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Navi Pillai suffering from a sadistic personality disorder * is attempting to convert UN Human Rights Council to a Secret Society like the Ku Klux Klan to lynch Sri Lanka.

Making UNO a Secret Society to lynch member states
The UN System is an organisation for a collective Member States.  Its actions should therefore be open and transparent as Member States are partners of its activities.  There cannot be hidden and secretive functions assigned to commissions appointed by the UN, its agencies, or organisations. All funds spent on activities undertaken by it are accountable and should be made available for public scrutiny. The UN at the instance of USA prepared   a  UN Transparency and accountability Initiative the purpose of which is described as follows:

The purpose of UNTAI is to improve organizational performance by increasing the transparency and accuracy of information flow; enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness; bolstering oversight and ethics systems; and strengthening financial management and governance. UNTAI is also a practical effort to establish within the UN Funds and Programs and more broadly throughout the UN system a high standard of transparency and accountability to ensure that the billions in international aid contributions are delivered efficiently and effectively to the world's neediest peoples.”

This covers all of UN activities where funds are utilised  for project planning, administration and management.   Hence UNHRCouncil being an organ of the UN, is also bound by the necessity of transparency of all its actions.  It cannot hide behind imagined dangers to  the participants of its projects or  investigations.  If such transparency is absent the activities are suspect, and not legally acceptable, as there is  doubt as to the honesty, justice and fair play in  the  planned investigations,  or other activities concerning a Member State or Member States.  

In 2011 UN stepped outside this openness and  transparency of its actions, when the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon appointed a panel chaired by Darusman to investigate whether  Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces  had committed violation of human rights and war crimes in the course of the elimination of terrorism. 
The investigation by the panel shrouded in mystery hatched a damning report against Sri Lanka with complete absence of transparency.  The member states were not allowed to know who gave evidence, and whether they were eye witness accounts, and evidence beyond reasonable doubt.  The witnesses were not allowed to be cross examined  and  their names were not given, and even more suspiciously their names have been  requested to be  kept secret for 20 years. 

How could any one trust the honesty of the investigators, and the truth of the findings of the  panel, when  its investigation had been carried out in secrecy ?  The excuse the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon gave was that the report of the panel is not an official document of the UN but a report for Secretary General’s personal information.

In 2014 three years after that infamous  report of the Darusman panel, Navi Pillai in her capacity of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  repeats exactly what Ban Ki Moon did  in 2011, going  a little further appointing  a team of twelve for an International probe into Sri Lanka war against terrorism and to investigate war crimes the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had carried out in the course of the elimination of terrorism, refusing even to divulge the names of the members of the team of twelve appointed for the probe and on condition that the names of witnesses would not be made public for 20 years.

Navi Pillai as the UN Commissioner converted the UN Human Rights Council to a secret society like the Ku Klux Klan, the Catholic Inquisition or like the FBI calling for Secret Service Operatives to conduct investigations.  It is a dangerous turning point of UN activities  which are not for the welfare of the Member States but to accuse the Member States for irregularities or worse still crimes, in complete secrecy. UN as it turns out to be lacks only a hangman , scaffolding and a hangman’s noose.  UN was in fact completely powerless when Sadam Husain was hanged, and Colonel Gaddafi was tortured and killed.

Navi Pillai grew as a Black Tamil  without any rights as a human being under the apartheid government of South Africa where the laws enforced by the Apartheid government which  completely disregarded human rights  by denying non-whites a good education, rights to vote and the right to own land.  Though she managed to wriggle through difficulties to find an education through the collective effort of her community, many blacks remained “primitive”. Navi Pillai had never been able to clear her mind of the terrible suffering she went through in South Africa under an apartheid regime.

This is one and only reason why Navi Pillai a Tamil from South Africa is determined to take revenge from the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces for eliminating the Tamil terrorists. She cannot help comparing the Government of Sri Lanka  where the majority is Sinhala  to her apartheid white South Africa, and the Tamils in Sri Lanka to her Tamil Community in South Africa. She therefore adopted the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists as her distant family seeking freedom from the apartheid Regime of Sri Lanka.

This was a reason why Navi Pillai with her biased mind should never have been appointed as the UN Commissioner of Human Rights.

The International Probe Navi Pillai has commissioned  to investigate into Sri Lanka is her personal  effort to do justice to the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists- her heroic freedom fighters  who were seeking emancipation from the  Sri Lanka government which for her  is not different from the apartheid South African regime under which she grew up.  She must be taking immense pleasure in the dilemma into which the Government of Sri Lanka has been put into with the appointment of an unnamed  team for a probe without the right for  the Government as the  accused party to cross examine the witnesses.

This is a symptom of a person suffering from  a sadistic personality disorder *.  It is defined as follows: “The Sadistic Personality disorder is characterized by a pattern of gratuitous cruelty, aggression, and demeaning behaviors which indicate the existence of deep-seated contempt for other people and an utter lack of empathy. Some sadists are "utilitarian": they leverage their explosive violence to establish a position of unchallenged dominance within a relationship. Unlike psychopaths, they rarely use physical force in the commission of crimes. Rather, their aggressiveness is embedded in an interpersonal context and is expressed in social settings, such as the family or the workplace.”

Isn’t UN going too far with its secretive investigations ?  For all we know it could be an exercise in creative fiction writing with the end object of  accusing Member States for  imagined or false crimes.  Can any Member State with the least respect it commands from its people,  accept such an investigation as legal and well founded ?

How can Navi Pillai the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, expect any respect from any UN Member State if her actions  are contrary to UN transparency and accountability Initiative, unless of course if such Member States are complicit to her questionable activities in the capacity of the UN Commissioner for Human Rights ?

