Monday, 1 February 2010

We Congratulate His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapakse…….

We congratulate His Excellency the President .Mahinda Rajapkse, for his election to the high office for a further period, and pray that by the blessings of the Triple Gem, he succeeds in carrying out the projects laid down in the Mahinda Chintanya to bring prosperity to Sri Lanka and to unite the Communities in to a one proud Nation of Sri Lankans.
The President Mahinda Rajapakse deserved much more than 57.88 percent of votes. The reason for this unfortunate shortfall is seen in who voted for the candidate of the opposition.
The candidate of the opposition Sarath Fonseka had the votes of the urban voters, the English speaking Colombo Sinhala and Tamil elitists, Tamils, Muslims, Christians and Catholics, while the President Mahinda Rajapkse had both urban and rural Sinhala Buddhist votes, except those diehard Sinhala Buddhist block votes of the UNP, considerably reduced because of the absence of both the colour and symbol of the Grand Old Party .
Despite this the President Mahinda Rajapakse had the largeness of heart and generosity in speaking out frankly to say that he is the President of those who voted for him and those who did not vote for him. That is a lesson for the Tamil population of Sri Lanka to understand what is in the heart of a man nurtured in the Buddhist Culture.
The virulently racist elitist Colombo Tamils such as the Sampanthans, Kumar David, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Rajan Philip, Lynn Ockersz and yet others of the same ilk ,helped those urban English speaking Tamils who cannot reason out in the choice of a most suitable candidate of the two principle candidates, to vote blindly against the candidate they thought stood for the Sinhala Buddhist interest.
The Sinhala Buddhist interest which they cannot understand is the setting up a country of peace and tolerance, a society honest and principled, disciplined and of good conduct, without giving into intoxication and drug peddling , according to Buddhist principles, for all communities to live together without any discrimination against race, religion or class.
The Colombo Tamil Elitists, the politicians, intellectuals, writers and journalists, are against the society which the Sinhala Buddhists want to make of the Sri Lankans of all Communities, because they are divisive, non patriotic, self centered, seeking to divide Sri Lanka calling for a political devolution to make it easy for the Tamils to set up a Tamil Eelam.
If these reactionary non-progressive Tamils, who try to speak in the name of the larger under trodden Tamil population have an iota of patriotism for the country in which they were born, and are able to put aside their self interests, they will realize that it was the Sinhala Buddhists who had pioneered progress in Sri Lanka, and who had defended the country against the marauders , adventurers, plunderers and invaders, and dare come forward willingly to sacrifice their lives to free their motherland from any ruthless terrorists.
It is these very Sinhala Buddhists, who speak out to give to the ethnic minority a rightful place in Sri Lanka, recognize their language, religion and culture, despite the fact that they abhor the Sinhala Buddhists and make every opportunity an occasion to call the Sinhala Buddhists by all types of names to demean them , to make out to the International Community that the Sinhala Buddhist are the cause of their plight. Their plight “the ethnic” problem of which they write in every possible journal and shout out at every forum, is only of their own making.
If only these elitist Tamils could come down to earth and learn to live with the Sinhala Buddhists, honestly as compatriots and extend to them their affection and cultivate an abiding friendship, and take the message that the Sinhala Buddhists are not the enemies of the Tamils, to the larger Sri Lankan Tamil Community , it is still not too late to take each others hands and unite to make this motherland of ours a truly blessed place on earth, where we can live together and participate in its development and progress.
It is being blind to this simple solution to unlock the communal problems , that keeps the Communities divided in Sri Lanka. The opportunity arose for the Tamils ( not to speak of the Muslims whose patriotism is spelt out in “business opportunity”), to show their willingness to cooperate with the Sinhala Buddhists to make our independence a reality by working together to make our motherland a happy place, in the Presidential Election of the 26 January by voting for the one and only progressive candidate the President Mahinda Rajapakse. But they thought otherwise and followed the Sampanthans who stand for reaction, division and utterly distasteful politics of communal disintegration.
This distasteful and dangerous politics of the TNA brought thirty years of utter suffering to the Tamils of the North and East, under the jackboots of terrorisms. But one fails to understand why the Tamils in the North and east voted against the President Mahinda Rajapakse who delivered them from the terrorists, and ushered in prosperity and unbound happiness in the many development projects in the North and East and opened the roads , rail and highways which had been closed to them for thirty years.
It shows that the Tamils of Sri Lanka, what ever the Sinhala Buddhists do for their wellbeing, will turn away from the Sinhala Community with utmost hatred and disrespect. They repeatedly show their disregard for the offer of the Sinhala hands of friendship, because a handful of opportunist elitist Tamils, and Self Centered Tamil politicians looking for their own political benefits, proposes to them a Separate Tamil Eelam.
The Sinhala Buddhists , as they have demonstrated time and time again through out the history of Sri Lanka, will fight until the last Sinhala Buddhist to keep their motherland a unitary state and make it a peaceful home for all who wants to live in it in peace and happiness.
The Tamils in the North and East were responsible for the thirty years of terrorism in Sri Lanka, as they have amply demonstrated by their willingness to turn their back and refuse their vote to the Man- Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse who took the responsibility to eliminate terrorism from Sri Lanka and precluded the terrorists from breaking it, to set up a separate Eelam State.
The hate mongering Sampanthan click of the TNA and their supporters the elitist English speaking Colombo Tamils, will promote disaster and degeneration and it will not help the ordinary Tamil people to follow their political demands.
It is time for the ordinary Tamil people to reason out for themselves what is good and what is bad instead of following the dictates of the failed politicians of the TNA. The Sinhala Buddhists can defend this country and maintain its unitary state without either the Tamil or the Muslim Community to support them. Therefore, there is no more the question of devolution of political power, to please the Tamil politicians, the Tamil diaspora or the Tamil intellectuals, who pontificate to the Sinhala what they should do and should not do.
The Tamils in the North and East who followed the dictates of the TNA and voted for the candidate put forward by the Opposition, show that the North and East is prone to another uprising against the government and the Sinhala Buddhists of the south. Therefore it is imperative that the government maintain the High Security Zones in these areas and establish larger Military encampments like the Panagoda Military Camp. In taking these precautionary measures the government should not give in to pressure brought in either by the Tamil politicians or by the International Community.

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