of Prabhakaran’s terrorism” says  in defence  of  terrorism :
« ..the continuous violence unleashed against the Tamil people, and the failure to politically accommodate the legitimate political and other aspirations of the Tamil people, and the repeal of the Constitution under which the country attained independence and the enactment of a new Constitution without the consensus of the Tamil people, led to the demand of the right to self-determination and Tamil youth taking to an armed struggle which lasted for almost three decades…. »

Sampanthan should know  that terrorism was the brainchild of India, and it was the terrorists that unleashed violence against the Tamil people in the North and East, and it was the terrorists that denied legitimate political and other aspirations of the Tamil people for thirty long  years. 

It is now that the Government of Sri Lanka recovering after a ruthless terrorism is making an effort to reconcile the Communities and develop the country as a nation uniting all Communities, and the Government needs the support of the TNA for this mammoth effort of reconciliation and uniting the Communities.

If Sampanthan wants to help the Tamil people it is not by treating  them as a different group of people in Sri Lanka and  keeping them in detached isolation, but by bringing them into the main political stream as part of the Sri Lankan people, without their complex of being minority Tamils.

In that respect TNA has a great lot of work to do to clear the “mental complex” of the Tamil people, to admit they are firstly Sri Lankans, and accept the Sinhala people and the Sinhala Soldiers sincerely as compatriots.

Sampanthan says further in his Adjournment motion that,   “……It is the objective of this Motion to invite the attention of this House, the Government and the Country to the imperative need to address the core issues of the conflict and to evolve an acceptable political solution, that will bring about genuine reconciliation and harmony amongst the different communities and peoples who inhabit Sri Lanka…. »

What are these core issues to evolve an acceptable political solution ?  All Provisional Councils in Sri Lanka have the same rights and privileges, and what more do the TNA asks as a political solution ? 

It appears to be a move to further their  ulterior motives for perpetrating   separatism.   It is important to give the people facilities for day to day living , and provide them with transport, medical facilities etc. 

The political rights they already have , but what they haven’t got is the ability to understand the necessity  to be united with other communities as one and the willingness to be Sri Lankans without remaining just Tamils in the North and East.  That is the work of the TNA to help the Tamil people to become full fledged Sri Lankans setting aside their narrow communalism.

The Tamil women speaking to Al Jazeera, complains  of rape and fear of the Soldiers without identifying any instance of a rape.  It is a shame that they bring upon themselves,  and an insult to the Soldiers who had been their saviours and stationed  amidst them to avoid another eruption of evil from  extra nationalist Tamils. 

A way to  safeguard the Soldiers from such « false scandalous accusations  » would be to set aside an area for the armed forces with living quarters for their families, as it is in Cyprus ,  Major General James Gordon CBE, Commander British Forces Cyprus, explained: 
"I am delighted to hand over the keys to the first of 269 excellent quarters to our personnel here at RAF Akrotiri. It is the outcome of many years of effort and much hard work. It is part of the ongoing programme to update, improve and modernise the accommodation for our personnel ……. »
or  in Ramstein in Germany which , « … fosters a family-friendly installation for more than 53,000 Americans living in the Kaiserslautern Military Community. ….. »

Sampanthan further states, that, « …… since the letting of violence in 1956 and its continuance thereafter, large number of Sri Lankan Tamils have fled from Sri Lanka and become migrants or sought refuge in other countries, all over the world……And Whereas it is necessary to arrest this trend, and enable the Sri Lankan Tamil people to continue to live in Sri Lanka, the country to which they belong, as indeed they are legitimately entitled to…..And Whereas this is achievable only if there is an acceptable political solution that ensures their security, restores their dignity and enables them by having access to powers of governance to fulfill their legitimate political social economic and cultural aspirations. »

This situation is self inflicted by the expatriate Tamils in working against the government of Sri Lanka spending millions of Dollars for anti Sri Lanka publicity by engaging UK Channel 4 ,  paying to the American political parties posing as Tamils for Obama, and engaging media, , paying for Human rights Watch, Amnesty International, and  engaging influential Senators and politicians to write or speak against Sri Lanka.

What Sampanthan and his TNA could do in this situation is to demand the expatriate Tamil Community to stop negative publicity  against Sri Lanka the country, «   to which they belong, as indeed they are legitimately entitled to. », and contribute those large sums of money wasted on anti Sri Lanka publicity gimmicks, for the well being of the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka to make their return to Sri Lanka a  welcome situation.


