Thursday, 28 October 2010

Disgraceful behaviour of Buddhist Monks in Universities, and the role of the Maha Nayaka Theros.

Sri Lanka being a Buddhist country of the Theravada tradition allowing the Buddhist Monks into Universities after removal of the Pirivena system of Buddhist education ,was the greatest wrong done to Buddha Sasana in Sri Lanka. We are reaping the “sins” of that act to-day with the Buddhist Monks in the role of “hooligans” and “street rioters”.

What are our Asgiriya and Malwatta Mahanayaka Theros going to do about this disastrous situation ?

The Mahanayaka theors are quick to step in to make statements when it concerns politicians, such as their demand for the release of Sarath Fonseka from the prison, but when the Buddha Sasana is in peril, with the young monks in universities who are looked up to by the Buddhists as the protectors of Buddha Sasana are behaving disgracefully without any respect to the yellow robe they wear.

The Mahanayaka Theros have not made any statements so far or made a request to the miscreants to behave according to the calling of their vocation. The Mahanayake Theros are absent in an hour of need when the Buddha Sasana is in danger.

On the other hand the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka is becoming more authoritative and begins to speak loud on matters that do not even concern them, with a Cardinal named by the Pope to give them more weight in their effort to dictate terms to the government and Westernise the poor Tamils in the North and East. Christianising is westernising, because Christianity is not indigenous to our country, other than it being a remnant of the Colonialism.

In that situation it is sad to see that the Buddhist Order of the Sangha in Sri Lanka seem to drift without a proper leadership. The most offensive behaviour of the young Buddhist Monks is the failure of the Mahanayaka Theros to organise the Order of the Sangha, by calling the three Nikayas to Unite to find ways to put an end to the indiscipline of the Student Monks in Universities who left to themselves will destroy the Buddha Sasana in Sri Lanka.

If the Buddhist monks had been properly educated at the feet of a preceptor as it had been done before, even a Monk entering a Universities will behave as expected of him keeping the patimokkha-the vinaya rules. The monks in the universities should be the buffer against unruly indisciplined lay students, keeping them in check advising them to respect their elders, the professors and the Vice Chancellor, and maintain decorum .

But what is happening is quite the opposite. The Buddhist priests according to the teachings should be worthy of the offerings of the laity, their devotion and respects. The lay Buddhists prostrate at their feet as the disciples of the Buddha. But these monks in the universities do not behave as the disciples of the Buddha.

The Buddha expected from his disciples a very high standard tolerance. In one of his discourses he says:

"Even, o monks should robbers and murders saw through your limbs and joints, whoever should give way to anger thereat would not be following my advice. For thus ought you to train yourselves: 'Undisturbed shall our mind remain, with heart full of love, and free from hidden malice; and that person shall we penetrate with loving-thoughts, wide, deep, boundless, freed from anger and hatred” (Majjhima Nikaya 21).

How can this great lesson of patience be related to these most ignoble trouble making university students in yellow robes ?

The aggressive University monks, are far from what we expect of them as “Buddhist monks”. They are different in their physical appearance with unshaven heads, improperly clad in robes of varied colours. The Buddhist monks in the Sri Lanka Universities do not even look like the Hindu Sadus at the Ganges river.

Among these ignoble yellow robed men in universities, there may be a handful of good student monks brought in through force or fear to the rank of the unruly. Are these unruly university monks the disciples of the Buddha or those of Devadatta ?

The JVP is responsible for making this sad situation where the monks in the universities have become un-Buddhist, not fit to receive the devotion and the respect of the lay Buddhists. In a village in Kandy a politically active person was believed to had been shot dead by a young Buddhist monk who was a member of the JVP.

The Nayaka Priests of the Temples from which these student monks come are partly if not wholely responsible for the scandalous behaviour of the student monks in the Univercities.

The Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha thero the monk who wanted to go to prison with five hundred other monks in place of Sarath Fonseka, does not seem to be troubled by the misbehaviour of the monks in the Universities. Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhita thero’s duty is to the Buddha Sasana and the Order of the Sangha, and not to meddle in matters best left to the lay people.

A Buddhist monk is a lay person who has given up his household comforts to follow the path of a Buddhist Monk detached from the burdens of a layman and devote his life to learn the scriptures and to meditate. But unfortunately today a large number of these Buddhist monks have come from discomfort of their homes to seek comfort, to enter universities not to learn the Buddhist scriptures, but study more lucrative worldly subjects , economics, law etc., and get employed, and while in Universities join the trouble makers to imitate them, making manifestations and beat the Vice Chancellors, the Lecturers and the University employees.

What an example for a Buddhist Country known to be the treasure house of the true teachings of the Buddha ?

If this trend is allowed to continue we will soon have no real Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lankans may have to go abroad to learn Theravada Buddhism from Western monks more devoted and following more assiduously the vinaya rules, robed and move like Buddhist Monks during the golden age of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

As a young man interested in Buddhism I once asked a Village Monk to explain to me the practice of Buddhist meditation . But he was very frank and told me that he cannot help me as he had not meditated and referred me to another. But for that matter that priest was not less Buddhist, because he was pious very helpful to the villagers who treated him with great respect. He was always well shaven correctly robed. When the Priest of the temple went out they went one following the other according to their seniority. It was a very pleasant sight that inspired respect and devotion. Those sights are perhaps rare now in our Buddhist Sri Lanka.

It is time that the government looks into reforms of the Buddha Sasana in Sri Lanka. The first step in this respect is to re-establish the Pirivena system of education. The Buddhist monks should not be mixed with the lay students. They should not be put together with women students. One important training of a Buddhist priest is to live a life of chastity, avoiding sexual temptation.

It is possible to avoid sensuous lust through meditation, and concentrated Buddhist scriptural studies. Shortly before the Buddha died, Venerable Ananda asked him a question concerning women: "How shall we relate to women, Master?" — "Do not look at them." — "But if one sees one, Master?" — "Do not address her." — "But if one talks to us?" — "Keep mindfulness and self-control." (DN 16). This is in the training of a Buddhist disciple.

Meditation practice enables one to subdue and keep away arising of lust and sensual desire.

Therefore the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka who is also the Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs, should provide facilities for every temple in Sri Lanka to create a monastic environment for the monks to make meditation an essential part of their lives, with individual kuties for the resident monks to meditate.

The Government is preparing to introduce IT training to Buddhist monks. It should not be made another means for them to seek employment out side the vocation for which they have don the priestly robes.. It may distance the religion from the Monk, unless the training and the experience gained by such training is used in a completely Buddhist environment.

The Buddhist discipline should be inculcated into a priest from the time he enters the order as a novice. If one takes a walk around the Asgiriya temple, it is likely to see young priests smoking behind the temple and pass their time indulging in small talk and gossiping among themselves, both of which come under prohibited way of passing time- idle chatter.

Idle chatter has to be understood in the following sense : “ The fourth statement of the Buddha about Right Speech was to abstain from idle chatter. In other words, to avoid frivolous speech and pointless talk that has no depth. Instead, one should speak appropriately at the right moment in accordance with the facts, saying what is useful, speaking of subjects like the Dhamma and the discipline.