Could USA who mooted this initiative for transparency and accountability accept Navi Pillai’s high handed International Probe into Sri Lanka ?  Who are the members of the Navi Pillai’s probe , how much are they paid  ? Where does the money for these payments come from ? These are relevant information that should be  made available to  all the Member States of the UN.  They have a right to know, unless UN is acting as a Secret Society with the consent of a few Member States.

If such information is not made known the Investigation has no legal right, and should be abandoned without vilifying Sri Lanka an honourable Member State of the UN, which suffered under terrorism  for thirty long years and finally eliminated it making a  great sacrifice of life and material, to bring peace and hope to its people.

However, it appears from constant accusations, blame and investigations against the Government of Sri Lanka ever since it eliminated terrorism from its soil,  that  elimination of terrorism itself was a violation of human rights…. only as far as it concerns Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces.

Another strange coincidence was that  Navi Pillai who was invited by the Government of Sri Lanka, went to the North of Sri Lanka and met the Tamil people of Sri Lanka  probably as she thought she has a kinship to Sri Lanka Tamils, but never showed any interest in meeting the people of the South, who also suffered from terrorism.  But as the UN High Commission for Human Rights it was her duty  to have met both communities before she comes to conclusions.  This shows her lack of objective investigation. It also makes it obvious that what ever report she was going to make had already been settled in her mind  even before she came to Sri Lanka (she decided to come to Sri Lanka long after she was  invited).

This makes it  all the more clear  in her response when the Government of Sri Lanka announced that it will not allow any International Investigators to enter the country to collect evidence.  Navi Pillai said , “ there is a wealth of information outside of Sri Lanka  which can be tapped into.”

She had added that "The credibility of the report will depend on it reflecting proper standards of corroboration of evidence, whether the team is allowed into the country or not.” 

But for the report of the probe  to be credible the investigations should be conducted openly, legally, and  with transparency, which is not the case with regard to this probe of Navi Pillai, where she has refused to even name the members of the team , not allowed the witnesses to be cross examined by the “ accused party to the investigation.”

The unnamed team may not be objective investigators.  They may have been  selected from amoung those who agree with Navi Pillai, and persons who are anti Sri Lanka government and sympathetic towards terrorists.
When Navi Pillai says that the team need not come to Sri Lanka as there is a wealth of information outside, it becomes apparent what the final report is going to be. Navi Pillai has perhaps already prepared the draft report and handed it over to the team members before she relinquishes her services as the UN High Commissioner for human Rights on the 31st of this month.

We should therefore appeal to the  delegates of the Member States who will be present at  the next Session of the Human Rights Council to see without prejudice the high handed, and  biased manner in which  Navi Pillai the UNHRC has acted against  Sri Lanka from the very beginning of her term of office.  The report that will be presented to the Sessions of the UNHRC is a preconceived report for which an unnamed unknown team had been appointed at her personal behest to give credit to her report which accuses the Sri Lanka Government and its armed forces for violation of Human Rights and war crimes.

The Delegates of the Member States to the next Session of the UNHRC in Geneva, should know that the report that will be presented to them has no legal value  and should therefore be rejected,  as it was prepared by a  team appointed by  Navi Pillai  abusing her power vested in her as the  UN High Commissioner of Human Rights,  to investigate war crimes of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces without identifying the members of her probe team by name, collecting  evidence from unknown  sources, without  giving the Sri Lanka government the legal right to cross examine the witnesses, and on the condition  that the names of the witnesses are to be kept secret for 20 years.

The appointment of an  unnamed , unknown team to collect evidence from unknown sources without allowing the names of the witnesses known before 20 years is a travesty of justice. 
Navi Pillai also says , “Hardly anyone, apart from the Syrian and Democratic People's Republic of Korea governments, are questioning the credibility of these two inquiries, so I don't see why it should be any different in the case of Sri Lanka.”

How can Navi Pillai draw parallel to Syria and North Korea to justify a probe by her unnamed team collecting evidence from unknown sources to investigate violation of human rights and war crimes by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for the elimination of a ruthless group of terrorists ? It is beyond comparison, she aught to be completely out of her mind to compare situations  which are poles apart.

Navi Pillay has also  said that, “  it was important to understand that the investigation was set up for the benefit of all Sri Lankans, as an avenue to achieve lasting peace and reconciliation.  It is in this context that the Human Rights Council-mandated investigation should be viewed, rather than being seen as a confrontation.”

Sri Lanka has finished with terrorism and is looking forward to unite the Communities and benefit from the long awaited peace and go forward to develop the country to make the people live in content and happiness.  But Navi Pillai with her biased mind cannot understand that these International Probes will be an obstacle for the reconciliation of Communities, opening old wounds to separate communities further away rather than unite them.

Navi Pillai has however named three advicers to her “unnamed” team as experts:  Nobel Laureate Martti Ahtisaari, international judge Dame Silvia Cartwright of New Zealand, and Ms Asma Jahangir, former President of Pakistan's Supreme Court Bar Association with  senior human rights official Ms. Sandra Beidas to  coordinate the team.

The unnamed  team members, as well as the above named experts may be financially well compensated from funds  collected from unnamed donors.  It will not be surprising if the pro –terrorist Tamil diaspora  has also contributed a large sum from their reserves of blood money collected  to assist the terrorism in Sri Lanka.
She was kicked out of Sudan
If these experts are aware of their value to the society, and honour their achievements in the respective fields,  should resign from the positions of experts assigned to them, as Navi Pillai has appointed them only to give some sort of credit to the report that will be prepared by her “unnamed”, “unknown” team to hand Sri Lanka.

But unfortunately these experts and coordinator Sandra Beidas selected by Navi Pillai have their own skeletons in their cupboards.


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