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Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is paranoiac

Chandrika Kuaratunga  besides being a former President of Sri Lanka, is a person representing a respected political family, but her random statements to the press has turned her into  a disreputable member of that family.
She is extremely paranoiac and her statements on political issues in Sri Lanka are irrelevant, lacking mature political analysis.  She is driven by anger, hatred, and jealousy .  Hence she cannot think clearly and evaluate correctly the present political evolutions. She is in a way no better than the politicians of the UNP and the JVP, who keep harping on President  Mahinda Rajapakse’s third term without awaiting a legal clarification  which is a better way of  challenging the President seeking a third time.
Sri Lanka has evolved from its aristocratic and colonial past, and progress as a modern Sovereign State with a civilised culture with a Buddhist background. Politicians should   therefore re-evaluate their own mental progress before making inapt remarks about its people, social set up, and new Sri Lankan democratic political deverlopments.

The Leader of UNP Ranil Wickramasighe has left Sri Lanka to attend the UK Conservative Party Conference. That is the political allegiance UNP has and if they ever come into power Sri Lanka will be a pawn in the hands of the Western power block, developing relation with the Tamil diaspora.  Those who criticise the President Mahinda Rajapakse should make a note as to where Sri Lanka will end with a UNP Government.
Chandrika Kumaratunga will not be a suitable President to lead Sri Lanka as it is today. But before Chandrika even think again of a political resurgence in Sri Lanka she has to cure herself of her psychological impediments.
Chandrika being a woman of the world  more often in the West than in Sri Lanka should  know by now that there are new labour values. Though in the West there is still a Class distinction, no employment is considered low or disrespectful.
But she makes derogatory remarks of our Soldiers who after eliminating the terrorists have turned to build their motherland to fit itself into the progress it is making into modernity.  Not only does she make derogatory remarks , but also makes out that our  heroic soldiers are a sort of a secret service.
In an interview to the “Aththa” newspaper Chandrika has expressed fears  that a military rule would be established in Sri Lanka.  The reason for her  assumption is that "… Today even the roads are being swept by the military.  Even the drains in front of my house are being cleaned by them. My greatest fear is whether they will commit a massive destruction by discarding their brooms for weapons at a crucial time when then public attempts to bring about a change.”
With her paranoia raising its head she creates a frightful mental image of  menace coming from Soldiers cleaning drains around her house, “..They keep a close eye on the happenings in our houses. Telephones and e mails are being monitored...  CID and State Intelligence Service personnel have been deployed at major hotels to keep tabs on who comes and goes, …Even if a friend visits my home, intelligence officers question them the following day. Not only me. Everyone who is thought to be a person disagreeing with those in power are faced with this situation. All these things visible today are signs of a military rule,"
What a small minded statement assuming her imagination to be a reflection of reality.  Chandrika today is an insignificant politician of yesterday. The government has nothing to fear from her.  But behind her imagination is the possibility of her being selected by the Opposition parties to be their common Presidential Candidate. 
Significantly in this respect she says, “ This is not a time to build fences based on party differences. All those who love the country should set aside their differences and join hands to salvage the country from the dark trench it has fallen into,”
On the 5 Ocober,2014  CeylonToday reported,
Kumaratunga had told Wickremesinghe that the time was opportune to scrap the executive presidential system and it was wise to move towards finding a common candidate acceptable to all political parties.
….. Wickremesinghe, on meeting the former President, had expressed his desire to contest the next presidential election and sought her support for his candidature.
 Dismissing Wickremesinghe's request, Kumaratunga had instructed the UNP leader to concentrate on the move to field a common candidate. After that, candidate wins and scraps the executive system, she pointed out, it would pave the way for Wickremesinghe to come to Parliament as Executive Prime Minister…….”
She had added that , “ This is not a time to build fences based on party differences. All those who love the country should set aside their differences and join hands to salvage the country from the dark trench it has fallen into,”
This is how Chandrika very cunningly manipulates opposition politicians putting herself in the place of a possible common candidate for the Presidential elections.
But that is besides the point,  when Chandrika spoke of of our valliant soldiers who have become peacetime Buddhist Soldiers building the countryside and healing the wounds, she certainly oversteps the bounds of decency of a former President.  These Soldiers were the sons and daughters of those Sinhala Buddhist countrymen who once voted her to be their President.  Therefore, what ever the government these Soldiers are serving they are still her people in service to rebuild  the  motherland, which is theirs as well as hers.
Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that has  re-employed its valiant soldiers who defeated terrorism to re build this country.  They have given up the guns, to take over  the brooms, mamoties, spades, and ploughs becoming a peace time Army .  They are our heroes now making dirty shanty towns of Colombo , Galle or Kandy beautiful cities, exchanging their military fatigues to civilian workers clothes.   How grateful we should be to them, never demeaning the work they do now, cleaning drains, building latrines, or planting flowers and becoming both external and internal decorators.  The value of their services are inestimable.
Chandrika should not be frightened of them, she should if  she is wise , generous , still with political ambitiouns should speak kindly to the Soldiers who clean her drains, and invite them to have a cup of tea with her. That should have been the reaction of a normal  former President to her people keeping her environment clean.

 In the meantime, the NCP Chief Minister C.V.Wigneshwaran, who also has no respect to the Soldiers who have made it possible for him to become a Chief Minister after his retirement as a judge, had said that he does not see the reason why he should cooperate with the Ministry of Defence  when funds allocated for  development of the North comes from donor countries, which should be directed to the NCP.
But Wigneswaran  seems to be learning the reality of working with a blood thirsty group of  TNA MPs who are hell bent in dividing Sri Lanka, walking over the authority of  CM. 
The Asian Tribune reported on the 3 October ,2014 that, “Asian Tribune learnt that Chief Minister Vigneswaran in the course of his emotional response has told that he was not happy to identify himself with the former Tamil armed group members and, that is why he used to be associated with the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi.
This statement of the Chief Minister brought in sharp criticism, condemnation, admonition and one MP participant recalled that when Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi proposed Vigneswaran as common candidate in the Northern Provincial Council election, Vigneswaran insisted that he should have the consensus of all the constituent parties of the TNA for him to be a common candidate.
Another participant reminded that during the election campaign Vigneswaran was heard glorifying the V. Prabhakaran, Leader of the LTTE as a great Tamil hero and how come now he says that he was not prepared to associate himself with the former leaders of Tamil armed group. The double-tongue of Vigneswaran was exposed at the meeting and chastised, it was said.”
The situation is worth watching.

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