One should abstain from talking and listening to chatter which is shallow and only stirs up defilements and restless thoughts which can lead one astray. One should abstain from any sort of loose talk or valueless patter which leaves the mind vacant and sterile. This is especially true of frivolous entertainments which block development on a higher, spiritual, aesthetic, contemplative level.

The opposite of idle chatter is to make every word have meaning, so that speech becomes like a treasure, uttered appropriately, at the right moment, accompanied by moderation, reason, and good sense, inspiring listeners in matters of good conduct and the pursuit of the path. Another thing to remember is that while speech has its place, meditation leaves the limits of speech behind. Calm is the opposite of restless chatter. Thus ends the discussion of Right Speech. “

On the full moon days and the new moon days the Buddhists monks meet to recite the Vinaya rules . Those monks who have broken any rule confess it in open assembly of monks. This ritual should be strictly imposed including monks in universities. This may be an encouragement to keep within the strict Buddhist vinaya, and keep away from mixing with unruly lay elements in Universities. An essential quality of a monk is also to practice “aloneness” , not mixing freely with the others, thus avoiding involvement in un-priestly chatter or activities.

A Buddhist Monk is a symbol of our Buddhist culture, our civilisation, our relation with all Communities with whom we live. That important position a monk holds in our society should be instilled into the minds of the Buddhist Monks in the Universities.

If they do not respect this situation and continue in their rebellious attitude they should be disrobed. It is time that the Maha Sangha of the three Nikaya, take that responsibility in the name of Theravada Buddhism.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A reply to Satheesan Kumaaran to his article, “MR to address Oxford, another chance to lie to world,” appearing in the Sri Lanka Guardian website.

Satheesan Kumaaran certainly a pro-terrorist expatriate Tamil, writing to the Sri Lanka Guardian Website on 15.10.2010 while casting aspersions to the President, says the President was being invited by the Oxford Union in 2008, while his armed forces were launching brutal attacks on civilian targets in the guise of fighting terrorism.

This type of statements are immediately taken over by the UK Channel 4, Amnesty international and the Human Rights watch etc. who live on such rank lies spewed by the likes of Satheesan Kumaaran. There is really no need even to reply these abusive raked up muck which goes to enrich the Sri Lanka Guardian Website without the minimum of ethical journalism to be objective, or decency to be respectful to an elected President of the country which is the motherland of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other communities .

But yet this reply is in order not to allow these lies concocted by Satheesan Kumaaran in tribute to his “sacred” terrorist thalaivar to stain the memory of the thousands of valorous noble soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save their motherland from the terrorist parasites that had been eating into it for nearly thirty long years.

The Sri Lanka armed forces were well disciplined through out its military operations against the terrorists. In order to evacuate the Tamil civilians the terrorists were keeping with them as human shields, the armed forces stopped using their heavy arms to avoid wounding or accidently shoot the civilians they were to rescue. Thus they used small arms risking their own lives despite the artillery fire of the terrorists shooting aimlessly at them hiding behind the Tamil Civilians- their live protective shield.

In that most daring exercise of evacuation of soldiers from a live war zone, never attempted by any army in the world, the Government Armed Forces showed a remarkable courage and fearlessness to sacrifice their lives to save thousands of Tamil Civilians.

Satheesan Kumaaran says that the President used the Oxford Union address to brand LTTE as a terrorist out fit. In saying that Satheesan shows his naiveté and the complete ignorance of the factual situation, as there was no branding LTTE as a terrorist outfit , as the LTTE was a terrorist out fit which had been already banned in 37 countries.

This very pretentious terrorist lover Satheesan Kumaaran , writes in a rudely discourteous style “..As always, Rajapaksa continues with the same rhetoric while addressing forums globally as if he was the saviour of democracy, fighting for freedom for all communities. In reality on ground in his home country, he does totally the opposite to what he claims in the International Community…….” . He adds, “………One who is a well versed in the double entendre of Rajapaksa and Co. would say that all the statements Rajapaksa makes globally are malicious and totally fabricated lies. Even the proponents of terrorism will agree that Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime conducted illegal war on Tamils with the aim to defeat the minority Tamils……”

All what he writes here shows that he is typing what he imagines comfortably seated in front of his personal computer in his distant home, inhaling the air still thick with burnt gram masala reminiscent of Sri Lanka- which he has perhaps never visited. Because if had visited Sri Lanka he would see as a matter of fact what ever his informant had said , the President Mahinda Rajapakse has in his home country, done exactly what he claims to have done speaking before the International Community.

It is a shameless article only Sri Lanka Guardian Website is capable of publishing. Satheesan Kumaaran blinded by his fury in having lost his beloved terrorists in the military Operations conducted by the Government Forces of Sri Lanka, looks hatefully at the President as the one who eliminated his heroes.

He does not know any thing about the real President. He only imagines what the President might be from what he has heard or read in pro terrorist websites. In order to make the position clear and update Satheesan Kumaaran’s knowledge about the President, it has to be mentioned that what ever the President Rajapakse had said whether at the UNGA, to the Oxford Union , or any other global forum, were not malicious and totally fabricated lies.

The President Rajapakse is not a man to tell “lies”. But he is a man who keeps his word, and is a man who has the determination to carry out what he has intended to do to the betterment of his country and its people.

Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse declared in his election manifesto in 2005 that he would end the 30 years of terrorism meeting personally the terrorist leader Prabhakaran to negotiate a peace agreement with him. True to his word the first thing he did after swearing in as the President of Sri Lanka was to invite Prabhakaran to come to a negotiate a peace settlement. But the cowered that he was Prabhakaran refused to meet the President personally but agreed to negotiate through his representatives.

But after two rounds of negotiations his delegation left the negotiation table refusing to continue further discussions. Immediately after, as a sign of his refusal to negotiate with the Government Prabhakaran got a claymore bomb blasted massacring a bus load of civilians.
He followed it by closing a sluice gate of a tank depriving water to thousands of farmers.

The engineers of the irrigation department, who went to open the gates were shot at by the terrorists. That was the commencement of the military operations that finally eliminated them on the 18th May,2009 at the Nandikadal Tank .

Some believed that Prabhakaran was an intelligent military strategist, but in reality he was a fool and a psychopath. He loved shedding blood. Even as a child it is said he loved to kill little birds and squirrels with a hand made catapult. If he was intelligent he could have avoided his tragic end. He had the occasion to come to an understanding with the Government and even to have a Tamil Eelam State of which he dreamed, for which people like Satheesan Kumaaran contributed lavishly.

But his blood thirsty trigger happy life of assassinations, mass murders, massive destruction caused to the most sacred Buddhist shrine in the country – Sri Dalada Maligawa in January 1998, massacre of Sinhala Buddhists at the most sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi in the mid 1980s and killing of 35 Buddhist monks in Aranthalawa in 1987,massacres of innocent villagers , school children, massacres carried out through claymore bomb blasts, and suicide bombers had to end as it did.

In Sri Lanka there were many governments, many Presidents and many Army Commanders since 1970. But none of them were able to defeat terrorism. The former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka was also conducting many military operations against terrorism during the successive periods of different Presidents and Governments. But Prabhakarana and his killer group of terrorists continued their unending terror. To defeat terrorism there should have been the correct political leadership, correct coordination of the three forces the Army, Air Force and the Navy.

