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Why we should not vote for MAITRIPALA SIRISENA the Opposition Presidential Candidate ?

This is the Christmas Season. One cannot therefore while celebrating the birth of Jesus who was born  to liberate the people of their sins and bring happiness to the world, forget at the same time Judas Iscariot. Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve disciples of  Jesus. He was a trusted friend and the treasurer.  He betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.  But Judas did not want to take the place of Jesus. Judas regretted his act so much that he returned the thirty coins to the High Priest Cataphas and hanged himself.

But Maitripala Sirisena a Judas of to-day hopes unlike Judas Iscariot of yesterday to walk into the shoes of his leader President Mahinda Rajapakse he betrayed.

Maitripala Sirisena allowed himself to be manipulated by the Agents of the West masquerading as patriotic politicians of Sri Lanka to betray his leader and be their puppet. Maitripala Sirisena  having left the SLFP did not join the UNP but remains aloof without a political foot hold amoung  strangers who do not see eye to eye, he will be cast aside once the election is over, whether he wins it or looses it. 

Maitripala  Sirisena  joins a rudderless group of opposition politicians who have different political views. Ranil Wickramasinghe a man with a personal ambition to be the President of Sri Lanka, Chandrika Kumaratunga a woman burning with hatred,  with vengeance in her heart.  Sarath Fonseka who has a score  to settle with the President Rajapakse.  Rauf Hakeem a  man without any principle moving from one political party to another hoping to set up a Muslim State.  TNA the terrorist rump waiting for  a chance to breakaway to form a separate Tamil Eelam.  JHU  a party which has today lost its credibility  joins  hands as partners with political parties which it condemned for divisive ideologies.

Maitripala Sirisena is  far from being the leader of this motley crowd of  “ugly politicians”

Hence the voters should seriously consider who they should  vote  to be the next President of Sri Lanka.  They have to select  between the two Presidential  candidates, Maitripala Sirisena  who  is already lost in the crowd he has fallen amoung, with none to trust  in the  hastily collected motley crowd each with his or her  own personal political ambition, or President Mahinda Rajapakse leader of the SLFP, the leader of the UPFA, who had  been  twice the President of Sri Lanka, who eliminated terrorism and brought peace and security to his country and his people, and who has pledged to develop the country further,  remove corruption, and build a disciplined society.

If the voter would select Maitripala Sirisena there is bound to be political chaos.  Because the  mastermind behind  the motley crowd that form the Opposition with Maitripala Sirisena as their common Candidate is in the pay of  those who are actively engaged in regime change in developing countries.  The two of the opposition leaders behind  Maitripala Sirisena  namely Rani Wickramasinghe and  Chandrika Kumaratunga are agents of  USA and the West.   

Ranil Wickramasinghe the leader of the UNP is a member of  the Mont Pelerin Society.  It is “ a Society filled with certified state-interventionists,” (Ludwig von Mises) It has been credited as being one of the key groups  that succeeded in moving the world away from Socialism. (Wikipedia)

The other Chandrika Kumaratunga the former President of Sri Lanka  is known to be working with  extreme right wing Western International organisations.  She is described as “ a paid servant of the US Government that doles out  “ National Endowment for Democracy” (NED) funds to some of the extreme US right wing foundations” Interestingly NED does work that was formerly done covertly by the CIA. (Sarojini Dutt- “The first Evil Twin-CBK”- Saturday Daily News 27.12.14)

These two are  Maitripala Sirisena’s two principle “handlers” on whose advice he works.  Maitripala little knows that he is only a puppet moved by these two nefarious characters  according to the tunes of  their paymasters USA and the West.

Maitripala Sirisena has also Sampanthan and the whole of TNA’s anti Sinhala Tamil Forces and the Tamil Diaspora working for him.

Maitripala Sirisena also has the blessings and whole hearted support of  Rauf Hakeem and SLMC and other breakaway Muslims.

The voters should open their eyes wide  to see why they should not caste their precious  votes to invite disaster when every thing in Sri Lanka is now peaceful and development plans are in progress to make Sri Lanka  developed in every way possible to be in par with any of he foreign  Countries. It may be slow but the success is assured.  

Do we want to  destroy  all what has been done and face again an unknown future with Maitripala Sirirsena  who seems to be completely unaware of the disaster he has brought with his ambition to be the President of Sri Lanka, consenting to two most unpatriotic  Sinhala political leaders of Sri Lanka –Ranil Wickramasinghe and Chandrika Kumaratunga.

