Sunday, 16 August 2015

UPFA-therefore Mahinda Rajapakse will win the elections with a large majority-assuring Ranil Wicramasinghe of his 30th Election Defeat.

who is the greater Sinhalaya ?
Before turning to the subject of this article it is important to point out how undemocratic is Ranil Wickrmasinge.  Because he did not like the questions put to him at the Derana 360 political programme, the UNP has used its power to undemocratically stop internet access to  Derana.

A friend who does astrology as a hobby for his pleasure telephoned me this evening ,saying that there is some good news to give me. He said that he has found with all calculations possible  that the  people will vote for the Betel Leaf in large numbers, therefore no one can stop a comfortable win for Mahinda Rajapakse.

He says  except for any last minute fraudulent act –a computer jilmart, by the UNP in coordination with foreign CIA, MI6, and  RAW computer experts to falsify vote count, under normal circumstances Mahinda Rajapakse is sure to win. I  believe him.

One can be absolutely sure despite all these stories about fraud, bribery and corruption UNP had been raising hell since the 9th January, 2015,  that Mahinda Rajapakse  is not a corrupt leader.

We can say that with certainty as  UNP is  vindictive, revengeful and would not have left any stone unturned  with its FCID,  all the contacts Mangala Samaraweera had with foreign investigators of corrupt deals, all the experts of CIA, MI6 and RAW, to find even the most feeble evidence possible to inculpate Mahinda Rajapakse or any one they may have taken to interrogate , investigate and drill.

They may have examined files, letters, and documents, they may have checked the telephones, Desktop computers,  laptops and Ipads. But they  have not found an iota of evidence against any of the persons they arrested, interrogated, investigated.
They have found absolutely nothing ,  any thing even reasonably doubtful. 

If they had found the slightest evidence against any one of them , they would have turned the country upside down to hail their victory  and  done every thing possible to howl Mahinda Rajapakse or any one they would have found guilty before a tribunal to prove criminal charges of corruption.

They would have done hell with their Judges.        

But where, where are the fraudsters, bribe taker, corrupt Ministers or officials ?
Our Present Leaders
Evidently there is none.  That is why Ranil is now obsessed with another story about Mahinda Rajapakse paying 200 million Rupees to the terrorists.  It is the same story . Sling mud and say HORA,HORA.

 That is what Ranil studied for one year in America, but no one in Sri Lanka swallows those ropes of his.  He is trying to invent another story of  the murder of Thajudeen to find out whether he could smear Rajapakses with that story.  

Time is up Ranil.  Your days are numbered.  It is time you prepare for the 30the election defeat.

Ranil denied that there is no proposal to make any one  pay a tax for water, but a cabinet paper has been prepared  on a proposal by Rauf Hakeem to set up a River Basin Managing Authority, where every one including the Farmers will have to pay a Taxe for using water. 

There is also a proposal to handover public Hospitals to a Private Company where people have no more free medical services,  and they will have to pay even to remove dead body from a hospital.

Colombo District UNP candidate and economist Dr Harsha de Silva yesterday said that a sharp increase in state tax revenue should be a priority to the next administration elected at the August 17 parliamentary polls.(The Sunday Island)

This is what it would be under a future capitalist UNP Government . The people are therefore pre- warned what the “Wenasa” (change ) would be after 18 August, if UNP would come back to power.

“As the month-long campaign for the August 17 Sri Lankan parliamentary elections closed this weekend, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe warned of a constitutional logjam if Mahinda Rajapaksa becomes Prime Minister.“No Prime  Minister can take the country forward while being at loggerheads with the President,” Wickremesinghe said, alluding to the on-going public spat between his rival, former President Rajapaksa, and the incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena.  (India Express)”
Wrong again. This is good for people who knows nothing of world politic. In France the Republican Prime Minister Jacques Chirac got along very well with the Socialist President Francois Mitterrand.  There was no constitutional logjam.  They had political difference but they did not let France suffer because of that.
But it has become evident to very close observers that, there are some things really wrong in the “heads” of President Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe. President Sirisena shows  anxiety and fear over a likely win of Mahinda Rajapakse, which is becoming more and more evident as days pass by.
The first sign of it was  President Sirisena’s first warning that Mahinda Rajapakse will not be made the Prime Minister even if he were to win.  The second was the long letter addressed directly to Mahind Rajapakse.  The last was when he addressed the Committee to hold free and fair election.
All those addresses and the letter show confusion in President Sirisena’s mind almost a psychological anxiety disorder. 
The worst of it came yesterday with the sacking of the Secretary Generals of SLFP and UPFA and appointing two new Secretaries. It is certainly a sign of a serious mental problem. President Sirisena is  frightened of loosing his importance with the coming of some one with a greater popularity and a commanding personality, who stands tall and high amoung  the people, making the other a mere Lilliputian, with no personality or stature.
victims of  an inferiority complex
Any way all these  surprises by  both the President Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe  will only redouble Mahind Rajapakse’s popularity amoung the people., making them all vote for the Betel Leaf.
In the mean time the most ridiculous couple to usurp the political scene Champika Ranawaka and  Anura Kumara Dissanayake are moving to remove both the MP and the civic rights of Mahinda Rajapakse.
one turned traitor after eating hoppers and Champika after eating kiri bath!
It is exceptional seeing that man Mahinda Rajapakse at close quarters.  He is a remarkable man, extremely gentle and pleasant with a broad smile brightening his face.  Seeing him one could imagine the Maha  Sinhala Yodayo of the South who fought Elara the Cholan King. Seeing his regal figure one cannot help wonder whether Mahinda Rajapakse is perhaps a re-incarnation of King Dutugemunu. 
who wants Sri Lanka divided ? No one then vote for the Betel Leaf
Mahinda Rajapakse  is certainly not a cowered like Champika Ranawaka and  Anura Kumara Dissanayake  singing hosannas to President Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasingh to keep their political places,  one as a Minister, the other hoping to become the leader of the Opposition.  Champika Ranawaka cannot  even be compared to the good Tamil King Elara, but both can be reincarnations  of the cruel Tamil Kalinga Magah who terrorised the Sinhala for 21 years..
Mahinda Rajapaksa is not the sort of man who will pay money to Prabhakaran or any one else  to keep him and his family safe. Mahinda Rajapakse is the one and only Sinhala Political Leader who risked his life and the life of his family to save the country from the terrorist and deliver the people Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims from terrorism and gave them peace and security.
When the moon is bright and full in the sky the dogs bark.  This is  how they have barked to the unreachable greatness of Mabhinda Rajapakse
“United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) General Secretary and Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka addressing a press briefing last Tuesday said that the former President would lose not only his MP post but also his civic rights for violation of the Clause No: 157 of the Constitution.He said the Constitution clearly says that aiding and abetting a terrorist outfit is an offense that could result in the loss of civic rights for seven years. “The former president Mahinda Rajapaksa would be stripped of his civic rights if he was found guilty of misappropriating Tsunami funds and funding the LTTE which fought for separatism,” the Minister added.These sentiments were echoed by JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayaka almost three weeks ago in an exclusive interview with The Nation. The JVP leader said that the allegations on funding the LTTE through the Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) headed by former MP Tiran Alles will be investigated, regardless of who comes to power.”

