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President Maitripala Sirisena who contravened the Constitution of Sri Lanka thrice confiscated his right for honour and respect of the people.

Maitriplala Sirisena’s first act,  as the President was swearing in a Prime Minister overlooking the Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne already in place, which is  in breach of the  Constitution of Sri Lanka,  undemocratic and inconsistent with his office as the President elected by the people,  therefore  ultra vires .
It is not  whether Maitripala Sirisena honours his pre election agreements  with Ranil Wickramasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunge, Madoluwave Sobhita, JHU,TNA and SLMC, that counts when he is elected the President of Sri Lanka,  but whether he accepts to uphold the Constitution of Sri Lanka , honour it and respect it, and acknowledge his loyalty to the people at large which  is sine qua non, and above keeping his pre-election agreements which would in any way affect his office as the President of Sri Lanka and service to the people. 
With his swearing in as the President of Sri Lanka all personal  agreements he had entered into previously vis à vis his election as the President, become null and void. More so,  as the peoples’ vote to  elect him to that high office is with the condition that his  personal agreements do not  in any way affect his   loyalty and the service  to the people, and   in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka under which he was sworn in.
Ranil Wickramasinghe who he appointed  as the Prime Minister  in contravention of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, is an usurper of the rightful place of the Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne. Therefore  Ranil Wickramasinghe’s appointment as the Pfrime Minister is illegal,  Hence,  the Ministers appointed by the usurper Ranil Wickramasinghe  are holding those Ministerial positions illegally, therefore  ultra  vires.
These Ministers of the Illegal government of an usurper Prime Minster have  instead of performing Ministerial services to the people , are going  out side their duties as Ministers to accuse the previous government for bribery and corruption., and doing their best to accuse the former President and his close collaborators  for  imagined and baseless allegations with a view to take them to court and take away their civic rights or allow the international community to accuse them for war crimes.
They are breaking up families with the most cruel, arrogant  and unsavoury members of the JVP such as Anura Kumara Dissanayake, and Vijitha Herath, and of the JHU Champika Ranawaka and Nishantha Sri Wanasinghe   employed as President Maithripala Sirisena’s  crime investigators.
All these activities are illegal and the President allowing such actions to be carried out by this government which has no legal standing , is aiding and abetting grievous errors to be committed against people respect by the people of the country by false accusations, personal defamations on unsubstantiated  hearsay evidence., and character assassination which the worst of  crime as it is done to bring down a popular  political personality  from the  estimation of the people and make him unpopular.
The people of Sri Lanka on the 8th January, 2015 voted  to elect a President and not elect Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Prime Minister or have a  UNP government in place of the government of the UPFA which had a majority in the Parliament.  Above all, the people did not elect a new President to accuse the former for bribery and corruption, and all Crimes imagined possible to have been committed.
The President may visit India, China or USA and received with great  honour, but what is more important is that the President is honoured and respected in his own country and by his own people, which  however  is not  so evident. 
The 58 per cent of the Sinhala Buddhists are being neglected and the people of the country, except those Tamils in the North and the Muslims in the  East, did not expect a government under Ranil Wickramasinghe  which is vindictive, arrogant, and revengeful toward the former President Mahinda Rajapakse very much loved and respected by the majority of the Sinhala Buddhist  and perhaps by a handful of Tamils. 
The majority of the  people detest the racist Muslim Assad Sally  and the Tamils of the TNA.  The Sinhala Buddhists  dislike Chandrika Kumaratunga , Champika Ranawaka, Madoluwawe Sobita and Athureliye Ratana, and the JVP band of  investigators of corruption for Ranil’s pseudo government.
The people of Sri Lanka except the Tamils and Muslims when they voted to elect Maitripala Sirisena for a change did not expect to have along with Maithripala Sirisena a set of uncouth  vindictive pseudo Ministers making allegations against their beloved  President Mahinda Rajapakse who lost  by less than 4 lakhs of votes. 
On the 8 the January the people did not vote to elect Maitripala Sirisena to have a pseudo Prime Minister with pseudo Ministers  doing what the people do not want them to do.  They can do what they are doing now when they win an election and form a UNP Government ,and not now when there is already a UPFA government, and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and his pseudo Ministers  are  a Constitutional nonentity..
The Pseudo Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera  has taken the Centre stage and what he is doing is perhaps kept a secret even from the President Maitripala Sirisena. Mangala is a sworn enemy of  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse and every thing he does may be detrimental  to the wishes of the people, covertly aiming to eliminate  Mahinda Rajapakse from Sri Lankan political scene, making the stage clear for UNP to settle down permanently in power. 
Of course USA with its most unholy, undemocratic government in the World today, which will never help a developing country to progress  independently towards development and prosperity, has seen  with obvious satisfaction the regime change in Sri Lanka for which they  may have secretly contributed.
USA will therefore  accede to the demands made by the Yahapalanaya Government of Maitripala Sirisena through Mangala Samaraweera, with the ulterior motive of taking revenge from President Mahinda Rajapakse who did not bow his head to the USA and the West. 
The former USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton breaking diplomatic etiquettes visited the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha ( who was in jail for corrfuption), but never came to Sri Lanka. The terrorist friendly American Ambassador for Sri Lanka Robert O’Black may have discouraged such a visit to Sri Lanka.  Now the path is clear and the USA State Secretary John Kerry finds Sri Lanka more civilized with a west friendly puppet government  in place, and has therefore agreed to visit Sri Lanka.
In the meantime Ranil Wickramasinghe insults China delaying taking decisions on Chinese projects, re-examining, and  re-evaluating them.  Sri Lanka has already been accepted into the USA-West orbit.
Ravi Karunanayake -the Finance Minister’s much touted Yahapalanaya Budget did not give the expected relief for the people, and many commodities on which prices have been slashed are those utilised more by the Tamils. The price of rice is on the increase. The promised salary increases have not been received by the public servants and the private sector has been overlooked.
Ravi Karunanayake, who has forgotten his past Cooperative Wholesale  episodes is now more keen on  character assassination, defamation and making continuous false accusations against former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajappakse.  It was reported that,  “ ….Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said that former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa cannot be given equal treatment during CID interrogation because he is now an ordinary citizen and not a VIP anymore.Therefore, he was nonplussed to see the CID visiting Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's residence to question him,……”
What can you expect  from  this Christgian Tamil  Ravi Karunanayake who during the military offensive against the LTTE terrorists ridiculed the Sri Lanka Armed Forces ? 
He little knows that Gotabhaya Rajapakse will always remain a VIP in the hearts of the patriots of  Sri Lanka, while they will be hated for generations to come for what they are doing as just 100 day pseudo Ministers..

