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Isn’t Bruce Fein by implication a terrorist ? Shouldn’t he be reported to the USA Bar Association for unethical legal practice ?

Ignoble Bruce Fein

Once Again Bruce Fein the American Attorney, has discredited his profession. He is driven by an excessive desire to make easy money depending on the naivety of his clients. Which is not only atrociously unethical , but it puts him into the ignoble category of a cheat, a liar and a fraudulent manipulator of a client who wants to take to court a democratically elected government of a country on false allegations.

An honest jurist will advice his client not to waste his money going to court to accuse “someone” for crimes which have not been committed or allegations not acceptable in law. A suave “perhaps there may be a case” is no sound advise to a client. An honest jurist worthy of his name will only accept a brief if there is a bona fides case against the accused.

But here Bruce Fein does not want to discourage the Client because if he does, he stands to loose a substantial sum of money which he knows the LTTE terrorist front organization -the Tamils for Justice , Sri Lankan Minority Tamils or what ever they call themselves- can afford and has in plenty at its disposal as blood money of terrorism.

A terrorist is not only the one who uses his gun to cause terror, but also any one who aids and abets a gun holding terrorist, or do so in the memory of the terrorists who used their guns to shed innocent blood through terror to fulfill a dream. In that sense the money greedy Attorney Bruce Fein is as much a terrorist as the Tamils of the Terrorist Front Organization representing the terrorist brute Prabhakaran in whose memory they are engaging Bruce Fein.

In a way the fault is not so much with Bruce Fein as it is with some of the Foreign Ministers of Western countries such as David Miliband of UK, and Bernard Kouchner of France, who were terrorist sympathizers prepared to do any thing to save the group of ruthless terrorists in Sri Lanka, for their own political advantage. The Secretary of State of the United State of America was no better trying to paint a different picture of terrorism categorizing terrorism according to what she thoughts was her superior knowledge of these matters, stating “…. you can’t lump all terrorists together......”

Hence Bruce Fein may be have been influenced to believe that there are possibilities of making an easy buck accepting briefs to satisfy the demands of the terrorist front organizations in USA with unlimited financial resources.

According to Hillary Clinton’s views on terrorism only those who take up arms to cause terror in the Western Capitals are terrorists and all others could not be treated the same way. Perhaps the Al Qaida did a mistake in using the Arab Muslims to cause the 11 September terror attacks in USA. It would have been different ,if they followed India, which got Tamils from Sri Lanka trained as terrorists.

That is to say the Al Qaida leaders should have for instance got the American Indians brainwashed to win back their lost rights as the natives of America through terrorism, and trained them as terrorists with the determination even to die as suicide bombs to recover their rightful place in America. They would then have come under Hillary Clintons’s “…..better job of clarifying what are the motivations, the raisons d’être of terrorists. I mean, what the (American Indian are fighting for in America)*, Tamil Tigers are fighting for in Sri Lanka, or the Basque separatists in Spain, or the insurgents in al-Anbar province may only be connected by tactics. They may not share all that much in terms of what is the philosophical or ideological underpinning.” (* added by writer)

That would have then been another kettle of fish for America to handle, as the American Indian terrorists, would have been freedom fighters in Hillary Clinton’s eyes, as much as the terrorists in Sri Lanka.

If that were to happen USA may perhaps think that the terrorists are after all terrorists, in what ever the country in which they cause terror and for what ever the reason. In other words the USA and the West have failed to correctly define terrorism, therefore they send their armies to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight terrorists because they have dared attacked USA, while they leave other terrorists elsewhere because they did not cause terrorism in USA. That is a strange way of identifying terrorism. Any group which terrorises a country and kills, murders and massacres innocent people even to win political freedom are terrorists.

Therefore, the West, along with their Agents the UN, EU, their NGOs, Human Rights activists, Amnesty international, along with the BBC and Channel 4 UK are hell bent preparing evidence to take the Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka to a Criminal Court accused for War Crimes., while their own armies continue war crimes bombarding villages in Afghanistan and Pakistan killing innumerable numbers of innocent men , women and children. All that is therefore, the inability of the West to understand terrorism in its correct perspective.

No wonder seeing the opportunity, briefed by the terrorist front organizations of the Tamil expatriates in USA, Bruce Fein too has jumped into the band wagon.

The Governments of the West and their Agents are fully aware that bringing accusations against Sri Lanka for war crimes will not be accepted by a democratically set , law abiding, respectable Court of Law. Because these very Western Countries preparing to accuse the Government and Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes, are more deeply involved in wanton killing of innocent Civilians out side their own countries in the cause of their bombardments against Al Qaida and Taliban terrorists, which the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka had not done in the elimination of terrorists in their own country.

But on the contrary to accuse the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for war crimes there is no substantial evidence of wanton killing of civilians, either in artillery fire or bombardments.