Friday, 14 August 2015

Democracy in the mouth of Maithripala Sirisena or Ranil Wickramasinghe is a meaningless word?

A country’s Constitution is sacro sanct. Writing Constitutions each time a new government is formed by a new political party  is not healthy for democracy. If there is some thing wrong it should be put right by bringing in an Amendments. But until then the Constitution has to be respected, and the  Judiciary should be independent.

But what is happening in Sri Lanka post 8 January,2015. The Constitution has been breached, at the pleasure of the new President Sirisena  and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.  The Judiciary has been ridiculed.

After the election of Maithripala Sirisena , the Constitution was ignored appointing Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Prime Minister when there was  already a Prime Minister –D.M.Jayaratne and his Cabinet of Ministers. The unconstitutionally appointed Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe appointed a new cabinet of UNP Ministers. All this was done arbitrarily and unconstitutionally and therefore illegal and undemocratic.

The new President again ignored the Constituition and re appointed a Constitutionally , therefore legally impeached Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranaike, and then allowed her to retire, and unconstitutionally therefore illegally appointed K.Siripavan as the new  Chief Justice  dismissing the Chief Justice Mohan Pieris who was appointed Constitutionally, by a letter signed by the President Sirisena.

Where is Democracy in all this ?

After, all this exercise of the new President  Sirisena and his unconstitutionally appointed Prime Minister, there are in Sri Lanka two governments one functioning and lead by an unconstitutionally appointed therefore an illegal Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and a non functioning  constitutionally appointed therefore a legal Government lead by D.M.Jayaratne.

And despite this ridiculous situation, an unconstitutional therefore illegal UNP Government has appointed a FCID to prosecute all suspected  of bribery and corruption and put them in Ramand Jail. This unusual government even got its illegal FCID (illegal because appointed by an unconstitutionally appointed Prime Minister) to prosecute the former President his wife, brothers, sons, friends,  the managing  Directors of Companies that functioned when the previous government was in power.

All these actions were  not democratic, constitutional or legal. But in a Speech on the 14 July,2015 the President Sirisena spoke of the Democratic revolution that  occurred on the 8th January,2015.  

 Mark Antony said in his oration at the funeral of Caesar, referring to the Senators who murdered  Caesar stabbing him to death, “ But Brutus said they are all honourable men.”

There is a genral election scheduled for the 17th August,2015 , normally under a Democratic system the President being the President of every one without distinction of race, colour , religion or political affiliation , should remain impartial and independent ?

But the President of Sri Lanka Sirisena shows his partiality to one political party and write to  a Candidate Mahinda Rajapakse, even before the election is held , that he will not be appointed the Prime Minister. 

This is strange coming from a  President who said in a long speech on 14 July,2015,  "I will remain impartial in the coming election and urge the people to select those who are suitable to march forward with the January 08 mandate" 

Democracy! Democracy !! thy name is smeared.

The President Sirisena continued his speech, “Along with these developments, there came the Controversial Central Bank Bond issue. A Committee was appointed and the report was came out. The parliamentary Audit Committee too started the working on this issue. Generally, Mr. Ranil Wickramesinghe has a reputation among the people as a person free of corruption. However, on several occasions, I suggested to the Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe that it would do good to his reputation if the Central Bank Governor resigns his post.”

But did his Prime Minister the clean Mr.Ranil Wickramasinghe listen to him ? If he did  it would have shown how much  Mr.Clean Ranil respect him after some of his  Executive powers were taken away !!!

Then the President Sirisena  speaks poetically about  democracy. “Your criticism of me in the past few days reflect the blossoming of democracy in this country and how you are making use of the massive outpour of democracy in this country.”

Is democracy in Sri Lanka blooming as he pretends it to be or is there a massive outpour of democracy?

Well the reader is to Judge. 

Recently the President Sirisena who likes long speeches and long letters wrote a long letter to Mahinda Rajpakse a candidate at the forth coming General election saying again that he will not be appointed Prime Minister even if the party under which he gets a majority of Votes. That must be in terms of his “blooming” Democracy.

Mahinda Rajapakse who when he was the President respected both Democracy and the Constitution  has written to him  a short letter in reply stating that as he bowed to the  people and accepted their decision on the 9th January , he hopes that the President Sirisena would do the same.

The President Sirisena who had been in office for nearly seven months  should know that he is the guardian of the Constitution of the country, and should be really democratic instead of paying lip service to democracy.

Finally another act of democracy by the President ? 

The Colombo District Court today issued an enjoining order preventing Anura Priyadharshana Yapa and Susil Premajayantha from acting and discharging duties as the General Secretaries of the SLFP and UPFA respectively until August 28, 2015.
President Maithripala Sirisena in his capacity as the Chairman of the SLFP and UPFA has suspended the party memberships of Anura Priyadharshana Yapa and Susil Premajayantha and has also removed them from the posts of General Secretary. 
 Independent Judiciary ?
 “ tensed situation erupted in the Colombo Chief Magistrate's Court yesterday as Lawyers accused each other in abusive language when they argued as to why former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and former Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabral cannot be summoned to Court for misappropriation of Rs 34.7 billion in Greek Bonds issue.