In 2005 with the President Mahinda Rajapakse, the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had the correct political leadership and with the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse the correct coordination of the three Armed Forces which enabled the Commander of the Armed Forces to plan strategies drawing from the efficient cadres of each of the three Armed Forces to wipe out the terrorists.

The credit for the elimination of terrorism does not go to any one man, it was a whole “equip” under the political leadership of the President Mahinda Rajapakse that was responsible for the great victory over the terrorists.

Satheesan Kumaran is an ungrateful expatriate Tamil, because he is unable to appreciate that the elimination of terrorism ended the 30 years of suffering of the innocent Tamil Civilians under the jackboot of terrorism. Satheesan was in the comfort of his home in a far away land and could not have imagined the suffering of those poor Tamil people herded from place to place by the terrorists and kept with them as a human shield. The elimination of the terrorists should be a reason for Tamils if they are real patriots to pay tribute to the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

The result of that victory over terrorism is the emergence of North and East as the most developed provinces of our motherland. The Tamil people in those provinces are free as they were never before or during the past thirty years of terror.

We have come out of the worst period of suffering the whole country was drawn into by the ruthless terrorists, and no right thinking person could expect the President and his government to resolve all the complex problems that had accumulated during the 30 years of terrorism like a magician using his magic wand.

We have come out of one tunnel of desperate existence thanks to the President, and he is now leading us through the next to build the necessary infrastructure and set up the development projects of which the four harbours are being constructed and the larger harbour in Hambantota will soon be operational.

The President since his election victory in 2005 undertook many development projects while the Armed Forces battled against terrorism. And within the short time of his taking office we see today a tremendous progress of development in many fields. The country is already in a middle income group with a steadily growing economy.

In the north and east the IDPs have been settled in their original homes. Plans are ahead to provide each one of the families with a home. The Schools and Universities are being built. There are already Tamil Youths like Prashan de Vissers who have come back from Foreign countries in which they were living to organise sports meets, cultural exchanges between the young Tamils, Sinhala and Muslim youths which are already building close relationships which would be the bridges between the communities which would finally culminate into being a Nation of Sri Lankans.

That is what is actually taking place in Sri Lanka, Satheesan Kumaran. It is time you take off your blinds, and take stock of the reality that is blossoming out in Sri Lanka under the political leadership of the President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. No country in the world has still found perfection in governance.

Therefore no body should expect Sri Lanka ,which as a developing country encumbered by a cancerous terrorism for 30 years, which has just come out of it, to provide all facilities for the well-being of every one. We should therefore have confidence in the man who by action has shown that he is capable of giving the correct leadership to the country, and give him time to accomplish the tasks he has just begun.

Satheesan Kumaaran gives a long list as blameworthy conditions created by the President, which he intends to use as evidence of the Presidents malicious actions. To reply Satheesan Kumaaran’s long rantings, the repetitive and nonsensical article would take many pages. However let us take briefly some of his complaints to see to what extent he is mistaken.

He complains, about large tracts of land demarcated as high security zones, funds received for resettlement benefits to IDPs which have not been equitably divided, the settlement of Military personnel, and settlement of Sinhala families, presence of armed personal which perturbs single woman families etc.

In the North and the East where the youth had been used by “certain interested parties” to make terrorists out of them the government should act cautiously to avoid a future repetition of terrorism in these territories. It is the duty of any responsible government to take precautionary measures by establishing permanent high security zones and find accommodation for the soldiers to carry out their duties in satisfactory conditions. There are for instance an English army settlement in Cyprus.

After a ruthless terrorism that lasted 30 years our thinking have to change . There should not be any more communal segregation any where in Sri Lanka. If the Tamils buy lands, build homes and settle down in the South with Sinhala and Muslim people, the Sinhala and Muslim people should be able to settle down in the North and East with the Tamil people.

That would be a great opportunity to really understand one another from different cultures, religions, speaking different languages. It would also build a remarkable environment for inter communal relationship.

Satheesan Kumaaran, it is time you look at Sri Lanka from a different angle. Most of those Tamil Expatriates who left Sri Lanka in the 1983 had come from Jaffna and most of them had not even lived in the South. They do not know the Sinhala people. The Sinhala people are not the monsters most of them try to make out of them.

The former Tamil political leaders of the North were high caste Tamils and wanted to live an easy life using the poor underprivileged Tamils as their subordinates in a sort of a Tamil fiefdom of their own in the North and East. That was why they proposed local political leadership for the Tamils in preference to National politics.

You should not now fall into that trap. You Satheesan Kumaaran, you belong to Sri Lanka whether it is the North, East or the South. Therefore you should not peddle this communal card any more. Try to think of Sri Lanka not as a Province, but as a whole Island. We are lucky that we have found a great National leader in the President Mahinda Rajapakse. He is not what the terrorist Front Organisations of the expatriates Sri Lankan Tamils , portray of him.

There should not be Tamil dominated or Muslim dominated or Sinhala dominated areas in Sri Lanka. We are the children of the same Motherland. Even the devolution of power to Tamils is a means to segregate the Tamils. The Tamils should get involved in National politics no more in narrow provincial Tamil politics. There is no place for a Tamil Homeland any more in Sri Lanka . We should be patriotic to accept the whole of Sri Lanka as our motherland.

Your contention that the Mahinda Rajapakse is out to destroy the Tamil youth by selling liquor , cigarette, narcotics, and blue films is far from the truth. The President’s Manifesto Mahinda Chintanaya has a clause against sale of liquor, and intoxicants. There is no quick way to settle problems in Sri Lanka which has just come out of the worst crisis a country could have faced. We should not precipitate to take action to remove immediate problems., Every thing should take its own time. It may be long but at the end we will reach the goal if we remain together.

Satheesan Kumaaran, please do not go by the Western Media, or biased expatriate pro terrorist Tamils , or your favourite anti President, racist website Sri Lanka Guardian, TamilNet, GroundView etc., to judge the President Mahinda Rajapakse who is a rare politician and principled person who loves his people without distinction of race, colour ,culture or religion.

You say , “…Rajapaksa’s constant claim about terrorism, democracy, freedom, plural society, etc., are just the rhetoric to hoodwink the International Community to seek financial help to recover from bankruptcy…”.

The President did not come to politics yesterday, he knows what he is doing and does nothing to please or hoodwink any one . He is answerable to his country and his people and nobody else. Sri Lanka is not facing bankruptcy . On the contrary the IMF had spoken well of Sri Lanka’s financial management.

The Tamils in Sri Lanka think only of themselves. They want a Tamil Elam. They say that in Sri Lanka there are Tamil grievances,. They speak of Tamil aspirations, Tamil homeland, Tamil nationality, Tamil sovereignty, Tamil Alliance, Tamil Tigers. The Government Armed Forces did not fight against the Tamil, but terrorists.

The terrorists who came from the Tamil Community were brainwashed to be terrorists. They killed hundreds of Tamil intellectuals, MPs, Teachers, writers and many more ordinary Tamil people.

Don’t you think Satheesan Kumaaran that if Sri Lanka is to develop as an Independent Sovereign state we should forget all those separatist ideologies, and unite as one people of one motherland, and one Sri Lanka ?

One last word however for you is not to get disturbed about Sarath Fonseka’s imprisonment. It was not done by the President. It was on the judgment of a military court he has been confined to a prison.