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Why did Tamils of North and East voted for Terrorist proxy TNA, and Has White West a Divine Mission on Earth ?

The saddest day after the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka was the day  after the local government election  of the 23 July,2011, when the election  results of the  North and East of  Sri Lanka were announced.

When I wrote  two days before the election, that the Local Government elections of the North and East which would certainly be favourable to the Government, would finally settle  the incessant  interference of the  West to destabilise Sri Lanka  and accuse the Government Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes, a reader commented, «  No disrespect, but this is only wishful thinking. Just wait 2 days and you will see in the election result. »

The commentator  was correct, the Tamils of the North and East were not generous, but  were furious that terrorism had ended. It is sad , but the reality is that those who suffer get used to it as a way of existence, and fearing  the opposite of it prefer to continue  suffering without making an effort to surmount misery.

 What can  the TNA give the Tamils in North and East more than what the President Mahinda Rajapakse has already  given to them for their  comfort and wellbeing? 

A political devolution ?  Is that  what is most essential for the Tamils in the North and East ? or has the TNA got their priorities wrong ?

When the news of the end of terrorism was announced in the South the Sinhala people took to the streets to rejoice.  They were at last free , free of the fear of  exploding claymore bombs, and terrorist suicide bombers.  They could at last begin to live normal peaceful lives. They showed their gratitude to the President and the Armed Forces for giving them  this freedom from 30 years of  stress and fear.

But there was no such jubilant expression of freedom from the Tamils of the North and East after the elimination of terrorism.  But on the contrary instead of showing their  gratitude to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka there was criticism  of the President and his government , and  repeated demand to remove the  High Security Zones and complaints of the presence of the soldiers ( they had by now forgotten that it was these soldiers that rescued  hundreds of thousands of them from the grip of the terrorists)

In the case of the Tamils in the North and East voting to a party which is known to be a terrorist proxy demonstrate that they,  as Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu says,  despite the “…….. time and energy invested by the leading lights of the regime, the results must surely be seen as a repudiation of what they stand for and what they have done ». 

Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu say  that , « …These results need serious analysis by all political parties as an indication of the trajectory of politics to come . »  . Rather than making such an analysis as « an indication of the trajectory of politics to come », it should be made an occasion to understand  why this lack of gratitude, for a government that had removed the most disastrous evil terrorists, who had  for  thirty long years had made their lives  a torturous existence..

Gratitude is a characteristic of the Sinhala people derived from their Buddhist culture. The Buddha was an ordinary man –a Prince and his philosophy a human philosophy, which teaches the value of a human life.  As much as Buddhism teaches pervading of universal love to all living beings, it also teaches the importance of  compassion for the suffering of others. Hence to those who intervene to help the Sinhala people in their  moments of suffering, with a word of comfort or means to reduce  their suffering, they  show their gratitude.
But these qualities are absent in the Hindu culture, the Tamils are Hindus, worshipers of  God figures, which are not human but have only characteristics such as Ganesha remover of obstacles, Saraswathy  goddess of 

Wisdom, Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the preserver, Krishna the destroyer and so on.

Their form of worship is reciting of prayers, inflicting  pain and suffering on themselves through penances for the atonement of their sins.  Hence you find normal happy Hindu Tamils having no apparent ailment or any other form of suffering, inflict suffering on  themselves by hanging in a bullock cart  through hooks pierced into the skins of their  back taken all the way to Kataragama , rolling on craggy roads over stones and thorns , pierce the tongue with pointed instruments , and walking barefoot on red hot charcoal . 

They do all that through fear of god seeking atonement for their wrong doings.  Therefore gratitude is not a part of their religious culture, but fear and atonement of sins, distrust for those outside their race and religion, keeping the company of their likes seems to be their embedded Hindu characteristics.

Suffering for them is a sacred ritual.  Hence suffering under the iron boots of terrorists  must have been for the Tamils of the North and East a sacred privilege.  They had  even made Prabhakaran the terrorist their “thalaivar” a deity of their pantheon of Gods.  He was their sun God.