The incident erupted when Colombo Additional Magistrate Chandima Liyanage issued summons on the Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran and his son-in-law Arjun Aloysius over the misappropriation of Rs 30 billion in issuing Treasury Bonds, while postponing the case until 30 October.

The Voters on the 17 August, 2015, please reflect what it would be if the Elephant Symbol gets a greater number of Votes, than the Betel Leaf.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

How can one vote for a man like Ranil Wickramasinghe when his election gimmicks are so childish ?

Ranil was interviewed  in two TV programmes.  One in Derana  360 TV programme and the other in Hiru Rata saha Heta TV Programme. In the former he was seen arrogant unsympathetic. In the second the debate turned out to be a monologue, Ranil   posing counter questions without answering the questions asked.

He did not portray himself  as a leader about whom the people could be proud. On the other hand  Mahinda Rajapakse has a magnificent stature of a leader whose very presence gives the people an assurance, and the pride of having him as their leader.

Ranil Wickramasinghe tries to throw about his assumed authority of the Prime Minister, which may go well with his UNP followers but not with the ordinary people of the country. He is the Prime Minister so what ?

Ranil Wickramasinghe where ever he speaks he shows that he is clearly not a people friendly man, where as Mahinda Rajapakse is a man of the people whether he wears his national dress or wears a sarong , tucks it and step into a field to work with the farmers.

Sri Lanka needs a Buddhist leader who loves his people , who is like them , and feels their pulse.  That leader is certainly not Ranil wichkramasinghe but Mahinda Rajapakse.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is a leader of some of the people, but not of all  the people.  He is a leader of his UNP followers, the Tamils who want a separate Eelam State, Muslims who want a separate Muslim province in the east. He is a leader of the Sinhala elite, who admire those wearing English tie, coat and trousers, of the Christians  and Catholics.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is also the leader  of those who are ignorant of high stakes involving the foreign stake holders in regime change, and know nothing about how the CIA, MI6 and  the RAW work, and those who are concerned only about feeding their bellies,  and loves small personal  enjoyment.

Mahinda Rajapakse will be shunned  by the Muslims, but still some Muslims are likely to support him. Because  Mahinda Rajapakse  does not discriminate against the Muslims and Tamils though the highly ambitious Muslims like  Rauff  Hakeem , Rishad Baduideen and Lathif Farook may claim Mahinda Rajapakse’s discrimination against Muslims. 

Amoung the Tamils too there were nearly 75 thousand who voted for Mahinda Rajapakse at the last Presidential election. There may perhaps be a little more enlightened Tamils who may vote for  the Betel Leaf and therefore Mahinda Rajapakse because of   extremist Tamil Groups TNPF and CFD seeking election besides TNA.

Mahinda Rajapakse and his Minisers, his family members , and those who are not even connected to him liked  exceptionally clever entrepreneurs during his time like  Kudabalage who made Littro Gaz a profitable company during the Previous government had been suspected for theft by Ranil Wickramasinghe’s UNPMinisters. But so far they stand clean without being stained by false accusations  outside legal norms.

Those nefarious acts have failed to help Ranil Wickramasinghe in his mudslinging campaign with an eye to get more votes for his party. 

Therefore the latest stinking mud he touched is the story being repeated at every UNP election meeting, that Mahinda Rajapakse had paid 200 Million Rupees to Prabhakaran to assure his and his families safety.  The story seems to give him great pleasure but it will only stain him making him stink to the  high heavens.

Some of these election gimmicks of Ranil Wickramasinghe are so inept and foolish  one begins to think whether he is fit for the high office he is seeking. UNP also got the Golfer Late Thajudeen’s body exhumed with a srory of a murder to find  whether it could be used against the former President Mahinda Rajapakse

Apparently nothing seems to touch Mahinda Rajapakse who remains absolutely clean.

Mahind Rajapakse did a mistake in calling for a Presidential election two years before time. Is that a reason for not allowing him to come back to save Sri Lanka one again after his heroic elimination of terrorism ?

What Sri Lanka and its people are up against today is worst than what it was under terrorism.

If the Voters make a mistake on the 17th August, Sinhala people will be occupying a diminished space hemmed between a Tamil territory on the North and a Muslim territory on the East.

And Rishad Bathiudding who illegally cleared Vilpattu for a Muslim settlement  is calling for a separate Muslim Administration in the East. “Minister of Industry and Commerce, All Ceylon Makkal Congress Leader and Vanni ACMC Group Leader Rishad Bathiudeen, too, has backed the call for a new Coastal Administrative Unit in East on 09 August.( The Island 13 August, 2015.

UNP Parliamentarians are already campaigning with the map of Sri Lanka prepared by Prabhakaran.

Tamil UNP Parliamentarian Vijeyakala Mahesvaran is campaigning with the Sri Lanka map showing the territory of Tamil Eelam and demanding that 26th November the anniversary of Prabhakaran and the 27  November the Mahaweer day to remember Prabhakaran in the guise that those were the days on which Mahatma Gandhi visited Sri Lanka.

 Ranil Wickramasinghe has not said a word against this, showing that UNP is in agreement with the Tamils of the North to give them their Tamil State.

Many times the UNP had used the word Dictator against Mahinda Rajapakse.  But it was JR Jayawardhana , R.Premadasa , and Rani Wickramasinghe who have demonstrated their Dictatorial  intents in imposing on the people their will , by proposing to the people what they think is correct and exposing to them only what they need to know, hiding their major Agenda of selling Sri Lanka to American capitalism.

Sri Lanka Sinhala please forget your political and religious affiliations and vote together to the Betel Leaf, to stop the intention of Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP Ministers to change the unitary status of Sri Lanka and make Sri Lanka become involved in a USA and Western Strategic plan against China and Russia allowing an American Military base in the north and perhaps an Airport in the South to keep away the influence of China in the southern seas.

Sinhala people of Sri Lanka  please understand that the Tamils and Muslims have band together to divide Sri Lanka.  It is now upto the SINHALA to come together to stop this by:

Voting to the candidates contesting under the BETEL LEAF.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

On the 17 August vote for past achievements; not for future promises.

