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Ranga Jayasuriya of Lakbima a Hurrah Boy of the West,a traitor to his motherland.

The Journalist Ranga Jayasuriya writing on 27 Mrch,2011 to Sunday Lakbima News begins his anti Sri Lanka Government article, “ Who is important to Sri Lanka Gaddafi or Libyan people ? ”

He ends his article stating that, the “…..Present regime’s affinity with the authoritarian regimes in Libya, Iran, Burma and Venezuela is not a secret. That camaraderie would have provided impetus to the government to display its solidarity with the Gaddafi regime.
Gaddafi’s petro dollars would have spoken too. Gaddafi is known for his generous monetary support to a wide range of political, resistance and Islamic groups.
Gaddafi would be grateful to his Sri Lankan allies. But would the people of Libya be? ”

We could in turn ask Ranga Jayasuriya, who knows little about the Libyan people, whether he is speaking to please his pay masters the NGO Funding International Community who sought UN Security Council sanction to bombard Libya with least concern for the Libyan Civilians, but with the only objective to assassinate Gaddafi for a regime change in Libya ?

The IC loves petrol more than the Libyan people. Ranga Jayasuriya is, knowingly or unknowingly, becoming a party to these massacres and destruction of a sovereign state by the International Community seeking to redeem an undisputed leadership of the World of Nations , a dangerous precedence that the International Community could use hereafter against any developing Nation.

Ranga Jayasuriya quotes BBC- another arm of the International Community, and an unnamed “ rebel spokesman” to defend his “paymasters” . The quote reads: “After coalition aircraft hit Gaddafi’s ground forces which had laid siege to the rebel held city Misurata, a rebel spokesman told the BBC:

“Misurata was in a desperate state yesterday, we almost lost all hope, but the strikes came at a good time with good intensity and frequency... Gaddafi’s forces have been hiding in a hospital... I can tell you that there’ve been zero casualties from international strikes. ”

Can any intelligent person believe that ? One has to wait for another wikileak information for the real truth to come out.

These NGO paid writers like Ranga Jayasuriya and web pages like Lakbima are a part of what the American Ambassador Butenis calls the “ Civil Society Groups ” to whose existence Billions of Rupees are being paid by the American Embassy, under the cover of rebuilding war torn areas, to make them carry out favourable propaganda for the nefarious activities of the International Community.

These journalists and web sites are commissioned to make unfavourable reports on national leaders loved by the people, to put the people against popular governments, to create situations highlighting government decision that cause economic difficulties etc. that could draw people to make manifestations against governments.

If these NGOs succeed to put sections of people against the government it would facilitate the International Community through their agencies such as the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch etc. to create situations to demand international interventions to control and survey implementation of development activities, appoint commissions of investigation or set up organisations like Gareth Evan’s R2P –which, “.. puts into practice the doctrine of interference in the affairs of sovereign states where security is an issue……”

The International Community could not have intervened in Libya if there was no anti Gaddafi movement in Benghazi. Such situations had been created in the past by the CIA with their paid agents, that finally resulted in regime changes. But now they use the NGOs quite often from among the people,( such as Jehan Perera or Pakiasoth Saravanamuttu in Sri Lanka) where the International Community has in mind a regime change.

The other day I was listening to an interview conducted by Sanjana Hattotuwa of the Groundviews a NGO funded website with Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu the executive director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives another well-known anti-government NGO organisation. It was interesting to see how these NGOs are thinking according to the agenda of the International Community.

They were discussing about the impassivity of the people in Sri Lanka, the absence of the citizen led agitations against the government. That was of course what the International Community was trying to create in Sri Lanka, so that it could have intervened like they are doing in Libya today.

We should be thankful to the President and the Government for their vigilance, and the People of Sri Lanka for their patience and absolute trust they had placed in the President and the Armed Forces, and not retaliating against the Tamil Community in the South when ever atrocities were committed by the terrorists against the Sinhala villagers in the North.

It was the inability of the International Community to intervene in Sri Lanka during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists in the absence of a “citizen led agitation” that angered the International Community which now threatens Sri Lanka to be hauled before a war crimes tribunal.

Secretary of the UNO Ban Ki Moon is just a powerless puppet in the hands of the International Community. That is why he is still , “encumbered with a panel” to investigate violation of human rights at the close of military operations against the terrorists by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, which he had appointed at the behest of the International Community.

Ban Ki Moon who made a hue and cry over Sri Lanka is reduced to a “ mute” spectator of the crimes being committed ( quite contrary to what actually happened in Sri Lanka) by the erstwhile International Community in Libya, having fooled the UN Security Council to pass the resolution 1973. Today Germany which abstained from voting for the resolution is being boycotted by the “big guns” in the International Community . Is Ban Ki Moon proposing to send his “panel” to Libya to investigate the “ crimes that are being committed by the IC in Libya ” ?

The French dislike the immigrants- that is all whose origin is outside France, including their descendants i.e the coloured people, and more the Arabs or Muslims. Therefore it seems strange that the French who dislikes its own citizens, who are coloured or Arab, choose to rescue the civilians in Benghazi with whom the West has no affinity ?

All this preoccupation with human rights by the International Community is just ballyhoo, it is merely trying to enlarge its “power base” .

You remember Ranga Jayasuriya how your paymasters used the question of human rights to boycott the Olympic Games in Russia ? They succeeded, but it did not work with China. They tried their level best to make Tibet an issue to boycott the Olympic Games in China. In that they miserably failed.