The opposition politicians who are jealous of the President Mahinda Rajapakse who has done what they failed to do ,or would have not been able to do if they were in his place are making use of Sarath Fonseka to make the President Mahinda Rajapakse unpopular, and to walk into his shoes if they get the chance. Do not get duped by them, as they are only passing “storms” ?

It is not by making manifestations, in Sri Lanka and abroad and signing petitions demanding his release that the matter could be settled. It is for Sarath Fonseka himself to find a way to get out of his predicament.

Satheesan Kumaran, please wake up to reality, and you will not be the looser if you decide to be a bridge to heal wounds and bring the communities in Sri Lanka together. It would be much greater than spewing poison to divide people and create dissension among the people in your motherland-our motherland.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Should Sri Lanka continue with democracy or adopt a more stringent Socialist Dictatorship ?

China will not be where it is to day if it had allowed the West to meddle into its affairs. It kept away the foreign, as well as the local reactionary elements through out its period of economic and social development from using obstructive tactics.

Even Russia after the West manipulated to disband the Union of Soviets , kept away foreign interference into its internal affairs.

Burma which also keeps away the West from interfering into its internal affairs will no doubt set aside its present difficulties to emerge as a economically developed country. India is a developing Nation but the “democratic” path it is following will take a long time for it to come even close to the standard of development reached by China.

If Sri Lanka will fail in its attempt to reach the proposed goals of development , it would be because of the unpatriotic elements, some working for their own political ends, others through lopsided “ethnic sentiments”, and yet others seeking to divide the Country through their bias against the Majority Community, and being allowed to be manipulated by the West.

In this very crucial stage of development in Sri Lanka, all Sri Lankans have to put their shoulder to the wheel without leaving it to the government to take forward its development projects. The question is whether all our people are patriotic enough to bury what ever hatchets of discord they have and unite to develop our country to make it a nation able to compete with the developed nations of the world.

This would only be possible only if the Sri Lankans, irrespective of their communal affiliations, are genuinely patriotic towards their land of birth. A patriot is one who loves the country in which he was born, whether it is poor or rich, whether it is barren, or lush, with all communities with their ethnic differences born and living in it. A patriot is one who is prepared to make whatever sacrifices in the defence of his country, participate in its progress joining hands with all those who populate the country, placing trust in one another, no matter of what colour they are, of what religion they are, and what language they speak.

But if any group of these people do not agree with those others –their own compatriots-who share the country with them, and demands a separate State carved out for the, then that group of people are not patriots. Because no real patriots would want to separate themselves from others living in the same country, sharing in its poverty or in its prosperity, because they are different from them.

Are the Tamils of Sri Lanka Patriots ?

In that sense, if the Tamils of Sri Lanka want a separate corner broken away from the motherland for themselves, they are then not Patriots

The expatriates who have adopted the citizenship of the country of their residence owes allegiance to their adopted country, and respect its laws and culture. Yet deep inside them, they have not forsaken their love and affection to their motherland. But, on the other hand, if they contribute and incite the people of their community in the motherland, to breakaway to form a separatel homeland, they have then forfeited their right not only to be true patriots, but also to call themselves Sri Lankans.

The expatriate Sri Lanka Tamils have forsaken that natural human instinct, and their denial of an attachment to a motherland is evidenced by their “high comedy “ of setting up a Provincial Government abroad. It proves their disaffection to Sri Lanka as their motherland and therefore they have forfeited their right to be patriotic Sri Lankans.

If the Tamils in Sri Lanka want a separate Tamil homeland, or sentimentally desire to be different from the rest of the people- their own compatriots, they are separating themselves from the motherland to become Tamil racists with a narrow agenda, and therefore do not fall in to the category of true Patriots of Sri Lanka.

Be it Tamils or Muslims they should not uphold their minority status to compete with the Sinhala majority, but assume their patriotic role to collaborate with the Sinhala sharing in the political, economic , and social development of the motherland which is the common heritage of every one of us.

The Muslims living on the fringe of motherland concept, promote their religious difference by building mosques in every village to compete with the Sinhala Buddhists there by doing a disservice to the country. They should instead build their mosques within themselves and participate more fully in the defence, development and progress of the motherland.

The demand of the international Community to devolve political rights to the Tamils people is an attempt to break up the unity of the people separating them into communities. They have no special love or responsibility to Sri Lanka or the Tamil people other than to keep the country divided, undeveloped, and dependant on the West.

There is no necessity for the Tamils to ask for devolution of political power, as they as Sri Lankans sharing the same motherland have the political rights and powers common to every one. But the Tamils are misusing that power they share with every one of us, to develop as a separate entity different from the rest. This false notion of having no political power of their own could be avoided if the Tamils switch to National politics, instead of turning inwards to narrow provincial politics.

That is why the 13th Amendment itself thought out and forced upon us by the Indian Government is today a paradox . It was introduced to facilitate Prabhakaran - the terrorist to negotiate with the Government of Sri Lanka to set up a separate Tamil Eelam State in the merged North and East of Sri Lanka, thus breaking up the unitary state of Sri Lanka. After the elimination of terrorism, demerging of the North and East, the 13th Amendment is an obsolete piece of Legislation, which we can easily and conveniently delete from the Constitution.

If the Sri Lanka Tamils think they have been denied political rights it is a false accusation. They have denied the political rights for themselves on their own by setting up political parties for “Tamils”, and separating themselves from National politics getting themselves completely involved with the welfare of the Tamils in the North and East making the South and the Sinhala and Muslim communities no concern of theirs.

Tamils will have no future in Sri Lanka as long as they continue with their continued hostility towards the Sinhala in one way or another. They should instead learn to accept Sinhala people with confidence. They should stop competing with the Sinhala, having a covert separatist Agenda. The future of the Tamils , as much as that of the Sinhala and Muslims, depends on the unity of the communities.

TNA has a habit of consulting India with regard to their rights as citizen of Sri Lanka. The Indian government which wants to satisfy TamilNadu State will not give TNA any advise useful to the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, but detrimental to unity and development of Sri Lanka and distance the Tamil Community from the main political, and social stream of the population of Sri Lanka..

If the Tamils do not follow their “stupid” political leaders , or Pakiyasothys, Kumar Davids, Narapalasinghams, some of them seeking narrow political benefits by organising political parties with the “ Tamil label “ or others collect remuneration from ant-Sri Lanka movements, they would naturally be with the main body politics along with the Sinhala and Muslims, as children of the motherland common to every one of us.

If the Tamils of Sri Lanka 55 percent of them living in the South with the Sinhala and Muslims say that the Sinhala people should not be allowed to settle down in the North and East, they are doing an injustice damaging the social fabric that unites them with their Sinhala compatriots, and expose themselves as unpatriotic racists, and efface their image of intelligent people capable of forgetting the past to go forward hand in hand with all communities to build a greater nation of Sri Lankans.

The TNA (Tamil National Alliance), if they really want to help the Sri Lanka Tamil Community will not demand devolution of political power- a demand which is not for the benefit of the ordinary Tamil people, but a means to consolidate political power in their own hands to “herd” the Tamil people according to their political whims and fancies. If they are interested in the development of the conditions of the Tamil people, they should bring the Tamils into the fold of the general population of the country, without segregating them as Tamils.