But these expatriate Tamils who call themselves by different names at different times; and now Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority are the expatriate Tamils who had left Sri Lanka to escape from terrorism. Having left their kith and kin in the hell hole of Prabhakaran’s terrorism through out the 30 years it lasted, they lived in the cozy comfort in the West never feeling the heat of terrorism. Since then they had cared less for the suffering of these innocent Tamils they left behind in Sri Lanka.

These expatriate Tamils who now, when terrorism has been eliminated and the poor Tamil who suffered under terrorism are redeemed from terror and “comforted” by the Sri Lanka Government and Armed Forces, want to take the Government of Sri Lanka to a Court of law accused for war crimes . These ignoble “stateless” expatriate Tamils, do not even seem to understand that by their contribution to the terrorist front organizations they had in fact “contributed” to the massacres, murders, deaths and utter suffering of the Tamil civilians in the Northern and Eastern “war zones” as the result of the Prbhakaran’s terror financed and sponsored by them.

Most of these members of the terrorist front organizers, who are the second or third generation expatriate Sri Lanka Tamils, who have retained Bruce Fein to file legal action against the Government of Sri Lanka, had not even set their foot in Sri Lanka, and may not even know where is Killinochchi or Mulativu. They are in other words unable to provide true facts about the situation that existed during the period of military operations against terrorism. They cannot in any way represent the Tamils of Sri Lanka. Some of them have picked up words like genocide, and use them to impress the people and lead Bruce Fein down a blind alley.

Genocide is far from what could exist in military operations against a ruthless group of terrorists. Even the Second world war of the allied armies were not accused of genocide despite the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It was only Hitler that gassed the innocent Jews and Gipsies, with the intention of elimination of a race of people.

Bruce Fein taking a brief from the expatriate Tamils to prepare a 1000 page model genocide indictement to impress his “pay masters” had gone on evidence collected by expatriate Tamils who have no first hand information on the accusations, nor are they even aware where in Sri Lanka these places where the military operations were carried out are situated. Bruce Fein is perhaps unaware that he with his brief against the Government of Sri Lanka and its President is only a blind man lead by the blind !!!

These expatriate Tamils had given financial aid to the terrorists in Sri Lanka for nearly three decades. With that financial support the terrorists acquired modern arms armament, and claymore bombs. Thus armed the terrorist killed and maimed old and young men women and children, massacred innocent civilians and destroyed land and material. They did that to acquire by terror and force a territory for themselves to set up a homeland.

Becoming a well armed terrorist force thanks to the funds raised by the expatriate Tamils, with their front organizations such as the one which is retaining Bruce Fein they became a ruthless terrorist force and kept the poor Tamil civilians under their control. They suffered untold misery for three long decades. The government Armed Forces were at the beginning no match to the terrorists armed to their teeth, until 2005.

Bruce Fein now claiming US$ 30 million from the government of Sri Lanka, should know that the plaintiffs who briefed him to file a law suit is responsible for the terrorism in Sri Lanka and the loss of life and material and should in fact compensate Sri Lanka for their part in terrorism in Sri Lanka.

It was in 2005 the new President of Sri Lanka took control of the State machinery, and with determination he organized the government and the Armed Forces. He first called the terrorists for peace negotiations. But the terrorist leader Prabhakaran treating lightly the efforts of the new President tried the same old tactics he tried with the previous Presidents and finally refused peace negotiations. Having no alternative the President Mahinda Rajapakse, resorted to a military solution ordering his Armed Forces to commence military operations against the terrorists. His determination bore fruits and in May,2009 the terrorists were finally eliminated.

Therefore a President who acted to end the 30 years of suffering of the people of Sri Lanka- the Tamils, the Sinhala , the Muslim and all the rest, and to whom every individual citizen of Sri Lanka irrespective of his or her communal origin is indebted, cannot be accused for any criminal offence. Not only has the President eliminated the fear of terrorism from Sri Lanka, but having eliminated terrorism he also launched a commendable development program for the benefit of all communities.

Wake up Bruce Fein, can such a great man as the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka be accused of any military offence ? All what he had done since 2005, was in the interest of the Country and its people. His Armed Forces did not carry out military operations to “eliminate” the Tamil Civilians, but to eliminate terrorism. You should tell that in all honesty to your expatriate Tamil retainers.

And on the other hand it is the Tamil Expatriates who maliciously criticise and discredit the government and the President of Sri Lanka elected by the majority of the people including the Tamils living in Sri Lanka, in terms of a democratic system, who should be brought before a court of law, along with the American Attorney Bruce Fein for misleading his clients, and for false accusations and disrupting the smooth function of democracy in Sri Lanka.

Bruce Fein who as an Attorney at Law gives false hope to his clients preparing a law suit claiming US$ 30 million as compensation ,should be reported to the USA Bar Association requesting the removal of Bruce Fein’s name as an American Attorney at Law, for abusing his position and unethical practice of law for financial gain, for accepting unsubstantiated hearsay evidence and deceiving the clients of the availability of redress, and for preparing a malicious law suit against a head of a Sovereign State who is loved by the people as one of the most illustrious Presidents Sri Lanka ever had since its independence.

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