China has grown up and human rights issue will not stand up to foil the success achieved by her. Even the President Barrack Obama and President Sarkozy tried to intimidate China with the human rights issue broaching the subject at their meetings with the Chinese leaders, without any success. Now they have found another topic to make the Chinese people agitate against their rulers. It is the question of pollution. That too will not work.

There was recently a regional election in France called the Election Cantonale. They have a system of two rounds of elections. First is to elect a candidates from a number of candidates from different political parties, and in the second round only the two candidates who have got the highest number of votes in the first round of election contest.

In the recent Cantonales in France for the second round there were in some Cantons either a Socialist Candidate against a Extreme Right Wing candidate or a Sarkoz’s UMP Party Candidate against an Extreme Right Wing candidate.

The Marine Le Pen’s Extreme Right Wing (Xenophobic) Candidates are against the immigrants, and becoming popular among the French people. The Socialist Party wants the Extreme Right defeated and they instructed those who voted for the Socialist Candidate in the first round of elections to vote for the Sarkozy’s UMP candidate in the second round of elections where the contest is between a Sarkozy’s UMP candidate and a Extreme Right Wing candidate, so that the Extreme Right wing candidates will be defeated.

The Socialist Party expected Sarkozy’s UMP to do like wise and instruct those who voted for the UMP candidates in the first round of elections to vote for the Socialist Candidate where there is a contest between a Socialist Candidate and an Extreme Right wing candidate, to stop the advance of Extreme right. But UMP did not give such instructions but said “Ni, Ni ” that was to say neither Socialist nor Extreme Right.

Because the Sarkozy’s UMP is also against the immigrant communities ( though it does not say so openly) therefore he does not mind the Extreme Right Wing candidates winning against a Socialist candidate. This shows the hypocrisy of Sarkozy who is not favourable to the Arab or Muslim and other Communities in France itself, but showed an exceptional sympathy for the civilians in Benghazi where he feared a “ blood bath” of the civilians instigated by Colonel Gaddafi.

It is therefore evident, that Sarkozy’s sympathies are not for the civilians in Benghazi, he has other motives. But hastened to fool the UN Security Council along with his partners, Barrack Obama and David Cameron, with their fear of the “blood bath” in Benghazi, to pass a resolution, as a means to enter Libya to bomb Benghazi and the rest of Libya and bomb Gaddafi’s residence to assassinate him. President Barrack Obama said that Gaddafi should go, ignoring the purpose itself of the UN Security Council Resolution 1973.

The story of a “blood bath” in Benghazi was only an illusion in the minds of these leaders of the International Community. Of course Colonel Gaddafi as the Leader of the Libyan people has the right to maintain peace and order in his country, and for that purpose he has to use his security forces to put down insurgents, rebels and terrorists. Gaddafi is the leader of the people and he could have easily put down the rebel movement without a “blood bath”

It has been reported that the President Obama defended the American-led military assault in Libya on Monday, saying it was in the national interest of the United States to stop a potential massacre that would have “stained the conscience of the world.”

Is it any different from the “lie” George Bushs said on 28 January,2003 in his State of the Union Address that, "Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent.", before declaring war on Iraq ?

George Bush did not find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Colonel Gaddafi had already stopped rebellious groups in Libya without any “massacres”, and there was no reason to believe there would have been a massacre in Benghazi.

Colonel Gaddafi recaptured rebel held Brega ,Ajdabiya, Tabruk without any “massacres”, therefore there was not even a reasonable doubt that he would have massacred the rebels in Benghazi.

Ranga Jayasuriya is just gulping any thing that the “ attackers” mouth to justify their aggression, without seeking to understand any logic in their statements.

Democracy in the sense in which we understand is not there in Arab countries, but there is another system which is a form of tribalism –“ a tribal consciousness with a strong sense of loyalty ”.

This is why the International Community and all its agencies, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and R2P bungle. They do not understand the culture, custom and social make up of different people of different nations. They expect every one to be of the “Christian Civilization” only system they “profess” to understand, and bungle as a result.

The rebels at the beginning did not have arms to fight against the forces of their leader Colonel Gaddafi, but immediately after “ no fly zone” was declared and the International Community commenced their bombardments, the rebels seemed to have found large quantities of Arms and ammunitions, did Ranga Jayasuriya question who had suddenly equipped these rebels with large quantities of arms ?

The Decan Herald of 30 March 2011 reports , “Meanwhile, the US and other Western nations are considering supplying the Libyan rebels with weapons, according to the Washington Post. Defying Gaddafi's forces, the rebels have been receiving military training at a camp set up by the opposition National Council in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.”

Has the UN Security Council resolution 1973 allowed this- supply of arms to rebels and give them military training ? Ranga Jayasuriya, Do you at least now understand that there had been a conspiracy not to save the Libyan Civilians in Benghazi, but for the International Community to enter Benghazi to have a foot hold in Libya to prepare the ground for the “ouster” of Colonel Gaddafi ?

No Nation has the right to interfere militarily against another Nation. Libya was rich. Its people had been well provided for with food and other provisions and facilities. Libya generously gave monetary aid to several developing countries.

Only thing which was wrong in Libya, in the eyes of the West was that Gaddafi was a leader who would not give into the West.

The West if it wanted to could have helped these Arab Nations, when it was in friendly terms with them, by advising them to organising their administrative system. But then it was only negotiating to enter into various contracts with Lybia. It did not then care how the civilians were being looked after.

Ranga Jayasuriya poses the question, Who is important to Sri Lanka Gaddafi or Libyan people ?

Of course the Libyan people are important, but it is the leader that represents the people therefore for any Nation , including Sri Lanka the Leader of the People of Libya is important.

