Sunday, 24 May 2015

Reconciliation with whom………

Reconciliation ?

With whom ? 

With the Tamils

But the Tamils do not want reconciliation…they want separation !!!


There was a time  when terrorism was at its heights  that the hated Eric Solheim was here, and  USA and the International Community was highly interested in bringing about a political solution between the Tamil Terrorists and the Government of Sri Lanka. USA Ambassador Robert O’Blake  and the Norwegian  worm Eric Solheim swore that there was no military solution to the terrorist problem and the only solution was a political settlement. Our governments followed their better judgement and went every where the terrorists asked them to arrange peace talks with the government.

Nothing came of the arranged peace talks except terrorists going on a buying spree of modern arms  and other military necessities to enhance their military power. At home in Sri Lanka the terrorists exploded claymore bombs to mark the end of each peace talk killing as many innocent people as they could. The terrorists did not end their comedy of accepting peace talks and abruptly ending them  with an  explosion of a killer bomb some where in Sri Lanka, until Sri Lanka resolutely decided to end the comedy by taking up the military solution  opposed to by the USA and the International Community and finally ended terrorism at Nandikadal on 18 May 2009-the Victory Day.

If we had listened to the Norwegian worm, the USA Ambassador O’Blake or the International Community we would have still been saddled with the killer armies of the terrorist, with their regular bomb explosions and the atrocious  deaths of many innocent men, women, and children, not to speak of the  Ministers, MPs, Military and Army Officials.

That would have been all because no foreigner could understand the mind set of the Asians, and even less than that of the Asian terrorists. They  try to understand situations in our countries from their cultural experience looking through their own point of view and they get  a completely lopsided and  a distorted view.  But they are White and refuse to accept that reality as they think that they are the ones who have solutions to all political problems where ever they are.

Now the terrorism is over in Sri Lanka and our country wanted to build peace in the country , go ahead with the much neglected development and reconcile the communities our way. 

But  still the White West, instead of giving credit to Sri Lanka Armed Forces, for the great exemplary  military fete of elimination of terrorism single handed  ever accomplished by any other nation, despite their ill conceived advice of a political solution wants to demean that great accomplishment . 

That shows that they had right along the period they were  seeking a political settlement their own agenda about the settlement of terrorism by giving the terrorists what they were trying to achieve –a territorial separation. 

Hence after the elimination of the terrorism in Sri Lanka , the USA and the International Community comes looking for errors committed in the course of the elimination of  terrorism merely to find fault and find  a means to  revamp their earlier agenda of  helping the terrorist to territorially  divide Sri Lanka.  They are doing so raising human rights violation and war crimes as an arm.

In that absurd,  might is right concept of the White International Community, they are now calling for reconciliation with the Tamil Community,.  They have  caste their die with the Tamil Diaspora, and the TNA, as representing the  terrorist  they were then enamoured with to use as their cats paw to serve their own agenda.

First the reconciliation  the USA with the rest of their Western allies and their  dependent countries are demanding through the UN Human Rights Council is as absurd as the political settlement with the terrorists once they proposed to the Government of Sri Lanka. 

To force it to happen they are accusing the Sri Lanka armed forces as having violated human rights and committed war crimes during the last phase of the terrorist war.

USA should very well know being the world known violators of human rights and war crimes –having ample experience of it in Iraq, Afghanistan,  killing civilians with Drone bomb attacks in border villages of Pakistan, and in numerous such acts in  other  theatres of their wars, that in the elimination of terrorists  where terrorists shoot to kill any thing that moves and the army shooting with caution  trying to avoid civilians  there may be incidents that boarder violations of human rights  or even war crimes , but those are unfortunately inevitable in the greater need of the elimination of ruthless terrorism.

Avoiding such incidents may have left the terrorists unscathed to continue their disastrous terrorist march.

Reconciliation the West demands  is again like their demand  that Sri Lanka should come to a political settlement  with the terrorist and not resort to a military solution.   This demand fro reconciliation  is also through the inability of the West to understand  the ground situation in Sri Lanka  getting a lopsided view  in looking at our problem from their point of view.

Reconciliation needs two communities willing to reconcile.  The Sinhala Community poses no problem vis a vis  a reconciliation with the Tamil Community.  They the Sinhala 75 percent of the population  are extending their hands of fraternity to the 13 percent of the Tamils to join with them to build a  united Sri Lanka together.  But it is the Tamils who refuse to take the extended Sinhala hand of friendship demanding more political devolution and political rights.

The USA and the West are only asking the Sinhala to reconcile with the Tamils , and the Sinhala are willing, therefore the USA and the West have to speak to the Tamils and tell them that it is  they who should  take the extended hand of reconciliation of the Sinhala.

The USA should open its eyes and see who is at fault making things difficult for a realistic reconciliation of the Sinhala and Tamil Communities. The Tamil people have not been denied any thing that is enjoyed by the Sinhala, but the Tamils are hoodwinking  to make the USA and the West believe that Sinhala are the one’s who refuse reconciliation.

The fact that the USA and the West should understand is that the Tamils  led by the TNA and the Tamil Diaspora  do not want to reconcile with the Sinhala but instead they want  separation , and have their own Tamil state.   If the USA and the West have something more than a peanut in their brains  will understand that it is the Tamils that make reconciliation  impossible with their separatist ideology.

Therefore it is time that they the USA and the West drop their vendetta against Sri Lanka moving resolutions for violation of human rights and war crimes , and demand the Tamils drop their separatist political ideology and pave way for  the Sinhala and Tamil Communities work together to build a united Nation of Sri Lankans.

This the USA and the West can do unless they have their own Agenda behind their demand for reconciliation with the threat of a resolution before the UNHuman Rights Council for violation of human rights and war crimes during the final phase of the terrorist war. 

The war against terrorism  was a greater challenge for Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces. They  did  their  best to avoid collateral damages to the minimum.  That war had been fought  and ended nearly six years ago and its time that the USA and the West grow up further in their political maturity to understand that  Sri Lanka should be left alone to solve its problems between the Communities  their way without  foreign interference which only make the situation tense and difficult.

The situation to day is more complicated with the USA-West sponsored regime change and a West friendly  government in place in Sri Lanka  making reconciliation  a step nearer to a separation.

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