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Yahapalanaya Undertakers perparing last rights on still unburied Sri Lanka dead since 8the January, 2015.

Chief UNP undertaker  who helped  in the death of peaceful  Sri Lanka
Hypocrites who behind smiles hide their low intention of regime change
Obama -Gaddafi

Since its death the corps of the unburied Sri Lanka now begins to stink. It had worms inside it.  They crawled out to  join the undertakers.  The undertakers  try to make out that it was a natural death, but it was a well planned murder, every one knows it.

 But the  Chief Undertaker wearing green coat and trousers instead of usual black has got his police dogs after the previous government to accuse the members of it  for murder, but the dogs have gone after the artificial  smells  given to them and having gone  round in circles, are now barking up the wrong trees.   

The worms that crawled out  have now joined the Yahapalanaya undertakers. The worm that is prized by the undertakers -Sirisena was at the Vatican  consulting Pope for advise on the performance of the burial rights of Sri Lanka that was murdered on the 8th January.   High ranking  delegations come in great numbers from USA , UNO and UK.  They are already practicing the funeral orations before the burial ceremony schedule for the 19th December,2015.

The Visiting US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (Designate) Thomas Shannon, after leaving  the  bier where the decomposing  corps of  Sri Lanka lay, went to Trincomalee to tell the Tamil ,  how exiting  it was  to witness first-hand the important work that communities, civil society organizations, and local authorities across this island are undertaking to improve the living standards of Sri Lankans, after the murder in which USA had a hand.  That however is far from what the people of the country now think about  all that mumbo jumbo of Shannon.
Sarkozy -Gaddafi

Shannon added  “We are supporting programs that bring together Tamil, Sinhalese, and Muslim youth on the sports field. And we are providing them with English language and entrepreneurship training, as well as opportunities for exchange programs, and ways to address issues like gender-based violence. We’re also working with partners in the East to help eradicate the risk from those terrible remnants of war – landmines. That means increasing mine-risk awareness and building the capacity of mine detection teams. We’re moving toward a future where a farmer can till a field and a child can play cricket without any fear of losing a limb, or worse, to a hidden land mine,”   
He speaks as if these things had never happened before.  USA has no lesson to give Sri Lanka.

Since the crawling out of  worms and murder of Sri Lanka on the 8th January,2015, what remains  is a phantom state resuscitated from the  old, USA was wooed by the green vested chief undertaker Ranil and his acolyte the dumb faced Mangala, resulting in  the special relationship with USA which has  grown in proportion.

During the election,  in which  Sri Lanka- the paradise was lost, when the Mahinda Rajapaksa campaign highlighted the agenda of regime change of  USA and the West , and  the gathering of foreign reactionary forces to destabilise Sri Lanka and install a West friendly government in place of the Mahinda Rajapakse government, many UNP stalwarts pooh -poohed the idea as an election gimmick to fool the people,  asking why should USA and the West be interested in a small country like ours.  They believe USA is a  good Samaritans  for Sri Lanka.
Gaddafi with Ban Ki Moon Obama and the rest

Do the UNP undertakers know the real  reason behind USA’s  show of  friendship to Sri Lanka ?  
USA helped the pelerine Ranil, Chandrika, and Mangala to plan and execute the murder of Sri Lanka, and crown the worm that they  made to crawl out from a peaceful paradise Island  the President.  They also helped Sri Lanka to distance itself from China. Shannon the visiting representative of USA told the Tamils in Trincomalee, that   the United States will steadfastly support the Sri Lankan people as they continue on their historic journey towards prosperity, peace, and reconciliation. 
How can USA help Sri Lanka, even UK and Australia turn to China for help ?  America will  not help Sri Lanka’s development process as USA never gives large scale financial aid to countries.  Sri Lanka’s foolish UNP undertakers have distance themselves from China to please USA and India. America is ready only with bombs and guns to help countries like they did to Libya.
Shannon was voicing American Foreign policy  towards the new  Sri Lanka and USA favourite  Ranil and the worm that came out of  the former regime in time, seem to be quite satisfied and carry out the dictates of USA.
Reason for USA  patronized relationship  towards Sri Lanka is documented in an evaluation  report prepared for the US State Department, by the US Agency for International Development.  It is called: “ Sri Lanka: The Impact of  PL 480 Title I Food Assistance” dated  October,1982. It reads as follows in the  extract below under the heading :
Tony Blair and Gaddafi

United States Interests

Two factors give Sri Lanka an international importance greater than its modest size and economic position might otherwise suggest: its strategic location and its influential role in both the nonaligned movement and the Group of 77.

Strategically, Sri Lanka lies astride merchant shipping lanes that are as important to the flow of oil and trade between Asia and the Middle East and Europe today as they were to colonial trade in past centuries. It is juxtaposed between important western naval and air facilities in the Indian Ocean, the Philippines, and the Far East. There is no question that the United States has an added interest in the neutrality and independence of a nation which commands strategic resources and a position of this nature. …………….

