Thursday, 29 October 2015

Betrayer……. Betrayed

The Change has begun the Sinhala now be prepared to suffer ignominy

Ranil Wickramasinghe is not a patriotic leader who is prepared to make any sacrifice for the safety of the country. He would do any thing for his own long term plan to be the President of Sri Lanka in 2020.
The three that changed  Sri Lanka from being a sovereign state to a  banana republic under USA-Western leadership

In 2002 Ranil Wickramasinghe signed the CFA without consulting either the then President Chandrika Kumaratunga or the Parliament .  It was an affair between him and Prabhakaran with the intermediary of Eric Solheim. But Chandrika Kumaratunga had some guts to remove Ranil Wickramasinghe by taking over  three Ministries.

Ranil Wickramasinghe has re-enacted his betrayal of the country once again  by sponsoring USA Resolution in Geneva without consulting either the President Maithripala Sirisena or the Parliament. 

But Maithripala Sirisena’s plan being to destroy the Rajapakses, is least concerned with the outcome of the Geneva resolution. Ignorance being bliss Maithripala Sirisena is quite satisfied with whatever action of his Prime Minister for whom he is grateful for providing him with the seat of President.

Ranil wants to be the boss. For Ranil,  Sirisena is only the President in name.  The functions of  the Government and redirection of the country to adhere to Western Agenda, have been taken over by him. He acted similarly with Chandrika Kumaratunga when he was her Prime Minister.  At that time when  he was meeting with George W.Bush in the White House, Chandrika removed him from office.  Unfortunately before that he had  signed the disastrous  CFA which opened the country for the destructive  terrorism, and the assassination of Lakshman Kadirgamar which  was also the result of the signing of the CFA with the terrorists.

Ranil Wickramasinghe lives with this desire to become the President since he lost being the Leader of the Opposition to Gamini Dissanayake  in 1994 a more popular UNP leader. Late Mr.Gamini Dissanayake was assassinated  under doubtful circumstances of an involvement of someone politically close to him.

When Ranil Wickramasinghe signed the CFA, there was an immediate sense of a peaceful period . Tourism increased.  A9 highway was opened upto Kilinochchi . But, a sense of foreboding and disaster was in the air.

Today  in 2015, after Ranil Wickramasinghe sponsored the evil Geneva Resolution, while  apparent satisfaction is shown by the UNP Parliamentarians, Maithripala Sirisena and a section of the self-interested individuals who do not understand the implications in the Geneva Report, the same  sense of foreboding that existed when Ranil Signed the CFA  is already in the air.  It could only be avoided if Maithripla Sirisena comes to sense like Chandrika Kumaratunga at that time and does what she did.
In July, 2002 when Ranil met George W Bush the selfsame UNP and its supporters thought that everything was going to be fine, secure, and fruitful  with America and the West on their side. But 

America’s friendship is superficial only up to a point and USA will never go all out to help Sri Lanka rise above underdevelopment.

J.R.Jayawardhane who was of the same opinion that American friendship would strengthen Sri Lanka’s development and security, learnt his lesson, when India flew into Sri Lanka airspace to drop dry ration to terrorists and forced him to sign the Indo Sri Lanka pact, America was nowhere to help JR Jayawardhana, America only asked him to settle matters with India.

Maithripala Sirisena does not understand what is going on in the minds of Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP coterie. Sirisena is only happy as long as he is left alone and Ranil does the work.   Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP Ministers  have plans for themselves and not for the country. Ranil wants Rajapaksas removed from the political field so that path will be clear for him in 2020 to be the President. All his actions seem to be with that idea foremost in his mind.

Ranil Wickramaasinghe had absolutely no reason to sponsor the USA Resolution with the UNReport in Geneva if it is not for him  to be in the best terms with America and have its support to realise his dream of becoming the President of Sri Lanka himself.  He is different from other Sri Lanka national leaders .  Ranil imbibes the West to the extent of being a coat and tie  Sahib to be adulated by the west and sit with them like one of them. He is after all a remnant of the brown sahibs class  of  D.S.Senanayake clan that took over the ruling of the Independent Sri Lanka in 1948.

Hybrid Courts or International Courts does not matter much to him, as long as he can settle a problem in whatever way possible. For Ranil the end result matters not how one arrives at it. The disasters that may follow his decisions do not seem to bother him much. Matters of National interest that should be kept secret and confidential are not safe under Ranil Wickramasinghe.  His Milinium city affair ended  in utter disaster. Now it is the existence of bunkers and Avantguard affairs .  These are also matters that should be kept as matters of national importance without bandying their existence. But does he or his UNP coterie cares a least about it ?

Maithripla Sirisena is unimaginative. He may be intelligent to promote himself, but he is not a wise leader.  He does not seem to know that he is being manipulated. Betraying a friend and one time leader is different, but going all out to destroy him politically is low and bestial-lacking human sensibility, showing a lack of a Buddhist cultural development within him, without a least sense of gratitude.

His actions during the August elections was most undemocratic, distasteful not in keeping with a civilized wise leader. He was sacking General Secretaries of his political party sending letters to the Candidate.  He was acting as he really believed that victory of the leader he betrayed would result in  he and his family being buried in an unknown cemetery.
What a pathetic leadership he gives to Sri Lanka ?

USA and the West must be laughing from every part of their stinking bodies congratulating themselves that they have at last  met with  a gullible leader with whom they could play their cards the way they want, and pave the way for  their favourite “Tamils against genocide”, to establish their Tamil Eelam.

Maithripala Sirisena has said nothing about the Geneva resolution.  Perhaps he thinks that if it would bring Rajapaksas to an end it should be good enough. He is already a ceremonial President unable to take decisions of his own. 

Geneva resolution if implemented will end the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, and will be reduced to a Banana State.  Our army will have to act according to rules and regulations set and supervised by the UNHuman Rights Office  in Sri Lanka run by its own staff.  They may also set up a representation of the NATO Forces in Sri Lanka.

There is already an attempt to redefine  Sovereignty,  with UNHRC getting more power in interfering into internal affairs of countries with the resolution passed against Sri Lanka sponsored by Sri Lanka itself.

They may interfere into the legal system of Sri Lanka, and make it adopt foreign laws. They will supervise and put into effect the Tamil Eelam State. They will setup a separate Police force in the North.  They will see to it that Sri Lanka will be a subjugated Island run by the American Sate Department and the UNHR Council.

Maithripala Sirisena will make his brilliant speeches in Sinhala and will be received every where as “King” of Sri Lanka with his son and daughter accompanying him.  Ranil Wickramasinghe will be in the forefront  with Mangala Samaraweera and Wijedasa Rajapakse meeting their USA and Western Administrators to run the government and plan development of the country etc. Ranil Wickramasinghe will enact his comic scenes in the Parliament calling names to fellow Parliamentarians.

What role  will Champika Ranawaka play in that bizaar set up ?

Why did Mahinda Rajapakse call for an election before his time  was up ?

Sri Lanka is today lost to its people.

The betrayer too has been betrayed

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