A leader cannot be condemned, and taken to task by any other Nation or Nations, because there are a few rebels who want to change the leadership.

It is only the people who have the right to change the leadership, but no foreign Nation has the right to do so.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Robert O’Blake going on latest revelations in Afghanistan do you think USA should also be hauled before a war crimes tribunal ?

It was reported recently , that « ..In the toughest warning since the end of fighting in May 2009, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Robert Blake, said Sri Lanka could be hauled before a war crimes tribunal over the killing of “many thousands of civilians” in the final months of its separatist war and risked a forced international investigation.

Things have changed since Robert Blake made the above statement , and tables turned to question why USA should not, firstly be hauled before a war crimes tribunal and subjected to a forced international investigation for the crimes it is committing in Afghanistan, and secondly for dishonesty in making use of the Security Council of the UNO to declare war in Libya and violation of the human rights of Libyan civilians.

In the case of the first it has to be reminded that Robert Blake going by the Tamil Diaspora and LTTE terrorist Websites, and the UK Channel 4, accused Sri Lanka Armed Forces for all types of crimes from, rape to cold blooded shooting of blindfolded hands tied terrorists taken as prisoners.

But now Robert O’Blake, there is evidence of cold blooded murder of Afghan civilians by the soldiers of the US Army. The photos are not fakes like those presented by UK Channel 4 to accuse Sri Lanka Armed Forces, of men wearing uniforms like those worn by Sri Lanka Soldiers, pointing guns at blind folded, arms tied persons lying on the ground with knees up , supposed to have been shot by the Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. Those photos were doctored.

This new evidence of killing of Afghan civilians, makes one question who really are the perpetrators of violation of human rights. And it also makes one ask why the Secretary General of UN Ban Ki Moon and his High Commissioner of UN Human Rights Commission Navi Pillai should not resign as they are being used by America and the West as a cover to carry on war crimes under the blanket of UN Approval.

Ban Ki Moon who appointed a panel of investigation to look into the violation of human rights during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists in Sri Lanka, the Amnesty International, and the Human Rights Watch maintain a holy silence. .

The Security Council resolution 1973 passed on the 18 March,2011, ( not unanimously but with China, Russia, India, Germany and Brazil abstaining to vote) only allowed the USA and the alleys not to allow Gaddifi’s war planes flying in to the air space over Benghazi , and not to deploy ground forces.

But apparently the American Air Force taking cover under the resolution 1973 bombed areas out side Benghazi. It could be argued that the resolution 1973 which did not permit deployment of ground forces for the reason of avoiding loss of human life, could not meant to have permitted the aerial bombardments. If it is interpreted to read that it does, it would be a contradiction of the resolution 1973, because the aerial bombardment would have the same effect of loss of human life if ground forces would have been deployed.

Worst of all the President Barrack Obama who was elected by the American people who were tired with President George Bush for making America a “policeman “ of the world committing its youth in an unwanted war sacrificing both American youth, and Afghan and Iraki lives, is trying to do exactly what the President George Bush was doing during his time in office. The President Barrack Obama has failed to take a different path, a path of peace and understanding to solve political problems, rather than the same old American path of threat and force.

Yesterday in Latin America making use of the UN Security Council sanction of resolution 1973, the President Barrack Obama demanded that Libyan leader should leave Libya. That was not a condition of the resolution 1973. America and the West fooled the Arab League to join them, to carry out their hidden agenda of chasing away Gaddafi and bombardment of Libya without concern for civilian life. From the images of blasts resulting from American bombs in Tripoli one cannot rule out that those bombardments did not result in civilian deaths.

A French journalist without showing images of the dead civilians said that Gaddafi had sent dead bodies from elsewhere pretending that they were the bodies of civilians who died in American bombardment. One can of course distinguish old dead bodies from the new from the “colour of the blood smears”.

Coming back to the Afghan Civilians killed by American Soldiers, it is nothing new as it had already happened in the American Torture camp of Abu Ghraib, where the prisoners of war of Iraq were treated like animals and such tortures were carried out with the knowledge of the American State Department covering up the dirt casting the blanket of responsibility for the torture upon Janis Karpinski the head of the prison camp. And also in detention Camps in Guantanamo.

It was Hillary Clinton the US Secretary of State who said "Now, reading the headlines, one might think that the use of rape as a tactic of war only happens occasionally, or in a few places, like the Democratic Republic of the Congo or Sudan. That would be bad enough, but the reality is much worse. We’ve seen rape used as a tactic of war before in Bosnia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere.” This was an insult to our Armed Force which is one of the most disciplined in the world.

I think both the US Secretary of State and Robert Blake should apologise to the President of Sri Lanka for their inappropriate remarks about the Sri Lanka Army based on what had been said by those of the terrorist front organizations in America.

Robert Blake should under the circumstances learn to “shut his mouth” without making false accusations against the Government of Sri Lanka threatening to haul it before a war crimes tribunal, as now it has become evident that it is the President and the US Administration that should be hauled before a war crimes tribunal and not Sri Lanka.

But on the other hand the following photos that appeared in the Spiegel Online International of the 22 March, 2011 are real and not doctored and they speak for them selves. The photos have been accept as true by Colonel Thomas Collins apologizing for the “ suffering the photos have caused.”

Photo No.1

Photo No.2

Photo No.3

The Article carrying the photos reads:

The 'Kill Team' Images

US Army Apologizes for Horrific Photos from Afghanistan

The United States and NATO are concerned that reactions could be intense to the publication of images documenting killings committed by US soldiers in Afghanistan. The images appeared in the most recent edition of SPIEGEL, which hit the newsstands on Monday.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already telephoned with her Afghan counterpart to discuss the situation. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon has likewise made contact with officials in Kabul. The case threatens to strain already fragile US-Afghan relations at a time when the two countries are negotiating over the establishment of permanent US military bases in Afghanistan.

