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Sri Lanka Tamils

Typical Tamil Attitude
Tamils came to Sri Lanka as plunderers, treasure hunters,   and land grabbers. There were no Tamils in Sri Lanka when Venerable Arahat Mahinda came to Sri Lanka

To love a country and hold it as one’s motherland one has to be born and bred with a great  love and affection to the country into which one was born. If the Tamils talk of dividing the country to set up a separate State, could they be called patriots who love Sri Lanka as their motherland ?

That love for the country comes from the  religious and  cultural characteristic instilled from the homeland environment. However much the Tamils try to rewrite  the history  insulting the Sinhala for a Mahavamsa mindset, they cannot go behind the fact that Sri Lanka belonged to the Sinhala  and the Tamils were mere adventurers, plunderers, treasure hunters, and land grabbers who came to  Sri Lanka and later settled down . The Sinhala love Sri Lanka and would not allow it to be divided.

A woman stole a baby from its mother and claimed it was hers.  They were taken to King Solomon. As the kind could not decide  who the true mother was he asked the  baby  be cut into two and divide the two parts between the two women. The woman who stole the baby agreed , but the other woman wailed asking the King not to cut the baby  but give it to the other  woman. The King knew the true mother and asked the baby to be given to her.  

Sinhala the true patriots of Sri Lanka  will  not allow Sri Lanka  or any part of it handed over to the Tamils to allow them to  do whatever they want to do with it.

Mahinda Rajapakse re-established Sri Lanka as a Unitary State after Ranil Wickramasinghe had given  parts of it to the terrorists under the infamous CFA. 

Ranil Wickramasinghe is up to his old tricks again, this time  (along with Chandrika the woman who proposed Prabhakaran the terrorists to take over the North to be ruled as  he wants for ten years), to allow  North to  be governed as a separate Tamil territory by the  TNA and other Tamil extremists, with the consent of HIS President Sirisena.
Unfortunately for Sri Lanka, even today the Sri Lanka Tamils have not changed that ancient mindset of the plundering Tamils who came from South India to plunder  and devastate Sri Lanka and at the extreme settled down without any patriotic love for the place, wanting to make it like the place where they came from.

It is the reason why the Tamils do not have a patriotic affection  to an undivided Sri Lanka as it should be if they for a moment consider it their  motherland.

Even today they want Sri Lanka divided to satisfy their separatist Tamil ideology. They never worked for the protection and security of Sri Lanka, but instead continued to create danger and  insecurity.  They showed no gratitude to the Sinhala who accepted them and made every effort to live with them as equals. The Sri Lanka Tamils have no sense of gratitude.

The Sinhala  with their inborn sense of  generosity and Buddhist love and compassion  accepted the Tamils and made every effort to live with them as compatriots sharing their motherland  despite their difference . The Tamils never contribute to develop  Sri Lanka, constantly taking care to preserve their Tamilness, separate from the Sinhala Community.  However much the Tamil racists try to prove that they were a race that existed in Sri Lanka along with the Sinhala or before them, they have not found to date any evidence  of such a presence.

They had always tried to find excuses  to  emphasize their separateness without ever wanting to work together with the Sinhala  as compatriots to develop and protect Sri Lanka. Unfortunately it is from these Tamils Sri Lanka need protection.

In 1803 and 1804 invasions of the Kandyan provinces by the British, it was the  Sinhala who fought  against the invaders paying heavily for their  patriotism .  After the British occupation in 1817 and 1830 it was again the Sinhala who rebelled against the colonial ruler.

The British took over the land belonging to the Kandyan Sinhala people for the plantation of coffee depriving the dispossessed Sinhala from even working in these  plantations. 

The British instead hired Indian labour and brought large numbers of Indian Tamils to work in the coffee plantations,  and later after the coffee blight, in  tea plantation. After the rebellion  of the 1830 the Kandyan peasants were stripped of land and made utterly poor and destitute.  The rebellions against the colonial ruler; after  the Sinhala  leaders were  crushed  by the colonial forces, were unsuccessful as  it had been said by Colvin R de Silva that, “ the rebellions had leaders but no leadership ”.  

However, against the colonial presence,  or  against the terrorists, it had always been the Sinhala who rebelled, or sacrifice their lives to redeem the motherland .

Even in the struggle for Independence it was a few Tamil leaders  such as  Sir  Ponnambalam Ramanathan   and Sir Ponnambalam  Arunachalam who were with the other predominantly Sinhala leaders.  Even Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam later  broke away from the rest of the Sinhala leaders to form the Ceylon Tamil League.  

The Tamils wanted to be the  majority along with the Sinhala and resisted being a minority community. It was due to that misguided concept that the Tamils in Sri Lanka did not contribute to make Sri Lanka a united nation of Sri Lankans.

But the Sinhala now accused for chauvinism, Sinhala Supremacism, and anti Tamil racism had always accommodated the Tamils no matter  whether or not they joined hands with them to fight against the colonial rule or refused to be identified as Sri Lankans along side the Sinhala.

