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Why have we got to inform every thing we do to India ?

Buddhist Monks Protesting against the 13 Amendment
 The Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse has rightly said , “Sri Lanka should not listen to India with regard to the implementation of the 13th Amendment as the national problem was inherently one that should be solved by Sri Lankans.” And added, “We should not listen to India on this; this doesn’t meant that we lose the relationship we have with India. But if there is a problem it should only be solved by Sri Lankans and not India,”

Perhaps as the big neighbour next door we should tell India what we are doing .  But India is not a friendly neighbour though we try to make it look like it is our best friend.  It was India’s manipulation into our internal affairs that has  allowed it to leave us with a sword of the Damocles. The time has come for us to remove it before it would fall on our heads.

How can we make India wise to look after it own business, when it is shivering with fear not wanting to invoke the wrath of a foolish woman  Jayalalitha of  Tamil Nadu.  The great India is dancing to the tune of  a politically inept Jayalalitha despite its claim to leadership in Asia.

In the meantime we have our own foolish politicians who vow to take revenge from Sri Lanka if the 13Amenment is removed.  

 How can one understand  Vasudeva Nanyakkara’s determination even to leave the Government if the 13 Amendment is removed ?  The only reasonable explanation is that he wants to please his son-in-law who is apparently a Tamil-the Judge Wigneswaran’s son. 

That  is the explanation that could be drawn from his subsequent  statement:
“We have taken an oath to accept the Constitution and although there may be diverse views regarding the 13th Amendment we have to accept it. It is the democratic right of the people to hold such views as the complete repealing of the 13th amendment or curtailing of its powers”

He is sitting between two chairs, not wanting to sit lest he would fall.  Vasudeva, or  Rajitha Senaratne  leaving the Government would be no great loss provided the government is able to  remove the  unwanted mole sticking out from the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

However, a wise advice to the government comes from an unlikely person , from an unlikely party.   
Ravi Karunanayake from the UNP had said:
 “If, the government is really committed as it says to diluting or scrapping devolution, do it now without looking for scapegoats and adopting time wasting exercises such as Parliamentary Select Committees. The ethnic conflict has been discussed for decades and all the issues and solutions have been identified. “

And how true is what Ravi Karunanayake says without mincing words: “The only thing left to do is implementation which is not forthcoming obviously due to the lack of guts in matching words with action.’’

When can we expect the Government to develop its guts strong enough to do what is necessary, when its pride in elimination of terrorism seems to be waning as time passes by. 

In the meantime the Government sends an emissary to India-Basil Rajapakse to meet Salman Kurshid the External Affairs Minister of India , and its National Security Advisor Shivasankar Menon, to  " ….brief them on the political situation including matters relating to the proposed amendments to the thirteenth amendment." 

Basil Rajapakse is unfortunately not meeting the correct people in India , he should have met Jayalalith instead as she is to-day the most politically important person in India, Manmohan Singh playing second fiddle to her.

Who have become the most vociferous people in Sri Lanka ro-day ? 

It is the MPs of the LTTE proxi Party TNA.  TNA MP Premachandran says, “The aim of the PSC is to dilute the powers of the 13A. We can't agree to that. We want 13 plus ”.   Sampathan the leader of the TNA has said, “….the attempt by the Government to weaken the 13th Amendment comes despite its continued commitment to India and the UN to implement the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in full, and go beyond and build upon it so as to achieve meaningful devolution.”

Sampanthan has added, that, “……. in the absence of any Opposition member of Parliament, this PSC will be nothing but a sub-committee of the Government Parliamentary Group and not a Parliamentary Select Committee and will have no credibility whatsoever,”

In that case only thing Sampanthan has to do  to make the PSC credible is to join it.  If he does not accept to participate in the PSC deliberations which is the most democratic thing to do, then he has to accept the decisions of the PSC taken in their absence.

In the mean time Rauf Hakeem who had been trusted  by the government to make him the Minister of Justice of Sri Lanka had said, “ The PSC must be put in the dust bin. There will be no main opposition, no TNA, no SLMC",  showing that he is the most unfit person to be a trusted Minster of Justice of Sri Lanka.   

As the Minister of Justice he should understand that PSC is a democratic Parliamentary procedure in keeping with the Constitution and it is the “duty” of every parliamentarian to respect it and join its deliberations, and more so Rauf Hakeem the Minister of Justice.

Sarath Fonseka whose party is to contest the three PC elections has said, “… amending the 13th Amendment to the Constitution at this juncture would disrupt the ethnic harmony in the country.”

It is not a correct evaluation of the 13Amendment. The  removal of the 13 Amendment  and  drawing  up a more representative system of regional administration will give a voice to ordinary Tamil People, who are now dominated by the high caste Tamil politicians who work for the separation of the Tamil people from the rest of the Communities. 

The 13 Amendment left as it is will give power not to the local Tamil people at the grass root level but to those English speaking Vellalas from the diaspora and proxi terrorist TNA MPs.

Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to go to the people and remove the 13Amendment by a referendum, instead of loosing  further time removing  clauses from here and there to water down the effect of the 13 Amendment. 

It is not a watered down 13 Amendment that is necessary for Sri Lanka but the complete removal of it.

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