It is clear that if Sri Lanka were to be irreparably rent by communal strife or seriously affected by a deteriorated economic position, this would be counter to U.S. interests.

Moderation in Sri Lanka, which is reflected by the respect it receives in international circles and the preservation of the tradition of strongly participatory democratic government, is far preferable to the United States. The extent to which the PL 480 program has helped to achieve this foreign policy interest of th~ United States is not easily quantifiable. The stability of the program, however, and its continuation even when relations between the two nations were cool, indicate that PL 480 Title I is likely to have had a positive role in bilateral relations. Today, PL 480 is an important aspect of these relations, and overall the results have been both developmentally and politically positive over the past several years.

Because of Sri Lanka's small size, its relative importance in the areas of market development and surplus disposal through PL 480 has been small in comparison with the important development and foreign policy roles.”

This is what our people failed to understand. The truth now comes from the horse’s mouth.

It was the Trade Union Leaders and he JVP that laughed when it was said that  there was a planned foreign interference in Sri Lanka for a regime change. Handunetti of  JVP once ridiculed in the TV political program “ Aluth Parlimenthuwa” a Sri Lankan who had come from London and gave evidence of  how the London Town Council  collaborated with the Tamil diaspora  allowing  London Buses to display large LTTE slogans. The Trade Union Leaders  are interested in increasing of their  salaries  , and care less for the safe guarding  of culture and religion. JVP does not mind piggybacking  on  UNP shoulders, if that would serve them have a few more votes at the next election.
Hermon Van Rompu EU President- Gaddafi

That is the problem in Sri Lanka they are self interested to fulfil their own personal ambitions  rather than  be concerned about the country and its people.  Do they speak about  Ranil’s UNP government’s proposal to remove the Prevention of Terrorism Act , making it easy for the TNA to set up a separate Tamil State in the North ?  Trade Unions do not speak either about it , nor about 99 or 50 year lease of land to foreign investors.
The Sri Lanka of today is in the hands of a Catholic leadership and its President is being led by his nose. But Mahinda Rajapakse was a Buddhist leader who made Buddhist sermons delivered from his official  residence Temple trees every full moon poya day to be heard by the people of Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapakse’s  visit to Pope was on behalf of the Catholics in Sri Lanka.
But Sirisena having no Buddhist thoughtfulness merely imitates Mahinda Rajapakse . Incidently Sirisena is meeting with the Pope too not wanting to be second to Mahinda Rajapakse who he helped to oust under  USA and Western sponsored regime change carried out by the Western lackeys Ranil and Chandrika.
CeylonToday on  December,2015 reported, “His Holiness Pope Francis gave audience to President Maithripala Sirisena at Vatican yesterday. ……..This meeting is taking place at a crucial point of the course of humanity's history. …..The world may very well be on the brink of another world war. Nations stand divided based on their religions, beliefs and cultures. Racism is running rampant alongside nationalism and patriotism continues to poison nation by nation………Therefore, President Maithripala Sirisena's meeting with Pope Francis could not have come at a better time. Even though we maybe a small island nation, we will not be left out if ever the terror comes knocking. Thus, we will require all the support we could muster.”

That is strange because the President Mahinda Rajapakse was able to eliminate terrorism without seeking  advice from the Pope in Rome.

The CeylonToday  continued in its report, “ Sri Lanka is still suffering from the scars that were left from the three decades of war that has changed us into what we are now. The reconciliation process is slow and dragged out and would take an indefinite amount of time to succeed.
Recently, Catholic priest Rev. Fr. S. V. B. Mangalarajah – one of the many religious leaders fighting for the rights of the Tamils in the two areas – had complained to the media that a lot could be achieved if the spiritual needs of the Tamils could be seriously looked into…..Though we agree with the Reverend's observations it is not simply the spiritual needs of the Tamils that should be specifically met, but also the necessary spiritual needs of the varying religions that are within the country. Not just the Tamils, but also the Muslims, the Catholics, the Hindus, the Christians and even the Buddhists. We can only hope that President Sirisena remembered to bring this up when he met the Pope.
Religion can corrupt as well as bring enlightenment to those who follow i….. there are followers who are truly enlightened leading us towards the eventual peace and prosperity. Pope Francis has that ability as well as the skill to do so and hopefully his wisdom he shared with President Sirisena would not be water poured on a duck's back.

We the Buddhists of Sri Lanka beg to differ. In Sri Lanka we have the greatest religious philosophy in the world. If the world could listen to the teachings of the compassionate Buddha, they will not be what they are today trying to solve problems with bombs and guns. Buddhism appeals to the minds of the people, and not to an unseen God to bring peace to the world.

