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Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain’s UN report on Sri Lankan war crimes is like false documents Tony Blair produced for George Bush to declare war on Iraq.

Yes of course Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain and Pablo de Greiff may have heard of terrorism, but terrorism in Sri Lanka they see  through their  professional eyes, after all they have a job to do.   They cannot  see it  from the eyes of those who witnessed the brutality of  terrorism. Therefore they do not see it from the angle of those who suffered from terrorism. They take reality for myth and  myth for reality. 

But they cannot shut their eyes to the  human side of what it was like suffering under terrorism. For them the period of terrorism in Sri Lanka is fiction or like reading    books about  the killing of the inhabitants of  ancient Mexico the Aztec by  the Invading Spaniards or burning of non-believers at stake to make others obedient and  accept to be Catholics  through fear of death in the hands of  the  armies of the Inquisitors.

Above all for them the terrorists in Sri Lanka were terrorising Sri Lankans and not the foreigners.  Therefore the Americans,  Norwegians, Germans , Japanese and the foreign NGOs met the terorists and  sat with the Sri Lanka terrorists to drink together  and eat lobsters in Kilinochchi. Even American Senators  came to enjoy the hospitality of the terrorists.

It is a pity Zaid Ra’ad was not there then , because he would have had his share of lobsters dinning and wining with the terrorists. It became a holiday resort for the INGOs, the Government representatives of USA, UK,Norway, Germany , Japan etc.

We appeal to the  47 Representatives of the governments at the UN HR Council Geneva, listening to stories concocted by the UNHRC presenting a report prepared on 3000 statements by eyewitnesses, whose identity strangely is to be kept confidential for thirty years, to understand the efforts the UN and the big powerful countries are making to hide the truth and establish falsehood in its place.  It is the Agenda of Navi Pillai that is evident in the UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes presented by Zaid Ra’ad the UN High Commissioner.

How can any one intelligent assume the report presented without giving  the names of witnesses as correct ? It is a report prepared at the behest of the Tamils who have paid  people like Callum MacRae the Garbage Collector by profession, of UKTV Channel4 to make a film of the horrors of terrorism as those committed by  the Armed Forces. The UN Report presented at the UNHRC in Geneva is absolutely fiction as much as MacRae’s film.

In realistic democracy  any action taken by a sovereign state against terrorism or an armed insurgence to stop and eliminate such terrorism or insurgence should be beyond interference into by any other sovereign state, or even an International Organisation-the UNO,  because such actions are the inalienable right of a sovereign State in protecting its people and territory.

In Sri Lanka an insurgency of Sinhala youth in south was stopped  by the then governments with the use of excessive  repression, with reported use of torture and assassination of  the  insurgents , which was not questioned by the UN or the International Community. The suppression of that insurgency in the South ended without question despite torture, and assassination of large numbers of youth.

Similarly terrorism that began by  a group of Tamil youth was eliminated militarily with out inflicting torture.  But that did not stop there as it was with the insurgence of the Sinhala youth in the South.

Why was it so ?

In the case of the terrorism it was an ethnic group the Tamils who were the terrorists.  When the terrorism was eliminated it should have stopped at that, as it  happened in the insurgency in the South.

But the former became an international issue as the Tamil expatriates living in different countries in the West who were sympathisers of the terrorists and who contributed to arm the terrorists were able to make a hue and cry in the countries in which they were living  using the ethnic issue as the reason for the government  to eliminate terrorism militarily.

They made it out that it was not a mere elimination of terrorism but it was a deliberate  suppression of the right of the Tamils by the Sinhala majority government. Under normal circumstances the West and even the UN should not have intervened as what the Government of Sri Lanka had done using the Armed Forces was to stop terrorism, because Tamil or not terrorism had to be stopped by  the government whatever its ethnic representation , as it is the inalienable right of the Government to do so in the interest of its people and territory.

The Governmentof Sri Lanka  could not have stopped an insurgency by the Sinhala youth and allowed the terrorists to continue their terrorism because they were Tamil. That seems to be the lopsided  “logic” of the West and the UN Human Rights Council and its Commissioners.

In fact there is no right what so ever to make the elimination of  terrorism in Sri Lanka an issue of violation of human rights , leave alone making  accusation of the Armed Forces for war crimes.

What happened in Sri Lanka in the elimination of terrorism by the use of Armed Forces, is justifiable , compared to what the USA and its NATO partners did in Iraq and Libya , which was not just violation of human rights but complete annihilation of Nations.

If the UNHRCouncil in Geneva were to justify its right to exist, and win the confidence of member states( other than  the  real perpetrators of crimes),  as a Council that stands for human rights, it should bring allegations against  USA and its NATO Partners for deliberately planned crimes against humanity.

Elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka was  the Government’s inalienable right and duty as the provider of security to the people assuring them of their peaceful existence without allowing its enemies, what ever their origin, ethnicity or formation to destroy or divide the country.

That is the correct interpretation the Western Governments should have made to the Tamil expatriates in their countries who were demanding their intervention in Sri Lanka as the elimination of terrorism was  a discrimination against the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka. But it was not the Tamil Community that the Armed Forces were fighting against but the terrorists.

Instead of that,  now the UNHRCouncil Geneva working on a resolution by USA is asking for  accountability by the government of Sri Lanka,  presenting  the Darusman Report and  the latest UN Report is a serious injustice  against Sri Lanka a Sovereign State which had done nothing wrong  in eliminating terrorism, but  doing its duty by its people.