In order to do that the Tamil National Alliance should drop the word “Tamil”, from the nomenclature of their Alliance. It should just be a “ National Alliance”, so that it will not only be an alliance of Tamils, but also the Sinhala, the Muslims and others as well. So should it be with theTULF, and the EPDF. They should open their political parties to all Sri Lankans without distinction of their communal belonging dropping the label” Tamil” or “Eelam”.

This is where the International Community, the UN, Human right activists, the Amnesty International, Robert O Blake - the pall bearer for extinct Sri Lanka terrorists, and India have erred and continue to err calling the government for devolution of power to the “ethnic minority”. There is no need for devolution of power to the Tamils if they are patriots working together with their compatriots the Sinhala, Muslims and others who are also patriots of Sri Lanka.

The leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front Anandasanagaree will be a hypocrite if he would not re-examine his political stand, after the elimination of terrorism by the Government Forces under the political leadership of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, to find from who the Tamils of Sri Lanka have to be liberated. The Tamils are a composite community of the Sri Lankan Nation. The Tamils are already a liberated people and they need not have Anandasangaree’s Front to liberate them from any one or any thing else he imagines.

The Tamils are as free as any other group of their compatriots in Sri Lanka Therefore, “ TULF ” is an anomaly. It is high time that the title ‘ TULF ’ is scrapped altogether, and another title is found dropping the word “Tamil”, because we should not speak any more of Tamils, Sinhala or Muslims when speaking of Sri Lankans.

Then we also have the Eelam People’s Democratic Party of Douglas Devenanda another hypocrite, a Minister of the Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse at that, yet differentiating himself from the main political stream , by continuing the separatist ideology. He should have taken a lesson from Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan ( Karuna Amman), who is an Sri Lankan, much more intelligent than Devananda. Karuna Amman coming from the Tamil Community despite having been a terrorist, gave up all that to immerse himself entirety in the body politics of the Nation of Sri Lanka.

Anandasangaree is a senior politician in the evening of his life . But he still continues with his Tamil separatist ideology asking for a Indian Model Federal Constitution to devolve political power to the Tamils. He is another person working for a Tamil homeland “magic word” as he calls it. Even that is not quite evident. In an interview when he was asked whether he would like to be a Chief Minister in a Provincial Council or a Minister in the Central Government, he said given the choice he would opt for the latter.

At least in his old age it is time that he demands the Tamils to trust the Sinhala people and have confidence in them to work together with them for the development of the country not seeking any more to separate themselves from the main body politics of Sri Lanka. The Tamils should forget their narrow Communal interests and participate in National Politics.

Both Anadasangaree and Douglas Devananda are not true patriots of Sri Lanka as long as they continue with their partisan politics, which makes it evident that they still have a personal axe to grind in their political engagement.

Karuna Amman left the political party to which he belonged to participate in National politics. He joined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. He is an example for Tamils of Sri Lanka to understand how the country and the people in it could be united to work together to develop the motherland which belongs to all of us. The time is running out for communal based politics. Therefore it would be in the interest of the people that the Tamils forget their Tamilness in politics.

Apart from the Tamils we also have the regularly berating Sinhala politicians who are not patriots either, but mere politicians seeking their own personal benefits what ever happens to the country. Should they be left alone to whither away into oblivion or more drastic methods be used to put them out of the way of development and progress which Sri Lanka is unmistakably making with the Mahinda Chintanaya , in the climate of emergence of Asia as an economic giant, opposed to what it was the West.

Today both UNP and the JVP are far behind their commitment to the progress and development of the country therefore to the welfare of the people. With Sarath Fonseka they are only flogging a dead horse, failing thereby to fall in line with the government to pursue the path of development that has been opened, with the financial crisis in the west and the economic development of China, Russia and India.

When greater developments are taking place and the Western Countries are waiting to stop such development accusing us for various “made up” abuses , UNP and JVP are falling into the trap of the West accusing our own President and his government, trying to put the people against the President and the government. They do not realise what is at stake is far greater than releasing Sarath Fonseka from the prison.

Sarath Fonseka had been given a sentence by a military court and it is for him to appeal to what ever authority for his release. He cannot escape from the illegality of his actions judged by a Military Court, by comments and manifestations out side the court which condemned him.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is accusing that the government is trying to evict the low income dwellers from Colombo city to sell lands and buildings to Chinese and the rich trying to make Colombo a city of millionaires. Gayantha Gunatilleke of UNP is accusing the government for high cost of coconut, bread, dhal and sugar , and fraudulent means of acquiring a two third majority. Tissa Attanayake of UNP accuses the government for demarcating ward boundaries secretly. Jayalath Jayawardhana is happy that his masters of the West in the IPUHCR will condemn Sri Lanka for violation of the human rights of Sarath Fonseka. Are these politicians of the UNP stooges of the West, or patriots who love their country-Sri Lanka ?

Mangala Samarasinghe accuses the government for “….land grabbing exercise done in collaboration with certain multi-national Chinese companies,” adding that Chinese prisoners are building the Hambantota harbour . He makes accusations without any truth or evidence . He made similar false allegations against the President along with his friend the late Sooriyaarchchi that the President Mahinda Rajapakse had given large sums of money to Prabhakaran.

All these people so blinded by jealousy, anger and disappointment at their losing hope of coming to any sort of political power in the near future, make up false accusations hoping to put the people against the President and the Government.

There are on the other hand the media in various forms carrying out accusations even portraying the President as a“Hitler”. They cannot however, cause serious damage to the government which carries on its development projects despite their “poisonous” vituperations. .

In the meantime the JVP making use of the University students to make manifestations against the government, gives a helping hand to the International Community –the West , awaiting to topple the government of Sri Lanka as they did in the case of Iran under Mossadeq, Chile under Salvadore Allande or Guatamala under Jacobo Arbenz.

Perhaps it would be this “democracy” that would hamper the tremendous development programme put into operation in Sri Lanka by its President and the Government. The people living in the country do not see these unbelievable development that had been taking place in Sri Lanka since 2005, and therefore unable to appreciate it.

These persons, whether they are politicians , Trade unionists, journalists, media, and foreign interferers- who ever they are, if they obstruct the development of the Country as a whole have to be controlled and stopped by an authoritative government beyond the range of an executive Presidency.

Therefore it may perhaps not be too late to shelve “democracy” for some time to go beyond the executive Presidency and put in place a socialist form of a Dictatorship, at least until we have stabilised the present development process. If we were to have a protective shield to keep off foreign interventions, we may keep China and Russia privy to our intentions.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Is C.I.A still in control of the American political checkerboard… and ….. Is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the most deserving. ?

The followng is an article that appeared in the Spiegel Online International of the 10th October,2010 . It may be interesting for our Defence Secretariat as well as the members of the Panel appointed by Ban Ki Moon to investigate claimed violation of human rights by the armed forces of Sri Lanka during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists.

If the members of the Panel set up by Ban ki Moons were to read this they may observe that their investigations are really not necessary in view of worst things actually happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

When one observes what is happening with our new found bosom friend the India, with its different humanitarian projects, opening Consulate General Offices in Jaffna and Hambantota, and numbers of big Indian warships in our harbours in Trincomalee and Colombo and soon perhaps in Hambantota, one begins to wonder what are India’s real intentions. It cannot be ruled out that perhaps the RAW, which will surely have their Agents in the Consulate Offices in Jaffna and Hambantotao is working along with the American CIA.

