Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Government of Sri Lanka should for a while stop further projects and give attention only to projects in progress.

The Government of Sri Lanka under the President Mahinda Rajapaksa has since 2005 done so much to Sri Lanka and its people than any one else had been able to do since Independence.

His services are so great that the people cannot even believe how fortunate they have been to have elected a man like Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of Sri Lanka. He within the short time after taking the reins of leadership removed for good the cancer of terrorism that had eaten into the flesh of the country for thirty long years.

He commenced infra structure development and brought Sri Lanka from a primitive state to modernity. He started several development projects that have begun to give fruit. He settled down three hundred thousand Tamil IDPs that was made to suffer by the terrorists that was the most reprehensible destructive element that ever existed in Sri Lanka’s long history.

Because of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, to day in Sri Lanka a new Nation has emerged and the communities begin to understand and trust in each other as it had been never before.

This despite the most damaging unpatriotic political parties such as the JVP, TNA and the UNP that had not for a moment allowed the people in Sri Lanka to enjoy the hard earned freedom to move about freely in a country that was going through a « night mare » under ruthless terrorism for thirty long years, uncertain of their day to day existence.

The Government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, brought in most progressive development projects and social welfare facilities. But because of the selfish destructive political policies of JVP, TNA and the UNP the people are unable to understand the value of those progress projects started by the government and benefit from them.

The Pension Scheme for the private sector is a very progressive and modern project for the people working in the private sector who are subject to be sacked, dismissed or services terminated even without notice , and without any consideration of their future, putting them into a perilous position. In foreign countries this type of employment security with health care is provided by a « security service scheme ». This employment security for private sector workers through a pensions scheme, was never proposed by any previous government.

It is very unfortunate that the workers had been mislead by the JVP, UNP and TNA for them to reject the project and come out in rough manifestation that unfortunately caused the death of a worker. It is not the Government or the Police that should be held responsible for this unfortunate tragedy but the political parties that mislead the workers-the JVP, UNP and the TNA.

The other recent very progressive means to stop the continued ragging of University student making the entry into the Universities a fearsome and a trying issue had been solved very wisely by the leadership training program. That too is being criticized by the JVP who had their « mafia » groups in the Universities making the life of University students miserable.

The people of Sri Lanka is not given the opportunity to evaluate on their own the value of the progressive projects started by the government, with the selfish politicians of JVP, UNP and the TNA who afraid of the popularity of the government come forward to criticize every progressive moves of the government.

The people are confused and take to drastic action mislead by these selfish politicians who are looking forward to make the government unpopular with every means possible, looking forward to win over the people on to their side to over throw the government and come to power themselves.

Therefore, it is advisable that the Government stop introducing further projects for some time and concentrate on the ongoing projects, and pay greater attention to build the unity of the Communities. The government should start awareness campaign on the progressive projects it has implemented and educate people on further moves possible for social welfare and security.

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