It was hence no surprise the terrorists in Sri Lanka came from amoung the Tamils.  The Tamil terrorists were loud and clear about their intention of  separation from the Sinhala to set up a separate land of the Tamils. 

In Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Tamils  are not treated differently from the Sinhala.  There are no privileges that the Sinhala enjoy  different from those enjoyed by the Tamils. The two communities are treated equally in every respect.  But yet they are not satisfied wanting to be a race apart claiming  a Tamil Land with their own administration. 

This ideology of separation is inborn undoubtedly due to a genetic  psychological block  caused by the presence of  a sever inferiority complex.  This is undoubtedly because of their Dravidian roots.  The Dravidians were chased by  superior invading Aryans until they found their niche-the hide out, in the southern most Indian continent- South India .

Hence they cannot feel equal to the Sinhala despite their social status they have acquired through higher education, or wealth  they have amassed in business and professional  occupations. Not feeling equal to the Sinhala they want to be different by accentuating their Tamilness claiming even a territorial separation from the Sinhala.

A case in point is C.V.Vigneswaran, the present Chief Minister of the Northern Province.  He was born in Colombo, educated in Kurunegala, Anuradhapura and Colombo. He had always been in the South with the Sinhala  and worked in the south with the Sinhala.  His two sons are married to Sinhala women. 

But today he is a rabid Tamil racist, demanding a separate territory for Tamils and accusing Government  Armed Forces ,  having forgotten that if not for them there would never have been a North Provincial Council,  and he would never have become the Chief Minister. 

Vigneswaran has forgotten that for  what he is today, he owes so much to the former President Mahinda Rajapakse,  which debt he  will never able to pay back  in this life . But Vigneswaran being of  Dravidian origin  lacks that sense of human gratitude to say thank you to those who made him what he is today.  

These pseudo educated men who occupied respected profession are yet ignorant that in life what is more important is to possess  that human nature –the quality of  being a human, which is above everything else.

This man Vigneshwaran is the worst of the Sri Lankan Tamils. He was right along a hypocrite living with the Sinhala ,  growing up with them yet hiding his  boiling racist anger against them, profiting from the  goodness of his Sinhala colleagues at work, profiting from the friendly generosity of his  Sinhala neighbours, eating and socialising with  Sinhala relatives of his sons’ wives,  wearing a  mask of  a good  gentlemen to hide his real face  of  the rabid Tamil racist.

How can one trust the Tamil who is your next door neighbour, occupying the desk next to you in office, or running a business along side you, when they are harbouring  inside them the racist ideology of separateness,  taking care of  their Tamilness.

Are there still  in Jaffna those Tamils who were held as human shields by the terrorists who risked their lives when the terrorists had planted their heavy artillery amoung them to shoot at the Armed Forces caring least for the danger to their human shield - those innocent Tamil men women and children ?


Have those Tamils if they are still living in the north, and not suffering from amnesia,  remember the humanitarian rescue operation (never attempted before by any armed force any where in the world- not  even by the armed forces of USA, the pseudo non violator of human rights) carried out by the soldiers of the armed forces to take them to safety ?  Have not at least they  the duty to show their gratitude for those armed forces by voting for the former President Mahinda Rajapakse ?

Perhaps the 74,454 votes President Mahinda Rajapakse received from the Jaffna Electoral district at the Presidential Election on 8th Januaary, 2015 were the votes cast by some of them.

After the elimination of the terrorists on the 18th May ,2009 Sri Lanka had every reason to be happy as the country was peaceful and security had been established . The Government  of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse had taken every precaution to avoid a resurgence of terrorism and country was progressing socially and economically. But only problem we had came from the Sri Lanka Tamils.

The peace, and security and fast growing financial stability and development towards a bright and a prosperous future was not enough for the Sri Lanka Tamils , they want more they want their separateness established.  And they continue to create trouble accusing  the Sri Lanka government and invoking the enemies of Sri Lanka to destabilising the country making the President, the   Government, and the Armed Forces pay for eliminating their dear terrorists.

These are the Sri Lanka Tamils with whom  the USA insists that we should reconcile threatening to take  the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka and  the President Mahinda Rajapakse before a  tribunal accused for war crimes.

The reconciliation with Sri Lanka Tamils  will never happen as the Sri Lanka Tamils  do not want any reconciliation with the Sinhala, but they want a separate territory carved out for themselves.

 USA open your eyes. Enough of your interference, which continues since terrorism hampering the progress and development of the country. USA has succeeded in a regime change which has been for the worst.  Sri Lanka Since the election of the new President has not stopped going back wards losing its sovereignty and getting poorer and soon to be dependent on USA and the West.

That is what USA wanted.  But the Sri Lankans at least the Sinhala Buddhists are not naïve and we will not let USA and the West have their way. They will change the trend on the 18 August, 2015 even if USA, UK and India  try their best to make Sri Lanka their dependent “colony” employing rhe CIA, the MI6 or the RAW.

The Sri Lanka Muslim Community is the other side of the same coin.

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