China was able to flower itself into an economic super power after having cut itself off from the Western interfering . USSR , after Yeltsin opened itself to the West the results were catastrophic, it broke up the USSR. But yet Russia continues to maintain its political importance and economic development today by keeping away Western interference in to its affairs.

When it is not possible for the West to directly interfere into a State, it uses other means. Hence the West has opened its old political tactics using the Nobel Foundation of Norway for political manoeuvres to create dissention within China by making the man Liu Xiaobo

who did nothing for peace, other than becoming an instrument of the CIA in Tiananmen the Nobel Peace Laureat.

Today the Norwegian Nobel Prize has lost its value seemingly using it for political purposes which was out side Alfred Nobel’s testament. The Nobel Foundation ‘s Peace Prize has become the western world’s prize for their “lackeys” willing to bring down countries or personalities that do not follow the Western political ideologies. Mahatma Ghandi
was never given the Peace Prize because of his role in forcing the British to give India Independence.

West promoted the dissidents

of the USSR to receive Nobel Prizes. If Prabhakaran were to have lived, it would not have been a surprise if the Nobel Foundation selected him for its Peace Prize.
However,every thing is not yet lost, there is still a chance for Sarath Fonseka

to win the Norwegian Peace Price for his part in discrediting the President and the Government of Sri Lanka.

That is the level to which the Nobel Peace Prize has fallen. It is now not different from the American Annual Freedom Defenders’ Award for which Robert O’Blake selected Mano Ganeshan who become the runner up to the award.

Taking Out the Terrorists by Remote Control
By Klaus Brinkbäumer and John Goetz

Under former US President George W. Bush, the CIA used dubious methods, including the kidnapping and torture of suspects. President Barack Obama promised to clean things up, but instead he has turned to joystick warfare. These days, the CIA does its killing with the press of a button, with high-tech drone aircraft.
He had stood in Hyde Park and had spoken of a new America, of a ruptured world that he intended to fix and unite. Then, two days after the election, when he was still at home in Chicago, Barack Obama was asked to attend a meeting in a downtown office. He was asked to come alone, without advisers, his wife or any other witnesses.
His predecessor George W. Bush, who was still in office, had made it clear to Obama that the meeting was extremely important. It was November 2008, 75 days before Obama's inauguration as US president.
Then-Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell was expecting Obama. McConnell was also alone, and the room in which they met was soundproof, windowless and bugproof. On that Thursday, Obama was told that the US government had a secret program called "Sylvan Magnolia," which involved using unmanned aircraft, or drones, to hunt down terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The program was going well, McConnell said.
The reason it was going so well, he added, was that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had such good sources, courageous men who had the trust of the al-Qaida and Taliban leadership. These wonderful informants would provide the necessary tips, allowing the drones to do their work.
Veteran investigative reporter Bob Woodward has documented the meeting in his new book, "Obama's Wars," based on information from CIA sources. It is the story of a beginning -- because McConnell was apparently very persuasive.
Centerpiece of the War on Terror
In the 21 months since his inauguration, President Obama has ordered or approved 120 drone attacks on Pakistan. There were 22 such attacks in September 2010 alone, reportedly killing more than 100 people. In contrast, Obama's predecessor Bush ordered just 60 attacks in eight years.
Obama has made drones the centerpiece of his strategy in the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaida. These terrifying weapons circle over Afghanistan and Pakistan, changing the war and making it colder and more anonymous than before. They pose a constant threat, can be operated with the push of a button and, according to the CIA, are precise -- at least most of the time.
The drone war is being waged by the US Army, by the US Air Force and, most of all, by the CIA. It is taking place in a shadowy realm beyond the reach of war tribunals, public debate and the media. The only time it made headlines recently, and then only for a day, was when it resulted in the deaths of a number of German citizens. The men, who were killed in a drone attack on Oct. 4, were presumed terrorists who were passing through the town of Mir Ali in the Pakistani region of North Waziristan.
No Americans Killed
The CIA's drone war allows the government in Islamabad to act as if it had no knowledge of what is going on, and it allows Obama to wage a military campaign on the territory of an ally without having to send troops to the country.
When it comes to their support for the program, the two main American parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, are in rare agreement -- mainly because the drone war doesn't claim American lives.
The CIA doesn't release any numbers -- not about its successes and certainly not about civilian casualties. It attacked Baitullah Mehsud, the head of the Pakistani Taliban, 16 times. In other words, either informants or the drones' cameras identified Mehsud's location 16 times and the drones fired 16 times. The first 15 tries failed. Then, in the last attempt, when the report was correct and Mehsud was in fact at his father-in-law's house, Mehsud and 10 friends and relatives were killed. According to sources in Islamabad, CIA drones killed some 700 civilians in 2009.
The New Face of the CIA
The CIA is reinventing itself once again. It was established in 1947 to gather information about foreign countries. The reconnaissance flights over China and the Soviet Union in the 1950s, during the Cold War, are still regarded as a triumph of modern espionage by people at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. But even then, the CIA was more than that. In fact, it has always been an instrument of politics.
The agency has collaborated with former Nazis. It has supported dictators like Manuel Noriega in Panama, but only as long as the dictator in question remained useful and a strong ally in the struggle against communists. It helped bring down democratically elected leftist leaders like Chile's Salvador Allende and paved the way for dictators like Augusto Pinochet to take power.
In retrospect, it is clear that there have been times when the CIA acted and agitated in a fatally shortsighted manner. In the early 1980s, when it funded the Afghan mujaheddin and the tribal leaders now referred to as warlords, arms shipments were part of the overall package America was providing. The CIA's job was to help drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan, and the agency was successful -- the war became costly and miserable for the USSR. Now the US's allies in that war are today's enemies, trained and equipped by the old CIA and currently being fought by its new incarnation.
Throughout the decades, there was always a difference between official policy and the work of the intelligence agencies. It would be naïve to expect anything else, because operating in a gray zone is what intelligence agencies do. Bush's CIA developed the drone strategy and used it only sparingly. But Bush's CIA also kidnapped and tortured terror suspects.
Unconstrained by International Law
Obama promised to close Guantanamo, where many of those kidnapped and interrogated by the CIA were imprisoned after Sept. 11, 2001. He promised an end to the kidnapping and torture. But the reality had already changed. Today, Obama's CIA no longer carries out kidnappings -- it carries out killings. This means that the CIA can assume a military role and wage a war unconstrained by international law or the laws of war. It is waging that war in Afghanistan, but also in Pakistan and Yemen, where officially there is no war.
The advantage of the CIA's new approach is simple. Prisoners have to be released at some point, or at least put on trial. Prisoners mean the possibility of facing investigations or having to address journalists' questions. Killing is easier.
Obama's CIA decides who lives and who dies. It spreads fear in faraway countries through its control of drones that can turn up at any time and, when they do, are sufficiently precise to hit a bed or a bathroom with their missiles.
Are the CIA's actions permissible? From the standpoint of its agents, the question is naïve. Perhaps a better question would be: Are the CIA's actions smart?
Will the drone program benefit the United States and the West, or will it merely motivate new enemies? And will it legitimize copycats, other governments that could just as easily find reasons to justify killing their enemies and instruct their intelligence agencies to use the same methods?,1518,722583,00.html

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Robert O Blake the US Assistant Secretary of State should educate himself on good diplomacy and stop telling Sri Lanka what it should do.