Promises ! Promises !!Promises !!!  But what has UNP done since 1978.

UNP  profiting from a President elected mostly by a Tamil and a Muslim vote not knowing what to do with the Presidency cast upon him fell heavily on  Ranil Wickramasinghe of UNP as his saviour and made him his Prime Minister. Ranil Wickramasighe and his UNP rejected 29 times by the people revelled at the sudden fortune fallen upon them to set up a UNP government with a cabinet of UNP Ministers.

It was a hostile government based on thoughts of revenge ,hatred, jealousy, slandering , and mudslinging at the Previous President Mahinda Rajapakse  and his government and associates.  They continued it for 180 days, having stopped most of the development projects that had been undertaken by the former President and his government.

To-day the Country-Sri Lanka is negatively affected by this hostility of  Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP Ministers.

The country under Mahinda Rajapase had developed from being a developing country to a medium income state within ten years of  indefatigable work undertaken by  the previous Government of  determined Mahinda Rajapakse . His object was to  bring Sri Lanka to the top amoung once developing countries and  make it equal to a developed country. 

Mahinda Rajapakse would have succeeded despite the barriers put before him by the USA and the West along with a resolution against Sri Lanka for “imagined’  violation of human rights  in the elimination of a group of Tamil terrorists, if he had not  unexpectedly suffered a defeat at the Presidential elections of the 8th January, 2015.

The subsequent setup of  a UNP government headed by Ranil Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka suffered the most, and has  gone backward in development, and will suffer further in development, security and freedom.  The West, since colonisation of Sri Lanka by the Dutch Portuguese and the British,  was determined to diminish the importance of   Buddhism and the culture  built around it  preserved and protected by the Sinhala.  But the Sinhala and the Buddhist monks were strong and helped by Sinhala Buddhist leaders thwarted this attempts by the West and their local political henchmen.

The West found an ample number of local henchmen to carry out their nefarious activities against developing nations  within  most of the developing countries.  In Sri Lanka they found  in UNP  their breeding place for anti-nationalist, anti Buddhist , activists. The UNP Minister of Justice Wijedasa Rajapakse said recently that Sri Lanka does not belong to the Sinhala. 

Eran Wickramaratne   and  Hansdunetti of JVP who work along side  the UNP with amoung them a CIA Agent according to latest news, castigated a Sri Lankan expatriate living in London who participated in a TV Political debate(Aluth Paralimenthuwa) to show with photographic evidence the activities of the pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora in UK in collaboration with the British Government, saying that he was raising a racial issue  and  that type of information cannot be accepted.

UNP has other Christian UNP Ministers working  against Sinhala Buddhist issues, such as John Amaratunga, Michael Perera, Rosy Senanayake, Ravi Karunanayake, Mangala Samaraweera, Ranjan Ramanayake, and Ranil Wickramasinghe - himself a Christian.

Now they keep promising lot of things but never keep their promises. Today, Ranil Wickramasinghe promised to build an Island in the Indian Ocean  to accommodate 80 lacks of people.

The UNP has put lacks of people of work with the stoppage of the development projects undertaken by the previous government and promises  20 lacks of jobs for youth.

President Sirisena promises a fundamental transformation to democracy, with a new government . But for all intents and purposes Sri Lanka was always an exemplary democracy and what they propose with fundamental transformation to democracy is another vague unaccountable promise.

Wijedasa Rajapakse promises a new constitution for a pluralistic  society which he does not define.  Madoluwawe Sobhita is promising reforms for a just society which the learned Bikkhu too does not  define.

But there are negative issues which they try to hide such  as a a tax on water, which will be a burden on farmers,  for which a cabinet paper has already been prepared. UNP also suggests a bridge to connect Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka which is already  planned.  Ranil Wickramasinghe promises to give back the Companies taken over by the Sri Lanka government .  Upul Jayasuriya wants to pay compensation to owners of Companies that had been taken over by the government.

There you are  dear voters of Sri Lanka the shape of things to come with a capitalist unrealistic UNP if they come to power.

Should we go by these promises and vote for the UNP for them to carry out the parts of the hidden Agenda, such as a  water tax, bridge to connect Tamil Nadu to North of Sri Lanka, an Island in the Indian Ocean to house 80 lacks of people, a Federal System of Government with a separate Tamil State in the North and a Muslim State in the East.  They also speak of an American base in the North and perhaps lease Mattala airport to an American Private Company.

The alternative is what had been done by Mahinda Rajapakse from 2005 to 2014.  Those activities  that had been undertaken and completed successfully are there to be scene. They are real.

Going by what Mahinda Rajapakse had done after elimination of terrorists it is evident that he keeps his promises. 

And going from what he had done,  what he promises to do if he were to come back as the Prime Minister  cannot be doubted.  He is a man who had been tried out by the people and approved as a genius who changed Sri Lanka from a hell that it was when he became the President in 2005 to a Paradise when he left on the 8th January,2015.

Of course  Ranil Wickramasinghe, and his UNP Ministers will not give credit to what Mahinda Rajapakse has done, as condemning his work is a means for them to dupe the voters to get their votes.

Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP Ministers are now wallowing in the environment of peace and freedom without fear, which Mahinda Rajapakse has provided by eliminating terrorism, building a strikingly beautiful infrastructure and make Sri Lanka a place equal to many place in developed countries.

Hence Dear Voters do not hesitate, do not go by negative publicity about MahindaRajapakse and his previous Government .  Neither  Mahinda Rajapakse nor his entourage has stolen any money from any projects.  

Ranil Wickramasinghe and  his hostile UNP Ministers tried since January 8th 2015 to prove that Mahinda Rajapakse , his government and every one connected to him had stolen public money, but have miserably failed to prove one case against any one of them. 

Some of those with Mahinda Rajapakse  may have had human failings common to every one but none of them have  been proved to have embezzled public funds. 

These were methods  imagined and  proposed by the CIA as a means to make Rajapaksas unpopular and change regime.  These are well tried out methods suggested by CIA which is in close contact with Ranil Wickramasinghe Mangala Samaraweera and the rest to keep Mahinda Rajapakse from coming back to power as the Prime Minister.