In a statement released by Colonel Thomas Collins, the US Army, which is currently preparing a court martial to try a total of 12 suspects in connection with the killings, apologized for the suffering the photos have caused. The actions depicted in the photos, the statement read, are "repugnant to us as human beings and contrary to the standards and values of the United States."

The suspected perpetrators are part of a group of US soldiers accused of several killings. Their court martials are expected to start soon. The photos, the army statement said, stand "in stark contrast to the discipline, professionalism and respect that have characterized our soldiers' performance during nearly 10 years of sustained operations."

Major Public Backlash

At NATO headquarters, there are fears that the coming days could see angry protests in Afghanistan or even potential attacks against NATO units. "The images have an enormous potential here in Afghanistan," one NATO general told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "Experience shows that it might take a couple of days, but then people's anger will be vented."

NATO, under the leadership of the US Army, has been preparing for possible publication of the photos for close to 100 days. In dozens of high-level talks with their Afghan partners, military leaders have sought to pursue the same strategy used by the US diplomatic corps in the case of the sensitive diplomatic cables released late last year by WikiLeaks. They warned those most directly affected and made preparations for the photos' appearance in the public sphere. This "strategic communication" was aimed at preventing a major public backlash.

The high ranks of those involved in the talks show just how seriously Washington has taken the problem. US Vice President Joe Biden recently spoke about the case with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The head of all NATO troops in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, likewise met with Karzai.

By apologizing and by promising that those responsible will be prosecuted, the US is hoping to prevent Karzai from making any angry public statements on the case.

Whether the effort will ultimately be successful remains to be seen. On Tuesday, Karzai is scheduled to address his country to talk about the transfer of responsibility for his country's security from NATO to Afghanistan. With him will be members of the NATO leadership and the US ambassador to Afghanistan. Karzai's address contains no mention of the so-called "kill team," but the Afghan president is notorious for being unpredictable.

Political Conflict with the US

Observers say the fact that there hasn't been any serious reaction or demonstrations so far doesn't mean the danger has passed. One fact could be that Monday is a holiday in Afghanistan. A high-ranking official in the Afghan Foreign Ministry, who is close to President Karzai, said he believed the development would trigger a serious political conflict with the US.

"I assume we won't see the full effect of this matter until tomorrow, at the very soonest, when people return to work. Many people have Monday off," he told SPIEGEL ONLINE. He said the incidents had been "too outrageous" not to spark protests. "That this is engaging people can be seen by the fact that it is already being discussed on the Internet," he added.

In neighboring Pakistan, where relations with the United States are likewise strained, officials are also watching the matter closely. "We are acknowledging it, but for now it is a matter for the Afghan government to make any charges," a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad said. The release of CIA employee Raymond Davis, who shot two men at the end of January and was let go after paying blood money, as well as the increase in US drone attacks in the western part of the country, triggered angry protests in Pakistan.

The SPIEGEL story printed on Monday includes new details about a series of murders of innocent Afghans committed by a group of US soldiers. One of the accused, Corporal Jeremy Morlock, 22, confessed to the murders three months ago. Morlock is scheduled to face a general court-martial on Thursday. In total, 12 US soldiers who were allegedly part of what has been described as a "kill team" in Afghanistan are expected to go on trial soon.

'They Mowed Him Down'

The piece in SPIEGEL reconstructs some of the atrocities and includes three previously unknown photographs. Among other things, they show two of the suspected killers posing next to a corpse. The victim in the image is Gul Mudin, an Afghan man killed on Jan. 15, 2010 in the village of La Mohammed Kalay. In total, SPIEGEL and SPIEGEL TV has obtained a significant number of photos and videos.

The suspects are accused of having killed civilians for no reason and then of trying to make it look as though the killings had been acts of self-defense. Some of the accused have said the acts had been tightly scripted.

In one incident, which has been reconstructed based on documents from the investigation, the soldiers themselves detonate a hand grenade in order to make it look like they were the subjects of an attack before killing a man. One of those who allegedly participated, Adam Winfield, 21, described the incident to his father in a chat on the social networking site Facebook. "They made it look like the guy threw a grenade at them and mowed him down," SPIEGEL quotes Winfield as having written in the chat.

In a second incident on Feb. 22, 2010, one of the members of the "kill team" who had been carrying an old Russian Kalashnikov, fired it before pulling out another gun and shooting 22-year-old Afghan Marach Agha. In a third incident on May 2, 2010, it appears that a hand grenade attack was again staged before the shooting and killing of Mullah Allah Dad.

The 12 men are also facing further charges of desecration of corpses, illegal possession of photos of corpses, drug abuse and acts of bodily injury against comrades.

-- with wire reports and additional reporting by Yassin Musharbash

Friday, 18 March 2011

In defence of Sri Lanka Prime Minister’s Statement to Parliament on terrorist training Camps in India – a follow up with photos taken in the camps.

It is unfortunate that Sri Lanka is saddled with political parties such as the UNP and the JVP leaving aside the TNA and the TULF which are not of great importance for a developing Nation. The UNP and JVP are both interested, like Prabhakatran, to fulfill their own dream of having their own government one day rather than in the development of the country and make the people the beneficiary of such development.