Champika Ranawaka and  Athureliye Ratana are mere drift wood, and they do not count in this miserable plan backed by USA and the West to change regime to bring in a pro western Puppet regime .

 It is still time for Champika Ranawaka to jump the boat  and leave the yellow robed Atureliye Ratana to sink with the rest.   Because what ever the plans being hatched by Ranil, Chandrika, Sampanthan, Hakeem and Ratana at the end of it all it depends on the voters. 

The Sinhala Buddhist votes if not the rest will be for the President Mahinda Rajapakse the  true patriot and the man with the right vision for Sri Lanka who certainly  stands to win.      

Rajiva Wijesinghe  a Foreign Minster hopeful under Maitripala Sirisena says that SLFP will rally round Maitripala Sirisena once he wins.  But he cannot expect  the large number of SLFP voters to  think like him- a pretentious  MP taken from the list  for the past services he rendered. He shamelessly sat along side a LTTE terrorist of the Global Tamil Forum in an Aljazeera Interview and pleaded  with the terrorist not to threaten to take Mahinda Rajapakse to Hague lest the idea itself  would give more votes  to the President Mahinda Rajapakse. 

The Presidential election  in Sri Lanka  we are witnessing today is not  between one candidate and another.  It is a regime change plan of the  USA and the West in full swing with a puppet placed against the President Mahinda Rajapakse .  Right along the terrorist war in Sri Lanka USA had been covertly assisting the terrorists  fighting its proxy war.

In the final days of terrorism President Barrack Obama had intervened.  John Kerry in his Report of 2009 had said, “Just days before the war ended , President Obama delivered a statement from the Rose Gardens urging Sri Lanka to seek a peace that is secure and lasting”.  Kerry admits that the defeat of terrorism in Sri Lanka  was a major foreign policy set back for the US in recent times, it affected not only Sri Lanka but the entire South Asian Region”.

“To dent  Rajapaksa’s popularity observers say that the US and their allies are pumping in millions of Dollars like into Ortega’s Nikaragua or Chavez’s Venezuela in a campaign of  buy overs and disinformation ; in those countries the subversive funds were pumped in through excessive news paper and television advertising, through evangelical  organisations, trusts, NGOs and the like ”. (Sarojini Dutt- The first Evil Twin-CBK Saturday Daily News 27.12.14)

Therefore, the Sri Lanka voters, be they Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim should take an individual decision without being blindly led by their anti Rajapaksa politician who are acting in their own personal interest.  They should if true to their own hearts vote for the President  Mahinda Rajapakse who has brought the greatest changes since 2005 to make the people happy, for them to live in security, in a beautified country with hopes for generation to come to live in happiness and prosperity.

What more changes can Maitripala Sirisena bring to already peaceful Sri Lanka other than a turn back to an unknown future with perhaps another proxy war organised by USA and its allies.

These are some of the reasons amoung others for the Sri Lankans NOT TO VOTE for MAITRIPALA SIRISENA. 

To reiterate:

i)                    a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote  to help USA and the West in their attempt for a regime  change in Sri Lanka,
ii)                  a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote for the Tamil National Alliance to set up a separate Tamil Eelam State in a merged North and East of Sri Lanka,
iii)                a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote for Rauf Hakeem and the Muslim Congress to set up a separate District for Muslims in the East of Sri Lanka,
iv)                a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote to  terminate extensive road constructions
                        by the Chinese and handing over the work to American Companies,
v)                  a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote to stop beautification of the towns of Sri Lanka,
vi)                a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote to privatise Hambantota Harbour, Mattala Air Port, and Norochchali Electricity Plant,
vii)              a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote to neglect extension of  science and technology to village Schools,
viii)            a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote to have none in the UN Security Council to defend Sri Lanka against Western aggression with the NATO forces
ix)                a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote for the pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora to intervene in Sri Lanka to re vitalise the former Terrorist Cadre,
x)                  a vote for Maitripala Sirisena is a vote to bring back the military forces from the North and the East,
xi)                to vote for Maitripala Sirisena is to make the Sinhala Buddhists prisoners in the south of Sri Lanka,

xii)              a vote for Sirisena is to deprive the fishermen of the south a large extent of fish rich seas around the north and east of Sri Lanka.

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