Therefore, elimination of terrorism was not to the liking of the Tamils of the North and East.  It  may have been  considered by them a sacrilege committed by the President of Sri Lanka and the Armed Forces.  Therefore, there is  no surprise they voted for the TNA Candidates at the Local  Government elections in preferences to the candidates of the UPFA- party responsible for the elimination of  the Sun God Prabhakaran.  They  therefore voted for the terrorists phantoms the TNA.

If these Tamils of the North and East who voted  TNA at the Local Government elections of the 23rd July,2011, were to have been  provided  a way out of their suffering  under the terrorists and installed in an environment of non suffering, they would have  still continued to  regret the past suffering under the terrorist as some “sacred divine favour” that had been forcefully taken away from them.  It was not to be as the President and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  through their compassion eliminated  the terrorists, for the greater good of the Country and all its people.

Their suffering under terrorists may have been  according to the Hindu religious culture they had inherited, “ a form of “holy suffering”.  They had deified  Prabhakaran the terrorist leader and his elimination at Nandikadal was a sacrilege committed by the President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, therefore they want to take revenge from the President.  That accounts for the overwhelming  victory of the TNA Candidates.

They are  all in it,  in the Hindu Culture, the big and the ordinary Tamils, those Tamils of the TNA, Navi Pillai, Radhika Coomaraswamy, D.B.S.Jeyaraj, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Pearl Thevanayagam, Sri Lanka Guardian , expatriate Tamil Community, they are all the worshippers of deified terrorist Prabhakaran.  They are therefore united to discredit Sri Lanka and get the Western anti Sri Lanka Countries to drag the President and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces before a tribunal accused for war crimes.

The TNA after its victory in the Local Government Elections had announced that, « … it would be impossible to reach a political solution and bring about lasting peace, justice and democracy in the North without the devolution of police and land powers. »

Their victory is no surprise due to the reasons detailed above, but they are going a little far  asking for police and land powers.   The TNA will not be able to give to the « ungrateful » Tamil  people in the North and East who voted for them, one hundredth of what the President Mahinda Rajapakse  and his Government have already given to these Tamil people, even if the «  police and land powers » were to be given to them.

The terrorist proxy TNA are not patriots, they are not there for unity , progress and development of the country, what they want is political power to “ lord” over the poor Tamil people dividing them according to their castes and keeping them under their thumbs. 

The poor Tamil people of the North and the East who have been brain washed  first by the terrorist for thirty long years and now by the TNA politicians do not care for political power, what they would ask if they could speak on their own is peace , education facilities for their children,  communicate  with  the government authorities in their own language, medical facilities, and better living conditions.

What the TNA,  according to its spokesman  Suresh Premachandra is happy about is that the victory had given them a stronger position to negotiate with the government at the ongoing talks. Suresh Premachandra boasts, « It’s unfortunate that the government has failed to understand fully and correctly the real  problems facing the Tamil community and their aspirations. I wonder whether the government even realises the impact of the TNA’s electoral victory. »

Here Premachandran speaks about the aspirations of the TNA and not those of the Tamil people of the North and East.  The Tamil people have been given what they aspire, after thirty years of  their suffering by the President of Sri Lanka and his government.  The President and the Government Armed Forces have been given freedom from fear of terrorism.  They have been given homes in the villages from which they were forcibly displaced by the terrorists.

Their villages which were mined by the terrorists have been made safe by removal of the mines by the President and his Government.  Their children have been found schools and they are attending schools provided by the Government of Sri Lanka.  They have been provided with facilities to carry out their profession as fishermen, farmers, traders , businessmen, government servants etc.

What more can the TNA give them ?   The Tamil people are in Sri Lanka in the North and the East, but the TNA is going all over India, speaking about the plight of the Tamil people, asking for Indian help, when the President of Sri Lanka and his government are organizing to make these Tamil people have better living conditions, have better transport facilities, access to fresh water, and electricity.

Yet another  Tamil pandit, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu  also says, “Surely the message of the election result in the north and east is that economic development or the promise thereof, cannot be divorced or substituted for political rights. There is a deficit not just in terms of democracy and accountability, but also in terms of sincere commitment with respect to a political settlement. »

Was that really the message of the poor Tamil people of the North and East ?  What are these political rights  that cannot be divorced from economic development? Is it that they want a separate Homeland ?  Can Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu instead of being vague say what exactly are these important political rights the people of the North and East demand  that cannot be divorced from economic development ?
It appears Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu’s analysis of the election results of the North and East « … as an indication of the trajectory of politics to come  »  is lopsided.

