Friday, 30 January 2015

Chance made them 100 day Ministers sniffing dirt searching material to accuse the previous Government, please vote them out at next General Elections.

They  the 100 day Ministers would not have even dreamt they would be  Minsters this soon. If UNP had contested  the elections with Ranil Wickramasinghe as the leader  they would have surely lost again. This time it is through sheer good luck, and thanks to Maitripala Sirisena  they have become 100day Ministers  in a mostly UNP Government of 100 days. 

But what they are doing as “chance” Ministers is sniffing dirt to accuse the previous government for corruption, fraud, and irregularities committed by it. It is 20 days since good luck hit them but they have done nothing positive. They are still cleaning a dislocated drainage system.

The 20 day experience since 9th January,2015,  the people had with these Ministers has given them  an idea  as to what they could expect from them if they were to be  Ministers in a government after a General Election.  It would be a disaster from what we have seen  if we are to continue with this same men as Ministers again in a  government  after the general  election.  They are mostly from the UNP and UNP has no good record of  work to take  Sri Lanka forward towards progress. 

And if we examine  what contribution the UNP governments have made, since that of JR Jayawardhane in 1977  for the progress and development of Sri Lanka we will see that they have  contributed very little or nothing at all , but each UNP Government since 1977 ended up with disastrous consequences to the country. 

All  UNP governments were west oriented. JR was in fact called Yankee Dickie for his attachment to America.  But when JR was in dire need of a friend in 1983 after India turned against Sri Lanka   dropping dry ration to the terrorists sieged  in  Jaffna, America did not come to his help, resulting in his having to give into Indians and sign  the notorious Indo Lanka pact and  forced by India to introduce the 13th Amendment  into the Constitution of Sri Lanka. 

JR also carried out a witch hunt and took away the civic rights of the leader of the SLFP(  Is there  any difference in what the 100day UNP Ministers are trying to do to-day?  Shameless Isn’t it ?)

JR’s UNP government  was followed by the UNP Government of R.Premadasa in 1989. His period  saw the brutal killings and torture camps. According to a commission report  he was involved in the assassination of Lalith Athulathmudaly and also in the death of  Lt.General Denzil Kobbakaduwa. He was also known to have provided arms  and ammunition to terrorists to fight against the Indian Peace Keeping Force. Few development projects were completed  but  Sri Lanka did not see much progress under him.

Then came the UNP government  of Ranil Wickramasinghe, under President Chandrika Kumaratunga  .  Ranil Wickramasinghe ignored the presence of the President and took control of the government and led the country to near disaster signing a CFA with the terrorist Prabhakaran, giving an area to be kept under terrorist control.

That is how  this treacherous man Ranil Wickramasinghe started to play with our motherland.  He has no sense of patriotism, and unless the people are watchful, this is what Ranil Wickramasinghe is planning to do,  proposing to implement the 13 Amendment.  He has no right to do it being only a nominal Prime Minister  without any legal authority of a Prime Minister under the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

Ranil Wickramasinghe will even agree to allow the TNA to set up Eelam State as what he wants is to have Tamil votes  for his election at the next general election and if possible become the President after Maitripala Sirisena. May God Forbid !

President Chandrika Kumaratunga was an  immature politicians who messed up completely the situation with the terrorists even offering the north of Sri Lanka to Prabhakaran for a trial period of  ten years, which he refused as what he wanted, as the TNA wants today, is a separate Eelam State

That is what UNP had been to Sri Lanka.  Even today we do not see any difference with the UNP.  They are unable to bring about any substantial progress to Sri Lanka acting completely without a vision for the development of the country.  The only passion of the UNP Ministers of 100 days is raking  the past in search of material to sling mud at the former President , his government, his family and children. 

From what they are doing today  the people will judge  their quality as Ministers unable to contribute  any thing positive  for the development  of  Sri Lanka.  The  budget they have presented is a  mediocrity  for those who wants to satisfy their stomachs and taste buds without any creative  contributions for development.  Even the Budget has been  twisted to please the Tamils- see the consumer commodities the price of which have been reduced-dhal, kur kuma, coriander, ulundu dhal, mung eta. 

It is now that the people realize the mistake they made not to have voted  the former President back into power.  It was the President Mahinda Rajapakse who within the short time after elimination of terrorists  contributed to the vast development,  progress and prosperity of Sri Lanka more than all the UNP governments past, present or future, put together. 

This government of 100 day Prime Minister can only throw mud at the previous government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse, but will  never be able to even half  emulate it to equal the fantastic development  the former government under the President Mahinda Rajapakse was able to perform within just five years after the elimination of  terrorists who left the country in ruin.

UNP as all capitalist oriented governments cannot bring about progress to Sri Lanka.  All counties develop and progress under socialist form of governments be it Democrats in America, Labour in UK, Socialists in France and so on. 

The UNP Ministers  in their tweed suits and the British ties  are by their ignorant pretension to belong to a higher form of a political system are confined to a restricted view of development .

Their idea of  development and progress come from  the Western Books they have read and from  ideas gathered in  Western universities they may have been to, or what the Western politicians have put into their heads.

It is their restricted idea of democracy, their restricted idea of justice,  their  restricted idea  of development that  keep them within a restricted frame, beyond which they cannot see.  Hence they are devoid of  new ideas for development and progress.   They  are playing to please the West,  and only the West and the local crowd with high opinion of western values

The greatest folly of Sirisena’s government led by a Prime Minister pandering to the Western lobby,  was in  setting aside an impeachment to  reinstate the impeached Chief Justice Shriyani Bandaranayake.  

If there is an error in Justice it should be rectified only through an appeal to justice.   It is a  complete reversal of justice for the executive to interfere to rectify a judicial error. Why did they do it ?  to prove that former President was wrong and to vilify him. Is that Justice  ? is that Good Governance ?   Perhaps they will receive the accolade of the west, creating a shameless legal precedent. 

