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West with its pants down. Part two.

Through out the military operations against the Terrorists the Sri Lanka Government Air Force carried out aerial bombardments accurately and precisely targeting locations held by the terrorists without collateral damages to civilians . That was a fact not denied by the ICRC, though they latterly concocted “evidence” of attacks on civilian hospitals, which those very same Doctors quoted by the interested parties of the West, said was false.
The West is crying loud and clear from every one of their “roof tops” that terrorists should be hunted and killed where ever they are found , and suddenly quietens to sing another song with Ban Ki Moon, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and International Crisis Group as the “ chorus”, when it comes to deal with the ruthless band of terrorists in Sri Lanka that sowed terror in the country for thirty long years.
Is this the Christian morality of the West to hinder the development of a Sovereign State defending its people and its territory from undesirable elements, and trying to find a path of progress making friends with all Nations without making a distinction whether they are from the West, East, Middle East, Asia, or South Asia ?
For thirty years a group of terrorists eating into the viscera of our society stopped us from developing our country and making a progressive nation of ourselves. And when we have at last eliminated the whole bunch of them, another set of “terrorists” despicable rascals have come from the West doing the utmost damage to us by castigating us , threatening to take us to tribunals for war crimes.
They are doing the same thing the terrorists did, in a different way, trying to stop us from development and progress as an Independent Nation.
West is “sick”, that is why this unbridled desire to take Gotabhaya Rajapakse and the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government to a tribunal for grievous sins they think had been committed.

They take themselves for the three Angels the God sent to Sodom and Gomorrah….their “Lot and family- the terrorist Prabhakaran and his cohorts” they could not save, but they want instead to literally “ burn down what remains “ in Sri Lanka, like their God did to Sodom and Gomorrah after “ Lot and his Family” had fled .

The West which with its “do-gooder” Groups attempting to upset the freedom of developing nations, unable to put its own house in order find itself in Greater difficulty. Their unprecedented wars hunting Al Qaida and Taliban terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan have already cost wanton waste of men and material.

Their legendary riches seem to be dwindling, falling from one financial crisis to another . Their Christian moral standards have dropped almost to the nadir, with rising criminality, child sex, low and vulgar reality TV shows, drug addiction, pollution of air and seas.

What is there left for them to do , other than to meddle into the affairs of developing nations in an attempt to keep them at bay from running away from them, to seek more favourable pastures else where in more generous China and Russia ?

Let us take a little time to reflect on the meaning of this sudden attention of the West represented by these “vultures” - the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Crisis Group, Channe4, the BBC ,ICRC, and the rest on the gory of the end of military operations against terrorism, just on the date of the anniversary of the defeat of terrorism Sri Lanka is preparing to celebrate.

Are they really interested in the people of Sri Lanka, or just the Tamils ? If so why ? They do not really like them in their own countries, but they seem to love them far away from their shores. It is evident that there is money in just trying to mess up President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government. But apart from the financial benefit it appears there is some thing more to it.

It is evident that the West is making a concerted effort to bring disrepute to the President Mahinda Rajapakse and change the government if possible.

What could be the reason to do this ?

For the first time in the history of decolonisation, from the numerous developing independent countries, Sri Lanka has distanced itself from others into being a fast developing nation with a new political perspective. It had the potential for such development, but lacked a capable political leadership.

It has after about 25 years of despondency , loss of face, dejection, weakened by a CFA signed by a government without foresight, facing a powerful group of ruthless terrorists, created by India , and made into a strong “military force” with financial, material, and technological aid from the West supplied through numerous NGOs who infiltrated into the terrorist controlled areas as humanitarian workers, Sri Lanka rose above its military and political debility, to build a well disciplined military force of brave soldiers not second to any military force in the world despite its comparative “size”.

The driving force behind that change in Sri Lanka came without any doubt with the election of Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of Sri Lanka. Such “genuine” leaders of men appear in the world from time to time. We found such a rare leader in Mahinda Rajapakse.

The President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse was able to select appropriate people for a given activity, and give them a “carte blanche” completely relying on them to carry out the responsibilities allocated to them, without interfering into their method of carrying out the work of the given task.

This ability resulted in his choice of the best men for an appropriate field of activity, relieving himself for other activities necessary to develop the country devastated by a thirty year war, and political mismanagement.

This resulted in his winning a difficult “war” against terrorism. And at the same time he carried out numerous development projects, putting the country on the correct path to development. He won the hearts of the people and became a very popular President of the People winning subsequent Presidential and Parliamentary elections with large majorities.

Mahinda Rajapakse did not rest at that. He proceeded to be active in the political field with wisdom. He understood the hypocrisy of the West. They were making use of the Independent developing countries to maintain their world leadership. The West would not transfer technological know how to the developing countries, for them to plan their development on their own.