The UNP as the main opposition should be interested in the welfare of the country not allowing it to be again pushed into another period of terror and suffering. But UNP has made the statement of warning of the Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne from what ever channel he had his information, to pass a vote of no confidence on him rather than making it an occasion to make investigations. Because if UNP were to come in to political power one day it would be of interest to them to have first hand information of dangerous manipulations by the Tamilnadu State to destabilise Sri Lanka.

UNP’s proposal of a no confidence motion on the Government, which is a favour to India reeks with abject shame. It was Ranil Wickramasinghe the leader of the UNP who was responsible for exposing the names of the elite Sri Lankan army Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol who were specialized in carrying out reconnaissance and sabotage operations in deep battle space.

It is said to have resulted in Prabhakaran’s pistol gangs assassinating every one of these valiant officers of the LRRP. Therefore Ranil Wickramasinghe now proposing a vote of no confidence on the Prime Minister for his statement to the Parliament, because it had apparently embarrassed the Indian Defence Minister is inacceptable. Is UNP defending the interest of Sri Lanka and its people or India and its Central Government ?

The statement of the Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne to the Parliament at the debate on the extension of the emergency, whatever its diplomatic repercussion, is a timely adequate warning for the politicians ( of the UNP and JVP as well) and the country to be aware of a danger which is still not over and which would, if not vigilant result in Tamil Nadu with the expatriate Tamils and the Western promoters of “political dissention” in developing countries, provoking a terrorist uprising or foreign intervention in Sri Lanka to break up the country.

Our “big” neighbour has two different faces, one of which it masks with the one it shows in public. Indian Defence Ministry is more concerned about the damage the fears spoken out by our Prime Minister may cause to its image of leadership in Asia, rather than any danger befalling to Sri Lanka. It tries to be like the ostrich hiding its head in the sand, pretending not aware of any dangerous plots being hatched in secret by the politicians in Tamilnadu who have not completely given up promoting terrorism back into Sri Lanka.

When the Indian government accused that Sri Lanka Navy had killed two fishermen and put them in the sea, the President of Sri Lanka made a categorical statement that the Sri Lanka Navy had not killed any fishermen. But still the Government of India did not accept the President’s Statement and sent the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Nirupama Rao to meet the Government of Sri Lanka as part of India’s investigation of the incident, express India’s concern over the matter, and warn Sri Lanka to “ desist from reacting to speculative and uncorroborated reports."

In addition the Consulate General of India in Jaffna took a very high handed decision to interfere with the Justice of Sri Lanka meeting the Judge personally to demand the release of Indian fishermen who had been taken into custody. One questions whether the Consulate General has double employment – one in the Consulate and other in the RAW ?

But yet when the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka made a statement to its Parliament to emphasize the need of the extension of the emergency regulations as he had reason to believe that terrorism is not altogether over and done with as it has been reported that there are at least three terrorist training Camps in India, India was highly offended by the statement.

The Indian Defence Ministry promptly reacted to the statement , demanding the Government of Sri Lanka to desist from making such statements on unsubstantiated information. The Prime Minister had merely said of the probable existence of the terrorist training camps in India but did not say they were run by the Indian Government or by its Secret Agency the RAW.

But Indian External Affairs Ministry « jumped to the conclusion » that the Prime Minister had said that the Indian Government is running three terrorist training camps in India: Indian Defence Ministry’s anger appears strange !

However, no Government whether India with its RAW, USA with its CIA or Israel with its Mossad, would accept that its Secret Service takes part in subversive activities in other Countries.

Take for instance the Central Intelligence Agency of USA. It had been responsible for “ Covert United States foreign regime change actions” . The Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in the Internet has the following to say about it:

The United States government has been involved in and assisted in the overthrow of foreign governments (more recently termed regime change) without the overt use of U.S. military force. Often such operations are tasked to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Many of the governments targeted by the US have been democratically elected, rather than authoritarian governments or military dictatorships. In many cases the governments toppled were replaced by dictatorships, sometimes installed with assistance by the U.S.

Regime change has been attempted through direct involvement of US operatives, the funding and training of insurgency groups within these countries, anti-regime propaganda campaigns, coup d'états, and other, often illegal, activities usually conducted as operations by the CIA. The US has also accomplished regime change by direct military action, such as following the US invasion of Panama in 1989 and the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. »

In Iran in 1953: the CIA worked with the United Kingdom to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran led by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeqh who had attempted to nationalize Iran's petroleum industry, threatening the profits of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

In GuatamalaMain in 1954; The CIA participated in the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Guatemala led by Jacobo Arbenz. Arbenz was elected without a secret ballot. He considered himself a communist and joined the Communist Party in 1957.

In Brazil in 1964: A democratically-elected government headed by President João Goulart was successfully overthrown by a CIA-supported coup in March 1964

In Ghana in 1966: On 24 February 1966, Kwame Nkrumah, the President of Ghana, was overthrown in a military coup backed by the CIA while on a state visit to North Vietnam and China.

Please see:

The list is long. But these were only to show that it is the current practice of big countries against its small neighbouring states to keep them safe and harmless within their orbits of influence.

The fact that India had been maneuvering to sabotage Sri Lanka is evident from the information we now get through Indian Journalists themselves (Wikileaks by The Hindu). When Sri Lanka had asked India to provide it with a 3D radar system it had provided only a 2 dimensional system which stops every seven hours and the LTTE terrorists managed to fly into Katunayake and bomb the airport and fly back undetected. Was the LTTE terrorist « in the know » of the time when the radar system stops for seven hours ?

