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Having finished with armed terrorism , Sri Lanka is faced with another sort of “terrorism” of the JVP

Vijitha Herath of  the JVP -now bursting apart because of the craving of  its Leadership trying to ride on the  shoulders of a mislead youth to political power, continues to think that its path to political leadership in the country lies in continued bashing of the Rajapakse Government.

Vijitha Herath’s article to Daily Mirror on 15.10.2011 on  Duplicitous government «  is inappropriate both as coming from a political party now breaking apart and also in view of the present  Internationa political developments.

It is because of the  disunity of the political parties in Sri Lanka that the International Community lead by the likes of  brain blocked, nose dripping Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper crying loud about an accountability by Sri Lanka over violation of human rights, to distract the world from the NATO initiated killing spree in Libya without any respect for human right issues.

TNA has become a party overtly working against the unity of the Communities.  They are more a group of anti Sri Lanka Tamils working  with TamilNadu, India , and USA to divide the country like their masters the late terrorists had been trying to do for last thirty years.  In that context it is dangerous  that TNA are working against the Prevention of Terrorism Act.  What are their intentions ?  TNA , it is said was snubbed by the Russian Embassy  when they wanted to bring up their grouse before the Ambassador !

JVP knows that during the whole of the thirty years of terrorism in Sri Lanka the International Community never stepped into help Sri Lanka to free itself of terrorism. But cultivated a close relationship with the terrorists as the  Sri Lanka terrorists  did not pose a  threat to the countries of the International Community.

The JVP if really a Marxist party of the people should have supported the government after elimination of the terrorisms to reconcile and unify the communities instead of waging a  political opposition worse than the terrorists.  The JVP is  counteracting in the  progressive  development projects of the government and not working in the interest of the country.  It is evident that the JVP is seeking their own consolidation of political  power for selfish motives.  They are not being patriotic and working for the peace and progress of the country.

No Marxist Party in the world had  come into power through a Parliamentary elections.  If they have to seek some type of political power in the country  they have to work with a popular socialist party.  A Marxist rebellion will not be successful in Sri Lanka. In Cuba Castro did not go against the people .

JVP is not a people friendly political party, but  a virulent, aggressive and arrogant group of idealists.  They seek political power on the one hand  by misleading the youth drawing them away from their  religious and cultural ties to wards an unpatriotic aggressive politics of a pseudo Marxist JVP and on the other hand by enticing the workers to strike  holding the carrot of  “salary hike”  before them.  But the youth as they grow up and become open to reality of the negative aspect of JVP will abandon the party, and  so will the workers when they realize there is more in being a patriot than working for a salary hikes.

Today JVP is seeing another major breakup because of  misconception of  political  leadership of the JVP . Vijitha Herath, Tilvin Silva, Somawanasa Amarasingh, Anura Dissanayake and Lal Kantha have done  lot of damage to a  party which had a potential political future.

Vijitha Herath says,  « The Rajapaksa government again acts as if it has both ends on fire. On the one hand claiming that the international community is pressuring Sri Lanka unduly and on the other hand complying with the pressure and releasing reports to international organizations. »

Vijitha Herath is ignorant of the present Western political trend, and hence does not understand the dilemma into which  the Rajapakse Government has been put. The Rajapakse Government is trying to save the country being decapitated  by an irresponsible , unconcerned International Community  which has lost its democratic political vision taking a destructive path of destabilising developing countries drawing them into the Western hegemony. 

The West has the NATO power with Stephen Harper’s Canada, Camerons’s UK, Sarkozy’s France and Hillary Clinton’s USA providing the arms and ammunition to destroy developing countries subjugating them setting up puppet governments of their choice, in the modern Colonization project of the developing countries undertaken  by the International Community.

In that situation the Rajapakse Government has to act cautiously taking a middle path without  acting in haste which may be self destructive.  In this situation the part that is being played by TNA is extremely dangerous for the Country apart from whose Government is in power in Sri Lanka.

This is a National Issue and JVP and UNP have to stop their wanton criticism of the government and rally round to show that the Country is united against any international intervention.  TNA are not patriotic Sri Lankan’s despite  their having won the Provincial Council in the local government elections.  They won because the Tamils cannot think beyond their being Tamils.  All that counts for them is their Tamilness.

Vijitha Herath of the JVP states:
“ Local media reported that the President’s Special Human Rights Envoy Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe had successfully nullified all accusations that had come up at the end of the sessions.
However, the true story is being revealed now. The government has now hastily prepared a diplomatic report to display its obedience to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The government, through this report, has attempted to show its dedication for the rights of the displaced, prevention of torture, civil, political and workers' rights, the rights of women and children. ….”

There is nothing wrong in trying to pacify the Frankenstein monsters being unleashed by the  West, until the country is developed at least up to a reasonable extent, before the  Government is free to defend its integrity and fight “still unknown” forces that may yet be unleashed against Sri Lanka by the International Community backed by the Pro-terrorist Sri Lanka Tamil expatriates,  themselves a separatists  Tamil Community without any patriotic attachment to Sri Lanka.

This JVP ignoramus  Vijitha Herath plays into the hands of the foreign enemies of Sri Lanka in his pretentions statement , “Despite attempting to hide matters by bringing in several sectors, it is no secret that the main issues are questions about the displaced and the suppression of democracy in the country.
Even though two years have passed since the end of the war, the government has not been able to solve the issue of the displaced people successfully nor has it been able to properly establish democracy in the country.
This has degraded the Rajapaksa government before the international community. »

During the two years after the elimination of terrorism this Government has done yeoman service to bring Sri Lanka from being a developing country to a  economically developped country.  This is despite the 30 years of a ruthless terrorism and never ending non-cooperating  aggressive West out to destroy  Sri Lanka  with a regime change  accusing it for war crimes as they  have been doing incessantly during the past  years in so many other developing  countries. 

This for no other reason than to appease the Pro terrorists Sri Lanka Tamil Expatriate Community in these respective countries who have become a politically important vote bank.
The Government cannot solves all problems that had accumulated for the last 30 years all at once.  One has to move slowly taking local and International  moves into account.  It is easy to be arm chair critics, but Governing a Country is not as easy.

Hillary Clinton the USA Secretary of State has caused the unpopularity of the President Barrack Obama with her short sited foreign policies.  She is being lead by her nose by Robert O Blake a Sri Lanka Terrorist sympathizer to  discuss political matters of Sri Lanka once with Jayalalithata of TamilNadu and now  with  the terrorist proxi-TNA to review  Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

It may be that the TNA  is seeking the withdrawal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act on the advice of the International Community so that manifestations like Hunger Strikes in Vavuniya, and such other manifestations led by the TNA could  be  used for an International  Libya style Intervention with the NATO force in Sri Lanka.

The JVP instead of taking note of the situation  and adopting a protective stand along with the government is indirectly assisting the TNA’s vicious separatist intention  and  may be assisting a foreign intervention in Sri Lanka.

Vijitha Herath  makes a short sited shoddy statement : 
« The government has to bow down to such degradations and disparaging statements as a result of its undiplomatic conduct. The government appears to have had no vision regarding the post-war environment as well as of other sectors. The government did not take much interest in the resettlement of the displaced people in the North and the East. Furthermore they took no account of the issues faced by those whose loved ones had gone missing or their lands dispossessed. Instead, the government is more interested in using the war victory to win sporadically held elections.  »

JVP  under Somawansa  Amarasinghe, Tilvin Silva ,Vijitha Herath, Anura Dissanayaka and Lal Kantha  has done more damage to Sri Lanka than the Terrorists .  The terrorists were a force that could have been fought with arms, but the JVP led manifestations and assistance to foreign enemies by its constant unsubstantiated criticism of the Government  are also a different type of “terrorism” . This “terrorism” of JVP is against their own  country trying with difficulty to climb out of the 30 years of destruction to develop and establish peace and unity.

This “terrorism” of JVP cannot be subdued by arms, but it could be “eliminated” only with the intelligent understanding of  its leaders,  the  damage they are knowingly or unknowingly doing to the country and its people, in not taking a supportive move towards the Government.

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