Instead the West distributed financial aid as repayable loans, which helped them to cultivate political leaders of these developing countries as their “yes” men, thus enabling them to control the activities of the World Forums, such as the UNO and its affiliated agencies, GATT, ILO,WHO and so on.

Thus Mahinda Rajapakse evaluating the situation, forced by the hypocrisy of the West, developed a foreign policy of political neutrality, making diplomatic contact with all nations. China, Russia, Pakistan, Israel were already uncontested friends of Sri Lanka, (India had to be tolerated though not dependable) . He befriended Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Libya, Israel, Burma, established diplomatic relations with North and South Koreas, Vietnam, and several African Sates.

This angered the West, specially after David Milliband and Bernard Kouchner thought they were humiliated by President Rajapakse by refusing them to enter the no-fire zone during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists. Hence, Milliband along with Eric Solheim, befriended Hillary Clinton for a coordinated action of bringing disrepute to President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government. Hillary Clinton baselessly accused Sri Lanka army using rape as a weapon of war.

In this situation the Assistant Secretary of USA State department Robert O’Blake, a friend of the Sri Lanka terrorist hierarchy, contacted the terrorist front organisations of the Sri Lanka Tamil Expatriates and encouraged them to unite against Sri Lankaa, with David Milliband in UK even addressing their Forum meetings. These resulted in the Tamil expatriates set up their Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

Now it seems the West is doing its best to either send home the President Mahinda Rajapakse, or eliminate him to setup a West friendly Government in place, or divide the unitary status of Sri Lanka by breaking it to set up a Tamil Eelam State, like Serbia.

There is no doubt that Sarath Fonseka had been “bought” over by the west to strengthen their anti Sri Lanka agenda, with the determination to bring the President Rajapakse and Gotabhaya Rajapakse before an International Tribunal accused for war crimes.

That may also be how the last of the anti Sri Lanka Agency- the International Crisis Group may have come into being. One may notice that all these International Organisations peddling anti Sri Lanka rhetoric are concentrating their attack on Sri Lanka Government, to the exclusion of attacks on real perpetrators of “war crimes” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The International Crisis Group talks of atrocities committed by Sri Lanka Armed Forces, but it ignores the fact how the West could be dangerously atrocious when it comes to settling political scores in other countries. We have read how the CIA tortured the Vietcong captives to get information. They were said to have been taken in twos in helicopters, pushing one out into the air to die so that the other talks through fear.

The West is dangerous with regard to eliminating undesirable political leaders of countries that do not toe their line of politics. In 1950 Jacobo Arbenz the President of Guatamala, in 1953 Mossadegh the Prime Minister of Iran, and in 1973 Salvador Allande the President of Chile were ousted by CIA operations.

Please see the YouTube presenting Kennett Love former New York Times reporter at:

In view of these it is in our interest to see that our President Mahinda Rajapakse is provided with adequate security and protection. The President himself should take precautions for his own safety.

The West sponsoring its humanitarian agencies such as the International Crisis Group, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Western Media are a danger to Sri Lanka, and the President should be warned of its growing undesirability.

Louise Arbour and the International Crisis Group should read carefully, the final paragraph of the declaration of Harold Hongju Koh, the Legal Adviser to the USA Department of State. The People with any amount of academic qualifications, or experience as judges or administrators are not specially intelligent.

The worst of it is that their minds are fragmented by their academic and professional achievements, egoistic pretention of worldly knowledge, are unable to look at a problem of what ever nature as a “whole”. Hence the problem of Sri Lanka’s elimination of terrorism they see as a war crime.

They have “one track “minds like horses having blinders put on to run forward without distraction. Therefore these Sri Lanka “Bashers” have no intelligence to understand other people, other cultures, and other governments, and evaluate reasonably well the reason for their actions.

What is good for America in its war against terrorism is also good for Sri Lanka’s military operations against its terrorists, unless we are in two different planets. What is good for the goose, they say is good for the gander.

Here are the last two paragraphs of the declaration of the US State Department Legal Adviser Harold Hongju Koh :

“Fourth and finally, some have argued that our targeting practices violate domestic law, in particular, the long-standing domestic ban on assassinations. But under domestic law, the use of lawful weapons systems—consistent with the applicable laws of war—for precision targeting of specific high-level belligerent leaders when acting in self-defense or during an armed conflict is not unlawful, and hence does not constitute “assassination.”
“In sum, let me repeat: as in the area of detention operations, this Administration is committed to ensuring that the targeting practices that I have described are lawful.”

The civilization has been built by those who took off time to think, reflect and contemplate before precipitating into action, but if Louise Arbour and her International Crisis Group, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Ban ki Moon , Brad Adams and the rest of the Sri Lanka bashers precipitate into action without thinking, reflecting and contemplating, that would be the beginning of the end of their Christian civilization.


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