Robert O.Blake the US Assistant Secretary of State is no politician, nor is he a good diplomat. He is completely a stranger to the notion of nation building. He only brings disrepute to the President Barrack Obama. It was not the President Barrack Obama who selected him, he was the choice of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton also has strange political concepts. It was she who said during her Presidential election campaign that, “ … you cannot lump all terrorists together …”. With that type of lopsided views of the US Secretary of State, we cannot expect any thing more from her Assistant Secretary.

However we know a little more about Robert O’Blake having had him as the US Ambassador of the Bush Administration during the height of terrorism in Sri Lanka. He was no great help to Sri Lanka government. He interfered into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka becoming a defender of terrorists along with the Norwegian, the British and the German Ambassadors.

Fortunately we had an astute Statesman in our President Mahinda Rajapakse who did not give into these “boys” of the west. O’Blake was parroting that military operation is not the solution for terrorism and insisted on coming to a peace settlement with the terrorists. He became intolerable when he went to the Tamil Nadu State to “proclaim” that the Government of Sri Lanka is following a wrong path with its military operations to end terrorism, which was adding fuel to the fire in Tamilnadu which was determined to put Sri Lanka politically ablaze to save the terrorists.

Hillary Clinton in recruiting Robert O’Blake as the Assistant Secretary was following different objectives from that of the President Barrack Obama. Hillary Clinton has lost her dynamism in foreign affairs and is at a tangent with President Obama’s political views, it is no wonder with her wrong choice of Assistant Secretaries such as Robert O Blake.

The President Obama who wants friendly contact with all nations, has only built up his “friendly” contact with the big Western Nations, conveniently leaving out many of the developing countries in the fringe. Even his speech writers who depend on the Assistant Secretaries like O’Blake do not give importance to the developing nations allowing the President in his speeches to pontificate on respect to democracy and human rights to the developing countries, as if America is a “Mr.Clean”.

Sri Lanka had rightly used the military solution to fight against terrorism and has eliminated it, unless people like Robert Blake will rekindle terrorism in Sri Lanka with their unsolicited opinions on ethnic problem in Sri Lanka of which the Sri Lankans and the President of Sri Lanka are fully aware and do not require their advice on the matter.

Robert o’Blake had said according to a report in the ColmboPage News Desk that “Sri Lanka must investigate and ensure justice for the war crimes and serious violations of international humanitarian law that human rights and other groups allege occurred in the final stages of the conflict…..”

What is Robert O’Blake other than an American Bureaucrat to tell Sri Lanka what it should do ? His only qualification is being a white Assistant Secretary of Hillary Clinton’s State Department. He should know better having been in Sri Lanka as the American Ambassador of the Bush Administration that the Sri Lanka Army is much more disciplined and of a high moral standard than that of the American Army in Iraq.
Robert O’Blake perhaps is not aware of the American Torture camp of Abu Ghraib where the prisoners of war of Iraq were treated like animals and such tortures were carried out with the knowledge of the American State Department covering up the dirt casting the blanket of responsibility for the torture upon Janis Karpinski the head of the prison camp.

Fernado Botero the Colombian artist utterly disgusted with the horrors of the torture camps of Abu Ghraib did the famous series of paintings depicting torture in Abu Ghraib (
Hence it is not the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka that should be taken to a Tribunal of War Crimes , but the American Government which made the Commander Janis Karpinski an escape goat of the scandalous affair stigma of which would for ever be attached to the Bush Administration.

Therefore with these horrors in the minds of the Americans, when Hillary Clinton said that “… rape as a tactic of war has been and is still used in war zones across the world such as Bosnia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire, Chad and Burundi “, she was not speaking as a responsible member of the President Barrack Obama’s Administration. With the memory of what happened in Abu Gharaib and the Guantanmo Bay Detention Camps, Hillary Clinton should have been more cautious in making drastic statements of the sort.

If Robert O’Blake wants to see the immorality of the American Army and using rape to humiliate the people of Iraq, he should see the TamilNet is after all the web site that provides information and statistics to O’Blake , Amnesty International, Navi Pillai of the UNHRC, Bank Ki Moon and perhaps to his panel of investigators to bring accusations against the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka. These pictures will educate them on the torture , violation of human rights and rape by American Soldiers in Iraq. (

The Sri Lanka Army maintained a high moral standard, disciplined and respectful of the old and young women terrorists and IDPs though the UK Channel 4 did its best to accuse our army for immorality, and cold murder.

This US Assistant Secretary of State Robert O Blakes really takes himself for some sort of a Feudal Lord demanding the Government of Sri Lanka what it should do after the end of terrorism.

He says, "It will now be important for the Government to work with the Tamil community to organize local and Provincial Council elections as soon as possible so that a new, freely elected indigenous leadership can emerge in the North for the first time in almost thirty years."

What does he know about the people of Sri Lanka having served as the American Ambassador ? He cannot assume that he knows every thing about our country and the aspirations of its people. It is better he reads what the President Mahinda Rajapakse said in his speech to the UNGA on the 23 September,2010, to get an idea of what calibre the President is made, and whether he really needs O Blake’s advice .
Speaking to the UN General Assembly the President of Sri Lanka said: “…Those who observing from afar, suggested that the Sri Lankan government should have conceded to the demands of the terrorists, need to be reminded that terror is terror, whatever mask it wears and however it is packaged. To all those, I say this. My responsibility is to the entire nation. My responsibility is to the lives of millions of men, women and children, and those yet to be born. My responsibility is to the peace and prosperity of the nation and the right to a peaceful life for all who live there.”

Mark his words Robert O Blake, there is nothing our President Mahinda Rajapakse has to learn from you to do what is expected of him by his people, in the North, South, West or the East of Sri Lanka. He added that , “…..A great deal has been said by those beyond our borders about our Tamil community. Let me be clear, no nation on earth can wish Sri Lanka’s Tamil community more good fortune than Sri Lanka itself…”

There is nothing Robert Blake could stand up in a rostrum speaking to what ever audience tell, what the President and the Government of Sri Lanka do not know . If he wants to claim credit from the World Affairs Council in San Diago, where he was speech making, he may go ahead with his “crap”, but what matters to Sri Lanka is what is its own policy to wards itself, which is laid down in the Mahinda Chintanaya the election manifesto of the President.

Robert Blake had also said that, "Having defeated one of the most murderous terrorist groups in the world, President Rajapaksa now has an historic opportunity to build a tolerant, multi-ethnic democracy in Sri Lanka that will bring lasting peace and unprecedented prosperity," I think if he has studied the political ideology of his President Barrack Obama he would not refer to multi ethnicity of Sri Lanka.

The President Barrack Obama showed the myth of ethnicity making a nation of all Americans no matter their colour, religion or cultural back ground, though a greater responsibility to the American Indians is lost in flowery rhetoric In Sri Lank the effort is to set aside the separateness of ethnic groups, making a nation respectful of each others religious and cultural difference. Hence there would be no difference of the status of the people in the North, South, West or East other than being Sri Lankans as a whole.