In the mean time it has been reported that , “…….the  Sri Lanka's Supreme Court taking up a fundamental rights petition filed against the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has issued notice on him to appear in court on March 31.

A three-judge bench comprising Chief Justice K Sripavan and Justices Priyasath Dep and Eva Wanasundera issued the order after having considered a fundamental rights petition filed by Duminda Nagamuwa, the candidate nominated by the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) for the January 8, 2015 presidential election…..”

This is how  the Maithripala Sirisena’s Yayapalana is now attempting to vilify, defame, and heap allegations against a much loved former President Mahinda Rajapakse. It is like a dog barking at the moon.

Is this what the voters expected of Maithripala Sirisena when they cast their votes to elect him as the President of Sri Lanka ? 

It may have been the intension of the Tamils and Muslims  who voted for him but there was a 58 percent Sinhala Buddhist voters  who did not vote for him and they vehemently oppose all attempts  at making false allegations, mudslinging and  character assassination of the former President Mahinda Rajapakse  who has not fallen from the respect, esteem and affection they have for him.
I have been told that many begin to say that they will not vote for the SLFP if they do not take  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse as their Prime Minister candidate.

All actions taken so far by the illegal government of Ranil Wickramasinghe, elected the Prime Minister in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka are illegal.  Therefore it is time the  President Maitripala Sirisena takes stock of the situation and demand his Prime Minister  to stop all actions that are being taken against the previous government and go ahead with some constructive work beneficial to the country and the people..

The President Maitripala Sirisena had contravened the Constitution of Sri Lanka in taking legislative powers into his own hand and re appointing an already impeached Chief Justice, and declaring the  appointment of Chief Justice Mohan Pieris null and void, and appointing  a new Chief Justice.

The President Maitripala Sirisena  following the instructions of Ranil Wickramasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Champika Ranawaka  has given into the TNA removing check points, allowing any one to enter into the North, giving 1000 acres of land around Palali Airport for the settlement of Tamils, appointed a civilian governor  and promised reduction of armed forces. He has still not made a statement on Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s resolution on genocide.

President Maitripala Sirisena has also favoured the Tamils respecting his pre-election agreement with the TNA.  He has appointed a Tamil a citizen of Singapore as the Governor of the Central Bank, He  has appointed a Tamil as the Chief Justice (second CJ as CJ Mohan Pieris has still not been  removed in terms of the Constitution),  He also took his presidential oath before a Tamil Jude of the Supreme court. 

Was all that to spite the 58 per cent Sinhala Buddhists who did not vote for him, thus sealing his affiliation to Tamils ?

President Maithripala Sirisena can put things right if he were to meet the former President and invite him to accept to be the Prime Minister Candidate of the SLFP.  He would thus be able to do a magnificent job of work as the President of Sri Lanka with Mahinda Rajapakse as the Prime Minister and Gotabhaya Rajapakse as the Defence Secretary and go down history for his services to the country and the people..

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