And the worst of it is, it is they who speak of justice ,that claim that the appointment of Mohan Pieris was illegal, and terminate his services without justice.

If  that appointment was illegal  there are correct ways and means to have terminated the services of the C.J.  It was completely incorrect to have given  into  a set of jack asses calling themselves  men of law bringing disrepute to BASL.  A Chief Justice  once appointed notwithstanding what a set of “foolish” lawyers with self interest say about the  manner  of his appointed, should be given the honour and esteem  of the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka

What is yahapalanaya in allowing a set of brutes from the BASL crying for the blood of Chief Justice Mohan Pieris ?  They should be ashamed to call themselves the men of law.  It is a complete negation of justice  for lawyers to  manifest within the sanctimonious precincts of the Court Complex against none other than the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka.

It is only a Prime Minister who is really lowly and  without  respect to  accepted cultural norms of Sri Lanka that would have acted as he did to remove the Chief Justice unceremoniously. It has to be emphasised that Ranil Wickramasinghe is not an accredited Prime Minister in terms of the Constitution of Sri Lanka

Every thing that is being done by this crude, uncultured, venomous  hastily collected 100 day Ministers led by a characterless Prime Minkister is to revile,vilify scandalise, insult and add accusation of wrong doing  against the former President Mahinda Rajapakse and his government.  It is pitifully impolite and lacking in goodsense.

Even the appointment of Ministers was to spite, injure and revile  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse.  Mangala Samaraweera is an enemy of the former President. Ravi Karunanayake  mocked the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, Lakshman Kiriella an adorer of the West, Rajita Senaratne a venomous man.

The 100 day Ministers of UNP, they  criticise , they condemn and they accuse the former President Mahinda Rajapakse , treating him as their opponent  their political rival.  But they do not take the time to understand the man, his philosophy and his fantastic political vision, which is worth emulating notwithstanding  on what side of the barrier he stands. 

Maithripala’s election manifesto is incomparabl to the Mahinda Chinthanya which is  a complete philosophical and a practical political means to modernise Sri Lanka taking it away from the  dependence on the West, its democracy, its legal system, its cultural influence, and  its political and Christian methodology .  It embraced every aspect of development and facet where attention is required for improvement in a country rising out of the ashes of terrorism with the Tamil Community embedded in a deeply racial separatist mind frame.

Mahinda Chintanaya was  to shatter the long existing  minority and a majority complex, to unite Communities  taking them away from  the narrow sense  of  Communal belonging, to build a multi cultural Nation out  of a country  once  poverty  stricken, enslaved by foreigners,  thrown into a foreign civilisation  strange to its culture, and religion and devastated by a ruthless terrorism.

The Present President or none among the venomous minded collection of  Ministers in  his government will ever be able to set down a document like Mahinda Chintanaya. These 100 day Ministers, not selected by the people but by a Prime Minister appointed  by a President  new to National leadership cannot even present pleasant faces when they appear in the television. 

Even the Members of the Supper  Committee Aruna Kumara Dissanayake, Champika Ranawake etc. and frequently appearing Rajita Senaratne , with their  hearts swollen with anger, hatred and ambition  refusing to summon on to their angry faces a smile which they seem to have lost since long time, are a bane to Sri Lanka’s  political system which for the last ten years was in the interest of the people  as a whole without any communal difference.

The Sinhala do not seek to be separated  but united with the other Communities.
The Sinhala are not racists but a magnanimous people.  Mahinda Rajapakse  was the epitome of that magnanimity.

It is the egoist short sighted opposition politicians of Sri Lanka with their selfish agendas , attempting to  hoodwink the poor people  with cheap food and minor mediocre interests, without considering more important issue that  was being mooted against Sri Lanka by the West that manipulated the t Mahinda Rajapakse forces to defeat him at the elections. 

The West  feared  MahindRajapakse-the most visionary foresighted leader taking Sri Lanka forward to wards development and progress with  out depending on the West, but forging new political relations  and developing the old with different countries in the worlds.

President Mahinda Rajapakse was interested in the development of Sri Lanka and uniting the people at whatever cost without  witch hunting or raking the past of his opponents to accuse them for their illegal transactions , their involvement in torture camps etc. Mahjinda Rajapakse  was a gentleman politician, unlike the new set in action.

The opposition politicians enlisted the TNA Tamils the most unpatriotic racists with their ambition for the establishment of a Tamil Eelam to get them to vote in favour of the Common Candidate and against Mahinda Rajapakse.

Ranil Wickramasinghe who cares less for  Sri Lanka’s unitary state  or  Communal unity has a penchant for the Tamils, as he knows  it is with the Tamil votes he may one day succeed in being the President of Sri Lanka..  He even signed the CFA with the Tamil terrorists against the Sinhala. 

Ranil Wickramasinge rejected by the people 29 times, given the opportunity   will not hesitate to give the TNA and the Tamils-a Tamil only Province for them to have their Tamil Eelam.

Some people have short memories , but at the next general elections  the majority of the Sinhala people( if not the Tamils and Muslims ), will remember who were the  patriotic politicians who worked  most to give them peace and protection  and delivered them from the ruthless terrorist to live without fear. Therefore to who they should vote.

Sinhala be advised not to seek the satisfaction of the stomach , but think  of greater things for our country and nation, and sacrifice the desire to satisfy the stomach in favour of a Greater Sri Lanka where the people are united non-racial willing to a one Nation of Sri Lankans . 

This time,  outvote the Tamils of the North  in order not to bring back the Ministers of the 100 day government and deafeat  Ranil Wickramasinghe at the general elections to stop him from dividing Sri Lanka

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