Blake had said that he has a special attachment to Sri Lanka as he has served as Ambassador for three years from 2006 and witnessed the resumption and end of the conflict. Since the end of the war he has returned to the island several times and seen a renewed sense of purpose among the people. That Mr. Blake is because, “ no nation on earth can wish Sri Lanka’s Tamil Community more good fortune than Sri Lanka itself.”

What Robert Blake can do if he wants to be a progressive Assistant Secretary of State in Asia is to make President Barrack Obama a popular American President in Asia , without allowing him to hold on to narrow “we American” attitude, and open himself not to pontificate to developing nations about democracy and human rights, but to give them a hand to rise above their present Lower in come , or Middle Income Status to vie with developed Nations of the world.

The U.S. and other Countries should contribute for the development of Sri Lanka without separating Sri Lanka into blocks- the North, the East, and the South, unconditionally, and generously transferring both financial and technological know how.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sarath Fonseka is certainly a great war hero, but that does not absolve him from being condemned for irregularities.

There is a large number of people using the plight of the former army commander Sarath Fonseka for their own political benefit, but they are either aware, or are blind to the fact that by supporting Sarath Fonseka and trying to put the President and the Government into an embarrassing situation they are indirectly helping the interested western powers to disrupt the progress seen never before in our country under any of the rightist or leftist political leadership since the Independence.

After the several electronic media such the Sri Lanka Guardian, Lankaenews, Daily Mirror, Lakbima, Lanka News Web, GroundView, the BBC, and then the reactionary politicians and their political parties, it is the Buddhist Monks who have taken up the cause of Sarath Fonseka. The Catholic Church not wanting to be left out has also put its weight on the side of the former Army Commander demanding his release from the Prison.

However, as for the Buddhist Monks it should be mentioned that they have to be cautious in defending those suffer by proposing euthanasia , or from court decisions by release as they may be paying for their past kamma, which no one could stop. Even the Buddha avoided intervening where a person has been made to suffer, as the flow of kamma should not be stopped as it is best left to be expiated at its own length of time.

Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha thero may be well aware of the « fate » of King Seniya Bimbisara. His son the Maghada King Ajatashatru wanted to kill his father to ascend to the throne. He therefore imprisoned his father and deprived him of food and later killed him. The King Seniya Bimbisara was a great devotee of the Buddha, and after him King Ajatashatru to became a devotee of the Buddha. If the Buddha wanted to, he could have intervened to save the unfortunate King from suffering, and death at the hands of his son. But kamma has to be allowed to end by itself so that no part of it remains to continue in another life term.

Therefore the Buddhist Monks should devote themselves to their religious occupations and leave the government in the hands of those who have been elected by the people to govern.

Sarath Fonseka is no doubt a great hero of our motherland who played an important role in the elimination of terrorism, but that does not mean every act of his that had put the country into difficulty should be accepted with arms folded. The elimination of the terrorism is undoubtedly a great historic event for which thousands of soldiers, and numerous others have sacrificed, some with their limbs and others with their lives. There may be few families in the south that have not lost a dear one in the military operations to eliminate terrorists.

The elimination of terrorism was an event unique in the world. It gave us the Sri Lankans a great occasion to rejoice that great victory over ruthless terrorism. But that great heroic victory of our soldiers for which many contributed was marred by Sarath Fonseka’s greed for power at any cost and discrediting the armed forces by making a false statement that he had heard through a press reporter that the Defence Secretary had ordered to shoot any surrendering terrorists. This most revoltingly blameworthy remark has brought disrepute to our Armed Forces. It is now material for the Western countries waiting to take revenge from the Government and the Armed Forces for eliminating terrorism, to accuse the Armed Forces for war crimes.

This is unpardonable even if Sarath Fonseka is an acclaimed war hero. Therefore it is right that the law of the country be it civil or military take appropriate action against him for his misdeeds.

However, the President is large hearted and will not deny him a pardon provided it is he who asks for it. It is necessary the demand for a pardon comes from him or one who is close to him so that the Government will have the guarantee that Sarath Fonseka will not commit any reprehensible act to further embroil Sri Lanka, once he has been pardoned.

He is unfortunately in bad political company. His companions the JVP leadership only wants something to hold on to , which is Sarath Fonseka to keep afloat in the flood waters of politics in which they are already sunk up to their necks. The UNP hecklers are always there with sarcastic smiles to make a public show of their political presence getting petitions signed to get Sarath Fonseka released from the prison.

The UNP highjacks every situation for their political benefit, be it someone’s coffin, a petrol price hike, 18th Amendment, President’s visit to America, or now Sarath Fonseka’s prison term. As for Ranil Wickramasinghe the opportunity provided by Sarath Fonseka’s prison sentence is a god send, as for the moment the “so called” UNP rebels are not calling him to step down from his leadership chair.

Of all those people who shed crocodile tears for Sarath Fonseka, there is only one who genuinely wants Sarath Fonseka saved from being confined in the prison. That is Anoma Fonseka, but she does not know where to turn. If she were to appeal to the Prersident Mahinda Rajapakse for a pardon, it would certainly be granted and Sarath Fonseka would be released from the Prison.

But that would not be in the interest of the JVP as it will be their political end. As it is, it is Sarath Fonseka that enables the JVP to exist as a political party. Therefore, they will stop Anoma Fonseka or Sarath Fonseka appealing to the President for a pardon.

It is the self conceit of Sarath Fonseka that keeps him from asking for a pardon from the President. He should understand as much as those defending Sarath Fonseka’s interest , that the demanding pardon is not from the man Mahinda Rajapakse but from the President, therefore from the people for putting his motherland and its defending Armed Forces in to disrepute and for being disrespectful to thousands of Soldiers that gave their lives to free the motherland from the peril of terrorism.

Sarath Fonseka was a good military leader, and perhaps it is in his blood. But he is a very poor politician, definitely not made for a political role in the country. During his Presidential election campaign he was carried away by the large crowds that had attended his meetings to the extent that he had once said that he could not have lost the Presidential election as there were large crowds at his meetings. He put the defeat to a Computer mess-up.

He probably does not want to ask for pardon from the President because of the people signing the petition sponsored by the UNP, and JVP, and the crowds thronging around the prison van that brings him to court, which may give him a psychological satisfaction that makes him believe that he still has a chance to become the President of Sri Lanka one day. Further more the Tilvin Silvas, heraths and Amarawnsas may be feeding him with false hope.

Another problem Sarath Fonseka is faced with is his interview to the Sunday Leader during his election campaign. Frederica Jansz is probably working for the Agenda of her Western retainers. The only piece of evidence the anti Sri Lankan Western countries have, to attempt to take the Government of Sri Lanka to a tribunal of war crimes is Sarath Fonseka’s statement that the Defence secretary ordered the shooting of the terrorists seeking to surrender.

Sarath Fonseka later denied making such a statement. But Frederica Jansz’s continued affirmation that he did make the statement, may give a certain credibility that such a statement had in fact been made by Sarath Fonseka even if it was what he had heard from a third party.

This is enough for the anti Sri Lanka countries of the Western to make an attempt to bring a case against Sri Lanka Armed Forces before a Criminal Tribunal even if it would not be acceptable being only hear say evidence. Hence Frederica Jansz is certainly not doing anything against Sarath Fonseka but against the President and the Government Armed Forces. She is no patriot.