Having failedto bring disrepute to Mahinda Rajapakse with all accusations of theft and bribery, now they sayt hat Mahinda Rajapakse paid Millions of Rupees to Prbahakaran to assure his safety and that of his family. UNP really takes the people for fools.

If you the Voters get fooled by these blatant lies and vote against Mahinda Rajapakse, you will be doing a mistake you will regret all your life. Because if UNP comes back power it will sell Sri Lanka to America and the West and divide the country between the Tamils and the Muslims. If that  happens you will never be able to put it back to right again.

Therefore be wise and intelligent think and discuss amoung yourselves and understand exactly what you are doing  and ask yourself  whether you are doing the correct thing.

If you have any doubts about  Mahinda Rajapake and vote against him Sri Lanka will be doomed for ever.  There is no real reason to doubt the honesty of Mahinda Rajapakse. He is a real patriot, and above all he is a Buddhist.

Vote for the Betel Leaf to bring back Mahinda Rajapakse as the Prime Minister and be assured you will not regret. 

That will be the act of your life time, for which the generations to come will thank you with gratitude.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Voters all- Sinhala Tamil and Muslim 17 August is a decisive vote for Sri Lanka.

If you make a mistake in giving your vote on the 17 August, Sri Lanka is doomed to be divided, loose its freedom and peace, dominated by the Western powers, destroying our unique features of a very civilised culture. 

If you are fooled by a few relief measures, a salary increase or low price of petrol , and want  insecurity, fear and an uncertain future, communal  disunity, and bad features of a western dominance

Then the symbol you should vote for is the Elephant.

If you make an intelligent decision unswayed  by those wearing coats, ties and English trousers, hiding their pocket size Bibles, want a united Sri Lanka, assured of  security, free and peaceful, developed and progressive.

The symbol you should vote for  is the betel leaf.

It is a parliamentary election, but the  interest is around two contenders for the office of Prime Minister. One is Ranil Wickramasinghe caretaker Prime Minister and the second Mahinda Rajapakse the former President of Sri Lanka

The former RanilW,  had been in the opposition for more than 20 years and done absolutely nothing for the good or the welfare of the country. He never made any constructive criticism other than throwing mud and discrediting  the President MahindaR and his government. He was rejected by the people 29 times.

RanilW had however been  given the opportunity by a grateful President Sirisena who thinks he is President of Sri Lanka today thanks to Ranil Wicramasinghe,  to be the PM. Sirisena grateful to Ranil but ungrateful to his former boss MR,  made  Ranil W the Prime Minister the same day he became the President.

RanilW  formed a UNP government for 100 days after the people had elected Maithripala Sirisena for a change-Wenasa. Ranil and his UNP Government  stayed on for 180 days.  It is this 180 days that is being taken into account by some  to admit RanilW has done some good and others to blame him for what happened to Sri Lanka within those 180 days.

Three wheelers say he is good because  they got  petrol at a lesser price.  They cannot think much and do not seem to know the price of petrol had fallen in the world market and therefore it is easy for the RW’s government to give them petrol at a lower price.

Some like teachers think that RW’s government has increased their basic salary by Rs.10,000,00,  in reality it is only an allowance not an increase of the basic salary.  They also give credit  for RW’s government for reducing the prices of  basic commodities.  But now they do not say much about it as the prices have again increased.

Some are happy that RW’s Government has no rogues and are making all attempts to accuse  the Former President; his family and every body connected to the previous government for theft of all sorts and taking bribes and commission on development projects. RW with his experience in Batalanda appointed a police force under him FCID, to investigate thefts committed by the Former President, his family and all connected to him politically or otherwise. Ranil W has made Sri Lanka a Police State since 9th January,2015.

RanilW has his own Chief Justice, Judges and Lawyers to judge, those accused  and have them arrested and put  immediately  in  remand Jail, even if the accusations are so flimsy that there do not seem to have an iota of evidence against those put in remand. It is a mockery of Justice, but the RW is in power with his UNP Cabinet of very vociferous  Ministers who know nothing of what they have to do but full of belligerence towards every thing the Previous government has done.

RW and his cabinet were not interested in doing any work for the country within the 100 days government but  they were all out looking for thieves and thefts,  there was also JVP  handing over files to the Bribery Commission, all against previous government of  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse.  They stopped large numbers of on going  major development project started by Mahinda Rajapakse making thousands of persons working in those project unemployed.

But todate  Ranil and his investigators have not found any  evidence whatever to tarnish the good name of the previous President Mahinda R., his family or those who were connected to him and investigated for bribery and corruption.  RanilW after his experience in Batalanda has no respect for people or lives.  Otherwise he will not allow persons suspected by his police force to be detained  indefinitely in  Remand. 

RanilW  who pays lot of lip service to Good Governance appointed Ravi Karunanayake as his Finance Minister for whom a case was pending in court for money laundering..

 “ Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, quoted earlier in this article, faces court charges for alleged money laundering a few years ago, violating Sri Lanka's Central bank regulations and the Exchange Control Act. He is accused of facilitating the transfer of Rs.390 million (USD 3 million) to Sri Lanka by Raj Rajaratnam, the infamous Tamil Sri Lankan American, billionaire and founder of Galleon Group hedge fund. Rajaratnam, who was "convicted of conspiracy and securities fraud in one of the biggest insider-trading cases in the history of Wall Street" is currently serving an eleven year prison sentence in the U.S.A. A report by David Rose entitled "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Raj" published in Vanity Fair in 2011 revealed that Rajaratnam had links to the LTTE and provided funds to the terrorist organization.  “ ( )

The case ended in very mysterious circumstances with the Judge, retiring and going abroad immediately after the case.

In the mean time RanilW’s government engaged in finding thieves in the previous Rajapakse regime were themselves preparing for the biggest theft of the century.