Indian Defence Ministry of course has the right to defend itself, but there is lot of material in the internet that speaks of Indian covert action by its Secret Service. And they refer to the terrorist training camps in Kalathur , Salem District in India. One of them is the Federation of American Scientists Website ( )

The following two photographs come from.( )

The LTTE training camp in Kulathur, Salem district, India, where the 16th batch was trained in 1985/6. The photographs were taken by Wasanthan, an Indian national employed by the press section of the LTTE

LTTE leaders (RÐL), Sirumalai camp, 1984 - Chief of Intelligence Pottu Amman (M 16), Mannar commander Victor (M203), Trincomalee commander Pulendran (AK47), chairman Prabhakaran (pistol). Batticaloa commander Aruna (Berreta SMG), and Prabhakaran's bodyguard Lingam (Hungarian AK)

These camps may be still functioning unknown to even the Tamilnadu Officials.

It is in the interest of India to investigate without denying their existence off hand. It has been said the RAW acts like the CIA without officially informing their respective governments. That is how subversive covert action takes place.

Following will also interest those who would like to understand a little more about the terrorists of Sri Lanka.

“Canada is not doing enough to protect Sri Lankans from the Tamil Tigers


1 year ago


Canada is home to thousands of Tamil Tiger combatants who posed as refugees. If you think that this is some airy fairy statement, worry not. I have evidence to back my claim.

Globe and Mail interviewed members of the Tamil diaspora living in Canada to get a pro Tiger view of Prabhakaran's death. The persons interviewed were not hesitant to inform the reporter of their affiliation with the Tigers. One was a close associate of the Tamil Tiger leader and the other admits to being a combatant who received military training in Tiger training camps in India.

According to Canadian law I wonder if it is illegal to have lied on your immigration application?

The refugee program was not created to harbour terrorist and people who have committed crimes against humanity.

Globe and Mail

“There is an admiration, but there is also a sense of responsibility and protection towards him [Prabhakaran] that they feel,” said another Toronto man, who served two years with the Tigers, describing his unit's first meeting with the leader in 1984.

It happened one morning at a jungle training camp in India's Tamil Nadu province, where the man had put in six months of gruelling drills after helping to build the camp. He was milling about with other soldiers when “suddenly somebody came and told us that Prabhakaran was almost there.”

The young recruits gathered at the camp entrance to watch a jeep pull up and their leader climb down from it, rifle in hand. “He was walking and he had a .22 rifle with him,” the man said. “He was shooting at the birds. He has good aim, actually; very good.”

The Globe and Mail reporter must cooperate with Immigration Canada to reveal the identity of such individuals. It is undoubtedly such people who also inspire young Canadians to carry out hate crimes against the Sinhalese.

This morning a Sri Lankan (Sinhalese owned) restaurant - the only one in the Brampton/Mississauga area - was set on fire by Tamil Tiger sympathisers. Sri Lankans living in Canada claim there are many Tamil restaurants and businesses in Brampton which have not faced any issues it's just the Sinhalese temples and restaurants.

All non Candians of Sri Lankan origin who do not support the Tigers, live in perpetual fear.”

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne may not have told an untruth, but a truth which even the Indian Ministers may not know.

The Indian High Commission in Colombo had quoted Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesman Shri Vishnu Prakash as saying, "We have seen reports from Sri Lanka referring to the Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s statement alluding to the presence of LTTE training camps in Tamil Nadu. We categorically deny the existence of any such camps. The Government of Sri Lanka had also not taken up this issue with us. Such a reference is indeed unfortunate and we urge the Government of Sri Lanka to desist from reacting to speculative and uncorroborated reports."

The Indian external affairs Minister may perhaps not be aware of any existing terrorist training camps in Tamil Nadu. But the fact that there had been such camps in Tamil Nadu cannot be denied as testimony had been received of their existence during the investigations by the Jain Commission. Have they been completely closed ?

If the remaining Sri Lanka terrorist « rump » has any teerorists who had received training in these camps in the jungles of TamilNadau will know how to steal their way into them without drawing the attention of the TamilNadu government officials.

These training camps were conducted by the Indian secret service: Research and Analysis Wing . The RAW which was established in 1962 after India’s defeat in the Sino-India war of that year is operating as an autonomous and Independent body since 1968, says Zaheera Hassan writing on 6.2.2009 to NowPublicCrowd Powered media in the internet.

The RAW has since grown in size and power. The Agency which is now autonomous and independent is said to be directly responsible to the Prime Minister, with extremist Hindu groups slowly and gradually capturing its nucleus, even the Ministers of his cabinet are unaware of its subversive activities. It is said to be the second largest and dangerous intelligence organization after CIA.

In Pakistanpal’s Blog Isha Khan says, “ …To suit her much publicized Indira Doctrine, (actually India Doctrine) Mrs. Gandhi specifically asked RAW to create a powerful organ within the organization which could undertake covert operations in neighboring countries. It is this capability that makes RAW a more fearsome agency than its superior KGB, CIA, MI-6, BND and the Mossad »

RAW’s methods of achieving set objectives are based on, “ propagating, spying and sabotaging in neighboring countries through creating instability; political anarchy, terrorism and interference”. RAW was even suspected to have attempted to bring the Islamic state of Bangladesh under the control of India, and having failed tried to destabilize her by assassinating Mujibur Rehman.

India had been in disagreement with Sri Lanka for its close connection with Pakistan and China. The situation became worse when Sri Lanka allowed Pakistan air crafts to land in Colombo, when India banned their flying over its air space during the India –Pakistan war of 1971.

It was therefore to teach a lesson to Sri Lanka for allowing flight facilities to Pakistan that Indira Gandhi is said to have taken a policy decision to carry out subversive activities in the North of Sri Lanka for which she detailed R.N Kao and Parthasathy.