If it is a separate Homeland, that may of course be what the TNA wants but not the poor Tamil man in the Street, or the poor farmer in the field wants.  It is enough talking of a Tamil Homeland which had been going on for over thirty years. And to rescue the people from  this demand of an impossible homeland concept floated by Prabhakaran the terrorist, many young lives have been sacrificed and many valuable people have given their lives.

We cannot repeat this process all over again.  The TNA should understand that even the 13th Amendment is not valuable any longer. It is no more worth even the paper on which it was written. It was included in to the Constitution  for reason of exigence to facilitate  the Indian Peace Keeping Force to settle the question of terrorism in Sri Lanka.
Since terrorism has now been eliminated, the 13th Amendment is not valid any more.  It should be removed from the constitution once and for all and North and East of Sri Lanka should have the same Local Government Administration as in the South.

Sri Lanka can no more be divided  according to Communities, even if the TNA  has got an overwhelming victory.  It is time for the members of the TNA to become patriotic politicians of Sri Lanka.

Why are the White West so keen to “ punish” Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorists ?

Having analysed the reasons  for   the Tamils in the North and East to  repudiate  the Government Candidates at the Local Government elections  for “ what they stand for and what they have done”,    let us turn to the White West to understand  as to why they take umbrage making absurd accusation of  atrocities and war crimes, supposed according to them to have been committed, by  the President of Sri Lanka and the  Government Armed Forces in  the elimination of terrorism. 

The White West too are God worshippers.  They seek atonement  for their sins by prayers and appealing to the  “ Grace of God ”.  Therefore, they too do not understand real human feelings  and human actions and therefore they are unable to relate to them as human beings.  They unlike the Tamils do not understand suffering.  The White West  acts as if they have had a divine revelation, that they have been sent to this world to put things right, put some order to man made chaos.

The White West therefore thinks of themselves  as divine messengers, like the ones the God sent to Sodom and Gomorrah . The White West presumes that it cannot be accused for  wrongs  for which  it  could accuse  and punish the other humans-the scum of the earth. 

For instance human rights violation, and atrocities committed by the armies of the White West in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are  for it  righteous acts , which are in the course of the performance of its tasks according to its  Divine Call.

The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN, UK Channel 4, Catholic Church  and all that caboodle assume that they  are performing divine tasks.  The death of civilians in the performance of these tasks are collateral and the other humans have no right to question them.

That is how things are seen in finer and deeper analysis of the ways of the Tamils in the North and East without gratitude to providers of comfort and facilities, voting for the phantoms of the past terrorism the TNA, and why the White West takes umbrage against Sri Lanka  for eliminating terrorism ,which  caused untold suffering to the people for 30 long years.

Despite all that the Sinhala people along with friendly Communities in the South  will continue to show their compassion to the misled Tamils in the North and East as they are after all their own people, sharing their own motherland, and  will face the White West as best as they  can.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hillary Clinton ‘s visit to Tamil Nadu , was it an unintelligent Diplomatic move or was there an ulterior motive.

Hillary Clinton’s  visit to Tamilnadu, undoubtedly has an undertone of ulterior motives, but how sinister they are, have to be examined before they surface into the open.  Of course the US State Secretary’s itinerary had been prepared by none other than the Sri Lankan  terrorist-lover Robert Blake, the US Assistant Secretary in Asia.  If Blake puts his hand into a thing even remotely related to Sri Lanka it would be to pander his friends of the terrorist front Organizations of the Expatriate Tamils in USA.

There were many Indian States with women Chief Ministers in India which Hillary Clinton could have visited, but despite that why did she (or Blake) include Tamilnadu for a powwow with no good politician like Jayalalitha.  It was indeed to prepare the ground for sinister plans  of the US State Department perhaps  underway to further destabilize Sri Lanka and break it up as the latest modus operandi of the West to re-establish its waning leadership in the world.

Economic “embargos” being the US State  Department’s oldest and favourite  speciality , Jayalaitha had been titillated by Hillary Clinton’s visit as she thinks it marks support for her resolution in the state Assembly demanding that Delhi should impose an economic embargo on Sri Lanka.