Sri Lanka does not have a shortage of qualified, experienced individuals with exemplary records who can fill important positions. However, individuals facing charges of serious financial and legal irregularities have been appointed to some of the highest offices by Prime Minister Wickramasinghe. These appointments and subsequent outcomes have raised public concern over good governance and anti-corruption.”
( )

RW  likes to work with foreigners and does not look for efficient men in Sri Lanka. RanilW appointed a foreigner Arjun Mahendran,  a Tamil Christian  a citizen of Singapore as  the Governor of the Central Bank, whose antecedents are not very clear ,being a friend of  Raja Rajaratnam a  billionaire crook who financed the terrorists and now in American Jail.

Even more serious charges of legal and financial irregularity are involved in the appointment of Arjuna Mahendran as Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Mahendran a Sri Lankan born Tamil and a citizen of Singapore, was given Sri Lankan permanent residency within 24 hours of his appointment, a privilege not available to many others awaiting Sri Lankan residency and dual citizenship. Mahendran is also a close friend of Raj Rajaratnam. Indeed, many Sri Lankans are asking if Wickramasinghe's nomination of his friend Mahendran as the Governor of the Central Bank represents good governance or cronyism?”
( )

Lets leave Hiuffington Post to conclude on good governance of  RanilW with his gang of UNP Ministers.

“Human rights, corruption and other charges against the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime have received extensive international media coverage. Yet, there is hardly a word about the massive allegations against the current regime, even the Mahendran affair, despite their seriousness and international linkages. All governments everywhere must be held accountable to the same principles of good governance. There cannot be double standards on voice and accountability, political stability and absence of violence, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law and control of corruption “

Ranil W and his friend Arjun Mahendran have committed the  biggest theft of all times running nearly to   Billion of dollars. The foreign countries have lost their confidence in Sri Lanka.  Huffington Post states 

“Recently, the government of  Singapore refused to accept the Sri Lankan government's request to obtain a foreign loan of USD 1 .5 billion through the Singapore stock market on grounds that it cannot honor a Sri Lankan government document signed by two individuals facing charges of financial corruption, namely Sri Lanka's Finance Minister
 Karunanayake and Governor of Sri Lanka's Central Bank, Mahendra 

Ranil W appointed a Committee to investigate into the Bond affair and according to its finding exonerated the Governor of the Central Bank. The Ground View  states with regard to the committee appointed by RanilW,

However, we noted that the three members appointed, who have legal backgrounds, did not have any known formal technical qualifications, professional experience or competencies in economics, banking, finance or central banking to make the inquiry that was needed. Moreover, we, as well as others, questioned the credibility of a committee that consisted of individuals who at one time or another were closely associated with the ruling United National Party.”

This is about the first contender for the office of Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe , about whom the people have to decide whether he is suitable to be a Prime Minister of Sri Lanka or not on the 17 August,2015.

Within 180 days Ranil Wickramasinghe has not only utterly failed to conduct the affairs of the country well, but has also allowed the worst bank bond theft of the century . He has failed to dismiss the fraudster, making his culpability in the affair more evident.  He is on the above evidence against him not suitable to be the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

Now the Second contender to the office of  Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse .  It is impossible to speak  of a unitary Sri Lanka without the fear of a resurgence of terrorism without speaking of Mahinda Rajapakse.  He gave to Sri Lanka and to all its people no one else since the independence of Sri Lanka had even dreamt of giving. 

Mahinda Rajapakse blew a breath of life to a people living in fear of death from bombs and being hacked to death with the heads of children smashed on trees.

It is that past under terrorism that Mahinda Rajapakse eliminated that has now given Ranil, Chandrika and all their cohorts the freedom to speak without fear to even accuse the Mahinda Rajapakse their saviour as well.

Chandrika  Kumaratunga dare say yesterday at a meeting that Mahinda Rajapakse  cannot take credit for himself for the elimination of terrorism, as Chandrika and the UNP too contributed to it.  People have not forgotten the past Chandrik seems to have forgotten. It was Chandrika having had no idea what to do with terrorism offered Prabhakaran the North for ten years to rule it as he wants without any election.  Ranil of UNP said that Toppigala is a rock and that there were no terrorists.

Neither Chandrika nor Ranil did any thing by way of eliminating terrorism in Sri Lanka.  They only contributed to make it worse one with her famous P-Tom and the other with his CFA. Sarath Fonseka was there before Mahinda Rajapakse engaged in the war with the terrorists, but he could not eliminate terrorism all that time, until Mahinda Rajapakse came into the scene as the President of Sri Lanka in 2005.

The elimination of terrorism and ending the thirty years of terrorism is itself reason enough to bring back Mahinda Rajapakse as the Prime Minister , to complete the work he had commenced in 2005, by his cutting short the period of his executive Presidency  to go for a Presidential Election on the 8th January,2015.

Mahinda Rajapakse since his election as the President had so much to do that no one, beginning from JR Jayawardhana , R.Premadasa, Chandrika Kumaratunga and Ranil Wicrmasinghe had ever thought of doing. Even if  they had thought what to do they did not know how to do, and did not know how well to do what they begin to do.

Mahinda Rajapakse when he became the President he knew what he had to do .  It was first to eliminate terrorism, what ever Chandrika, Ranil or even TNA say now , Mahinda Rajapakse  was determined to complete what he was beginning to do- the elimination of terrorism what ever be the difficulties he would have to face.

The world’s greatest violator of Human Rights USA and its followers, UK, and the rest of the Western world were ready to pounce upon Mahinda Rajapakse to thwart his determination,  to protect the Sri Lanka terrorist who were not a threat to them. Mahind Rajapakse’s determination  and his political leadership were greater than the collective western threat.

Whoever now comes to claim credit for the elimination of terrorists, knows beyond any doubt  that the elimination of terrorism  was the determined effort of Mahinda Rajapakse.  That alone is  reason  why Mahinda Rajapakse  should remain  the leader of Sri Lanka as long as he lives , and after that build lasting monuments to remember his greatness, in our hearts and hearts of generations of grateful Sri Lankans.

He did not stop at elimination of terrorists, he built the country faster, and better than any political leader before him. He built roads, massive bridges, built power houses with electrical generators, laid pipeline for water, he built Hotels, Hospitals, schools, harbours, airports, laid railway lines, brought IT to villages, built boat building yards, established industrial zones, high security zones, and modernised Sri Lanka every way in a very short period of time i.e from 2009 to 2014.