The RAW is more powerful and knows how to act discretely and effectively. It is said that the « ….. agency has always exploited political, racial, cultural, sectarian, religious differences and petty issues for further deteriorating the conditions of other countries. Its name turns out to be a horror even for the political opponents of the Indian governments…. »

Federation of American Scientist Website, has said about the RAW- that it is directly under the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Its structure payments for its activities are kept a secret even from the Indian Parliament.

A dog barks when he has been surprised by a stranger. The stray dogs far away who had not been surprised by any stranger bark because they heard the firs dog’s bark, but not for any apparent reason .

The Indian Foreign Ministry “barked out” shouts of denial of the Sri Lanka Prime Ministers statement to the Parliament of the existence of terrorists camps in India, to defend it self, but “the stray dogs” in Sri Lanka the anti Sri Lanka media like the Sunday Times, anti Sri Lanka websites, the Sri Lanka Guardian, Transcurrent, Groundview, LankaeNews, and the infamous “Thisaranee”, who apparently has an axe to grind with « Rajapaksas », are “barking” to criticize the Prime Minister for no reason, but because the Indian Foreign Ministry “bqarked out” denials of the Sri Lanka Prime Minster’s Statement.

I cannot understand how Sri Lankans media could come forward to discredit its own government, unless they are paid to “make noises” to cover up facts. It cannot be explained otherwise as there are enough evidence to suspect the existence of RAW training camps for terrorists some where in India if not in TamilNadu .

“In 1986/87 full throttle have been imparted to the movement by RAW while establishing 32 LTTE training camp in Kulathur, Salem district, India, By mid 1987, over 20,000 Sri Lankan Tamil insurgents had been provided sanctuary, finance, training and weapons either by the central government, state government of Tamil Nadu or by the insurgent groups themselves. While most of the initial training was confined to Indian military and paramilitary camps in Uttar Pradesh, specialized training was imparted by the Indian instructors attached to RAW to Sri Lankan insurgents in New Delhi and Bombay. The most secretive training was conducted in Chakrata, north of Dehradun, India’s premier military academy for training service personnel, where RAW had also imparted training to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Tibetan dissidents.”

It is also said that , “The Congress used to support LTTE till late eighties but later on stopped backing LTTE. On the other hand RAW never withdrew her covert help to LTTE because she was and is running a parallel government in India.”

Mamoona Kazmi writing on 21.3.2010 to The Pakistan Spectator- A candid Blog, says how RAW is operating against Pakistan. It recruits Pakistan Baloch dissidents and send them to India for training in sniper shooting, handling technical equipment- GPS and Wireless and intelligence gathering. They are trained in secret camps in Kabul, Jalahabad, Khawaja Ghat, Khost, Paktia and so on. reported that RAW has its training camps in the High Security Military Installations in Chakrata, Ramakrishnapuram areas in New Delhi. It had been reported in April, 2005 that there were 40 terrorist training camps run by the RAW in Afghanistan , East Panjab, Kashmir and Uttarpradesh.

A dossier containing Indian involvement in subversive activities had been handed over to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousuf Raza Gillani at one of their meetings.

India made a big issue of two fisherman found killed in the Sri Lanka maritime space. It is a matter that should not be left lightly. It has to be very closely watched as if there are secret camps in Tamil Nadu unknown to the Tamil Nadu State, it may be possible that Sri Lanka terrorists are secretly maintaining some of the old training camps in TamilNadu and taking cover as fishermen to go in and come out of these camps.

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail recently and it contained this passage:

“Every night the radar system in SL picks up the presence of Indian trawlers off its coastline. Sometimes Indian fishing boats go as far south as Trincomalee. To cluster around the SL coastline in places like Point Pedro, Kankasanthurai, Delft Island, Thalimanna, these boats have first to cross the international boundary. On February 19th they detected over 700 boats that did not carry the Indian flag. Every day the defense attaché in Colombo is given the day's list of sea incursions. Every day, I am told, the deputy High Commissioner in Chennai faxes the same list to the Director of Fisheries, Tamil Nadu, whose office no doubt maintains a registry of ownership. From January 1st this year till the date of writing, the approximate number of Indian trawlers, that were sighted in SL waters were 6,466. Did any one know this scenario? Why didn't G.L. Peiris say this in the parliament?

What if there were 10 Tamils per each boat ( 700 X 10 = 7000) attacked and captured Katachev Island? It will be their’s and no one will be able to dislodge them. “

Katchativu Island was handed over to Sri Lanka in 1974. There was already a Church in the island dating back to 1905. The Situation in Sri Lanka is different today. The Island should now be used to protect Sri Lanka’s maritime border and should not be made a religious centre for people to gather. Because if allowed, it could be a security risk to Sri Lanka.

Katchativu should therefore be made a Sri Lanka Military Post and perhaps, it would be appropriate to build a Buddhist Temple as well to make it a gathering point for both the Sinhala and Tamil Communities.

To understand the RAW better: the following books are recommended:

(1) Raw and Bangladesh, by Zaihel Abedin Mukti Bhini Activist.

(2) Inside RAW: the Story of India’s Secret Service.(Vikash Publishing House New Delhi)

(3) Open Secrets, India’s Intelligence Unveiled. M.K.Dhar( Manas Publishing House

Friday, 11 March 2011

Robert O’Blake, the West says it will not negotiate with the terrorists, but then accuses Sri Lanka for not negotiating with the terrorists, could

West is trying to cover its own continued global violation of human rights by accusing the one and only country in the world that eliminated terrorism with a firm determination to save the country and its people from a terrorism that seemed to have taken root.

It is rare that the developing countries in the world which are kept in a stage of development by the concerted effort of the developed countries of the West could spear forward into development . The difficulties are enhanced by the internal friction between political parties, individuals and groups most often sponsored by the West to keep an on going conflict within developing countries to thwart their development.

The West has several reasons for this unethical, cruel and inhuman interference into developing countries to keep them poor, under developed and dependent on the West. Firstly it is to maintain the world political power balance in their favour, secondly it is for economic reasons such as keeping a healthy economy through development loans-called aid, sale of military products, and attracting intellectual man power into their own countries.

The migrant workers besides being a politically attractive floating vote at elections, even though disliked for their visual difference, are yet economically beneficial to them in being employed in unskilled lower level employment from which the whites shy away.

The diplomats the West post into developing countries are selected perhaps for their meanness and ability to sink below their diplomatic status to use their position to interfere into the internal affairs of the countries. We saw that happening during the course of the terrorism, and we see it now after terrorism, when the government is going ahead with a highly appreciable process of development, thanks to countries like China, Japan,India, Iran, Korea etc.

We still find the diplomats from America, Germany, Canada and Britain accusing our government , armed forces, refusing visas of entry into their countries to our government officials or Parliamentarians, and making awards to journalists and all those individuals working against our people and the government.

America had always been a reactionary force having done nothing to promote the under privileged sections even of their own population, to rise from their situation. The American Indians whose rights they usurped to build a Nation of their own have been decimated and dispersed so that they can never unite to fight for their rights and privileges.

And yet Robert o’Blake example of a retrograde Individual, a shameless seeker of a non existent National pride, dares warn Sri Lanka that it could be hauled before a war crimes tribunal for killing of many thousands of civilians in the final months of its war with the Tamil rebels. This individual Robert O’Blake a shame on the new Obama Administration, had always been a terrorists sympathiser and still continues to call the terrorists of Sri Lanka “the rebels”.

Robert Blake is a pretentious representative of the racist American Republicans. He is still smarting from the refusal of the President and the Government of Sri Lanka to take his advice to resort to a political solution for the terrorists problem rather than a military one.

It is the American administrators like him that is making it difficult for the President Barrack Obama to carry out a different Administrative policy from those of the aggressive white dominated American Administrations of the past.

When President Barrack Obama was elected , every one expected an American policy change. But unfortunately nothing remarkable either in the American Foreign Policies or home policies has still taken place. It is fundamentally because the Obama Administration is still working with the individuals like Robert O’Blake who are following the former policies of the Republican and Bush Administration.

The Secretary of the State Department may have had more experience as she claimed than Barrack Obama but she was unable to evaluate people who were to work for an America for which Barrack Obama had promised new hope.

All the political hotspots in which America is involved with to-day are of America’s own making. Iraq , Afghanistan, and now the countries of the Middle East which are in a political turmoil. It has not been able to settle any problem with Cuba, Korea, Iran or even with Pakistan. But it keeps on accumulating more.

It was reported in the International Herald Tribune how America is using the Internet to make an example of the uprising of the people in the Middle East to create such an uprising in China by demanding people in China to gather at a certain street every day at the same time to discuss political matters.

In Sri Lanka there is no real problem into which the American Administration should now “ barge” into warning about “hauling it before a war crime tribunal.” Sri Lanka had got rid of a thirty year long terrorism and is trying to build the country and bring the Nation together in its own way.

But Robert O’Blake does not want Sri Lanka to enjoy the peace it has atlas gained after many years of suffering and great many sacrifices.

One cannot understand why America and the West want to haul Sri Lanka before a war crime tribunal just for what took place at the last phase of the military operations against terrorism, over looking what ruthless terror had continued for thirty long years before that and for which the terrorists ( whom Robert Blake calls”rebels”) were totally responsible ?

It was at the last phase of the second World War in 1945 that America dropped the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the people are still suffering from the effect of it.

Was there any one who carried a White flag ? Did the American Generals who ordered the dropping of the bombs pay heed to any humanitarian call of mercy ? Who should be hauled before a military crime tribunal ? Is it still Sri Lanka or the United States of America ?

The old American tactics of creating unrest in countries to eventually make regime changes we had seen in Iran during the time of Mossadeque , Nicaragua, Guatamala, Vietnam, Panama, Chile seem to have been re vitalised once again in different ways. Is that the new hope for the world Barrack Obama promised when he was elected the 44th President of United States of America ?

Sri Lanka has not only got rid of a long harrowing experience of a ruthless terrorism that lasted thirty long years , but it has also re-settled 300,000 IDPs. It has resettled the IDPs in their old homes and the areas devastated by terrorism have been re-constructed and re-organised.

It’s old” veterans” the Armed Forces have been re-employed posting them into new development programmes. And those disabled, the families of those who had died in action are being taken care of. None of them are without homes.

But Robert O”Blake could you say the same thing of your Veterans who fought for the USA in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere ?

Obviously , you cannot, because , on the 8 March,2011, on Diane Rhine Radio talk show, professor Joseph Collins of American University, Washington D.C, USA said that, "There are 107,000 homeless war veterans, as per today's count in USA. They sleep under Bridges and shopping malls etc…..”. Do we have any Sri Lankan war veterans begging in the streets? No , We have none, for they have been well provided, they are respected and they are our heroes.

Robert Blake if you still have any self-respect left in you, it is better that you drop following the Tamil diaspora and keep warning Sri Lanka that it would be hauled before a war crime tribunal and turn your mind to do some thing more valuable and positive for those people who are “still living “ and are trying to forget the past sufferings to create a new world where every one could live happily.