Friday, 31 August 2012

Dewasiri , Amala and Sobhitha Theros and Professors want the pound of flesh, without consideration to Students and their Parents .

The Strikers carry placards “ Stop Politicization of Universities”, but they do not seem to realize that it is they who have made their strike  a political platform for local politicians like  Maduluwawe Sobhita thera,  Dhambare Amala thera,  the  JVP and a host of other politicians from the UNP. 

The foreign media that had been silent for a while from bashing Sri Lanka Government  has come out with enthusiasm. The Economist writes, “ Sri Lanka’s universities Shuttered:Lecturers go on strike, and the government has a drastic response, ”  in the wake of the decision of the Striking University Professors to continue the strike despite the governments decision to accommodate their demands.

The main  concern of FUTA is their salary increase, and every one knows that  the  demand for the 6  % of GDP for education is  just to mislead the public.  There was commentator in another website defending the Professors saying that they are not after a salary increase, and he says he is not a professor in a university in Sri Lanka but abroad.  That means he too had left Sri Lanka  for economic gain. They are all in the same boat.

What is surprising is that the Senior professors are still following Dewasiri’s personal strike against the Government, despite the fact that it has become obvious that the Strike is no more a purely a Trade Union action but a political manoeuvre to destabilize the government in its development projects.

Have these striking professors given a thought to the Students , who loose their precious time doing nothing instead of studying and the parents bearing the brunt of financial constrains caused to them by the unfair and unreasonable Strike of the FUTA. FUTA’s demands are unreasonable and unfair as they are already well paid, where as there are workers in other sectors who are not well compensated for the work they contribute to the development of Sri Lanka.  FUTA is only making the issue political perhaps because  they are paid for it by an outside political force.

FUTA never came out in defence of the country during the Geneva Human Rights Council sitting .  Nor did they defend our Armed Forces or the Officers of the Armed Forces when they were unduly accused for war crimes by the International Community.  They are merely looking after their own interest what ever becomes to the country. 

Have these professors who ask so much from the country, asked themselves how much they have given to the country other than lecturing to the students ,  which they do as a part of their “job” without sacrificing any thing for the sake of the students or the development of  the quality of the University Education in Sri Lanka.

During nearly two months of FUTA strike the University Students  have lost their precious time of study and their young lives have been wasted.  Their parents have gone through mental suffering and financial loss. If the striking professors claim their salaries for the period of their strike, FUTA should  appropriately compensate the Students and their parents for difficulties they had been put into and the financial loss they had suffered.

The robed defenders of the Strike do not understand the difficulties of parents or the sacrifices  the children had been forced to make because of the Striking Professors they have come forward to defend. As religious leaders they have a right to come to take the defence of the Students and their parents and not the striking members of FUTA who are disrupting social and economic development of Sri Lanka.

Dhambara Amala Thero who says that the cabinet decision with regard to the Universities is a fraud is no better than TamilNadu Karunanidhi, the TNA separatists and the terrorists rump.  They are after their own well being and should be shunned by the Sinhala Buddhists.  

The Buddhist monks  are there to pacify people and settle conflicts in dialogue .  When the Buddha had to settle a dispute between two clans  about sharing water of a river he did not take sides or fuel the confusion with irrelevancies, but settled differences peacefully.

These are political renegade Monks turning their back to the great teachings of the Buddha to create disturbance in a country which has just come out of a terrorist war   where a government with great difficulty is trying to solve the more important problems in the face of an antagonist international community which is determined to bar the progress of the motherland.

It is time that some drastic action is taken against them by the Maha Nayaka Theros.  They are not valuable elements to the Buddha Sasana,  or the development of our country which has today emerged as a Middle Income Nation with a 8% economic growth.

These Monks are using FUTA along with JVP to bar the progress Sri Lanka has so far made in its development projects.  Neither the FUTA nor these blind monks have contributed an iota of service for what the country is to-day.

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