Ranil Wickramasinghe and UNP may also say that they also have mega projects to their credit.  Yes of course under D .S.Senanayake there was the Yoda Ela project and settlements for Sinhala villages, There was the Laksapana Dam and power houses, Mahaveli project was the work of Gamini Dissanayake. Or even R.Premadasa’s Gam Udawa and heritage projects.  

But that was the UNP’s past. Even  R.Premadasa’s  few progressive projects were marred by his later acts of cruelty against the JVP uprising where Ranil Wickramasinghe took a prominent role in setting up torture camps in Batalanda, Matale etc.

UNP under Ranil Wickramasinghe has done nothing progressive , except setting up a police State with a FCID directly under himWickramasinghe, Chandrika, Rajitha Senaratne, Mangala Samaraweera, Ravi Karunanayake, Kabir Hachim, Laksman Kiriella, Ajith Perera,  Harin Fernando,  cannot contribute to Sri Lanka  any thing constructive  or memorable like those great projects of Mahinda Rajapakse that pushed Sri Lanka to modernity and to be a middle income state..

Temple Trees under Mahinda Rajapakse  was a place from where pervaded cool winds carrying sounds of the sublime  teachings of the Compassionate Buddha, as it should be from the highest abode of the land where a Sinhala Buddhist leader stretches his rule  through out the country without discrimination against other races or religions.

But today from Temple Trees under Ranil Wickramasinghe  pervades  fires of jealousy, hatred, anger, revenge as it was from the abode of Kalinga Magah the cruel invader who set up his kingdom in Rajarata.

Those who are opposed to Mahinda Rajapakse ask why he failed to do what he now proposes in his election manifesto.  It was because he failed to continue his full period of office of President, and called for an election on the 8th January, 2015. 

We know Mahinda Rajapakse is a man with a determination to do what many thinks is impossible, and unfortunately the Sinhala Buddhists failed to unite to vote to bring him back as the President on the 8th January.

We can trust Mahinda Rajapakse to rebuild Sri Lanka  which had been devated in 180 days by Ranil Wickramasinghe and his hostile Cabinet of UNP Ministers, and give the people the reliefs he promises to give in his Election  Manifesto.

Mahinda Rajapakse raised the standard of living of the people ever since he was elected President in 2005.  That was also reason for the high cost of living, which only Mahinda Rajapakse wil be able to bring down by a real people friendly Budget.  He had done what he had promised before and surely will do what he promises to give the people when he is back as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka on the 18 August,2015.

Please vote without hesitation to Mahinda Rajapakse and all those who contest under the Betel Leaf.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ranil Wickramasinghe is a born Christian, he is a hypocrite who dupes the Sinhala Buddhists to bait votes.

 Ranil Wickramasinghe’s father  Esmond Wickramasinghe was a Christian his paternal uncle  Lakshman Wickramasinghe was the Bishop of the Church of Sri Lanka.  He is a hypocrite to pretend he is a Buddhist for political vote baiting. He once said he wanted  to build the Largest Buddhist Dagoba.  He is ignorant of some Buddhist matters but, the truths and facts matter little to him. Once at a meeting in Kantale he had referred to relics of the Buddha from Kapilavattu as relics of Venerable Sariputta and Moggallana.


“Thus, his efforts to reach out to the Sinhala Buddhist masses have been many. Yet, simply pulling out a Parakramabahu promised era, giving promises that are unlikely to be honored in the form of building the largest Buddhist dagoba, or teaching Buddhist monks Pali and spread Buddhism side by side with dressing up farmers in jeans or Nike t-shirts is likely to head for repeated failure”. (Shenali D Waduge –


Ranil Wickramasinghe speaking at the 55 Convention of the UNP  compared  President Mahinda Rajapakse to King Ajatasatru, “He stated that Ajatasatru, a king of the Magadha empire in ancient north India, had resorted to creating tensions within the democratic Vaishali Republic in order to conquer it and that the Rajapaksa government is engaging in the same tactic. “


Ranil Wickramasinghe has a problem in looking forward and take Sri Lanka progressively forward.  He is a backward looking man not suitable to be the Prime Minister of  a developing Sri Lanka. In hundred days he was able with his UNP Cabinet of Ministers to take Sri Lanka many years backward. He has no vision for the future therefore  goes back in time to ancient India he says  to emulate the dignified tradition of Lichchavi Kings.


Some how he has got the idea that  there is some thing called Theravada, and now he wants to make Sri Lanka a Centre of Theravada Buddhism.  That makes one wonder what Buddhism Sri Lanka had for the last 2300 years, for Ranil Wickramasinghe to make Sri Lanka the centre of Theravada Buddhism.  He of course leaves out the very Buddhist Maithripala Sirisena out of the political scene and announces that  after the 17 August he will hold a Buddhists Council of Theravada Buddhism.  Do we need a Christian to organise a Buddhist Council ?


He said "….The current UNP led United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) and the next which would be a certainty, will do its utmost to preserve Theravada Buddhism, the Prime Minister stressed, urging the Mahanayake Theras of the four Chapters to take the lead in not only propagating but also preserving the goodness of their philosophy as ancient rulers such as Emperor Asoka had done.”


Earlier he had stated  about the three Buddhist Nikayas as Nasthi Nikaya,  Vancha Nikaya and Dhushana Nikaya.  Ofcourse Ranil is paving the path for Nirvana of the Maha Nayakas by cleaning  the three Nikayas of Nasthi, Vancha and Dushanaya.


Ranil Wickramasinghe also promises to build a new country in 60 months according the principle of  non-violence of Gandhi and his follower Nelson Mandela.


Now he has found another accusation to  attack the former President Mahinda Rajapakse  after having slandered him about corruption. Ranil says that MahindaRajapakse had given Rs. 200 Million to  the terrorist leader Prabhakaran every now and then  to assure his and his families safety.  Apparently from what he said at Gampaha, Prabhakaran had himself  informed Ranil anbout it. That means he had been in close contact with Prabhakaran..