TamilNadu had always supported the terrorists and an  Eelam State  as imagined by   the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.  Therefore there is nothing new in Jayalalitha’s anti Sri Lanka stand calling, now enormously emboldened by her  new  role of the Chief Minister , an economic  embargo on Sri Lanka.

But what is surprising is  Hillary Clinton’s run to hug Jayalalitha , which cannot be entirely  due to  her being coaxed by Robert Blake  and to acquiesce  with Jayalalitha on the accusation of  Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and atrocities committed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists.  

It cannot be, because  of the simple reason that for  violation of human rights and atrocities committed in war  no Armed Force of any  other country in the world can beat the record  of the Armed Forces of USA, in the “theatres of war” in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

But there is some thing deep down in this sudden break from diplomatic prerogatives to visit  Jayalalitha in Tamilnadu, who has no political acumen  in dealing with other Sovereign States., though when you come to think about it neither  does Hillary Clinton seems to have that political acumen. 

Perhaps Hillary Clinton  or rather,  Robert Blake has used Hillary Clinton as a cats paw to play on the naivetĂ© of Jayalalitha, to  rope her in on to their (USA and CIA), side to achieve two objectives.

The Central Government of India is willing to accede to all ”whims and fancies “ of any Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in order to preserve the unitary state of India.

Jayalalitha as the  Chief Minister is more capable  in her position to make the Central government dance to her tune, with the threat of a break away to form an independent Tamil Nadu State. She is overwhelmingly jubilant now, as she  has become the new saviour of the Tamils the world over, acquiring unexpected importance  by a personal visit to her of none other than the US Secretary of State.

The  expatriate Tamil Community in foreign countries  hail her as the « Indra Gandhi » of the Tamils, capable of giving the Sri Lanka Tamils a Tamil Eelam as Indra Ghandhi liberated Bangladesh. The expatriate Tamils have lost confidence in Karunanidhi, and the terrorist lover like Vaiko even approaches Jayalalitha to request her to demand clemency for the  murderers of Rajiv Gandhi condemned to death.

Thus Hillary Clinton has sowed the seeds of dissension between the Central Government and Jayalalitha the State Minister of Tamil Nadu,  by her personal visit to meet her, with Robert Blake adding more venom.
Robert Blake had said after the meeting, referring to Sri Lanka,  “I think the government needs to make some progress also on the human rights piece of it. That includes things like ending these emergency regulations that have been in place for a long time, disarming some of the paramilitaries that continue to be responsible for human rights violations, and then more broadly, just improving the overall human rights situation, particularly addressing things like media freedom, ……This of course is of great interest to the Tamils in Tamil Nadu, and I think that was reflected in the interest that the chief minister showed,"
Jayalalitha had  taken the opportunity to request  Hillary Clinton  to make more U.S. investments in the automobile sector in Tamil Nadu, Solar energy, road infrastructure development, development of vocational training institutes,  and upgrading the  Industrial Training Institutes.
Ms. Clinton had informed the Chief Minister that the Overseas Private Investment Corporation of the U.S. had many opportunities for investments in Tamil Nadu. She expressed her desire for a State-to-State program between Tamil Nadu and the States in U.S. for various industrial and economic programs.

Thus insuring a certain economic independence to Tamilnadu,  Jayalalitha’s hands have been strengthened by the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton to make her demands from the Central Government against  Sri Lanka more forceful.

Having made Jayalalitha a lever to  eventually break up India, Hillary Clinton will also be  fulfilling the demand of her friends-the terrorist Front Organizations of Tamil Expatriates in  USA, by supporting Jayalalitha’s demand for economic sanctions against Sri Lanka.

That being the ulterior motive of the Visit of the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton to Tamil Nadu, on the advice of the Sri Lanka terrorist lover Robert Blake ,  it could perhaps be assumed that the Central Government of India may become more condescending to the demands of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

An intelligent diplomatic move would have been  for the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton to visit Sri Lanka to see for herself, whether from what the Government of Sri Lanka has done in the North and East  for the welfare of the Tamil people who suffered under terrorism for 30 years,  she could imagine, that this same government using its Armed Forces  could have deliberately committed any thing that could be called atrocious against  these Tamil civilians  who the Sri Lanka Armed Forces rescued from the terrorists during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists.