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Is fighting against Terrorism a violation of human rights ?

Terrorism is against  peace and human existence.   In  ancient history they speak of the  hordes of Genghis Khan spreading terror among the people, so were the Crusades,   the Catholic Inquisitions were inhuman massacres of humans and destruction of cultures , the Islamic conquest of India was a carnage, to mention a few.   They burnt cities , massacred people and destroyed places of worship and study.  These ancient marauders of human civilization valued more the treasures than human life. They were different in that some conquered  countries  , others  terrorized people for  treasure and valuables, yet others spread their religion destroying those of others.

To-day  it is for political power, and still in the name of a God,  more for  political  power or  world leadership with the least concern for human life

When you hear people like Hillary Clinton say to-day that all terrorism is not the same  and that there are different types of terrorism one really does not understand whether she is of this planet  or another . 

We are not at the beginning of the civilization. But the civilizations of the world had been destroyed in different ways  by other  civilizations, some barbaric and others semi barbaric. But what all of them did  was basically the same,  though the means were different.

To-day terrorism has  become the most  destructive form of  political  “agitation” within a country, or introduced from outside into a country.  One country’s terrorists may not be another country’s terrorists, but that would not make the terrorists of the other country good terrorists for those countries that are not affected by their terrorism.   

If that were to be the norm then no one will be able to eliminate terrorism.  In defying that principle by countries not affected by the terrorists elsewhere, as is being done  by Hillary Clinton  the US Secretary of State ,  UK, France, Canada and Germany the question of Human Rights  of which the West makes a big issue, becomes meaningless rhetoric.  

The terrorists of other countries  kill, maim, and massacre, men, women and children,  if the West were to tolerate those terrorists as they do not directly affect them, West becomes a party to the crimes  committed by  those terrorists .

All terrorists  depend on  the element of terror to achieve their object. The terrorists cannot be typified as terrorists of the North or South, East or West, the terrorists are terrorists.  Therefore there has to be a consensus  about who are terrorists and who are not terrorists.

The Oxford Dictionary defines terrorism as: “the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims:”  Hence the West has to invent a new definition for terrorism if it  accept “ unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims” in a country as “rebels”.  The West cannot accuse a government as violating human rights if it gets its Armed Forces to quell an “ armed rebellion” by the use of arms.

The  West with its “infamous” NATO Force avoids the confusion by treating those terrorists who do not directly threaten their countries as “ rebels “. Those  the West  calls “rebels” are in reality terrorists,  who have taken arms against the government in power. It helps the West to treat them as “rebels” as it would help them  for not only  to change governments, but also to  strengthen its leadership in the world having  these countries as satellite states with puppet governments with their allegiance to the West. 

It also helps the West to benefit by exploiting the riches of these country such as petrol as in the case of Libya,  and use the country’s strategic position to dominate over other  rival nations for the domination of the world, as in the case of Sri Lanka

United States  has unfortunately miserably deceived us with the sense of  justice and fair play  we expected after the election of the President Barrack Obama.  USA is the greatest deception in the world’s hope of elimination of terrorism.  The President Barrack Obama on the other hand contributed to defending terrorists in other countries while seeking to fight terrorists capable of  attacking USA and its Allies.  This is the result of Obama Administration depending on officials like Robert Blake the Junior State Secretary and Hillary Clinton who allows herself to be dragged by the nose by Robert Blake.

It is a shameless revelation that USA interferes into internal affairs of Sovereign states at the fall of a leaf.  It has been reported that the USA State Department is  seeking to punish governments which  censure websites  which carryon destructive destabilising  publicity against the Government .   

Here is the beginning by USA to bring in Western influence even in the internal Administrative affairs of a Sovereign State.  The UNO should intervene to stop the  Western countries undue interference into the affairs of Sovereign States, by  more effective authority.

USA has announced that it will withhold payment of  its contribution to the budget of the UNESCO for  it accepting Palestine as a Member State.

The decision taken by the UNESCO to accept Palestine as a member is not only a courageous decision in the Climate that prevails, but also a very wise means to bring “warring “ factions together into one forum. It is seen that USA in this instance as well takes  a wrong decision to impose its will.

In the meantime,  it has been reported that David Cameron the Prime Minister of UK  of all people urged Sri Lanka to make progress on human rights before hosting the next Common Wealth leaders meeting in 2013.

Neither the Prime Minister of UK  David Cameron nor the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper have the right to impose rules on Sri Lanka as to what it should do or not do, as these two Prime Ministers have their hands smeared with blood of violation of human rights and  crimes against the people of Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq on their hands.

Their intervention into affairs of Sri Lanka is an interference with the reconciliation process that is in progress.  Hillary Clinton the US Secretary of State in calling to have discussions with a terrorist proxi-political Party TNA  is hindering the communal unification of Sri Lanka after a thirty years of suffering under terrorism. 
The TNA is a political party, that had been organized and financed by the LTTE Terrorists.  It is a party that is being tolerated, as a poor uninformed Tamil people of the North  have voted  for them for sentimental reasons and not because they are representative of those people.

Hillary Clinton the US State Secretary in inviting them for discussions are  giving this proxi-terrorist political party TNA an uncalled for respectability under their blind and foolish  policy of recognizing terrorists of other countries who are not a  direct threat to West as “rebels”.  This is again the work of Robert Blake whose sympathies with the terrorists of Sri Lanka are well known.

Violation of human rights has made  an excuse for the Western powers to interfere into other Sovereign States, leaving themselves outside it despite they being the worse violators of  human rights.

This anomalous situation has to be rectified,   to allow the Sovereign  States of the  third world countries to progress and come out of their status of underdevelopment.  The developing countries should be allowed to settle their political, economic and social problems without the interference of the Western Countries who seek to work according to their own agenda without concern for the developing Nations of the world.

To stop this aberration of the International Law, the Members states of the  UNO, who are from East Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa should form into a political block to stop the Western countries from interfering into their countries. 

So that any rebellious elements inside a Sovereign State will  settle their disputes in dialogue within the country,  or through appeal to the UNO and not to a Western country or countries in particular. 

There should also be a mechanism within UNO to stop military intervention of any Nature by a Western Country or Countries in any Sovereign State among the developing Nations.

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