The God in the Bible has never appeared before the people to solve their problems. The God in the Bible always spoke through a prophet and there is no proof whether the God really spoke to them.  When Moses asked God to appear before the people he said no one can see his face and live (Exodus 33:20) The God says “ thou shall not worship no other God: for the Lord , whose name is jealous, is a jealous God (Exodus 34:14).  Hence the God of the Bible is not conciliatory.  

Therefore if you believe in that God represented by the Pope,  what CeylonToday says,  “Though we agree with the Reverend's observations it is not simply the spiritual needs of the Tamils that should be specifically met, but also the necessary spiritual needs of the varying religions that are within the country. Not just the Tamils, but also the Muslims, the Catholics, the Hindus, the Christians and even the Buddhists, would only be wishful thinking. 

Solution for reconciliation cannot be found in Rome, USA or UK, because the solution is in Sri Lanka, amoung different people of the different Communities.  But today Sri Lanka is not what it was before the 8th January,2015, therefore there should be  a re-thinking if peace, security and unity of communities have to be built. The present yahapalanaya leadership cannot take Sri Lanka from its preset impasse to  security, development and prosperity, because  beginning from the Yahapalanaya President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and the rest of the UNP Ministers have jealousy, hatred, anger, and desire for revenge in their minds. 

Therefore they cannot think positively of ways to give security to the country, reconcile the people or unite the Communities. The Yahapalanayas complain that Mahinda Rajapakse was a Dictator.  But, it is not true.  He may have been an authoritarian in the capacity of the leader of the cabinet.  
That would have been necessary to keep his  cabinet of Ministers together and loyal. What else could he do when he  could not even  have confidence in the Secretary General of his Party the  Ministers Maithripala Sirisena, there were unreliable Ministers like   Nimal Siripala-another worm that was said to have been ready to leave the camp to join the UNP undertakers, but he had been discouraged in time, Rajitha Senaratne  a scheming individual, D.M Jayaratne the Prime Minister  sticking on to the office despite his illness and inability to perform his duties, Mahinda Samarasinghe bloated with ambition who will do any thong to keep his Ministerial power,  Sarath Amunugama who would shamelessly  change sides to retain power and Ministerial prestige, S.B.Dissanayake an eternal turncoat, Dilan Perera who does not know which way to turn , an utterly untrustworthy individual , and  Pavithra Wanniarachchi, 
Sudharshani Fernandopulle's late husband Jeyraj Fernandopulle

Sudharshani Fernandopulle,  Reginald Cooray, Yapa Abeywardhana, Dayasiri Jayasekara  how easily they changed sides without giving a thought to their principles and self respect if they had any.           

The Country needs a socialist dictator ship, for that the Yahapalanaya President , his Prime Minister and his cabinet should go.  They have no place in a Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka.  To say that is neither racism nor nationalism .  It is the truth.  If Sri Lanka is once again to be what it was before  the 8th January,2015, it has to be under a Socialist Dictatorship.  That is how China was able to come away from the darkness of poverty to brightness of prosperity. 

Sri Lanka was on its way to become a great country and a nation, the first amoung the developing countries to reach the goal of being a  developed country.

To-day  despite all the hosannas of praise sung by the USA and the West we are at the bottom of an abyss, to get out of which we seem to have no hope. Our Constitution will be written by Norwegians who prepared the CFA that Ranil Wickramasinghe signed with the terrorist Prabhakaran, our Army is to be re-organised by  UK, our land is to be sold or given on 99 or 50 year lease to foreign investors, all public institutions, hospitals,  education system, Postal and Railway Departments , water and electricity  are to be handed over to private companies, the government servants are to be deprived of  hitherto known pension rights, our heroic soldiers are to be tried for war crimes by foreign judges, prosecutors, and lawyers.

In the meantime India is proceeding with construction of  sea bridge and tunnel to connect Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu.  Ranil is proposing to sign CEPA agreement with India giving it a different name to fool the people, it will open employment sector to Indian workers.

This yahaplanaya cronies  do not see Sri Lanka as a model for others to emulate, but want to develop Sri Lanka following  other models Singapore, Malaysia and  South Africa.

Do we see a way out other than by getting rid of the Yahapalanaya crowd, and re installing democracy, stopping Sri Lanka becoming a police State. Now itself the Prime Minister  is curtailing the powers of the Parliament not allowing the democratic right of  Parliamentarians  to present a no confidence motion against the Finance Minister. The Speaker of the House has become a yes man of the Prime Minister. Sirisena the President is blissfully unaware of what is taking place in our once paradise Sri Lanka.

We can only pray that democracy is re established, and Litchavi principles followed with out making Sri Lanka a Capitalist dictatorship of Ranil the western lackey , a  playground for the rich investors from USA and West enjoy the riches of our Island paradise, denying it to the people of this country.

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