However, there is  another information that Ranil Wickramasinghe is trying to hide behind his unsubstantiated accusation against Mahinda Rajapakse, which is that Ranil  had a secret agreement with Prabhakaran to  expose the Special Army Unit of the Athurugiriya Millenium city.

“   It is apparent that one of the matters of the secret agreement Mr. Rail Wickremasinghe had with tiger organization before the General Election was to expose this special Army unit and destroy it. Accordingly, after Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe came to power he employed a treacherous police officer and several others to fulfil the promise he had given to tiger terrorists. It is none other than this great betrayal of Athurugiriya. “


Ranil Wickramasinghe is now raving mad and says  any thing to diabolize Mahinda Rajapakse, hoping  the voters will swallow all that bait, hook, line, and sinker. The UNP diehards may fall for his monotonous somniloquy but not the intelligent Sinhala voters.


Ranil Wickramasinghe and his companion parliamentary candidates who have selected the elephant symbol,  try to minimise the importance of  Mahinda Rajapakse’s elimination of terrorism. It may be possible to erase it from the rotten minds of UNP members and others who have accepted the Elephant Symbol for a political come back but not from the minds of grateful people of Sri Lanka. That great achievement of Mahinda Rajapakse is written in large letters in the pages of the  history of Sri Lanka for ever. The UNP  from 1948 to 2009 has failed to achieve such great heights.


But there is some thing Ranil Wickramasinghe is trying to hide while slandering and mudslinging at Mahinda Rajapakse, which is the Batalanda affair in which Ranil Wickramasinghe is  buried up to his neck.


Batalanda detention center

It was alleged by the People's Alliance government that Wickremesinghe, then a Minister, was the political authority behind an illegal detention centre in the Batalanda housing and industrial complex outside Colombo between 1988 and 1990 which was allegedly run by a government-backed counter-subversive unit as part of the state's operation to put down an armed insurgency by the JVP.  The People's Alliance government of
President Chandrika Kumaratunga, appointed a "Special Presidential Commission of Inquiry Act" to investigate activities of Batalanda and on 3 September 1997 Wickremesinghe was summoned to testify before the commission. The commissions report was released on 12 April 1998. The commission which was a fact-finding mission and had no judicial powers, however it recommended to the government to "bring the guilty to book". One of its findings was that "Wickremesinghe and the SSP Nalin Delgoda, are indirectly responsible for the maintenance of places of unlawful detention and torture chambers in houses at the Batalanda Housing Scheme". It further stated that Wickremesinghe held "unauthorised meetings of police officers involved in counter-insurgency operations in the housing complex, and that as such, he had abused his authority". No criminal proceedings took pace thereafter.

Allegations on conspiring against Gamini Dissanayake

On August 2012, Minister of Health and SLFP general secretary Maithripala Sirisena alleged that during the 1994 presidential election campaign, all campaign details concerning the UNP presidential candidate Gamini Dissanayake were being secretly passed on to his opponent, Chandrika Kumaratunga by Wickremesinghe. Minister Sirisena made this disclosure while addressing an election committee meeting held at Siripura, Polonnaruwa. Sirisena asserted that he has ample proof to validate his claim and allegations. Consequently, both parties started to challenge each other for open media debates.

Allegation on "dictatorial behavior" in the party

Wickremesinghe was accused of being a dictator as the leader of UNP. The Mahanayaka of the Asgiri Chapter the Most Venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkhitha Thero once has said that since recently the Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe is acting like a dictator. On 2010, UNP MP Dayasiri Jayasekara accused in that within the constitution of the UNP Ranil Wickremasinghe is not a democratic leader but a dictator. Former minister and UNP MP Mahinda Wijesekara accused that "We don't need a dictator in the party" as Wickremesinghe opposed for the party reforms. (

This is the man now seeking election to set up Good Governance. Sri Lankd does not need him any more as a Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.  Within 180 days he showed how he dismantled every thing that was built within four years after eliminating  terrorism and a 30 year old war by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

 If we are to rebuild  Sri Lanka and go forward for peace, security and economic development we need a sincere, religious, practical and  down-to-earth man with a vision for the development of Sri Lanka for all Communities to live together in peace.  That man is none other than Mahinda Rajapakse.

Sri Lanka needs no Yahapalanaya- it is utter hypocrisy to expect Yahapalanaya, by any one around Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Sri Lanka wants a government to carry on the development that was stopped on the 9 January,2015.   Ranil Wickramaasinghe with his Yahapalanaya has failed miserably to give Sri Lanka and its people what they were looking forward to-peace, security, real development, unity of the people and a real change in the cost and standard of living.  Ranil Wickramasinghe leads a set of failed politicians.

Ranil Wickramasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunga and the rest of his cohorts  cannot give the  people Yahapalanaya to which they are only paying lip service. Ranil Wickramasinghe is already paving the way to make Sri Lanka a pawn in the hands of America and IndiaAmerica or the west will never help Sri Lanka develop independently.  Theirre aid will be conditional and they will always interfere into the internal affairs of the Country.  But China gave Sri Lanka more aid but never interfered into the internal affairs of the country.

India had always been and continue to be the greatest danger to Sri Lanka and Ranil Wickramasinghe  is not concerned  with the danger coming from IndiaIndia has already commenced from their side the construction of a bridge that is going to connect India and Sri Lanka.  This has to be stopped at all cost as it will affect the independence and sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

On the 17the August the Sinhala voters as well as the  intelligent voters of the other Communities, should think carefully before they go to vote. They should not vote for a change-a WENASA as they did last time.  They should deliberately vote for UPFA and the SLFP to bring Mahinda Rajapakse back as the Prime Minister.  There should be at least 117 seats in the parliament for the UPFA and the SLFP to bring back Mahinda rajapakse as the Prime Minister.

Therefore please do not hesitate to vote for the candidates  with the betel leaf as the  party symbol, and bring back Mahinda Rajapakse. Please take the message every where and do every thing possible to stop the UNP and their followers contesting under the elephant symbol coming  to power.

A vote to JVP is also a wasted vote as JVP is a party that stops progress, by being critical of every thing without concern to the development of the country, their only concern is to destabilise   with a view to grab power for them selves in future