The terrorism has been eliminated, and it is now, that any one could go around collecting false eyewitness accounts. If  the conditions that prevailed at the time during the last phase of war against terrorism could be imagined by even a least educated  person he would give no credit at all to the so called  3000 eyewitness accounts. People  running away from the terrorists holding them as a human shield, had no time to look back and see what was happening, as  they were running pell-mell with the only idea of saving their own lives.

Therefore,  Mr.Zaid Ra’ad Hussain those 3000 eyewitness accounts are not worth  the paper on which they have been written. They are false beyond doubt, and besides there is no acceptable evidence to prove beyond doubt that those eyewitness accounts are true.

The two reports- Darusman Report and the UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes, are not acceptable for the simple reason that the names of the witnesses  who gave evidence on which the reports have been prepared are being  kept confidential for 30 years.  

This is not different from President Bush stepping over the UN Security Council to declare war against Iraq, showing a false document prepared by Tony  Blair the then Prime Minister of UK, that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

What moral right Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain  has as the UN Commissioner for Human Rights to continue to go on with  the Resolution moved by USA, and present the false UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes, before calling USA to account for the crimes it has committed against Iraq and Libya and continues to do in Pakistan using unmanned Drones.

The UN Report on Sri Lankan war crimes is an absolutely false document prepared to  satisfy the expatriate Tamil Community in the West, USA its Western Allies; and India to divide Sri Lanka so that China and Russian influence in the particular geographic area could be eliminated and enable the  setting up of an American military base.

If the Prince Zaid Ra’ad Al Hussain has any proud royal blood in him he should honourably resign from his Office as UN High Commissioner instead of presenting a false document which has no legal value as  the defendants are not in a position  to cross examine the so called  3000 eyewitnesses who had provided statements the  truth of which cannot be established. 

Further more UNHRCouncil should extend the charges made against the LTTE in the UN report on Sri Lankan war crimes in the absence of the terrorists, to those who supported terrorism, for aiding and abetting terrorists in Sri Lanka, as they became a party to terrorism by collecting  funds for the terrorists, engaging American lawyers to defend terrorism,  help and encourage terrorists to carry on terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Notice should therefore be issued to Sampanthan and  TNA, Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi and Vaiko  of Tamil Nadu, Fr. Emmanual of the Global Tamil Forum, , Nediavan. And the  following Tamil Organisations

01. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam a.k.a LTTE a.k.a Tamil Tigers. 
02. Tamil Rehabilitation Organization a.k.a TRO. 
03. Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a TCC 
04. British Tamil Forum a.k.a BTF 
05. World Tamil Movement a.k.a WTM 
06. Canadian Tamil Congress a.k.a CTC 
07. Australian Tamil Congress a.k.a ATC 
08. Global Tamil Forum a.k.a GTF 
09. National Council Of Canadian Tamils a.k.a NCCT a.k.a Makkal Avai 
10. Tamil National Council a.k.a TNC 
11.Tamil Youth Organization a.k.a TYO 
12. World Tamil Coordinating Committee a.k.a WTCC. 
13. Transnational Government Of Tamil Eelam a.k.a TGTE 
14. Tamil Eelam Peoples Assembly a.k.a TEPA 
15 .World Tamil Relief Fund a.k.a WTRF 
16. Headquarters Group a.k.a HQ Group 

The speech of the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka Mangala Samaraweera is a complete sell out of the  Armed Forces of Sri Lanka of which some made the supreme sacrifice and others handicapped for life.  These Soldiers and their Army Commanders  did their  job to protect the people of Sri Lanka, and their motherland. 

The Armed Forces of Sri Lanka  did not deliberately kill the civilians, and if some died that is collateral damages which is unavoidable in the elimination of a greater danger.  If the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had not eliminated terrorism  when it did , terrorism would have continued and many more civilians  from all communities in Sri Lanka  would have been  dying daily at the hand of the terrorists, their Suicide bombers, grenade lobbers, snipers, claymore bombs set in busses  and in trains and in market places, and the suffering would have continue, unabated.

Is it that what the UN,  and those who now accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes  wanted ?

The African States, Asia pacific States and the Latin American Carribbean States present at the sessions of the UNHRCouncil in Geneva , should take note of what the UN, USA and other Western States are capable of doing against developing countries who want to be independent of the repressive  countries, and follow a non-aligned political system . These powerful States are all out to maintain their global leadership suppressing the rights of the developing Countries.

As it had been repeated above Sri Lanka is accused unjustly at the call of pro terrorist Tamil expatriates for the simple reason of eliminating  terrorism in Sri Lanka by a group of Tamil and ending a thirty years of incessant suffering.

The USAand the West who were against the Chinese and Russian support of Sri Lanka and its very  close relationship with China which helped  Sri Lanka’s very fast infrastructure development ,  is making all efforts to isolate Sri Lanka from China and Russia and bring accusations against Sri Lanka for war crimes.

It is Sri Lanka today that is being unjustly accused by the UN System which is now almost  part of the USA State Department, to morrow it will be one of you from the African States, Asia pacific States or the Latin American- Carribbean States.  Therefore do not let  the rich buy you for their benefit, but try to defend one of you- that is Sri Lanka against this International political terrorism by the Rich Countries of the West against the developing Nations.

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